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: Novell 050-665-(370)


: Groupwise 6.0 Administration

Version : R6.1    

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1. What is the correct command to load the GroupWise 6 GWPOA.NLM with the ACCT.POA startup file on your NetWare server? A. NGWPOA -ACCT.POA B. GWPOA @ACCT.POA C. GWPOA.NLM -ACCT.POA D. load GWPOA /ACCT.POA E. load GPOA /s ACCT.POA Answer: B 2. A resource is a physical asset that can be checked out or scheduled. You can check a resources availability with a busy search. When creating a GroupWise resource, you must assign an owner who makes scheduling and allocation decisions. Which is a prerequisite when assigning an owner? A. A resource owner cannot own any other objects. B. A resource must be in the same container as the resource owner. C. A resource must be in the same post office as the resource owner. D. A resource must be in the same domain as the resource owner, but it can be in a different post office. E. It makes no difference where the owner and resource objects are located as long as they are defined in the system and are visible in the address book. Answer: C 3. What WebAccess installation provides the most security? A. A one-server solution B. A two-server solution C. A one-to-many server solution D. A single WebAccess installation E. Multiple WebAccess installations Answer: B 4. When you delete an eDirectory user who has a GroupWise account, you are prompted to identify what attributes to delete. Which options can you use if the NetWare user and the GroupWise object are no longer used? (Choose 3.) A. Delete External Entity B. Delete GroupWise Alias C. Delete eDirectory Account D. Delete GroupWise Account E. Expire GroupWise Account F. Delete GroupWise Nickname Answer: CDE    

5. Your system consists of several domain sites linked to a hub domain. There is a gateway link to a remote site consisting of several directly linked domains. What type of link configuration is this? A. Star B. Ring C. Mesh D. Direct E. Hybrid F. Indirect Answer: E 6. A GroupWise system can span multiple trees. What is one limitation when you are spanning trees? A. The post office object and all objects associated with the post office must be in the same container. B. The post office object and all objects associated with the post office must be contained in the same replica. C. The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in the same tree. D. The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in the same partition. E. The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in the same container. Answer: C 7. GroupWise Monitor consists of 2 modules. What are they? (Choose 2.) A. Workstation B. GroupWise System C. GroupWise Web Server D. GroupWise Web Browser E. GroupWise Monitor Agent F. GroupWise Monitor Application Answer: EF 8. Why does an external entity appear in the GroupWise address book? A. For addressing purposes only B. For administrative purposes only C. So the external entity can connect to eDirectory D. It does not display in the address book. It only appears in eDirectory E. To allow the administrator to run Mailbox/Library Maintenance in the external entity to make sure there is no database corruption    

Answer: A 9. By default, all users in the GroupWise system can use GWIA services. You can prevent access to GWIA services for individual users, distribution lists, post offices, or domains. Users can be members of more than one class of service, resulting in conflicting privileges. If a user has a class membership in a distribution list that prevents SMTP outgoing messages and has class membership in another distribution list that allows SMTP outgoing messages, which would apply? A. The class membership in the distribution list that was created last. B. The class membership in the distribution list that was created first. C. The class membership in the distribution list that offers the least access takes precedence. D. The class membership in the distribution list that offers the greatest access takes precedence. Answer: D 10. The agents are responsible for updating all directory store databases. What is this process called? A. Agent replication B. Database distribution C. Index synchronization D. Directory store update E. Directory synchronization Answer: E 11. By default, GroupWise 6 GWIA is configured to prevent message relaying. How does this affect remote users? A. It has no affect on them. B. Remote users can't send or receive email. C. GroupWise POP3/IMAP4 users can't receive email from GIWA but can use GWIA to send mail. D. GroupWise POP3/IMAP4 users can receive email from GWIA but cannot use GWIA to send mail unless access control exceptions are configured. Answer: D 12. Where are the log files for GroupWise monitor stored by default? A. WEB SERVER\NOVELL\LOGS B. WEB SERVER\NOVELL\GRPWISE C. WEB SERVER\NOVELL\MONITOR D. WEB SERVER\NOVELL\GWMONITOR E. WEB SERVER\NOVELL\GRPWISE\LOGS Answer: D 13. To maintain Directory store databases, you need to use the System Maintenance options from the Tools menu.

What are the options? (Choose 5.)    

A. DiskCheck B. Rebuild Database C. Validate Database D. Recover Database E. Reclaim Unused Space F. Rebuild Indexes for Listing G. NDS User Synchronization H. Mailbox/Library Maintenance Answer: BCDEF 14. What tools give you information to help you understand your system performance, to troubleshoot problems, and to configure settings for your domains and post offices? (Choose 3.) A. Web Console B. GWIA Monitor C. Agent display D. Agent log files E. GWCHECK.EXE F. Netware Administrator Answer: ACD 15. The link configuration screen in ConsoleOne allows you to modify or create links. What does the following icon represent?

