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Now that we're on our Third Year, we are faced with new challenges. We have learned from the mistakes from the past but we are not here to do that again. After all, virtues and good people are around us to set us to the right path. This year, a lot of us had worked hard to put together a production (hopefully until 4th year) that will help us ponder more on the VOM and reflect more on better and more realistic resolutions to excel in everything. This month, I proudly introduce you to Vox Nostra: the official newsletter of Batch 2013. It contains reflections, quotes and other things that will further enhance that virtuous gentleman locked in each one of us. More than that, we also get to know more about chosen teachers every month to appreciate them more whether inside or outside the classroom. We also provide a little entertainment: good things everyone will love. Furthermore, anyone in our class is free to suggest new and crazy gimmicks, submit quotes and reflections so as to truly make this newsletter a production of everyone in the class. So read this, enjoy every letter of it, and let Our Voice be heard for the good of all.

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1st Parent’s Quarterly Forum Inside this issue:  

Stingray talks about virtues 1 on 1 interviewwith Mr. Encabo 

The Virtue Guy

Batch 2013’s Perspective of this School Year

Batch 2013 President S.Y. 2011-2012

When we are asked, “what is Veritas Lux Mea?”, the first thing that will come out from our mouths is “the truth is my light.” It seems so common as we say it but what is the truth behind our motto? Through the depths of this words, the light that was given to us for the past two years of living in Southridge illuminates what our batch proclaims to everybody. Truth is something we know, something we should long for. The reality of life that guides us to keep digging and search for the finest personality each of us have. As what education tells us, Let us all realize and know more of our-

selves, Use truth as a lamp that gives us hope to see in the darkness of negativity. Even if many times, other people don’t see that we use truth as our light in our lives. We still feel the thirst of truth, because if we fail many times we may fail there’s always someone who will lend us their lamps so we can struggle to make it through from the blindness caused by our despair. Let God shine through our hearts and let us live in reality because the truth is our light.

- Paul Allan

Study! We started the school year with the virtue “study”. To start with, is study really a virtue? So reading a book or notebook is a virtue? If not, then why is studying in the list? The answer would be studying leads to virtues. Through studying, we can acquire virtues. The goal of studying is to learn. We learn how to do things, make things, and see things from God’s perspective. We also learn understanding, and making conclusions. As a student, it is our duty or rather our work to study. If we are to be good Christians, we shouldn’t just rely on being fanatics. We need to know truths to defend our faith that’s why St. Benedict and his followers stressed prayer and work or “Ora et Labora”. St. Josemaria emphasized that as well. Man needs to pray, but he also needs to work. Our work is offered to God as a proof of our perseverance and hardwork even if sometimes, the job is hard and studying in itself can be hard. Right now, as students, our work is to study. Through studying, we learn about how to deal with life’s problems. Since we offer to God the fruit of our labors, what we get as a grade is offered to God. Imagine offering to God a 65 in your card, is that a nice gift? Will God feel glad that what you have to give Him is a failing mark? Man doesn’t get saved alone through prayer. You need to pray and work for your salvation, and part of that work is to study. If not, then imagine then that your life is filled with idleness which is the perfect time for the devil to tempt you. Imagine, how can you defend your faith without knowledge? How can you live without knowing what to do? Studying then must be very essential. When you study, add a supernatural motive to it. Do it for Christ, to understand, to know, to survive, and see how God sees things and that will make you a better man. Instead of studying for your own gains, think more

of doing it to be able to serve God eventually as by helping others in the future. In that way, your study then is sanctified. One day, we will apply what we have learned in the real life. We will have jobs, which is just a change of work. We can still apply that same supernatural motive we used to study on our jobs. Man was created to work, not to sit in a corner and do nothing. To live, you must work. Make good use of your time unlike the fig tree which Jesus cursed. It only had leaves, no figs, remained barren forever. Study should not just be seen as something that helps us learn stuff. See it as God’s will for you, He wants you to serve Him, but first, study. - Hans Calma

