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I have chosen bold for several reasons one being that it is used in lots of different ways – Bold and Beautiful. Bold font, etc. My magazine will have a mini slogan; BOLD: Make a statement.

The STATEMENT font in this has no fill there for its an odd one out.

This one I like as it uses the same comic font for the statement and it matches.

In this one the Statement is very black compared to the other fonts. I think that as the other fonts are a grey/light grey

I like this style make and A it looks like a comic book. This looks like the kind of font that u would see on a album cover of a pop artist. Therefore I think that this would attract the audience.

This font is simple. As the title is BOLD and Big I think that the Slogan should be the opposite this gives a Contrasting effect on the text which makes them stand out. I chose make a statement.

My chosen title is BOLD in this font. This mans that the Slogan has to Match the title in some way.

This is the subheading font. It’s the same style as the Slogan but less thick. This is also like the type of font that you would have on an album as the artist name. This is relates also very well to the Album Cover Look Style that I am trying to create.

This is the slogan that I will use for the magazine. In my college magazine the main problem that I had was the house style not matching so I will use the fonts that I have used for the title to make the Contents.

I think for the contents I will use the Chicken butt as it is like an pop album style. When I see the font I think of album covers. Therefore this is why I will still use this font.

There will be a graphic design other side of the features & regulars‌

.. with pictures over the top. With a Palm tree photoshop brush I plan to use the Features font as a mask to make it fit with the title more.

Cover Layer 1 Cover Layer 2

Layer 2 shows the pictures and graphics that I will use for the cover.

Layer 1 shows the text

Layer 2 shows the pictures and graphics that I will use for the cover.



I do like the style that Richard and Judy use. This is more of a comedic style. They push the boundaries. The wrong boundaries this results in laughter, and information that the public may not wish to know.

“To George”, he reads out in a slow, deliberate manner. “Be my Valentine?” He looks at us with a cheeky grin. “Now I feel bad because I haven’t bought you anything”. Never mind that, what about answering the question in our card? But we’ve still got plenty of time together… Apart from ours, have you had any more flowers today? [Pulls mock sad expression] I didn’t get any other flowers. I’m a little hurt. Not even any cards? No cards. Have you sent any flowers or cards? [Thinks for a moment] Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t get any. Maybe you need to start sending them out if you want to get any back. See, I didn’t think of that. Now I’ve learned something about what I’ve been doing wrong. But I have been living on the road. It’s not all my fault. What would be your ideal Valentine’s date? I don’t know. Where’s a good romantic place to go? How about a nice restaurant? Yeah. Somewhere dark with candles and a good band. It seems a nice thing to do, doesn’t it?

interview • I am taking the magazine from an allready established point of view. For example, I have decided that I will come up with 2 interviewers. Instead of going Dave: Whats‌.?/ Sally: Hows?? I can use the colours instead of using the name. I can then symbolise the Girlfriends name with the first letter H(annah)

Name links to subtitle (exposed – mask)

Name is a Mask Very dark

First side no text Very large drop text

Name not in usual place Several Smaller images of same singer

No text over image

My Magazine is… A new way to read about music. Included in the magazine will be ways upon which you can listen, acquire, watch and style music to your life (This will be my USP. Part of the USP is that I cover music, fashion and technology). Doing this will make you ‘BOLD’; Doing this is ‘Making a statement’.

Listen, Acquire, Watch and Style Your Music To Your Life. • • • •

Listen – iPod, MP3 Players Acquire – Download, club, friends Watch – TV, Internet (YouTube) Style – Accessories (Headphones), Fashion (celeb clothing)

Location of the Slogan • • • • • •

That’s why we’re First Choice. (slogan is before as it increase the desire to go with first choice as a travel agent) Asda Saving You money every day. ( the slogan is behind the name as it gives more about the brand name its self) Unlike first choice asda’s slogan dose not need to be in front (saving you money every day: asda) this is because it’s more of a definition. With the positioning of my slogan on the cover with reading it ‘Make a statement: BOLD’ it did not seem right this is why I had to re wright my slogan. To make it suit the title it have to end with soemthing like ‘be bold’. So from this I came up with ‘Make a life. Make a statement. Be…’ This suits quite well with the theme of the magazine with it being more about how to make music fit to your life.


This is a star brush pack. I like the simplicity of the stars. They don’t have a big epicentre. This is the down fall that means that I wont be able to use them as a pop-out on the cover. How ever the star dust one could be placed behind text to give text backing if I whished to have it on a block rather than on the artist.

• This brush pack is Palm trees this fits in with the palm tree title and will help with making the Chicken Butt font match with the ‘hot club/climat e’ feeling.

• This pack is a dialogue pack. It also came with some funny emotes that I could put round the models head.