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Matt Steele from Zones says:

timely, clear advice

Goodwin Turner are franchise specialists with a team of industry leading legal experts. You can be assured of receiving practical commercial advice and carefully tailored solutions that will add value to your business.

Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers is instrumental in helping Zones develop its business. Zones Landscaping is building New Zealand's first nationally branded landscaping company and we appreciate their timely, clear advice. It is easy to understand and simple to apply. The enjoyable and effective working relationship extends to our related companies, Traffic and Refresh Renovations. We look forward to this continuing into the future. Matt Steele, Director

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EnsurE Your FranchisEEs arE on ThE samE PagE

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Own your own business Become part of your local community Join a network of retailers committed to customer service excellence Be supported by a team of people dedicated to your success A well-established, profitable business model

STIHL SHOP is a nationwide network of locally-owned stores offering a wide range of high quality outdoor power equipment supported by fully equipped service workshops. STIHL SHOP owners and staff are friendly, approachable and fully trained with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction.

I love social media, although it can be a huge distraction. When you’re writing on a sunny afternoon and you get a notification from a local Facebook group that there’s a pod of orcas out in the bay, it’s impossible not to reach for the binoculars. Staring out of the window was never like this in London – which is why, 25 years ago, my wife Lorraine and I made the jump from corporate roles in the UK to running our own business in New Zealand. We’ve never regretted it. From a business point of view, our Facebook page allows us to see what people are thinking about franchising. That can be very valuable – and sometimes frustrating, too. A recent post about the problems of a franchise in Australia attracted all sorts of comments from people who didn’t know the first thing about franchising and, in many cases, clearly hadn’t read the article. I must admit that when I see people saying ‘franchising is just another word for pyramid selling,’ I am tempted to offer enlightenment. If you are going to make a big decision in your life – move countries, move jobs, buy a business – you owe it to yourself and to the people you love to base your decision on information, not misinformation. That’s why, in this issue, we feature expert advice on the benefits of buying a franchise and what to expect (page 6), planning the business lifecycle (page 24), immigration trends (page 28), getting information from a franchisor (page 39), what sort of advice to get (page 52) and what franchise fees should buy you (page 65). We profile a whole range of different opportunities and give you the information to make up your own mind about what might suit you. When the time comes to make the jump into a business of your own, careful preparation is the best parachute you can have. But there’s one more thing you’ll need to make the jump successfully – passion. While most of the posts on the whale-watching page carefully include time, location, description and direction of travel, my favourite post yesterday was from the person who excitedly wrote, ‘Big bloody whale at Manly!!’ Because if you’re looking to make a change, passion is the best motivator of all. I hope you find something to get passionate about in the following pages.

Simon Lord Publisher

Franchise New Zealand media

STIHL SHOP opportunities are available for new licensees in locations across New Zealand. For more information on how to join the STIHL SHOP team please contact 0800 864 264, email or visit

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28 People Who Need People

Make The Jump

Want to own your own business? Here’s advice on the benefits of buying a franchise and what you can expect to find

56 Franchise Under Fire Pete Burdon offers some tips for those in the spotlight when something goes wrong or right

Simon Lord talks to Bill Milnes and Andy Chang about immigration trends and their impact on franchising

spring 2016 year 25 issue 03

welcome to New Zealand's BUY YOUR OWN BUSINESS magazine 6 Make The Jump Want to own your own business? Buying a franchise can make all the difference between hitting the ground – or hitting the ground running 11 Asset-Building The Speedy Way Speedy Signs proves the ideal tool for middle and senior managers to increase their net worth 13 Motoring Ahead Learning how business works inspires latest Touch Up Guys franchisee 15 Opportunity Knocks Immigrants make the most of the big opportunities that Paramount provides 16 Updates Our pick of the top news stories from 19 Live And Let Fly Deck & Fence Pro franchisee is stirred, not shaken, by all the opportunities 21 Sweet Smell Of Success Ecomist helps franchisees build repeat business through multiple income streams 22 Proud To Be V.I.P. We put our franchisees and their profitability first, says V.I.P. Home Services

24 The Circle Of Life Having the right banking solutions in place for every stage of your business life cycle can make a big difference, says Daniel Cloete of Westpac 27 Backed By The Brand AA Auto Centre franchisees are backed by one of NZ’s most trusted names 28 People Who Need People Simon Lord talks to immigration specialist Bill Milnes and Andy Chang of Westpac about immigration trends and their impact on franchising 33 Topping Opportunity Domino’s offers more new stores throughout New Zealand as growth continues 34 FANZ News Cartels Bill To Be Amended The Franchise Association has been working to protect franchisors and franchisees 37 Use What You Know Sales professionals who connect well can build profitable businesses with Flo2Cash 38 The Sky’s The Limit Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal franchisee recovers investment in months

39 What’s In The Disclosure Document? A good disclosure document is a great help when buying a franchise. What should it tell you? 41 Refreshingly Local Burger Wisconsin aims to build on 27 years of local history 43 Healthy Growth Oporto seeks ambitious new franchisees for prime locations 45 Staying On Top Of Payroll Payroll management can be complicated and timeconsuming. MYOB offers some helpful tips 47 Building Your Brand Sold-out Franchise Conference delivers real learning, real value 49 Dream Team Dream Doors franchisees turn leads into sales 51 Heart And Soul sKids franchisees know that successful businesses are about more than money 52 Buy Yourself Peace Of Mind Buying a franchise can be a great way to get into your own business – but using the right advisors is essential 55 The Coffee Concierge Xpresso Delight lets a mum be a mum while earning a full-time income

56 Handling The Media Pete Burdon offers some tips for franchisors and franchisees 59 Doing The Business Building a scalable franchise requires a solid foundation – and that’s exactly what SBA provides 61 Making Field Visits Count Impactful field visits require strong foundations 63 Moving With The Times Constant development is part of the Columbus Coffee culture 65 Why Pay Fees? What do you get for your money when you buy a franchise? 69 Where Do I Start? Franchise Accountants on the pre-purchase inspection you need before buying a franchise 70 7 Things Your Lawyer Should Tell You Scott Goodwin and Nicole Duncan outline the most important factors 86 It’s A People Business You don’t need to be a hairdresser to succeed with Rodney Wayne 72 Westpac Directory Of Franchising Comprehensive details and investment levels for over 275 franchise and master franchise opportunities. Also includes advisors and index to advertisers

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Want to own your own business? Buying a franchise can make all the difference between hitting the ground – or hitting the ground running, suggests Simon Lord

MAKE T into your own b


ive days a week, at least half of your waking hours are spent working for someone else. If that works for you, that’s great – but if, like many people, you want to feel that you have some control over your future then you might have thought about making the jump into buying a business. Owning your own business isn’t an instant route to happiness and riches, of course, but it does enable you to make some important choices: • • • • •

where you work what sort of work you do whether you work from home when you work who you work with

And it’s not just a dream – it’s a very real option. But leaving the security of paid employment is a bit like jumping out of an aeroplane: it might give you a massive thrill but, if you’re going to do it, you want to make sure that you have a good parachute and know how to use it. The first time you do it, it’s also better to be in tandem with an instructor who’s done it many times before. That way, if anything does start to go wrong, they can put it right before the consequences become too serious. For the first-time buyer, jumping in tandem is what franchising is all about. Starting a new business is hard. You need an idea, a viable business model, a reputation and the right equipment and connections to get you started, You need finance and you need customers. You need to be good not just at doing whatever you do, whether that’s fitting windows or making coffee, but at running a business: marketing, managing cashflow, pricing and negotiating, to name a few key skills. Not many people have all those skills when they start, which is why many small businesses never really get off the ground. Buying a franchise, on the other hand, means you’ll get the training, systems, marketing, help and support you need to have the best possible chance of success. It also means that you have far greater choice available in terms of what you do and where you do it. If you want to get out from behind your desk and work in the open air, you can. If you want to leave the big city and move somewhere that will offer your family a better lifestyle, you can. And if you want to invest your talent in something that will increase your own net worth rather than someone else’s, you can do that too. A franchise enables you to take your experience and abilities and channel them into something new.

