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Welcome to the 100th issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine. During our 26 years, we’ve seen massive growth in franchising in this country, and nothing proves that more than the latest survey showing that New Zealand is now the most franchised country in the world. Why does this matter to New Zealanders? It matters because franchises create jobs. It matters because franchises are locally-owned businesses which pay their fair share of taxes here, rather than shipping profits off-shore. And, most of all, it matters because franchises help Kiwis compete in an increasingly global market.

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I recently read an article describing how New Zealanders made their mark on international motor racing in the 1960s, not just as drivers but as designers, mechanics and team leaders. They succeeded because they were quick to see problems and engineer solutions. New Zealand’s isolation had given them a competitive advantage because, if they needed something, they made it or fixed it themselves. Today, though, motor racing is so complex that every part requires massive technical input and specialist manufacturing capability. In that environment, our traditional strength – working out solutions on our own – became a weakness. Today, communication, team work and technical competence matter more. Fortunately, as Emirates Team New Zealand has proved, we can do that, too. It’s the same in small business. The world is changing so fast that individual owners no longer have the time or technical knowledge necessary to keep up-to-date with software, equipment and market trends. They need support to ensure that every aspect of their business is operating as well as it can. That’s exactly what a good franchise delivers. Franchises stop small business owners being isolated by giving them access to the buying power, research and resources of a larger group. They connect people with other franchisees in the same situation. And, by having local owners focused on their local communities, they can not only compete with the corporates – they can out-perform them. In the following pages, you can read about the survey results (page 6), about using them to help you find a good opportunity (pages 38 and 47), find out how franchises give back to the community (page 48), and how they create employment and career opportunities (page 64). We’re proud to have helped New Zealand’s franchises grow for 100 issues now, and impressed by what franchising has achieved. We hope you’ll be impressed, too. Simon Lord Publisher

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38 Six Steps To Buying A Franchise

The Most Franchised Country in the World!

A new survey shows New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world – and reveals a lot of other useful facts about franchising, too

48 Good Citizens

There are 631 franchises in New Zealand – how do you choose? Glenice Riley helps you narrow down the options

Every business gets asked to support charitable causes. How do franchises choose what to support?

spring 2017 year 26 issue 03

welcome to New Zealand's BUY YOUR OWN BUSINESS magazine 11 A Head For Business Rodney Wayne offers great opportunities with a top franchise brand 13 Time To Tea Up! Tea, coffee and chocolate are at the heart of the stylish Majestic Tea Bar business 15 Cheers To The Perfect Pint Portermark is looking for master franchisees for its unique hospitality service 16 Updates Some recent news stories from our website at www. 19 Opportunity Knocks At The Door Platinum Homes franchisees have strong residential building backgrounds 20 International Franchising Exporting overseas takes planning, say Franchize Consultants 21 High Fliers Enjoy the wind beneath your wings as a Hudsons Coffee franchisee 22 Funding Your Franchise Westpac’s Daniel Cloete offers advice on common banking issues for franchisees 25 The Business That Delivers Investing in themselves is paying off for determined Domino’s franchisees

27 Rewarding Business NumberWorks’nWords offers flexibility, freedom and meaningful results 29 Low Prices High Standards Coffix offers excellent returns from an affordable café business 30 The Personal Touch Freedom Companion Driving franchisees offer mobility and safety with a smile 31 Landlords Beware New legislation means proper insulation is a must, says PinkFit 32 Full Steam Ahead The Franchise Association is helping share vital knowledge 35 Doing Business With The Government Lauren Taylor from MYOB on helping franchisees succeed 36 Roadside Attraction A chance encounter demonstrated the appeal of Touch Up Guys business 37 Business Partners You’re never on your own as a Green Acres franchisee 44 Dream Location A young couple are taking Dream Doors to the top of the south 45 Everybody Knows Your Name Burger Wisconsin wants energetic young entrepreneurs all over the country

47 Reading The Signs What does the latest survey tell us about how to back a winning franchise? 51 Dissolving HR Headaches enableHR makes it easy for franchises to stay compliant with the latest legislation 53 Rental Business On A Platter Pukeko Rental Managers franchisees offer quality service for quality properties 54 On The Road Thinking of buying a mobile franchise? Here are some questions to ask 55 Making The Most Of It Great training helps V.I.P. franchisees build really profitable businesses 57 Old Brand New Thinking Innovation helps Cobb & Co. franchisees achieve results fast 58 Learning The Ropes How do franchisors help you learn to run a whole new business? 61 Gyms - A Modern Approach Flex Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Club growing fast with local appeal 63 Ready To Clean Up Jim’s Cleaning wants 300 franchisees to make money while having fun 64 One In 20 Kiwi Jobs Survey reveals that franchising is a major employer and trainer

65 Inspiring You Inspiring Others With her passion for business and learning, Chris Bartels is a natural at sKids 67 From Grind To Growth Building couple find Navigation Homes transforms their life 68 Is It For You? We answer 5 common questions about franchising 70 100 And Counting After 100 issues of Franchise New Zealand, we want your input 71 More Than Numbers Being local and friendly makes all the difference for SBA franchisees 73 It’s A Steel! Wide Span Sheds offers low start-up costs, excellent cash flow and proven demand 74 Are You Prepared? A new law could cost unprepared franchisors dearly 90 Hitting A Moving Target Columbus Coffee offers ambitious couple opportunities they’ve always wanted 76 Westpac Directory Of Franchising Comprehensive details and investment levels for over 275 franchise opportunities and 80 specialist advisors and service providers. Also includes an index to advertisers

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76 franchise opportunities

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THE MOST FRANCHISED C opportunity: xxx

Franchising helps small business owners compete with large corporates. That’s why it’s good news that a new survey reveals New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world. There are lots of other useful facts, too.


t’s been five years since the Massey University Business School and Australia’s Griffith University published their last survey of the franchise sector in New Zealand, but it’s been worth the wait. The 2017 survey is the most comprehensive ever, with over 160 franchises providing detailed information. The results reveal that New Zealand is the most franchised country per capita in the world, with 631 different franchise systems and 37,000 franchise units around the country. The survey also confirms that the turnover of the franchise sector has grown strongly since 2012, with an overall turnover of $27.6 billion compared to an equivalent figure in 2012 of $15.0 billion. That’s an increase of 84 percent over five years. And that doesn’t include motor vehicle sales or fuel retail, which bring the total to $46.1 billion.

the benefits of franchising Why is this good news? Well, in many industries, small businesses are increasingly competing for market share with large, publicly-listed or overseas-owned corporations, which is a tough ask. Franchising gives the little, locally-owned guys a way of taking on the big guys. To survive in an increasingly competitive market, independent operators need to develop significant business and management skills. Very few actually have any formal business education, which may be one of the reasons why a large proportion of new small businesses last only a few years. But by buying a franchise, individual operators can gain access to professional product or service design, marketing, costings, benchmarking, training, upskilling and many other services. They learn how to plan, how to cost and how to manage cashflow. Yes, franchisees pay for these services through franchise fees, but if they have chosen wisely then they should get good returns for their money. And if they move on after a few years, they take with them all sorts of valuable business skills that they would not have learned any other way. Looked at this way, franchising is a means of upskilling our entire entrepreneurial population. Franchising also benefits the tax-payer. In 2016, an investigation by the New Zealand Herald revealed that 20 top multi-nationals, including brands such as Apple, Google and Facebook, paid virtually no income tax in New Zealand. The very structure of franchising means it’s rather more difficult for a company to channel its profits overseas. 72 percent of the franchises here are home-grown brands and of the others, yes, a small percentage of the price of every Big Mac may end up in Illinois, but it’s a fraction compared to the proportion of spend that ends up in Dublin via Google, LinkedIn and others. Local franchisees pay local taxes.

helping franchise buyers The survey allows us to see just what sort of franchises are operating in New Zealand, where the growth is happening, what franchises cost, what sort of training they provide and much, much more. If you’re looking at buying a franchise, the survey will give you valuable background information into what to look for and what to expect. See Six Steps to Buying a Franchise on page 38 for advice on how to use this information to narrow down your choice.

what are all these franchises? Franchise brands by sector 23%

Retail trade (non-food) Other services Accommodation & food retail Miscellaneous Administration & support services Rental, hire & real estate services Construction Arts & recreation services Education & training

20% 18% 12% 8% 7% 5% 4% 4% 0

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Franchise New Zealand



Spring 2017




Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:36 PM

D COUNTRY IN THE WORLD In the five years from 2012 to 2017, 185 new brands have entered the market, which means more choice for business buyers. However, not all of these franchises will be established yet, so it’s essential to check out any newer franchise for sustainability – see Reading the Signs on page 47. The graph shows that the sectors with the most franchise brands are Retail (22.7 percent), Other Services which includes personal and pet services, auto repairs and servicing, IT services, etc (19.8 percent) and Accommodation & Food Retail (18.2 percent) which includes fast food and coffee shops.

Franchise units by sector 41% 16% 13.5% 11% 10%



Commenced 1960s Commenced 1980s Commenced 2000s 0.6% 11.9% 36.3%

how big are they? With 37,000 units over 631 franchises, that means an average of 59 franchises per system. Because there are a number of franchises which each have several hundred units, though, the researchers prefer to quote a median number of units per system to give a more accurate picture of a ‘normal’ franchise. For retail franchises, the median number of units is 26; for non-retail, the median is 29.

More than 50 total units




The overall number of franchise units has increased massively from 22,400 in 2012 to 37,000 in 2017. Much of this increase has come from the development of new franchises, while existing franchise systems also grew internally with modest increases in the number of franchise units. One interesting change is in the number of company-owned units – units operated by the franchisor rather than by a franchisee. This has decreased by 1,100 units since 2012, perhaps reflecting the fact that, during the troubled post-GFC period, some franchisors funded new units themselves and/or bought back franchise units from franchisees.

where do they come from? Origin of franchises operating in new zealand

NZ-founded franchise 72% Master franchisee/licensee of international brand 17% Subsidiary of international brand 5% Other 6% A lot of people think of franchises as big international brands, but the survey shows that 72 percent of the franchises operating in New Zealand are home-grown companies. Of the remainder, 17 percent operate via a local master franchisee or licensee, meaning that 89 percent of franchise brands operating here are locally-owned and managed.

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Commenced 1970s Commenced after 2011 3.8% 14.4% Commenced 1990s 32.5%

Large 26.7%

When it comes to the number of franchise units (the number of franchised outlets in the case of premises-based businesses, and franchised operations for home-based or mobile businesses), the balance between sectors changes. As you would expect, Administration & Support Services – the category that includes brands with a large number of franchisees across several services such as Green Acres, Jim’s, V.I.P. and others – dominates. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Prior to 1961 0.6%

Franchises by number of units

5% 2% 1% 0.5% 0

Many have been in business for a long time, too – some 50 percent of franchised brands have been operating since before the turn of the century, with a further 36 percent having commenced between 2000 and 2010. On average, franchisors have 25 years of operational experience and 17.5 years of franchising experience. Commenced franchising

Most of the recent growth has occurred in the Retail and Accommodation & Food Retail categories. There have been 51 new non-food retail brands and 36 new food retail brands emerge over the past five years. This has resulted in other sizeable categories representing a smaller percentage of franchise brands: for example, Other Services has reduced 6 percent from 2012, while Administration & Support Services – the category which includes travel agencies as well as the robust home services sector – has dropped by a similar amount. It’s important to recognise that this does not necessarily mean that those sectors have reduced in market size; just that more new brands have entered other sectors.

Administration & support services Retail trade (non-food) Miscellaneous Accommodation & food retail Other services Rental, hire & real estate services Construction Arts & recreation services Education & training

how long have they been operating?

Medium 32.9% 21 to 50 total units

Small 40.4%

Up to 20 total units


business format franchisors in New Zealand


franchise units throughout New Zealand

$27.6 billion

the overall turnover of the franchise sector – equivalent to 11% of New Zealand’s GDP

$46.1 billion total turnover including motor vehicle sales and fuel retail


people employed in franchised businesses (see page 64)


of the franchises here are home-grown brands


of all franchises have been franchising since before 2000


the percentage of franchisees involved in disputes – down from 4.0% in 2012


of all disputes are handled through mediation, not litigation

8 years the median time that a franchisee remains in a franchise system

7 7/09/17 3:36 PM

how much do they cost?

how satisfied are franchisees?

For the potential franchise buyer, one of the most important questions is always, ‘How much does a franchise cost?’ The survey helps to answer this by exploring both fees and overall start-up costs. Buyers should bear in mind, though, that it’s what they get for their money that counts – not whether a franchise is charging more or less than the average.

Franchising is a commercial relationship between franchisor and franchisee and, as with any commercial relationship, there can be disputes from time to time. Because many franchise brands are household names, such disputes tend to make headlines. It’s therefore important to measure the level of disputes which are actually occurring.

97 percent of franchises charge an initial fee, with the median fee for retail formats being $35,000, slightly above the $28,750 charged by non-retail franchises.

Of course, little disagreements and disputes are normal, but what matters are the substantial ones. The 2017 survey asked franchisors, ‘In the past 12 months has your brand been involved in any dispute with a franchisee that involved external advisory assistance?’

As you would expect, total start-up costs show considerable variation depending on format and sector. The median start-up cost (excluding GST) of a new retail franchise is $308,500, compared with $87,550 for nonretail franchises. Retail (including food) franchises are significantly more expensive due to higher inventories, fit-out costs, equipment and initial working capital. The full survey report offers a helpful breakdown of where the money goes for both retail and non-retail options.

what training is provided? This is another important area for franchise buyers – how much training will they receive in operating their chosen business? Again, this varies enormously according to sector, with some businesses requiring more training than others. It’s also important to differentiate between direct initial training and the more indirect training that might come from, say, on-the-job experience before or after commencement, or from ongoing visits from support staff after opening. The median amount of initial direct training across this sample was 13.5 days. Retail franchises provided 14 days and non-retail franchises provided 10 days.

On an ongoing basis, established franchisees can also expect to receive a median 20 hours of direct training per year. Hours of direct training for established franchisees

The results found that only 1.9 percent of franchisees had been involved in a substantial dispute in the last 12 months. This is an impressively low figure although, given that there are 37,000 franchise units in New Zealand (some owned by multi-unit franchisees), this would still mean that there are a few hundred disputes every year. That explains why 22 percent of franchisors indicated that they had been involved in a dispute with a franchisee that required resolution from an external party. Almost 78 percent of franchisors had no disputes that required outside intervention. How disputes are handled

Mediation 49%

Litigation 10% Correspondence via solicitor 41%

No training


1 to 5 days


1 to 10 hours


6 to 10 days


11 to 20 hours


A very positive trend is that almost half of all substantial disputes were addressed through mediation, with litigation being required in just 10 percent of cases. Mediation is faster and cheaper for both parties, which is important in the speedy resolution of commercial disputes, and is a required option for franchises which are members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand.

11 to 20 days


21 to 50 hours


Causes of disputes

21 to 30 days


51 to 100 hours


31 to 60 days


Over 100 hours


Days of initial direct training for new franchisees










Communication Other cause

Just as people buy franchises for many reasons, so they have many reasons for selling: family issues, health, other opportunities and burn-out, to name but a few. Generally, however, as the researchers note, the length of time that franchisees stay is a signal of the stability of the franchise system. Franchisors reported that the median length of time that their franchisees remained in the system was eight years. Given that a typical franchise agreement has a term of five years, this suggests that most franchisees extend their agreements to a second term before exiting the franchise. Franchisee life-cycle

Over 10 years 18.3%



For more information on training, see Learning the Ropes on page 58.

how long do franchisees stay?


Up to 5 years 26.7%

Profitability Fees Incorrect payment of staff Misrepresentation

By far the most common cause of substantial disputes was compliance with system requirements – whether the franchisee is following the franchise system properly (90 percent). This was followed by communication problems (28 percent). Profitability caused disputes amongst just 14 percent of the respondents, followed in equal proportions of 10 percent related to fees, incorrect payment of staff, and misrepresentation issues. Incorrect payment of staff is a major concern for franchisors following the recent scandals involving 7-Eleven and some other well-known brands in Australia.

6 to 10 years 55%

NZ versus Australia

2017 versus 2012

The survey was conducted by the same team using the same methodology as the Franchising Australia 2016 survey, enabling some direct comparisons. Similar statistics are not available for the USA: however, there are believed to be some 2,000-3,000 franchise systems there and around 700,000 franchise units (1 per 467 people).




Number of brands




Number of units




Sector turnover

$15.0 billion $27.6 billion

Median turnover per system

$6.0 million

Number employed Level of disputes

8 EDIT Cover Story 6.indd 3



Number of franchise brands



$10.0 million +$4.0 million

Number of franchise units






Population per unit



4 percent

1.9 percent

-2.1 percent

Annual sector growth by units



+$12.6 billion

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:36 PM

how many units do franchisees buy? One of the growing trends in franchising internationally is that of franchisees operating multiple units within the same franchise system. New Zealand is following this trend, with 70 percent of franchisors reporting that they already have multi-unit franchisees within their system. Multi-unit franchisees are more prevalent in retailing, with 72 percent of franchisors reporting between 1 and 5 multi-unit franchisees compared to 45 percent in non-retail systems. Number of multi-unit franchisees in a system

Over 20 franchisees 3.3% 11 to 20 franchisees 4.1% 6 to 10 franchisees 8.3%

None 29.8%

Up to 5 franchisees 54.5%

where do franchisees come from? In 2015, a report suggested that some 68 percent of purchasers of existing franchise businesses are people who have immigrated to New Zealand within the last five years, predominantly from mainland China or India. That’s not so true for franchise start-ups, which often require franchisees to have considerable communication skills and a knowledge of the local market to establish their new business, but with immigration driving New Zealand’s GDP growth, it was an area worth investigating in the survey. Although most franchisors (73 percent) reported that they had not actively sought to recruit migrant or ‘new Kiwi’ franchisees over the past five years, over half (52 percent) reported between 51 percent and 100 percent migrant ownership. The most common countries of origin were China (64 percent of franchisors), India (64 percent), South Africa (36 percent) and the United Kingdom (32 percent). Meanwhile, 67 percent of franchisors reported that NZ Maori owned units in their franchise system. Of these systems, just over half indicated that Maori comprised between 1 percent and 10 percent of franchisees, with 12 percent of respondents having between 11 percent and 20 percent of Maori as franchisees.

what else does the survey cover? This article provides a snapshot of the main findings of the Franchising New Zealand 2017 survey. The survey contains more detail on many of the above areas, as well as specialist sections on the following areas: • • • • •

Operations and training Support offices Community support Export intentions Pre-entry education

• Employment • Online sales • Funding issues • Use of social media

The full report can be viewed at

summary The increased size and robustness of the franchise sector is good news for franchise buyers. ‘Franchising New Zealand 2017 shows that the New Zealand franchise sector has grown and performed strongly in the robust economic environment that has prevailed over the past five years,’ say the survey authors. ‘The survey provides evidence of a strong, experienced sector riding the wave of an upbeat national economy.’

• • • • •


about the survey The Franchising New Zealand 2017 survey was conducted by a research team from Massey University Business School and Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence from April to May 2017. The authors are Dr Susan Flint-Hartle; Professor Lorelle Frazer; Professor Scott Weaven; and Dr Anthony Grace. A total of 631 franchise brands

were confirmed, and 161 usable responses were received from an online survey, resulting in a response rate of 26.8 percent. This is an excellent response rate for a business-related survey. The survey was sponsored by ASCO Legal, The Franchise Coach, Franchize Consultants, Hayes Knight and Westpac, with support from Franchise New Zealand media. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Cover Story 6.indd 4

State of the art 420 seat theatre 18 conference / breakout venues all with natural light 24 hour business centre Professional and friendly staff In-house multi-media technical services

• • • • • •

Dedicated conference / banquet team 450 free car parks 147 newly refurbished ensuite accommodation rooms Gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, spas Wellington’s Restaurant and Bar 24 hour room service

Contact Shelley Trutsch Conference Business Development Manager Ph 09 526 3008 or email

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paramount franchise ad june 2017#.indd 1

31/5/17 9:31:16 AM

opportunity: health & beauty

Rodney Wayne offers great opportunities with a top franchise brand

A HEAD FOR BUSINESS Ashley Sterrenburg: ‘When I became an owner it felt just like coming home’


few years ago, there was a slogan that read, ‘Only hairdressers can do what hairdressers can do.’ That may be true, but running a successful hairdressing business requires a completely different set of skills – and that’s exactly what Rodney Wayne provides. It means that if you have the ambition and potential then, whether you know about hairdressing or not, you can join one of New Zealand’s top-performing franchises. Stuart Macmillan and Ashley Sterrenburg have very different backgrounds. Stuart was in the commercial laundry business before he and his wife Julie bought their first Rodney Wayne franchise 17 years ago, and have since owned several. Ashley, on the other hand, has been in hairdressing since she left school and joined Stuart’s highly successful outlet in Albany eight years ago. As Ashley says, ‘It was a wonderful opportunity and I quickly learned the Rodney Wayne systems before Stuart asked me to take over the management of the salon. Working for Stuart within a super brand taught me a huge amount about business and gained me a mentor. From there, my ambitions grew and I knew I wanted to have my own salon.’ Stuart takes up the story. ‘Ashley had rapidly demonstrated the management skills any good salon needs but she had her own ambitions, so when she wanted to open her own salon in Tauranga we agreed to go halves. It works very well – we share the same goal-driven people focus, and both love the industry.’

a living, breathing business Going with Rodney Wayne for the new Tauranga salon ‘was pretty much a no-brainer,’ Ashley says. ‘They’ve been established for more than 40 years, have a great brand and great procedures in place. Even with Stuart’s support I needed finance, of course, but the Rodney Wayne name ticked all the boxes for the banks once I’d shown them my business plan, and I got the impression the brand itself was a major attraction for them. All in all I felt pretty confident, especially with Stuart behind me.’ Having responsibility for her own business didn’t faze Ashley. ‘Sure, it’s no fun paying the bills and it was a whole side of the business I hadn’t been involved in before, so it was a major learning curve. But I soon took to it, the systems make it easy and it’s all really interesting. I can now see the whole business as a living, breathing thing. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Rodney Wayne 11.indd 1

‘It more than exceeds my expectations. A great deal of the strength of the Rodney Wayne franchise is to do with training – there is massive education available within the brand and that is a huge drawcard for franchisees, staff and the whole team at every level. It is a great thrill for me when apprentices qualify, and I love helping people to succeed. ‘Really, when I became an owner it felt just like coming home. If you have an ability to understand your clients’ needs, then you can learn the business skills you need to be really successful in Rodney Wayne – whether you have a background in hairdressing or not. I love the whole business, and in time, yes, I’d like to follow Stuart and Julie and own other outlets, too!’

cutting edge Rodney Wayne is New Zealand’s number one hair salon brand with over 50 award-winning salons and specialist retail outlets. The first salon opened in Auckland’s CBD in 1980 and immediately captured the attention of New Zealanders looking for a world-class stylist. As well as offering cuttingedge styling, the company was an early pioneer of franchising and has consistently re-invested in people and best practice processes. Today, Rodney Wayne is still opening new salons as good locations develop, and opportunities also occasionally arise to take over existing salons. Julie Evans, the company’s CEO, says, ‘We offer proven operating systems, comprehensive training, huge buying power, unique team incentives and awards, and a culture of support from everyone in the group. ‘If you are interested in creating a new business in a prime location, or taking over an established salon with instant cash flow, do get in touch. Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds – what is important is having a head for business, like Stuart and Ashley, and a passion for the “feel-good” factor that comes from knowing people leave looking and feeling better.’ Ashley Sterrenburg suggests that anyone interested in the franchise should just contact Julie Evans and, ‘Come in and see how it works. I have no doubts – joining Rodney Wayne was the best move I’ve ever made.’

advertiser info Rodney Wayne Contact Stephanie Alexander P 0-9-358 4644 ext 0

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Palmers - Garden Retail Innovator The


uniquely kiw i

Humble beginnings Mr AW Palmer opens a nursery in Glen Eden.

family bus iness



1958 Stanley Palmer opens NZ’s first retail garden store, revolutionising the way gardeners shopped forever.

Setting the standard in modern garden retail; Tauranga wins coveted NGINZ Garden Centre of the Year 2012/3 & 2014/5.

lifestyle destinatio n Petone store opening Q3 2018, includes a licensed café, florist, outdoor living and home décor set in a modern retail complex.

market inno vato r Celebrating 100 years of garden innovation.


A new era of garden retail is born. The new Albany store wins Red Award, for excellence in Retail Store Design, Home Category.

Join the brand which has been leading the way since 1912. Turnkey investment Palmers Garden Centre - fitout, franchise fee, stock etc. $1.35 - $1.4, Café and Deli’ $500 - $550 contact Murray belcher united franchise systems 021 483 500 FNZ 1.0 Ad Tester.indd 1

7/09/17 3:44 PM

a café brewed to


Tea, coffee and chocolate are at the heart of the stylish Majestic Tea Bar business


ea has been rather sidelined since everyone went caffeine-crazy but, as people become more health conscious and new trends emerge, the old favourite is making a comeback. ‘Tea is one of the fastest-growing markets overseas,’ says Chris Cox. ‘In fact, one of the biggest coffee chains in the United States spent $620 million on a tea investment in 2012.’ Chris is the founder of Majestic Tea Bar, which is already ahead of the game in New Zealand. ‘We opened our first outlet at Westgate in Auckland in 2015 and reactions were very positive. We offered over 30 different teas, all correctly brewed and served, as well as decadent chocolate and coffee options, and people loved it. We were often asked if we were an overseas brand and fans were delighted when we told them we were New Zealand-owned and operated.

which has international ambitions, so I also want them to share our commitment to a positive franchisor/franchisee relationship by being prepared to express themselves and put forward great ideas. ‘If you’d care to join this fast-growing brand I’d love to help you build the legacy. Costs are very much dependent upon location, but will generally vary between $350,000 advertiser info and $450,000 +gst. That covers everything from training and Majestic Tea Bar fit-out to initial stock and working capital. We’ve identified prime Contact locations all over the country, so Chris Cox to find out more about opening P 0-3-423 9760 a Majestic Tea Bar in your area, phone me today.’

‘Next, we took over an existing café fit-out in Palmerston North and used it as a hybrid opportunity to trial the introduction of more food options. Following this successful trial, we then developed the full café package which introduced chefs and a comprehensive kitchen menu. Our flagship store in Christchurch combines all that experience in a stylish and sophisticated café concept. With the original Westgate outlet now franchised, we are ready for new franchisees to open Majestic Tea Bars all over the country.’

competitive difference The Majestic Tea Bar is a very personal vision. ‘Tea used to be the drink of choice in New Zealand, and we draw inspiration from those glory days – palm courts, tea rooms and glamorous railway stations. Our research has shown people are really drawn to the romance of the era and would love to experience it for themselves. That’s why our logo, our décor, tea services and fit-outs draw on this tradition. At the same time, we’ve breathed new life into a classic range of drinks and created an opportunity with a real competitive difference for franchisees.’ Chris knows a lot about franchising, having bought an Australian-based café-style franchise in his early 20s. He then became involved on the recruitment side, and his experiences have helped create a very firm philosophy for his own business. ‘The whole system has to be absolutely transparent,’ he says. ‘You can’t expect potential franchisees to part with their money unless they can see exactly what they are getting and buying into. For a franchise to work properly, you must ensure the interests of franchisees are put first and foremost. That is what Majestic Tea Bar is modelled upon.’

contribute and succeed ‘I want people who become involved in Majestic Tea Bar to succeed,’ Chris says firmly. ‘A lot of people want to have their own business but they need support in the early days, and our experience opening three outlets in a short time has established the routines and training necessary to make that happen. ‘I want to hear from people prepared to create a community store with multiple income streams, both café and retail. This is a home-built brand – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Majestic Tea Bar 13.indd 1

a vibrant, modern opportunity Tea is making a huge comeback across the world! Join our New Zealand developed franchise to take full advantage of this change in people’s tastes. We have identified prime locations across the country.

Call Chris to find out more 0-3-423 9760

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Ever thought of becoming your own boss?

Become part of an exciting industry and run your own rewarding business

Work for yourself

Perpetual franchise agreement

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Your own exclusive territory

Award winning franchise system

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p. 0800 4FASTWAY w. e.

Fastway Couriers (NZ) Ltd T/A Fastway Couriers New Zealand. Fastway Couriers is a franchised courier network and its businesses are independently owned.

join the mexican evolution! Mexicali Fresh is the leader in fast casual dining and pioneered the Mexican Evolution in New Zealand. We use original recipes with fresh local ingredients while offering frosty margaritas, premium Tequila and imported Mexican beer. Back in 2005 with suitcases in tow our family moved from the States to introduce Kiwis to healthy, fresh, California-style Mexican food. Ten years on and we are still rollin’ stuff so good it should be illegal! Come on board with the only American-born, Mexican-inspired and New Zealand grown Fresh Mex concept.



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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:02 PM

opportunity: business & commercial

Portermark is looking for two New Zealand master franchisees for its unique and innovative hospitality service


magine owning a business that offered an essential service to every pub, club, hotel and restaurant in the country. Imagine that it saved them money as well as improving their product. Imagine that you had testimonials from some of the biggest brands in hospitality. And imagine earning a residual income without the need for stock, showrooms or constant equipment upgrades. ‘It might sound too good to be true, but that’s the experience of Portermark franchisees,’ says Jeff Rankin. ‘There are 20 territories already established in Australia and now we’re looking for 2 master franchisees and individual franchisees to launch the business in New Zealand.’ So what is this mysterious business? You probably won’t guess, so Jeff tells you: beer line cleaning. ‘Today’s beer drinker is a discerning character,’ says Jeff. ‘They are concerned with taste and quality, which puts more pressure on establishments to keep beer lines clean. A draught beer has to look good, taste even better, be a safe product for consumers and, from the bartender’s perspective, be easy to pour. Unfortunately, beer lines have a nasty habit of spoiling all that. They are easily infected with bacteria and candida from yeast; protein compounds lead to oxidation; and you get mineral deposits and scaling, too. ‘Add those together and not only does the beer begin to taste fairly nasty, but the pour is also difficult to manage.’

the gold standard Jeff studied at the world-renowned Siebel Institute of Technology and the World Brewing Academy in Chicago. Over 10 years, he developed a unique system to bring food-grade hygiene standards to cleaning beer lines and launched Portermark in 2014. The name honours the glass of porter that Arthur Phillip, leader of the First Fleet, raised at Botany Bay in 1788 to toast the success of the new colony. Portermark is now established as the ‘gold standard’ for beer line cleaning in Australia, with even major hotel chains raving about the service. A testimonial from Novotel Hotel Group reads: Our beer quality has improved and our wastage has gone down. Portermark are doing a fantastic job … Money well invested, keep up the great job! According to Jeff, ‘Many establishments with beer on tap tell us they have a system in place for cleaning lines, but when we look into it Portermark Melbourne their system is not franchisee Ray Wilson really effective. In fact, not one establishment we have tested in Australia has passed food grade hygiene and safety standards! ‘Our innovative technology not only improves taste and hygiene but also – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Potermark 15.indd 1

reduces the cleaning cycle from weekly to once every three weeks. As a result, Portermark generates additional revenue because, rather than throwing away the beer wasted during weekly cleaning sessions, it can be sold to happy customers instead.’ And there’s another issue, too. ‘Often, employees are expected to clean lines themselves without appropriate training or wearing protective clothing. That can be dangerous – traditional systems use pressurised canisters which are hard to manage and can explode. Rushed or inadequate cleaning every week increases the risk of accidents and the exposure of the owner under Health & Safety regulations. Because the Portermark system doesn’t use pressurised containers, spillage is minimal and there is no risk of explosion.’

master franchise – build a national service With Portermark firmly established in Australia, Jeff is now turning his attention to New Zealand. ‘International chains are already asking when we are going to be opening here,’ he smiles. ‘Our main priority is to appoint two master franchisees, one for the North Island and one for the South, who know the hospitality industry here and can develop the business locally. Business success and proven people management skills are the key attributes required. ‘We believe that New Zealand requires about 20-25 franchisees to service it properly. The master franchisee’s role is to recruit franchisees, manage the marketing to help them build a local customer base, and provide ongoing support. The investment is $275,000, which should be recouped once the first five franchisees are up and running. In addition to initial fees, master franchisees also receive a recurring 10 percent royalty from each franchisee’s turnover and manage the 5 percent marketing and 1 percent IT contributions.’

owner operator franchises earn big money from part-time role

Individual owner operator franchise areas are available from $68,500 +gst for an exclusive territory with full training, uniforms, tools and equipment. ‘In Australia – and we see it being no different in New Zealand – franchisees can achieve over $100,000 annual turnover for a 15-hour week working 6am to 9am,’ says Jeff. ‘Initially, you’ll need to put in the extra hours to win your clients but, as we’ve proved, the reasons for becoming a Portermark client are compelling. A free trial and hygiene test will almost certainly show that their current beer line cleaning is a threat to their business, staff and customers.’ Both the master franchisees and their sub-franchisees also need four more qualities: ‘An outgoing personality, hospitality experience, a belief in Portermark and a genuine love of good beer,’ Jeff chuckles. ‘If you have those, call me now. We’d love to toast your success – cheers!’

advertiser info Portermark Contact Jeff Rankin P 0061 4 4989 0300

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updates from our website

Our pick of the top news stories from

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STRONG OUTLOOK FOR FRANCHISING DESPITE STAFFING SHORTAGE The Franchising Confidence Index published in July showed positive attitudes among franchisors and specialist service providers towards franchisee sales levels and franchisor growth prospects, along with an improvement in access to suitable franchisees. Availability of suitable staff is a standout challenge, though, while positivity toward franchisee profitability levels has diminished slightly.

‘The outlook for franchisee sales continues to remain strong, as do franchisor growth prospects and franchisor sentiment toward general business conditions,’ says Dr Callum Floyd, managing director of Franchize Consultants, which conducts the quarterly survey. ‘However, the results and comments continue to highlight an increasing constraint to growing businesses – namely, the ability to access suitable staff. We note this pattern in many industries, particularly hospitality.’ Recent changes aimed at restricting immigration numbers have caused considerable concern among employers, with the government having restricted skilled migrant visas to three years and defined any job earning less than $48,000 per year as ‘unskilled’. This figure was later lowered to $41,000. It remains to be seen if policies will change again following the September election. Franchisors commented: ‘New visa laws are impacting on recruitment of staff significantly’, ‘Challenges include continued wage pressure, immigration changes that will potentially restrict access to staff (which there is already a critical shortage of)’ and ‘The biggest issue we are facing is good quality staff.’ Franchises are a major employer of both full-time and part-time staff in New Zealand (see page 64). Summing up the current feeling, Dr Floyd says, ‘Importantly, overall, franchisors remain positive about franchisee future sales levels. Whilst there are concerns around staffing issues and franchisee operating costs, franchisors on balance are still net positive about future franchisee profitability.’

披露 文件 中 应该 包含 哪些 内容 ? 在购买/出售一项特许经

营时,一份好的披 露文件会大有

最好的特许经营 在购买一项特许经营时, 列明公司 系统会为有意买家提供一份文件 品。此类 的所有重要情况及正在销售的产 旨在确保潜在加盟 文件被称为披露 文件, 系的性 商在购买前了解授权商/加盟商关 的所 质,并且他们拥有作出明智决策所需 有必要信息。 内容的指 下文是披露文件 中应该包含哪些 件没有法律上的 导原则。新西兰对此类文 但良好的特许经 营 要求(新加坡也没有), 新西兰特许经 系统仍然会提供 充分披露。 则》中概 营协会确实在《特许经营执业守 营的大多 述了最低标准,然而在新西兰运 成员。 数特许经营企业都不是该协会的

内容呢? 帮助。这类文件应该披露哪些

款与条 经营权出售和良 好运营依据的条 性质 件,授权商将确保潜 在加盟商对交易 获得最清晰的了解。

例如,工资 哪些内容以及不包含哪些内容( ,并说明 或融资贷款费用)作出明确说明 数据并不代表业 绩保证。


付给任何 此文件应该披露 授权商就销售支 问任何款项或佣 金 顾问、经纪人或咨询顾 知道向其推荐特 的详情。潜在加盟商有权 好处。 许经营权的经纪人是否从中获得


的性质,潜 在许多情况下,由于所提供信息 必须签署 在加盟商在收到披露文件之前, 。 一份保密协议。这再正常不过了

成清单, 特许经营权的购 买应该有一个组 固定装置、营 例如,特许经营费用、股票、 括授权商提 运资本等等。清单上还应该包 所需股本 出的任何财务要求详情(例如, 的偿付能 水平)以及授权 商公司股东签署


协议前14 授权商起码应该 在签署特许经营 件。此披 天向所有潜在加盟商提供披露文 并且至少 露文件至少应该每年更新一次, 包含以下内容: 公司简介。 1.附有公司及其高管人员详情的 核查授权 其目的是让潜在 加盟商能够自行 商公司所涉人员的详情。 2.特许经营的概 述,包括: · 特许经营系统的历史 · 商标详情 详情 · 加盟商支付给授权商的所有款项 可退换金额 · 若 在支付定金后终 止协议,

买的业务 购买者可以合理 地预期其正在购 但这是一个 可能实现的业绩的大致情况, 切都不 危机四伏的领域,因为生意场上一 通过明确解释数 据 确定。此处目的是为了 购买者的 是如何获得的以 及它们为什么与 。 具体业务有关,以限定这些数据


金的详 披露文件还可以包含任何所需定 及加 情,而不论这些定金 是否可以退还以 有可以改 盟商在签署特许经营协议后是否 变想法的“冷静”期。



和公司门 该文件应该包括一份现有加盟商 任何已终止或 店的清单,以及过去一年内 决诉讼的 未续约的加盟商 的详情和任何未 盟商就他们所感 兴 信息。强烈建议潜在加 对话;这 趣的特许经营系 统与现有加盟商 其他 会使流程更加简便,还鼓励他们核查 详情。


这些数据必须清晰 如果文件中包含 数据, 业绩的实 说明它们能否成 为所取得的实际 如为后者,必须包括 例或者仅为预测 数据。 还必须对其中包含 所作任何假设的 依据。


最新且详细的披 露 授权商通过提供 准确、 明确了解特许经 营、 文件,确保潜在加盟商 要的 其义务和财务要求。这实现了两个重 误解或者免 目标。第一,保护授权商不被 第二,潜在 遭之后有关虚假 陈述的指控。 实施合理 加盟商可以对讨论中的特许经营 的“尽职调查”。 特许 一条有用的经验 是:如果您打算购买 ,查 经营权,在作决定前,请索要披露文件 问咨询。 看其中包含哪些内容并向您的顾

and媒体 本文版权归Franchise New Zeal (2017年)所有,经www.franchi 许可转载。

详情 · 商品采购条款与条件概要 商誉和特许经营 权 · 与协议终止、续签、 转让有关的条款与条件概要 · 授权商主要义务 概要 “没有糟糕的 这一部分的目的可以概括为 署协议之前特许 惊喜”。通过明确阐明签


For some franchise buyers, reading documents in English is still a challenge – which is why we’ve translated another of our most popular articles on choosing a franchise into Chinese. Good franchises provide buyers with a helpful document that sets out all the important facts about the company and what it’s selling. This is called the Disclosure Document – but what should it tell you? Read the article at 披露文件中应该包含哪些内容? 在购买/出售一项特许经营时,一份好的披露文件 会大有帮助。这类文件应该披露哪些内容呢?