Can All of Us Be Saints? Strictly speaking, everyone in heaven is a saint. What are saints by the way? Saints are ordinary people like you and me. Though some of them performed miracles during their life (like St. Benedict, etc.) they were still ordinary people. These ordinary people won heaven because they struggled while they were alive. They fought sin until the very end of their lives either as martyrs or as people who died peacefully. They also offered their lives in the service of God so therefore, they were able to sanctify their ordinary work. We are all called to be saints. Yes, isn’t that what God wants, for us to be holy? It’s not all the time that Jesus or Mary appear to people, making them visionaries and saints (in the future). Not all of us are being given the gift of healing other people miraculously. Not even all the saints had such a gift. God gave that gift to only a few people. However, all have a universal call to holiness. The motto of St. Benedict is prayer and work. So, start your day with a truthful yes to God’s will. If you can attend daily mass and pray the rosary regularly then why not? I also recommend a monthly con-

fession. A weekly confession is also recommended. Don’t be satisfied with a yearly confession. Imagine taking a bath once a year, how do you feel to be accumulated with so much dirt-so much sins? Establish some acts of devotions to accompany your spiritual life. That will be your prayer. Now, for the work, regardless of your job, you still have the vocation to be a saint.. Even if you are a gasoline boy, dentist, teacher or “labandera”, you still have the calling to be a saint. Engineers, soldiers, musician, doctor, managers, janitor, security guard, politician, priest, vendors, student, house wife, house husband etc. There is no job wherein you can’t be a saint. Offer your work to God, even your studies for the children, to make it holy. Your job, thoughts, words, and actions are all have to be holy. If your job makes you sin, then leave it for it is necessary that everything you do be in accordance to God’s will. St. Josemaria Escriva wrote in his book “The Way” this line: “An hour of study, for a modern apostle, is an hour of prayer.” To all the students, as early as now, it is necessary to work for your sanctity.. Holiness is not reserved for the priests or nuns and monks, it is for everyone. All of you have to be is to be holy if you are to enter heaven. It doesn’t matter if you will be beatified/canonized or not. In God’s eyes, you are a saint if you are in heaven, even if the Church has not officially recognized you. There are many un-recognized saints who are now in heaven. Your studies, your work, offer it to God just as a priest offers the bread and wine during the offertory. Well you don’t need altar boys when you offer your work. You can do that by doing your best. When you study or in your job, do it well, you are offering the fruit of your work to God. Offer Him fullycooked work. Don’t give Him halfcooked work done out of laziness, because your work cannot be your prayer. It may look not easy but possible, what is important is one’s daily struggle to be good. Fighting for your sanctity is a lifelong task. And remember, “May your virtue not be noisy.” (The Way by St. Josemaria Escriva) - Hans Calma

For our first issue, we started with our adviser, Mr. Melchor P. Encabo. He has been teaching in Southridge for 8 years. He is known for his theatre arts talent, may it be directing or acting. - Rainier Estipona VOX NOSTRA: Describe yourself as a teacher. MR. ENCABO: “It’s very hard! I don’t know, ano ba? Next question please! Hahaha!” VN: How do you help your students to consider History as an interesting subject? MR. E: ”I make it to a point na I come to class prepared. I am giving them quality lectures and show them good PowerPoint presentations and give them activities.” VN: It is always that your class wins theatrical/ academic contests because of you. How true is this? How do you


change the perspective of your class? MR. E: “I think I’m just one of the factors of their success. Pero, students don’t realize that they win the contest with their own capacity. Hindi ako yung dahilan, hindi ako yung nasa contest kundi SILA. Ako lang talaga yung taga daldal. Hahahaha!”

dle it? ' MR. E: ”madami sobra. di ko masabi kung alin dun. maybe, one that I can share was the time my father told me na "Hindi ka na makakapag-college..." Sobrang nagdasal ako na sana makakita ako ng school for college. At nung makapag-aral ako, di ko sinayang yung pagkakataon. Nag-aral ako ng mabuti. Para kay tatay, kay ate at para sa akin."