according to the complexity of the franchisee’s role and the degree of familiarisation required with new equipment and/or systems. For example, a training programme designed to help you run a pizza franchise – where you will be producing product, recruiting, training and managing staff working shifts, running a retail and delivery operation, and complying with health & safety requirements – is going to be rather longer and more detailed than one aimed at a windscreen repair owner/operator. But whatever the technical requirements, the training provided by any good franchise should also cover the administrative, financial and marketing tasks required to run a business profitably. It should provide the systems to help you do that, too: many franchises these days provide quite sophisticated tools to help you manage your time, boost your performance and compare your performance with other franchisees. All this provides a level of support that independent business owners can only dream of. Of course, the nature of any training programme will depend on a franchisor’s resources, size and experience. In young franchises, training may be carried out by the franchisor themselves, while established franchises will often have a team that specialises in training new franchisees in a purpose-built location. In some cases, new franchisees may even be trained overseas in Australia or the US. Whatever the training, it is likely to combine some classroom time with ‘on-the-job’ experience in a company-owned outlet or possibly with an experienced franchisee.

support from the start Once training is completed, the new franchisee is theoretically ready to run their own business. In practice, there is another stage to go through – opening the business itself – which requires the detailed input and support of the franchisor. This can be divided into two types of assistance: business preparation and personal preparation.

business preparation In the case of a premises-based franchise, the location has to be selected, designed, equipped and stocked to the franchisor’s specifications – think of it as packing the parachute and checking the equipment. For this reason, the franchisor will usually be heavily involved in the process. Assistance may cover the areas of:

Many people are surprised to learn that something like 80% of franchisors say ‘No experience needed’ when they are looking for franchisees – and they mean it. In fact, some actually say that they prefer new franchisees not to have specific experience in the industry concerned so newcomers can learn the franchise’s systems without having to unlearn conflicting practices first. It’s just a question of matching your abilities, goals and attitude to the right opportunity.

• • • •

trained to succeed

• • • •

Over the past 25 years, we’ve talked to hundreds of people who have changed careers through buying a franchise: bankers who have bought cafés, IT experts who build kitchens and fitters who took up lawnmowing. In the following pages, you can find corporate execs turned restoration experts, launderers turned hairdressers and teachers who run commercial cleaning businesses. In some cases, in just a few years they have gone from knowing almost nothing about the industry to winning awards for their performance. How is this possible? Well, franchisors select franchisees based on ability rather than experience then train them in exactly what they need to know to run their own business. Exactly what this training looks like will vary

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Site selection • Staff selection and training Lease negotiation • POS and IT set-up Premises design and fit-out • Opening promotion Initial stock ordering

Where the franchise is a mobile or home-based one, preparation will usually include: Vehicle leasing or purchase Signwriting Equipment IT systems

• Initial stock & supplies • Initial market promotion • Office set-up

personal preparation No matter how well a new franchisee performs in training and work experience, opening your own business is inevitably a nerve-wracking time. This is the business in which you have invested and on which you are going to be relying. You’re about to jump out of the plane – nerves are normal. Although this is a new experience for you, in most cases the franchisor will have done this many times before. That is why they will usually supply an Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

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THE JUMP n business experienced field support person to work with you in your own territory both prior to and immediately after opening. They will help to reduce your nervousness by ensuring that everything is set up properly so that you can apply your training. Once open, expect the field support person to stay with you for long enough for you to feel reasonably comfortable operating on your own. They are there not to run the business for you but to ease you into independence. The amount of time that this takes will vary enormously. In food or retail businesses, a week or so of on-site support before and after opening would be quite usual. In some franchises – particularly service-based ones – the training and opening periods may overlap if, say, the franchisor’s representative goes out to meet prospects with you and helps secure your first clients.

for yourself but not by yourself

Some examples of services that franchises regularly provide on an ongoing basis include: Field Visits These visits can be incredibly valuable. While part of their function is to review each outlet to make sure it is being run in compliance with set-down procedures and systems, the major focus is on helping the franchisee build their business – finding opportunities for improvements in sales, service and cost control. They also provide an opportunity to resolve any problems and queries, and share feedback. Each visit should result in a constructive evaluation. Marketing & Merchandising Most franchises have a national marketing fund to which franchisees contribute. The franchisor administers this and arranges national marketing, often in consultation with the franchisees. There may also be a requirement for individual franchisees to operate approved local marketing programmes in their area. Ongoing Training This ensures that franchisees and their staff are kept up-to-date and provides an opportunity to share solutions to common problems. It not only helps maintain consistency of standards throughout the network, but can also build relationships with other franchisees and ensure everyone feels part of a network. Running a business by yourself can be a lonely experience, but being part of a franchise means always having


The process of turning a novice into a competent business person doesn’t end there, however. As the franchisee becomes more comfortable with the day-to-day operation of their business, so they start to develop greater independence. The person who felt the need to ring their franchise support person six times a day at first may soon be down to one call a week or less. Once they feel confident and able to cope with the dayto-day, that’s when they start to look

for opportunities to grow – which requires a whole new level of support. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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BIG QUESTIONS ABOUT MAKING THE JUMP What sort of skills do I have that I could use in a business of my own?

someone to share your triumphs and disasters with. Purchasing A sizeable franchise can negotiate good bulk-buying arrangements not only on product but on services such as insurance, telecommunications, IT, fuel and even on financial services such as credit card and EFTPOS and borrowing arrangements. In some franchises, the discounts available can recoup a sizeable portion of the ongoing franchise fee (royalty).

A book called, funnily enough, What Color Is Your Parachute? by Dick Bolles contains some excellent exercises to help you work this out. See www. Am I prepared to take advice? Being part of a franchise means working within a system, learning from others and then applying their experience to the best effect in your own business. If you try to do things your own way, it will lead to friction at best, and failure at worst.

Management & Business Advice Experienced franchisors are increasingly providing assistance in areas such as goal setting, cash management and exit strategies. ‘Think of it as like having your very own business coach or mentor,’ says one experienced franchisee. In addition, standardised computer systems make it possible to ‘benchmark’ your business against others in the system, enabling you and your advisors to see at a glance what you are doing well and where you might find room for improvement.

Compliance With increasing legislation in areas such as health and safety making life more complicated for the individual operator, being part of a franchise that works out systems for you can be hugely valuable. Product Development While franchisees focus on the customers, franchisors focus on the future to ensure that products or services are constantly improved or replaced where appropriate. The franchisor will also monitor the competition and advise franchisees of any developments. Staff Matters Your franchisor may provide assistance in the recruitment

What sort of business is going to interest and satisfy me?

Can I rely on the support of my family and friends?

Be aware that you will be working long hours with few holidays until you get established, so make sure you choose something you enjoy.

This is vital – long hours and short holidays are going to be a fact of life for a while. If others don’t understand that and get resentful, it could cause problems.

What resources do I have to help me fund a business and my financial commitments while my new business is getting established?

and selection of staff as well as advice on pay rates and contractual matters. Hints on how to keep staff motivated and reduce staff turnover also help the franchisee maximise profits.

the right attitude It’s clear from the above that for anyone looking at leaving a job behind and moving into their own business, franchising has a lot to offer. You’ll have the support and guidance of the franchisor behind you, and you’ll be provided with systems to help you handle most of the practical obstacles along the way. You won’t have to create products or services to sell, won’t have to work out where to source them or how to price them, and you won’t have to start advertising from scratch – you’ll have the benefit of an established brand name that will bring customers to your door.

for 6 mo

There are limited franchise areas available so contact us now.

Green Acres franchise and pay no

Just wanting to work for yourself isn’t enough to keep you on track. Do you have financial goals or lifestyle goals? Write them down and share them with your advisors. Make sure that the particular business you are interested in can help you to achieve them.

While it pays to be bold, don’t bite off more than you can chew – lack of capital has killed many businesses. If you can’t afford your dream business immediately, be prepared to start with something smaller.


Buy a

What are my long-term goals?

royalty fees

for the first six months.

This offer is exclusive to readers of Franchise New Zealand magazine and its website.

As a Green Acres franchisee, you’ll enjoy financial security plus all the benefits that come with being self employed. And you’ll be backed by ongoing support from the country’s most well-known and successful home cleaning business! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Mention this listing when you contact us:

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:46 PM

QUICK TIPS – MORE HELP To work out whether any specific franchise is the right one to help you make the jump into business ownership, you’ll need to do some research and ask lots of questions. Here are five helpful articles from the Franchise New Zealand website to help you take the next step:

How do I learn the business?

