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My house A- Answer these questions: 1. Where do you live? 2. What kind of house do you live in? 3. Do you like your house? 4. Is it old or new? 5. Is your area noisy or quiet? 6. Do you have a big garden?

B- Look at this picture and label it with the vocabulary given.

Door(1) Attic(7)

Window(2) Balcony(8)

Wall(3) Garage(9)

Chimney(4) Flowers(10)

Roof(5) Fence(11)

Sidewalk(6) Garden(12)

C- Label the different parts of the house.

D- Put the missing words in the correct compartment of the house..

D- Identify these pieces of furniture and fittings.

Good Work!

House of mine  

Vocabulary related to houses: surroundings, description of the building, rooms of the house, furniture