KFC tests VR gaming for staff training KFC is incorporating the VR experience into a programme that could show trainees how to cook its signature Original Recipe fried chicken. In order to get out of a virtual escape room, employees have to play as a pair of disembodied hands to demonstrate (virtual) mastery of the five-step cooking process – inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking, and pressure-frying – all the while being cajoled by Colonel Sanders himself.

Dominick Stephens, Westpac’s Chief Economist, comments: ‘The New Zealand economy is now into its seventh year of expansion. While we do

16 EDIT Web News 16.indd 1

The experience – dubbed ‘The Hard Way’ – will be shown at regional general manager training classes, quarterly franchise meetings and during corporate inductions in the US. An 8-minute video demonstrating the VR experience can be accessed from the news pages at

The company says it’s meant to ‘instil pride’ in KFC’s heritage rather than being a serious training tool at this point, but it points to future uses of the technology in an industry where rapid staff turnover means

in brief • The future of publicly-listed Veritas Investments, the owner of the Mad Butcher franchise, is unclear after the company’s bank pulled its support for the company. Veritas is looking at a possible sale or merger of its business. Meanwhile, upmarket grocery chain Nosh, which was sold by Veritas earlier this year to a mystery buyer, is in receivership while its franchisees trade on. • McDonald’s has teamed up with UberEats to deliver Big Macs to your doorstep. It’s now available from ten Auckland outlets and follows successful trials between the companies in the USA, which is expanding the service to more than 3,500 locations there. McDonald’s has offered delivery for years in parts of the Middle East and Asia, and CNBC has reported that McDonald’s earns ‘nearly $1 billion in delivery sales globally.’ • New Zealand health product retailer Hardy’s is facing challenges after the franchisor company and five companyowned stores were placed in receivership

earlier this month. Six other stores which are independently-owned by franchisees are trading as usual. • According to the latest MYOB Future of Business Report The Age of Change, 50 percent of operators in the business, professional and property sector and 47 percent in retail and hospitality expect to see major change in their industry over the next decade. Virtual currencies, automation, drones, robots, holographic projectors and Artificial Intelligence are among the technologies expected to lead the way. • The Commerce Commission has issued a warning about women’s ‘gifting circles’ which are no more than a pyramid selling scheme. Unlike franchising, pyramid selling schemes promise payments for the enrolling of others, rather than sales of a product, and require the constant recruitment of new members. The latest scam is specifically targetting women in Auckland, Tauranga, Nelson and Golden Bay, and has been described by one victim as a ‘spiritually transmitted disease.’

read more on all these at

ECONOMY THROTTLING BACK BUT GROWTH TO CONTINUE The latest Westpac Economic Overview finds rising global interest rates are balanced by rising commodity prices for New Zealand products. Growth will continue but slow by the end of the decade.

fast, efficient and inexpensive training is vital.

expect the growth to roll on, there are a number of areas in which the economy is throttling back – the housing market and residential construction. We expect that the housing market will remain subdued, and that will have the usual flow-on to consumer spending and the wider economy.’ The report notes that household debt levels rose by more than 30 percent between 2012 and

2017, which will be a brake on spending growth over the coming years as households have to commit a greater proportion of their future income to debt repayment. While debt servicing costs are currently low, they are set to increase over time. A further concern is that many borrowers have used debt to increase the purchase of investment properties. Rising borrowing rates will further

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:52 PM

100th ISSUE! Congratulations from SGL

Were US franchises urged to avoid Australia and consider NZ instead? A recent report in the Australian Financial Review suggested that United States franchisors considering international expansion to Australia were to be encouraged to consider alternative destinations such as Canada and New Zealand because of the risks of joint employer liability under Australia’s proposed Vulnerable Workers Bill. However, it appears that no such circular was ever issued. The AFR report was based upon leaked emails sent to the US ambassador to Australia from Bruce Billson, the former Minister for Small Business who is now the chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia. In one of the leaked emails quoted by the AFR, Billson tells Ambassador Hockey: ‘[Not for sharing]: I have seen an early version of internal IFA [the International Franchise Association] guidance to its members suggesting to US systems contemplating major

investments in Australia to “suspend all new business starts and investment in Australia” until the impact of the planned “joint employer” laws can be fully assessed and for franchise systems to consider Canada and New Zealand as attractive alternatives.’ Whether such guidance was ever drafted or not, Franchise New Zealand sources say IFA Board members deny that such a statement was issued. While the legislative response of franchisor responsibility for franchisees’ wage underpayments in Australia has been triggered by widespread wage fraud in the 7-Eleven network, in the United States joint employer liability issues have instead been triggered by union-sponsored lobbying to mandate minimum wages across branded groups. This is already possible in Australia via modern awards and enterprise agreements.

More staff underpayment issues surface

An Australian Subway franchisee is facing court action over alleged underpayment of an immigrant worker. It’s the latest in a series of cases to have hit some of the biggest names in franchising over the Tasman.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against Danmin ‘Irene’ Zhang, who, with her husband, owns Subway franchise outlets in two Sydney suburbs. Also facing Court is the company Ms Zhang and her husband operate, G & Z United Pty Ltd. It is alleged that a Chinese national was underpaid a total of $16,345 for work performed

across the Artarmon and Stanmore Subway outlets between October 2014 and April 2016, except for a four-month period where she returned to China. The issue of franchisees underpaying staff is of considerable concern for franchisors because of the impact on the brand and other franchisees. No such cases have emerged in New Zealand, although the Labour Inspectorate has warned it is on the look-out for problems. The Franchise Association has held seminars here to help franchisors identify and address any such issues.

erode rental yields (which are already at relatively low levels), while also limiting the scope for capital gains. Interestingly, the 2012-2017 period coincides precisely with the most recent Franchising New Zealand survey (see page 6) which identified massive growth in the number of franchises, franchised units and franchise sector turnover. The biggest factor affecting further growth is a shortage of potential franchisees but, as the heat comes out of the housing market, it may help encourage people back into investing in their own businesses again. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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Choosing a Professional Advisor When you're buying or setting up a franchise, its important to get accurate and useful advice. Stewart Germann offers some hints on choosing the right advisors Franchising is a great way of doing business, and it really suits New Zealand. However, great care must be taken in order to avoid potential pitfalls which could prove to be costly, for a franchise relationship is like being in a marriage – easy to enter and expensive to leave. So be prepared to bite the bullet and pay for some professional advice particularly in the legal and accounting areas. In this area, as in many others, you tend to get what you pay for and the cheapest advice is not always the best. You need quality advice from people who actually understand the nature of franchising, so always endeavour to get the best possible advice. And, having obtained good advice, make the most of it... ...continue reading at:

Specialist Franchise Skills Experienced Business Lawyers NZ and International Reputation A Proven Track Record Outstanding References

SGL STEWART GERMANN LAW OFFICE 09 308 9925 text 027 579 2118

navigating franchise DNA

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NEW ZEALAND’S CAFE FRANCHISE Four time winner of the Food & Beverage Franchise System Award Two time winner of the Supreme Franchise System Award Three time winner of the Supreme Franchisee Award Winner of the Media Campaign Award


Most awarded cafe franchise in New Zealand. 63 cafes & restaurants in New Zealand. Over 420 stores worldwide. Continued expansion plans. Flexibility and life balance with an established brand. Proven track record with an award winning system. Excellent training and ongoing support. Preferred bank finance arrangements. National marketing benefits. thecoffeeclubnz

Te Rapa Service Centre, Hamilton Glen Eden, Auckland Kumeu, Auckland Lakewood, Cambridge Emerson Street, Napier Esk Street, Invercargill Christchurch City, Christchurch Kmart Centre, Rotorua

To find out more contact Brad on 027 526 3333 or

opportunity: home & building

Platinum Homes franchisees have strong residential building backgrounds

OPPORTUNITY knocks at the door T

hree years ago, just one in every six New Zealand homes was constructed by one of the top 10 group housing builders in the country. Today, this has increased to one in four and the number is still rising. The big are getting bigger – and they don’t come much bigger than Platinum Homes. Established in 2003, Platinum Homes is currently rated in the top five of group home builders within the lucrative $300,000-plus price bracket based on turnover and areas of operation. ‘Platinum Homes franchisees built over $100 million of new homes adding up to more than 50,000 square metres in the financial year ending March 2017,’ says Lloyd Cloughley, the company’s Business Development Manager. After 5 years of healthy year-on-year sales growth since 2012, the Platinum Homes average purchase price is $432,000 with 214 square metres per home. That’s a 28 percent higher price and 17 percent bigger floor area than the average for the top 10 group home builders.’ And Platinum Homes is still growing. Currently, it has opportunities available around New Zealand, especially in the Deep South, at the top of the South Island and on the North Shore and West Auckland.

take a giant leap forward ‘We are specifically targeting as franchisees people who have strong residential building backgrounds, either on-site or at a management level with industry suppliers,’ explains Platinum Homes CEO Shaun Riley. ‘That includes builders who are seriously considering self-employment or are already working for themselves but find that because of their small size they can’t get traction or are getting let down by over-committed sub-trades. ‘Platinum Homes is also a way for ambitious management from the building supplies industry to take a giant leap forward in their careers, especially those in sales. The important thing is they must know and understand the building industry. Joining Platinum Homes as a franchisees requires an investment from $100,000, plus initial working capital. ‘This purchases a fully comprehensive

From left: Dianne Lee and David Watt (Counties/Manukau); Roger and Diana Walker (Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty); Lloyd Cloughley and Shaun Riley of Platinum Homes; Gloria and Jim Martin (New Plymouth/Stratford/ South Taranaki/Ruapehu/Wanganui)

package ranging from their exclusive territory (generally a population catchment of 150,000 to 180,000) through to on-going support and access to long-term suppliers,’ says Shaun. ‘It includes thorough training which is tailored to your experience and can include business, construction or financial management. There’s extensive advertising and marketing collateral, in-house pricing systems, and speciallydeveloped online construction management software that does such tasks as automatically advise sub-contractors of when they are required.’ Platinum Homes franchisees also have access to three leading architectural practices, an extensive design portfolio, and, to help make life easier for clients, a specialist residential construction lending company. ‘And it’s testimony to the strength of our supplier relationships that they’ve often stepped in to use their networks to help a Platinum Home franchisee who has been let down by someone else.’ says Lloyd. One of the first obligations for a new franchisee is to build a show home, which can be done using investor capital acquired by selling a land and home package with the buyer agreeing to use the completed Platinum Home for a period such as 12 months as a show home and office.

slice of heaven ‘Housing is a buoyant market but it’s also a highly competitive industry,’ says Lloyd. ‘We know from third party statistics that Platinum Homes offers one of the best price-to-size value offers available, so Platinum Homes’ clients expect top quality and value for money from our franchisees when building their “slice of heaven” – and that’s what they get.’ Lloyd’s reference is more than a turn of phrase. Platinum Homes’ current television commercials feature Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Slice of Heaven’ as the cutthrough soundtrack reinforced by the memorable tag line Everything Kiwis call home. These commercials, along with a strong Facebook presence and a popular interactive website which attracts an average of 16,000 unique users per month online, are part of an annual investment of over $800,000 in promotion which generates a lot of leads for franchisees. ‘Achieving any sort of market impact is a near-impossible task for selfemployed or small builders. One of our more recent franchisees found himself in that predicament; he couldn’t afford the cost of gaining brand awareness, but on becoming a Platinum Homes franchisee he achieved immediate market penetration and hasn’t looked back since. ‘The message is clear: why struggle with a start-up when there’s a platinum-plated opportunity to go straight to the big league with a top brand and still be in business for yourself?’ asks Lloyd. ‘Opportunity is knocking, and it’s knocking loudly. Answer the door and get in touch with us right now.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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advertiser info Platinum Homes Contact Lloyd Cloughley P 0-7-542 1006 M 021 535 031

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franchise development

INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISING Exporting overseas takes planning, say Franchize Consultants


ccording to the latest Survey of Franchising (see page 6), around 16 percent of New Zealand franchises are currently franchising overseas. That’s impressive – but not as impressive as the fact that another 48 percent are planning to expand overseas in the next two years.

Franchising your business or improving an existing network?

Do it once, do it right.

Of course, some of these franchises are dreaming but many will at least start the process. Overseas markets are attractive to local businesses, and countries like Australia, the UK and the USA are often perceived to represent huge, untapped potential. ‘Entering these and other markets is an exciting prospect, but it also presents a complex set of challenges and financial hurdles that require addressing in a methodical and structured way,’ says Dr Callum Floyd of multi-award-winning specialists Franchize Consultants. ‘These include determining: • Your operation’s readiness for export; • Which country to enter first; • An appropriate international entry plan, including franchising form and commercial structure; • The feasibility and efficacy of entry; and • The necessary infrastructure to support international growth. Callum says that a key first step is an assessment of export readiness – having an established record of success and the ability to invest financially and divert key people to the project. ‘Typically, you’ll invest more than even your most cautious estimates, while it’s a reality that many NZ franchisors have needed to practically relocate for a period during the early establishment phase.’

don’t find out the hard way Once the company decides on the target country, it then needs to determine the feasibility and efficacy of entry. This requires considering the business’s operation and structure in the target country, market and unit potential, appropriate franchise structures and financial analysis. ‘There is always more than one way to enter a foreign market, so this planning phase has to be very detailed to produce the right outcome,’ warns Callum. ‘Some companies pull out after this stage, as it’s often determined that the potential rewards are lower and the effort required is greater than originally envisioned. But it’s better to realise this before you start – many New Zealand companies have found it out the hard way, by skipping the planning stage, spending millions and finally exiting with only a sad war story to show for it.’ For companies that do decide to take the next step, further planning is required to put in place the infrastructure needed to a) promote the franchise, b) induct, train and support franchisees, and c) lead and manage the franchise network within the foreign market. Examples of developments include unit and sometimes master franchise agreements, associated operating and training manuals, recruitment documentation, planning and development tools, communication and support plans, and so on. ‘Expanding overseas takes courage, commitment and cash but, above all, it takes preparation and planning,’ Callum concludes. ‘At Franchize Consultants, we can help you evaluate your export readiness and create workable strategies. If you’re one of the 48 percent, talk to us now.’

advertiser info Franchize Consultants Contact Dr Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 M 021 669 519

Talk first with New Zealand’s longest established, largest and most award winning team. Work with a company engaged on major projects with many of the biggest and best emerging names in the franchise sector.

Brilliant Commercial Cleaners

Find out why. Call Callum Floyd (09) 523 3858 or email

Six times winner service provider of the year

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opportunity: food & beverage


Enjoy the wind beneath your wings as a Hudsons Coffee franchisee


hen cheering crowds greeted the triumphant return to these shores of Team New Zealand and the America’s Cup, the Emirates name was foremost. As naming rights sponsor, Emirates has stuck with the team through disappointments and disasters before finally winning back the ‘Auld Mug’ in Bermuda this year. While most New Zealanders associate Emirates with success on the water and comfort in the sky, the Dubai-based Emirates Group has multiple business interests in the aviation, travel, tourism and leisure industries. All those elements come together in Hudsons Coffee, a classy café business which has over 90 stores throughout Australia, many in airport terminals, railway stations, hospitals and CBD locations. Now Hudsons is coming to New Zealand and the company is looking for a proven partner to take on the responsibilities of a master franchise.

the travellers’ choice Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR) has been operating across the Tasman since 2009 and operates over 100 different brands there, including Hudsons Coffee, an Australian favourite for over 20 years. ‘New Zealanders are so well-travelled I expect many already recognise the name,’ says Tim Ryan, the National Business Development Manager for ELR. ‘Hudsons Coffee has stores in all the Australian international terminals and pretty much all the regional terminals, so travellers know our great coffee blends and tasty food cabinet offerings. Equally, with over one million Australian visitors landing in New Zealand annually, they’re bringing high brand awareness of Hudsons Coffee with them,’ explains Tim. ‘We’re now investing in a flagship outlet for Hudsons Coffee at Auckland International Airport and will be expanding the brand throughout New Zealand. To continue with the momentum of the exciting opportunity at Auckland Airport, we are now looking for the right business partner in the form of a master franchisee to develop together opportunities outside of the airport and throughout New Zealand.’ Location is critical, but another point of difference is the commitment to treating customers with two freshly-roasted bespoke blends, Premium and Barista’s Choice, and a rotating seasonal blend. Along with iced coffees, milkshakes, smoothies, chais and chocolates, there’s something to suit everyone, while the food cabinet offers delicious sandwiches, wraps, gourmet toasties, muffins, savoury pastries and seriously decadent desserts.

starting in business Jon Marshall, a Hudsons Coffee franchisee in Victoria, says that the combination of brand, buying power, systems and proven menu really delivers. Jon worked as an assistant manager in retail before achieving his goal of going into business for himself.

Training gives franchisees all the skills they need to operate a successful business – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Hudsons Coffee 21.indd 1

Hudsons Coffee is a favourite at over 90 locations throughout Australia. Now the brand is coming to New Zealand

‘As this was my first business, I was keen on the support and training that comes with the Hudsons Coffee franchise,’ recalls Jon. ‘I learned a lot over the extensive four week training programme, from making coffee to conducting reports, and soon got to grips with the business.’ Hudsons Coffee is a turnkey operation where site selection is agreed with the franchisee then negotiation, fit-out and equipment is all managed by the experienced franchisor team. There’s also assistance with recruiting and training staff, and a full launch programme. In fact, Jon says, ‘The biggest challenge was going through all the set-up processes, setting up the merchant facilities and so on. Once you’re up and running, though, it all falls into place. As long as you know that it will be a lot of hard work and are prepared to commit to the business, then having your own Hudsons Coffee franchise will be an enjoyable experience and reward you with a good income. ‘Being a franchisee really suits my lifestyle. Wake up at 6.30. Get to the store by 8am. Check emails, tidy up anything that needs to be sorted and then be on the floor operating the business until about 4pm. Head to the gym most days (now that the footy season has finished) and, if anything needs sorting, I’ll do it at home or otherwise relax.’ All that might be about to change, though, as Jon has bigger plans. ‘My goal is to open up another shop with a partner of mine.’ Another Hudsons Coffee? ‘Of course!’

proven to work A Hudsons Coffee master franchise requires an investment in multiple outlets plus the ability to grow businesses for sub-franchisees. ‘There are many different support structures in place to support the growth from the parent company and proven systems to grow a franchise network,’ Tim says. ‘As a general rule, having established networks and a strong knowledge of the local property market will give candidates a good starting point. ‘In addition to all equipment and fit-out, that also includes an extensive portfolio of training, marketing and start-up and ongoing support systems,’ says Tim. ‘Training is designed to give franchisees all the skills they need to operate their Hudsons Coffee store successfully. They also have access to our communications platform, ELLE, an interactive website that keeps them informed of latest products, support tools, staff training resources and enables them to tap into the Hudsons Coffee franchisee network. ‘We’re looking for a major partner to be involved in our growth by way of a master franchisee. If you’ve got a strong understanding of the local New Zealand market, a willingness to work hard and are passionate about growing strong brands, please contact us.’

advertiser info

Hudsons Coffee Contact Tim Ryan P 0061-3-8631 7700 M 0061 432 454 643

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buying a franchise: financial matters

FUNDING YOUR FRANCHISE Westpac’s Daniel Cloete offers advice on some common banking issues for franchisees


hether you’re starting-up a new outlet or taking over an existing one, as a franchisee you’ll face a number of opportunities and challenges on the financial side. That applies both to start-up funding and to dayto-day operations, so it’s worth educating yourself on the most common issues in advance. That way, with the guidance of your franchisors, your accountant and your franchise-specialist banker, you can focus on building a truly successful business.

funding issues According to the 2017 Survey of Franchising (see page 6), franchisors identified a number of franchisee funding issues as being of most concern. The biggest problem regarding growth funding, identified by 59 percent of franchisors, was lack of equity from potential franchisees. (equity is money you put in; funding is money you borrow). This means people who otherwise meet the ideal criteria for new franchisees not having sufficient equity to invest, or the business not being able to service the debt required if appropriate security is not available.

Growth Industry Health & Fitness As a Body Audit franchisee your passion for health and fitness can be turned into a serious business income Our high energy franchisees work hard to make a huge difference in their clients' lives, enjoying repeat business to drive growth and success. Surprisingly, Body Audit franchisees don’t need a string of qualifications after their name. We provide everything they need from comprehensive training to awesome support and ongoing research and development. If you love health and fitness, professionalism and want to be part of a fantastic and committed team, check out our website or Facebook NOW!

About a third of franchisors also identified as key funding issues problems with: • accessing funding • a lack of understanding of franchise models amongst some lenders; • (lack of) access to cash flow lending. equity and debt servicing Most people buy businesses using a combination of equity and funding. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a sufficiently high proportion of the required funds as equity, you may have to look elsewhere – perhaps start with a smaller business and work your way up. You see, although it’s perfectly normal to borrow money to fund your way into business, you should only borrow to a level your business can afford. Neither you, nor the bank, nor the franchisor will be happy if you incur more debt than the business can service. The amount of equity you need for any franchise may depend on the proposed funding structure. For example, if you are using a house as security, a longer term would be possible, thereby reducing the debt servicing amount. Where funding is secured against the cash flow of the business (see below), the length of the franchise agreement or lease terms may limit the funding term – increasing the regular servicing requirement. Equipment finance can reduce the level of upfront investment required, but the appropriate funding term would vary according to the useful working lifetime of the vehicle or equipment. No matter how attractive a longer term may seem at first, you don’t want to go on paying for a coffee machine three years after you’ve had to replace it with an even more expensive one. accessing funding The best way to access the funding you need is to work with a specialist franchise specialist banker who understands the business model of the specific franchise you are looking at. They will know what’s realistic and be able to make suggestions based upon your own particular situation. They may also be prepared to offer some cash flow lending against the strength of the franchise brand and business model.

Time to try something new! We have been successfully operating since 2003 in Christchurch, and we are about to unleash ourselves on the rest of New Zealand. If you want a franchise then look at something new, LOOK AT NEW YORK DELI! Spend some time over a leisurely coffee and talk to our existing franchisees. You will be pleasantly surprised. Or you could call our associate company to discuss franchise options: 021 955 834

Then call Michelle 0274 331 266 to have a chat.

Making the call could be the best thing you've ever done


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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:55 PM

day-to-day operations

Once your franchise is up and running, you’ll be busier than you can possibly imagine: building your client base, serving customers, managing your staff and learning the 1001 things you’ll need to do every week as the business grows. On the financial front, one of the biggest challenges for small business owners is managing cash flow. Factors that affect cash flow include the timing of tax payments, seasonality of sales, bad debts, holiday payments and unexpected repair or other bills. New businesses tend to overstaff in the beginning, for various good reasons, and costs could be abnormally high. This is another reason why you really need a funder that understands the franchise model. If you suddenly need a temporary overdraft for the business, your banker will want to know the reason (eg. emergency repairs on equipment and how it will be cleared (eg. from future profits as proven by your management accounts). They will definitely not be keen to fund you because your debtors are not paying you (controlling debtors needs to be one of your major focuses) or funding losses – unless there are very good reasons. While retail franchises tend to have positive cash flow from day one, some other models such as project management or equipment rental may take a long time to reach break-even and can suck up more capital as they grow, creating negative cash flow. If your business is one of these, the shortfall will need to be funded until you reach break-even. An experienced accountant should be able to help identify your cash flow requirements and a banker who understands the business model can then fund the working capital required to manage shortfalls. In general, you shouldn’t make capital expenditure out of cash flow unless you are really sure the business can afford it. Just because there is money in the bank, it doesn’t mean you can spend it on equipment or upgrades, or you may find that there is suddenly no money to pay the wages or tax due at the end of the next month. Capital expenditure is usually best made using the right funding product over the right term. The same applies to businesses that experience strong seasonal sales: a retailer in giftware may need additional working capital to secure stock in September if most of their sales are in the Christmas season. information systems Business management has become much easier in recent years thanks to accounting packages like MYOB and Xero, and some really good addon reporting software. Many franchises offer extensive stock-control, marketing, invoicing, online training and other systems. Understanding trends in basic KPI’s in a timely manner, including Gross Profit margin, wages and other costs, allows the franchisee to take immediate steps to manage cashflow and improve profitability. This also allows the business to provide up-to-date financial information to the bank, which can then in turn fund the business and any working capital or plant and equipment requirements on the strength of the financial reporting. It’s worth noting that good quality financial information also supports a much higher price when selling the business. Another advantage of good management systems is that they can bring together information that helps the franchisor negotiate favourable supply arrangements. This also applies to banking. Not everyone realises that if a large percentage of your turnover is through credit cards, then the merchant rate you pay will have a significant effect on your bottom line. This applies to other costs such as cash handling fees. Talk to your banker about a total package of business solutions which can include anything from insurance, electronic and on-line payments, credit cards and the ability to do direct debits, right through to personal banking packages.

use a specialist

By involving a franchise banker right from the start and working closely with a suitably-experienced accountant, franchisees can make sure that they have the best possible funding solutions in place both for buying their business and managing it on a day-to-day basis. Westpac has a team of franchise specialists based all around the country to help you find the funding solutions you need (see page 86). If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, give them a call.

about the author Daniel Cloete is the National Franchising Manager for Westpac. For more information, contact your local Westpac Franchise and Business Banking Specialist on 0800 177 007 or email: The information contained in this article is intended as a guide only and is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters to be considered. Persons entering into franchise agreements should seek their own professional legal, accounting and other advice. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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Australia’s premier Test and Tag franchise Appliance Tagging Services now has opportunities for passionate franchisees in New Zealand

Low entry costs and large territories Access to an established ATS client base Sales and Marketing support Reports, invoices & debt collection done for you as part of Administration support  Genuine repeat business  No electrical experience required  Not weather dependent    

Contact Steve Wren +61 401 655 655 or by email to 23 7/09/17 3:55 PM

opportunity: food & beverage

Investing in themselves is paying off for a determined couple of Domino’s franchisees


hen Tim Miller started working for Domino’s as a driver in 2007, he couldn’t guess what the future had in store. He soon progressed to store management, then became a regional manager for the pizza chain. His career took him to Christchurch, where another Domino’s team member caught his eye. Today, he and Elizabeth are married, have a young son – oh, and a Domino’s business of their own, in the Tauranga suburb of Otumoetai. Tim and Elizabeth made the choice to invest in a business rather than a house when they first moved to Tauranga two years ago. ‘The property market was crazy, so it made sense to buy something that enabled us to build an asset for the future,’ says Tim. ‘We ended up buying the Domino’s in Bethlehem then splitting the territory and establishing the new store before selling the original one. We’d love to own multiple stores one day, but we’re not quite ready for it yet – our immediate goal isn’t to become super-rich, it is to support our family, live close by and do something we love.’ Elizabeth agrees. ‘You have to establish your first store and build it up, then you can pay down the loan and start saving for your second store. The banks are quite supportive because they know how good a well-run Domino’s can be, but for now, it’s family first.’

delivering results Given their backgrounds, it’s no surprise that their store holds two performance records for the chain: fastest average delivery time and highest customer ratings in New Zealand. ‘Our customer rating is currently 4.47 out of 5,’ says Tim proudly. ‘That’s really hard to achieve – it only takes one mistake to drag you down – but we’re aiming for 4.5 in the next month.’ The couple are talking from the car on their way to Rotorua, where they are going to visit fellow franchisees Liam and Kaedyn Stops. The young brothers are already multiple franchisees, as well as being the faces of Domino’s current We care commercials, and like all Domino’s franchisees they appreciate sharing ideas. Liz and Tim Miller invested in their own business rather than a house

‘We get heaps more support than we were expecting, from both the franchisor team and the other franchisees,’ says Tim. ‘If there’s something you’re struggling with, all you have to do is ask and, if it’s at all possible, they’ll find a way to help you out. Having regional meetings is a big help, too – you get to meet other franchisees, raise questions, have your say and build friendships. One thing is certain – in Domino’s, if you have a great idea then everyone will listen.’

delivering leadership Domino’s has a reputation for innovation, with GPS tracking, delivery robots and drones having all hit the headlines in the last couple of years. Tim and Elizabeth are innovating at a local level, too. ‘Delivery is a big part of this business, so we invested in three e-bikes for our staff. In our compact area, the bikes are cheaper to run, more environmentally-friendly and, as an added bonus, mean that we can recruit from a wider pool of staff rather than just car owners. ‘That’s really paying off. You might get 100 applicants for a job and can look at every one. We can employ a 15-year-old if they have the right attitude and are excited by the business. They’ll stay with us for 3-4 years, gaining experience and growing into management roles – maybe even buying their own franchise one day. After all, we did!’ And it’s an important part of building the business, too. ‘We employ six kids from the local high school so we have strong connections with the community through that. I’m also in store myself a lot of the time and train them in customer service – remembering people, knowing their names and preferences. Our record customer satisfaction ranking isn’t because we’re doing anything fancy – it’s because we are following the Domino’s systems to produce quick, hot pizza and delivering it on time with a smile.’

delivering returns According to Scott Bush, Domino’s General Manager NZ, it’s this combination of staff selection and leadership that make all the difference in the fast-moving and often competitive world of pizza. ‘Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the operating systems and introduced brilliant new technologies to deliver better products. We’ve launched online ordering platforms that mean you can order your favourite pizza in just three clicks, and we’re delivering it faster, too. Today, Domino’s accounts for 2.5 percent of all online transactions in New Zealand! ‘Meeting customer expectations at that level takes good training, lots of energy and total commitment. We have new locations available right now in regional centres and fast-growing areas. The investment for new franchisees is from $500,000 depending on location, and the returns can be advertiser info considerable. ‘Tim and Elizabeth could see the benefits of the Domino’s system and have the determination to do what it takes to grow a great business. They are on their way to achieving their goals – and we want to hear from others ready to do the same. Call me now.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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Domino’s Contact Franchising Team P 0508 4 FRANCHISE 0508 4 37262 franchise.recruitment@

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opportunity: leisure & education Jo and Tony Nguyen: Making a difference to children’s lives

NumberWorks’nWords offers flexibility, freedom and meaningful results



o you want financial freedom? Is having work/life balance important to you? Most of all, do you need your career to be meaningful? These are questions posed by NumberWorks’nWords, an after-school tutoring franchise that can make a real difference to students. If there were such a thing as a global report card for after-school programmes, it would be straight A’s. After 10 years of research, the Harvard Family Research Project released findings that children and youth participating in after school programmes can reap a host of positive benefits in a number of areas – academic, social/emotional, health, and prevention of risky behaviours. Small wonder it’s a growth industry. What many people don’t know, however, is that one of the best programmes globally was created right here in New Zealand. Founded in 1984, NumberWorks’nWords is among the world’s longestrunning tuition providers. The franchise network has since expanded to Australia (1989), England (1999) and Singapore (2013) and delivers a massive 120,000 lessons every term. Now they are looking for a new generation of Kiwi franchisees to help take the service to children and families all round the country.

girls and was so impressed by what she learned about NumberWorks’nWords that she not only signed them up – she joined the company as Commercial Business Manager. ‘Apart from appreciating the huge difference NumberWorks’nWords can make to children and teenagers, I was impressed by the way franchisees are encouraged to become involved,’ says Tereza. ‘This really fosters good relations while at the same time helping franchisees realise their potential. It also underscores our expectation that franchisees will be with us for the long term. advertiser info ‘Growing demand means that we have opportunities for new franchisees right now, with exclusive territories available throughout the country. NumberWorks’nWords is a rewarding business in every sense. Find out more by calling me now.’

NumberWorks’nWords is keen to hear from people with management and other backgrounds as well as experienced teachers – in fact, anyone who values the benefits of education, is a good communicator and is also organised and motivated.

NumberWorks’nWords Contact Tereza Murray P 0-9-522 0800

After-school tuition is a growth industry

commitment pays off Franchisees Jo and Tony Nguyen realised their corporate careers were no longer providing the freedom they wanted after they had their first child. The couple took time to reassess their priorities and were attracted to the idea of purchasing their own business. That’s when some friends invited them to visit their NumberWorks’nWords centre and see the franchise’s specialist maths and English tuition programmes in action. NumberWorks’nWords caters for students from new entrants to Year 11. Teaching time is after-school, typically between 3.30 and 6.30pm each day, and franchisees also spend time on preparation, lesson planning, managing tutors, parent liaison and marketing. It’s a full-time role which requires dedication and commitment. Having experienced the buzz, Jo and Tony were immediately convinced. They seized the opportunity to invest in their own centre, left their jobs and have never looked back since – after just 18 months their incomes were equalling their previous well-paid jobs. ‘For the first year we were putting in long hours, but we knew that would be the case,’ says Tony. ‘Now, though, we are able to enjoy the flexibility of being NumberWorks’nWords franchisees and spend more time with our son. Along with business success for us, NumberWorks’nWords makes a difference to the lives of the children who receive tutoring, so the work is meaningful as well as profitable.’

getting involved NumberWorks’nWords franchisees receive full training in business management and the programmes themselves, relevant software, tutor recruitment assistance, and extensive marketing and support. An investment of approximately $55,000 will cover centre set-up, including furniture, fittings and computers. ‘The entry cost is very reasonable and, as Jo and Tony have found, the earning potential is considerable – well into six figures,’ says Tereza Murray of NumberWorks’nWords. Tereza has a wealth of experience working with different franchise systems. Earlier this year, she was evaluating after-school programmes for her twin – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

NumberWorks n Words 27.indd 1

Find out about New Zealand’s best primary and high school tuition franchise opportunity. ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Strong demand Financial independence Work/life balance Rewarding working environment

Increasingly, parents want to develop their child’s potential. You could harness this ever-growing demand for quality private tuition by owing and operating a NumberWorks’nWords after-school tuition centre.

Call Tereza on 09 522 0800 to receive an information pack. own-a-centre/

27 7/09/17 3:19 PM

ARE YOU PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON? Then take a good hard look at Our franchise has the size and experience you need, with over 250 franchisees worldwide and 10 here in New Zealand. With Fibrenew you are part of a high-demand, niche market business with multiple revenue streams. Our franchisees have low overheads and can work from both home and mobile. If they choose to grow larger they can employ staff whilst continuing to pay the same flat-rate royalty fee. Fibrenew restores worn and damaged leather, vinyl and plastics. Everyone has these products in their homes, commercial spaces, offices and boats, planes and vehicles — so we’re flat out and need more franchisees across New Zealand today! Fibrenew was created in Canada in 1987 and has been in NZ since 1995 allowing us to build a robust business operation. This includes research and development of over 200 proprietary products and highly specialised tools. Plus we have the size and experience to provide exceptional training, rock-solid support and effective marketing and social media programmes. The Fibrenew service puts a huge smile on the face of our customers saving them money on replacement furniture. And Fibrenew saves the planet by stopping furniture from going to the landfill. Before










For more details check out our article: And see our website: Call Clive on 0274 324 295

YOUR LEGAL PARTNER WITH FIXED FEES With a wealth of franchise, business and corporate law experience, you will be in safe hands. Our ability to build real relationships with our clients enables us to deliver tailored commercial advice.

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:01 PM

opportunity: food & beverage

Coffix offers excellent returns from an affordable café business

low prices


hese days, the price of a cup of coffee is used as a measure of everything from parking prices to online storage. It seems everyone knows the price of a flat white – but Coffix customers know better. Coffix already has 13 kiosk and café outlets across New Zealand and is selling delicious Fairtrade organic coffee for as little as $2.50, as well as snacks such as muffins, bliss balls, bagels and wraps. No wonder outlets have regular queues at peak times. And if Coffix customers are happy, so are their franchisees. The first Coffix outlet opened as a small kiosk on Auckland’s busy Karangahape Road, and attracted the attention of Daniel and Rhonda Danin, who both love coffee and coffee culture. The couple became so interested they decided to become Coffix’s first franchisees. ‘We’ve done so well since then that we bought a second outlet at the beginning of this year,’ Daniel says happily. Of course, coffee is a very personal experience, as Daniel points out, and the small size of the outlets encourages a close relationship with customers. ‘Coffix is all about people, which is why it’s so important to find the right staff. Baristas need to have a great attitude, be enthusiastic, be good with people, and make a great cup of coffee every time. At Coffix they are rewarded for this too,’ he continues. ‘In keeping with our ethical approach, we don’t just pay the minimum wage – we pay above that to those important people who make it work.’

low prices, high standards Coffix is the brainchild of Natan Yehezkely and Amit Zamirly. We asked them to explain how they managed to combine affordable prices and fair trading with excellent returns to the franchisees. ‘Generally speaking, the average cup of coffee is priced the way it is because of the high overheads associated with traditional cafés and restaurants,’ says Natan. ‘I’ve spent 30 years in retail so I understand that, but I realised that every takeaway coffee I bought was actually subsidising those who were sitting in the café drinking the same coffee at the same price. We created a model that enables us to keep overheads low and allows us to pass the savings on to customers without losing quality. By creating a small platform model without seating space, kitchens, crockery and waiting

staff, all of which contribute to high overheads, we have been able to fix the price well below the average $4-5 most places charge.’ Coffix CEO Amit Zamirly brings 35 years of business experience to Coffix and his background in software and technology has contributed to the development of one of the most sophisticated management systems in the market, Natan says. ‘Our innovative ordering system greatly reduces the administrative workload. All franchisees need to do when ordering supplies is provide the details of the stock. The supplies, including all ready-made food, are then delivered straight to the respective stores, which streamlines operations and decreases food wastage. It also eliminates the need for costly, on-site kitchen facilities and related licences which add yet more costs for conventional café outlets, which usually means them having more debt to service, too.’ But Coffix is not just about price: ‘It’s about doing good from bean to cup and having a brand rooted in strong ethical considerations,’ says Amit. ‘We source Arabica beans only from reputable, certified Fair Trade organic cooperatives in the Pacific region and South America. We also use only recyclable or bio-degradable materials.’

flexible format goes anywhere Needing only a small footprint makes Coffix a very flexible business and enables outlets to pop up almost anywhere, Natan says. ‘Stores are very flexible depending on location – one in Wellington opens at 6am and closes early too, as that is the local traffic pattern. On the other hand, in Takapuna the Coffix outlet is located as a stand-alone store within the Country Corner furniture shop. It’s proven highly popular with locals and caters to a steady stream of coffee lovers who browse through the furniture while there. ‘This model is currently unique, but we are very keen to open more of the same as it’s clearly mutually beneficial. Coffix keeps people in the store which can boost sales, maximise retail space and give the host store some additional rent. We see the potential for Coffix to add real value by maximising the value of small, under-utilised retail sites. The concept is incredibly simple and after a little training virtually anyone can operate one – all the systems are in place and you don’t need to walk more than one step to reach anything! ‘Depending on the site, as little as $100,000 could get you into business with your own Coffix franchise,’ says Natan, ‘and we are very happy to hear from business people who want to open multiple outlets, too. We have ten new locations coming on stream in the next year so we’re growing fast.