Find the right franchise for you

What sort of on-the-spot support do top franchises provide to help franchisees achieve their goals?

Our guide to finding a franchise that suits your abilities, your pocket and your dreams. Your buyer’s guide Part-time, full-time, indoors, outdoors, retail or restaurant: whatever you’re interested in, there’s a franchise to match.

To have the best chance of success, you need to know that your chosen franchise can deliver. Here are some tips on training. What do field managers really do?

250 questions to ask franchisors A comprehensive list of questions to ask that will help you make the right decision about which franchise to buy.

But the success of your business will still depend very much on your own efforts, and that’s where your own determination and commitment matter more than anything else. Franchisors and advisors alike say that the biggest single obstacle which faces people moving from employment to self-employment for the first time is the need to change your mindset from ‘doing a job’ to ‘managing your own business.’ ‘There’s more to it than just getting used to the idea that you won’t be getting a regular pay cheque every week,’ said one. ‘You have to accept that if you want your business to grow, it’s up to you to grow it, and if you have a problem, it’s up to you to fix it. With a franchise, at least you have someone to turn to for advice, but you have to make that mental shift to get the best out of the opportunity.’

who’s behind you? The other key factor in your success, you might be surprised to learn, will be the extent to which your family and friends support you. As one franchisor puts it, ‘Franchisees who have the active support and understanding of their family in establishing their business will outperform others. Where the franchisee’s family is unsupportive or opposed to the business, it will almost always turn to custard.’ It’s something which was confirmed in a major study carried out by the highly-regarded Franchise Relationships Institute a few years ago – in fact, the study found that Family & Social Support was three times more powerful in predicting franchisee performance than any of the other characteristics measured, including practical intelligence, service orientation, sales potential and drive for success.

buying, selling, or setting up a franchise? get the right legal advice from the franchise specialists

don’t expect it to be easy Moving from employment to self-employment isn’t exactly a walk in the park – there are too many things to think about. And there are risks, too: as one lawyer put it to me recently, ‘I hate seeing adverts saying “Be your own boss.” Owning a business means responsibility as well as freedom, so if “sacking the boss” is your main motivation, don’t do it. When you’re employed, if you’re made redundant, you lose your job. If your business fails, you can lose your job, be made bankrupt and lose your house! ‘You have to balance the risks and rewards, and if you choose the right business and take the right advice, buying a franchise can help you do that.’ A risk-averse friend of mine once declined the opportunity to make a parachute jump, saying: ‘Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?’ It’s a fair point, and many people feel the same way about leaving a job to work for themselves. But if you do want to do something different, own your own business, live and work where you want and potentially be much better off than before, franchising offers you the chance to do it with real help and support. You still need to make the jump, about the author but you’ll be doing it in tandem with someone who’s done it before. That Simon Lord is Editor of Franchise can make the difference between New Zealand and has worked in franchising in New Zealand and hitting the ground – or hitting the the UK for over 30 years. ground running. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Cover 6.indd 4

We assist you to achieve your commercial objectives with practical and cost effective legal advice. Our team has many years’ experience in all aspects of franchising and includes a former Chairman of the Franchise Association of New Zealand Inc. +64-9-308-8070


9 8/09/16 2:46 PM

PETER USED DATA TO PINPOINT POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS When Peter Fraser wanted to know where to find more customers for his photography business, he turned to Statistics NZ. He wanted to identify the areas he was most likely to find customers wanting baby photos, wedding photography, or family portraits. With Statistics NZ’s free online data on birth rates, marriages, and families, Peter quickly built a picture of the areas he could target to reach those customers and get the best bang for his marketing buck. Whatever business you’re in, Statistics NZ has a range of free data that can help your decision-making.

Call us on 0508 525 525, email, or visit


Peter Fraser – Foto Diem

opportunity: business & commercial


the speedy way Speedy Signs proves the ideal tool for middle and senior managers to increase their net worth

‘One thing the training highlighted for me was the need to focus on an exit plan. I don’t want to work for ever, but I have no target date and I’m confident that when the time is right, the Speedy Signs name means I’ll have a valuable business to sell.’


peedy Signs offers an ideal opportunity for people in middle to senior management to use their business expertise for their own advancement. The formula is simple: buy into a great brand, work hard, build it up, enjoy an excellent income and on-sell the business at the right time. When Craig Simmons was looking for a business, he asked all his friends and family if they could name a signage firm. ‘Having worked for a supplier to the printing industry I knew them all, of course, but the only common name others came up with was Speedy Signs. That was quite revealing to me. I’d become bored with being a manager for someone else and having no say in the direction of the company. I was thinking of setting up on my own. The problem is that a stand-alone company has a lot less value when you want to sell, so you’re not really building an asset. Speedy Signs, on the other hand, has considerable brand value, so I could see real potential in going with them.’ Craig bought an existing Speedy Signs outlet in Penrose in 2014 and has since turned it into a top performer. In only 2 years, he has increased sales by a massive 85 percent and increased his net worth considerably. ‘I think much of it has been down to renewed energy and a focus on saying “Yes” to customers,’ he says, modestly. ‘Speedy Signs is an excellent system and customers appreciate the efficiency and ability we bring to every job.’

a business and a brand worth selling Speedy Signs franchisees all go through an initial two-week training course in Florida, and Craig was no exception despite his related industry knowledge – something for which he is truly grateful. Talking to other owners was an excellent opportunity to learn, network and create supportive relationships, and the emphasis upon how to build a successful Speedy Signs business was invaluable. ‘I could see the potential, but this was how to do it. Of course, the early months were a steep learning curve but once I got on top of it I could see the growth coming. And I wasn’t on my own, with help from the support team and other franchisees.

it’s a great network Dean Davis also has a senior management background – in his case, with Goodman Fielder. After a relocation sent them to Auckland, he and his partner Jackie were keen to get back to family in Christchurch. ‘We looked for a franchise because we didn’t want to start a grassroots business and wanted a proper structure and support network behind us. We did lots of research and took our time to decide as we wanted to be sure it was something we could do.’ Dean and Jackie finally bought the Riccarton branch of Speedy Signs in 2012. ‘All the roles I’d had before involved considerable responsibility, but back then I wasn’t handling my own money!’ he smiles. ‘There were a few moments when we thought “What have we done?” but the training and support carried us through.’ Like Craig, Dean has enjoyed considerable growth – something he attributes to leveraging the Speedy Signs brand. ‘People regularly come to us on the back of the group marketing alone. Speedy Signs has a simple sales growth philosophy which is get out and meet people, turn the quotes round and give consistency of service. We keep to that, and we’ve found efficiencies by continually scrutinising our operations. From a management point of view, one of the biggest strengths within the group is their formal mentoring system. It’s a great network and, even after nearly five years, when I’m asking questions they get answered promptly. ‘You asked if we’d built an asset? Well, we most certainly have and our target growth is another 25 percent this year. It may sound clichéd, but our greatest asset is our team. We have eight staff and everyone enjoys coming to work – Jackie and I went on holiday in July for two weeks and had only one message about work in all that time.’

lots of advantages With nearly 800 outlets in 40 countries, Speedy Signs is part of the world’s largest sign franchise. ‘Speedy Signs offers experienced managers the chance to buy a business and take it to the next level,’ says Grant Archibald, founder of Business Franchise Group, the local master franchisee for both Speedy Signs and its sister franchise, EmbroidMe, which specialises in the supply of branded apparel and promotional products. ‘Dean and Craig have demonstrated just how much can be achieved. Both Speedy Signs and EmbroidMe offer real opportunities to build a serious asset, and offer other advantages such as Monday to Friday trading hours as well. We have existing and new opportunities available in many parts of the country – find out more by contacting us today.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Speedy_Signs 11.indd 1

Craig Simmons: ‘The Speedy Signs name means I’ll have a valuable business to sell’

advertiser info

Business Franchise Group Ltd PO Box 51890, Pakuranga, Auckland 2140 Contact Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123

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“I’ve seen 100% growth per year” Jim Gleeson, Refresh Franchisee

