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“once upon a time...�



“a girl was born to be somebody...” - ...but doesn’t exitisting already count? - for her that wasn’t enough.

03 | about me



That is actually my name, Paula Buendia. I was born in Barcelona on the 12 of December 1997. Since I was a little girl I have already kind of known which path I wanted to take in my life professionally since arts have always been a passion of mine. I consider myself a very versatile person because of how many things I am interested in, like drawing, product & graphic design, fashion (a lot), psichology, writing, reading, music, history, learning new languages and travelling. I can speak four languages, spanish, catalan, english and french and my dream would be to live in multiple places like Paris or London, my favorite cities besides Barcelona. I started my product design career in 2015, and even though I am a product designer I have a lot of experience with graphic as well. I am a very optimistic and cheerful person as well as responsible, ambitious and curious and my dream job would be working for a big design company, expecially in the fashion industry (haute couture) or who knows? ...creating my own company. As a designer I would say that I am very minimalistic, elegant, chic but edgy at the same time because of my rock & roller side. I support vegan design and the use of new materials

04 | about me


buendia! Product Designer

Rda. Guineueta Vella 46 7o4a Barcelona, 08042. Mobile: (+34)

Email: Penkis-3@

P E R S O N A L S TAT E M E N T A third year student in product design, with big curiosity about the world which sorrounds me and many disciplines in the design area like product, graphic and fashion. I am professional, responsible, optimistic and a hard worker who is looking for an internship while studying.

E D U C AT I O N 2015 - Present

Elisava School of Design, Barcelona, Catalonia Product and Graphic design

2000 - 2015

La Salle Horta, Barcelona, Catalonia Sciences / Technology selectivity

WORK EXPERIENCE Furniture Design January - March 2018, Barcelona, Catalonia - Colaboration with designing a new object to later add in their collection - Developing new skills with Photoshop, Rhinoceros 3D and KeyShot - Design concept and make the real object with its materials and technics of fabrication - First time working for a company and learn how to interact in aprofessional design area Sales assistant of Dior perfume “J’adore” December 2017 El Corte Inglés, Barcelona, Catalonia - Attracting customers to smell the perfume and purchase it - Helping costumers in the store - Became more patient and organized - First contact with clients and learn how to comunicate with them - Analyze packaging and visual image of Dior to sell it properly Contact card for Beauty Salon July 2017 New Look Laura, Barcelona, Catalonia - Graphic design of the contact cards provided in the beauty salon - First professional graphic design job

05 | Curriculum Vitae

English Monitor August 2015 La Arcada, Barcelona, Catalonia - Lenguage skills improved and comunicating with English native kids - Improving skills like patience and sacrifice

SKILLS Autocad








Web Develop.

LANGUAGES Spanish: Native. Catalan: Native. English: Title Advanced/Proficiency of Cambridge (fluent). French: Level B1/B2 (taking lessons at the moment) conversational. Italian: Level A2 (basic).

PERSONAL INTERESTS Besides my design interest which I would describe as minimal and elegant I am fully interested in luxury fashion (accessories and street wear) and how everybody has its unique different style. I am also very into music, specially Rock and Roll which I like to apply in my fashion and design style as well and also with instruments like guitar. On the other hand I am very interested on disciplines like history, psychology and philosophy as well as learning new languages, travelling and meeting or discovering different cultures.

REFERENCES References are available on request.

06 | Curriculum Vitae

index To be able to comunicate my projects as organised as posible I decided to order them by discipline, and also by date meaning that the first one of each discipline is the first one I did and finishing with the most recent project.

07 | summary of contents

Chapter. 1 | Product Design:

1. Squelette Chair | Spring 2016


2. Symbiose Speaker | Spring 2017


3. Naomi Frame | Spring 2018


4. Puff Puff | Summer 2018


Chapter. 2 | Graphic Design:

1. “Essence” Magazine | Winter 2017


2. “La Détection” Catalogue | Winter 2017


Chapter. 3 | Own Projects

Scketches, portraits & other projects


08 | summary of contents


product design

09 | Product Design

Product design is my speciallity. I have done very variated things, from furniture design, to packaging or products for specific brands or typologies like music, for a kitchen... What I am interested in though and would like to dedicate myself are accesories for fashion, like handbags, watches, jewlery... That would be for sure my passion since fashion is very present in my life. My style is very clean, minimal and functional.