Coffix brings affordable Fairtrade organic coffee to Kiwis anywhere – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Coffix 29.indd 1

‘If you’d like details of this great new trend in coffee, please contact us quickly. There’s almost no limit to the number of Coffix outlets possible, but the best locations will be the first to go.’

advertiser info

Coffix Contact Natan Yehezkely P 022 343 5704

29 7/09/17 2:59 PM

opportunity: home & lifestyle

THE PERSONAL TOUCH Freedom Companion Driving franchisees offer mobility and safety with a smile


reedom Companion Driving Services is the transport service that offers more. ‘As well as taking our clients safely from A to B, our franchisees provide caring assistance at both ends of the journey,’ says Joanne Bush. ‘As a result, we transport many senior clients and people with mobility challenges, and we also offer safe travel for children and personal travel for tourists with specific itineraries.’ The combination of a growing population, ageing demographic and increasing tourist numbers means that Freedom Companion Driving needs more franchisees in many parts of the country. ‘We are looking for special, empathetic people, capable of building long-term relationships with regular customers and becoming familiar with their needs and likes,’ Joanne explains. ‘For example, one franchisee regularly used to take a child with Asperger’s syndrome to school. For that child, routine and familiarity were vital and he’d have been shattered if the wrong face had appeared at the wrong time. Freedom is all about providing a special service for special people.’ Freedom Companion Driving currently has 14 franchisees across 17 territories. One of them is Mia Warwick, a mother of three who started her franchise in Cambridge in May 2016. ‘I honestly love every day – it’s great to see my regular customers and know the difference I’m making to their lives,’ says Mia. ‘This is a great business which allows me to balance my home life and my work life.’

a thoughtful service with great potential Founded in New Zealand in 2011, Freedom Companion Driving was bought by the Bush family in 2016. ‘The concept really appealed to us as it offers such a thoughtful service with great potential, and we felt we had the knowledge to help franchisees to grow their own businesses,’ says Joanne. ‘I have 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and PR, and did consulting for many years including a stint with the NZ Trade and Enterprise Board. My husband Mike manages the financial and legal side while our son Jayden provides IT and marketing support.

Joanne Bush

my business and learning to balance my time and diary. The support from our head office has been excellent, but what I like most is meeting people of different ages and cultures, and helping them all.’ The franchise fee, which includes territory, equipment, uniform, systems and training is between $29,000 and $32,000 +gst depending on territory. ‘The only other investment required is a computer, a suitable late-model vehicle, and the appropriate licences to run the business,’ Joanne says. ‘The demand for our services means we require more franchisees right now,’ says Joanne. ‘We are looking for kind, caring, patient and helpful people who enjoy driving and are well-organised. Some past advertiser info business skills or a background in the caring professions would Freedom Companion be an advantage but are not Driving Services essential as long as you have a warm, friendly smile and the Contact determination to succeed. If Joanne Bush this sounds like you, please P 021 177 6009 call me – areas are immediately available.’

Join Freedom Drivers make a difference!

‘As a franchisee, you really are in control of your own business. Customers make bookings directly with you so that you can schedule them into your day. Working hours are flexible, and our internet-based systems mean that you can easily run your business from home. Customer details, scheduling, quotes and invoicing can all be stored, tracked and produced online. In addition, customers pay you directly so you can manage your own income and earning potential. ‘Our focus is on recruiting the right people and training and supporting them to succeed. The important thing is to find people who not only have the empathy but some sales ability and real determination to grow a business. They also need good written and spoken English – one of the keys to success is that franchisees need to enjoy going out and building relationships. The first year in the business is all about building that customer base, and thereafter the rewards will flow.’

here to help Auckland franchisee Pascoal Fernandes started in February 2017 and agrees that you have to put the effort in. ‘I did a lot of prospecting at first and after about three months it started to pay off – now I am busy building

Are you kind, caring and a good communicator who enjoys driving? Looking for a flexible lifestyle business building community relationships in a growing sector? Freedom Drivers provide affordable, personal transport and assistance for all ages. Full training & ongoing support CALL NOW to ask about your area 021 177 6009 OR

Re-sale: Profitable Rotorua business 30 Freedom Companion Driving 30.indd 1

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:22 PM

opportunity: home & building

New legislation means proper insulation is a must in rental properties, says PinkFit®


ew Zealand homes are often seriously below par when it comes to being warm and dry. It’s a problem that has serious health implications for many people, especially children, and it’s resulted in a lot of energy wastage, too. Now, building standards require proper insulation and ventilation, and energy-efficient solutions such as double glazing and heat pumps are becoming more common. That’s fine for new homes, but what about existing ones? Well, if you own a rental property, you need to be aware that things are changing there, too. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, it is now compulsory for landlords to provide an Insulation Statement on all tenancy agreements. In addition, ceiling and underfloor insulation will be compulsory in all rental homes from 1 July 2019 where it is reasonably practicable. Such insulation must comply with the regulations and be safely installed.

‘If you are a landlord, then that’s going to mean some big changes,’ says Ian Robertson, business manager for PinkFit®, the licensed installer arm of Tasman Insulation. ‘It’s not something you can leave to the last minute, either – it’s estimated that there are 180,000 homes throughout the country that will need to be brought up to standard. That works out at something like 300 homes a day which will need to be retro-fitted with insulation. If you don’t get it done in time, you’re breaking the law and could be fined $4,000.’

use the specialists Fortunately, says Ian, PinkFit® can help. ‘We are specialists in the installation of Pink® Batts®, which have been keeping New Zealand homes warm in winter and cooler in summer for over 50 years. Designed for New Zealand building styles and weather conditions, Pink® Batts® offer a range of products suitable for new buildings or retro-fits. ‘We have a network of licensees all around the country who are specialists in assessing insulation needs and arranging installation. They work with a range of merchant distributors including the biggest names in the building industry: PlaceMakers, Mitre 10, Carters and ITM. All you need to do is go to our website at, fill in the form and choose your favourite merchant, and your local licensee will do the rest.’

That would be licensees like Chris and Puna Lowrey, who took over the PinkFit® licence for Central and South Auckland in February 2017. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Chris played professional rugby for the Blues then spent four years playing in Japan before returning home with Puna to give their three kids a good Kiwi childhood.

a brand you can trust ‘PinkFit® has been around a long time, and the fact that it’s backed by Fletcher Building makes it a highly reputable brand that builders, architects and home owners can trust,’ says Chris. ‘When you look at the need for warm, healthy homes and the way that legislation is being used to enforce change, it’s a business I’m proud to be in. ‘We have 13 staff in total helping builders, property managers and owners by carrying out assessments, quoting and installing the right type of insulation for the job. With the changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, we’ve even had to take on more staff to deal especially in rental property assessments. ‘Our job is to make sure everything runs smoothly from the customer’s point of view. Our assessors go out and look at a property to see what is required to comply with the Act. Anything that requires major work is exempt, so you don’t have to pull wall linings off, but existing insulation in ceilings often needs at least a top up, while not a lot of properties have underfloor insulation. Some houses have no access to these areas, so our assessors provide a report detailing what is and isn’t done to enable landlords to complete the Insulation Statement on their tenancy agreements. ‘For new buildings and renovations, heat, sound and fire insulation is specified by the architects. In all cases, we can produce an electronic quote on-site, agree dates and control the whole insulation process from start to finish through our job management system.’

get on with it Chris clearly loves his new role. ‘Ian and the Tasman people have a lot of experience and their training and support is great. The product is clearly first-class, and I love getting out there and visiting the merchants and customers that we serve. Also, there are a lot of really good blokes out there and we all get a kick out of the fact that we’re not just insulating houses – we’re making Kiwi families’ lives healthier.’ For landlords, then, the message is clear. July 2019 is getting closer all the time, so get on to PinkFit® and book your assessment before it’s too late. There are 27 PinkFit® licensees throughout the country (a couple of territories are currently available to new licensees) and they are ready to go now.

Chris and Puna Lowrey: ‘Our job is to make sure everything runs smoothly from the customer’s point of view’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

PinkFit 31.indd 1

Ian has a very clear view on the subject. ‘Changes to legislation mean landlords don’t have an option, so get on with insulating your property now and let’s all help make New Zealand a happier, healthier country!’

advertiser info

Tasman Insulation (PinkFit®) Contact Ian Robertson P 0-9-525 9563 M 021 814 113

31 7/09/17 3:19 PM

franchise association news

FULL STEAM AHEAD The Franchise Association is helping share vital knowledge

Sarah and James fill two vacancies created by outgoing board members Glenn Tasker (also of ASB) and Ian Robertson of Tasman Insulation (PinkFit). Dr Callum Floyd of Franchize Consultants was re-elected to the board. The election of Sarah means that there are once again three women on the board of seven, with CEO Robyn Pickerill evening the score. At the first board meeting following the AGM, Brad Jacobs was re-elected as Chairman and Callum Floyd as Vice Chairman. The full board is: • Sarah Archibald – Business Franchise Group • Nathan Bonney – Cobb & Co. • Dawn Engelbrecht – sKids • Callum Floyd – Franchize Consultants (Vice Chairman) • Brad Jacobs – The Coffee Club (Chairman) • James Phillips – ASB Bank • Deirdre Watson – Barrister


wo new board members of the Franchise Association bring over 40 years of franchise experience to their roles.

packed conference delivers

Sarah Archibald is Franchise Development Manager at Business Franchise Group. Sarah and her husband Grant brought the Speedy Signs and EmbroidMe brands to New Zealand as master franchisees 20 years ago, and have developed almost 40 franchised outlets here. Although based in Auckland, Sarah is originally from Rotorua.

The National Franchise Conference lived up to expectations as over 160 people gathered at the Novotel Tainui in Hamilton in August. During his inspiring opening address, Ngahihi o te ra Bidois quoted the Maori proverb, Ehara taku tao i te toa takitaki engari taku toa he toa takitini – ‘My achievements are not mine alone, but those of many.’ It set the tone for the next two days as people from all areas of the franchise world came together to share ideas and experiences.

James Phillips is Head of Franchise for ASB Bank, and has specialised in the franchise sector for nearly 20 years. He brings thorough knowledge and extensive relationships across the franchise sector and its varied markets. James’ experience enables him to recognise and promote the characteristics of successful franchise systems through sharing best practices to his clients.

Some particular highlights were Bill Edwards from the USA, who offered advice on entering overseas markets; Pete Burdon, who gave insights into facing the media (and scared the living daylights out of a couple of people!); and Martin Snedden, who summed up the conference’s theme of Innovation, Integration and Resilience with a spell-binding closing address. As one delegate commented, ‘Every speaker had a pearl of wisdom I took away.’

Want a Franchise that really Delivers? Choose PACK & SEND™ – buy a business not a job!


Awarded Emerging Franchise System at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, PACK & SEND is one of the fastest growing franchise systems in New Zealand.

with our franchise management software

Be part of a growing international franchise network which is becoming a leader in the freight, packaging and logistics sector, providing “No Limits” to your customers and your earning potential.

BECOME A PACK & SEND FRANCHISEE Opportunities available in a town that you know and love! There are real opportunities for you to become an owner of one of the franchises available right now in key metropolitan markets and provincial main centres throughout New Zealand.

The PACK & SEND offer includes: • Unique Business Model • Award Winning Franchise System • Be Your Own Boss • Low Staffing Levels • High Gross Profit Margin • Low Entry Level Costs

For further information about the ‘Pack & Send Franchise Opportunity’ visit our website

PACK & SEND DELIVERS DREAM LIFESTYLE Bill and Jo Lawrence have stepped out of their corporate lifestyle and have opened a Pack & Send outlet in Nelson City.

To arrange a demo, email us at Visit for more information.

or call Matthew Everest at Pack & Send New Zealand on (03) 982 7252

“We liked Pack & Send’s business model, customer focus and its overall customer proposition” says Bill. “We’ve worked hard over the years and wanted to get back to a more balanced family lifestyle. Pack & Send offered us the opportunity to do something exciting and build a business that has customer service as one of its cornerstones.”



FRI2277 Franchise Infinity Compliance v3.indd 1

FANZ News 32.indd 1

23/08/17 9:57 AM

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:58 PM

If you missed it, you can find a podcast and some video highlights of one of the panel sessions featuring some of New Zealand’s most experienced franchisors online at To quote one new convert, ‘Being new to franchising, I found the conference invaluable. The content was great and the networking opportunities were excellent. I look forward to attending more FANZ events.’ Next year’s conference will be held in early August at Wairakei Resort in Taupo.

microsoft adds support to franchising It was announced at the Conference that the Franchise Association has a new Strategic Partner in one of the biggest companies in the world: Microsoft. ‘Given the results of the latest Franchising New Zealand survey, it is no wonder that Microsoft have identified franchising as a sector to support,’ says Brad Jacobs. ‘We welcome their interest in franchising and we are sure that they will have technology solutions which will be of assistance to many of your businesses.  Representatives of Microsoft will be attending many of our functions in the future and they would welcome your questions, as they wish to learn as much as they can about the technological challenges your franchise or business is facing.’ Sarah Bowden, Small, Medium and Corporate Business Lead of Microsoft NZ, says, ‘Microsoft is excited to become a Strategic Partner of FANZ and share our technological expertise with New Zealand franchisors and franchisees. We are now going through the fourth industrial revolution: the digital revolution. This means businesses need to adapt quickly in order to keep up with the rate of change. ‘As a business owner you want to focus on the core of your business, not get lost in the weeds of technology. Microsoft is here to simplify your systems and advise on the most effective solutions for your company, giving you the time and assurance to place your focus on the real heart of your franchise.’ Microsoft joins Crombie Lockwood, KPMG, Green Acres, MYOB and Westpac as a Strategic Partner of FANZ.

new members Association membership is only open to those franchisors and service providers who abide by the FANZ Code of Ethics and Code of Practice. ‘Members undergo a stringent examination of their documentation to ensure it meets best practice standards,’ says CEO Robyn Pickerill. ‘Only by dealing with FANZ members do buyers receive the protection of the Codes.’ The latest members to join are: Eftco Ltd Kakapo Business Sales SafeH2O

A franchise displaying our member logo signifies: Credibility Adherence to Code of Practice & Code of Ethics 7 day cooling off period Commitment to best practice franchising Simple dispute resolution process

Contact Robyn (details below) for more information on the benefits of membership.

2017 Event Calendar 20 September Auckland After-4 18 October Auckland Breakfast 19 October Wellington After-5 26 October Tauranga After-5 11 November Auckland Franchise Awards 13 December Auckland Xmas Breakfast For more details of these and other events, visit the Franchise Association website at, email contact@ or phone 0-9-274 2901 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

FANZ News 32.indd 2

33 7/09/17 3:58 PM

Is your franchise future proof? Technology-driven change. Look around and you see its impact everywhere. You know it’s coming quickly but exactly how well prepared is your franchise?

To future proof your franchise, download our latest Future of Business report, The Age of Change.


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franchise management: financial matters

DOING BUSINESS with the government

‘We are particularly focused on the franchise sector - that’s why I’m here’

Lauren Taylor from MYOB on helping franchisees succeed


ompliance might not be the sexiest subject in the world, but it’s important for franchisors and franchisees alike. Spending hours doing tax returns or managing payroll requirements means less time serving customers, or less time with the family. ‘In recent years, good franchisors have been taking advantage of the digital revolution to improve franchisees’ ability to manage their businesses better and more efficiently,’ says Lauren Taylor. ‘What might surprise you is that the government is equally keen. The World Bank already ranks New Zealand as the top country in the world for ease of doing business, and the government is looking at ways of using digital technology to help our businesses stay ahead.’ Lauren is the Franchise Business Development Manager for MYOB, the online accounting specialists. She works with franchises to help them get the best out of digital technology by integrating their systems and reducing the hassle for all involved, and says that the business of doing business with the government is getting a whole lot easier. ‘That’s because Inland Revenue and software providers like MYOB are working together to build digital solutions to deal with requirements that can eat up a lot of a business owner’s time,’ she points out. ‘A new policy called AIM, the introduction of eGST and the launch of digital signatures are three examples of this.’

aim-ing high Next year will see changes to the provisional tax regime come into effect that will benefit many franchisees. The changes give businesses the choice of moving to a pay-as-you-go Accounting Income Method (AIM), which will shift tax from being an extra compliance process to being part of the normal accountancy work a business already does to keep on top of its finances. The way the new system works is that for a business with less than $5 million revenue, every three months its MYOB cloud accounting software will calculate the tax obligations owed based on real time analysis of the business’s cashflow and expenses, and prompt the owner to submit a return. That will then be lodged directly with Inland Revenue and, as long as the business pays what the system has calculated, if there is a difference at the end of the financial year the business will not have to pay use-ofmoney interest. The government calculates that 110,000 businesses could benefit from the changes. ‘MYOB supported the development of this policy and we’re working to make the changes as business-friendly as possible,’ says Lauren. ‘Cloud accounting software’s ability to provide up-to-date information about cashflow and costs in a business means that we can start to build in these tools for franchises of all sorts to make paying tax a whole lot easier.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

MYOB 35.indd 1

making gst easier The introduction of AIM is part of the government’s Digital Transformation Initiative. Another of the initiatives involves making GST easier. For many business owners – especially first-timers or recent immigrants, like many franchisees – GST can be confusing or complicated. MYOB was proud to be the first company in New Zealand to offer its customers the ability to file eGST returns directly to Inland Revenue, saving time and significantly simplifying the GST submission process for many franchisees. ‘The way it works is that GST return data is pre-populated through MYOB software, based on the business’s sales,’ Lauren explains. ‘The return can then be securely sent to Inland Revenue directly through our cloud-based platform. It means SME owners do not need to manually enter figures into a separate GST return and print a copy to send to Inland Revenue. ‘We’ve had sensational feedback from many of the thousands of businesses that have used this service. Lodging eGST returns through our online accounting products means no more forms, envelopes or calculators – it’s quick and it’s easy.’

signing off MYOB was also the first to launch a “digital signatures” service to its customers. That means they can use our platform to lodge documents such as tax returns directly with Inland Revenue using an electronic signature rather than in writing,’ says Lauren. ‘The result is that there is no need to print, sign and send in forms. This saves businesses and their accountants a huge amount of administration time and further reduces the need for paper files in the workplace.’ Lauren says that the ability to digitally connect with Inland Revenue demonstrates just one of the benefits of cloud-based business accounting software for franchisors and franchisees. ‘MYOB is committed to delivering innovations in business accounting to enable New Zealand businesses to grow and succeed. In addition to working with government, we can also help manage everything from sales to payment times, stock control to forecasting. advertiser info ‘We are particularly focused on the franchise sector – that’s why I’m here. So if you want to focus more on customers than compliance, and enjoy family more than financial admin, give me a call and find out how we can help.’

Visit to find out more, or contact: Lauren Taylor Franchise Business Development Manager P 0800 39 66 38

35 7/09/17 3:20 PM

opportunity: auto services

ROADSIDE ATTRACTION A chance encounter demonstrated the appeal of the Touch Up Guys business


Brett Kehely

scratches and other damage on vehicles of all types. Franchisees service both commercial and private customers, and Brett reckons his business is around half of each.

’m making good money, the support has been overwhelming, and I love cars. What more could I ask for?’ So says Brett Kehely, one of the newest franchisees in Touch Up Guys’ New Zealand team.

‘There’s so much demand I could probably concentrate just on the car dealerships, but I get a lot of pleasure out of getting great results for people, and I now have a decent work/life balance into the bargain.’

Brett was previously a regional manager for a major joinery company. ‘I was earning well and thinking of retiring at 50, but the pressure was enormous and I was running myself into the ground. One day, I was driving along in my Audi TT when I saw a Touch Up Guys franchisee working by the side of the road. I knew my car could do with some attention so I stopped for a chat, but when I asked about an appointment he said his earliest available time was three weeks away. I thought, “Gee, so much demand – that must be a good business to get into!”’

According to Martin Smith, the NZ master franchisee for Touch Up Guys, ‘Our ideal franchisee is someone who likes working with their hands and is a bit of a perfectionist. As Brett has found, we have a glowing reputation among the car dealerships and the general public, and we have opportunities nationwide for people who can live up to that.’ A complete business package, including exclusive territory, marketing support, equipment, training and van costs between $88,000 and $120,000 +gst depending on van leasing options.

The person Brett had stopped to talk to was Paul Johnston. Paul had owned his central Auckland Touch Up Guys franchise for 15 very successful years, but now he was looking to sell up and retire. ‘So I bought it from him,’ says Brett simply. ‘I went to Australia for the intensive training, which was far better than I expected, came back and worked with Paul for a month to build up my experience, and nearly a year on I am running my own business and feeling much, much happier.’

Brett Kehely can recommend it. ‘If you like cars and people, this is an excellent franchise with superb support. There’s plenty of work and if ever I have a problem there are dozens of people I can call. Martin is great, too – give him a call and find out if Touch Up Guys is for you.’

so much demand Touch Up Guys is a mobile service that repairs bumper scuffs, stone chips,

Whanganui is big enough to entertain and small enough to keep it real.

advertiser info Touch Up Guys Contact Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430


Enjoy our range of venues, the arts, landscape and our rich heritage.



• • • • •

Own your own business Become part of your local community Join a network of retailers committed to customer service excellence Be supported by a team of people dedicated to your success Reap the rewards of a well-established, profitable business model

STIHL SHOP is a nationwide network of locally-owned stores offering a wide range of high quality outdoor power equipment supported by fully equipped service workshops. STIHL SHOP owners and staff are friendly, approachable and fully trained with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. STIHL SHOP opportunities are available for new licensees in locations across New Zealand. For more information on how to join the STIHL SHOP team please contact 0800 864 264, email or visit

LOVE YOUR LAND 36 Touch Up Guys 36.indd 1

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:24 PM

opportunity: home services

You’re never on your own as a Green Acres franchisee



eet three men who hit the employee stop button and pulled the starter cord on self-employment as lawn and garden franchisees with Green Acres. Steve Yule (55): ‘The extra effort I put into the job used to go to the company I worked for – now it goes straight to my own bottom line.’ Rob Gillies (36): ‘The year I spent working for a service company at the Port of Tauranga was the best thing I could have done. It got me off my bum and working for myself.’ Anton Petzor (42): ‘I had a good paying job but got sick of working long hours for others to benefit.’

Stephen Yule Anton Petzor

Green Acres is New Zealand’s longestestablished home services franchise. From small beginnings in Auckland in 1990 as a lawnmowing business, Green Acres quickly developed into a very successful two-tier franchise system with dedicated master franchisees supporting and training local franchisees across seven different services. Today, led by CEO Logan Sears, Green Acres has well over 550 franchisees, more than 70,000 customers and has collected numerous franchise awards.

Logan, who has vast private sector and corporate experience, became involved with Green Acres in 2003 and has adopted the latest technology to help franchisees manage their businesses better. According to Logan, though, what really sets Green Acres apart from imported systems is its inclusiveness. In a video at, he promises: ‘If you join our business as a franchisee what you become is a business partner of mine. And so we take that really, really seriously.’

second time around Steve, Rob and Anton have all found that to be true. In fact, Steve likes Green Acres so much he is on his second time around. Back in 2002, Steve and his wife Margaret invested in a Green Acres cleaning franchise in their home town of Whakatane. ‘After just three years our annual turnover was $140,000 and we had to employ staff,’ recalls Steve. ‘By 2011, with turnover at around $200,000 annually, I needed a break so I sold the business to a golfing mate who is still going great guns.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Green Acres 37.indd 1

Steve took up driving trucks for a living then decided to mow lawns while planning to share his retirement years with his wife. Sadly, Margaret died suddenly last year and Steve realised that running a lawn mowing business on his own was tougher than he ever imagined. ‘I regularly advertised in local papers, but even if they brought in three or four customers, the ads didn’t pay for themselves. ‘I started thinking how much easier it had been with Green Acres behind me and how much I had enjoyed being part of the franchise. I checked out other franchises and felt Green Acres was still head and shoulders above the rest on a number of levels, including a very nominal fixed royalty fee which means that you don’t pay more as your business grows. So, as from March, here I am again and I couldn’t be more pleased.’

office in a smartphone For Rob Gillies, owning his own business was the logical conclusion after moving from Wellington to Tauranga for a better lifestyle and then realising that working for other people no longer satisfied him. Describing himself as a ‘techie-person’, Rob says a big attraction for him was the Green Acres job management and accounting system that basically packs his office into his smartphone, a real bonus with some 60 regular clients and a dozen businesses on his books. ‘I also appreciate the franchisee training portal on the website that covers such things as setting prices, health and safety and loads more. The systems have definitely made running my own business far less stressful than I thought it would be.’

it’s about balance South African by birth, Anton’s career path took him to England as a semi-professional rugby player before he arrived on these shores in 2008. Now with two young children, Anton and wife Felicity are typical of the New Zealand family where both parents work – except that Anton has the flexibility and independence to structure his work hours around parental duties. ‘I realised I could only get the flexibility I sought by working for myself, so I did my homework and settled on Green Acres,’ Anton says. ‘I’ve owned my North Shore franchise since July last year and it provides us with a good income and a work-lifestyle balance we enjoy. It won’t make me a millionaire but I can grow my business at my own speed, employ staff when I’m ready and enjoy my family, too.’

make the move Green Acres Lawn & Garden franchises start from $23,000 +gst, depending on the level of income you want to achieve. If you’re ready for advertiser info a change, listen to the words of Rob Gillies: Green Acres ‘Instead of sitting around bitching about working for someone else, make the move and be your own boss with Green Acres. Give them a call and become a partner in a great team.’ Contact Mitchell Cooper P 0800 803 200

37 7/09/17 3:21 PM

g n i s i h c n a r f g n Taki ! s t h g i e h w e n to A unique opportunity exists for the right person to be able to work their way into a franchise ownership role

Act Now!

Exciting new franchise options available throughout New Zealand

0800 2GET HIGH




“ If you are ready for a new challenge come join us! We would love to hear from you”. Steve Todd (Franchisor)



?Great Profit Margins ?Very Little Competition ?Great Customer Feedback

AluRestore Offers:

?Exclusive Territories ?State of the Art Equipment ?Full Training and Support ?Comprehensive Manuals


OR CALL STEVE 0274 756 937 38 EDIT_ Six Steps 38.indd 1

buying a franchise: making the right choice

Franchise buyers are faced with more choice than ever these days, so how do you choose one that will work for you? Glenice Riley helps you narrow down the options


ew Zealand is the most franchised country in the world. As the latest Survey of Franchising shows, there are 631 different franchise brands here, and more are being created or imported every week. That means the potential business buyer is faced with a huge range to choose from. In addition, some 10 percent of the existing 37,000 franchise outlets may be for sale at any time, adding established businesses to the mix and making your decision even harder. But the truth is that of all these potential businesses, only a few will actually be right for you. Think of it like buying a car. When you start considering the car you are going to buy, there are various things you need to take into account: your budget; what sort of motoring you do; how many people you carry; reliability; safety; running costs, and so on. By the time you have listed all these factors, you will have reduced the possibilities from thousands to a realistic few models. You can do the same when you buy a franchise, only you will want to do it even more carefully. After all, a business is not only more expensive than a car – it is also going to take up your time and effort, and possibly represent a major change in your life’s direction. So let’s say that you have decided the time has come to buy a business of your own, or to move on from the business which you already have. You want a franchise but you’re not sure what to choose. The following six steps are designed to help you narrow down the opportunities from the hundreds available to the five or six which may be right for you. The trick is to be methodical – and honest.

step one – price buy only what you can afford in today’s dollars Franchises, like cars, come in all shapes and sizes, and certainly in all sorts of prices. You can invest $20,000 in a business, or $1 million – it’s up to you. That is, assuming that you have the money (see What can you afford? at If you take a ‘blue sky’ approach to choosing a franchise, it can be very easy to get carried away. What happens if opportunity ‘A’ sounds just right for you and offers exactly the kind of work you have always wanted to do, but requires just a little bit more than you have to invest? It’s very tempting to persuade yourself that you can manage if you borrow a bit more, scrape by for a bit at first, and then make the additional payments from the growing profits which will undoubtedly follow. Wrong! You will already have quite enough challenges in front of you when you start a new franchise business: new responsibilities, new premises, new staff, new customers, perhaps a whole new industry. The last thing you will need is to give yourself constantly nagging worries about your finances. So buy only what you can afford in today’s dollars. I know this may sound harsh and yes, there are always examples of people who have managed to achieve success on a shoestring, but remember this – not having enough capital to support your business as it grows is the biggest single reason why new businesses fail. If your franchisor or your bank know that you are going to be taking on more debt than you can realistically handle, they will quite rightly prevent you from proceeding. They don’t want a failure on their hands any more than you do. So be honest with yourself and with them. Is there any way round this? Well yes, if you have patience and determination. If you really want the $150,000 franchise but can only afford the $50,000 one, then swallow your desires for now. Buy the smaller business, work hard, build it up over a couple of years then sell it and move on to the larger one. This is an increasingly common approach for people getting into their own business. In fact, I know of one person who started with a $7,000 franchise several years ago who used the cashflow from the first franchise to fund a second and so on. He eventually owned four franchises with a combined turnover above $2 million. It is possible – but you have to be disciplined about it and start off with something you can afford. Franchise New Zealand

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Year 26 Issue 03

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SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS when buying a franchise On the other hand, if you have the funds to support larger scale business then there are other options. The franchise sector has evolved. As well as attracting traditional single-unit franchisees, it is increasingly appealing to ‘super franchisees’ who own a number of outlets within one franchise or even in different franchises. Some franchises also offer Area Development Agreements which give you an umbrella contract with the right to open an agreed number of franchises in a geographic area in a set time frame. You then oversee management of a chain of franchise units operated by employed managers. Think outside the square. Financially, you also need to look at what return you must get from your new business in order to meet your other commitments. If you are used to a $70,000 salary, say, you might find it difficult to manage if you buy a business which is projected to earn you less than this. Of course, if you are using the franchise as a starter vehicle designed to give you a rapid capital gain so you can move on to something bigger then this may be a sensible strategy, but you would be very wise to discuss this with your financial advisors before making any decision. You also need to know what you can afford to borrow – ie. what level of repayments your preferred franchise will support. So by taking a very simple step of working out what you can afford, which will also give you the return you require to meet your commitments, you can immediately knock out perhaps two-thirds of the franchises available. If you look at the Franchise New Zealand website at, a search function there will enable you to see what is available in each price range. The process works like a filter, refining the choice of franchise for you. However, this is just the start. You mustn’t assume that if you look for a business which you can afford then everything else will work out well. Purchasing any business is a financial decision, but because it involves your life as well as your money, there are many other factors to consider.

step two – industry choose stability If you are looking at investing your savings and your future in a new business, you want to make sure that it has a sound future – and that is partly dependent upon the industry in which the business operates. I wouldn’t be confident about opening a franchise in an industry where there has been a reduction in sales or investment. The recent economic – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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environment has challenged businesses across most industries. Look for franchises within industries that have improved sales in this period. In addition, we live in an age where technological advances have made industries disappear virtually overnight. Unless the franchise can clearly demonstrate that it can effectively harness technology in the future, I wouldn’t waste my time looking at it. Equally, in some new fields where technology is racing ahead I would be a little concerned about how the franchisor could keep me ahead of the race and, indeed, what the cost of such updates might be. The trend is for technology to become not just more affordable but so affordable that everyone who needs something can have it – think of computers and colour printers, for example. To maintain a saleable advantage in such an industry, the franchisor and franchisee must constantly re-invest. Consequently, the margins must be higher in direct proportion to the risk. Make sure that you research the industry very closely. Look for news stories on the internet (but make sure the source is reliable). Buy the trade magazines and read not just about the new products and the fantastic sales but about the long-term changes. Go back through several issues and look for news stories on the internet. Do you know anyone in the industry? Pump them for information and opinions. Look for trends (positive or negative) which could influence the business. If you are comfortable with a higher level of risk, fine - but make sure you do your research and are aware of the dangers. It’s your future. My personal advice would be to pick an industry which offers a future but also offers some stability. It’s no surprise that modern franchising started in the food & beverage industry. People will always need to eat and drink, just as houses will get dirty, cars will need repairs and grass will always grow. But there are other strong sectors as well – two of the fastestgrowing right now are hair & beauty and building & renovation. In the same way we reduced our original 631 possibilities to 100 by looking at price, you can expect your choice of industry to reduce the number even further. Just by rejecting the industries you’re not sure of, in two well-researched steps you have narrowed your field from 631 down to – where are you now – 30 different franchises? We know what we can afford and we know the industries to stay away from. What’s next?

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bringing people

buying a franchise: making the right choice


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step three – does it fit? your new business has to suit you and your family The third step you have to take could be the one which causes the most soul-searching. This is one which is often overlooked, but I recommend you take the most time over. The question is which, of those left, is really going to suit you? What fits your inner desires, not just the financial ones? Do you have the skills and personality to do the work required? What is going to make you happy when you go to work? What are you passionate about? It is worth asking your friends and family what kind of business they believe you will be most successful in. They may have a different perception of your talents than you have yourself. One lady I know took years to convince that she had incredible sales skills – but the moment she moved into a sales role, she flew. You may have skills which you hardly use in your business life, but which your friends see all the time. It’s worth remembering that most small businesses involve some sales activity and require good communication skills. Are you the kind of person who likes dealing with the public? Even if your preferred franchise might allow you to work ‘out the back’ while your partner handles the retail side, you may still have staff to manage. Are you comfortable as a team leader? Do you have business management skills? If so, you may want to look for a franchise that allows you to build a team of employees. While all franchisors provide some degree of training, it makes sense to choose a franchise which makes use of any special skills or interests you might have – a Caci franchisee, for example, is likely to be passionate about the beauty industry. Leading franchises may provide a career ladder where there are opportunities for you to build on your industry skills and develop into managers, and ultimately owners, of your own franchise business. Be warned, however, that some franchisors are not always keen to take on people who have the belief that they know all about an industry and have limiting pre-conceptions or old habits that won’t die, to the detriment of their new business. Accordingly, many franchisors would prefer someone from outside the industry to join their team. How does your family feel about the businesses you are considering? What does your partner think? Are they enthusiastic about the business too? Will they be available to assist you when you really need them, if not in the business then through taking additional responsibility at home while you are working long hours? Are they absolutely supportive of your new direction? These are vital questions because you can be sure that if they do not support you totally right from the start there is every chance that you will not make a real success of the business. It’s because of that that most franchisors now interview both partners, whether both will be working in the business or not. They know how important it is that a hardworking individual needs the support of his or her family to be able to maintain the effort required to establish a successful and rewarding business – in fact, statistically the most successful partnerships are those between spouses or siblings. However, you should be asking yourselves these questions even before the interview stage: does this business fit me, my skills, my partner and my family? And there’s one last aspect to cover at this stage: does the business fit you socially? Do you just love to go to the rugby every Saturday? You might not be able to do that if you have a retail business. Does your service club meet every Thursday evening? If it does, how will that fit in with a business which requires you to be open for late night shopping? And will you really feel happy down at the golf club telling people that you are no longer sales director of a well-known national company but the owner of a fast fry chicken franchise? In other words, does the business fit you? So now we’ve used price to reduce the 631 to 100, industry to get down

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

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to 30, and suitability to reduce your options further. Now you’re looking at a manageable number – perhaps 5 franchises – and can start to get really detailed.

step four – compare the best

use a system of questions to select the best opportunities from your chosen few If I wanted to buy a franchised hamburger restaurant in Auckland, the first option that springs to mind might be McDonald’s – and why not? They have the world’s best-known brand, systems which have been refined over 70-plus years and a training regime second-to-none. In other words, consider the best first.

Quick Tips – More Help To work out whether any particular franchise is the right one to help you make the leap into business ownership, you’ll need to do some research and ask lots of questions. There are many helpful articles on the Franchise New Zealand website – here are five of the most important: 250 Questions to Ask the Franchisor A comprehensive list to help you analyse any franchise opportunity and help you make the right decision. 50 Questions to Ask Franchisees If you want to know what a franchise is really like, you need to talk to the people who are already operating it.

But the obvious choice may still not What Can You Afford? be the right one for you. It may not be Before you start looking at any available in the area you want, or the particular franchise, you need culture may not suit you, or it may not to know what’s possible. Philip have the growth potential. You need to use a logical system of questions to help you make a valid comparison between the five or so possibilities you have left. The questions you need to ask are likely to fall into the following general areas. Business Experience How long has the company been operating, and how long has it been franchising? If there are already successful franchisees, it suggests that the system works and your risk is therefore lower. Franchisor Experience Who are the franchisors? How long have the franchise’s directors and team been involved in franchising? Can you work with the decision makers? Apart from your life partner, this will be your next most significant long term relationship – make sure you can relate to them. Research Is the market right for the product or service? Is there a long-term future for the business? How will it be affected by the growth of internet marketing or the impact of new technology? Is it a fragmented market where the brand and systems of a franchise could create opportunities for rapid growth? Financial/Costs What is the real cost of the franchise – fees, set-up costs and working capital? How does the franchisor make money? Is there a large initial franchise fee, an ongoing royalty fee which is fixed or based on turnover, or a mark-up on products sold to you by the franchisor?

Morrison explains how to evaluate your own financial position. Your Buyers Guide to Franchises Part-time, full-time, indoors, outdoors, retail or restaurant: whatever type of business you’re interested in, there’s a franchise to suit. How to Spot a Quality Franchise How do you tell the difference between the good and the great? Here’s what quality franchises have in common.

offered for both you as a franchisee, and for your team? Support What level of support can you expect? Will you have regular visits from a member of the franchisor’s team? Does somebody help you analyse your performance and suggest improvements? What benefits can the franchisor offer you through group purchasing? You need to get the answer to all these questions and more for any franchise which you are seriously considering. Many of the answers should be contained in the disclosure document which any good franchisor will have prepared, but Franchise New Zealand also publishes a helpful list of 250 Questions To Ask Your Franchisor (see panel).