Join Refresh and grow a multi-million dollar franchise

You don’t need to be a builder, so talk to Jon Bridge today: Ph (09) 303 0670,


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opportunity: auto services

motoring AHEAD Learning how business works inspires latest Touch Up Guys franchisee


t 37, Sam Patten was surging up the corporate ladder in the liquor industry when he hit a rung labelled ‘redundancy’. ‘It wasn’t a huge shock – it simply turned my self-employment search from passive to super-active,’ he smiles. ‘I’d always been keen to have my own business, but my career kept it as a dream. Having my hand forced was a good thing. ‘As I was promoted so my work/life balance had suffered,’ continues Sam. ‘With a wife and two children under three, I wanted to get that back as well as run my own business.’ Knowing he needed to learn how business worked from the inside out, he chose a long-established and highlysuccessful franchise to get him started – Touch Up Guys. Touch Up Guys is a mobile service that repairs bumper scuffs, stone chip scratches and other damage on vehicles of all types. With the number of cars on NZ roads increasing all the time, the business is both solid and profitable – in fact, many of those franchisees have been with the company almost since it launched in New Zealand in 1995. One of those was Mike Harper and, when the time came for Mike to leave Auckland after 20 years, he found an eager buyer for his Newmarket-

Sam Patten: ‘I’ve got my work and life back in balance and it’s certainly profitable’

based business in Sam. ‘Mike had established excellent relationships with his customers and I felt I could slip in smoothly,’ says Sam. ‘After the excellent training I knew I could do the work, and I’ve been hugely supported by both Martin Smith, the NZ master franchisee, and by my fellow franchisees. Being able to talk to them is a big advantage – they have a wealth of experience and always have time to offer help and advice.’ A complete Touch Up Guys franchise package costs between $88,000 and $120,000 +gst, depending on van leasing options. The investment includes full training, the mobile workshop and all the systems and support you need to succeed. Sam is delighted with his choice of Touch Up Guys, which he says is ‘a terrific model. There is a set fee, not a percentage royalty, which means the smarter we work the more we earn. It’s very different from being an employee and you need to be disciplined, but I’ve got my work and life back in balance and it’s certainly profitable. Now I’m on top of it I’m advertiser info achieving my goals both of owning my own business and having time Touch Up Guys for family.’ 444B Beach Road, Murrays Martin Smith says that Touch Up Guys has opportunities all round New Zealand for people like Sam who take pride in what they do, are energetic and reliable, and like working with cars. ‘If that’s you, give me a call – now!’

Bay, Auckland Contact Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430

join the mexican evolution! Mexicali Fresh is the leader in fast casual dining and pioneered the Mexican Evolution in New Zealand. We use original recipes with fresh local ingredients while offering frosty margaritas, premium Tequila and imported Mexican beer. Back in 2005 with suitcases in tow our family moved from the States to introduce Kiwis to healthy, fresh, California-style Mexican food. Ten years on and we are still rollin’ stuff so good it should be illegal! Come on board with the only American-born, Mexican-inspired and New Zealand grown Fresh Mex concept.



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Stay energised at Holiday Inn Rotorua. Exclusive packages including discounted accommodation and value added offers available. Holiday Inn Rotorua is the perfect venue for engaging and successful events. Uniquely located on the edge of the spectacular Redwoods Forest and overlooking the enchanting steaming geysers at Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, we offer an atmosphere that is both inspiring and energising. From your first contact with us, you’ll feel the Holiday Inn difference. You’ll be introduced to our conference team who are experts in planning and facilitating events. Our team are dedicated to ensuring your event is a memorable success.

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Rise to the challenge and be your own boss in 2016 Franchise opportunities available across the North Island Visit or call 0800 225 388 for more information

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:50 PM

opportunity: business & commercial Lily Wang: ‘We could start with not too big an investment and go on to build a proper business’

a proven pathway ‘Paramount offers an excellent pathway into business for immigrants, or indeed anyone,’ says director Paul Brown. ‘It’s an essential service, so there’s no shortage of business – in fact, we will find your first contracts for you. We also handle the billing and collection so you don’t have to chase money – you get paid on the 25th of the month, no matter what.


KNOCKS Immigrants make the most of the big opportunities Paramount provides


hey come from different parts of the world and live at opposite ends of the country, but Jignesh Soni and Lily Wang have something in common – buying a Paramount Services franchise has enabled them to build significant businesses. With over 160 franchisees servicing 2400 client sites throughout New Zealand, Paramount Services is a major name in commercial cleaning. The company was founded by Galvin and Sue Bartlett in 1979 and has become one of the country’s most awarded franchise systems, being the reigning Franchise System of the Year for 2015/16. The simple philosophy of being “small enough to care, big enough to serve,” is a winning formula for attracting fresh clients for its franchisees.

getting started in business A former associate professor in physical education at a specialist Beijing university, Lily Wang arrived in Auckland with her husband and son in May 2012. ‘I loved the landscape and the culture of New Zealand, so we decided to try our luck and emigrate here. To get established, we both did many jobs and I spent two years in sales with a health care company. However, at the end of 2013 I was pregnant again and we realised we had to have a bigger house so our parents could stay and help with looking after the children. Property in Auckland was expensive so we realised we needed to go into business. The question was, “What could we afford?” Then we learned about Paramount and realised that we could start small with not too big an investment but go on to build a proper business.’ For Jignesh Soni, Paramount provided a welcome change. Originally from Gujarat, Jignesh spent several years as farm manager of one of the biggest farms in the Ashburton area. ‘I had a friend in Auckland who owned a Paramount franchise, and he spoke very highly of it,’ he says. ‘But if you are going to put your life savings into a business you need to do your research, so I did – and the more I looked at Paramount, the more confident I felt.’ So, like Lily, Jignesh started small with his first few clients in Timaru in early 2014. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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‘Franchises start from as little as $15,000 and you can employ staff and grow as large as you like as quickly as you like. In many areas you can even start part-time while you build up to running your own business fulltime, as both Jignesh and Lily did. And we have clients all round the country, so you aren’t stuck in Auckland with its high rentals – you can live wherever you choose and save your money. Currently we have a few “hotspots” in very attractive areas like Kerikeri, Northland, Waitara and Taranaki for an immediate start.’

start small grow big Lily Wang says that the Paramount system made it very easy to get going. ‘Because Paramount provides such very good quality training it was easy for me to get to grips with the business. The training covers every aspect and over the last two years I have always felt very well supported. I was soon confident enough to take on an additional site, and by building relationships with my clients I have been able to go on expanding. Having extra sites and staff gives me flexibility and I now employ nine people, inside two years.’

Jignesh’s focus on applying the system and focusing on excellent customer service has also reaped rewards. ‘We have a major contract to clean the ANZCO Foods meat processing plants – one of the biggest such outlets in New Zealand. Together with my site supervisor, Ashish Ghevania, we have achieved great things there and just won one of the top titles in the Clean Sweep awards – the Oscars of the whole commercial cleaning industry. I only started two years ago so that says a lot for the quality of Paramount’s training and systems.’ Jignesh Soni: ‘The model has been very, very successful for me’ Jignesh has capitalised on his success and is continuing to grow his business. ‘I now have eight staff, I’m cleaning many of the banks in Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru, Geraldine and Twizel, and I’ve just started in Christchurch, too. The Paramount business model has been very, very successful for me.’ If the idea of running your own business appeals and you are organised and hard-working, Paul Brown wants to hear from you. ‘Our franchises are safe, affordable and rewarding businesses,’ he says. ‘We will give you the training you need to get started, the client contracts to get you going and the support you need to build your business to the level you want. If you have ambition like Lily and Jignesh, we can help – call me now.’

advertiser info Paramount Services PO Box 8939, Symonds Street, Auckland Contact Paul Brown P 0-9-376 7850 M 0275 430 233

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updates from our website

Our pick of the top news stories from

Franchisee profitability expected to grow The latest Franchising Confidence Index reveals better results for franchisees and good prospects in the regions, although Auckland housing issues are worrying franchisors. The July survey, by Franchize Consultants, demonstrates a strong increase in confidence levels for many areas, including franchisor growth prospects, franchisee sales levels and, particularly, franchisee profitability. This last is a key measure and results from a combination of higher expected franchisee sales levels with a smaller change in operating costs. Both Franchisor and Service Provider sentiments of franchisee sales levels showed a positive increase, with Franchisors increasing from a net 39 percent to 51 percent. Meanwhile, Service Providers featured a very confident increase from a net negative 21 percent to a positive 30 percent.

