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: Novell 050-654-(570A)


: Netware 5.1 Advanced Administration

Version : R6.1     

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1. The Hung Console Screen is useful if you are unable to execute any commands at the server console. Which hot key sequence would you use to bring up this screen? A. Ctrl+Alt+Esc B. Ctrl+Alt+Del C. Ctrl+Alt+Tab D. Ctrl+Shift+Esc Answer: A 2. In a Public Key Cryptography system, which key does the key owner use to decrypt data he receives from other parties? A. Public key B. Private key C. Certificate key D. Authentication key Answer: B 3. What is the command to unload all modules from ADDRESS_SPACE2 and remove the address space? A. UNLOAD ADDRESS SPACE=ADDRESS_SPACE2 B. UNLOAD KILL ADDRESS SPACE=ADDRESS_SPACE2 C. UNLOAD MODULES ADDRESS SPACE=ADDRESS_SPACE2 D. UNLOAD ADDRESS SPACE=ADDRESS_SPACE2 MODULES=ALL Answer: A 4. NetWare has 4 types of loadable modules. Which modules control communication between the server operating system and storage devices? A. LAN Drivers B. Disk Drivers C. NLM Utilities D. Name Space Modules Answer: B 5. When you are configuring DHCP, which object identifies the IP addresses available for dynamic assignment? A. DHCP Server object B. Subnet Pool object C. DNS-DHCP Locator object D. Subnet Address Range object Answer: D 6. What NLF file allows you to install more than 1 license certificate at a time into license Container objects?     

A. Folders B. Objects C. Envelopes D. Containers Answer: C 7. What is the default method for an IP server to locate a migration agent? A. Unicast B. Multicast C. Broadcast D. SAP tables E. DHCP query F. Directed broadcast Answer: B 8. Which network administration tool is used to down, restart, or reset a server? A. ConsoleOne B. NDS Manager C. NetWare Administrator D. NetWare Management Portal Answer: D 9. Which network administration tools can you use to create NDS objects? (Choose 3.) A. ConsoleOne B. NDS Manager C. NetWare Administrator D. NetWare Management Portal E. Novell Application Launcher Answer: ACD 10. Which statements are true regarding the Compatibility Mode Driver? (Choose 2.) A. CMD encapsulates IPX packets within IP packets by adding an IP header. B. In its migration agent mode, SCMD will not load if IPX is bound to a network board in the server. C. IPX must be bound to the network board in the server before SCMD can be loaded in its default mode. D. Workstations on IP-only segments need CMD configured in order to communicate with servers on IPX-only segments. Answer: AD 11. Which RConsole agent NLM do you run to access the console screens of a NetWare 5.1 server over an IP connection?     

A. AIO.NLM B. RCONAG6.NLM C. RCONSOLE.NLM D. RCONSOLEJ.NLM Answer: B 12. What DOS utility is used for creating the DOS partition when installing NetWare 5.1? A. FDISK B. FORMAT C. PARTITION D. CHKDSK Answer: A 13. Which statement best describes a web application server? A. A central location for public and private discussion groups. B. A platform that provides the runtime environment for an application's business logic. C. An application that lets users transfer files to and from the computer on the Internet. D. An application that publishes documents and files on the World Wide Web or on an intranet. Answer: B 14. You need to modify the bindery context and NetWare server name for the server. Which file must you change? A. SYS:SYSTEM\STARTUP.NCF B. SYS:SYSTEM\AUTOEXEC.NCF C. C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF D. C:\NWSERVER\AUTOEXEC.NCF Answer: B 15. Which type of DHCP object should you configure to manually assign an IP address to a specific workstation on the network? A. IP Address object B. DHCP Subnet object C. Subnet Pool object D. Subnet Address Range object Answer: A 16. In a Public Key Cryptography system, which key do other parties use to validate the key owner's digital signature? A. Public key B. Private key     

C. Certificate key D. Authentication key Answer: A 17. Which type of DNS zone maps IP addresses to domain names? A. IP6.INT zones B. Primary zones C. IN-ADDR.ARPA zones D. RootServerInfo zones Answer: C 18. Network Address Translation (NAT) can be configured to operate in three different modes. You need to provide the private network with access to the public network and you need certain hosts (such as web and FTP servers) on the private network to be accessible from the public network. Which mode should NAT be configured to use? A. IP B. IPX C. Static D. Dynamic E. Static and Dynamic Answer: E 19. One of your servers is responding slowly to client requests. You notice that the Long Term Cache Hits is at 84%. Which action would be the most effective in resolving the problem? A. Unload DOS B. Add more RAM C. Upgrade the CPU D. Unload noncritical NLMs E. Decrease the Maximum Concurrent Disk Cache Writes Answer: B 20. NDS uses four types of replicas. Which replica type does not contain data but points to replicas that do contain the data? A. Master B. Read-Only C. Read/Write D. Subordinate references Answer: D 21. Service Location Protocol (SLP) uses software agents to store information about services available on a     