After you have done this, you need to take your list of questions along to the franchisor and write down the answers that you are given. There will be too much information for you to remember, particularly if you are talking to several franchises at the same time. Once you have the answers, review them in the cool hard light of another day. Sit down at home, perhaps with the family, and make some accurate comparisons with the information you have gathered. If you have asked the same questions of each franchisor, you will not be comparing chalk with cheese. It should be obvious exactly what each franchise offers, and therefore which one best suits your requirements. So from 631 we are now down to perhaps just a couple. What next?

step five – get professional advice

ask for input from experienced financial and legal advisors Gut feel is often valuable in choosing something that you want to do and people who you really want to work with, but if you are making a major financial decision you would be foolish not to get as much good professional advice as you can. Franchising is about reducing risks, but you have to play your part too. The figures are hard to come by, but I would estimate that the majority of franchisees who have run into trouble have failed to do their homework properly and take sensible advice beforehand.

Marketing Does what the franchisor tells you about the product or service’s competitive advantage and the future of the industry match your own researches?

You will need to see an accountant to verify any financial projections produced by the franchisor and to help formulate a business plan based upon your own individual financial position. This plan should allow for varying levels of sales in your business, and should give you an understanding of the impact that variations in borrowing levels, sales, costs and cashflow could have upon your new venture. It is worth using an accountant with experience of franchising, as they will have a better understanding of what is involved and the potential value of the brand, training and support offered.

Selection & Training What training will you receive initially? How long is it? Where does it take place? What does it cover? Is there a separate fee for initial training? Some franchisors split the franchise and training fee so franchisees can claim the training fee as a business expense immediately, rather than amortising it over the term of the franchise like the franchise fee. Is there an additional fee for ongoing training? Is ongoing training

You can save yourself money by doing a lot of research and some of the number-crunching yourself. However, at the end of the day if you are thinking of investing your hard-earned money in a franchise then you must put those figures before an experienced accountant and heed the advice he or she gives you. The results could narrow your preferred choices even further.

Performance What figures can the franchisor produce to back up his claims? Are they based on fact? Are the sales levels realistic? Who is already achieving them - and can you talk to them? – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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buying a franchise: making the right choice

With the franchise agreement, like it or not you must see a solicitor. This is a binding legal document which will have an impact upon the way you run your business for the next five or ten years. A good franchise agreement will be basically fair to both parties, but remember that it was written by the franchisor’s solicitor with the aim of protecting the rights of the franchisor and all the other franchisees in the system as well as you. You need to make sure that the agreement gives the franchisor the ‘teeth’ to deal with other franchisees to protect your investment, and that in doing so it does not unreasonably restrict your rights. Take the agreement and go through it yourself with a fine toothcomb. Pick out the points which are unclear, difficult to understand, or which appear to be biased against the franchisee. Then ask a solicitor to explain the agreement to you and give you guidance on these points especially. It is important that you are clear about the details of the business you are buying. Most franchise agreements are non-negotiable, so your lawyer’s primary role is to make you aware of the implications of entering into the agreement. As with accountants, it is best to use a specialist franchise lawyer – there is a list in the Directory on page 86 of this magazine. They will have a better understanding of what is and isn’t fair and reasonable within a franchise relationship, and can save time and even money through that knowledge. They may also have some ‘inside knowledge’ of the franchise you are considering which may be the last piece of the jigsaw for you. Costs can blow out when advisors are consulted who don’t specialise in franchising, as they have to put in extra time to learn about a whole new area – and even then, their advice may not be the best. Now is not the time to cut corners. An inexperienced advisor could end up costing you more than their fee.


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Don’t expect your lawyer or accountant to approve or endorse your choice of franchise; they are paid to be cautious on your behalf and to point out potential pitfalls. Don’t be too discouraged or back out of a franchise if you are keen, until you’ve identified if the issues raised are real. Go back to the franchisor with any questions, or talk to other franchisees in the system – they know the business and can often provide the answer. When new franchisees do fail they often turn out to have taken a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude at the start. For this reason, many reputable franchisors now require new franchisees to certify that they have consulted a lawyer and/ or accountant prior to signing the franchise agreement. Nobody wants a franchisee to fail.

step six – make your decision invest only after due consideration

If you have followed the steps this far, researching and carefully weighing up all the information which you have gathered, congratulations – you have probably spent more time investigating your requirements than 99 percent of business buyers. You will certainly have collected more information than most, and be better equipped to make a valid judgement on whether to take up the opportunity or not. Now we come down to you – how do you feel about this new opportunity? After all this work, you probably feel as though you have been squeezed through a filter yourself. Are you nervous, excited, scared, eager..? All of those emotions are perfectly natural. The important thing is that you are able to make your decision based on real knowledge and hard facts. From over 631 opportunities, you have selected the one for which you are best suited. You know what the business involves. You have your friends and family behind you. You have taken professional advice to minimise the about the author risks and reduce the unknowns. One of New Zealand’s most You are now in a position to make a experienced franchise managers, rational, informed decision. Is this Glenice Riley has been a your future? franchisee herself and is now Analysis can cause paralysis. There comes a time when you really have to back yourself. The choice is up to you. So go for it!

Global Chief Operating Officer of FAB Group, which owns the Caci franchise and is now expanding into the UK under the Skinsmiths brand. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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opportunity: home & building

DREAM LOCATION A young couple are taking Dream Doors to the top of the south


hen Morgan and Karina Tomlin were ready to start renovating the house they had bought in Nelson, they started looking for kitchen options. A few months later, they had a brand new business courtesy of Dream Doors, the franchise that uses replacement doors, surfaces and fittings to restore a home’s looks and value for a fraction of the cost and wastage of building new units.

back-end systems. ‘Dream Doors has developed a sophisticated franchise management system which integrates everything from lead generation and budget forecasting to customer relations and supplier management. It combines with a cloud-based accounting system to give us a complete picture of our business, and shows us how different actions will produce different results.’

Morgan was an engineer turned primary teacher and Karina a former property manager when the couple decided to leave their lifestyle block in Christchurch and move to Nelson with their two young children. Although Morgan had a teaching position, he had looked at buying a food franchise some 15 years before, but the timing hadn’t been right.

With a territory covering Golden Bay to Blenheim, the Tomlins run their business from home. Morgan handles sales, quoting and design, using Dream Doors bespoke software, while Karina focuses on customers and admin. As well as using sub-contractors for installation of the centrallymanufactured kitchens, Dream Doors Nelson has just taken on its first full-time installer to handle the growing demand.

‘Dream Doors was different, though,’ he says. ‘It suited our skills, it was a proven business that has already succeeded in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and we could see a lot of demand in the Nelson area. People want to refurb before they sell, when they buy, after renting or before they retire, and Dream Doors is such a cost-effective option.’ Despite their backgrounds, Morgan and Karina had never really thought about how kitchens are put together, so when they decided to buy the franchise in December 2016 they knew they faced a steep learning curve. ‘But everyone was so helpful. We had training in Wanaka from the franchise team, then spent time with Christchurch franchisees Adrian and Tammy Kay – there’s nothing they don’t know about this business – and with franchisees in Auckland too.’ Morgan and Karina were massively impressed by the comprehensive

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Dream Doors still has territories available in many parts of the country, as well as Australia and the US. The investment required is advertiser info just $75,000. ‘You don’t need kitchen or building experience, Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd but you do need drive,’ says franchisor Derek Lilly. ‘If you Contact have sales, marketing and Derek Lilly people skills, we’ll teach you P 0-3-443 5133 how to run a highly-profitable P 0800 437 326 business providing high levels M 027 213 5133 of customer satisfaction. Call me now and find out more.’

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both residential and commercial properties. We have a secondary service called Bug Off Now which treats properties for insects. This unique opportunity will enable you to start as a one-person business, with minimal overheads, and then grow to build an established business.

FROM ROGER BAILEY – TAURANGA FRANCHISEE Advice is freely available from the franchisor along with mentoring and coaching enabling the franchisee to concentrate on business growth knowing they are supported by someone who has built their own business from scratch – twice! Roger Bailey – Tauranga Franchisee

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Year 26 Issue 03

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opportunity: food & beverage

Burger Wisconsin wants energetic young entrepreneurs all over the country


knows your name W

hen Andre Chappell joined Burger Wisconsin 14 years ago, it was a famous local brand but a very different franchise. ‘Back then, it was a pretty loose arrangement; today, it’s evolved and become a much more organised, more profitable business.’ Andre bought his Papanui franchise after 21 years in the police force. ‘I knew the local Burger Wisconsin store well because I visited it regularly, and when it was time to leave the force I never actually looked at another business. I was able to work myself into it by buying a half share and working there while I was still a policeman. Maybe that was cheating? The training’s certainly a lot more organised today,’ he laughs.

Andre should know – these days, as well as owning the Papanui store, he is the franchise support manager for the whole company. ‘We’re opening new stores at such a rate I’m rushed off my feet. I’ve just assisted with three new outlets and we’ve got three more to go before the end of the year.’

spectacular results Burger Wisconsin has had a new lease of life since being purchased in 2015 by Mariposa Restaurant Holdings, the company which created Mexicali Fresh. As CXO (Chief Experience Officer) Conor Kerlin, one of the family behind MRH, says, ‘We bought what we knew was a very good, solid brand with a very loyal fan base. We didn’t want to damage that, but we wanted to re-energise the brand and make it more relevant in today’s market. That meant no quick make-over – we took our time to allow the ideas to evolve and the results are spectacular, as Andre has found.’ According to Andre, ‘A franchise works because it has tried everything and discarded the bits which failed. Burger Wisconsin has been through that and today’s franchise is proving its value by expanding, improving and staying ahead of the trends. ‘Mariposa has taken all the best parts of the original concept and built them into a thriving enterprise in which all the franchisees have an input. It has become what a good franchise should be: it has security, support and structure, with a high-powered marketing team and all sorts of business

Burger Wisconsin has combined a crisp new fit-out which enhances the local persona of every franchisee’s individual store – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Burger Wisconsin 45.indd 1

management systems to make your business easier to run – and more profitable, too.

‘Today, all the franchisees care really, really deeply about what they do and serve, and that’s because we are successful and have a say in the system. Above all, we are listened to by people who understand franchising intimately. It’s a whole new era for us, and is bringing in lots of new customers as well as bringing back old ones.’

fresh, heathy local produce ‘What customers love about Burger Wisconsin is not just that we produce tasty gourmet burgers from fresh and healthy local produce – there’s more to it than that,’ Andre says. ‘Most of the stores are run by locals who are connected with the community, just as I was, so it’s a bit like the TV series Cheers: everybody knows your name. Customers love that so we make as much time for them as we can. We may have a crisp new fit-out but we’ve retained our local persona and people love that. It’s the same with the menu: we’ve retained the flavours for which Burger Wisconsin is famous, and added zing with some new options, too.’ But the changes haven’t all been about the customers. ‘A key desire when we bought Burger Wisconsin was to make the stores more profitable for franchisees,’ Conor says. ‘With our Mexicali Fresh experience, we’ve been able to increase purchasing power and introduce systems that make it easyto-operate even for newcomers to hospitality.’

excited at the prospect As Andre has discovered, Burger Wisconsin is now opening new stores at a great rate and is looking for suitable candidates for more locations all around the country. Conor is keen to attract ‘people passionate about food. We don’t necessarily want chefs or people with existing hospitality experience – we want people who want to do something different with their lives and can see we offer a great system, model and opportunity to build their own destiny. The cost of a new outlet will be between $300,000 and $350,000 +gst, for which you get full training, a brand new on-point fit-out and the opportunity to own a popular and, above all, profitable store. Remember, this is about return on investment. ‘We want franchisees who can become part of their local community, rather than just another franchise plonked down as part of a corporate chain. We’re also keen to attract a younger generation of entrepreneurs, excited at the prospect of work and prepared to put in the elbow grease. If you are the right fit for us, we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed. Contact us now.’

advertiser info Burger Wisconsin Contact Tyler Kerlin P 0-9-973 4559 M 021 411 144

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managing a franchise: financial matters

READING THE SIGNS What does the latest survey tell us about how to back a winning franchise?


he figures from the latest Franchising New Zealand survey are hugely impressive (see page 6), but what do they tell us about where you should be putting your money if you’re thinking of buying a franchised business right now?

funding models, supply chains and systems. Will they be prepared and able to re-invest in themselves when the time comes? Will you?

Well, just as there are seasons in nature, so business and the economy go through cycles, too. To make the best decisions, you need to consider the overall outlook for the economy, the prospects of the industry within which your chosen franchise operates, and the future of the products or services the franchise offers.

Just as economies and individual businesses have cycles, so do whole industries. You therefore need to give consideration to the future of whatever the franchise offers. Techological innovations can disrupt the way that goods Product (Service) Life Cycle or services are delivered in some industries, making them obsolete almost overnight. Consider how we consume entertainment now: Netflix has essentially finished off video stores, and a once highly lucrative franchise model has died. Or compare the effect that email has had on postal services with the massive boost that online retailing has given courier services. How will 3D printing or the launch of Amazon locally affect your chosen business?

a rising tide lifts all boats The recent growth in franchising can be attributed in part to a strong economy, low interest rates, increased immigration and strong business and consumer confidence. That’s all good news, but it won’t always be the case. When you look at a graph of NZ’s GDP since 1990, we see that our economy expands and contracts. That’s normal, but it does mean that you shouldn’t count on current conditions lasting forever. Don’t let it put you off buying New Zealand GDP % change a business, but be conservative with your assessments. Consider the sustainability and resilience of the franchise to a decline in spending. A rising tide may lift all boats, but that works in reverse, too. If sales dropped by 20 percent, how would that affect not just your income but your ability to service your debt? Consult a franchise-experienced accountant before you buy and listen to their advice.

what stage is the franchise at? The Survey of Franchising reveals that franchisors have a median level of 25 years’ operational experience and 17.5 years franchising experience, suggesting that many franchises have business models that have been resilient and sustainable during all seasons of the economy, or have been reinvented or adapted in the face of competitive pressures in accordance with the usual business life cycle (see chart below).


However, the survey identified 185 franchise systems less than five years old which have yet to face the adversity of tougher economic times. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them – newer brands may have more growth The Business Lifecycle potential, face less Concept Growth Maturity Decline Rebirth competition, and be more Start Up technologically advanced or have better locations available. But it does mean that you need Death to check them out thoroughly. Take advice and consider carefully their Years in Business – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Franchise Accountants 47.indd 1

staying ahead of the competition

Have a look at the product/service life cycle chart (above). Where on the chart does your chosen industry sit? Is the product or service a fad, or does it have long term sustainability? How will it be affected by technology? What advantages does your preferred franchise have within the industry that might make it a leader in the future?

looking to the future The important thing to remember is that, no matter how the overall franchise sector may be performing, individual franchises will perform differently – not only better or worse than the average, but better or worse than their individual industry. Changing technologies mean that what worked once may not work in the future, but the core fundamentals that a franchise needs to be sustainable do not change. A franchise needs not just to be founded on compelling competitive advantage, but to be able to maintain that competitive edge. Looking at the Survey of Franchising results, my prediction for the next five years is that some franchise brands will fall by the wayside as they are geared more for the good times than for the long haul. Some franchises will stagnate because of a lack of underlying profitability to fund growth. Some may merge or be acquired by stronger competing brands. But many will get stronger, no matter what the economy does. These will be the ones governed by experienced business leaders with a vision for the future. They’ll be well-funded and well-managed. They’ll adopt new technology and adapt to changing markets. And they’ll take their committed, well-trained, flexible franchisees with them. advertiser info If you want to make a wise investment, these are the ones to look out for. Remember, you’re not on your own – by seeking informed advice from experienced franchise advisors with insights into your chosen industry, you can give yourself the best possible chance of backing a winner.

Franchise Accountants Contact Philip Morrison P 0800 555 80 20 M 021 22 99 657 Disclaimer: This advice is of a general nature only and expert advice should be sought to get the right advice for your specific situation.

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franchise marketing

GOOD CITIZ n i o J s! U

The GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES NZ Master Franchise is now under new ownership. Our dynamic team are on the lookout for enthusiastic and successful business people to invest as new Franchise Partners. With a strong office support team, you will engage in a full training programme, ongoing assistance and detailed analysis of each business venture so that together we can ensure you have all of the tools for success. A world-leading brand in the coffee and cafe industry, this proven franchise model is a fantastic opportunity that delivers quality at every turn.


BASIL BADENHORST | (09) 555 6021

Every business gets asked to support charitable causes. How do franchises choose what to support?


n among the usual mix of news articles, good advice and the occasional dire warning, three particular stories have attracted a lot of attention on our website recently. The first was the news that Hell had raised $48,603 for Camp Twitch by donating a dollar for every double pizza sold in one of the busiest weeks in Hell’s history. Camp Twitch is an annual event for sufferers of Tourette’s Syndrome. A ‘swap a handbag for a free facial’ promotion saw Caci clinics donate 1,040 handbags to Dress for Success, whose mission is to help women achieve economic independence by providing the skills, confidence and professional attire they need to get back into the workforce. And The Coffee Club raised $30,000 for the SPCA through turning Cupcake Day into Cupcake Week, with cafés throughout the country baking speciallydecorated cupcakes to raise money for the cause. According to the latest Survey of Franchising (see page 6), almost a quarter of all franchises in New Zealand contribute over $100,000 every year. It’s appropriate, then, to look behind the scenes at how franchises choose their charities and how franchisees get involved in helping the communities they serve.

building up goodwill Hell Pizza hasn’t always had the best of reputations as a corporate citizen. A series of controversial promotions during the brand’s management by TPF resulted in a lot of customers being alienated. Ben Cumming, the company’s general manager, says, ‘When the original owners bought the brand back in 2009, we made a conscious decision to rein it in, to stay edgy but within a range people were comfortable with. We also needed to build up some goodwill. ‘We were already doing a lot of good things in the community but we weren’t good at communicating it, so we realised we had to tell people about those things.’ That turned into Satan’s Little Helper, a programme which asks Kiwis to nominate kids who, for whatever reason, are going through Hell.

Kelly Sports is offering you an opportunity to own your own business and make a real difference in children’s lives by helping to develop their skills and confidence through sport.

 Simple franchise model that’s easy to understand  Full training in coaching and business management  Great franchise network (currently 35 nationwide)  Flexible lifestyle  Variety of opportunities

‘From the Satan’s Little Helper website, we get a steady stream of requests for help every week. Going through the stories is a little bit draining, to be honest and we’ve been in tears at times. A lot of the time we can only make a gesture and we worry that giving a family a little treat like a day out when they’re facing a terminal illness might feel like an insult. But we can’t cure cancer.’ What an established franchise like Hell can do is look for opportunities to change young lives, and that’s how they came to get involved with the Tourette’s Association. ‘Someone nominated a family who needed some help to go to Camp Twitch, and we learned all about it from them. As well as providing financial assistance, we offered to take our caravan along and give the kids the opportunity to learn to make pizzas. It was all grass roots stuff, then we found out that TVNZ were making a documentary. We created a special week timed around the screening of that programme to raise funds so that everyone could go to this year’s camp for free.’

getting creative

Call Paul Jamieson on 021 409 241 or 0800 GO KELLY Email or visit

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For The Coffee Club, it was the franchisees who put Cupcake Day on the agenda. ‘The SPCA has run Cupcake Day for a number of years and ten or more of our franchisees were highly engaged at a local level,’ says Andy Lucas, co-director of The Coffee Club NZ. ‘We already supported Blue September (men’s health) and KidsCan (children living in hardship), but as the business has grown throughout New Zealand we wanted to increase the support we give back to the community even more. Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:05 PM

Chelsea Cresswell (centre) of Caci with the Dress for Success team – and hundreds of handbags


We had a big education campaign for franchisees and staff through our intranet and our area managers.’ Andy says, ‘You always have to be mindful of the operation of the business. With Blue September, the aim is to help raise awareness of prostate cancer so we do mostly posters and table cards. For KidsCan, we replace our standard takeaway cups and napkins with special Christmas designs created as part of a national kids’ competition. Cupcake Week meant making different products, but we are a café so it’s not that hard. It was fun and exciting, gave everyone an outlet for a bit of creativity and created something to talk about with regular customers as well as new ones.’ Giving away a service, as Caci did, is clearly potentially more disruptive – and costly – but Chelsea says that it hasn’t been a problem. ‘Franchisees gave a free facial voucher in return for every handbag donated, so we weren’t doing a thousand free facials in a fortnight. Some vouchers went to people attracted by the promotion; others went to existing clients who passed them on to their friends, so we reached a lot of potential new clients.’

‘Cupcake Day was a big fundraising day for the SPCA but they’d never had a national sponsor before, so they put together a package for us. We guaranteed a minimum amount, which was partly raised in store and partly funded from corporate. The amount of marketing we needed to put behind it meant that it would be too much effort for just a single day, so we turned it into Cupcake Week. ‘The idea of making decorated cupcakes in stores was something we could have a little bit of fun with. This first year was something of a test for us so we didn’t put too many restrictions round it. We sent out a list of recipes, some decorating ideas and a few tips (see pic below), then let the franchisees get creative. Some sold in-store only, some had stalls outside and some were going out and selling around the community. Rather than cannibalising sales, it actually attracted extra customers. People were ringing up and ordering boxes of cupcakes for morning tea because we had something different.’

investing in confidence Caci is part of the FAB Group, which has carried out various charity partnerships for some time across its clinics and skincare and cosmetics brands. ‘Our core purpose is women’s confidence, so last year we decided to pool our efforts across the group and set up The Confidence Project to find suitable charities to work with nationally,’ explains Chelsea Cresswell, the Group’s Marketing Communication Executive. ‘Our business is driven by women: we employ over 200 women and 90% of our customers are women. We believe that investing in women’s confidence has the power to drive economic growth and strengthen families and societies, so Dress for Success was a perfect match. ‘Handbags are a vital part of any woman’s interview outfit, and Dress for Success are crying out for good handbags. Because our franchisees were already familiar with the aims of The Confidence Project, they came on board fast. We planned it so that the campaign fitted into a gap in our marketing schedule so it wouldn’t clash with other activities, and encouraged franchisees to make contact with their local Dress for Success office and discuss ideas. One franchisee in Christchurch held a handbag party, invited along clients and their friends and the local Dress for Success people, too. They raised 74 handbags in that area alone!’

return on investment So how do franchises evaluate the effectiveness of any charity-related campaign? Ben and Andy both comment that, for them, it’s important to work with a charity that is small enough for their support to make a real difference. The Tourette’s Association, for example, was run by just one very committed lady until Hell got involved. ‘You do have to consider the commercial side, of course,’ says Ben. ‘Does this activity help you gain positive publicity and will it help increase sales? But you also need to ask, do we feel good about being involved with this cause and is the charity as enthusiastic about supporting us as we are about supporting them?’ Andy says The Coffee Club doesn’t need a direct return on investment if they can see that their actions are contributing to the community, but they do measure the impacts carefully. ‘There are lots of different levers: customers through the door, social media comments and shares, media coverage – they all add up. As long as franchisees, their staff and customers are engaged, you’ll get a very real return at store level.’ By giving out vouchers, of course, Caci can measure redemption rates and new client generation, but media coverage is also important. With 40 clinics around the country, a lot of regional newspapers picked up on the handbags campaign as well as national women’s magazines, and professional and social media. By all measures, the ‘Swap a handbag for a facial’ campaign was a success. ‘And people got really involved,’ Chelsea says. ‘We found little notes in some of the handbags saying things like, “I took this bag to my first interview and I’ve now been in the job for ten years, good luck!” ‘I think it’s important for a company to have something to work towards above and beyond the everyday activities – it helps everyone think differently. It’s not just good business – it’s good for the soul.’

make it easy When a franchisee takes an idea and runs with it like that, supporting a charity can create a real buzz in a business – but it can also be disruptive to everyday operations and distract from running the business itself. To avoid this, Ben, Andy and Chelsea all agree that it’s important to make things as easy for franchisees to implement as possible. ‘Donating a dollar per pizza is a simple thing to organise that doesn’t really require franchisees to do much,’ says Ben. ‘But they needed to be very aware of the campaign and to be able to respond to questions, because people were coming in from far and wide after the documentary aired. Other customers that week didn’t know about Camp Twitch so they needed to be told that they’d made a contribution, then would want to know what it was. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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Do you need help finding your way to everything you want in life?













Discover how to find your own way with Jim’s Test & Tag

Download Your FREE Franchise Info Pack here

Franchises available throughout New Zealand. Call for a free consultation 0800 454 654.

franchise management


HR headaches

Lisa Bell

enableHR makes it easy for franchisors and franchisees to stay compliant with the latest legislation


ew things are more frustrating for small businesses than the bureaucracy caused by ever-changing employment legislation. As Lisa Bell, the General Manager of enableHR, says, ‘Even big firms have difficulty keeping up with best practice in this field.’ For the last ten years, enableHR has been empowering businesses to meet the challenge with a dynamic software solution which covers all the bases. ‘We’ve developed easy-to-use templates which remove those HR headaches and keep all our clients absolutely up-to-date with the latest changes, too,’ says Lisa. enableHR was born in 2006 out of client requirements from Australia’s leading employment law specialists, FCB Group. ‘Lawyers were constantly requiring documentation in order to represent their clients – copies of contracts, communications transcripts, notes of actions, etc – so a computer program was developed to streamline a time-consuming process and make it easy to keep and access the records you need. ‘When clients realised how good it was, they asked for it to be made available to them, too, and that was the birth of enableHR. Today, we provide a framework to ensure that users can follow best practice in all spheres of employment from recruitment to departure.’

cloud-based software for multi-site operations

enableHR offers a people-management solution designed for businesses of all sizes, and the software is scalable and configurable from simple plug-and-play to tailored solutions appropriate for the largest organisation. ‘And because it’s cloud-based, it’s ideal for multi-site businesses such as franchises,’ Lisa points out. ‘For example, our “Best Practice Toolkit” contains over 200 pre-populated templates, workflows, policy guides and tools for every stage of the employee lifecycle,’ says Lisa. ‘The system is backed in New Zealand by one of the country’s leading specialist law firms to make it easy for franchises to stay compliant with the very latest developments in local employment law.

‘A large range of companies are already using our products throughout New Zealand because they want to do the right thing and protect themselves from the dangers of getting it wrong. Having enableHR behind them has proven highly cost-effective and successful. Where clients have had serious incidents or employment issues, having enableHR systems in place has helped them through and enabled them to follow all the processes needed to resolve the situation quickly and with the minimum of disruption. ‘We’re keen to assist franchisors to implement best practice solutions quickly and easily,’ says Lisa. ‘Our services are very well-priced for the NZ market and advertiser info we can offer packages made to fit. ‘For any franchise, large or small, enableHR can provide security and peace of mind in an increasingly difficult area. Contact us now to find out how we can help you.’

EnableHR Contact P 0800 236 2253

enableHR is a people management HR software for your franchise business. D i s c o v e r w h y o v e r 1 0 , 0 0 0 b u s i n e s s e s a re managing their employees through enableHR. EMPLOYEE RECORD KEEPING One place, one-stop, document management.

‘As history shows, an employment mistake by one franchisee can put an entire franchise into crisis mode. This can have a significant impact on the brand value, quite apart from being potentially very expensive to fix,’ Lisa points out. ‘Not having good systems in place to ensure compliance throughout the network is a risk no franchise can afford to take – especially as the Labour Inspectorate announced earlier this year that they now have franchises on their radar.’

On-board to off-board and everything in between following best practice processes.

workplace safety & performance appraisals


As if employment law weren’t scary enough, franchisors and franchisees also have to cope with increasingly onerous workplace safety legislation. ‘enableHR is the only Human Resources system that is fully integrated with a legally-compliant Health & Safety management system,’ says Lisa. ‘This is a huge bonus for clients, as they are basically getting two systems for one; even better, the two work together to minimise inputs and help ensure compliance in both areas.’ Additional benefits include management reporting, which provides an insight into employee and safety activity across the franchise, and a performance appraisal function. ‘This simplifies the performance management process by giving employees the direction, feedback and career development they need, while ensuring a complete record is kept should an employment or safety issue ever arise. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

enableHR 51.indd 1


Support and Streamline Franchise brand with employee engagement.

HEALTH AND SAFETY Legislatively backed assurance in accordance with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Call us for a free demo on 0800 236 2253 or visit our website

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In business,

leads and success follows. ASB can help you achieve your business ambitions. We have experience working with both franchisees and franchisors and know what makes a successful franchise tick. Contact one of our Senior Franchise Managers today. James Phillips 0274 492 170

Craig McKenzie 021 805 425

Email or visit for more information.

ASB Bank Limited 56180 17673 0817

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opportunity: business & commercial

Pukeko Rental Managers franchisees offer quality service for quality properties

rental business



icky Harris is so confident of her Pukeko Rental Managers business that she guarantees her clients 50 weeks’ rental income a year. ‘If a property stands empty for more than 15 days, I guarantee to pay the rent until I find a tenant,’ says the Hawkes Bay franchisee. ‘But in seven years, I’ve never had to honour that guarantee.’ In fact, the same guarantee is offered by all 12 Pukeko Rental Managers franchisees around New Zealand. The franchise is an elite group of property management specialists who work within the area in which they live. Each franchisee is a dedicated owner operator and, by concentrating on higher-end properties, the company has developed a lucrative and attractive business model. Vicky was Pukeko’s first franchisee. A New Zealander by birth, Vicky had spent many years in Canada. ‘I worked with corporates writing reports or press releases and got bored to death, so I opened a veggie restaurant on a beautiful island on the west coast. Of course as anyone who has been in food knows, it’s bloody hard work and I burned out within five years. I reckoned I was pretty much unemployable when I returned to New Zealand in 2010, but then I bumped into an old friend from primary school, David Pearse, who had just founded Pukeko Rental Managers. He told me about the franchise and I was immediately keen. ‘It enabled me to start my own business without reinventing the wheel – I mean really it was a business on a platter. Everything required was there and ready to go.’

low overheads mean higher returns With long experience in real estate management, David Pearse created Pukeko Rental Managers with very clear goals. ‘Traditional property management is office-based and has multi-tier management structures,’ David explains. ‘The result is a high level of overheads, which means that, in order to pay for them, each property manager needs to look after an increasing number of properties. But the Pukeko business model reduces the overheads and allows them to offer a personal service to all their clients. ‘We aim to be the best, not the biggest. As a result, each franchisee has a portfolio that enables them to provide a high quality property management service while still being competitively priced – and still make an excellent income.’

David Pearse, founder of Pukeko Rental Managers, (top) and Hawkes Bay franchisee Vicky Harris (left): ‘It’s affordable, flexible and surprisingly profitable’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Pukeko Rental Managers 53.indd 1

being choosy pays off Vicky says the success of Pukeko franchisees comes down to their focus on providing a quality service. ‘We find tenants, get references and credit checks, and look after every aspect of the property for the owner. We carry out full interior inspections every three months (which is often required by insurance companies), keep up-to-date with all the maintenance and, above all, help owners to ensure they are getting the return they expect. After all, investors normally have mortgages to pay, so having a property unlet for any time can make a major dent in their plans. ‘We are choosy about the properties we take on and I’ve got a lot of bigger homes in my territory, but I certainly don’t turn down one-bed flats if they are in good areas. In order to provide a personal service we don’t take on too many properties, so as demand grows it creates more opportunities for new franchisees. Since I started seven years ago our reputation has grown hugely and there are now three of us in the Hawkes Bay area – that says all you need to know about the quality of service Pukeko Rental Managers provide.’

affordable, flexible, profitable Pukeko Rental Managers is currently looking to recruit franchisees throughout the country who share the values upon which the business has been built. The investment required can be as low as $12,500 +gst, and there are very low overheads – ‘Basically a home office, a computer and a car,’ says David Pearse. ‘Earnings naturally vary according to area, client numbers and the effort you are willing to put in but, as Vicky has found, our systems make it very easy to keep track of your entire portfolio and build a successful and profitable business.’ According to Vicky, ‘Perhaps the best thing of all about Pukeko Rental Managers is the support available. David has vast experience and I’ve never known him flummoxed by a problem. He’s always available on the phone and having that kind of back-up is very valuable, particularly when you’re establishing your business.’ So what type of person do you need to be to succeed as a Pukeko Rental Managers franchisee? Vicky reckons the business is made for people like her. ‘You need to be self-motivated, you need to be well-organised and you need to be really hot on the details. Reasonable computer skills are helpful, and enjoying meeting new people is essential. Part of every franchisee’s training is a two-day sales course, and I found that particularly valuable for enabling me to make an accurate assessment of a advertiser info person in a short time. You also need a mature approach to life. Pukeko Rental Managers ‘So if you have the right skills and want a business that’s affordable, flexible and surprisingly profitable, give David a call and introduce yourself.’ Contact David Pearse P 0508 785 356 M 0274 809 534

53 7/09/17 3:27 PM

buying a franchise: mobile opportunities

ON THE ROAD Thinking of buying a mobile franchise? Here are some questions to ask Some of the fastest-growing franchises in recent years have been those which take their product or service out to their customers. They come in two forms: those that are mobile because they have to be (providing cleaning, courier or electrical services to homes and the workplace), and those that are mobile businesses because they can take a traditional product or service such as coffee, car tuning or furniture restoration to new customers. When you’re looking for a mobile franchise, it’s important to do more than ask ‘How much does it cost?’ Do your research – we recommend putting in an hour of research for every $1000 that you plan to invest. Here are some questions to ask: • How long will my working day be? Start and finish times? Are there ever emergency call-outs? How long will I spend on the road? With customers? Doing admin after hours? • How physical is the work? Is it seasonal? Is it weather-dependent? What do I do in the down-time? • Do I need to buy a vehicle or trailer? What kind? Need it be new? Do you have preferential leasing arrangements? • Does the vehicle or trailer need to be specially signwritten? Does it require special equipment or fitting out? Is this included in the franchise cost?

• What space do I need at home for the vehicle? For stock or equipment not carried every day? What sort of home office space do I need? • What is the advantage of being mobile in this particular industry? • Do I have an exclusive territory? If business is good, can I divide it and sell off an area, or sell customers back to the franchisor, or subfranchise, or employ staff and operate another van? • Do I get an initial client base? Do I have to make sales calls? Do I quote for jobs myself? What help do I get to ensure I am doing this properly? • How often do I get a visit from a field consultant or the franchisor to help me stay on target? What other support is there? How often do franchisees get together? • Is there an 0800 number? A call centre? How are messages relayed to me? Do you schedule my work for me? • What sort of technology is provided? How will it make my life easier? On-the-job quoting? Customer data management? Online accounting? Are all the systems integrated? • Do I make out my own invoices? Is there a standard format for these? Do I follow up unpaid bills or is this handled through the franchisor? Remember, whatever type of business you buy, it will be hard work at first so choose something you will enjoy. That way, both you and your customers will be happy.

Are you looking for a fresh start in 2017? We have franchise opportunities available across the North Island For more information visit or call 0800 225 388

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:08 PM

opportunity: home services

MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE Great training helps V.I.P. franchisees build really profitable businesses ‘What I really like is that the franchise has been just so supportive – John and Estelle Logan, the national franchisors for New Zealand, are so approachable and they’ll do anything to help us. Listen to your customers’ wants and have a good work ethic and you’ll find that V.I.P. is a great franchise.’

Ashley Clarke: ‘I went with my gut instinct and I’m very pleased I did’

added security


ike anything in life, buying a business can seem a bit of a gamble,’ says Ashley Clarke, ‘but my V.I.P. franchise has been a hundred and ten times better than I ever thought it would be!’ That might seem surprising, as Ashley knew a thing or two about gardens and lawns even before joining the franchise. ‘I worked for a lawn installation company and my granddad had a landscaping business for years, so I think there’s been a green finger or two in the family. Builders I worked with were talking about needing people to do the maintenance of new lawns and gardens as Christchurch gets rebuilt. I’ve never been in business for myself before and that didn’t seem enough on its own, so I thought I’d check out the franchises. ‘I really liked V.I.P. right from the start. They were very family-orientated and certainly didn’t put any pressure on me – I felt that all some franchises wanted was for me to sign on the dotted line! In the end I decided to go with my gut instinct and, a couple of years down the track, I’m very pleased I did. ‘Although I knew about lawns, V.I.P.’s training was very beneficial. You learn to work efficiently, fit more into a day and really manage a business. They also teach you how to run a profitable business, starting with quoting – after all, if you under-quote for what becomes a regular job, you’re on the back foot from the very start,’ he laughs. The V.I.P. franchise allows Ashley to do all sorts of outdoor jobs including lawnmowing, gardening, pruning and more, meaning that while work may be seasonal, income isn’t. ‘This is my second winter, and I’ve had no shortage of work,’ he says. ‘My customers are always asking for tree pruning or winter garden jobs and if you do a job well they are so happy they’ll pass your name on to others.

V.I.P. offers two different types of franchise: outdoor, like Ashley’s, and indoor (all types of cleaning). As an ex-military man, Andrew D’Almeida is meticulous by nature and chose the indoor option. ‘Since I left the military I’ve had several opportunities but I thought V.I.P. looked like the sort of structured approach that would suit me very well,’ says Andrew. ‘I was impressed with the company’s background – they’ve been around a long time, won many awards and have very good systems in place. When I mentioned the idea to friends they suggested I could just do it on my own, but I pointed out that I’d have no support and no customers to start off with and I’d much rather go into business with proper training, a well-known brand and a helping hand.’ The four weeks’ paid training that all new V.I.P. franchisees enjoy while getting established provided him with added security. The V.I.P. system allows franchisees to sell work back to the franchise, thereby making a useful capital gain and freeing up work for other franchisees to get established with. Andrew bought an existing client base in Auckland in January 2016, which he has since grown considerably by using everything he has learned to work smarter, not harder. ‘As I learned in training, you don’t make any money if you spend too long on each job, so V.I.P. taught me the skills to be both fast and effective. ‘I have a very broad set of customers, so communication skills matter – you need to talk to your clients regularly to learn what they want, then make sure you provide it. If you take pride in your work, and concentrate on your customer service, then V.I.P. is a super business.’

choose where to start ‘Ashley and Andrew are fairly recent franchisees and the fact they are doing so well is a measure of how much demand there is for the quality services that we provide,’ says Estelle Logan. ‘Both of them have taken their training to heart, are using the V.I.P. systems well and are thriving as a result. ‘As long as you’re prepared to work hard and learn, V.I.P. can help you get into your own business, too. We offer a flexible entry programme which allows you to select the level of income and investment you wish to make, provide thorough training in business management and there’s first-class on-going support.

Andrew D’Almeida: ‘I’d much rather go into business with proper training, a well-known brand and a helping hand’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

VIP 55.indd 1

‘When you join V.I.P. you buy a business, not a job. We want more people like Ashley and Andrew who are prepared to take the opportunity and run with it. We have opportunities all over the country right now, so talk to us now and find out more.’

advertiser info V.I.P. Home Services Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800 84 74 96

55 7/09/17 3:23 PM

Franchises Available Now Stonewood Homes is one of New Zealand’s largest home builders with a dedicated support team and a growing network who are laser focused on your success. We have a strong legacy and a reputation for quality designs, building and customer care with a passionate network of Franchisees across the country.

