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LONDON September 12, 2013




Radio becoming r@dio: convergence, interactivity and broadcasting trends in perspective

Radio | Convergence | Interactivity Paula Cordeiro, ISCSP (ULisbon) Radio has always been part of our lives.

It has also been a profitable

business since the early days of broadcasting. Today, immersive media, convergent media, interactive media and all sorts of digital devices have created a ‘self-media’ environment that resituates radio, in the face of new challenges. This essay focus on groundbreaking approaches to radio in the context of










LONDON September 12, 2013

Radio research has reached a two way perspective, with researchers understanding radio both as sound broadcasting and other forms of media, as well as questioning radio as a social institution.

Radio thought to be r@dio introduction AIM: analyse changes occurring in broadcasting by studying radio station websites, platforms of broadcasting and streaming, to characterise the transformation of radio, in terms of distribution. METHOD: desk research and description of key examples from Portuguese radio broadcasting industry (websites) OBJECTIVE:

increase of leisure time spent with entertainment (1)

Present proposals that situate radio broadcasting in a context of severe competition for people’s attention among all available audio contents.


(1) Zillmann and Vorderer, 2009

LONDON September 12, 2013

Can I listen to radio?

Radio listeners access an increasing amount of content

new players are content producers and distributors

Radio thought to be r@dio Main ideas In the essay, changes in communicative processes within the media and new media ecology analysis are enriched by examples that display common features in interactivity and participation: convergence and cloud computing about radio.

What challenges?

What opportunities for radio broadcasting?


LONDON September 12, 2013

Radio broadcasting industry characterization Radio is a cultural industry (2): economical and financial structure, corporate structure symbolic content/reproduction of social and cultural meanings (2) Cordeiro, 2010: 116

Media activity comprises an atypical sector Media business model is based on selling audience attention Corporations establish radio station’s identity and branding

Consumption culture Brands Experiences Lifestyles


LONDON September 12, 2013

Changing Media. Changing Radio? some theory

broadcasters approach the Internet in two different ways: - process (intranet, working tool, information/news gathering) - distribution platform


web-only music/video channels Multimedia Cloud Computing Convergence Interactivity Participation

blogs polls online comments Online music playlists web-based music services customising downloading tracks assembling songs


LONDON September 12, 2013

Blurring boundaries, co-creation and multiple platforms Listening via personal media

Excerpts of sound

FM streaming download podcast

Sharing/ listening individualy

media are available in different networks and used to help people make sense of their own lives

e-listener a life lived within radio RADIO AS: everyday companion, helping people to structure their routines and feeding their day-by-day information, news and entertainment

= life with radio

RADIO AS: In relation to online social networks, listening to radio contents and get

immersed in radio community as well as taking part of activities, meetings, contents and conversations = life within radio

E-LISTENER: FM listeners and online listeners, depending on their preferred platform (or interaction). Combine radio and other forms of audio media in multi-platforms to settle their own audio media digest.


LONDON September 12, 2013

CAN WE TALK ABOUT R@DIO? sound and image interactive participatory shareable asynchronous repeatable reproducible searchable customisable discontinuous hyper-textual not linear convergent on demand accumulation effect community

Conversations | Social Media | Word of Mouth Prosumers | User-generated branding

Cognitive radio

Intelligent interface that combines audio services with multimedia features available through different transmitting frequencies (FM or wireless). Recognises, through the user-patterns of utilisation, profile and geo-tagging, the best available connection to the available radio programming and on-demand audio services, for wi-fi devices.


R@dio pc presentation londonRadio becoming R@dio  
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