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News from Paul and Carmiña OAC “Presenting Christ By All Means Everywhere Since 1892” Fa! 2013 Greetings Friends, We praise God for you and the part you play in this ministry of evangelism. Thanks for supporting us with prayer and finances. We had a tremendous summer ministering in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ocean City, and Chicago, and now we have begun ministry on college campuses and children’s ministry in Langley Park

Central America (A Word from the Mrs.) Coming in to land at the airports of Central America, we knew that we were no longer in the United States as there were no views of luxurious yards, two-car driveways and swimming pools, only that of mostly brown, rusted, corrugated metal roof tops, hanging laundry on the lines and rugged streets. The people there had very thankful hearts that we had come so far to speak with them; their hearts were very much open to the message of the Gospel, not hardened. All of this was quite a contrast from our ministry in San Francisco, California last summer. These were nations that don't have everything, but that have hearts that are open to the message of the Gospel.

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As we were very much humbled by the Guatemalan and Costa Rican people's acts of kindness. It reminded us of what we had been studying in our devotions in the book of Acts, where the believers had everything in common, selling all their possessions and giving to anyone in need. The people there have so little, and yet they gave everything they had and were truly a blessing to us all. Our first four weeks in Central America were very tough, not in the sense of being beaten down by unbelievers, but because of working sometimes over 14 hours in a day.  Even though we were all so very tired from such long days, the team had great attitudes as the Lord continued to give us the energy to keep pressing on.   As we look back over the six weeks of our trip and reflect upon all we have learned, how we have grown in the Lord, and what we have learned culturally, I think that each one of us can say that it was overwhelming. We see that, although we were in the rainy season, God held back the rain so many times for the ministry and other times when it did rain, how God used the rain to move us to other places to talk to different people. We saw how God opened the hearts of His people through the message of the Gospel and saw Him work in our own hearts to hold unswervingly to the hope we profess. We saw how the Central Americans did such a wonderful job with the training, and it brought us great joy to see their enthusiasm for reaching the lost.  Just as in the Book of Acts, all of the team of Costa Ricans, Mexicans and Americans worked together as one team, united for one cause of coming together and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ. !


Ocean City

Ocean City with REM Church

For the 24th year, I had the privilege of spending at least a week of ministry preaching on Ocean City, Maryland’s boardwalk. Again, it was a great blessing to be joined by a group of young people from Rockville Evangelical Mission Church (REM). It was a joy for me and my friend, Mark Johnson, to train them and then watch them minister on the boardwalk with us.


After Ocean City, I was off to Chicago to work with a wonderful group of people at Grace for Life Bible Church. We had a weekend of training together and then went and did children’s ministry in an area that they are planting a church and then adult ministry in an area called River Walk. Again, it was a blessing to watch the trainees preach the Gospel using the sketchboard. Many good conversations followed the preaching as usual.

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Ministry in Silver Spring, M


Downtown Silver Spring

Returning home for ministry is always a blessing. We have so many places to preach that I cannot fit in news about them all on this newsletter, so I will tell you about a place that has opened up over the past three years right here in my hometown of Silver Spring. On Friday nights, the police close off the streets to cars, making them pedestrian traffic only. This creates a perfect place to preach and affords a perfect ministry opportunity to minister with others who have been trained in the area over the years. It was a real blessing to realize the other night that our team was made up of people from four different churches, and a group of people that was multi-generational and multi-ethnic. A beautiful display of God’s people united in Him preaching the Gospel together.

Prayer Requests ✴ That the people we trained in Costa Rica would continue with the ministry in the cities of San Jose and Puntarenas. ✴ That those trained in Chicago would continue with the ministry. ✴ That God would show us a man for OAC in Chicago to do the ministry of preaching and equipping. ✴ That Paul would continue to grow in his knowledge of Spanish. ✴ More opportunities to equip more people in different cities around the USA. ✴ Growth in the areas which God is teaching us lessons. ✴ Open doors for the Gospel that lead to the salvation of people.

Preaching in San Jose, Costa Rica Love in Ch!",

✴ Two weeks ago a man named Blaise made a profession of faith during our Silver Spring outreach. I met with him last Friday for his first session of discipleship. Please pray that he would grow Paul, Carmiña, Shauna, and Cameron like a seed planted on good soil.

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News from Paul and Carmiña fall 2013  

This is the latest newsletter from Paul and Carmiña Adams missionaries with Open Air Campaigners. Included in the newsletter are details on...

News from Paul and Carmiña fall 2013  

This is the latest newsletter from Paul and Carmiña Adams missionaries with Open Air Campaigners. Included in the newsletter are details on...