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The UK Quiz

1 What is the population of the United Kingdom? 1.

b) Between 50-60 million

2 Who 2. Wh normally ll li lives at the h ffollowing ll i places? l ? a) Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty, the Queen

b) 10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister

The Queen

Elizabeth II

The Prime Minister

James Cameron

3 London is the capital of England. 3. England What are the capitals of:

a)) S Scotland tl d Æ

b) Wales Æ

c) Northern Ireland Æ




4. Match up p the following g places p with what theyy are famous for: a) Baker Street b) St Andrew’s

-Where Sherlock Holmes lived -Golf

c) Ascot scot

g -Horse racing

d) Wimbledon


e) Loch Ness f) Llangollen g) Wembley Stadium h) Cambridge C b id

-A sea monster -An international music festival -Famous football ground -Old Old university town

5. Name the two main p political p parties in the UK.

a)) Labour L b P Party t

b) Conservative Party

6. London is the largest city in the UK. Which of the following is the second largest? c)) BIRMINGHAM

“The Heart of England�, famous for its industries and d canals l

7. In which town was William Shakespeare born? b) Stratford-upon-Avon


Shakespeare is the world’s greatest writer of DRAMA He wrote TRAGEDIES (Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and Juliet) and COMEDIES (A A Mid Midsummer Ni Night’s h’ D Dream))

8. At what age in Britain can you legally do the following things?

a) Learn to drive

-17 17

b) Vote


c) Leave school


d) Buy/drink B /d i k alcohol l h l

18 -18

e)) Get marriedd (with (w parent’s permission)


9. Do British p policemen normallyy carryy guns? g

No, they do not!

10. Match up the following colloquial words with more usual ones. a) A quid

Æ£ 1

b) A fag

Æa cigarette

c) A cuppa

Æa cup of tea

d) A loo

Æa toilet

e) A telly

Æa television set

f) Plonk

Æcheap wine

g) A kip

Æa (short) sleep

h)) A brollyy

Æan umbrella

11. Name two British dailyy newspapers. p p

Tabloids: Sensationalist news,, huge g headlines,, informal style

12. Look at the map. p Mark the p places AA-JJ. A. Ben Nevis B. Glasgow C Belfast C. D. Wales E. Cardiff F. Birmingham g G. River Thames H. London I. Oxford J. Isle of Wight

Now, add up your points!

Uk quiz  

UK quiz answers

Uk quiz  

UK quiz answers