Hit the ground running with ·

Training and Induction


Advice, guidance, use of IP and exclusive plan range


Software, systems and operational set up


Procurement and supply chain arrangements


Ongoing branding, national marketing and promotions


A proven business formula – so you can concentrate on building

Regions are available throughout New Zealand so enquire now.

2603_Stonewood_CDQ.indd 1

027 255 0115

8/09/17 10:57 AM

opportunity: food & beverage

Innovation helps Cobb & Co. franchisees achieve results fast

old brand


obb & Co. might be one of the oldest-established restaurant brands in the country, but it’s also one of the most forward-looking. New franchisors recruited a team of bright young brains to create efficiencies that drive profitability for franchisees – and it’s working. The latest outlet to open, in Dunedin, has delighted its franchisees. ‘Dunedin is absolutely humming, it’s done crazy figures,’ says Callum Inglis, the Group Product Officer of the Cobb Group. ‘The site in the Railway Station looks a million bucks, it has been very warmly welcomed by the community and we did over 400 covers the first Saturday night without any real marketing.’ Of course, serving customers is one thing; making a profit is another, as Callum points out. ‘While many restaurants enjoy a honeymoon period of strong trade when they first open, it can be months or even years before they find their feet in terms of profitability. What we have done at Cobb & Co. is put massive effort into menu development and purchasing, along with systems to help franchisees monitor and manage their cost of goods. Together, these enable new restaurants to achieve their targets within a matter of weeks. This makes a critical difference to the returns they deliver. ‘By systemising the product side, we’re allowing franchisees, chefs and staff to focus on delivering the customer experience: the product, the service and the atmosphere.’

putting it all together Now in his late 20s, Callum is a law and commerce graduate who admits to having been a foodie since he was four years old. ‘I was always around the kitchen and when I started doing holiday jobs I worked in the kitchen at Cobb & Co. in Tauranga with Noi Sivilay, who is now Group Executive Chef for the Cobb Group.’ Callum’s experience is put to good use overseeing product purchasing and contracts; menu development and implementation; and managing food and beverage profitability at a restaurant level. This includes the development and implementation of industry-leading systems in association with CFO/CIO Alex Gower and COO Nathan Bonney, one of the most experienced food franchisors in the country. ‘Hospitality is a traditional industry,’ says Callum. ‘Yes, there’s a lot of focus on the latest trends in food, but there’s so much you can do now to make the business easier to manage. By combining Callum Inglis (top): ‘We equip our franchisees with the tools they need to run their businesses properly’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Cobb & Co 57.indd 1

procurement, product development and product management within one area, we’ve been able to streamline the whole process of restaurant management. ‘For example, in some restaurants the chef is responsible not just for ordering but for entering invoices to the system. That’s not their area of expertise, and is a waste of their time and skill. With us, everything is integrated from start to finish so that data comes direct into the system from the suppliers. Waiting staff use iPads, so all the ordering data is entered automatically and it’s integrated directly into the accounting system. All you have to do is check the stock each week and you get back really valuable information that tells you, “This is what you’re doing well, and here are the areas where improvements are possible.” It shows actual usage and ideal usage so you can see, for example, if you have an issue with portion control or wastage. It’s clear and simple, and people can’t wait to see how they’ve done and what they need to do to nail it next week.’

making it simple for franchisees Callum says the processes have three principal outcomes for new franchisees. ‘We’ve made the business simple to open, simple to measure and simple to grow. ‘We establish national and local supply channels so franchisees find it simple to open a new restaurant. We help them recruit and train staff and managers, and ensure they have everything in place. That takes the stress away so they can concentrate on delivering the customer experience. ‘The processes make it simple to measure cost of goods, output and profitability. A lot of people in hospitality can run successful operations but fail at running a business. Our franchisees run businesses and we equip them with the tools they need to do it properly. ‘And we make it simple to grow. Franchisees get data to show them how they’re doing, help them identify issues, improve results and move forwards. They don’t even need hospitality experience to succeed as Cobb & Co. franchisees. We’ve made the back end easy so they can concentrate on their customers.’

opportunities now open Cobb & Co. is looking for new franchisees who want a truly profitable opportunity in cities and towns throughout New Zealand. ‘We have some excellent locations available and fans ready and waiting,’ says Nathan Bonney. ‘The investment required is upwards of $500,000 to $1 million, much of which can be financed advertiser info through our strong relationship with the banks. Cobb & Co. ‘We want to hear from individuals and groups looking for hospitality opportunities throughout the country. Cobb & Co. has a great name and now has the great systems to go with it. Contact me and find out more.’ Contact Nathan Bonney P 0-7-281 1197 M 0275 393 022

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buying a franchise: getting started


K, so you’ve taken the plunge and bought a franchise – what happens next? Whether or not you’ve been in business before, the next few weeks or months are going to be a blur of activity. During this time, you’ll be filling in paperwork, setting up systems, having meetings and being asked to make decisions every day. There may be staff to employ, finance to arrange and licences or qualifications to achieve. Oh yes, and you’ll also be attending training – perhaps near home, perhaps in another city or even overseas – so that you learn what the business involves and how to run it successfully. Welcome to the world of selfemployment. It might sound daunting but the pre-opening period will be one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ll find it less stressful, though, if you understand all the tasks that need to be done and are able to approach them in an organised fashion. This will have a major impact on your readiness for your first days in business and the results you achieve. Every franchise is different, of course, but here are some tips that you might find helpful. As Brad Jacobs of The Coffee Club says, ‘Individually there are hundreds of little tasks to do. If you think of it as one massive task – “get ready for opening� – you will explode. Break it down and it becomes easy.’ That’s why many franchises provide you with a checklist to work through. In the case of The Coffee Club, this takes the form of a comprehensive ‘countdown’ list that starts five weeks from the opening of the new franchisee’s business and details every task that needs to be completed and who needs to do it. ‘We like franchisees to get these items out of the way before they start the formal training with us,’ says Brad. ‘If they have to slot in visits to their accountant or solicitor during training, or they are constantly trying to remember what needs to be done next, it creates extra stress and breaks the momentum of training.’

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With staff, premises, equipment and even liquor licences The Coffee Club might seem like a complex business, but the same applies to other franchises too. At paint repair specialists Touch Up Guys, the Jump-Start manual also lists various tasks that new franchisees need to complete, including reading they must do before training and a worksheet that helps them to identify their goals and objectives for their new business. Martin Smith, the master franchisee for Touch Up Guys in New Zealand, explains that this is all part of teaching franchisees not just how to do a job but how to run a business. ‘During training, we can then help them build the marketing plan and activity calendar that will help them achieve those goals,’ Martin explains. ‘We can help them see what needs to be done, what’s realistic and what impact it will have.’ Paul Brown of Paramount Services agrees that the pre-opening period is a vital one, whatever the business. ‘A lot of our franchisees are first-time business owners,’ he says. ‘We might supply them with contracts and handle admin functions like invoicing and collection but this is not a job, this is their business. They now represent the Paramount brand and they must protect it and promote it and live up to it at all times in order to build a sustainable business. What we have to do is help them change their mind-set from being employees to being employers. Assisting them through the set-up period prior to training is all part of that process.’ So what sort of activities might a new franchisee be expected to carry out before they start training? Well, every franchise is different but here are examples of some of the things you will be asked to do. Remember that, although pre-opening might seem to be a hectic time, things are going to get even busier once your business opens.

statutory requirements One of the first things you will need to do is decide, if you haven’t done it already, how your business is going to be structured: limited company, sole trader, partnership, trust or whatever. This is something to discuss with your lawyer and accountant. While the franchisor can tell you how other franchisees operate, you need to be certain that your structure suits your own specific needs for maximum tax efficiency and protection of your assets. Only once you have this established will you be able to set up your Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:06 PM

G THE ROPES bank and suppliers accounts and various other agreements (eg. property, vehicle or equipment leases).

How do franchisors help you learn to run a whole new business? Lorraine Lord talks to the experts

If you aren’t already registered – for example, if you are a new immigrant like many Paramount franchisees – you’ll also need to obtain an IRD number and register for ACC. You may need to register as a self-employed person and/or as an employer. Your business will probably need to be GST-registered. Work through all these stages with your lawyer and accountant.

additional qualifications

What additional qualifications might you need to run the business? If it’s a food business, you will need to go through accredited food handling and hygiene training. This may be included as part of the franchisor’s training course, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you will be selling alcohol, like some outlets of The Coffee Club, you will need to acquire a General Manager’s Certificate, which requires external training. You’ll also need to obtain a liquor licence, which can take up to three months. It’s also a good idea to do a first aid course, especially if you are going to be employing people (some franchisors insist upon this).

supplier agreements, bank guarantees and insurances

Whatever your franchise, you are likely to need to set up agreements with suppliers. In many cases these will have been negotiated on a national basis by the franchisor, with appropriate credit terms, but you will still need to complete all the forms. Where you need to establish relationships with local suppliers for some items, you will want to identify the best suppliers and terms available before opening your business. If you have premises, you may be required by your lease to provide a bank guarantee in favour of your landlord – check with both your franchisor and your lawyer to ensure this is reasonable. You will also need insurance for your new business – many franchisors stipulate specific requirements such as public liability, business interruption and material damage insurance in the franchise agreement. ‘At Touch Up Guys, we take this very seriously,’ says Martin Smith. ‘As most new franchisees are unfamiliar with business insurance cover, we arrange for them to meet a broker prior to training so they can get professional advice and arrange the appropriate cover.’

setting up your office space If your new business is to be home-based, one of the things you can do to prepare is set up your work space in advance. Every business generates admin work, and you don’t want to be fighting for space on the dining table all the time. A separate work room is ideal but if this is not possible, create a corner that is business space and has all you need close to hand. Try to be disciplined about it and explain to the rest of the family that this is your work space and ask them to respect it. You don’t need the irritations or distractions of finding that the stapler has walked or the laptop is flat and the charger is nowhere to be seen. The cat sleeping on the keyboard, though, is probably unavoidable. Your franchisor will list the major items you need, such as a computer, – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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printer, smartphone, tablet, filing system and so on. You may need EFTPOS facilities and electronic banking. Your accountant will probably want you to go on to online accounting right from the start, which may require faster internet – something which can take time to arrange. The Coffee Club provides a detailed list of stationery that each franchisee will need, right down to pencils and erasers. Whatever equipment you buy, if it is not part of the standard franchise package (and therefore won’t be covered in training), it’s good to read any accompanying manuals before you start your business. It will save time and frustration later if you have everything set up properly in advance.

setting up software Many of the larger franchises provide customised software packages that will help you run the business efficiently, and full training on this software should be provided as part of your induction. In other cases, franchisees are free to use whatever software best suits them, although if a particular package is recommended it is usually best to use this as the franchisor will be familiar with it and be better able to help with set-up and support. This is particularly true for accounting programs, as the financial side can be a challenge for many people at first. The more standardised systems are within a franchise the better, as it makes for faster and easier benchmarking – comparing performance across key aspects of the business – between outlets.

check out the competition Every business has competitors, and one of the secrets of success is to know as much about them as possible. Your franchisor may well know about the competition you will face from other chains or franchises, but even they will vary from place to place – and there will probably be independent operators in your industry, too. Make it your job to find out as much about all your competitors as possible. Find out where they are, what hours they keep, what their prices are. Visit them and talk to their staff (who are usually less guarded than the owners). Look at where they advertise and when. Check their websites and social media pages. Get on their mailing lists for new promotions. ‘We encourage franchisees to have someone make test calls to competitors and find out what services they are offering and what prices they are charging,’ says Martin. ‘Competitors vary from town to town, even in the same company.’ By being well-informed, you can develop strategies with your franchisor to make your mark when you launch.

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buying a franchise: getting started

make friends Once you are committed to joining a franchise, ask your franchisor to introduce you to other franchisees locally. They will become important colleagues in the months to come and you will benefit from being part of a wider group as you get to grips with your business. You might spend a day with them or even offer to help if you have some time before your own business gets going. Talk to your franchisor first, though – they may be keen that you don’t pick up bad habits before training!

prepare for take-off Even before you have opened your doors or got your vehicle on the road, there are many things you can do to help your business get off to the best possible start in marketing terms. For a start, learn as much as you can about your area. This applies even if you have lived there for years; after all, you are looking at it through the eyes of a business owner now. Identify any local groups that might be interested in your product or service. What other companies might you want to work with? For example, Dream Doors franchisees might build relationships with real estate agents selling properties with renovation potential. What networking groups are there in your area and which ones might it be worth getting involved with? Is there a local Chamber of Commerce, enterprise group or BNI you should join? Join local community Facebook pages and Neighbourly to find out what’s going on. Research rates for local advertising. Remember, your customers might be reading or listening to very different things from you – they might be on the road with the radio on while you are in your store, or vice versa. The franchisor and other franchisees can tell you what usually works, but there might be other options in your area. If you have premises, find out where passers-by have come from and are going to – follow them, if necessary! It might help you work out how to encourage them to drop in.

get to know your people If you’re going to be employing people in your business, take time to get to know a bit about them in advance. The Coffee Club requires quite a large team of part and full-time employees, and because of this the franchisor carries out the initial staff recruitment, interviews and induction on behalf of the franchisee. In most cases, though, recruitment is the franchisee’s responsibility. However staff are recruited, the task of managing them and building them into a reliable and efficient team is the franchisee’s job, and it will have its challenges.

one thing at a time Brad Jacobs is well aware of the challenges new franchisees face and the amount of information that they have to take in in a limited time. ‘On the first day of training, a new franchisee walks into the restaurant, sees the coffee machine going flat out, food coming out of the kitchen, staff all doing different things – it’s overwhelming. There’s a moment when everyone thinks, ‘I can’t do this!’ But we say, “Open your manual, what does it say for day one? That’s what we’re going to do today.” We don’t even go near the kitchen till day seven, by which time they have been able to make sense of all the steps involved in running the front of house. ‘A pre-opening checklist is the same – it breaks everything down into small steps, and we confirm with the franchisee all along that each step has been handled. If something isn’t done, then the opening may be delayed – simple as that. Basically, that list shouldn’t leave a franchisee’s side for six weeks!’ And he has one last piece of advice. ‘We get new trainees who want to be there all hours to learn as much as possible. We love their enthusiasm but after four weeks of that, if their brain hasn’t stopped their body will stop for them. You have about the author to learn to set a pace you can maintain for the next 6, 12, 24 Lorraine Lord was training months if your business is to be manager for an award-winning sustainable. The better organised franchise in the UK and helped many new franchisees establish you are in advance, the easier it their businesses is to get into good habits.’

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:06 PM

opportunity: health & beauty

Flex Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Club growing fast with local appeal

GYMS a modern approach


ather and son pairing Agni and Sujit Borkhar are a dream team when it comes to gym franchisees. An experienced project manager, Sujit had a long-held goal to own a business, while son Agni is a motivated, energetic 22-year-old who was a +2 handicap golfer by his early teens before going on to study sport and exercise science. Well aware of Sujit’s ambition, Agni sowed the seeds of becoming partners in a gym franchise. ‘After some initial hesitation, Dad supported the idea and we made contact with lots of gym franchises,’ recalls Agni. ‘We came close to signing up with one of the big international chains, but then someone recommended we check out Flex Fitness – a franchise that started right here in Hamilton. We met the founders, Darren and Tyler Leith, and came away feeling Flex Fitness was the one because they had something that really suited the New Zealand market.’

style energy motivation Darren and Tyler are another father and son team who launched Flex Fitness in 2008. There are now 14 franchised Flex Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Clubs with thousands of members across both islands, with 8 more sites on the ‘coming soon’ list right now. Dillon Williams, the company’s marketing manager, says the rapid growth reflects the concept’s appeal. ‘Flex Fitness is a breath of fresh air in the gym marketplace,’ says Dillon. ‘Yes, members have the benefit of 24 hour access, but it’s our culture, style, energy and motivation that sets Flex Fitness apart. Rather than rush in, exercise and head off, our members are encouraged to socialise: they work out to music, enjoy the modern and energetic environment, mix and mingle at the juice bar over our special protein shakes and smoothies, and relax in our stylish and inviting lobby areas. For many members, Flex is their second home. ‘But don’t think this comes at the expense of our core business, which is to give members the best chance of reaching their fitness goals. All franchisees provide state-of-the-art Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment, as well as benefits such as in-house trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists who create personalised programmes to fasttrack results and generate secondary revenue streams for franchisees.’

the culture pays off

Agni and Sujit opened their Flex Fitness Club in April at Hamilton’s Chartwell Shopping Centre after researching the concept thoroughly. ‘I was all for hitting the go button straight away, but Dad was rightly more cautious,’ grins Agni. ‘We did some major – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Flex Fitness 61.indd 1

due diligence and tested the numbers, and also visited other franchisees, such as Tony Tracey in Morrinsville. We found that franchisees come from all walks of life and, like all the Flex Fitness franchisees we’ve met, Tony was really helpful and friendly.’ Sujit now combines his day job with looking after his new business’s accounts and finances, while Agni manages day-to-day operations. ‘We’re tracking ahead of our membership projections already, which is great – and, even better, it’s not based on discount deals. The fact is, everyday New Zealanders are attracted by an outstanding experience at Flex Fitness and are prepared to pay for it.’

open all hours Agni and Sujit also found that their choice of a franchise with local knowledge paid off. ‘Initially, we were a bit apprehensive about the franchise team’s recommendation of a site at the Chartwell Shopping Centre,’ Agni admits. ‘It was above the main shopping floors and although it did have a separate entry, it seemed a bit small. ‘What we didn’t appreciate was just how much of a bonus it would be that the franchise team had negotiated with the owners for us to access our gym at the centre after shopping hours. Many of our members are mothers who come along after their partners have come home and the kids have gone to bed, and they definitely appreciate the centre having after-hours security staff – the 24-hour feature is a big selling point. It’s helped our business grow even faster, and we’re already talking seriously about opening a second club.’

locations available now It’s this sort of experience that means new Flex Fitness franchisees don’t need to have previous experience in the fitness industry,’ says Dillon. ‘We have the knowledge and systems to help you every step of the way. Initial training at our Hamilton headquarters covers operating systems, staff recruitment and marketing, and we encourage key staff members to attend and share the knowledge. ‘After initial training, we provide ongoing support through field visits, customised web-based systems and phone and email. Marketing is made easy with our professionally-developed materials and, prior to opening, our marketing team work with you to create a six-week pre-marketing campaign to attract interest and gain foundation membership sales. ‘All this adds up to a proven and effective business model which is ready to expand throughout the country. The investment level is from $250,000 +gst depending on size, location and fit-out, and we have territories available throughout New Zealand. All you need to do well is have a passion for health and fitness like Agni and Sujit. If that’s you, talk to us now.’

advertiser info Flex Fitness Contact Craig Cooper P 0-7-850 5556 M 027 526 6255

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Up to 700,000 dogs need your love and care! Did you know? Around 29% of New Zealand households own a dog At Jim’s you learn from a NZ Award-winning dog groomer to provide an awesome professional service – again and again! Jim's brand is well-known in New Zealand, plus there are over 3,000 franchisees around the world – so we have the experience you need Joining Jim’s • Your own purpose-built Jim’s dog trailer • Full training Dog Wash • Uniforms gives you: Everything you need to run a professional and branded business, from promotional items to grooming equipment Call today to ask about how you can build a hugely fun and rewarding business with Jim’s Dog Wash

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Clients trust Jim’s which means they're happy to pay more for peace of mind


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This means Jim’s don’t take a percentage of your income — you keep more of what you earn ensuring you’re rewarded for your own effort We’re always on the lookout for self-motivated people who wish to succeed. The investment level is from $15,000.

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As a Jim's Tree and Stump Removal franchisee you can receive referrals from over 260 Jim’s Mowing franchisees. This enables you to provide *You’ll also need to Jim’s quality customer service, whilst profiting from: purchase, hire or lease

• Quality training, both initial and ongoing a suitable truck, chipper, grinder and a range of gear • Highly developed business operating procedures • Reduced rates: insurance; leases; financing and supplies • Being part of the nationally recognised Jim’s brand • A comprehensive manual

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Becoming your own boss is easier than you might think – with Jim’s 62 Ads 62.indd 1




Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:01 PM

opportunity: home & commercial services

Jim’s Cleaning wants 300 franchisees to make money while having fun

ready to CLEAN UP W

hen newlyweds Brendon and Tracey Jones were asked if they would be interested in becoming the regional franchisor for Jim’s Cleaning New Zealand, they leapt at the chance. Brendon has been the regional franchisor for Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal in Auckland since 2014 and knows how good the Jim’s franchise could be. For Tracey, who works closely with Brendon, it was a tailor-made opportunity to capitalise on more than 20 years in business-to-business sales and marketing. ‘After all, who doesn’t immediately recognise the bearded man in the floppy hat?’ says Tracey. Jim’s Cleaning currently has 14 New Zealand franchisees, who were previously supported out of Australia. ‘We’ve met them all and they’re buzzing that New Zealand now has dedicated support here and is set to grow,’ says Tracey. ‘We believe it’s realistic to grow to 300 franchises here in the next three years. ‘There are close to 400 Jim’s Mowing, Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal, Jim’s Dog Wash, Jim’s Building Inspections and Jim’s Test & Tag franchisees throughout New Zealand. That creates a referral network that works for everyone: a Jim’s Mowing franchisee called on by a real estate company to tidy the grounds of a recently-vacated home can recommend Jim’s Cleaning, and vice versa. We are keen to promote this among all Jim’s New Zealand franchisees and see everyone’s business grow.’

very real financial rewards Tracey says it’s a total myth that doing cleaning means working hard for little money. ‘Jim’s Cleaning franchisees bring specialised equipment and high efficiency methods to their role, and have the freedom to do both domestic and commercial work. As a result, there are very real financial rewards, generally working in pleasant conditions for clients who appreciate what is done for them. Once established it’s not unknown for a Jim’s Cleaning franchisee to turn over $40,000 a month!’ And that’s not all. ‘As business grows, they can choose whether to sell-on clients to another franchisee or assume more of a management role by taking on staff. Rather than a royalty fee that, for some cleaning franchises, can be 15 percent of turnover, Jim’s Cleaning sets a flat fee up-front. If that’s $650 a month, say, it will stay the same regardless of how big your business grows.

Newlyweds Brendon and Tracey already know how good the Jim’s franchises can be, so they have big plans for Jim’s Cleaning – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Jims Cleaning 63.indd 1

‘Because a franchisee is able to set their own hours of work, their own pricing and the number of customers they serve, this is a great opportunity for motivated, personable and enthusiastic people from all walks of life. Back-to-the-workforce mums, migrants looking for a new start, people looking to stay active after another career... everyone!’

very real benefits Tracey lists several other benefits of becoming a Jim’s Cleaning franchisee. ‘Depending on the region, the franchise fee is $30-36,000 +gst for a comprehensive package including a non-exclusive territory of approximately 3000 homes as well as commercial and business areas. ‘Then there’s the Pay-for-Work Guarantee of up to $1100 per week, customised accounting and time management apps, discounts with major suppliers, powerful marketing packages, website and Facebook promotion and amazing training that includes a video a week for 13 weeks that covers everything from how to talk with people, to structuring emails, getting referrals and marketing the business. ‘Last but not least, there’s the ongoing support that will help you grow a business that really meets your goals.’

hand-picked to succeed Founded in 1982 by Jim Penman, the Jim’s Group has expanded from the original lawnmowing business to become the world’s largest home services franchise, with over 3,700 franchisees in four countries and 48 divisions covering a whole range of home services. Haydar Hussein was the personal choice of Jim’s Group founder, Jim Penman, to lead the cleaning division. To quote Jim himself, ‘Haydar is an impressive business person and his careful selection system means that we choose only the best franchisees.’ Both Jim and Haydar share a common philosophy that selecting the right people who will focus on service to customers, as well as doing the job faster and better, is the key to success. ‘Thousands of home and business owners now appreciate and understand there is a “Jim’s difference” and that’s what makes Jim’s Cleaning a market leader,’ says Haydar. ‘I believe that, no matter what size of business you have, you’ve got to put at least 110 percent effort in and have as much fun as possible. That way, the more fun you have, the more money you’ll make!’ Tracey is keen to hear from people anywhere in New Zealand who are prepared to believe in themselves, work hard, make money and have fun. ‘Jim’s Cleaning offers you the opportunity to enjoy a new life with one of the best-known names in the country,’ she says. ‘Call me now and let’s change your future.’

advertiser info Jim’s Cleaning Contact Tracey Jones M 021 343 445 Brendon Jones M 021 818 926

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franchise news


Survey reveals that the sector is a major employer and trainer of New Zealanders

he recent Franchising New Zealand survey revealed that we live in the most franchised country in the world per capita, with 631 different franchise brands and 37,000 franchised outlets. Now, further analysis has revealed just how important franchising is for employment.

A significant proportion of those employed on a part-time or casual basis would be students working part-time in the hospitality sector where franchising is especially strong and the ability to work shifts around lectures and tutorials is especially valued.

For some reason, the US employment statistics used for comparison apply only to ‘all private non-farm jobs’ so the actual figure may be closer to New Zealand’s.

The survey found that 124,300 people are employed in franchises. According to Statistics New Zealand, in the June 2017 year New Zealand had a working-age population of 3.8 million, of whom 2.5 million were currently employed. That means:

How does New Zealand’s rate compare to other countries? The survey allows for a direct comparison with Australia, where the figures are:

Studies have previously shown that franchises are major contributors not just to the employment but also to the training of young people. While such jobs are sometimes criticised as low-paying jobs with no career prospects, franchises teach skills, operating systems and teamwork within a structured environment that offers professionallyplanned training. In many larger franchises, training also offers staff the ability to earn NZQA qualifications while working.

Number of employed people: 2,535,000 Number employed in franchises: 124,200 Therefore: One in 20.4 employed Kiwis works in a franchise. The figures are confirmed by Professor Lorelle Frazer of Griffith University, one of the authors of the Survey (see page 6). Both the overall and the franchise employment figures include casual employees, making it a fair comparison. In fact, the survey broke the figure down to show the majority of franchise employees are full-time (74,300) with the remainder part-time (42,500) and casual (7,400).

Number of employed people: 12,160,000 Number employed in franchises: 472,000 Therefore: One in 25.8 employed Australians works in a franchise. It’s harder to get comparable figures for the USA, but Lorelle says that an analysis of the 2016 PWC Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses suggests the following: Number of employed people: 160,527,200 Number employed in franchises: 8,968,000 Therefore: One in 17.9 employed Americans works in a franchise. 

Join NZ’s most beautiful business.


Franchises also offer opportunities to advance through shift, store or regional management, as well as training for business ownership. Some one-third of McDonald’s franchisees – and a significant proportion of more info the company’s You can download a handy senior pocket summary of the key managers facts from the survey direct – originally to your device from started as crew members.

Caci is the market leader in appearance enhancement with a premium brand. In New Zealand Caci has: •

The most beauty clinics with over 40,500 customers and the highest advertising dollar

More than 40% of our clinics have revenues in excess of $1m annually

We are enjoying significant growth having opened 3 new locations in the past 6 weeks! Your Opportunity: We have plans to open 10 more new clinics in New Zealand this year. Now is the time to start your Caci journey and take advantage of our unique funding model, that offers you the opportunity to own a clinic from $125,000. Limited locations remaining, including: - Auckland

- Wanganui

- Masterton

- Blenheim

- Ashburton

- Timaru

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:07 PM

opportunity: leisure & education

With her passion for business and learning, Chris Bartels is a natural at sKids

inspiring you INSPIRING OTHERS C

hris Bartels is passionate about helping people to discover their potential. As she says, ‘If you believe you can do something then you can do it, but if you think you can’t – well, you won’t.’ As business development manager for Safe Kids in Daily Supervision (sKids), she is in the perfect position to help those who believe.

sKids is New Zealand’s largest private out-of-school supervised care provider, offering before- and after-school care and holiday programmes at over 165 schools throughout the country. Chris joined the company in 2006 as business development manager and is now a director.

Chris knows all about the realities of business ownership, having started her career in hairdressing and bought her first salon when she was just 22. ‘I got off to a really rocky start,’ she confesses. ‘I came in as owner on my first Monday morning to find there were no appointments – the seller had simply taken her clientele and set up a salon in her home. I had no choice but to build a whole new customer base up from scratch, which was a real challenge but a great lesson.

‘sKids ticked all my boxes and I knew straight away I never wanted to go anywhere else. One of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning is hearing the success stories from our franchisees. Many were previously stuck in the daily grind with no meaning to life. We all get a great thrill from their personal successes, from sharing those wonderful “Ah Ha” moments that kids have in their care to buying their first home. One franchisee started with a very modest single programme and within only three years has built up to nine. That has made a significant difference in her life.

‘This was at a time when I’d taken up motor racing. Through it I’d learned a lot about preparation, commitment and competition so I had a real sense of, “I can do this.” I’d been pushed into a nasty corner, but I built that business and a year later bought my second salon. I ran both successfully for six years.’ Marriage to one of the country’s top motorsport engineers followed, along with children, and then Chris went into the jewellery business. ‘The kids were small, interest rates were high and we needed another source of income,’ she says frankly. ‘It was totally different from the salons but the principles of building a good business were the same and it absolutely took off. I then started recruiting independent contractors so they could experience what I had. ‘It made me acutely aware of how it is possible to give people an opportunity to create a different life for themselves. It motivates me to this day: for me, business is all about helping people get the best results they possibly can.’

engaged in the community With children at school, Chris threw herself into the action with her usual enthusiasm. ‘I was on the school board, I helped in the lunch room and I did mother’s help twice a week. It gave me a core understanding of just how important community is to schools. At sKids, getting involved and getting other people involved is central to our philosophy. Some of our most successful franchisees were deeply engaged in their community before taking on the sKids programmes and that gave them a real framework from which to build.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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‘Or take LeeAnn Werner in Christchurch. She started with a single programme and now has four. She also fosters children, so she really has a heart for them, and the sKids programmes gave her the framework to build her business while having time for her kids.’

believing in people One of the sKids programmes that Chris is most proud of is FoodStorm, which teaches kids healthy recipes they can take home and share with their families. ‘Recently, we ran a competition in association with NZ Chefs and 16 sKids kids went to a grand “cook-off” in the finals. Helping kids find out what they are good at so they can believe in themselves is hugely rewarding. We offer music and sport programmes, too – these give expanded opportunities to our franchisees, and present parents with something of value, rather than just being an ordinary after-school supervising service.’ sKids still has many areas around the country crying out for sKids programmes. ‘If you’d care to help your community while having a real business of your own, opportunities start from around $45,000 +gst,’ says Chris. What sort of qualities does sKids look for in a new franchisee? ‘You do need to love kids, of course – that’s a given,’ says Chris. ‘But we also look for strong leadership and organisational skills that will enable you to build a strong, advertiser info well-trained team whilst growing your business by connecting Safe Kids in with the community. The skill set Daily Supervision required is often middle-to-senior management. ‘It’s these qualities that make sKids franchisees zing. If you believe that’s you, contact me. We want to inspire you so that you can inspire others.’

Contact Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 P 0800 SKIDSBIZ 0800 754 372

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Xpresso Delights 2, 3 or 4 day a week business offers genuine semi-passive income. How? Let our premium fully automatic coffee machines do the work for you, they make the coffees while you earn the income. Plus you get to choose the days and hours you would like to work.

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At Xpresso Delight, we are in the corporate workplace coffee market. We offer a business opportunity like no other, operating within a market that loves and accepts our unique product and service. Plus you benefit from over 12 years experience with our proven systems, training and support.

Xpresso Delight provides a cafe quality experience right inside the workplace. Our client Locations enjoy all their favourite coffees and even hot chocolate all at the press of a button. Plus they enjoy our 5 Star Concierge Coffee Service that only Xpresso Delight can deliver.

7/02/16 5:50 PM

opportunity: home & building

Navigation Homes founders Michelle and Aaron Hall with Simon and Emma Sparkes: ‘We increased turnover by 1000 percent!’

from GRIND to GROWTH Building couple find Navigation Homes transforms their life


fter ten years of grinding away trying to establish their own building business, Simon and Emma Sparkes bought a Navigation Homes franchise. ‘It’s the best thing we’ve ever done,’ says Emma. ‘We’d been struggling to find clients for a decade and, within a year of becoming franchisees, we’ve increased turnover by one thousand percent!’ Simon, an experienced builder, and Emma left Wales twelve years ago to create a new future for their children in Taupo. They set up shop in Taupo, ‘But we just couldn’t get ahead,’ Emma says. ‘We didn’t realise that something like 80 percent of the population will only build with a nationwide franchise. We simply couldn’t attract enough clients to build new homes, and after ten years we just knew something had to change, so we talked to Navigation Homes.’ Founded by Aaron and Michelle Hall in early 2007 Navigation Homes is one of the best-known names in the building business, with 11 franchises around the country. A builder since leaving school, Aaron has held senior sales and marketing roles with companies like Firth Industries, James Hardie and Winstone Wallboards, as well as owning and operating national franchised housing companies for 12 years. This wealth of knowledge and experience meant Simon and Emma could rely on a brand with all the pulling power and systems they lacked.

several exclusive territories available for those with relevant building industry or management experience. The investment required ranges from $100,000 to $350,000 +gst depending on location, geography and building consent figures. Give us a call and find out more.’ Emma says that joining the franchise has transformed their future. ‘We are a husband-and-wife team, we are passionate about what we do, and we love the process of building, but things weren’t easy. Now, even though we’re still working 24/7 at present, it’s because we’re growing. Joining Navigation Homes is the best move we’ve ever made.’

advertiser info Navigation Homes Contact Aaron Hall P 0-9-294 6135 M 021 477 506

‘We liked everything Navigation Homes stood for,’ Emma says. ‘Aaron and Michelle are very family-orientated, like us, and they have the same beliefs and determination as we do. They also have the same values regarding building standards, quality and commitment. They have founded a brand with great integrity which is growing rapidly as a result, and we love the vision statement: We build homes you love to live in.’


loan paid off

Navigation Homes is one of the most exciting, fastest growing Housing Franchises in NZ. The Franchisors have over 36 years’ experience in the building industry! › Build your own asset, that you can sell and reap the rewards of your endeavours › Excellent systems and support from an experienced franchise team › Ongoing support and training › Established National Supply Agreements with competitive pricing › Working with a network of high-calibre success-driven franchisees › Fantastic product offer › National marketing benefits › Currently 11 franchises nationwide

Determined to get out of their rut, Emma and Simon made their decision and secured a loan to buy the franchise. ‘Westpac were very encouraging and helpful; they understood franchising and knew all about Navigation Homes, so it was quite straightforward. ‘Our accountant did the figures based on our building three homes in the first year, which we thought looked feasible, but it turned out we had all underestimated demand and the value of the Navigation Homes brand. We didn’t complete three homes – we completed ten, and paid off our loan! Although there has been a bit of a boom here, it was the combination of the brand, the market and our passion for building that really made the difference. Fortunately, the Navigation Homes systems and suppliers enabled us to cope with such rapid growth.’

If you are looking for an opportunity to own and run your own business and benefit from your hard work, with the support of a nationally recognised housing company, think Navigation Homes!

all the help you need ‘We’re proud that Simon and Emma received all the training and management systems they needed to stay on top of multiple projects and fulfil their potential,’ says Aaron. ‘They also had access to a range of over 50 house plans which they could adapt to meet their clients’ wishes. These range from entry-level “brick & tile” to funky mono-pitch, the architecturally-inspired Designer Series through to our unique replica Bungalow & Villa series. As a result, they’ve forged ahead to great success. ‘Simon and Emma have joined our other franchisees who have helped Navigation Homes establish a brand that is renowned for quality in every aspect of construction. We are keen to build on that reputation, and have – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Navigations Homes 67.indd 1

Don’t delay, make contact now and take control of your own future Aaron | M: 021 477 506 | E:

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buying a franchise

IS IT FOR YOU? What is franchising and why does it work? We answer five common questions about franchising


ranchising has grown massively in New Zealand over the past five years. There are now 37,000 franchised units around the country – over 7 percent of all small businesses – and the numbers are still increasing. So just what is franchising, why does it work and is it for you?

1 what is franchising? Franchising is a method of marketing and distribution whereby a company (called the franchisor) expands by granting a person or company (called the franchisee) the right to operate a copy of its business. The right will usually include the ability to use the name, the business system and the know-how of the franchisor, and is granted for a fixed term. The franchisor usually gains his or her income from fees or product mark-ups paid by the franchisee. In return, he or she must provide a variety of services to encourage the continuing profitability and growth of the franchisee’s business. The franchisee pays to set up the business in their area (including, for example, property, leasing or equipment costs) and is the owner of their own business. They receive their income from successfully marketing a desirable product or service under a promotable brand name.

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2 is franchising reputable? Franchising enables companies who have a good product or service to expand faster because they are using the capital, local knowledge and commitment of individuals who are in business for themselves. It gives those individuals the ability to go into business properly trained and equipped, with the security of a well-proven product and system behind them. Franchising is a part of daily life in New Zealand. Many of our best-known brands are actually franchises: Lotto, Green Acres, Columbus Coffee, Pak’nSave, sKids and, of course, McDonald’s.

3 why buy a franchise? When you buy a well-developed franchise, you should enjoy many advantages. These include: Product or Service: The franchisor has already proved that the market exists. Franchisees are not risking their money on a new idea. System: The most efficient way of delivering the product or service has been developed and will be shared with the franchisee.

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:08 PM

LISTEN Equipment: Franchisees start with the best equipment for the job and only the equipment they need – often specially-designed or developed. Suppliers: Bulk buying means franchisees benefit from lower prices and better service than independents. Brand Marketing: The company already has a name which attracts customers and makes marketing more effective. Training: A franchisee can enter a brand new industry and be trained in how to run that specific business to best effect. Support: The franchisor keeps a watchful eye on the progress of the business to help the franchisee grow at the right speed and avoid errors. Research & Development: While the franchisee focuses on customer service, the franchisor works on new products and techniques to ensure franchisees remain competitive.

