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The GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEES NZ Master Franchise is now under new ownership. Our dynamic team are on the lookout for enthusiastic and successful business people to invest as new Franchise Partners. With a strong office support team, you will engage in a full training programme, ongoing assistance and detailed analysis of each business venture so that together we can ensure you have all of the tools for success. A world-leading brand in the coffee and cafe industry, this proven franchise model is a fantastic opportunity that delivers quality at every turn.


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Every business gets asked to support charitable causes. How do franchises choose what to support?


n among the usual mix of news articles, good advice and the occasional dire warning, three particular stories have attracted a lot of attention on our website recently. The first was the news that Hell had raised $48,603 for Camp Twitch by donating a dollar for every double pizza sold in one of the busiest weeks in Hell’s history. Camp Twitch is an annual event for sufferers of Tourette’s Syndrome. A ‘swap a handbag for a free facial’ promotion saw Caci clinics donate 1,040 handbags to Dress for Success, whose mission is to help women achieve economic independence by providing the skills, confidence and professional attire they need to get back into the workforce. And The Coffee Club raised $30,000 for the SPCA through turning Cupcake Day into Cupcake Week, with cafés throughout the country baking speciallydecorated cupcakes to raise money for the cause. According to the latest Survey of Franchising (see page 6), almost a quarter of all franchises in New Zealand contribute over $100,000 every year. It’s appropriate, then, to look behind the scenes at how franchises choose their charities and how franchisees get involved in helping the communities they serve.

building up goodwill Hell Pizza hasn’t always had the best of reputations as a corporate citizen. A series of controversial promotions during the brand’s management by TPF resulted in a lot of customers being alienated. Ben Cumming, the company’s general manager, says, ‘When the original owners bought the brand back in 2009, we made a conscious decision to rein it in, to stay edgy but within a range people were comfortable with. We also needed to build up some goodwill. ‘We were already doing a lot of good things in the community but we weren’t good at communicating it, so we realised we had to tell people about those things.’ That turned into Satan’s Little Helper, a programme which asks Kiwis to nominate kids who, for whatever reason, are going through Hell.

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‘From the Satan’s Little Helper website, we get a steady stream of requests for help every week. Going through the stories is a little bit draining, to be honest and we’ve been in tears at times. A lot of the time we can only make a gesture and we worry that giving a family a little treat like a day out when they’re facing a terminal illness might feel like an insult. But we can’t cure cancer.’ What an established franchise like Hell can do is look for opportunities to change young lives, and that’s how they came to get involved with the Tourette’s Association. ‘Someone nominated a family who needed some help to go to Camp Twitch, and we learned all about it from them. As well as providing financial assistance, we offered to take our caravan along and give the kids the opportunity to learn to make pizzas. It was all grass roots stuff, then we found out that TVNZ were making a documentary. We created a special week timed around the screening of that programme to raise funds so that everyone could go to this year’s camp for free.’

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For The Coffee Club, it was the franchisees who put Cupcake Day on the agenda. ‘The SPCA has run Cupcake Day for a number of years and ten or more of our franchisees were highly engaged at a local level,’ says Andy Lucas, co-director of The Coffee Club NZ. ‘We already supported Blue September (men’s health) and KidsCan (children living in hardship), but as the business has grown throughout New Zealand we wanted to increase the support we give back to the community even more. Franchise New Zealand

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Year 26 Issue 03

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Franchise New Zealand - Year 26 Issue 03 - Spring 2017  

A new survey has revealed that New Zealand has 631 different franchise brands, 37,000 franchised units and our franchises employ 124,200 peo...

Franchise New Zealand - Year 26 Issue 03 - Spring 2017  

A new survey has revealed that New Zealand has 631 different franchise brands, 37,000 franchised units and our franchises employ 124,200 peo...

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