VN: Describe yourself as a mentor. MR. E: “I don’t know… (Pause) I just spend more time with my mentees giving them advice and be a companion to their journey to be

VN: How do you see yourself in 10 years? MR. E :”Sana healthier and thinner Mr. Encabo. Ican see that I’m already done with my masteral degree in La Salle on Philippine Studies. And I’ll also be the next principal. Joke lang! Hahahaha! Kung nandito pa ako baka kasi kunin na ako ni Lord. 43 na ako nu’n ‘no!”

successful in their Highschool Life.” VN: 'What was the greatest problem you encountered? How did you hanIllustrated by: Kurt Conrado Story by: Gelo Marasigan

VN: What is your motto in life? Why? MR. E :”CARPE DIEM. Kasi I always believe that there is no day than today. Sabi nga ni Jordin Sparks “One Step at a Time”. You don’t rush! Wag muna mag girlfriend kaagad. Diba Darrel? Hahaha!” VN: Do you see yourself as an inspiration? MR. E : ”Sana. Sana hindi crush! Hahaha! Well, I think so. That’s my role as a teacher. All teachers can be an inspiration to students.” VN: What is your message to students? MR. E :” I hope students (on Batch 2013 and the whole Afternoon School) will continue to learn the true value of education. For the Full Scholars naman, you have to take care of this privilege that have been granted to you for you to be successful. “ VN: …to parents? MR. E: “Don’t lose hope on guiding your sons and also remember that you are the first teacher of your sons. Ensure the success of your son/s.”

To study well is by enjoying it. Jeck Cabrera The ones who really suffer are those people who know inside that things could have been better, but they weren't. Rainier Estipona To study is to inspire one’s self. Juan Luis Lapuz Study is finding out the truth. Erryl Fernandez Classroom is not the best place to study, when you step outside that’s when you realize there’s more. Matt Ilagan Voice of a Virtue Paul Allan

The most crucial year for our college applications. And yet this year will be the more difficult than the past two years combined - nose-bleeding Precalculus, hardcore WorkEd projects, head -sweating Literature texts, mind-bending Religion catechisms, and you get the point with the other subjects. Teachers will start looking up to us now, having our 3rd year in high school. I wouldn't be surprised if they start having a "no mercy" attitude. Its only been the first month and Mr. Rodriguez has given us a lot of surprise quizzes. Mr. Consad strictly forbade us to borrow calculators the first time we had that long quiz. Mr. Angcos gave us research almost every class. Mr. Tadeo gave us, at first, confusing lessons. And these lessons are the same Math lessons the 4th years' are having! What more on the next 9 months? More tasks would be given to us too. In this year's campout, most of us

Am I a virtue,

Efren Rellosa Editor-in-Chief

enlightens you? Repeating things like a rhyme. Connecting your life, Reflecting from your strife? Is it good to struggle, Each day your not idle. Someday you’ll see,

- Red Hernandez

VN Editorial Crew

Or just something that Having more time,

will vice platoon leader or even vice company leader. Panathenea's new to us all and we're going to need full cooperation if we want to win. Another new thing is the new whole year work of mercy system. We'll have to sacrifice our time for a community and it'd be harder than the p a s t y e a r s . This year's going to be complicated, no doubt. Our teachers will bombard us with homework, school events will bomb us with leadership tasks, lessons will be unfriendly, low grades will agitate us, chaotic schedules will kick our butts, but may i remind you, we are junior Stingrays now. We don't back out in fights. We stingrays may be thin, but our range of abilities will be as wide and as fat as ever. And as Mr.Arevalo( our former Filipino teacher) would say, let them BRING-IT-ON.

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With those you consider as a




Your life has change,


Because you Study.



Hans Anthony Calma Chief Writer/Proofreader John Marasigan Nicolai Dan Hernandez Christian Paul Allan Layout Artists Gelo Marasigan Kurt Conrado Comic Artists Rainier Estipona Chief Researcher Mr. Melchor Encabo Moderator

Vox Nostra  

Official Newsletter of Southridge Afternoon School Batch 2013 Volume 1 Issue No.1

Vox Nostra  

Official Newsletter of Southridge Afternoon School Batch 2013 Volume 1 Issue No.1