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1. “The Firm”, by J. Grisham. Penguin Readers Mitch McDeere is a young, intelligent and ambitious lawyer. When he gets a job with a top law firm in Memphis he is delighted. But soon Mitch discovers that the firm is listening to his phone calls, and the FBI want to speak to him ...It is impossible to put this book down. It has also been released as a major film starring Tom Cruise.

2. “The accidental tourist” by Anne Tyler, Oxford Bookworms library Everyday life in Baltimore, USA, is full of problems - getting the washing done, buying groceries and dog food, avoiding the neighbours . . . After the death of his son and the departure of his wife, Macon's attempts to run his own life become increasingly desperate - and more and more odd. Meanwhile, he has to get on with his work, writing tourist guides for business people. Then his dog Edward starts to bite people, and he has to send for Muriel, the dog trainer. And day by day, Macon's life gets more and more complicated. 3. “The Eye of the Tiger” by Wilbur Smith, Macmillan Readers For a thousand years, an unimaginable treasure has rested on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Harry Fletcher, a former soldier turned fisherman, is now being pulled into a murderous mystery by men willing to kill and a beautiful woman willing to lie for what rests far beneath the sea. Now, Harry has no choice but to enter full bore into an international battle to raise an extraordinary object from the deep. Because possessing this treasure isn't just about getting rich--it's about staying alive... 4. “The Time Machine”, by H. G. Wells. Penguin The Time Traveller has built a machine and has gone into the future to the year 802,701. He expects to find a better world with higly intelligent people and great inventions. However, he finds that people have become weak, child-like creatures. What has happened? Will he be able to return to the present?

5. “As Time Goes by” by M. Walsh. Penguin Readers It is 1941 and there is a war in Europe. Ilsa and her husband, Victor, leave Morocco for Lisbon. They want to fight in the war. However, Rick Blaine, the man Ilsa loves, stays in Morocco. But for how long?

6. “Cinderella Man” by Marc Cerasini, Penguin Readers Jim Braddock was a boxer, but during the Depression he has to take any job to feed his wife and children. One day he gets the chance to fight again and amazingly he wins, and he continues to win against other opponents. Then he meets his greatest challenge -- world champion, Max Baer, a man who has already killed two men in the ring!

7. “About a boy” by Nick Hornby, Penguin Readers Will Freeman wants an easy life with no responsibilities. But then he meets Marcus –an unusual twelve-year-old boy with serious problems.

8. “Death of an Englishman” by Magdalen Nabb, Oxford Bookworms library It was a very inconvenient time for murder. Florence was full of Christmas shoppers and half the police force was already on holiday. At first it seemed quite an ordinary murder. Of course, there are always a few mysteries. In this case, the dead man had been in the habit of moving his furniture at three o'clock in the morning. Naturally, the police wanted to know why. The case became more complicated. But all the time, the answer was right under their noses. They just couldn't see it. It was, after all, a very ordinary murder.

9. “A” is for Alibi” by Sue Grafton, Macmillan Readers My name is Dinsey Millhone and I’m a private detective. I’m thirtytwo years old, and I live and work in Santa Teresa, in southern California. The day before yesterday, I killed someone. I had to do it, but knowing that doesn’t make me happy. Now I want to tell the whole story.

10. “The Enchanted April” by E. von Arrim.MacMillan Readers. Four women answer an advertisement in a newspaper. They leave cold, rainy London and go on holiday to San Salvatore – an Italian castle by the sea. They leave their husbands, their friends and they unhappiness behind in England.

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List of suggested readers for intermediate 2 students

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