After seeing a positive outlook for operating costs in April, Franchisor and Service Provider groups’ outlook for franchisee operating costs has dipped slightly. Franchisor sentiment decreased from net 3 percent to a negative net 6 percent, whilst Service Providers decreased from net 26 percent to a net 5 percent. The outlook for franchisee profitability levels has bounced back to levels similar to January. Franchisor sentiment recovered from a net 21 percent to a net 40 percent (net 44 percent in January) while Service Providers remained optimistic, with a net 40 percent in July, only slightly below the net 47 percent in April. Franchisor sentiment for franchisor growth prospects remained stable at net 46 percent compared with a net 45 percent in April. Service Providers perceptions showed a slight increase at a net 50 percent.


Imagine a 10-year-old walking into one of the largest café chains in the country, pointing at the brightly-coloured cups and napkins and saying, ‘I designed those.’ It’s something they’ll always remember.

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The cover story in our last issue was clearly on trend – a poll conducted for website The Spinoff by research company SSI found one in three people (32.2 per cent) surveyed had considered moving away from Auckland in the last two years because of house prices, says the New Zealand Herald. ‘A further 36 per cent hadn’t considered the option but thought it was a good idea. Auckland housing prices have risen by 85 per cent in the last four years, taking the average price to around nine times the average household’s income.’ Economist Shamubeel Eaqub said there were two types of Aucklanders leaving

for the provinces – retirees heading for cheaper areas like Tauranga and Northland, and families looking for a better lifestyle. Since the 2013 Census, Auckland had become even less affordable, but the decision to leave the city was a challenge for some.

‘The challenge for a lot of people is they’re not able to get the same kinds of jobs or job security in other parts of New Zealand. That’s [probably why] it’s only a third of people saying they’ve actually considered it.’ Franchisors are reporting increased interest in franchise opportunities outside the main centres. However, the planned growth of Auckland following acceptance of the new Unitary Plan will also see new development opportunities opening up within the city.

Economy to keep on truckin’

The New Zealand economy is set to continue growing at a firm pace for some time, according to the latest Westpac Economic Overview. GDP growth is expected to remain firm over the next few years with strong construction activity, low interest rates and strong population growth off-setting lingering headwinds in the externally exposed parts of the economy.

Well, it’s something four 10-year-old kids will be able to say thanks to winning a competition run by The Coffee Club New Zealand and KidsCan to design this year’s Christmas cups and napkins. The four have also earned their schools a total of $9,000. The Christmas Cups competition, which saw more than 300 designs received from over 30 schools, aims to raise awareness of the work being done by KidsCan to support the education, health and wellbeing of children living in hardship. It’s now in its third year and has seen $30,000 donated to schools and the kids by The Coffee Club in that time. The first-placed design, which will appear on the large takeaway cup, features Portia De Luen’s drawing of a cow and a sheep helping a kiwi bird place a star on the top of a Christmas tree. Second place was won by Mya Taylor of Frankton School in Hamilton (medium takeaway cup). Third place went to Harshini Naidu, from Firth Primary School, Matamata (small takeaway cup). Fourth place was awarded to Sala Fogavai, from Linden School in Wellington, whose design will be printed on to The Coffee Club’s napkins. The designs will appear in stores from November.

‘In some ways, it’s not surprising that the New Zealand economy has stayed the course,’ says Michael Gordon, Westpac’s Acting Chief Economist. ‘As we identified in our previous Quarterly Economic Overview, the greater challenges for the local economy lie a few years ahead and a slowdown in growth remains on the cards through the latter part of the decade. We know that the Canterbury earthquake rebuild is a finite job, and as it enters its wind-down phase in the coming years it will be as much of a drag on growth as it was a boost on the way up.’ The other challenge for New Zealand is the pace at which households are accumulating debt against property, the Overview suggests. The eye-watering pace of house price growth has given rise to renewed concerns around financial stability. The Reserve Bank has already stepped in to cool the market through tighter lending restrictions and further interventions are likely. ‘Nevertheless, tight supply, strong price increases to date and the likelihood of continued low interest rates have prompted us to once again revise up our forecasts for house price growth,’ says the report. ‘We now expect nationwide house prices will rise by 16 percent over 2016 (up from an already strong forecast of 11 percent at the time of our last Overview, which included an allowance for a tightening in macro-prudential policy). A further 8 percent gain is expected over 2017.’

HELL WINS AWARD FOR DISABLED TRAINING PROGRAMME Representatives from Hell dusted off their halos for the 19th Diversity Awards NZ Gala Dinner in August, where the pizza chain was presented with the Diversability Award for its Active in Hell training programme for intellectually disabled youth.

The Diversability Award is presented to businesses that use innovation to create employment opportunities for differently-abled people, including those with physical and mental health conditions.

16 EDIT Web News 2503 16.indd 1

Through the Active in Hell (AIH) programme – jointly run with IHC – the Kiwi-owned business has hosted more than 30 intellectually disabled youth for 6 weeks of specialised paid training in its kitchens around the country. Three AIH graduates have already been offered permanent positions at Hell stores in Upper Hutt, Tauranga and Napier. Comprising two two-hour sessions per week, AIH paid training covers everything from mandatory health and

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:50 PM


Following its driverless robot test, Domino’s could start trialling pizza delivery via drone this month in a world-first for New Zealand. The franchise has joined forces with drone experts Flirtey to launch the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. The two companies exhibited the first stage of their partnership with a demonstration of pizza delivery by drone attended by the Civil Aviation Authority and Minister of Transport Simon Bridges.

The demonstration was conducted under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101 and marks a final step in Flirtey’s approval process. The partnership will aim to connect people with pizza via CAA-approved trial store-to-door drone deliveries with trials commencing after daylight saving begins.

New Zealand was selected as the launch market because its current regulations allow for businesses to embrace unmanned aircraft opportunities and enable the gradual testing of new and innovative technologies. Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Don Meij, said, ‘It doesn’t make sense to have a 2-tonne machine [a car] delivering a 2-kilogram order. We have invested heavily to provide our stores with different delivery fleet options such as electric scooters, e-bikes and even the Domino’s Robotic Unit - DRU that we launched earlier this year.’ Domino’s says the use of drones as a delivery method is designed to work alongside its current delivery fleet and will be fully integrated into online ordering and GPS systems.

in brief • BurgerFuel is to go ahead with its US expansion plans despite ending its collaboration agreement with Subway and Franchise Brands. The Franchise Brands group still has a 10 percent holding in BurgerFuel, as well as a position on its board. • Foodstuffs is opening 7 new stores for the Pak’n’Save, New World and Four Square franchises, and refurbishing 11 more. Meanwhile, Australian-owned Countdown has announced it will close six stores. • McDonald’s US has announced plans to remove high-fructose corn syrup from its buns, remove artificial preservatives

from some items, ban chicken raised with antibiotics and begun serving some milk and yogurt from cows not treated with artificial growth hormone.

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• The NZX-listed company that owns the Mad Butcher franchise has posted a loss of $4.59 million in y/e June 2016. The performance of Veritas’s Nosh Food Market stores, which it is planning to franchise, was described as ‘disappointing’. • Findings from a nationwide study suggest that most Kiwi diners are put off by dirty bathrooms but forgiving of slow service. What will keep them going back to a restaurant is simple – excellent food.

read more on all these at

safety education to preparing food for sale. Hell general manager Ben Cumming said that receiving the award was a proud moment for everyone at Hell, and testament to the company’s evolution. ‘This award is shared by everybody who has embraced the Active in Hell programme and put in the time and effort to give trainees a helping hand in finding permanent employment.