4 is it a fail-safe way to go into business? No. Franchises may offer you a much greater chance of success than trying to go it alone, but no business venture is entirely without risk. Franchises are not the same, any more than all shops are the same. Even within the same industry, each franchise will be set up differently. It will have different business systems, different cost structures, different support services for franchisees and, above all, different people – both as franchisors and franchisees. If the franchise is properly structured, it is likely to be the individuals who make the difference. Common causes for franchisee failure include: • Choosing a business for which they are not suited or equipped. • Being under-capitalised from the start and unable to finance the growth of the business. • Failing to take adequate legal and financial advice prior to purchase. • Not following the franchise system. • Taking too much money out of the business too soon. • Being over-reliant on the franchisor rather than accepting that this is your business. • Failure to act upon advice or make difficult decisions. Franchisors can also make mistakes. The most serious ones which inexperienced franchisors make are: • Being under-capitalised and unable to provide the necessary support. • Not having properly developed and tested the systems. • Not having a sustainable business structure which can provide a fair return for both franchisor and franchisee. • Selecting the wrong location. • Selecting the wrong franchisee. That’s why, if you’re looking at buying a franchise, you need to choose carefully (see page 38) and take professional advice from a lawyer and an accountant who specialise in franchising. They may charge a little more than a non-specialist, but they’ll take less time, probably have experience of the franchise you are looking at, know what to look for and give better advice.

5 is it for me? Franchising does not suit everyone. It does involve taking a risk, not having the security of a regular income, and being responsible for your own business. Do not rely upon the franchisor to make you successful. The franchisor will help, but basically franchisees are given the tools – the product, the system, the brand and the training – to enable them to get on with the job (see page 58). Success is up to the individual. As every successful franchisee will tell you: you only get out of the business what you put in to the business. Remember that golden rule and you could have a great future as a franchisee. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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before you buy

All franchise agreements put a lot of power in the hands of the franchisor. Whether a franchisor uses that power wisely or carelessly comes down to their character. Their character will have a huge impact on your experience as a franchisee and may be the most important thing you should assess before buying a franchise. It’s also the hardest thing to assess. But you can learn a lot by asking smart questions of other franchisees and listening closely to how they answer. Ask about how the franchisor communicates and how they act when challenged or wrong, how they introduce change, how they respond to franchisees struggling under personal circumstances and how they demonstrate that they have their franchisees’ best interests at heart. Listen to what is said, how it is said and what is perhaps glossed over.

LOOK BEFORE You’ll begin to get a sense YOU of how LEAP things really operate in that franchise system.

Franchising is a powerful way of doing Michael Bright business, but the same forces that make Specialist Franchise Lawyer franchising great also create vulnerability 021 2666 395 and risk. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to respond to the issues that arise. We help with: · Assessing franchise opportunities · Advising on franchise agreements and other contracts · Franchise sales and purchases · Dealing with difficult situations

FRANCHISE LAWYERS Auckland Phone 09 303 3764

North Shore Phone 09 414 9800

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100 The cover of our very first issue in April 1992. We’ve grown massively since then, with a digital issue, website, social media, podcasts and videos delivering free information to readers all over the world


After 100 issues of Franchise New Zealand, we want your input

Nearly all of that information has been provided to our readers free of charge. That’s only been possible thanks to our sponsors, Westpac and Franchise Accountants, and to all our advertisers over the years. Thank you to them, and thanks to all our friends at the Franchise Association.

what’s next?


he first-ever issue of Franchise New Zealand magazine was published back in April 1992. Back then, franchising was a pretty new concept in this country and not very well understood, but look how it’s grown. In this, our 100th issue, we’re proudly shouting about the fact that New Zealand is the most franchised country in the world. Of course, it’s not just franchising that has grown in that time. The original magazine has expanded massively. As well as the print issue (which now goes everywhere): • Over 1,000 people download the digital magazine each month. • The website, which we launched in 1997 when the internet was still a novelty, now has over 16,000 visitors per month. • Our email newsletter goes out to a database of 12,000. • Our Facebook page already has over 2,600 followers. We’ve also started producing podcasts and videos as well as articles in other languages so, all in all, we like to think we’ve done our bit to help New Zealanders understand franchising and make wise choices for their futures.

Of course, like many industries, the publishing business has changed beyond all recognition since 1992. What hasn’t changed is the need for franchise buyers to receive helpful and accurate advice about buying and managing a franchise. That’s why, over the next few months, we’ll be surveying readers across all our media to find out how we can provide even better resources. We’re particularly interested in talking to people who have been reading the magazine or visiting our website for some time. We want to know what you find useful, what you’d like to see more of, and how you’d most like to receive the information you need. We also want to hear from people who have bought a franchise to find out what additional information they would have found helpful at the time, and what they would find useful in their first year or two. After all, buying a franchise is one thing – making it really successful is another. If you can help, please do complete our reader survey at www.franchise., or email us at We’d love to hear from you so that issue number 101 can be better still.


YOUR NUMBER For over a decade, Hire-A-Hubby have helped Kiwis nationwide to improve their properties with skilled service and a can-do attitude. If you have skills in project management, team leadership, a trade or general property maintenance work then Hire-A-Hubby could be the ideal platform to help you build a successful business. A variety of national service and installation contracts ensure there’s always plenty of work available in both the residential and commercial sector.

Plus you’ll be able to leverage the benefits of the hugely popular Hire-A-Hubby brand including impressive discounts on materials, fuel, hardware, vehicles and more from companies such as Bunnings, Z Energy, VW, ANZ and Vodafone. For a smaller initial investment comparative to most other franchise systems you’ll enjoy flexible working hours, control over your income, and the support of an award-winning business that’s dare we say it - in pretty amazing shape.

To find out more:

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 3:16 PM

opportunity: business & commercial

it’s about

Being local and friendly makes all the difference for SBA franchisees



mall Business Accounting (SBA) is one of the most recognised accounting brands in New Zealand. Now over 20 years old, the brand has 53 offices nationwide with franchisees focusing on providing fast, affordable accounting services. That makes it a sizeable brand – but it’s being local and friendly that wins customers.

attended one of the SBA conferences and was amazed at the variety and mix of people the franchise attracted. You don’t need to be an accountant to be a franchisee as long as you have some financial or business experience, so I’d begun to see the potential for buying my own franchise, but at the conference I realised just how big it was.

A typical SBA client is Stewart Watson, who bought a Crewcut Lawn and Garden franchise on the Kapiti Coast in 2016. He was a first-time business owner and, being a former banker, he knew the importance of staying on top of the numbers right from the start.

‘I already had excellent local contacts throughout the Kapiti Coast, and I’ve been able to exploit that network from day one. Of course, it was still a bit of a “gulp” moment when I signed the lease for a $40,000 office with no income – I think every small business owner goes through that – but knowing all I knew about the franchise, I had confidence it would bring the rewards. My start-up coincided with the local post shop in Mana closing so, as I had the premises, I took on the NZ Post agency too. That brought 200 people a day through the door and provided a lot of extra potential customers.’

the client ‘I signed up with SBA in Mana from day one as I knew they specialised in looking after small businesses and I knew the franchisee, Shayne O’Hagan, as a down-to-earth and professional operator from my banking days,’ says Stewart. ‘I bombarded him with questions, but Shayne is very patient and has the ability to answer everything in simple, easy terms. ‘As expected, my first year was really busy building up my portfolio of clients from 70 to around 120. It was a huge learning curve managing my day-to-day schedule, tool maintenance, invoicing, payments, GST and of course preparing my end-of-year financials. Now that I have my first year under my belt, I have got a good system going but I still continue to look for ways to be more efficient and streamline my financial management. That’s where Shayne comes in: he answers my many questions and recommends systems or processes that could save me time and money. ‘I’ve found there are three top benefits to getting SBA to do your accounts,’ says Stewart. ‘First, it is small and local – they are not a large corporate organisation and I certainly don’t want to be a face-less number. Second, Shayne has extensive business experience working outside accounting and therefore has empathy for what we go through. And third, as a franchisee myself I like that my accountancy service is also a franchise and that Shayne understands the benefits of franchising. ‘I’d highly recommend SBA as they have an absolutely fresh approach and, in Shayne’s case, a great local understanding.’

the franchisee After 20 years in retail banking, Shayne O’Hagan is revelling in his career as an SBA franchisee in Mana on the Kapiti Coast. Now in his third year, he says, ‘People come through our doors off the high street into a comfortable place which doesn’t feel like an accountancy office – they feel welcome and able to ask for help. That’s a great start to a relationship.’ Shayne had become familiar with SBA during his banking career. ‘I – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

sba 71.indd 1

the benefits Although Shayne says the first few months were ‘a bit slow’ while he was finding his feet, he has been astonished at the growth since. ‘One of the best things about SBA is that it is a network in its own right,’ he says. ‘I teamed up with another franchisee, Peter Fussell – we do all manner of comparisons and he has assisted me greatly. ‘The technology is also a huge advantage. SBA works with industryleading partners like Xero and other software providers to integrate the best systems throughout the business. It’s not only more efficient – it’s simple and intuitive, and I find I can get customers to understand it very quickly. But at the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. If you are a people person, and you can enjoy a good laugh with your customers sometimes, you can achieve a great deal with SBA.’ According to Craig Gardiner, the general manager of SBA, ‘The adoption of Xero by all SBA offices enables us to use the very best accounting system to improve our service to our clients and boost the bottom line for all our franchisees. The investment is $45,000 +gst and an additional $15,000 will be needed for advertiser info shop fit-out and other capital investment. Small Business Accounting ‘It’s a winning formula and we need additional SBA offices in many areas to fulfil demand, so we’re very keen to hear from anyone with a suitable background. Call us now.’ Contact Adam Parore P 0-9-378 0934 F 0-9-523 0355

71 7/09/17 3:24 PM

opportunity: business & commercial

Wide Span Sheds offers low start-up costs, excellent cash flow and proven demand across a wide market



e have much in common with our Australian neighbours but there are some big differences, too. That’s why franchises expanding across the Tasman are wise to take it slowly at first. It’s something that Wide Span Sheds took to heart when the company, Australasia’s fastest growing supplier of pre-engineered shed and steel kit buildings, first came here in 2008, as Jay Higgins explains. ‘Rather than leaping across the ditch with all guns blazing, we came in pretty much under the radar in 2009. We wanted to get to know the New Zealand market and perfect our local supply chain and systems,’ explains Jay, who is the Australasian business manager for Wide Span Sheds. ‘Even with this low-key approach, the response surprised us, especially in the North Island where our first two franchisees soon found it hard to keep up with demand. Now we are here in a big way and looking for entrepreneurial Kiwis with management, project management, sales or steel working and building skills.’

more work than we can handle Wide Span Sheds products include everything from small domestic buildings to large commercial premises, and provide a quality of engineering with features and benefits that have won fans wherever they go. With existing franchisees having more work than they can handle, nine new North Island franchise territories have been created. These are: • Whangarei • Tauranga • Gisborne

• Kaitaia/Kerikeri • Taranaki • Hawkes Bay

• Bay of Plenty • Manawatu/Wanganui • Wellington/Masterton

‘Every territory includes one or more major towns,’ explains Jay. ‘That means quick turnaround sales for turnkey garages, carports, storage sheds and home workshops, while commercial and industrial areas create a market for retail premises, warehouses and processing plants. With clear spans of up to 27 metres wide and over 200 metres long, Wide Span Sheds are also popular in rural areas as milking sheds, barns, open-front implement sheds, shearing sheds, horse stables and even aircraft hangars!’

getting into business

‘This is a great opportunity for someone with the right experience looking to strike out on their own, or add a fresh new income stream to an existing business,’ says Jay. The investment of $95,000 +gst covers full training with a $32,000 +gst contribution to enable you to set up high-visibility Jay Higgins: ‘It’s a formula for excellent cashflow and high profitability’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Wide Span Sheds 723.indd 1

premises with strong signage and a striking, professional fit-out based on one of three options developed by Wide Span Sheds. ‘Franchisees use Wide Span Sheds’ industry-leading Shed Management System that quite literally turns your computer, laptop or tablet into a product catalogue, design tool, quantity surveyor and costing calculator. This gives access to thousands of designs and variations, and generates an inventory of components on the spot. There’s no stockholding and no manufacturing, as steel from NZ Steel is formed at Metalcraft Industries – both exclusive suppliers – and delivered direct to site. All the franchisee has to do is manage the site’s preparation and the assembly of the kit-set building using contractors and/or their own staff. Smaller sheds such as garages can be sold for assembly by the purchaser.’ Franchisees are also welcome to use business and other contacts to establish a network of commission agents to promote Wide Span Sheds throughout their territory. There are no royalties: instead, the franchisor receives a small percentage of the total value of the Bill of Materials on each job. ‘The franchisee retains 100 percent of construction and other works, such as the concrete pad and any plumbing or electrical work,’ says Jay. ‘It’s a formula for excellent cash flow and high profitability.’ Both the existing North Island franchisees would agree with that. In Waikato, Kris Robinson bought the franchise as an add-on to his engineering business, but now he focuses solely on Wide Span and has built the largest big shed business in the North Island. Meanwhile, Joe Allen has concentrated on garage and other kits while still running Rodney Earthworks & Foundations – an ideal fit as each provides work for the other.

full training provided Jay Higgins and Peter Darnell, the New Zealand business development manager, work together with franchisees to create and mentor tailored growth strategies. Jay is also the face of training for New Zealand franchisees during their four full days at Steelex’s Varsity Lakes head office on the Gold Coast. ‘Before coming to Australia, new franchisees receive two-to-three weeks of on-line training in such areas as products, sales and marketing, and using the shed management system,’ says Jay. ‘Then they come to Australia for advanced training and to meet the support and other staff in engineering, IT, sales and marketing and operations. They’ll feel right at home as many of the staff are Kiwis – I’m even married to one,’ he laughs. ‘And once back in New Zealand they’ll be mentored by Kris and Joe (including one week in their store) and receive regular visits from Peter and me. ‘We’ve seen the demand and proven that Wide Span Sheds are as popular in New Zealand as in Australia – now all we need is the people on the ground to make the most of the opportunities. There are only nine North Island franchises available so grab your chance now. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – and someone else will be reaping the benefits.’

advertiser info Wide Span Sheds Contact Peter Darnell P 0-9-899 2044

73 7/09/17 3:23 PM

legal matters

commerce act changes

ARE YOU PREPARED? A new law could cost unprepared franchisors dearly, say Miles Agmen-Smith and Ada Xie of ASCO Legal


purpose is ‘to promote competition in markets for the long-term benefits of consumers within New Zealand.’

n late 2016, four of New Zealand’s biggest real estate agencies were collectively fined nearly $10 million. What was their sin? TradeMe had introduced a new pricing structure for listing properties for sale and the agents agreed that, if their listings were involved, they would all pass the cost of that on as a charge to their customers. Passing the cost on wasn’t the problem: the sin was all agreeing together that they would do it. The fines were imposed under the Commerce Act, which states that its

As of 14th August 2017, the 21 year-old Act has been amended with particular focus on cartels. It increases restrictions on activities such as business competitors operating to restrict output or undertaking so-called ‘market allocating’ – and it could have a big impact upon franchising.

the concern for franchising For franchising, the areas of the amended Act of greatest concern include the provisions regarding restrictive trade practices, business acquisitions and dealings in regulated goods services. The cartel provisions in the section of the Act dealing with restrictive trade practices have been



FRANCHISE Owning a franchise is an exciting and often challenging venture. That’s why we have local Business Specialists throughout New Zealand who understand the specific requirements of franchise businesses, and are ready to help you make your franchise a success. We also have franchise-specific resources to assist you on ANZ Biz Hub. Visit or give us a call on 0800 39 40 41 to see how our Business Specialists can help you.

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited 09/17

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:09 PM

expanded. Section 30 prohibits entering ‘into a contract or arrangement, or arrive at an understanding, that contains a cartel provision’ or from giving effect to a cartel provision. So what is a ‘cartel provision’? It is described as being anything involving price-fixing, restricting output or market allocating. These activities are called “collaborative activity” in the language of the Act, which defines them in some detail. The problem for franchising is that these definitions are very broad and therefore bring traditional franchise structures – made up of independently-owned businesses within the franchise – into potential breaches, especially in three main areas: fixing prices (eg. across a franchise network); restricting output (eg. limiting trading hours or agreeing restraint of trade clauses) and; allocation of markets (eg. setting exclusive territories for the benefit of franchisees). Note that the Act does not just refer to new practices. Existing practices – for example, all the franchise agreements within a network – may now be in breach of the Act agreement provisions. If that is the case, they will not only be illegal, but also unenforceable. The good news is that there are some exceptions for so-called collaborative activities. There are also exceptions for vertical supply contracts; for joint buying and promotion agreements; and for various other situations relating to intellectual property rights and sales and purchases of business. However, it must be emphasised that all exceptions are tightly defined and limited in scope, and those limitations are exceeded at great peril. Financial penalties for some of the offences now top out at the greater of $10m or 3 times the value of any commercial gain, or 10 percent of the turnover of the parties ‘and all its interconnected bodies corporate.’ For more mundane offences, there are fines up to $100,000 for individuals, $300,000 for entities. The Act provides, in some situations, for approaches to be made to the Commerce Commission for authorisation for particular transactions: for example, if the proposed collaborative activity is reasonably necessary for the purposes of the activity and won’t have the effect of substantially reducing competition in a market. Be aware, though, that such clearances must be sought in advance, adding another level of complexity (and cost) for franchisors.

what should franchises do? As always with complicated new legislation, it will take a while for it to be clear how the Commerce Commission (as enforcer in this area) will treat matters and whether it will publish guidelines to provide specific help in the franchise sector. The Franchise Association of New Zealand had considerable discussion with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment during the drafting stages of the Bill with regard to the ability to enforce restraints of trade following termination of franchise agreements, with some success. However, there are still areas of potential ambiguity which it will be left to the Courts to interpret.

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None of that will help a franchisor unfortunate enough to face prosecution or the loss of enforceability of their agreements, or some aspects of them. Now that the Act is in force, businesses of all kinds need to take steps to confirm that they are compliant, or to become compliant. That needs to happen immediately with new transactions, and within nine months for some classes of existing transactions. The options for those who do not comply could be financially disastrous, bring the business to an end and result in prosecution of the individuals involved. It is therefore vital that franchisors have their documentation reviewed. Business law is constantly changing so that is good practice anyway, but the latest amendments to the Commerce Act make it urgent. It is also very desirable to review the arrangements and practices of the business generally to weed out possible non-compliance in other areas. Failure to do so could cost you dearly.

about the author Miles Agmen-Smith is a specialist franchise lawyer and partner at ASCO Legal and Ada Xie is a member of the team. This article is not a substitute for detailed legal or other advice. Every individual situation differs as also do Government policies, and laws and general conditions constantly change. Specific advice should be taken in every case. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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We assist you to achieve your commercial objectives with practical and cost effective legal advice. Our team has many years’ experience in all aspects of franchising and includes a former Chairman of the Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc. +64-9-308-8070


75 7/09/17 4:09 PM

Westpac Directo Over 275 different franchises

what’s available?

what do they do?

what does it cost?

how many are there?

who do I contact?

0800 Sunshade


0800 Sunshade are designers, manufacturers and installers of outdoor weather protection products.

7 7


Home & Building


number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

A-B franchise and business opportunities get more information P 0-6-876 9675

AA Auto Centre

Auto Services


Become a premier provider in the vehicle service and repair market.

34 34

P 0-9-966 8704

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

Home & Building


Proven international franchise operating in 15 countries around the world. The house inspection industry is rapidly growing with pre-purchase inspections, P testing, maintenance inspections and safe and sanitary reports. We are now looking for further inspectors nationwide.

13 200

John Goodrum M 021 945 140 E W

Home & Building


New Zealand’s leading hire company supplying scissor lifts, cherry pickers and knucklebooms. There are exciting new franchise options available throughout the North Island. A unique opportunity exists for the right person to work their way into a franchise ownership role.

6 6

Lena Harrington P 0-3-341 3566 M 021 361 622 E W

Health & Fitness


North Island-wide chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, offering multi-disciplinary services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pilates and exercise rehabilitation, ACC rehabilitation contracts, health and wellness services. Operating since 1990. Previous health services experience preferred.

22 22

Gill Webb P 0800 224 486 E W







Iconic French fashion jewellery that fuses the fashionable with the affordable.

11 340

P 0800 242 842



Home & Building


Alurestore is the only mobile franchise of its kind in NZ. Alurestore offers customers the opportunity to restore their joinery or change the colour. Complete training package and equipment supplied. Huge potential for enthusiastic new franchisees. Come and join us as we expand. Call now.

1 1

Steve & Beryl Todd P 0508 737 867 M 027 475 6937 E W

Anchor Franchise


Food & Beverage


Market leader in the sales and distribution of milk products and beverages throughout New 65 Zealand including Anchor, Primo, Zing, Mammoth Supply Co, Fresh N Fruity, De Winkel, 65 Country Goodness, Mainland, Kapiti, CalciYum and Eon. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories.

Shannon Davidson P 0-9-374 9303 E W

Health & Fitness


Convenient 24-hour fitness club franchise. Voted the world’s number 1 top global franchise 2015/16.

35 1300+

P 0-7-974 4589

Business & Commercial


Appliance Tagging Services are Australia’s leading electrical testing and tagging franchise and are now franchising in New Zealand. Join our award-winning franchise business and enjoy the support of our proven system. We are seeking safety-minded well-organised people with a passion for success.

New 40

Steve Wren P 0061 3 8520 9750 M 0061 401 655 655 E W

Armstrong Smarter Security

Business & Commercial


Armstrong for smarter security. Retail and mobile locksmith and alarm specialists.

18 18

P 0-9-415 0585

At Your Request Franchise Group

Home & Commercial $14,000

NZ’s premium home, commercial and lawn service franchise system.

200+ 200+

P 0800 297 297

Baby On The Move



Specialising in rental and sales of baby and toddler car seats and other products.

17 17

P 0-9-422 2285

Food & Beverage


With over 30 years of experience, Bakers Delight is a successful franchise business with a growing network of over 700 bakeries spanning across four countries. Bakers Delight has a proven business formula which provides comprehensive training and on-going support.

27 700+

P 0800 225 388 E W

Bark Busters

Leisure & Education

$22,000 $30,000

Do you love dogs? Join Bark Busters, the largest, most trusted in-home dog training company globally. Proven business model. You need to be business minded, self-motivated with excellent communication skills and have an outgoing personality. No experience necessary, extensive personalised training and ongoing support provided.

5 275

Val Edwards P 0800 167 710 E W




New Zealand’s premium specialist bedding and bedroom furniture retailer with a focus on superior customer service, top brands and expert advice. Looking for motivated owner operators passionate about selling and providing a high level of customer service.

16 16

Graeme Doak M 021 665 923 E W

Beds R Us



Join New Zealand’s largest independent bedding group. Franchise opportunities available with full training and support. Very competitive fee structure, co-ordinated national advertising programme and great supplier partnerships. Looking for motivated and skilled operators with passion and drive.

50 50

Cindy Lui M 027 525 1424 E W

Anytime Fitness Appliance Tagging Services

Bakers Delight



Bin Inn Retail Group Co-operative



Co-operative of nationwide wholefoods and speciality grocery stores. No previous experience required.

36 36

P 0-7-575 6939

Blink n Clean


Home Services


Blink n Clean Blinds is the new onsite service for blind cleaning. Technicians need to be energetic and have an eye for excellence. With an investment of $60,000 - $70,000 you will be heading towards a six figure income. Full training will be provided.

New New

Sarina Pearl P 0800 254 656 E W

Body Audit NZ


Health & Fitness


Body Audit provides a valuable tool for health, fitness and weight management, providing body composition testing services for workplaces, gyms, groups and individuals. Seeking go-getters with drive, vision, passion and enthusiasm. Experience not essential, full training, sales and marketing guidance and ongoing support provided.

New New

Michelle Rosewarne M 0274 331 266 E W



Specialists in supplying all textbooks nationally to schools and other educational institutions. Our strength is in our ability to provide value for money. Franchisees work in a stable market, with minimal overheads and enjoy flexible hours which operate around the school year.

18 18

Michael Win P 0-3-377 9555 E W


76 EDIT DIR 76.indd 1

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM

ctory of Franchising 76 franchise and business opportunities

86 specialist advisors

88 consultants and others

looking for a business opportunity but don’t know where to start? choose by industry

We have divided all the opportunities into ten main industries. Just look down the third column to select the type of business you are interested in. You can also search the Directory by industry online at

choose by investment

The ‘Investment’ figures quoted in the fourth column are for guidance only and may not include GST, equipment, working capital or other items unless specifically included. You should confirm such items direct with the franchise concerned.


choose by type

Listing information is supplied by that particular entity. The symbol in the FANZ column denotes a member of the Franchise Association. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept liability for any omissions or errors.

The description contains a brief description of the franchise and may include information on the type of people the opportunity is best suited to. More information can be found online at

Books & Gifts Direct



Books and gifts sold directly from lunchrooms and receptions.



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities B-C get more information

45 200

P 0-9-9477 0012

Breakers Café & Bar

Food & Beverage


Proven franchise model providing Kiwi fare at affordable prices.

7 7

P 0-6-834 0537

Brucies Lawnmowing & Garden Care

Home Services


Brucies Lawnmowing and Garden Care has grown dramatically since launching. We have a strong presence in Auckland and are looking to establish master franchises throughout New Zealand. We can help you build a strong business. No experience required, but professionalism and integrity are a necessity.

12 12

Bruce Rea P 0-9-267 7244 M 027 273 4992 E W

Brumby’s Bakeries

Food & Beverage


Part of the New Zealand bakery market for over 15 years.

8 200+

P 0-9-973 4821

Budding Ideas

Business & Commercial


100% NZ owned, specialising in the hire of artificial flower displays. Our displays look real and fresh. Rental charges are very reasonable. Suitable for a business minded person. No special skills required as training provided. Home based lifestyle business with minimum capital outlay required.

6 6

Manish Kemkar P 0-9-837 1219 E W

Building Wash Services 42

Business & Commercial


BWS is the market leader in the exterior washing of commercial buildings. Outstanding opportunities for, motivated self-starters with an eye for details, a good understanding of safety and sales ability. Being trade qualified or experienced in commercial property of benefit. Full induction and training programme.

New New

Simon Green P 0800 470 075 M 021 523 301 E W


Food & Beverage

$300,000+ BurgerFuel is a leader in the gourmet burger market, dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food. Combined with fun and irreverent marketing campaigns BurgerFuel creates the perfect environment for franchisees to grow and enjoy their business.

30 41

Craig Notman P 0-9-376 6007 E W

Food & Beverage


At Burger Wisconsin, it’s always been about the food. Now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway. It’s a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste.

22 22

Tyler Kerlin P 0-9-973 4559 E W

Financial Services


Calling all CA’s and CPA’s - we want you. Business Buddys are chartered accountants & Xero experts, gold partners in fact. We specialise in working with trades.

1 1

Kirsten Hawke P 0800 283 399 E W

Health & Beauty

$125,000+ Caci is the market leader in appearance enhancement with a premium brand that delivers the best results. They are enjoying significant growth having opened multiple new locations in the past 12 months. We now only have limited locations remaining in New Zealand – apply today.

37 37

Hilary Metzger P 0-9-320 2610 M 021 369 632 E W

Café Botannix

Food & Beverage


Contemporary deli cafés serving organic coffee and organic food options in Palmers garden centres.

4 4

Murray Belcher P 0-9-444 4369 E


Food & Beverage


The world’s largest mobile coffee franchise in the fast growth coffee industry.

11 230+

M 027 937 0894

CAL Systems

Financial Services


Turn-key operation. Set up and run a finance company from home.

30 30

P 0-4-293 6899

Carl’s Jr.

Food & Beverage


We are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join the Carl’s Jr. team and grow the business together with Restaurant Brand’s support. You need to be hands-on and goal focused. Operational training is provided.

18 1300+

Alan Brooks M 021 276 9769 E W



The largest, most experienced cartridge refilling company worldwide. Franchisees operate 36 from retail premises, refilling cartridges, retailing new cartridges and other printer consumables. 1650 Operating worldwide. Easily learned, full training provided. Includes stock, plant, training and licence fee.

Geoff Smith P 0-3-446 8600 M 0274 339 829 E W

Cash Converters



Looking for an exceptional return on your investment? We’re New Zealand’s favourite place to buy and sell, the world’s largest second-hand dealer and market leader in short term credit services. With more than 700 stores internationally you’ll be buying a tried and tested, well respected brand.

27 700+

Colin Mahoney P 0-9-281 7334 E W

Central Landscape & Garden Supplies

Home & Building


Landscape and garden supply yards providing bulk and bagged products. Pick-up and deliveries. Will suit hands-on owner operators with a passion for excellent customer service who take pride in customer satisfaction.

9 9

Mike Armour P 0-9-273 5352 M 0274 506 639 E W


Home & Commercial $25,000

Cleancorp offers home cleaning and commercial cleaning franchises. Seeking committed people to deliver great service. We source and acquire commercial cleaning contracts for our franchisees who are provided with full training, ensuring the same professional standards are offered to all customers.

105 105

Ivone Sass P 0-9-304 0599 M 021 272 0084 E W

Clean Planet

Business & Commercial


Clean Planet, environmentally better for you and your customers. No selling, no invoicing, we do it for you. Well-established and growing strongly throughout regional New Zealand. Now looking for master licensees and franchisees. Work for yourself with the support of our proven processes and systems.

130 130

Tony Pattison P 0-9-622 0828 E W

Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning

Business & Commercial


An established, award-winning franchise with over 300 franchisees operating around the country. This mobile cleaning service franchise offers high quality cleaning at cost effective prices. Franchisees utilise the brand, marketing systems, support and technical expertise. Comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals provided.

280 1000

Kevin Richardson P 0800 800 055 E W

Burger Wisconsin


Business Buddy


Cartridge World



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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77 7/09/17 4:10 PM

Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage

$350,000+ Our unique business model of roasting coffee in full view of our guests and then serving the highest quality espresso with flair and a total commitment to outstanding service has seen Coffee Culture grow to become Canterbury’s leading chain of boutique coffee houses.

19 20

Mike King P 0-3-377 2605 E W

Food & Beverage


12 12

Natan Yehezkely M 022 343 5704 E W


$200,000+ At Colourplus, we’ve got your style. Your local store offers all the inspiration, expertise and advice you need to turn your decorating dreams into reality. With 30 stores nationwide, offering a range of top quality paint, wallpaper, curtains, blinds, giftware and decorating accessories.

29 29

P 0-9-818 9215 E W

Food & Beverage


NZ’s premium café franchise. A highly recognised and trusted brand offering customers exceptional coffee and chef-prepared food. Awarded both Supreme Franchisee of the Year and Food and Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2015/16. Suit owners with passion for coffee, food and the value of customer relationships.

71 71

Complete First Aid Supplies

Business & Commercial


Market leader in supply of first aid kits to businesses. Seeking self-motivated people.

2 2

P 0-9-827 7726

Computer Troubleshooters



Do you have what it takes to be a Computer Troubleshooter? We are looking for entrepreneurs to join our well established franchise network. Computer Troubleshooters is a global ICT support franchise, first established in 1997 and operating in 300 locations across 15 countries.

15 300+

Dennis Jones P 0800 728 768 M 0274 922 911 E W

Cookie Time

Food & Beverage


Distribution of snack products to retailers & other on-sellers.

43 43

P 0-3-349 6161

Food & Beverage


Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised.

31 31

Steve McMullen P 0800 804 104 M 029 770 0994 E W


Home & Building


Air conditioning installation company. Preferred installer for NZ’s leading electrical retailer.

7 7

P 0-7-854 1518

Corporate Cabs

Business & Commercial


Founded more than 25 years ago, Corporate Cabs is New Zealand’s premier national cab operator, with a 400 strong fleet in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. The strength of our respected brand is in the professionalism and dedication of our owner operators.

400 400

Jeff Coyle P 0-9-632 0602 M 0274 570 986 E W

Business & Commercial


Full service franchise, all contracts provided. Guaranteed income paid twice monthly. 590 CrestClean prepares GST returns, accounts and tax returns. Full training programme provides 591 career pathway. Operating since 1996. Franchises operating nationwide. Master franchises are also available.

Chris Barker P 0800 273 780 E W


Home Services


Crewcut is a lawn and garden maintenance franchise with 26 years of success. With 260 commercial and residential contracts nationwide, our franchisees are supported across 260 Aotearoa with strong head office support, specific marketing strategies and core values that we encourage to uphold our operator’s integrity.

Pauli Horgan P 0800 800 286 E W

Crust Gourmet Pizza

Food & Beverage


Crust Gourmet Pizza is seeking business-minded people with financial management experience.

2 134

P 0061 7 5591 3242


Home & Building


Cutshop provides contract cutting services to the cabinet-makers, commercial out-fitters, designers and DIY customers. With increased demand we are seeking motivated individuals prepared to employ and manage a production and programming team to achieve above average return on investment.

3 3

André Hofer P 0-9-666 0632 M 021 879 413 E W

Deck & Fence Pro

Home Services


Professional home service franchise offering specialised restoration services to homeowners for decks, fences, garden furniture, garage doors and more. Oil, stain and paint restoration specialists. Franchises available nationwide. Full training and equipment included. Download a free info pack at

28 28

Duane Moul M 022 477 6477 E W

100 2000+

P 0508 437 262 E W

Coffee Culture



Colourplus Columbus Coffee

Cookright Kitchen Services






24, Food & Beverage 25

Donut King



Cobb & Co.


number in NZ, globally



investment from

page number

C-E franchise and business opportunities

Nathan Bonney P 0-7-281 1197 M 0275 393 022 E W

Welcome back to Cobb & Co., New Zealand’s original restaurant chain. With unbeatable brand 7 recognition, enviable buying power, proven profitability and on-going support from Cobb Group, 7 it’s not hard to see why owning a Cobb & Co. is a special opportunity.

You are invited to join Coffix and become your own boss in an ethical and environmentally responsible company. Coffix stores are offering exceptional Fairtrade coffee at a fair price and operating using a proven system that gives good income for a very low investment.

$450,000+ Specialist quick service pizza franchise opportunity. You must have passion, commitment and a drive to succeed. Strong leadership skills, good people and administration skills, plus an entrepreneurial flair required. Have fun and work in a young, energetic and vibrant organisation.

get more information


Peter Webster P 0-9-520 1044 M 021 883 852 E W

Food & Beverage


Donut King is a speciality donut and coffee chain now available in NZ.

3 350

P 0061 7 5591 3242

Home & Building


Design, manufacture and supply of made-to-measure kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for retail and trade customers. Seeking hard-working, sales-driven, computer literate go-getters who are willing to follow a proven dynamic international business model.

10 75

Derek Lilly P 0-3-443 5133 M 027 213 5133 E W

Driving Miss Daisy New Zealand

Home Services


Driving Miss Daisy is NZ’s no.1 companion driving service available throughout most of New Zealand. Currently we have 58 territories in operation. If you are interested in becoming the next Daisy in this growth industry, call us today.

58 65

Paula Lee-Smyth P 0800 948 432 E W

Eco Insulation

Home & Building


New Zealand’s premium installer of eco-friendly insulation and clean heat products.

9 9

Nick Hall P 0800 400 326 E W

Home & Commercial $30,000

A product sales-based business selling automatic insect control, odour control and fragrancing systems. Selling to both commercial and residential customers. Suitable for husband/wife teams or individuals with sales or business experience. A franchise opportunity with room for independent thinking.

18 30

Craig Cameron M 0275 656 418 E W



Holds the rights to international e-bike brands and is looking for new partners.

4 4

M 021 644405


Business & Commercial


The world’s largest embroidery, screen printing and promotional products franchise. 13 EmbroidMe focuses on the business to business market providing high quality branded apparel 350 and promotional products. Customised apparel with promotional merchandise and advertising speciality items. No prior experience required.

Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W

enableMe New Zealand

Financial Services


Want to help New Zealanders realise their financial goals and achieve financial freedom 8 faster? Here’s your chance - enableMe NZ is a business of highly trained professionals offering 8 financial personal training through impartial advice that helps Kiwis gain more control over their financial future.

Hamish Cowan P 0800 897 898 E W


Food & Beverage


A bold new look, an expanded menu and a whole new level of support.

42 100+

P 0-9-973 4821

Essential Beauty

Health & Beauty


Seeking franchisees to join the Essential Beauty team throughout NZ.

New 70

P 0061 8 8359 6622

Exceed Franchising

Home & Building


Multi award-winning Exceed specialising in fixing windows and doors, enhancing and extending the life of joinery. We are an innovative national franchise of 26 years with welldesigned systems to help support your journey with us.

23 5

David Dovey P 0800 25 27 36 E W

Expense Reduction Analysts

Business & Commercial


World leading cost management group represented in 32 countries. We help clients reduce overhead expenses. Contingency based - no savings - no fees - no risk. Seeking experienced business people who want to capitalise on their experience. Earn what you’re worth, not what someone else wants to pay you.

26 700+

Denis Stevens P 0-4-566 6615 M 0274 487 089 E W

Expert Maths Tuition

Leisure & Education


Expert Maths Tuition has provided outstanding maths tuition to thousands of students since 2002 while establishing centres nationally. We use techniques tailored to each individual’s mathematical ability while encouraging the use of minds, pens and paper, no computers at all.

7 7

EMT P 0800 628 463 E W

Express Business Group

Home Services


Home services franchise which includes all initial equipment, training and great support.

70+ 3500

P 0800 397 737

Dream Doors


78 EDIT DIR 76.indd 3



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM

Business & Commercial


Fastway Couriers is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier services at competitive prices and a simple prepaid system. One of New Zealand’s most successful franchisors with 1,600+ franchisees across 5 countries and 40+ franchise and industry awards.

275 1600

P 0-6-833 6333 E W

Fibrenew New Zealand


Business & Commerical


Fibrenew are experts in leather, vinyl and plastic restoration. We are a unique, low cost, homebased, mobile franchise providing services to the automotive, furniture, aviation and marine markets. No experience required. Would suit someone who enjoys working with their hands and has good colour vision.

10 245+

Clive Coffey P 0-3-374 3366 M 0274 324 295 E W

Fifo Capital

Financial Services


Fifo Capital franchisees provide working capital funding for small businesses. An excellent return on funds invested. We have a number of options for entry into the Fifo Capital business for franchisees, all with excellent income earning opportunities.

12 16

Colin Chisholm P 0-9-447 1999 E W

Fix It Building Services

Home & Building


This franchise takes care of everything from building repairs to renovation and additions.

11 11

P 0-9-566 0297

Health & Fitness


Flex Fitness is a New Zealand owned and operated 24-hour gym franchise. We combine 14 stylish club fit-outs with welcoming club cultures to motivate and support anyone wanting to live 14 a healthier lifestyle. Our club owners are unique and key to our brand’s success.

Craig Cooper P 0-7-850 5556 M 027 526 6255 E W

Flip Out New Zealand

Leisure & Education


Flip Out is one of the world’s largest and most successful trampoline arenas. The thriving international business is now heading to New Zealand. We are seeking active individuals to join the hugely successful franchise and enjoy the benefits of a proven and effective business model.

New 30

Adam Hetherington M 021 354 763 E W


Financial Services


Unique opportunity for outstanding salespeople to become a part of the technology revolution.

