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Summer Reading 2013-1014 Obesity Rates Falling Summary: Studies made from child obesity from 2009 to 2012, have finally given results, the United State’s obesity in children is falling. The results of an obese child are: diabetes, strokes, heart diseases, cancer and high blood pressure. But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention tried to stop obesity by finding ways to make the kids eat in a healthier way. For example, they improved the food in many schools by taking away the fried meals, give kids more vegetables, replaced whole-wheat bread with white bread and replaced beverages with healthier drinks like water and juice. The United States will keep fighting against obesity. Vocabulary: - Nationwide: When something is spreading throughout the nation - Declining: “Decline” A present verb used to refuse something Questions: 1) What was the most interesting thing that you learned from reading this article and why? Explain. - The most interesting thing that I learned from reading this article is that obesity can cause cancer. I already knew that obesity caused diseases such as strokes, depression and diabetes because it is kind of obvious. But I could never imagine that cancer would also be a consequence. What you always hear is that somebody got cancer for smoking or for many other reasons, but not for being obese. I have learned something new today that I’ll remember for my whole life. 2) If applicable: What cause this event, and/or what are the effects of this event? Explain. - What causes obesity is eating the wrong amount of unhealthy food, such as fried food, snacks and fats. The effect of obesity is a person with health diseases and high fat rate. Being obese can really harm your body and produce many sicknesses such as cancer, asthma, strokes and more. Many people usually become obese not because if the quantity of food they eat but because of the food they eat and not doing sports. Obesity is a really serious problem a lot of people go through these days.

Work Cited: Cameron Keady. "Obesity Rates Falling." Time for Kids. Frosted Lakes, 12 Dec. 2012. Web. 02 July 2013. <>. Great Night for Bieber Summary: The young teenager Justin Bieber, has gained fame in a short time period as a result of his talent. He left with 4 prices from the Annual Music Awards, which reflect the talent and effort that Justin has put on to get where he is. Justin starts his career after importing videos at You Tube. Scooter Braun, his manager, decides to take him to several radio stations to be interviewed. Then, Justin flourishes and is starting to become a loved and popular artist. In the prices he won that night, it is reflected the effort he had to do in order to get where he is. Justin will get very far with the talent he carries in his blood. Vocabulary: - Breakthrough: When you overcome an obstacle or a goal - Skyrocketed: When something rises in a very fast and strong way Questions: 1) Who was involved? What was their role? (Who or what is the article about, and what is that he/she/it did that is news worthy.) Explain. - Scooter Braun was involved in getting Justin Bieber to become famous. He is the one that saw his video in You Tube, saw his potential and tried everything to make Justin’s talent shine into the world. The role of Scooter Braun was to make sure Justin assisted to the interviews, vocalized and warmed up before the interviews, helped him write more songs and so on. If it had been for Scooter Braun, then Justin probably wouldn’t be where he is now. He makes this news worthy because he is a proof that everything is possible. Justin’s fame is part a reflection of Justin and Scooter’s effort. 2) Can you connect this event to something similar that has happened around you? (Has something like this happened toy you, your family, your community, or your country?) Explain.


I connect Justin Bieber becoming millionaire after being a member of a humble family with my grandfather. My grandfather grew up in a small town near Riobamba. His family did not have the money to let him go to a good college, but they did a very big effort to let him go to a great university here at Quito. My grandfather left his small town to be a lawyer; meanwhile his parents had to feed 2 more children and had almost no money. My grandfather studied and became one of the best students gaining a scholarship in the university. After he started to work and gain more money, the president looked for him and proposed him if he could be the new ambassador of Ecuador I front of the OEA. He started as a poor kid and ended with a life that he would never imagined, just like Justin.

Work Cited: Brenda Lasevoli. "A Big Night for Bieber." Time for Kids. N.p., 22 Nov. 2010. Web. 02 July 2013. <>.

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