‘Active in Hell is about giving these young people a chance in a commercial kitchen and exposing them to skills relevant for hospitality roles, including being paid. We’re looking forward to building on our progress and maximising its potential.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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opportunity: home & building

live and LET FLY Deck & Fence Pro franchisee is stirred, not shaken, by all the opportunities


he name is Bond, James Bond. Actually, the name is Williams, Grant Williams, but having an 0800 number ending in 007 has proved to be a bonus for the Auckland Deck & Fence Pro franchisee. ‘I’ve lost count of phone enquiries where the caller asks for Mr Bond or James,’ Grant laughs. ‘But it breaks the ice and perhaps that’s helped me develop a nine out of ten conversion rate for new leads!’ And he’s happy to take the joke out on the road with his Pro007 personal plate. Deck & Fence Pro specialises in the restoration and maintenance of decks, fences, garden furniture and other outdoor structures. The franchise is part of The Pro Group, which was founded in 2009 by business partners Joe Hesmondhalgh and Rob Howard when they launched GroutPro, the country’s first franchise specialising in tile and grout restoration and after-installation care. The multi award-winning franchise system has since been joined by Deck & Fence Pro, Prep & Paint Pro, Garage Carpet Pro and GrassPro, which specialises in artificial turf supply and installation for homes. Grant started with the Deck & Fence Pro franchise and has since taken up the options to add-on Garage Carpet Pro and Grass Pro to his stable. The combination gives him a highly-profitable suite of all-year-round services.

value for money While Grant admits he may not share the physique of Daniel Craig, his profile is a perfect fit with many of the Pro Group’s 80-plus franchisees countrywide: a corporate background (for Grant it was business development), in his 50s, and an empty nester with a desire to get out from behind the desk and work for himself. Grant explains, ‘I started looking at opportunities and liked the franchising credo of being in business “for yourself, not by yourself”. I also appreciated the business systems and infrastructure that come with a franchise, but when I first saw the Pro Group display at an expo, it looked so professional I thought it might be too expensive. How wrong I was!’ In fact, the investment of $29,950+gst generally includes equipment,

tools, initial product supply, sales and marketing materials, manuals, uniform, stationery, training and access to The Pro Group’s online support forum and cloud-based computer systems such as the customer relationship manager. A further incentive for Pro Group franchisees is a fixed monthly royalty fee which remains unchanged as turnover and profits increase.

all year round Grant started as the Deck & Fence Pro franchisee for Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Mt Roskill and Onehunga in February 2015 and found his business developing quickly, as did his relationship with franchisors Joe and Rob. They asked him to road-test Prep & Paint Pro for them and Grant was so enthused by the potential that he bought that franchise too. For now, though, with Auckland in the grips of winter at the time of this interview, Grant says Prep & Paint Pro is currently on ice – pun intended – while he focuses on further developing his Deck & Fence Pro add-ons, Garage Carpet Pro and Grass Pro. Garage Carpet Pro is especially popular in the winter months, as it turns a functioning garage into a spacious part-time indoor play area, and even a winter party room, especially when combined with retro-fitted garage door insulation. Meanwhile, Grass Pro was launched late last year to offer new generation, high quality artificial turf to home owners. Originally intended as a stand-alone franchise with a number of other services, the artificial turf proved so popular it was decided to offer it as an add-on available free to current and future Deck & Fence Pro franchisees. Training is also free, with specialist tools the only additional cost. ‘Just like Garage Carpet Pro, Grass Pro is a perfect fit for a Deck & Fence Pro franchise,’ says Grant. ‘In effect, for your one-off investment you get three highly-profitable franchises that work together to smooth seasonal troughs. Winter may see a drop off in Deck & Fence Pro enquiries, but then you focus on Garage Carpet Pro. Now, with spring on the horizon, I’m getting lots of enquiries for Grass Pro artificial lawns. I think it’s fair to say all of us, even Joe and Rob, have been blown away by the market’s response to the idea of perfect, lush grass all year round that looks and feels like the real thing. Where there’s an outdoor space, there’s opportunity.’

only one regret

Grant Williams: ‘I’m better off on all counts than in my corporate career: lifestyle, income, and the feeling I have of waking up every morning raring to go!’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Deck and Fence - The Pro Group 19.indd 1

‘However, I do have one big regret about being a Pro Group franchisee,’ confesses a serious-sounding Grant – before breaking into a laugh. ‘That’s not getting involved much, much earlier. I’m better off on all counts advertiser info than in my corporate career: lifestyle, income, and the feeling I have of The Pro Group waking up every morning raring to go! 9 Noel Rodgers Place, ‘If you want the same thing – whatever your background – if you have a practical streak and enjoy talking to people, find out more. Pick up that phone and talk business with the guys at The Pro Group.’

Palmerston North 4414 Contact Duane Moul P 022 477 6477

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opportunity: home services

sweet smell of success

Ecomist helps franchisees build repeat business through multiple income streams


eeping pests at bay and providing pleasant odours means profitable and recurring business for Ecomist franchisees. The invention of the automatic aerosol dispenser 25 years ago by an enterprising Kiwi has formed the basis of a multinational business. As CEO Ben Payne says, ‘Ecomist is expanding everywhere to meet demand, and that includes here at home.’ Using its unique technology, the franchise rapidly became a familiar name in commercial premises, hotels and homes as it disposed of insects in an environmentally-acceptable way. That led to the development of a range of complementary products including over 50 quality French perfumes. ‘It gave our franchisees recurring income with monthly servicing fees from commercial operators and repeat sales to home-owners,’ Ben explains. ‘And last year, we launched the Ecomist pest control programme to give our franchisees extra bang for their buck.’ Rodents and other pests are a problem for many businesses. Every food establishment must have a pest programme in place, and any warehouse storing any type of consumables must have protection for their own stock. Because franchisees are already visiting their commercial customers on a monthly basis for odour, fragrance and insect control, offering an integrated pest management system was a logical and highly successful extension for Ecomist franchisees. ‘It has allowed our franchisees to develop multiple income streams in a massive market for no significant extra outlay or running costs,’ Ben explains. ‘Franchisees are fully trained in pest control by our highly-qualified staff, and the company is fully accredited through the Pest Management Association of

NZ and the Ministry for Primary Industries. As a result, there has been a huge injection of energy and income into the franchise – perfect timing for our 25th anniversary.’

better support, better performance Ecomist is developing the franchise in other ways, too. ‘We have spent a lot of time assessing what franchisees need to go on growing and providing them with that support,’ Ben explains. ‘Our new performance portal allows benchmarking throughout the business so we as a group can see what’s going right and where there’s room for improvement so we can offer franchisees the assistance they need. ‘We also have dedicated staff available to mentor new and existing franchisees: Tom McGill has 15 years of experience in the pest control industry, while Gordon Gower is an ex-franchisee himself and Craig Cameron, our general manager, oversees business support and strategy.’ Ecomist has territories available in many parts of the country from around $120,000. ‘Commercial and residential markets offer multiple income streams and recurring business for the right people,’ says Ben. ‘If you are an energetic, pro-active business person and want a home-based business, this could be the perfect opportunity. Contact us now.’

advertiser info Ecomist Systems Contact Craig Cameron M 027 565 6418

Create a successful future Fastway Couriers has a number of exciting franchise opportunities available Join an established company and enjoy: • Ongoing business support and training • An award winning system for over 30 years • Perpetual franchise agreement • Recognised brand

To find out more contact us:

p. 0800 4FASTWAY w. e. Fastway Couriers (NZ) Ltd T/A Fastway Couriers New Zealand. Fastway Couriers is a franchised courier network and its businesses are independently owned. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Ecomist 21.indd 1

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opportunity: home services

putting people first We put our franchisees and their profitability first, say V.I.P. Home Services something that was obvious at their recent conference Estelle Logan, V.I.P. founder Bill Vis, John Logan and Rose Vis celebrate 21 years


f we select the best people and train them well, they will succeed. If we put our franchisees and their profitability first, it will come back to us. If we support them through whatever business and life throw at them, they will be happy and stay with the franchise for a long time. We may not be the biggest but we are the best – and that’s why we and our franchisees are proud to be V.I.P.’ Estelle and John Logan believe that franchising is about relationships as much as business, and that’s clear from the passion with which Estelle talks about their philosophy. It’s an approach that was obvious at V.I.P. Home Services’ conference in Auckland recently which also marked Estelle and John’s 21 years as national franchisors for the brand in New Zealand. Over 120 people came together to celebrate, including Bill Vis, who founded V.I.P. in Australia 37 years ago. Proud to be V.I.P. was the theme of both the conference and the birthday dinner, and the mutual respect between franchisees, regional master franchisees and long-term suppliers was evident not only in the speeches but throughout the whole two days.