New New

P 0800 356 222

Flooring Design

Home & Building


Retail flooring shops. Franchisees come from within the industry, such as carpet and vinyl installers, with others from widely varying backgrounds. Full training, excellent systems and great support from a wide supplier base. Centralised systems create efficiencies and as a result, a profitable business model.

10 10

Alan Jackson M 027 220 3762 E W

Flex Fitness





number in NZ, globally

Fastway Couriers


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities F-H get more information

Footloose Shoes




Women’s fashion footwear retail stores. For owners with passion for fashion retail and the desire to own their own business. Enjoy all the advantages of scale and a well-known retail name. Training and support from a successful and extensive franchise management team.

19 19

Philip Pryde M 021 934 080 E W

Freedom Companion Driving Services


Home Services


Timing is everything! Aged care and community services are a rapidly growing business. With the population of New Zealanders aged 65 plus projected to double in the next 25 years there has never been a better time to own a Freedom Companion Driving franchise.

12 12

Joanne Bush P 0-9-575 2939 M 021 177 6009 E W

Fritz’s Wieners

Food & Beverage


Exclusive bratwurst sausages, roller grilled and served in a fresh baguette bun with sauerkraut, 20 onions and condiments. Excellent return on investment. 21

Angie Stenning P 0-3-789 5078 E W

Generation Homes

Home & Building


We build houses for clients all over New Zealand for a fixed price and on a time guarantee.

M 0274 908 399

Giggle Entertainment Network

Business & Commercial


15 Giggle boasts over 1,000 locations with over 1,000,000 people past our screens every week. Running a successful territory is not about your marketing or business skills. It’s about 15 communication, motivation and being open to learning. It also doesn’t hurt to be a bit eccentric!

Jazz Kiihfuss P 0-6-355 3480 M 027 603 9991 E W

14 14

Gloria Jean’s Coffees


Food & Beverage


The Gloria Jean’s Coffee team are seeking inspiring franchisees with proven business skills to join the continued success of this world-leading coffee house brand. Offering ongoing support & training, this proven franchise model is an opportunity not to be missed.

25 925

Basil Badenhorst P 0-9-555 6021 E

Green Acres Franchise Group


Home Services


Green Acres was founded in 1991, and is proudly NZ owned and operated. With 25 years’ experience we are one of the longest running New Zealand owned franchise systems. We have over 650 franchisees and we’re still growing. Lawn and garden franchises for sale now.

550 550

Mitchell Cooper P 0800 692 643 E W

Grime Off Now


Home Services


Grime Off now provide residential and commercial washing and insect control This unique opportunity will enable you to start a business with minimal overheads and quickly grow to build an established business. Easy to use software and support. One of the best value NZ franchises.

2 2

Ryan Hamilton M 027 278 8813 E W


Home & Building


GroutPro are a multi award-winning franchise. Earn $2,000+ per week in one of the hottest sectors in the home improvement industry today. This is your chance to join an established, and very successful, industry-leading franchise group.

42 75

Duane Moul M 022 477 6477 E W

Guthrie Bowron



The number one home decorating franchise in New Zealand, specialising in paint, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and blinds, flooring and decorating tools. Franchisees benefit from an established name, a strong support system, central purchasing negotiation and active national advertising campaigns.

45 45

Alan Heatlie P 0-9-306 1040 E W

Habitual Fix

Food & Beverage


New Zealand’s freshest food fix – salads, sandwiches, wraps and smoothies.

15 15

P 0-9-378 4158

Hardy’s Health Stores

Health & Beauty


New Zealand’s leading natural health franchise, retailing a huge range of homoeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition and aromatherapy products. A natural health professional is in every store to give advice to Hardy’s established client base. Franchisees will be provided with ongoing support from this well-known franchise group.

11 11

Mark Carlson P 0-7-838 3274 E W

Harrisons Carpet

Home & Building


New Zealand’s number one mobile carpet franchise. They offer a range of quality floor coverings, and as the largest carpet retailer in the world, they are able to negotiate the best prices. Unique opportunities for motivated individuals to purchase one of NZ’s best franchise systems.

50 1800

P 0800 421 001 E W

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds

Home & Building


Own your own interior design business. Fully supported franchise opportunity available from 3 Harrisons Curtains & Blinds. We are now looking for individuals with a natural sense of flair and 3 style who are considering owning their own business, backed by an iconic Kiwi owned brand.

Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 E W

Harrisons Energy Solutions

Home & Building


Due to significant market growth and demand, Harrisons Energy Solutions are looking for the best of the best sales professionals. People who are considering owning and managing their own business in order to earn greater returns and rewards. Kiwi-owned business and proud of it.

Phil Harrison P 0-9-488 4700 E W

Health Smart Heat Pumps

Home Services


Specialist heat pump cleaning and sanitising system.

2 2

P 0-3-377 5441


Food & Beverage


A brand with attitude that cannot be missed. Our damned fine gourmet menu, coupled with sophisticated systems and support, make this a wicked opportunity. Hell is looking for new franchisees with a passion for our brand and a willingness to learn. Opportunities available nationwide.

64 70

Ben Cumming M 027 364 2431 E W




High profile award-winning retail travel agency. Formerly Harvey World Travel.

54 350+

P 0-9-307 1860

Highmark Homes

Home & Building


Highmark Homes was established in the 1960’s and continues to offer quality, yet affordable homes. Building on this success, we are now looking for experienced candidates nationwide. Joining our brand gives you access to proven systems, central office support and our team of designers and quantity surveyors.

6 6

Ryan Hunt P 0-7-574 1956 E W

If you’re just starting in franchising, talk to someone who isn’t. Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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investment from


Home & Building


New Zealand’s first choice for professional home maintenance, building and renovation services. Hire-A-Hubby has the distinct advantage of being the only franchise that offers a complete home maintenance and building service that’s professional and totally customer focused.

60 60

Mitchell Cooper P 0-9-845 2640 E W

Hog’s Breath Café

Food & Beverage


Australia’s leading casual dining family-friendly restaurant. From day one, Hoggies set out to be unlike any other restaurant. In a nutshell, it is about providing quality food and beverages in a casual environment with an over-riding friendly, party atmosphere.

2 82

Ross Worth P 0800 464 7837 E W

Hollywood Bakery Espresso

Food & Beverage


With more than 40 outlets throughout the Auckland region, Hollywood Bakery Espresso is by far the largest and still the fastest growing café chain. For more than 16 years, Hollywood Bakery has been providing great service, great food, great coffee and great prices.

HomeTech Solatube

Home & Building


Become a HomeTech licensee and join a nationwide network of accredited installers.

19 19

P 0800 466 383

HRV Ventilation

Home & Building


Become part of the change at HRV. Certified HRV ventilation franchise opportunities available.

20 23

P 0800 478 123


Business & Commercial


Simple, effective panels to reduce commercial chilling costs and improve performance.

12 12

P 0800 486 434


Business & Commercial


Offering a range of services including home insulation, garage carpet and storage and meth testing. Motivated? Ready to step up and run a smart business? Be part of a business that’s built around quality and customer satisfaction. Full initial training provided. Strong marketing support.

6 6

Nic Rowan M 022 319 7883 E W


Business & Commercial


Global courier and freight sales consulting franchise.

200 2

P 0-3-322 5634

Jamaica Blue

Food & Beverage


Grow from strength to strength with your very own Jamaica Blue franchise. Proven systems, our world class training facility and commitment to field support will guide you every step of the way. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand.

6 134

Garry Croft P 0-9-377 1901 E W


Business & Commercial


Jani-King is known as the world’s number one commercial cleaning franchise company providing full operational sales administration support for franchisees. There has only been one name to turn to for quality and value in the commercial cleaning services - Jani-King, the king of clean.

360 13K+

Tracy Brown P 0800 526 454 E W

Jellybeans Music

Leisure & Education


A fantastic opportunity for those passionate about music education and who want a work/life balance.

New 30+

P 0800 754 372

Jesters Pies

Food & Beverage


Jesters New Zealand is set to follow on from the success in Australia. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting growth area in the New Zealand market with a well proven system.

18 50+

Grant Rawlinson P 0-9-442 4680 E W

Jet Cleaning Services

Business & Commercial


Jet Cleaning Services is one of New Zealand’s leading cleaning companies with specialist commercial cleaning crews throughout the country. Jet Cleaning is looking for highly motivated franchise teams to operate at some of our prestigious customers’ sites across greater Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown.

27 27

Danielle Scott P 0-9-302 1536 E W






number in NZ, globally

page number

H-L franchise and business opportunities get more information

Matthew Brown M 021 471 776 E W

Jim’s Building Inspections


Home & Building


Jim’s Building Inspections has just launched in NZ. The growth in building and the turnover of homes is driving a need for proper building inspections, meaning a lot of work for new franchisees. Getting in early will mean a great choice of territories too.

New 100+

Cornelius Strydom M 021 502 364 E W

Jim’s Cleaning


Home Services


Nothing could be easier than owning your own franchise business with Jim’s. In one easy step, we provide you with all the equipment, training and ongoing support you need to ensure your success. Specialised cleaning businesses for sale across all areas of New Zealand.

14 400

Tracey Jones M 021 343 445 E W

Jim’s Dog Wash


Home Services


Opportunity for dog lovers to make a great income in your own business. One of the biggest franchise brands in New Zealand for the smallest price! Work your own hours, take control of your lifestyle and have fun with the support of Jim’s Group.

3 69

Angela Anderson P 0800 454 654 M 0274 490 448 E W

Jim’s Mowing


Home Services


Mowing/gardening franchise opportunity. Want more flexibility to achieve a better work life balance? Seeking self-motivated people who wish to succeed in running their own business. We provide help and assistance every step of the way to help them build successful businesses.

7 3000+

Rod Skelton P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Test & Tag / Jim’s Fire Safety


Business & Commercial


The leading provider of electrical testing and tagging services. Are you ready to be a part of this highly successful brand and create a new future for yourself? Jim’s Test & Tag gives you the training, support and systems you need to succeed.

35 185

Peter Mahon P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal


Home Services


Becoming your own boss is easier than you might think! We’re offering the chance to become part of the nationally recognised Jim’s brand through Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal. 8 Auckland plus several North Island territories available. Includes full business and systems training.

7 40+

Brendon Jones P 0800 248 733 M 021 818 926 E W

Jumping Beans International

Leisure & Education

$40,000 $45,000

Leading edge, fun physical skills programme for children 0 to 6.

6 7

P 0-9-475 9204

Just Cabins

Home & Building


Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent which are just perfect as sleepouts, extra room, portable office, or as storage at your home or business. Long-term cabin rentals provide a passive income, excellent growth and are easily run by one person part-time.

46 46

Fenton Peterken M 021 716 776 E W

Just Cuts

Health & Beauty


Just Cuts offers over 20 years in franchise ownership support, so they are not the “new kids on the block”. They offer a genuine business system that allows owners who have little or no experience in hairdressing, the chance to become successful business owners.

24 174

Maree Magdas P 0061 2 9527 5444 E W

Kelly Club

Leisure & Education


Running before and after-school care, and holiday programmes kids just love.

42 47

P 0-9-427 9377

Leisure & Education


Giving kids a sporting chance. In-school curriculum, after school academy programmes, school sports days. Education outside of the classroom. Before and after-school care holiday programmes. We are looking for people who have a passion for kids and sport.

35 65

Paul Jamieson P 0-9-427 9377 M 021 409 241 E W

Kinetic Electrical

Home & Building


Professionally planned franchise system, fully documented to help you work smarter not harder to reach full potential of your company’s experience and expertise. Kinetic Electrical is a franchise for owners of existing electrical contracting companies with a passion to grow their business.

15 15

Vicki Bambry M 0274 852 010 E W

Kitchen Studio

Home & Building

$150,000+ New Zealand’s kitchen design specialists. Designing and installing custom-made kitchens throughout New Zealand since 1984. Enquire now for details of what location may suit. Join a motivated, professional, well established franchise network.

16 16

Simon Harkness P 0-9-815 3000 E W




New Zealand’s crane amusement machine franchise. These stand-alone machines contain 51 soft-toys, chocolate and jewellery. Franchisees enjoy part-time, flexible work and operate 163 machines in an exclusive territory. The Kiwikrane franchise also provides advice on how best to locate and operate machines successfully.

Cliff Hopkins M 021 410 009 E W


Food & Beverage


Self-serve frozen yoghurt business. Fastest-growing international hospitality sector.

3 5

M 021 339 644

Kowhai Roof Coatings

Home & Building


The Kowhai guys have been restoring and recoating roofs in most regions of NZ since the 1980’s. We have a proven and exclusive Kowhai coating system. Experience in roofing or coating systems required. Limited number of areas available now for suitable candidates.

19 19

P 0-9-636 1357 E W

La Porchetta

Food & Beverage

$400,000+ Join the largest Italian restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand. You will love taking part in serving our guests quality Italian food, to order, using fresh ingredients. We are looking for passionate food lovers with a strong work ethic and drive to join our family.

7 60

Brendan Flanagan P 0061 3 9460 6700 E W

Landmark Homes

Home & Building


14 14

Paul Clarke P 0-7-578 2295 E W

Kelly Sports

80 EDIT DIR 76.indd 5


Landmark Homes design and build homes are committed to working with you to build your perfect home. They provide a range of house and land packages across NZ to suit any family and needs. Systemised processes and competitive prices.

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities L-N get more information

Laser Electrical

Home & Building


Our multi award-winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

56 131

Scott Carr P 0-9-820 3800 E W

Laser Plumbing

Home & Building


Our multi award-winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

36 69

Scott Carr P 0-9-820 3800 E W

Latitude Homes

Home & Building


A business opportunity that puts you in control of your future with proven financial rewards.

7 7

M 021 614 360

LCF Fun Languages NZ

Leisure & Education


LCF Fun Languages NZ is a language teaching franchise operating throughout New Zealand. We are a leading provider of language clubs and teaching resources for children in childcare centres and schools. Teach English? French? Spanish? Mandarin? Or want to run your own business? Training provided.

7 5000+

Helen Fleming P 0800 386 000 M 027 717 1284 E W

Leadership Management

Business & Commercial


LMA licensees deliver a process that provides skill and competency development.

6 44+

P 0800 333 270

Life Maid Easy

Home Services


Are you looking to secure a guaranteed income and grow with a vibrant company? This is your opportunity to run your own business and be part of one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing residential cleaning companies. Visit our website for more information.

2 2

Steven Ngov P 0-9-909 6560 M 021 102 2150 E W

LJS Seafood Restaurants

Food & Beverage


The largest NZ fast-food chain of fish and chips and associated seafood stores.

13 13

Ben Frewin P 0-9-530 8090 E W

Lone Star

Food & Beverage

$600,000+ Lone Star is New Zealand’s largest restaurant & bar concept.

26 26

P 0-3-374 3208

Mad Butcher

Food & Beverage


One of New Zealand’s best-known home grown franchises, trading since 1971.

36 38

P 0-9-531 5910

Food & Beverage


Majestic Tea Bar is a premium new café concept that aims to revolutionise not just the tea culture but also the café market across New Zealand. No direct competition, high margin products, full training provided, no experience required.

3 3

Chris Cox P 0-3-423 9760 M 021 521 669 E W


Food & Beverage

$750,000+ The world’s market leader in the quick service restaurant industry.

165 31000

P 0-9-539 4300

Meticulous Home Services

Home Services


Food & Beverage

$375,000+ Mexicali Fresh has led the Mexican evolution in NZ since 2005. With giant American-style burritos and Mexican beer in a colourful, casual atmosphere. We are recruiting energetic, enthusiastic franchisees with a passion for great food and excellent customer service for our turnkey restaurants.

17 17

Tyler Kerlin P 0-9-973 4559 E W

Midas Car Care

Auto Services


New Zealand’s premier specialist automotive servicing franchise.

26 3000

P 0-9-415 0234

Mike Pero Mortgages

Financial Services


42 Our franchisees work in partnership with the franchisor to build a rewarding business. Strengthening the Mike Pero brand and driving leads is a primary focus of marketing initiatives. 42 With a highly supportive head office invested in your success, we guide you every step of the way.

Toni Angus P 0800 500 123 E W

Mike Pero Real Estate

Real Estate


Mike Pero Real Estate is a home-grown New Zealand company that takes great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service possible to its clients. 20 years’ experience helping homebuyers with their home loans. We now provide full real estate services with lower fees.

Mike Pero P 0-3-365 9007 E W

Mini Tankers

Business & Commercial

$75,000 $150,000

The only on-site refuelling franchise in New Zealand.

19 124

P 0-9-622 2671

Mister Minit



Mister Minit is a shoe repair, key cutting and engraving business franchise specialising in corporate giftware solutions. Franchises are currently open to existing Mister Minit team members who are fully trained in the business. Franchise opportunities will be available in the future for outside recruitment.

37 238

Maria Walton P 0061 2 9521 9100 E W

Mobile Car Valet

Auto Services


Mobile car valet covering all your valet needs.

2 2

M 0274 973 955

Mobile Hand Car & Marine Grooming

Auto Services

$10,000 $39,000

Mobile grooming and detailing service providing professional, environmentally friendly valet services.

17 17

P 0800 803 737

Mr Green Auckland

Home Services


Commercial cleaning. New franchise opportunities available in the Auckland area.

22 22

P 0-9-414 6949

Mr Plumber

Home & Building


Franchise system designed to deliver quality plumbing, roofing, drainlaying and gasfitting services.

10 10

P 0800 677 586

Mr Rental

Home & Building

$600,000+ Franchisees benefit from a highly profitable and stable cash flow business model and the support of a proven training and support programme that has seen the success of over 65 franchisees. Make the sale once and get paid over and over again.

17 89

Rachel Lum-On P 0-9-950 4145 E W

Mr Whippy

Food & Beverage


Mr Whippy is looking for new owner/operators nationwide. With a highly successful brand, Mr Whippy is a New Zealand icon. Franchisees have flexible hours, a fun working environment and earn great financial returns. Suitable for any age or background. Join our team today.

40 40

Andrew McGregor P 0800 494 4779 M 021 0830 0207 E W

Mr Woo Sushi

Food & Beverage


New Zealand’s first mobile sushi franchise.

2 2

M 021 781 250

Muffin Break

Food & Beverage


Muffin Break is a unique specialty bakery/café retail system that operates throughout Australasia and is growing rapidly in the UK. Muffin Break has developed numerous product recipes since its introduction and continues to innovate with products.

39 284

Garry Croft P 0-9-377 1901 E W

Home & Building

$100,000 - Navigation Homes are offering an opportunity to own and drive a profitable house-building $350,000 franchise. Proven management system, support and the best national supply prices. Extensive range of designs to offer customers. Get off the tools and build an asset for yourself.

12 12

Aaron Hall P 0-9-298 5972 M 021 477 506 E W

Business & Commercial


Nettl is an online communications and web studio franchise from the UK.

3 3

M 021 820 474

Food & Beverage


New York Deli is a superior, licensed, sandwich outlet. Sandwiches are freshly prepared with premium ingredients. Seeking people with excellent English language skills and prior food experience and/or willing to learn. Full training given. Full menu New York Diner concept also available.

2 2

Kevin Peterson M 021 955 834 E W

Food & Beverage


New Zealand Natural Ice Cream is a global franchise network based out of Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as the franchisor of the New Zealand Natural ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours. Level of investment depending on store location and turnover history.

13 500+

David Foreman P 0-9-274 6168 E W

Majestic Tea Bar Espresso & Chocolate

Mexicali Fresh

Navigation Homes




Nettl New York Deli

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream


Provides a full range of internal and external cleaning services including, builders and special 35 occasion cleans, carpets, upholstery, fences, driveways, decks and more. Franchisees are 35 given their own exclusive territory to work within, marketing, products and equipment, database management software and ongoing support.

Barry Henderson P 0-9-442 2004 E W

Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from our nationwide franchise banking specialists? Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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number in NZ, globally


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N-P franchise and business opportunities get more information

Night ’n Day Foodstores


$400,000+ The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, NZ’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed.

49 49

Paul Thompson P 0-3-477 2340 M 021 999 866 E W


Auto Services


Auto glass opportunity offers a proven business model with a nationally recognised brand.

58 2100

P 0-3-366 0870

Number Nurses

Financial Services


We are looking for accountants, CAs, CPAs, and Bookkeepers to become part of our Number Nurses team. We offer Xero and Xero add-on set up, training & management, along with a range of bookkeeping services.

3 3

Kirsten Hawke P 0800 937 668 E W



Are you passionate about teaching but have had enough of the long hours and extra paperwork? A proven after-school tuition provider delivering exceptional results, is looking for education experts to join our expanding franchise network.

27 70

Sarah Simons P 0-9-522 0800 E W

Home & Building


Specialists in sanding and coating of timber floors. Supply and lay new timber floors.

7 7

P 0800 272 888

Home & Building


Reputable and trusted house inspection business providing quality pre-purchase surveys including multiple income streams from other revenue sources such as drug testing and safe and sanitary reports. Strong branding with nationwide opportunities. Best suited to building industry applicants including designers and carpenters.

7 7

Chelsea Mooyman P 0800 487 884 M 027 774 4147 E W

Oil Changers

Auto Services


Oil Changers provide the convenience of drive-through vehicle servicing. No previous experience required.

11 29

P 0-3-343 6080

Oporto New Zealand

Food & Beverage


Oporto chicken and burgers are big on taste and even bigger on value. With 20+ years in Australia and close to 15 years in New Zealand we have a proven franchise model. Seeking committed, energetic, entrepreneurs wanting to establish a long-term business with a strong brand.

11 160

Lawrence Pereira P 0508 676 786 E W




You don’t need to be an optometrist to enjoy the amazing financial and professional rewards of running your own optical business, you just need strong business acumen and the ability to motivate and manage a sales team.

Orenda Clean

Home Services


Shaking up the cleaning industry with in-field apps, checklists, and communication. Rapidly growing in the Auckland and Wellington regions and expanding nationally very soon. Full training provided. Long standing satisfied clients. No sales, weekly payments and a team that wants to look after you.

2 2

Andrew Lawrence M 027 477 7333 E W



Pack & Send move and handle freight through a network of retail stores with a professional custom packaging service. A one-stop shop for customers. We are looking to grant franchises to those who are prepared to embrace our ‘no limits’ culture.

13 120

Matthew Everest P 0-3-982 7252 M 021 799 783 E W

Food & Beverage


Paleo Café is a revolutionary health food café and store.

1 12

M 027 634 7500

New Zealand’s largest garden centre chain established in 1958. Offering both metropolitan and provincial opportunities. Serious business opportunity for motivated and capable business person/s. Growth market.

18 18

Murray Belcher P 0-9-451 9102 M 021 483 500 E W

NumberWorks’n Words


NZ Floor Sanding Co NZ House Surveys

Pack & Send New Zealand



Paleo Café

Rachna Singh E W





Palmers Planet



$1,000,000+ Like the truly successful garden centres of Europe, Palmers Planet is as much a destination

3 3

Murray Belcher P 0-9-451 9102 M 021 483 500 E W

Paper Plus



The largest stationery and books franchise system in Australasia. Committed to remaining a vibrant and integral part of the New Zealand retail scene. Grown to over 120 member stores nationwide with a combined sales turnover approaching $150 million a year and it’s still growing.

120 120

Kenny Leong P 0-9-261 0873 E W

Para Rubber



Iconic New Zealand retailer dominating the market in sales of foam, foam mattresses, rubber, 9 including mats, and the iconic Para pools. Looking for energetic people serious about customer 9 service and looking to build a successful business through determination. Opportunities available in West & South Auckland.

Vaughan Moss P 0-9-532 8794 M 021 921 976 E W

Business & Commercial


General commercial cleaning plus specialised franchises: car park scrubbing, carpet cleaning, decontamination, office equipment sanitising, pest control, window cleaning. Established in 1979, Paramount Services has 140 franchisees servicing 1,240 clients including 320 bank branches, retailers, shopping centres, ports, cinemas, rest-homes, student hostels and schools.

140+ 140+

Paul Brown / Bill Wu P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 543 0233 E W

Leisure & Transport


Pegasus Rental Cars offers the best value for money car hire in New Zealand.

24 24

P 0-9-378 7940

Home & Building


Licensees work with merchant partners to provide a total insulation service to new home builders and retrofit insulation to existing homes. Licensees generally operate this business from home, employing their own staff, and operating their own vehicles. This enhances potential returns to licensees.

19 19

Ian Robertson P 0-9-525 9563 E W

Pit Stop

Auto Services

$100,000+ The largest automotive service franchise in New Zealand. Pit Stop is an automotive service and repair franchise which specialises in vehicle servicing, brakes, exhausts, suspension, WOF checks and general auto repair.

50 50

Les Seiler P 0-9-634 3666 E W

Pita Pit

Food & Beverage


If you thought you missed the sub-sandwich boat, the international challenger is now here.

75 534

M 021 355 880

Pizza Hut

Food & Beverage


Established pizza chain with occasional resale opportunities available.

84 1000+

P 0-9-525 8700

Home & Building


Platinum Homes are one of the top 10 national building companies in NZ and are one of the fastest, stable growth companies. Seeking financially stable people with the desire and drive to succeed to complete our licensee network, ideally from a construction or sales background.

17 17

Lloyd Cloughley M 021 535 031 E W


Home & Building


A specialist retail franchise selling high quality new products as well as seconds, end of lines, clearance product from leading suppliers. Franchisees benefit from an established name, full training, and operations manual.

6 6

Walter Goldstein P 0-9-448 0280 E W

Podium Podiatry & Footwear


$275,000+ Recognised and respected as New Zealand’s leading provider of podiatry and footwear solutions.

4 4

P 0-7-307 2271

Poolwerx Corporation

Home Services


Award-winning opportunity. Well known for its creation of the world’s first structured career path 2 in franchising enabling franchisees the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or 250+ develop a million dollar business with multiple vehicles, retail stores and marketing areas.

P 0800 888 031 E W

PostShop Kiwibank



One of NZ’s largest retail networks. We offer our communities a wide range of postal and financial services for personal and business needs.


P 0-9-336 8284 E W

Prep & Paint Pro

Home & Building


Prep and Paint Pro is a division of The Pro Group, New Zealand’s preferred specialist home service franchise group. We are looking for motivated customer-focused people to join our rapidly expanding team. Download your free info pack at Franchises available nationwide.

5 5

Duane Moul M 022 477 6477 E W

Prestige Home Groomers

Business & Commercial


Prestige Home Groomers is a New Zealand-owned company. We are a cleaning business with a difference. We predominately clean only new premises cutting out the dirty work. The worst mess you will have to deal with is sawdust shavings and dusty windows.

8 8

Kim Buttery P 0-7-543 2090 E W

Business & Commercial


At we don’t just print. We make marketing collateral for our customers to make them successful. We build websites that take our client relationships well above our competitors. We take pride in placing our partners at the forefront of change in our industry.

40 300

Cade Ogle P 0-4-232-7653 E W

Property InDepth

Home & Building


Residential valuation franchise, customised technology, fantastic business systems, awesome team, nationwide aspirations.

10 10

M 021 477 673

Property Service Franchise Systems

Home & Building


Commercial cleaning business. Wide range of property services. Waikato based business with opportunities in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Te Kuiti and Te Awamutu. Basic package starts at $16,500 +gst. Enquiries welcome.

19 19

Michael Parton P 0-7-847 2737 E W

Paramount Services


Pegasus Rental Cars PinkFit

Platinum Homes

82 EDIT DIR 76.indd 7



as a retail store. This is an amazing opportunity for a business person looking for a new challenge.

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities P-S get more information

Propertyscouts Property Management

Business & Commercial


Propertyscouts is 100% dedicated to end-to-end property management. With our first franchise 10 launched in March 2016, we now have operations up and running nationwide. There are still 10 opportunities available in many locations throughout New Zealand.

P 0-3-477 9228 E W

Provender NZ

Food & Beverage


Provides snacks and drinks directly to the workplace. Earn a great hourly rate.

80+ 80+

P 0800 661 663

Provista Balustrade Systems

Home & Building


Provista Balustrade Systems are New Zealand’s leading independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist.

18 18

M 0275 961 264

Business & Commercial


Specialist residential property management. Lucrative business model with coaching and training. Be the best property manager in your region with significant points of difference. Be a part of the award-winning Pukeko team.

12 12

David Pearse M 0274 809 534 E W

Quest Serviced Apartments

Business & Commercial


Quest Serviced Apartments is the market leading franchise in accommodation for primarily corporate extended stay travellers. Franchisees benefit from a high level of brand awareness, full training, and ongoing support. The Quest franchise also provide franchisees with computer systems and manuals which cover business plans.

33 150

Stephen Mansfield P 0-9-366 9680 E W

Quinovic Property Management

Business & Commercial


NZ’s preferred national residential property management service since 1988.

29 29

Jess Moore P 0-4-801 7880 E W

Rack n Roll Ribs

Food & Beverage


Easy operating systems, a proven menu and great future prospects. Exciting opportunity.

1 1

P 0-9-555 1492

Rainaway Spouting on the Spot

Home & Building


A re-spouting service franchise for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. 10 Spouting on the Spot is the perfect franchise opportunity for franchisees who want to keep their 10 hands on the tools. Become a Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee today.

P 0-9-265 2147 E W

Rapid Lawn

Home & Building


Hydroseeding erosion control roll-out turf. Niche industry. Self-motivated, interested in working outdoors? Great opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Full training. Ongoing support given.

5 5

Peter Harvey M 021 365 296 E W


Business & Commercial


If you are looking to start your own real estate business, RE/MAX has opportunities available right now. RE/MAX provides you with the essential tools, services and support to help you achieve your goals and pursue the life you want. Call us today.

31 7000

Corinna Mansell P 0-9-309 8478 E W

Realsure The House Inspectors

Home & Building


Respected, strongly branded business providing trusted property reports for buyers and sellers.

5 5

P 0508 732 578

realtyRETURNS The Property Improvers

Home & Building


Renovation agency specialising in arranging and managing residential renovation projects.

5 5

P 0-9-213 7993

Red Energy Promotions 43

Business & Commercial

$195,000+ Share in the $2.5 billion Australasian promotional product industry. We’re looking for passionate B2B sales people who know the value of marketing in a business and have the ability to manage a small customer focussed team. Proven over 12 years+, now in New Zealand.

New 6

Dale Anderson M 027 545 2418 E W

Refresh Renovations

Business & Commercial


Refresh is New Zealand’s leading renovation business. Refresh is primarily a sales and marketing oriented franchise. We’re looking for business oriented people to join Refresh as franchisees, not builders. If you’re thinking about your next career move or business opportunity, you should consider Refresh.

30 37

P 0800 33 60 33 E W

Rent A Dent

Auto Services


Rent a Dent are one of the largest rental vehicle networks in New Zealand.

24 25

P 0-7-574 1490

Rent The Roo Rentals

Home Services


Rent The Roo offers a huge range of top quality and affordable home appliances, furniture, electrical items and smartphones to rent with agreement terms and payment plans to suit your weekly budget. Everything we rent is brand new and we come to you.

1 60+

Phil Hague P 0800 137 661 E W


Business & Commercial


Property management specialists. Industry leading systems that give you the time to grow.

7 7

P 0800 562 3733

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters

Food & Beverage


Robert Harris Coffee Roasters operates New Zealand’s best-known and largest chain of retail café franchises. Proven success in cities and provincial centres nationwide. We look for team players with high standards in presentation who have customer service experience plus the ability to work with people.

45 45

Rod De Lisle P 0800 426 333 E W

Health & Beauty

$100,000+ Rodney Wayne is the largest hairdressing franchise in New Zealand. You do not have to be a hairdresser but strong people skills combined with an excellent customer focus and management expertise are all critical elements that make a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee.

51+ 51+

Julie Evans P 0-9-358 4644 E W

Rugbytots NZ

Leisure & Education


Seeking active and passionate people to run their own Rugbytots franchise. Rugbytots is the world’s favourite rugby play programme for 2 - 7 year olds. Following the success in Auckland, there is high demand for Rugbytots classes in areas across New Zealand. A fun and rewarding business opportunity.

5 50+

Annalie Marks M 021 878 335 E W

Saddlery Warehouse



New Zealand’s leading equestrian retailer. Supplying all the items needed for horse and rider.

7 7

P 0-9-970 1058

Safe H2O

Home Services


Safe H2O have revolutionised water tank cleaning with high spec nano-filtration trailer units, capable of cleaning tanks and processing unlimited volumes of water to 0.001 micron. Innovative, profitable, professional. Seeking practical people with some basic mechanical aptitude and exceptional interpersonal skills.

2 2

Tracey Meads P 0800 723 342 M 027 778 9056 E W


Business & Commercial


Custom-fitted safety supplies retail outlet on wheels.

New New

P 0-9-525 2767

Seal A Fridge

Home Services

$30,000 $50,000

The market leader in the replacement of commercial and domestic refrigeration seals.

4 31

P 0061 4 0847 1950

Select Home Services

Home Services


Select Home Services (cleaning, lawn mowing and valet) offers you the opportunity to be your own boss but with the security of being part of this highly successful system. Full training and support. Initial customers provided so you have a group of customers you work with regularly. Award-winning system.

160+ 290+

Mark Gilbert P 0-9-278 4930 E W

Sentinel Homes

Home & Building


Sentinel Homes is an innovative, home building company designing premium mid-end homes. A consistent winner at New Zealand’s House of the Year awards. Sentinel Homes credits its success to its outstanding customer service and dedication to quality workmanship.

7 7

Stuart Shutt P 0-9-846 5777 E W

Sew Know How

Leisure & Education


Sewing school offering quality teaching of all aspects of home sewing.

2 2

M 0275 346 163

Shed Boss

Home & Building


Shed Boss are suppliers of high quality steel frame buildings.

12 37

P 0-7-579 1525

Shingle Inn Café

Food & Beverage

$290,000 - Shingle Inn Café is a world-class café franchise now available in New Zealand. $450,000

New 40

P 0061 7 3399 3000

Shoe Clinic



Shoe Clinic is NZ’s leading sports footwear retail store. Proven system.

12 12

P 0-4-499 4495

Sierra Boutique Café

Food & Beverage


Network of premium cafés specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food. Sierra still roasts every coffee bean with care, in their Newmarket roastery.

32 32

Surbi Bahl P 0-9-302 0450 M 021 559 305 E W

Pukeko Rental Managers

Rodney Wayne



Find the right franchise by starting with the right people. Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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83 7/09/17 4:10 PM



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

S-T franchise and business opportunities get more information

Signature Homes

Home & Building


Winner of the 2016 FANZ Supreme Franchise System award, we have 34 years’ experience building homes for Kiwis from 11 franchises supported by a National Office. If you have building or construction management experience and are looking for your next opportunity please contact our CEO.

11 11

Paul Bull P 0-9-415 2468 E W

Simply Squeezed

Food & Beverage


Simply Squeezed is proud to boast a portfolio second to none in non-alcoholic beverages. Selling our award-winning products is fun and rewarding. Product aside, our real secret to success is driven owner operators selling and servicing over 3000 customers throughout New Zealand weekly.

40+ 40+

Andy Furmenger P 0-6-836 7066 E W

Leisure & Education


Out of school care. Established 1996. Now in 100+ schools. Before school, after school and holiday programmes for primary school children. Would suit people who are looking for a change in lifestyle and who enjoy the company of children.

165 165

Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 M 021 974 221 E W

Home Services

P.O.A offers a complete range of vegetation management services for government, local council, corporate or individual requirements. has been successfully operating its business in New Zealand for four years and has developed its franchise offering based on this success.

1 1

Xaver Fruehschuetz P 0-3-744 3114 E W

43, Business & 71 Commercial


A monthly accounting service specifically designed to provide regular support for the selfemployed and small business operators. Retail locations accelerate client base growth. Accounting qualifications not necessarily an advantage. Would suit someone with business experience and/or with sound bookkeeping knowledge and good communication skills.

53 80

Adam Parore P 0-9-378 0934 P 0800 114 722 E W

Smith’s Sports Shoes



Smith’s Sports Shoes’ biggest strength is the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers. What you can expect from the Smith’s team includes integrity, fun, and profitability. We focus on team building and provide support and training. Seeking people with vision, great attitude and communication skills.

15 15

Chris Smith M 021 733 981 E W

Snap-on Tools

Auto Services


A unique opportunity to own your own business, built on a sound foundation of almost 90 years 14 of experience. Snap-on franchisees are independent business people, controlling all aspects of 5000 their franchise and working flexible hours as needed to accomplish their personal goals.

Snap Printing

Business & Commercial

$220,000+ Award-winning business services franchise offering cutting-edge digital reproduction technology, graphic design consultancy and a range of stationery products for the business to business market. Comprehensive training for franchise owners and their staff and advertising and marketing is taken care of.

5 180

Brian Sutton P 0-9-379 0822 E W

Spagalimis Italian Pizzeria

Food & Beverage


Pizza, pasta, salad and dessert in a contemporary dining environment. Comprehensive training.

5 5

P 0800 113 113




Specsavers New Zealand are leading optometrists and eye-care specialists.

52 1700+

Brendan Thompson P 0-9-475 0250 E W

Speedy Signs

Business & Commercial


The largest signs and graphics company using the latest technology and highest quality products. We have spent time developing sound business practices and values for our organisation as we believe this is what sets us apart from other signage companies. No prior signage experience required.

24 850

Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W

Food & Beverage


New Zealand’s iconic catering business is looking for franchisees to join our group.

4 4

M 027 442 4140



Small Business Accounting

Stacey Gilbert P 0800 762 766 E W

Stihl Shop




Stihl Shop is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every Stihl Shop is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.

66 66

Darryl Perkins P 0800 864 264 M 021 543 576 E W

Stirling Sports




We play to win by delivering world-class retail experiences, inspired by sport, executed with style. Stirling Sports will provide all the training and support to build and sustain your business. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

44 44

Geoff Young M 022 417 3127 E W

Stonewood Homes


Home & Building


Seeking builders and construction entrepreneurs. Stonewood Homes is one of New Zealand’s largest builders, renowned for quality craftsmanship and award-winning plan designs. We are now extending the franchise throughout the regions and have opportunities available. Reduce your business risk and leverage off our success.

16 16

Mike Allan M 027 255 0115 E W



The preferred storage specialists in New Zealand, providing storage solutions to customers.

20 20

P 0-9-271 1025

Food & Beverage


Every day thousands of coffee lovers buy a Streetwise coffee. Our designer coffee outlets have 22 become symbols of coffee perfection. We’re seeking people nationwide who love the thought 22 of selling fantastic coffees to appreciative customers. Site selection assistance, training and support is given.

Donna Ferrall M 027 552 2055 E W


Food & Beverage


The world’s largest quick service submarine sandwich and salad franchise.

266 46K+



Food & Beverage


The healthy fast food alternative. Join Australia’s fastest growing franchise.

2 80+

P 0061 4 0105 5437

Sunbright Lamp Distributors

Home & Building


Sunbright provides a mobile lighting maintenance and installation service.