TCP/IP network. Which agent is found on every network device that hosts a service? A. User B. Host C. Service D. Directory Answer: C 22. You want to load the NetBasic NLM and create an application named FS1NetBasic. Which command would you enter at the server console? A. LOAD FS1NETBASIC NETBASIC.NLM B. LOAD FS1NETBASIC.NLM NETBASIC C. LOAD -A=FS1NETBASIC NETBASIC.NLM D. LOAD -A=FS1NETBASIC.NLM NETBASIC E. LOAD APP=FS1NETBASIC NETBASIC.NLM Answer: C 23. Which DHCP object contains all server-specific configuration and policy information? A. DHCP Server object B. DHCP Subnet object C. Subnet Pool object D. Subnet Address Range object Answer: A 24. Which NetWare 5.1 server allows you to search multiple servers from one central location? A. NetWare FTP Server B. NetWare News Server C. NetWare Web Search Server D. NetWare MultiMedia Server E. NetWare Enterprise Web Server Answer: C 25. What can you do to eliminate disk thrashing? A. Add additional RAM B. Turn off swapping C. Move the swap file D. Delete the swap file Answer: A 26. Which DNS object points to a root name server on the Internet? A. DNS Zone object     

B. DNS Name Server object C. RootServerInfo Zone object D. Resource Record Set object Answer: C 27. You have just removed a server from the NDS tree. Which utilities do you use to verify the deletion of the server from the replica lists? (Choose 2.) A. VREPAIR B. MONITOR C. NDS Manager D. NetWare Administrator E. DSRepair Answer: CE 28. Which statement best describes a news server? A. A news server is a central location for public and private discussion groups. B. A news server enables NetWare 5.1 servers to stream multimedia to client workstations. C. A news server is an application that publishes documents and files on the World Wide Web or on an intranet. D. A news server is an application that lets users transfer files to and from the computer on the Internet. Answer: A 29. What provides the cryptography and signature algorithms to the Novell Certificate Server? A. PKI B. NDS C. NICI D. Entrust CA E. Trusted Root CA Answer: C 30. Which license certificate is used by global organizations? A. MLA B. CLA C. VLA D. NLA Answer: A 31. Which statement best describes a NetWare Multimedia Server? A. A MultiMedia Server provides a central location for public and private discussion groups. B. A MultiMedia Server enables NetWare 5.1 servers to stream multimedia to client workstations.     

C. A MultiMedia Server allows users to transfer files to and from the computer on the Internet. D. A MultiMedia Server is an application that publishes documents and files on the World Wide Web or on an intranet. Answer: B 32. Four NDS objects are created when SLP Directory Agents are loaded for the first time. Which leaf object represents specific services that have been registered with the Directory Agent? A. SLP Service Object B. SLP Scope Unit Object C. SLP Directory Agent Object D. SLP_SCOPE Organizational Unit Object Answer: A 33. Which NLMs must be loaded on a NetWare server to establish an asynchronous remote console connection to the server? (Choose 3.) A. RSPX.NLM B. REMOTE.NLM C. RCONAG6.NLM D. RCONSOLE.NLM E. RCONSOLEJ.NLM F. RS232.NLM G. AIO.NLM Answer: BFG 34. Which DHCP object represents an IP network address that is assigned to a physical network segment? A. IP Address object B. DHCP Subnet object C. DHCP Server object D. Subnet Pool object Answer: B 35. You have created a user to back up your NetWare 5 network and have assigned the following rights: 1. Read and File scan rights to the files 2. Browse object and Read property rights to the entire tree 3. Passwords to the servers that act as hosts and targets What other right will this user need to restore the file system or NDS tree? A. Erase B. Modify C. Create     

D. Supervisor Answer: C 36. A traffic light indicator appears on the front page of NetWare Management Portal. What is its function? A. It indicates WAN traffic congestion. B. It indicates the health of the server. C. It indicates the accessibility of remote servers. D. It indicates a "Please wait" or hour-glass condition. Answer: B 37. What are the main tools for monitoring and maintaining the NDS database? (Choose 3.) A. MONITOR B. DSREPAIR C. NWCONFIG D. NDS Manager E. SET DSTRACE Answer: BDE 38. Which utility do you use to configure DHCP objects that reside in the NDS tree? A. NWCONFIG B. NDS Manager C. NetWare Management Portal D. DNS/DHCP Management Console Answer: D 39. The ability of the NetWare kernel to manage the amount of time each application uses the processor is referred to as _____. A. Scheduling B. Preemption C. Load balancing D. Memory protection Answer: A 40. Due to a recent power failure, a read/write replica of the [Root] partition appears to be corrupted. Which NDS Manager repair option would you use to delete this corrupted replica and replace it with a new copy from the master replica? A. Send Update B. Repair Replica C. Receive Update D. Repair Local Database     

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