loyalty and longevity ‘Many of our suppliers have been with us from the very beginning, and that loyalty through thick and thin translates into our relationships with our franchisees and customers, too,’ says Estelle. ‘In fact, franchisee number 19 – Peter Kelly and his son Jason in Meadowbank – has been with us since May 1994 and we still have customer number 10, who is on the North Shore. 21 years ago, we were told the average period of time for a franchisee to stay in a home services business was three years. Well, the average in V.I.P. is more than double that! What does that tell you?’ V.I.P. offers two different types of franchise: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or indoor (all types of cleaning). ‘You choose what level you start at and enjoy the security of an income guarantee while you’re getting established,’ says Estelle. ‘The average investment is between $25-30,000 +gst and equipment, and you can then build up

VIP 22.indd 1

your income to your required level, employ staff or on-sell extra work to new franchisees. ‘For people looking for something bigger, we have regional master franchise opportunities available in some parts of the country, too – contact me directly for details.’

taught to run a business

According to John, the secret to the success of V.I.P’s franchisees in New Zealand has been the fact that franchisees are taught to run a business, not just mow a lawn or clean a house. ‘A lot of people in small business don’t receive that training and, once they start, they don’t have anyone to discuss their issues and opportunities with. But V.I.P. franchisees do – we select people who actually want to do more than just buy themselves a job, and then we give them the support they need to grow.’ A look through the programme for the conference confirms that. Sessions included financial and cashflow basics; taking the fear out of health and safety; quoting, time management and increasing business value; insurance packages and how to make a successful claim; a hilarious session on sales; how to use branding and social media effectively; and the launch of V.I.P’s tools of the future – a suite of apps which enable franchisees to control many aspects of their business online. ‘Everyone got really excited about that – some even bought smartphones on the way home so that they could start using them immediately!’ laughs John. And the conference also drew upon V.I.P’s own experts – some of the many franchisees who have won titles in the annual Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards year after year – for case studies and panels on working on the business, not in the business. As life coach Petris Lapis, who closed the conference with her session on Mindset for Success, pointed out, ‘These people didn’t wake up one day and say “I’m going to win an award!” – they planned what they needed to do to improve their businesses and the awards followed.’

learning every month ‘While our national conference was a huge hit, it’s important to recognise that learning is not a once-a-year thing,’ says Estelle. ‘Another important aspect of V.I.P’s support is the meeting that each of our area masters holds in their region every month. This is a two-hour business meeting after work with a supper but no alcohol. We take real experiences and turn them into training opportunities, address hot issues and invite questions from franchisees on any topic at all. For example, after a bereavement recently, we did a session on wills and bank accounts – it’s all about sharing practical solutions to real issues. ‘It’s the V.I.P. way to provide guidance and a family culture which brings everyone together. It’s what makes us Proud to be V.I.P.’

8/09/16 2:54 PM

If you’re thinking about owning your own business, Estelle and John suggest 12 good reasons to consider a V.I.P. Home Services franchise 1. Your exclusive territory means that you receive every enquiry from your area, even beyond your income guarantee level. We don’t stop sending you referrals. 2. We guarantee your actual income, not just your average work level, and we guarantee to pay out the guarantee every two weeks, in real money. 3. We teach you how to quote your own work so you’ll be happy with the price. You’ll never be wasting your time quoting: if you have free time in your day, quoting for more work is exactly what you should be doing. And when you’re working to capacity, you can simply pass the leads on to another franchisee. 4. We teach you how to schedule your work so you can fit your work around your life, not the other way round. Manage your own time. 5. Your customers pay you directly so you receive steady regular income all the time. Manage your money yourself. 6. Our modest, flat franchise fees do not increase as you take on extra work. Keep the extra income for yourself. 7. You receive four weeks’ paid training in all aspects of running your new business – not just how to mow a lawn or clean a house. 8. As your business grows, you can employ staff to help you so your income isn’t restricted to the number of hours you alone can work. 9. Our exclusive sell-back system provides the opportunity to sell work back to us from time to time, helping to compact your round and improve your profitability. 10. Our systems and technology are proven over 37 years and continue to improve each year. 11. Only V.I.P. Home Services has won the Best Home Services Franchise System award for three years running. 12. We select the best people and train them to be the best. If you qualify, we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed.

advertiser info V.I.P. Home Services PO Box 276 186, Manukau, 2241 Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800 84 74 96

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8/09/16 2:54 PM

buying a franchise: financial matters

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Having the right banking solutions in place for every stage of your business life cycle can make a big difference, says Daniel Cloete of Westpac All businesses have life cycles, generally moving through four stages:


1. Start-up 2. Growth 3. Maturity 4. Succession

Life at this stage is a likely to be a challenge, but the thrill of starting a new business – and the support of your franchisor and your specialist advisors – can help you overcome things. From a banking point of view, you’ll have some initial funding need. If you buy an existing business, or start a new business with a stable franchise system which is accredited for franchise funding, this will be easier.

In the case of a franchise, in addition to the life cycle of each individual franchised outlet you have to consider the life cycle of the franchise system as a whole and the positioning of the franchised brand in the market. If you’re looking at going into a new business, you also need to consider the impact of industry trends which can work for or against the business. In the last 10 years we’ve seen retail sales in the music, video rental and book industries being negatively influenced by on-line offerings, while the hardware and café & restaurant sectors have shown healthy sales growth recently. Knowing where your own business is in each of these life cycles can be helpful in making all sorts of decisions, including determining the best banking solution for you at any particular stage. Let’s look at each in turn.

Want a Franchise that really Delivers? Choose PACK & SEND™ – buy a business not a job! Awarded Emerging Franchise System at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards, PACK & SEND is one of the fastest growing franchise systems in New Zealand. Be part of a growing international franchise network which is becoming a leader in the freight, packaging and logistics sector, providing “No Limits” to your customers and your earning potential. The PACK & SEND offer includes: • Unique Business Model • Award Winning Franchise System • Be Your Own Boss • Low Staffing Levels • High Gross Profit Margin • Low Entry Level Costs

“We liked Pack & Send’s business model, customer focus and its overall customer proposition” says Bill. “We’ve worked hard over the years and wanted to get back to a more balanced family lifestyle. Pack & Send offered us the opportunity to do something exciting and build a business that has customer service as one of its cornerstones.”

If you’re dealing with a bank offering a banking package for a specific franchise system, a lot of what you need will have been determined already – and attractively priced to recognise the strength of the particular franchise system.

Australia’s premier Test and Tag franchise Appliance Tagging Services now has opportunities for passionate franchisees in New Zealand

BECOME A PACK & SEND FRANCHISEE Opportunities available in a town that you know and love! There are real opportunities for you to become an owner of one of the franchises available right now in key metropolitan markets and provincial main centres throughout New Zealand. For further information about the ‘Pack & Send Franchise Opportunity’ visit our website

PACK & SEND DELIVERS DREAM LIFESTYLE Bill and Jo Lawrence have stepped out of their corporate lifestyle and have opened a Pack & Send outlet in Nelson City.

At this time there’s a strong focus on customer service, overheads are low and prices and product features very competitive. Banking and finance needs are likely to be fairly simple: a basic transaction account, a small overdraft to smooth cash flow (most retail franchise businesses go cash-flow positive quite quickly), a business credit card and, where appropriate, merchant facilities.

or call Matthew Everest at Pack & Send New Zealand on (03) 982 7252

Low entry costs and large territories Access to an established ATS client base Sales and Marketing support Reports, invoices & debt collection done for you as part of Administration support  Genuine repeat business  No electrical experience required  Not weather dependent    

Contact Steve Wren +61 401 655 655 or by email to

24 Westpac 24.indd 1

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:52 PM

growth In order to grow, you need to expand your sales or production capacity. You may want to add more equipment, do a refit to make the business larger or even open more outlets to better serve the customer base. Franchisees may want to grow by buying or setting up more franchises from the same or complementary franchise brands. In many cases, they can do this by using the equity they have built up in their existing business to help fund them into the additional businesses. For a franchisor, growth may mean the need to develop new products, introduce new technology, or grow the number of outlets. They may also consider acquiring or merging with a competitor to take advantage of the benefits of scale. This is a crucial time, with the business poised between continuing growth or stagnation and ultimately failure. Staff numbers are growing, but not as fast as the workload. Cash flow is tight, and overspending could bankrupt the company, yet you need to invest in bigger plant, premises or production capacity. You need specialist help with payroll, collections and processing transactions as well as insurance, tax and finance. You could also find your bank is playing a more pivotal role – more financial partner than service provider. It’s also likely that personal assets are being invested into the business. This is a good reason to start saving and develop a wealth creation plan. The discipline of personal investing is needed to ensure not all your eggs are left in one basket.