13 13

P 0-9-478 9824

Super Liquor


$200,000+ With 130+ branded stores throughout the country, we are represented in many local communities, delivering to them real value and true convenience. We are New Zealand’s most trusted liquor brand offering market leading terms of trade and innovative national advertising and marketing programmes.

120 120

P 0-9-523 4064 E W

Super Shuttle

Business & Commercial


Super Shuttle has grown into New Zealand’s favourite airport transfer business.

120 120

P 0-9-522 5100


Home & Building


Superbuild is one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of construction and coating systems.

9 9

P 0800 4647 8737

Swimart Pool & Spa Services



Australasia’s largest chain of pool & spa stores. Swimart commenced business in Sydney during 1983 and since that time has grown through the provision of expert friendly advice and superior customer service to be the market leader in the pool and spa service sector.

4 63

Chris Fitzmaurice P 0800 928 373 E W


Business & Commercial


Tungsten coating specialists. Supplier of hard facing services to a range of industries.

5 13

P 0061 3 8727 5000

Take Note



Over 60 stores throughout New Zealand, all of which are locally owned and operated.

20+ 20+

P 0-9-261 0871

Tall Poppy Real Estate

Business & Commercial


Selling residential real estate. Strong customer focus and ability to think innovatively essential.

11 11

M 027 4432 897

The 2n’5 Franchise



A proven retail concept that has successfully run since 1994.

17 17

P 0-6-757 2702

The Alternative Board

Business & Commercial


The Alternative Board, a leading international franchise organisation, seeks franchisees to facilitate peer board meetings and offer executive coaching to local business owners. With a background as an executive, coach, consultant or business owner, you will help businesses achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfilment.

9 150+

Stephen James P 0-9-446 0963 M 021 606 934 E W

The Athlete’s Foot



World’s leading sports footwear retailer. Exclusive fitprint technology and proven training.

10 600+

P 0-9-478 4783

Food & Beverage

$200,000+ The Cheesecake Shop has been expanding rapidly in New Zealand since 1995. Multiple franchise opportunities available in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. You don’t need to be a baker. Our excellent training course teaches you how to make our wonderful desserts in just 4 weeks.

17 200

David Reid P 0-9-475 9634 M 021 625 555 E W



Providing high quality, luxurious Christmas decorations. A profitable seasonable business.

11 11

P 0-7-839 6209

Food & Beverage


One of NZ’s largest café and restaurant franchises, The Coffee Club have a comprehensive menu and offer relaxed dining experience. Take advantage of a proven track record, great training and ongoing support. Ideal if you are passionate about people and building customer loyalty.

62 410

Alby Aniyan P 0-9-304 0008 M 021 821 440 E W

Food & Beverage


NZ’s largest mobile coffee franchise. New and existing territories available nationwide.

48 48

P 0-9-973 4819

Storage Box Streetwise Coffee

The Cheesecake Shop



The Christmas Heirloom Company The Coffee Club

The Coffee Guy

84 EDIT DIR 76.indd 9


Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM

The Interface Financial Group

Financial Services



The Interface Financial Group provides debtor financing service to the SME business.

9 150+



number in NZ, globally


investment from

page number

franchise and business opportunities T-Z get more information P 0-9-302 7704

The Moving Box Guys

Home Services


An affordable eco-friendly service for customers and excellent returns for franchisees.

4 4

P 0800 210 210

The NZ Manuka Egg Company

Food & Beverage


A taste sensation - manuka smoked bacon and egg franchise business opportunity.

3 3

P 0-3-485 9660

Auto Services


Mobile alloy wheel repair service providing an affordable and convenient solution to the problem of repairing kerb-damaged wheels. No previous experience required. The power franchising has is in gaining a competitive edge through the sharing of knowledge and resources. We have that edge.

10 10

Alan Thomas P 0800 537 233 E W

Theobroma Cafés, Lounges and Bars

Food & Beverage


A total food and beverage concept, operating in more than 5 countries.

7 30

P 0061 3 9480 1030

Thexton Consulting Group

Business & Commercial


Help struggling business owners to achieve success. We need like-minded people to join our 35 team as business consultants. Become self-employed in a proven model. Be part of a dynamic, 35 established team of professional business consultants whilst building your own client portfolio.

Phil Wicks P 0800 287 266 M 027 824 8809 E W

Think Water



Think Water is Australasia’s leading water solutions network with over 40 member businesses.

14 14

Chris Delphin P 0800 184 465 E W

Total Tools


$500,000+ Australia’s leading tool retailer now expanding its network of stores in NZ.

New 50+

P 0061 9 261 1941

Auto Services


New Zealand’s premier mobile paint and bumper repair franchise. High quality car paint restoration services to commercial and private customers. Professional, reliable, cost effective and convenient. No industry experience required. Comprehensive training and full ongoing support provided. Great opportunities are available throughout New Zealand.

26 200

Martin Smith P 0800 759 363 M 021 721 430 E W




Join New Zealand’s largest independent toy retailing group.

29 180

M 021 390 954


Auto Services


U-Sell (Park & Sell Yard) is a unique, proven business model, helping customers to display and 6 sell their cars in a traditional car yard environment at U-Sell yards. Minimal investment, minimal 6 staff, great returns and lots of fun. Visit for available locations throughout NZ.

Graeme McPheat P 0-9-391 1339 M 021 736 733 E W




An innovative mobile franchise whose core business is confirming the pregnancy of farm animals using real-time ultra-sonic equipment. Becoming a part of this franchise network enables the franchisee to run a low-cost, high return business in an exclusive territory, using a proven business system.

19 19

P 0508 858 727 E W

Valentines Buffet Restaurants

Food & Beverage


New Zealand buffet restaurant offering franchise opportunities. Full training and support provided.

11 11

M 021 522 720


Home & Building


A unique opportunity to be part of an iconic New Zealand company and build a real business of value.

16 16

P 0-9-913 4185

Versatile Homes and Buildings

Home & Building


Versatile Homes and Buildings provides you with all the benefits of owning your own business, 35 with the full support and resources of a nationwide organisation. We are looking for high calibre 35 franchise owners that are capable of significant future growth as the business expands.

Jaimee Ferris E W

Home Services


Professional home services franchise providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses. Work either 120+ indoors or outdoors. Exclusive territories with established customers. Providing a lifestyle 1200 choice for over 30 years. Actively seeking area master franchisees for both lawn mowing and cleaning throughout NZ. Comprehensive training and support provided.

John & Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W

Warmup New Zealand

Home & Building


Warmup has become the heating product of choice for the majority of property and construction professionals.

15 30

P 0-9-820.3850


Home & Building


Waterproofing with 30 plus years of proven dependability. With a profitable work from home opportunity, all you need is a suitable vehicle. Franchisees are fully trained and receive regular ongoing training and full support from our operations, technical, sales, marketing and IT departments.

6 58

P 0800 436 000 E W

What’s Up House Inspections

Home & Building


New Zealand’s leading pre-purchase home inspection company.

6 6

M 021 952 397

Wholly Bagels & Pizza

Food & Beverage


Turn-key opportunities available nationwide with this iconic bagel and pizza franchise.

6 6

Sam Rama M 021 272 2422 E W


Wide Span Sheds specialises in the custom design, supply and construction of pre-engineered buildings using only high quality New Zealand Steel. We service domestic, rural and commercial markets. A recent restructure has opened up rare and limited opportunities in the North Island for business-savvy entrepreneurs.

3 450+

Peter Darnell P 0-9-889 2044 E W

New New

P 0800 000 309

The Wheel Magician


Touch Up Guys


V.I.P. Home Services


Wide Span Sheds

72, Home & Building 73

Window Cleaning Plus

Home Services


Built on more than 60 years of company history and perfected over the past 10 years.

Window Treatments

Home & Building


Window Treatments manufacture and supply blinds, awnings, shutters, insect screens as well 21 as providing onsite blind cleaning and repair services to some regions. Franchises available on 21 the West Coast of the South Island, New Plymouth, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.

Graeme Rose P 0-3-343 1876 M 021 338 031 E W



Home & Building

$25,000 $50,000

Woolgro is a unique and proven system to establish premium lawns using our innovative pre-seeded lawn mats. You don’t have to have a landscaping background - just be customerfocused and enjoy working outside building a business based on excellent service.

6 6

Geoff Luke P 0-9-570 1985 M 021 957 600 E W

Xpresso Delight


Food & Beverage


Xpresso Delight has been offering franchises throughout Australia and NZ for 12 years and we encourage you to share in our success as the premier gourmet coffee system. We transplant the café experience into the workplace using state-of-the-art espresso machines to provide a semi-passive income with life-style benefits.

17 155

Allan Parker M 021 875 431 E W


get more information



number globally

national master licence opportunities - find more at investment required

Hudsons Coffee See page 21

Tim Ryan P 0061 3 8631 7700 E W

Food & Beverage

Hudsons Coffee are coming to NZ and are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic master licensee. Over the past 19 years we have established a respected brand with a strong reputation. You now have the unique opportunity to share in that success by becoming the NZ master licensee.


NZ$ 1,000,000

Portermark See page 15

Jeff Rankin M 0061 449 890 300 E W

Business & Commercial

Portermark is seeking master licensees. You must possess demonstrated business development and people management skills. A proven track record of success in hospitality or similar industry is a must. You will be required to meet a franchise development schedule and possess the capital to finance the acquisition of the master rights, along with back-up working capital to develop and expand the territory.


AU$ 275,000325,000

We’ve had franchise specialists longer than most NZ franchisees have been in business. Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

EDIT DIR 76.indd 10

85 7/09/17 4:10 PM





page number

specialist advisors get more information


BDO is the fastest growing chartered accounting and business advisory firm in New Zealand. We have significant experience in franchising offering due diligence; structure reviews; appraisals; agreements, strategic planning; full accounting, audit, tax advisory and support services; raising capital and finance. Smart New Zealand business, backed by BDO.


Paul Manning P 0-7-571 6280 E W

Blackler Smith & Co

Blackler Smith & Co are relationship-based chartered accountants. For years, Ben Blackler has assisted franchisors and franchisees with advice, business purchases and all tax services. Ben can help you buy a business, set it up correctly and run it effectively. Award-winner – Professional Services.

Greater Wellington

Ben Blackler P 0-4-555 9090 E W

Connect2 Chartered Accountants

We are chartered accountants specialising in franchisor and franchisee accounting. We work with you to achieve growth and success. Our expert team can assist with cloud accounting, payroll, debtor systems, profit optimisation, strategic planning and much more. The accountancy firm where you count.

Tauranga & North Island

Jocelyn Gascoign P 0-7-578 1116 E W

Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath (previously WHK) provides specialist accounting and business advisory services to the New Zealand franchise industry. Your one-stop franchise shop.


Liz Le Prou P 0-4-569 9069 M 021 529 759 E W

Ecovis KGA

Ecovis KGA can help set up your business and raise finance. We can provide franchisees with all the business services needed to begin business and ongoing support and financial services needed to succeed. We offer accounting, computer software, taxation, administration and business planning services.


Keith Goodall P 0-9-921 4630 E W

Save time, money and tax by benefiting from our specialist franchise advice and proven accounting solutions. Your success is our business. Ring now 0800 555 8020. Specialist franchise accounting solutions including due diligence, benchmarking, budgeting, valuations, business mentoring, tax planning, cashflow management and reporting software systems.


Hayden Cargo Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020 E W

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton New Zealand Ltd is a leading business adviser and chartered accounting firm with three offices located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Experts in each office nationwide can help you in all areas of your business. We are big enough to be specialised, but small enough to be personal.


Paul Kane P 0-9-308 5270 E W

Hayes Knight North

Hayes Knight is an innovative chartered accountancy practice that works beyond the numbers to keep our clients’ businesses future-fit.


Scott Travis P 0-9-414 5444 E W

We are chartered accountants who specialise in franchising. Having a look under the bonnet (due diligence) is key when buying a business. We do this and set up robust reporting systems so you know how the business is performing. Inspired Accountants – Inspiring You.


Craig Weston P 0-9-309 2561 M 021 309 309 E W

Franchise accounting and business advisory experts. We take care of your tax, accounting and business advisory needs so you can spend more time focusing on your franchise.


Andrew McIlwrick P 0-9-363 3515 E W

Small Business Accounting services include bookkeeping, payroll, GST preparation, monthly and annual accounting, rental property accounting and company formations.


Craig Gardiner P 0800 999 SBA M 021 781 258 E W

Staples Rodway Auckland

Over 15 years’ experience in franchising in the SME market, acting for both franchisors and franchisees. Assistance with franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and I.T. support in the franchise area.


P 0-9-303 1384 W

Staples Rodway Christchurch

Assistance with franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and I.T. support in the franchise area. Over 15 years’ experience in franchising in the SME market, acting for both franchisors and franchisees.

South Island

Jon Robertson/Dave McCone P 0-3-343 0599 E W

Young Read Woudberg

Specialists in all business areas, with substantial experience in franchising. Our services include appraisals, structure review and planning, monitored business performance, mentoring and technology. We are committed to easily accessible, personal service focusing on client needs, building individual relationships and providing added value solutions.

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Eric Woudberg P 0-7-578 0069 M 027 570 1172 E W

Franchise Accountants

Inspired Accountants

46, 47, 87



Small Business Accounting

43, 71



ANZ has a dedicated team of business specialists throughout New Zealand to provide support for franchisors and franchisees. We have also developed a range of tools and resources to make your franchising journey easier, including our free ANZ Franchise Guide.


Our Franchise Experts P 0800 39 40 41 E W



ASB provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for both franchisees and franchisors including finance, insurance, savings and investment options, everday banking and more. So if you are thinking of starting or buying a franchise, talk to our franchise specialists on 0800 272 476.


Craig McKenzie P 0800 272 476 M 021 805 425 E W


Talk to us about our wide range of specialist services that we can tailor to meet your needs as a franchisor or franchisee. We’ll use our 145 years experience in business banking, giving your business the support it needs to grow and succeed.


Mike Whitehead P 0800 ASK BNZ E W

Open For Business

Unsecured business loans up to $50,000. Partially secured loans up to $250,000. Hassle free online applications completed in minutes with a decision in seconds. Heartland Bank Limited’s lending criteria, fees and charges apply.


Sarah Marsh P 0800 809 191 E W

Silver Chef

Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment National funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years. Preserve your working capital with Silver Chef, and fuel your growth through our various franchise funding solutions.

Trent Parkinson P 0800 443 334 E W

22, 92

Westpac is New Zealand’s most experienced bank in franchising and the only bank offering dedicated franchise only specialist managers throughout the country. Westpac has a high level of expertise in the franchise industry; this has been built up over the past two decades by working closely with franchisors, franchisees and industry specialists. The resulting depth of experience enables us to provide you with informed specialist advice regarding franchise funding and franchise specific transactional solutions. Specialists in franchise financing: Auckland/Northland - Dean Madsen, Riaan Wilson, Sujam Ratnayake Waikato – Emily Zhang Lower North Island – Mick Robinson Christchurch/South Island – Andy Higginson Otago/Southland - Graeme Wyllie


Daniel Cloete P 0800 177 007 E W


New franchise system set-up, franchise agreements, disclosure documents, brand name, trademarks, IP, master licensing, import/export, leasing sale and purchase structure compliance, disputes. Highly experienced team. Wide experience in all aspects of franchising. Extensive network of franchising contacts NZ and internationally.

National & Worldwide

Miles Agmen-Smith P 0-9-308 8070 M 0274 779 960 E W


A patent attorney firm and associated law firm offering intellectual property services including patents, trade marks, copyright and registered designs. We help our clients achieve and maintain a commercial advantage in the marketplace by protecting, developing, commercialising and enforcing their intellectual property assets.


Sue Ironside P 0-9-373 3137 E W

Botherway Legal

Commercial law firm specialising in franchising and related law. We work with you to give you the best possible legal support in your franchised or licensed business. Justina Knox is our specialist franchise lawyer and also has experience dealing with disputes and the successful negotiation of franchise exits.


Justina Knox P 0-7-839 1122 E W

Botting Legal

Franchise and commercial law specialists. We provide practical legal advice in plain English for both franchisees and franchisors at very competitive rates. Preparation and review of franchise documentation, advice on structuring and IP protection, franchise operation and dispute resolution.


Bradley Botting P 0-9-950 3880 E

Westpac New Zealand Ltd


86 EDIT DIR 76.indd 11

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM





page number

specialist advisors get more information

Brookfields Lawyers

Expert franchise lawyers. Fixed price packages. Urgent advice is no problem.


Lizandra Bailey P 0-9-979 2109 E W

Carson Fox Bradley

Carson Fox Bradley is a compact Auckland law firm. All 3 directors have significant experience in franchising. Chris Bradley is author of the ADLS standard franchise agreement. Matt Carson has completed an MBA thesis in franchising. We act for many national franchise systems.


Chris Bradley/Matt Carson/Linda Fox M 021 899 609 E W

Cavell Leitch

Leading South Island law firm with offices in Christchurch and Queenstown. We are a full-service law firm and have the capacity and depth to offer comprehensive advice to both franchisors and franchisees. Get in touch with us today.

Christchurch & Queenstown

Rebecca Smith P 0-3-339 5620 M 022 674 4730 E W

Deirdre Watson Barrister

25 years’ experience in litigation, disputes, court cases and mediation. Franchise dispute specialist.


Deirdre Watson P 0-9-309 6988 E W

Duncan Cotterill

Duncan Cotterill is an enterprising full service law firm with offices in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch. We have expertise in specialist franchising, distribution and licensing in the retail, intellectual property, network growth and international expansion sectors.


Katrina Hammon P 0-9-374 7147 E W

Gaze Burt


Lawyers providing full legal services for franchisors and franchisees including advice and documents relating to franchise development, franchise evaluation, risk management, transactional management and dispute resolution. Our experience is extensive over many years and we understand the important and significant fundamentals required for quality franchising.


Michael Bright P 0-9-414 9800 E W

Gibson Sheat Lawyers


Comprehensive legal advice for franchisors and franchisees. All franchise documentation. We’ll sort out issues at the outset, before they become problems. If things have already turned pear-shaped our mediation and franchise dispute specialists can assist.

Greater Wellington

Claire Byrne P 0-4-916 7483 M 029 916 7483 E W

Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers


Goodwin Turner advise on all aspects of franchising including developing franchise systems, preparing franchise documents, reviewing franchise arrangements and advising on disputes and intellectual property protection. Team of leading law experts that are well-known in the franchise industry and who focus on making it possible.

National & Worldwide

Scott Goodwin P 0-9-973 7350 M 027 700 7396 E W

Govett Quilliam

New franchise creation, franchise makeovers, problem solving for franchisees and franchisors, IP law and protections, advice on how to make money from IP via licensing, succession advice for franchise exits, advisor to intended immigrants seeking franchise businesses Specialist in franchise networks and collaboration.

Taranaki Region & Wider

Ross Fanthorpe P 0-6-768 3729 M 021 757 6229 E W

Harmans Lawyers

Comprehensive legal service for both franchisors and franchisees including franchise and disclosure documentation, National employment, leases, terms of trade, dispute resolution and business structures. Full service legal firm that prides itself on being solution driven. Franchise specialists with a proven track record.

Mark Sherry P 0-3-352 2293 E W

The Bay of Plenty’s leading franchise lawyers, specialising in all aspects of franchising and business advice including dispute resolution. Advisors to franchisees and franchisors locally and nationally. Full commercial and property service.


David Foster/Michelle Carabine P 0-7-578 0059 E W

Izard Weston

Wellington and Lower North Island experts in the specialised field of franchising and licensing. We are practical, personable and professional. We can help both franchisor and franchisee clients with all their legal requirements.


Hamish Walker P 0-4-499 7809 E W

Jackson Russell Lawyers

Your business needs specialist franchising advice and an experienced legal team that covers all areas of business law. National Jackson Russell is a full service law firm that will get to know your business, tailor advice to your business objectives and guide you through the process.

Darryl King P 0-9-300 6935 E W

Kensington Swan

Commercial legal advice for franchising and purchase. We also assist with IP and dispute resolution.

Auckland & Wellington

Hayley Miller P 0-9-379 4196 E W

Lane Neave

Lane Neave is a full service law firm with offices Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We have a dedicated franchising team experienced in advising both franchisors and franchisees on all their legal requirements. Our clients include large nationwide franchisor chains through to individuals.


Claire Evans P 0-3-353 8012 E W

Harris Tate



Expert franchise lawyers who specialise in fixed price packages for legal services. A specialist firm based in Parnell offering sound, practical and timely advice, we can assist with all business legal requirements.

National & Worldwide

Rory MacDonald/Tim Lewis P 0-9-307 3324 E W

Quantum Law


Specialists in franchise and business law. If you seek prompt and technically sound legal advice delivered to suit your commercial reality please contact us. With a wealth of franchise, business and corporate law experience, you will be in safe hands.

National & Worldwide

Harshad Shiba P 0-9-302 0070 M 021 407 228 E W

Sarah Pilcher The Franchise Lawyer

Over 15 years’ experience in franchising providing focused, cost-effective legal advice, plain English documents and commercially relevant solutions. Start-ups and existing businesses. Fixed price documents and legal advice for franchisees and franchisors. Converting franchise documents for use in other countries.


Sarah Pilcher P 0-9-579 3526 M 027 564 9942 E W

Simpson Grierson

Specialists in franchise systems including structuring, documentation, human resources, property, taxation and transactions.


Earl Gray P 0-9-358 2222 E W

Stace Hammond

Stace Hammond is a business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Auckland.

Auckland & Hamilton

Patrick Learmonth P 0-9-307 7909 E W


We specialise in Franchising and love to help Franchisors and Franchisees with: • Due Diligence (should I buy this business?) • Budgets and Cashflow projections • Financial accounting and reporting systems • Benchmarking reports • Liaising with other advisors (banks, lawyers, consultants) • Tax Advice • Best structure for the business (company/trust etc) Call us for a no obligation chat on 09 969 7450 | 021 309 309 |

Inspiring You!

7 Reasons to Call Us First You get pre-purchase inspection reports - we leave no stone unturned You minimise risk & protect your assets with the best structures for your business You save time, money & tax with our proven accounting solutions & systems You benefit from specialist advice – we listen, we understand You work with award-winning service provider 2015/16 - Westpac Franchise Awards You get specialist franchise monitoring and ongoing support You’re using specialist franchise accountants with the tick of approval – accredited members of FANZ & NZICA

Call Now 0800 555 80 20

Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2015-2016

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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Service Provider of the Year

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MacDonald Lewis Law

87 7/09/17 4:10 PM

company Stewart Germann Law Office, Lawyers and Notary Public






page number

specialist advisors get more information

Over 35 years’ franchising and licensing experience. New Zealand’s longest established specialised franchise law firm. Expert legal advice to franchisors and franchisees nationwide. Stewart Germann is a Past Chairman of FANZ and is passionate about franchising and small to medium businesses. Selected as Best Lawyers in New Zealand – Franchise for 2016. Winner of Global 100 – Law Firm of the Year – Franchise – New Zealand 2016.

National & Worldwide

Stewart Germann P 0-9-308 9925 M 021 276 9898 E W

Tavendale & Partners

We act for both franchisee and franchisor clients around the country, providing legal advice on all aspects of franchising from setting up a new franchise and drafting a full suite of franchise documents, to advising first time purchasers of a franchise business.


Jason Ray P 0-3-374 9999 E W

Turner Hopkins

A full service firm who can help you with all your legal needs. If you are a franchisor looking to develop a franchise system or a new franchisee looking to purchase a franchise business we can develop fixed price packages to suit your exact needs.


Arran Hunt P 0-9-486 9575 E W



1Place web based software is designed specifically for the franchising industry. 1Place can provide a customised solution to best meet a franchises business.


Martin Bing P 0-9-520 0612 E W

ABC Business Brokers

Franchise Consultants

Specialist business sales company selling franchises for 20 years with branches nationwide. At all times, we place the greatest value on confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. Your business is our business.


Steve Smith P 0-9-630 3004 E W

Beans & Rice


We elevate brands to their full potential and help business growth through our extensive design expertise; branding, graphic design, web design and development, collateral design, communications, copywriting, marketing and advertising. Build a better brand, attract better customers and build a better team culture.


Steve Goldie P 0-9-973 0438 E W

Crombie Lockwood


Crombie Lockwood is NZ’s largest insurance broker. We guide master franchisors on the complex insurance and risk management programmes necessary for successful franchises and deliver faceto-face advice to individual members. Our SmartPAK solution provides: better business interruption protection; lower excesses; higher automatic cover limits.


David Rayner P 0-4-802 0166 E W


Email Branding

Franchisors and franchisees send hundreds of emails every day, and every single one reflects the franchise brand. Every email also has the potential to generate more sales, up-sell, cross-sell or increase web traffic for your business.

New Zealand & Australia

Jason Roberts P 0-9-377 8885 M 021 222 7624 E W

Cutlers Commercial

Commercial Property Commercial leasing sales and management. We provide all the services you require to buy, sell, lease and maintain your commercial asset.

Dunedin and Otago

Tony Cutler P 0-3-477 9977 E W


Business Advice

Working with you, we’ll deliver the financial knowledge, tax-savvy, strategic advice and connections, to help your business deliver outstanding performance in competitive markets. So, if you’re looking for a smarter solution, talk to the Deloitte Private team because we’re willing to do things differently.


Neel Singh/Jon Bradley P 0-9-303 0716 E W

Design for Marketers

Design Resources

Engage Design for Marketers to obtain design resources for you to market your franchise brand effectively and consistently. Planning, creation and supply of resources for branding, advertising, promotional, recruitment, point of sale etc. Over 20 years’ experience with leading franchise brands. Be seen, be bought, be recommended.


Paul Donovan M 021 64 45 45 E W

HR Management Software

enableHR takes away the head ache of managing people so everyone knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Cloud-based HR software solution making it easy for franchisors and franchisees to stay compliant with the latest employment legislation.

New Zealand & Australia

Lisa Bell P 0800 236 2253 M 027 236 2253 E W

Payment Solutions

Eftco is a specialist payment terminal provider. We supply and support simple single site operations to complex integrated solutions. For large multi-site organisations requiring specialised fleet management and reporting, bespoke solutions are our specialty. Eftco, big enough to know, small enough to care.


Mark Chapman P 0800 180 180 M 021 073 0465 E W



Eftco Ltd

46, 47, 87

Franchise Consultants & Accountants

Specialist advice on franchise system development, feasibility studies, recruitment, documentation, manuals, ongoing mentoring, strategic planning and partnering to grow your business.


Hayden Cargo Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020 E W

Franchise Association of New Zealand

32, 33

Franchise Association

The peak body representing the franchise community. Franchise members are required to submit their agreement and disclosure documents to ensure compliance with our codes of ethics and practice before being accepted into membership and biennially thereafter. Affiliate members are suppliers to the franchise sector.


Robyn Pickerill P 0-9-274 2901 E W

Franchise Coach


Franchise Consultants & Recruitment

Comprehensive advice on franchise system development. Feasibility studies, manuals, documentation, legal briefs, franchisee recruitment, exporting and importing, mediation and ongoing mentoring to grow your business. The Franchise Coach has been a major contributor to the success of franchising in New Zealand since 1983. Consultants, trainers and speakers.

National & Worldwide

David McCulloch P 0800 4FRANCHISE M 021 943 776 E W

Franchise Infinity


Software Management Tool

Franchise Infinity is a cloud-based software that combines a range of effective management tools which Worldwide enables you to manage all aspects of your franchise from one centralised operating system. These efficiencies are driven through a focus on communication, compliance and performance.

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Franchise Accountants

For Franchise Advice in the Wellington region

As the Bay of Plenty’s leading franchise lawyers, you can count on us for tailored and practical advice that adds value to your business.

Shane Boulle P 0800 555 013 M 021 836 6253 E W


? ?

Have a chat with our legal experts:

Claire Byrne Dave Robinson

04 916 7483 04 916 6307

With more than 20 years of experience in franchising, we know what works best. Our track record in providing comprehensive sound advice speaks for itself. Just ask…

07 571 3668 David Foster Michelle Carabine 07 571 3664 Harris Tate Limited

29 Brown Street, Tauranga

Find the right franchise by starting with the right people. 88 EDIT DIR 76.indd 13

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2017 Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 4:10 PM

Franchise Relationships Institute




Franchise Research & Development

Franchisee selection systems, satisfaction surveys, recruitment and training for franchise management. Assistance with organisational change and restructuring, conference presentations on managing the franchise relationship.

New Zealand & Australia



page number

specialist advisors get more information Jewli Turier P 0061 457 846 675 E W

Franchize Consultants (NZ)


Franchise Consultants

Specialists in franchise development, strategic planning, legal briefs, systems and manuals, recruitment National & processes and documentation, ongoing mentoring and sound advice on franchising and licensing. Worldwide Recognised as New Zealand’s leading management consultancy specialising in franchise development. Experience with many of NZ’s top franchised companies.

Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 E W



Human Resource Management

In2HR will give you peace of mind. Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, talk to us about how we can keep your business on the right side of the law. Specialising in HR management including employment relations disputes, employment agreements and more.

Thai-Anh Cooper M 027 222 2793 E W

Inspired Learning Systems

Sales Training

Inspired Learning Systems customises learning experiences for sales teams experiencing some bumps National in the road or those people who have to do sales but don’t want to. We help you find the business, open the door and connect for the sale all within your comfort zone.

Bill James P 0-9-441 2164 E W

JLL Commercial Real Estate

Retail Real Estate

We specialise in finding suitable retail premises for franchisors and franchisees in New Zealand. We also manage a number of shopping centres throughout New Zealand.


Chris Beasleigh P 0-9-363 0286 M 021 597 856 E W

Kakapo Business Sales

Business Brokers

Kakapo Business Sales are industry-leading business brokers with a wealth of experience within the franchise industry. We assist franchisees in selling their existing franchise businesses and assist franchisors with the sale of franchise systems and finding rock star franchisees for new stores.


James Ashwin P 0800 494 449 M 021 125 6898 E W

LINK Business Brokers

Franchisee Resales & Recruitment

LINK are the authority on selling businesses in NZ and the southern hemisphere. Franchised specialists National in business sales, franchise re-sales and recruitment and sales of franchise opportunities. We provide professional, practical franchise advice to our clients. LINK has more brokers than any other brokerage.

Nick Stevens/Laurel McCulloch P 0-9-579 9226 E W

Accounting & Payroll Software

MYOB offers easy online accounting software that has everything you need to take care of your franchise business, including POS and payroll solutions. Whether you’re a small or large franchise, or a franchisor managing multiple franchise sites, MYOB has the solutions that provide you with real-time visibility of your finances, consistent accounting across your franchise network, and the ability to make informed business decisions faster. MYOB offers flexibility, capability and opportunity for growth.


Lauren Taylor P 0800 39 66 38 M 027 556 6115 E W

Media Company

APN NZ, TRN and GrabOne unify radio, digital, e-commerce and print brands under one banner, NZME. - New Zealand Media and Entertainment. Every week, our brands reach over 2.9 million Kiwis. Whether reading, listening or watching, they get the content they want from us.


Emily Travers P 0-9-367 4646 E W

Commercial Property Industrial, office and retail space: Let us negotiate for you. It’s possibly the best business move you’ll Consultants ever make. We’re completely independent of the agency system, and provide innovative and strategic property solutions. We’re here to fight for you, not the landlord.


Peter Scott P 0-9-550 8500 M 021 896 649 E W

POD Consulting


Auckland & Wellington

Rebecca Moxon P 0-9-948 2105 E W


Franchisee Selection We identify ‘best-fit’ franchisees using psychometric testing and analysis to strengthen selection decision-making. We work with small through to very large private and public sector organisations. We also provide full consultation and interpretation services to clients and individual candidates.


Grant Amos P 0-9-379 5270 E W

Silk Design & Build

Commercial Fit-outs

Silk Design and Build specialise in complete commercial fit-out solutions. From site feasibility to concept design and architectural plans. Every interior design is uniquely tailored and fine-tuned for you. The Silk experience ensures high quality results delivered on time and on budget.


Anand Doreswamy P 0-9-262 0527 M 021 520 038 E W

Tork Professional Hygiene

Workplace Hygiene

Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene. Manufacturing toilet tissue, hand towels, soap, cleaning and other products. Through global innovation Tork systems are designed to reduce consumption and save you money. Be confident you are making a responsible choice with market leading sustainability credentials.


Mark Stevens M 0275 991 627 E W

The Mediator


Mediating all types of disputes between franchisors and franchisees or between franchisees.


Trish Blyth P 0800 026 334 E W


Louise Follett P 0-6-349 3254 M 027 404 6037 E W

34, 35


Parallel Directions


POD offers NZ franchisors and franchisees expertise in HR consultancy, business planning, coaching, workshops and recruitment. We are the ultimate one-stop shop aimed at helping NZ businesses grow sustainably and establish a winning culture amongst their people.

Visit Whanganui



Whanganui is on the west coast, only 2.5 hours drive from Wellington with multiple weekly flights from Auckland. The city offers numerous conference facilities, many of which are unique heritage venues, catering for 13 to 1,300 guests offering the same hospitality, no matter the size.

Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre



Hotel accommodation with fully integrated conference centre suitable for small meetings through to Greater international conventions. Full food, beverage and leisure facilities complete the offering. “World famous Auckland in New Zealand”, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is an icon in the mid-range meetings and Area leisure market.

The award that spells confidence and trust

Shelley Trutsch P 0-9-526 3008 M 0274 992 412 E W

REACH THE BUYERS We have the expertise and the experience to find cost effective legal solutions for your franchising needs Let us help you make the right decision

Only Franchise New Zealand combines print, digital, online and social media to reach potential franchisees throughout New Zealand – and beyond. Contact us now to promote your opportunity or service.

• Over 25 years of experience • Fixed fee packages

Service Provider of the Year

Contact: Rory MacDonald (09) 307 3324 92 Parnell Road, Auckland

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NZ’s dedicated franchise media p 0-9-424 8236

If you’re just starting in franchising, talk to someone who isn’t. Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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opportunity: food & beverage

Columbus Coffee offers ambitious young couple the opportunities they’ve always wanted

hitting a


eonardo Rojas always had an ambition to own his own business by the time he was 25. He met his wife-to-be, Belen Sanhueza, before leaving Chile eight years ago, and the couple decided to travel the world together. As trained chefs, the hard-working couple never had any trouble finding employment wherever they went, but they always had their eyes out for a good business opportunity. It wasn’t until they got to New Zealand and discovered Columbus Coffee, though, that they found what they were looking for. ‘I thought Columbus was doing really good things and that’s what hooked us both,’ says Leo. ‘We’ve seen so many failures in the hospitality industry from people who don’t have a system in place, and although we are trained chefs we knew we had little knowledge of the other aspects of running a business such as managing cashflow, staff and marketing. These are areas in which Columbus Coffee excels, and they offer superb training to teach their systems to others, too. They can’t promise success – that’s up to the franchisee – but if you follow the systems they’ve set up, it will work.’ Leo and Belen have proved that twice over. The couple took on a small Columbus Coffee store at Gate Pa in Tauranga just under four years ago and rapidly achieved a reputation for first-class service and high standards. ‘We took over an existing café that had not been using all the Columbus tools but we embraced what we had learned, followed the food and operating plans, and quickly saw an increase in sales of 11 percent. It’s gone on growing ever since. Because of its size, Gate Pa might not have the biggest turnover in the Columbus Coffee network but, having been named Runner-Up in the Best Restaurant category of the Restaurant Association Bay Hospitality Awards, it’s one of the best cafés in the North Island,’ Leo says proudly.

next step With Gate Pa thriving, Leo and Belen were soon impatient for the next step – a second café. ‘We’d built a great relationship with Columbus and, because we’d proved we could deliver results, they helped us towards our next goal.’ Leo and Belen were offered a much bigger café – the Columbus Coffee at Mitre 10 MEGA in Dunedin. ‘We realised that it wasn’t exactly the most convenient location for us,’ laughs Belen, ‘but, as Leo always says, if you aren’t willing to make sacrifices on the journey then you aren’t going to achieve your goals!’ And so the couple moved south, along with one of their key staff, leaving their well-trained team and managers to run Gate Pa. Cloud-based management systems mean the couple can still keep an eye on key performance measures and look after their investment.

90 Columbus Coffee 90.indd 1

‘We’ve always been passionate about the quality of our food. It’s Columbus policy to have everything fresh, made on site every day, and that was one of the stand-out reasons for our choice in the first place. But what we’ve learned through the franchise is to become as passionate about every other aspect of owning a café business. ‘We set high standards and train our staff to maintain them. It‘s paid off because we know we can trust our team to run the place exactly the way we want it. We like to be sure people will be friendly and smiling all the time. If I’m hiring staff, I’ll choose a bubbly person whom I can train to be a barista before I’ll take a barista who doesn’t smile! The personality is far more important because you can always teach technical skills but not how to be happy and make people welcome.’

never going to let you down After four years and two cafés, Leo and Belen are very happy with the choices they’ve made. ‘Columbus has never let us down,’ says Belen. ‘We want to keep on growing, and we’ve found the right business to do it with. We’ve had to take things step-by-step and be patient and flexible but we have lots of opportunities with Columbus, including another store one day... Just give us a year to establish this one first!’ she laughs. Columbus Coffee is a 100 percent New Zealand-founded, owned and operated franchise with over 70 cafés throughout the country. Continuing growth means opportunities in both high street locations and the exclusive sites within Mitre 10 MEGA stores are available from $280,000 to $380,000. General Manager Peter Webster says, ‘Columbus has a very strong culture around the art of coffee, valuing our baristas, our staff and franchisees alike. Leo and Belen are very hard-working people with very high standards who lifted the performance of their first store beyond our expectations. By sticking to the system, and our core values, they have been able to achieve the business success they always wanted. ‘Leo and Belen have always made it clear they wanted another café, and their willingness to embrace change to achieve their goals has enabled to them take on a much bigger café in Dunedin. If you share their ambition for success, I’d love to hear from you. We have potential new locations available around the country right now.’ Franchise New Zealand

advertiser info Columbus Coffee Contact Peter Webster General Manager P 0-9-520 1044 M 021 883 852

Spring 2017

Year 26 Issue 03

7/09/17 2:59 PM

Up to 100% finance available for your new vehicle or machinery. Talk to us today.


0800 177 007

Up to 100% funding available on the GST exclusive price of the asset. All applications for finance are subject to Westpac’s current lending criteria. An establishment fee may apply. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. For details, please visit or call 0800 177 188. Westpac New Zealand Limited.

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4/03/16 10:48 AM

Franchise New Zealand - Year 26 Issue 03 - Spring 2017  

A new survey has revealed that New Zealand has 631 different franchise brands, 37,000 franchised units and our franchises employ 124,200 peo...