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"MOBILE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT" Delays in work completion, late arrivals, missing of appointments and poor work quality tend to place the company's reputation down. To overcome these problems a term named mobile workflow management has evolved. Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is allowing field teams to communicate back to the office with key information and data regarding their assigned jobs and current location in real-time. This tool can help you deal with data in real-time. This includes scheduling appointments directly to your field worker’s mobile device, mobile workforce is able to plan ahead rather than travelling back and forth between a job site and supplier’s location. Mobile Workflow Management can be tailored easily from the market today as countless number of software developers are available. Mobile Workforce Management helps in saving time for the field workers and customers. With the aid of mobile workforce management, the mobile worker can move on to the next job assigned, without having to return to office. Greater productivity is enjoyed by the companies that consider modern technologies and appropriate management software system for mobile workers. Planning, job dispatching and tracking are all essential features of a workforce management software. The mobile workforce management system also notifies what jobs have to be done, when they were done, any problems encountered during its completion. Also the workforce management system is able to connect with the field worker's mobile device which allows signature captures as an acknowledgement by customers on work done,all these features helps a company to increase their QoS(Quality of Service). Benefits of using a mobile workforce management system is that the system administrators are able to track any assigned job's progress at all times with the powerful and quick workforce tracking capabilities built into the software.

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