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The inner toughts of a writer

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For tolerance Tolerance, to promote tolerance you have to know what it is, you cannot defend something if you don´t know what it is, if you search it in the Oxford Dictionary1 it would appear that is "The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with." But, what does that means? The text I am going to make is to try to convince you to help me in this mission that I propose to myself, that is promoting tolerance among others and try to make this world a little bit more tolerant and better world. We have seen the intolerance in every single part of our lives, even in moments that you don´t see it at all and it is around you, and sometimes we don´t do anything to eradicate it. We don´t have to go too far too see all this intolerance, let us imagine and think about one very simple example. You are in the line of the supermarket, they are three persons in front of you, one of them is an old person, and it is taking a lot of time because he does not hear very well, and the other two persons start complaining. Right then you can think "I will never do that", but make a flashback, maybe you are part of that little percentage of the population that are tolerant, or maybe you realize that you are not that tolerant with others as you think. Also, a very common example and that it is in a massive scale is the homosexuality. In this world there are a lot of forms to love, and this one has been taking a lot of power, a lot of people is not agreed with them, but that does not means that we shouldn´t be tolerant with them, a lot of people is not agree with, but they respect and tolerate their believes, thoughts and their way of live with their couple. With this we can see that the tolerance can be possible, we just need more people to believed and make it possible. Imagine a world in which no one has to criticize others because the way they dress, the colour of their skin, this religion, the incapacity that someone could have, the only thing that we have to do is to promote the respect and the tolerance, because we all disserve it. I just hope, that in this paragraphs, in this lines you could perceive my desire of making this world beautiful again, with the hope that we can be more tolerant to others in every situation.


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The sugar he stole Sometimes I would like to disappear of my reality, go as far as I could, and just reappear in a quiet and peaceful place, full of green grass, with a shiny and bright sun; and then suddenly it appears, a beautiful hummingbird, with the colourful wings moving freely. Stars flying around me, he talks to me, with his beautiful wings on a mute language, he whisper to me some things, that are taken by the wind and they get lost or send to my lover, with the hope that he could hear my silent scream in the middle of the day. He start to play with the flowers, stolen them the sugar of this, with a silent attack, the same way he does it to me, in the same way I don´t even notice, defenceless of the attack, and after he have already suctioned the sugar, he fly away from this. Searching for other victim, and then, after that, the peace is again in your roots, recollecting the sugar that was stooled form you once, hoping that the next hummingbird comes and stays with you more time than the other, and maybe you could be the sustention of this until the day he days, with you.

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At Peace By: Amado Nervo (Creator of himself, of his destiny.)

Very near my sunset, I bless you, Life because you never gave me neither unfilled hope nor unfair work, nor undeserved sorrow.

Because I see at the end of my rough way that I was the architect of my own destiny and if I extracted the sweetness or the bitterness of things it was because I put the sweetness or the bitterness in them when I planted rose bushes I always harvested roses

Certainly, winter is going to follow my youth But you didn’t tell me that May was eternal I found without a doubt long my nights of pain But you didn’t promise me only good nights And in exchange I had some peaceful ones

I loved, I was loved, the sun caressed my face

Life, you owe me nothing, Life, we are at peace

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Our Christmas Miracle By: Paula Alvarez Hernández

