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Research activity: ipod touch 1. Functions:

Music Photos Internet- you-tube, googles Messaging Calendar Calls Games Maps Videos Radio Camera Java Podcasts Email Various apps Watch movies 2. This is an example of technological convergence because it allows you to watch and download movies, songs, games, browse the internet and watch clips on you-tube as well as social media sites, emails and various other apps. 3. You can listen to music on this device through the music player, you-tube or various other sites, or download music onto the device or upload your own music onto the devices memory. 4. Websites that offer music for this device are daily motion and You-tube and any other sites that support java.

5. You have to pay to download music to this device it is roughly 99p per song, unless they are older songs which are usually 70p. Unless you illegally download music. 6. Would I buy this device? I think the apps are great and it is a smart looking phone but personally I don’t like touch phones therefore I wouldn’t buy this and the screen cracks easily as its fairly big and it think I would drop it easily.

research activity  
research activity