10 | Product Design

Project by Paula Buendia, Louis Gauthier & Aleix Pons

11 | Symbiose Speaker


Symbiose Speaker The “Symbiose Speaker” is a project inspired in a house called “La Ricarda” and its style situated in Barcelona. It is a two in one object having the speaker part and a pot to put certain plants. It has an internal system making sure the water we pour in the plant doesn’t interfere with the intenal system of the speaker. It can go perfectly in any enviroments just making sure the plant recieves enough sunlight (depending on what you plant!).

12 | Symbiose Speaker

Brief & Developement The Brief of this project was to design an object/furniture related with the aestheatics or the vibe of this house called “La Ricarda” and its mediterranian style. Because of our mutual interest in music and speakers we three decided to make one. We decided we just didn’t want to do any conventional speaker and add something quite interesting besides the actual aestheatic of it, that is why we came up with this idea of adding a plant to it, following the natural style of the house.

Because the house had a big garden with a swimming pool, we thought it would be interesting to make a speaker that looked good outside and inside. Plants can go anywhere so that is why it clicked so well with our concept.

13 | Symbiose Speaker

Scketches by Louis Gauthier

After scketching, renders really helped us deciding the materials, which ended being wood and glass and also, the system. It has a hole in the wood piece where the water goes staying in an internal drawer, which you can open and take the water out. There is a sound that notifies you whenever it is full of water and needs to be taken out.

Renders by me and Louis Gauthier

14 | Symbiose Speaker

Final Prototipe After finishing the design, in order to do the final prototipe as close as posible to the real one, we used instead of glass, a plastic, molding the form with heat (termoconformation). The wood part was complitely real, turning wood. The speaker part was just a tissue to make the effect.


15 | Symbiose Speaker



16 | Symbiose Speaker

17 | Symbiose Speaker

18 | Symbiose Speaker

19 | Symbiose Speaker

20 | Symbiose Speaker


graphic design

20 | Graphic Design

As a graphic designer I have touched a good amount of subjects, from books and magazines to the graphic identity of a brand, merchandising or packaging. My graphic style follows the same vibe of my own, like I said before very clean and elegant but with a bit of fun and sparkle. I tend to like very natural and basic colors like white, black, pinks, pastels...and very classic typographies.

21 | Graphic Design

Editorial project & first magazine

22 | “Essence� Magazine


“Essence” Magazine This magazine was my first editorial project. Like I said about me before, I am very interested in psychology and paranormal successes so that is why I chosed to do my mag about subjects people don’t often know about even though it is very present in our everyday lives. This is the first number, about regressions and passed lives. The graphic is very rush to the point, simple and with a touch of mistery, just like I wanted the theme of the magazine to be like.

23 | Essence Magazine

Brief & Developement To start off this project we were just told that we had to do a magazine related in some way, with Asia. For me, because I was doing another graphic project about fashion, I decided to do the topic about something a lot more different and that wasn’t too seen. The firsts and most important steps were making a target. In my case, my target ended up being a person between 25-35 years very smart, kind of artistic, creative, very curious and interested in rare or paranolfal facts from the middle class and with a loft in a place like Brooklyn or very urban cities like London or Paris. This magazine is 7,50 $ and every month a new number is released. You can find them in magazine stores and more specialized places related to the magazine. Sold worldwide, especially on big cities like the ones mentioned or Madrid, Stockholm...

22 | “Essence� Magazine

The magazine is in between an A4 and A5. Normal satin paper with no texture. It has 72 pages. Two reports, one special page, special section, index and letter from editor.

23 | Essence Magazine

Topics like buddhism and passed lives are present in this number of the magazine.

26 | “Essence� Magazine

Future numbers of my magazine, about dangerous practices and Egiptian technology.

27 | Essence Magazine

contact E-mail: Telf: +34 648633544 Instagram: paulabuendiam

27 | Contact

28 | Contact

“to be continued...”

Final Portfolio  
Final Portfolio