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Tympanometry: An air pressure ear test When having your hearing evaluated your hearing healthcare professional may perform a test called tympanometry. This is simply an air pressure based evaluation to detect any problems in your middle ear. Your middle ear consists of the space behind your ear drum containing the tiny bones that transfer sound to the organ of hearing. This is typically a fairly quick test with minimal discomfort. What will happen First, your hearing specialist will examine your outer ear and ear canal with a lighted magnifying scope, called an otoscope, to ensure there are no blockages. A small rubber probe will be placed at the entrance of your ear canal. You will hear a small tone and feel changes in air pressure. Some describe the feeling as that of driving up a mountain side, making you feel as though your ear needs to “pop”. It is very important to remain seated, still, and quiet during the test. Swallowing during the test can also affect the results. As the air pressure passes into your ear canal, the probe will measure your ear’s response to the pressure changes. Testing and your child Some children may be uncomfortable with the process and be unwilling to sit for the evaluation. Your hearing healthcare professional will work with you to get the results needed to understand your child’s hearing status. If the child is completely unwilling, the test may be returned to later in the assessment or skipped altogether. It can provide very important information, however, not found in the test battery. Be willing to be patient and candid with your child during testing. Results Results can help to reveal the presence of fluid or infection behind the ear drum, holes or perforations in the ear drum, ear wax impactions, ear drum scarring, and issues with the middle ear bones. Any of these problems can cause hearing impairment, even if only temporarily. Talk with your hearing Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic 6444 Xerxes Ave Edina, MN 55423 (952) 955-4338

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Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic 6444 Xerxes Ave Edina, MN 55423 (952) 955-4338

Tympanometry: An air pressure ear test  

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