A. Link down B. Indirect link C. Gateway link D. Undefined link E. No rights to modify link F. Link modified in another view Answer: F 16. What is the default directory where MTA log files are stored? A. <domain>\MSLOCAL B. <domain>\WPCSIN\0 C. <domain>\WPCSOUT\ADS D. <domain>\WPCSOUT\ADS\0 E. <domain>\MSLOCAL\GWINPROG    

Answer: A 17. A user is complaining that she cannot access her mailbox and is unable to retrieve mail. This just started this morning when the user tried to access GroupWise. During your troubleshooting you discover that there is no user database for the user in the OFUSER directory. You need to run Mailbox/Library Maintenance on this user's database. Which option should you select? A. Structural Rebuild B. Reset Client Options C. Rebuild User Database D. Recover User Database E. Recreate User Database F. Analyze and Fix Database Answer: E 18. What does GroupWise Monitor use to perform the system test? A. MTA B. POA C. GWIA D. Primary domain E. External domain F. Secondary domain Answer: E 19. What do the configuration settings in GroupWise Web Console allow you to do? (Choose 2.) A. Configure the logging level for the POA B. Enable or disable QuickFinder indexing C. Change links between domains and post offices D. Configure client settings for the post office database E. Set scheduled events for the domain and post office agents Answer: AB 20. Using GroupWise Monitor, you can generate reports immediately to help you manage message flow throughout your GroupWise system. What types of reports are available? (Choose 4.) A. Link traffic B. User traffic C. Environment D. Status tracking E. Message tracking F. GroupWise System Maintenance    

Answer: ABCE 21. What tasks does the MTA perform? (Choose 4.) A. Monitors disk space use B. Processes remote user requests C. Performs message flow logging and statistics D. Responds to requests from the GroupWise client E. Routes messages between post offices within the local domain F. Replicates administrative updates to all domains and post offices throughout the GroupWise system G. Provides eDirectory-enabled synchronization of GroupWise user information with eDirectory user information Answer: CEFG 22. What is the first step in setting up Internet addressing? A. Disable client addressing rules B. Define an Internet domain name C. Select an Internet addressing format D. Configure direct MTA-to-MTA connectivity E. Configure GroupWise message transfer protocol F. Select a default GWIA for outbound SMTP/MIME messages Answer: F 23. Web Console allows you to monitor GWIA from a web browser. You must enable Web Console and specify a non-eDirectory user name, password, and HTTP port. What is the default port for Web Console? A. 1677 B. 1680 C. 7100 D. 7101 E. 9870 F. 9850 Answer: F 24. GroupWise Wireless enables you to access your GroupWise mailbox through Internet-ready wireless devices, such as cellular phones or a PDA. The wireless device must include a microbrowser that supports which of the following protocols? (Choose 3.) A. WAP B. WPA C. HDML D. HTML    

E. LDAP F. POP3 Answer: ACD 25. Although GWIA starts automatically as part of the GWIA installation program, you might need to manually stop GWIA. What is the keystroke to stop the GWIA at the GWIA console monitor? A. F4 B. F7 C. F9 D. F10 E. F12 Answer: B 26. When enabled, the default mailbomb threshold setting for GWIA is what? A. 10 messages received in 1 second B. 20 messages received in 1 second C. 30 messages received in 10 seconds D. 50 messages received in 10 seconds E. 40 messages received in 20 seconds Answer: C 27. When you install GWIA, the program creates the GWIA directory structure as a subdirectory of the domain; creates an eDirectory object for management and configuration purposes; and tests your Internet connectivity. Several files are also created and placed in the server's SYS:SYSTEM directory. What are they? (Choose 3.) A. GWIA.NLM B. GWIA.NCF C. GWIA.CFG D. ROUTE.CFG E. RESOLVE.CFG Answer: ABC 28. WebAccess provides which types of gateway administrators? (Choose 2.) A. Agent B. Steward C. Operator D. Trustee E. Treasurer F. Accountant    

G. Consultant Answer: CF 29. If a user you are moving is a resource owner, what must you do as an administrator to ensure that the user is moved correctly? A. Edit each resource owned by the user and specify a new owner for that resource. B. The user and resource are automatically moved together in the move process. Nothing is required. C. Archive all messages for the resource, move the user and the resource, and then unarchive the messages. D. Run mailbox/library maintenance for the resource to validate the database and put in the name of the new post office where the resource will reside. Answer: A 30. What is the default path where the GroupWise Monitor application configuration and log files are stored? A. \\server\sys B. \\server\sys\mail C. \\server\sys\novell D. \\server\sys\system E. \\server\sys\grpwise Answer: C 31. What keystroke is used in the WebAccess console screen to browse the log file? A. F4 B. F7 C. F9 D. F10 E. Esc Answer: C 32. When you convert a secondary domain to primary status, what occurs? (Choose 4.) A. The previous primary domain becomes a secondary domain. B. The converted secondary domain becomes the new primary domain. C. Link configuration is automatically updated and no editing is required. D. All references to the old primary domain are updated in all domain and post office directory store databases. E. The converted domain takes over directory synchronization and the distribution of data updates to other domains. F. The previous primary domain is deleted from the system and information is updated in all domain and    

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