It was a Christmas morning, for a crazy problem that I and Diego have we should go to the school, we need to make a revision of the installations of it, sometimes the cold of the season paralyze the doors, Windows, and it´s quite difficult when we come back to open them. Because of that the school made brigades to control this, with the students and the teachers, obviously no one want the 24 and the 31 of December so when we are near t start the vacations all the students try to be the first to go to the direction and said in which day they are going to go and make the revision of the school. For a problem that my best friend we have, the principal punish us by going to the sc hool the 24 and the 31. We has friends don´t think that what we do was quite important or dange rous, I mean, is it dangerous to play near the balcony, I don´t think that, but, to the principal it was just a sin to make that. So, here I am, I´m preparing myself to go to the school and join Diego, suddenly a message app ear in my cell phone, it´s Diego telling me that we have to hurry if we want to be ready for the dinner, we have to go and finish this soon. That it´s the last thing that I see until I go out of my house try to catch a bus with the hope that I can be in the school at 10 o´clock, and hoping that Diego is not there until I arrived, The bus, when he stops in front of me the only person that I see is the bus driver, great, no one is taking the bus in my zone, this should be the best part of Christmas, no one is taking the bus, because come on, probably the only person that takes the bu s is because is because they have something to do really important and they can just leave that, or they forget the Christmas present of someone, because let´s admit that sometimes it happen. 1 of 13 7 of 13

So, as usually I just say Hi to the bus driver while I give him the money and go to the last seats of the bus, I really love that place, when you are in that place you can see all the people that is taking the bus, their expressions, everyt hing, that is something that I really enjoy, see people that I don´t know, but the differ ence between vvDiego and me in that aspect is that I prefer not to talk to the and Diego is that kind of boy that talks to every person in the world. I usually talk to the boy that always seats beside me, but of course today he is not her e becavuse come on, it´s Christmas, I shouldn´t be here, I was suppose to be at home preparing the dinner or playing by text message with Diego, while I think this I start to promise myself that I would never do that again, I don´t want to spend another Christmas like this.

When I arrive and Diego is already there, I´m not going to lie, he´s really handsome, he really like to be with his friends, but I honestly don´t like to be with them, so he respect it and don´t tell me anything -Reni! I was thinking that you will leave here with the guard.- He says to me while I walk to him. -I honestly was thinking that. - I said while I give him a kiss in his check. -Well… Let´s go, I want to finish this soon. - He says. We star walking to the principal door and the guard just see us and not with a lovely f ace, maybe because he needs to be here until we finish. -I´m going to tell you the truth, he always have that face- Whisper Diego in my ear- But he´s a really good and lovely person.-How do you know that? - I ask to him. -Because… I don´t know, but, when he think that is alone he acts in other wayHe answer And with that we enter and start our mission, we star with our classroom, yes, we are in some way selfish, and we continue with the other classroom and the principals office, then with the tea chers room, the weather it is kind of sad, the clouds are above of us, they are grey, like they were sad, it is a crazy and sad weather for a beautiful day like this, it is suppose that is Christmas, they should be a sun at least, because of the season, but that don´t even appear. 1 of 13 8 of 13

I feel the hand of Diego in my shoulder and I notice that he is near me, i mean, we usually don´t we this closer, I admit that his attitude makes me feel nervous. -Can I tell you a secret? - Diego ask while he is looking to the sky. Okay, this increase my feeling of nervous, I must stay calm -Yes, of course- I said while I turn my face to see him. -I am in love with the little things of the life- He said and look in my eyes. When he says that is like a relief for me, I mean, I am not in love with Diego, and if he says something like “I love you” it would be so uncomfortable, because I really don´t like him. - I already know that…... well, I have always infer that, but you never tell me if I was right. - I say to him -Yes, well, now you know. - He smiles – And… guess what-What happen? - I ask -Well, you are going try to kill me but, I don´t have a Christmas presentHe whisper in my ear. -Are kidding me?!- I scream while I put my hands in the hairI think that you have already looking for it-Well… I was looking for it….. In my house- he answer while I see him -Of course you are not going to find in your own house, well... Maybe if you are going to do it, in that cause you might find it in your houseI say -Yeah, I know, maybe we could go to the shops when we finish this work-I honestly don´t think that we are going to find a present. And the stores are going to be full with people like you that leave the present for the last moment. - I say angry - I know, I just was thinking that you could help me in this problem- Has he finish the air change, it was so cold that my hands were like icebergs suddenly cha nge to a warm air, like when you enter to a bakery and everything it is warm and the smell is of fresh bread. A light at the corner of the class illuminates the hold place, closing the windows that we ope n previously and the door.

