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How to enjoy VIP treatment at Weekly Slot Machine Games Featured Slot Tournaments- There is several slot machine games to play and one of the most sought out is the ‘Featured tourneys’. They begin every evening and invites new players and their loyal slot veterans with equal enthusiasm every time they log in their accounts. The more the better for the CH (chat hosts) and the bunch of giggly gals, because every week slot and bingo rooms in the casino halls run promotion based tournaments and for the whole month it’s a slot festival and there is a lot of activity in the casino chat rooms. There are interesting games, tournaments, and lots of branded gifts to win (shipped in the shortest time possible). Plan the Games Planning is important and this inseparable theory to practice should be applied to your virtual gaming experience as well. Plan your games well in advance and book some games in advance if you wish to. Play with small numbers in the beginning and in a small time you can see small money invested to absolute leisurely activity bearing fruits of contentment in no time. Special Treatment to Players- CH In-fact it would have been wise to check with the LIVE HELP before you plunges into any games. You would be amazed to find the sense of humor and the eagerness to help you, that you will find that talking and making new friends virtually is better than the real thing. You can speak your mind before the specially trained chat host team; they entertain casino players with their virtual gaming needs and are available most of the time. The chat members also talk without inhibitions and they can talk to you at length on chat. You can try the free versions of chat games and can simply participate in extremely simple chat games; there are almost 55 different chat games for you. Customer Care The customer care can be reached any time of the day and they most of the time would suggest you which of the tournaments are most suitable for each player. Each player has a different style and likings towards each of the hundreds of casino games. One should begin playing low and should place smaller bets at the beginning. Real money at slot tournaments can be won (up-to $50), which can be used again for playing more ‘for-cash’ tournaments. Again the customer care, would be the best place to scout answers to such questions. Visit one of the slot rooms and you will not be disappointed because the risk is low.

How to enjoy VIP treatment at Weekly Slot Machine Games