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Diego and I see each other, I am really scared if it wasn´t or the warm air inside I would already get out of that pla ce; everything it is quite and the light is still in the corner, but as we get closer, the star becomes bigger and br ightener, we are to near that I touch it, the star suddenly become to a Little object, it is like a Little toy, like the ones that gives you in the McDonalds, with the difference that is wi th a gold colour and have big eyes that see Diego and me. -Start move slowly- I whisper to Diego while I step backward -I know, I am not stupid, I am not going to run- He whispers in return The Little “toy” start moving in the room and around us, until it stops in front of my. -Hi, my name is Hap, I help the persons like you to understand the meaning of this beautiful season and da y- says while i looks in Diego´s direction -Are you a female? Diego asks moving his head -Yes, I am- She responds -Okay…. Why you are here? - I ask while I see them both Hap see me and starts flying around me, from head to toes, I get nervous, maybe this is the day in which I have been more nervous in the hole ye ar, when she finish she stop in my head and lay down my Bonnet. -You are a really good person, I suppose, well, I can notice in your spirit- She says while she looks in my eyes. Hap do it again but now with Diego, with him she do it twice or more, she her spinning around Diego makes me feel dizzy. She stops in the same place, abo ve his head. -You are a good person, but sometimes you follow the others and that could led you to some b ad consequences, think about it before you do it.- she says Diego and I look very confused, this day shouldn´t be like this, and it should be quite good, with the angry of being in the school but at the end pf the day quite good. I wasn´t expecting this! -Why you are here? - I ask Hap -God gives every single person an angel, I am your angel Renata, God send me to protect you, and the only difference is that now you can see me. - She says 1 of 13 10 of 13

-But, what is your purpose?-I want you two, to understand that this season is just a time to give and receive love, not to have presents, I want to understand that, and because of that I am going to tell you a story. - She says- Please sit down. -But the floor is cold. - Diego says. -No, that is not true- Hap says while her laughs- Do you feel this warm air? -Yes- We both respond -I can warm the air and everyplace in which I am including the floorAs she finish to say that we sit down in the floor. “Once upon a time in 1914 there was a boy that loves to receive presents from everyone in this season, he always have presents, until one day that no one buy him presents, that morning th e boy woke up and go down to the tree and search for the presents, and he receives the surprise that nothing was there, the boy was really disappointed, he wanted toys, bicycles, everything!. I was his angel, I try to convince to calm down and wait until his parents tell something about it. But he was to mad that I finally went with God and explain him the problem that I ha ve with my Little boy, that he was expecting a toy that never appear, in that moment God see me and says “Hap, the boy have to understand that the purpose of this season is not to h ave toys” In that moment I was really confused, I didn´t understand why God send that to the family of my Little kid, they were rich people, but as I went down to the house of the boy I realised that God was totally in the truth, the b oy have always had everything that he want with any struggle, and maybe God wanted to make him see that not everything in this life is easy, after the end of that day, my kid understand that, and in January he received his toy, when he discovered he was to happy, so he keep the toy until he died, remembering that if you understand the meaning of the season.. In that moment you can receive and give presents to the people.” -So, what you want me to understand, is that I can give my love instead of a present? - Diego ask 1 of 13 1i of 13

-Yes, that´s right- Hap say -Yes! Reni, I have Christmas present! - He screams. -Thank you Hap! Now Diego can go home in peace. - I say to Hap Hap says “Goodbye” and disappears has soon as she appears leaving the room still with the warm air. Diego and I both we went to our houses, now understanding the meaning of this incredible seas on.

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Acronym By: Paula Alvarez Hernรกndez

Perhaps I was determined to go And have crazy adventures while I Understand about my Little and beautiful life And try to do something better

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The inner toughts of a writer