maturity Maturity happens when your company has reached its peak and the sales curve has started to flatten off. Maturity is a comfortable place to be – the company has survived the drama of the growth phase and found its place in the market. Sales are increasing incrementally or at market growth rates; production is near capacity and staffing levels have settled. We see this in the networks and individual sites of some well-known franchise systems that have been in the market for a decade or more. This doesn’t mean that operations are easy at this stage. Growing market share is tough, and competition is often ruthless and increasing. You may need to restructure your business to meet these new challenges, and the franchisor may need to broaden the range of products to stay competitive. Profit growth will come from cost control and greater efficiency. Capital reserves may start to grow, but this is a tough environment and marketing strategies should switch from acquisition to retention. In this stage your banking and financial needs are much more complex, with a need to keep cash reserves working hard as you tailor your financing and debt solutions. The funding cycle should be timed to allow investment at the right time. Some refurbishment and re-image spending may be required to stay at the top of your game and protect the value of the business. A strong and stable company reflects prudent and measured development. On a personal level, you should be reassessing your wealth creation plan now you’re harvesting the fruits of your labour.

succession With goals achieved and a thriving business established, it’s time to hand over the reins to a new franchisee, a family successor or a number of shareholders, or to merge into another company. From a funding perspective, you should be in a position to exit. Giving up your business may be hard to do, and that’s why planning for retirement needs to take into account lifestyle changes as well as the financial goals. Banking is suddenly much more personal. advertiser info With a change of ownership, new energy and an injection of fresh ideas and fresh capital, many franchisors and franchisees may begin the life cycle all over again. Life cycles keep on turning; the more you understand them, the more prepared you’ll be for each new challenge as it arises. That’s why it’s important to have the right banking – and the right bank – in place for every step of the journey.

Daniel Cloete is the National Franchising Manager for Westpac. For more information, contact your local Westpac Franchise and Business Banking Specialist on 0800 177 007 or email: The information contained in this article is intended as a guide only and is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters to be considered. Persons entering into franchise agreements should seek their own professional legal, accounting and other advice. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Westpac 24.indd 2

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As a professional cleaner, with access to equipment and tried and true systems, the job is a lot ‘cleaner’ than you may think so that’s just one reason to find out more. As a franchisee you will have access to the tried and true Cookright business model that, combined with your business acumen and energy, will see your business grow and create new & prosperous opportunities along the way.


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New Zealand’s Leaders in Franchise Business Sales If you are a franchisor, you’ll know that the success of your business relies heavily on the quality of your franchisees. The right person in the right place, at the right time, is crucial. Finding the right person is an exacting task. We know, that is what we do at LINK. If things aren’t done “just right” it can be a very long and difficult process, and can have adverse results further down the track. LINK’s Franchise Division specialises in the sale of business format franchises. With a combination of the best franchisee selection skills and the best business broking skills, we are the only franchise

recruitment agency of our kind in NZ. Our role is to present the information about your business in a very systematic and professional manner, and to target, test and recruit franchisees to match your profile. LINK recruits franchisees nationwide for selected franchisors who have well documented systems. Being New Zealand’s leading business brokerage we have a constant number of people contacting LINK looking to buy a business. Your franchise opportunity is promoted to thousands of buyers who come in contact with LINK.

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The Authority on Selling Businesses 0800 546 528

opportunity: auto services

encourage people to open multiple sites once they have proved they are good operators who can uphold the values of the AA brand.’

grow revenue, grow profitability

backed by the


AA Auto Centre franchisees are backed by one of NZ’s most trusted brands


ne of the biggest benefits of franchising is that small business owners get the power of a well-known brand behind them. When that brand is one of New Zealand’s most trusted names, it provides a bonus that’s hard to beat. With over 1.5 million members, the AA has been serving Kiwi motorists for over 110 years. In addition to the roadside assistance that they are famous for, they also have 31 AA Auto Centres around the country. Now they are looking for more franchisees and garage owners interested in converting existing workshops to the brand. ‘All our franchisees have business experience, a customer focus and are great with people.’ says Greg Penney, the franchise’s national manager. ‘Some operate single sites while others have two or more. We’re quite happy to – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

AA_Auto_Service 27.indd 1

In return, the franchise offers some significant benefits. ‘Once you join AA Motoring’s Auto Centre network, you receive immediate brand recognition, national marketing, a signage package and an exclusive geographic territory,’ Greg explains. ‘You’re trained to perform our popular AA Pre-purchase and Mechanical Inspections and, of course, you’re the preferred referral option in your area for our breakdown services. ‘You’ll also have access to significant buying discounts on parts, lubricants, banking, fuel, stationery, uniform and EFTPOS services. The result is a business model that gives you certainty, volume and income. We’ve seen good, solid year-on-year growth, and our proven systems mean that where owners have converted to the AA brand they’ve seen growth in not just revenue but profitability, too.’

right people, right place AA Auto Centre workshops are uncluttered, clean, bright and well-presented. Each one is staffed by a minimum of the owner/manager, a trade-qualified technician, a service technician and a receptionist, while many employ several more. Successful locations tend to be on main roads or main thoroughfares with off-road parking and nearby entertainment for customers. ‘The initial franchise fee is $30,000 +gst and additional costs depend upon the standard of any existing facilities,’ Greg confirms. ‘There’s a five-year agreement plus a five-year right of renewal to give long-term security to your investment. ‘We have opportunities available right now in most areas of the country and want to hear from people with the right mix of skills and experience to make a success of their own AA Auto Centre. If you want a trusted brand behind you, contact me and find out more.’

advertiser info

AA Auto Centre Contact Greg Penney P 0-9-966 8704 M 021 668 197

27 8/09/16 2:55 PM

franchise trends

PEOPLE WH BUYING A FRANCHISE? SIGN WITH CONFIDENCE A franchise displaying our member logo signifies: Ÿ Credibility Ÿ Adherence to: Ÿ Code of Prac ce Ÿ Code of Ethics Ÿ 7 day cooling off period Ÿ Commi ed to best prac ce franchising Ÿ Simple dispute resolu on process

For more informa on visit: www.franchiseassocia

Simon Lord talks to Bill Milnes of Laurent Law and Andy Chang of Westpac about immigration trends and their impact on franchising


mmigration is a topic of huge importance to franchising. Last year, statistics published by a leading business brokerage suggested that almost 70 percent of purchasers of existing franchise businesses are predominantly people who have immigrated to New Zealand from mainland China or India. While there are no such statistics available for purchases of new franchise outlets, anecdotal evidence suggests that the level of enquiry from immigrants is also considerable. Migration to New Zealand is currently running at record levels, with India, China, the Philippines and the United Kingdom all contributing strongly, and positive net migration from Australia for the first time in 25 years. Surveys show that two of the biggest problems facing franchises right now are a limited pool of potential franchisees and a shortage of suitablyqualified staff for franchisees. Immigration could provide part of the solution to both those problems, but it’s a complicated field that is constantly changing. In this article, we’ll look at some of the opportunities and challenges, and also look at the way that Chinese appetites for businesses have changed over the past few years.

brexit – economic refugees? On the day after the Brexit referendum result was announced, the Immigration New Zealand website received 998 registrations from Britons. In the 49 days following, more than 10,000 British nationals registered


FRANCHISEE PRE ENTRY TRAINING Learn at your own pace Improve your decision making Know what and who to ask Free online course only available at: www.franchiseassocia

28 EDIT Immigrants 28.indd 1

One of the biggest immigrant groups in recent years, particularly in Auckland, has been from mainland China. We ran a cover story on this a few years ago but has the market changed since? ‘Very much so,’ says Andy Chang, who is Area Commercial Manager for Westpac. Andy shared his experiences of working with Chinese franchise buyers and business people in that article and offered some considerable insights on the motivations of this sector. Read Franchising for Chinese Immigrants here: www.franchise.

providers, solicitors, accountants and real estate agents have to go through more Andy in-depth Chang procedures to ascertain the source of funds and how they have been transferred into the country. The level of compliance required makes withdrawing assets from overseas a bit more difficult.

‘Since then, the inbound Asian market has been impacted by a few major considerations,’ Andy explains.

‘Secondly, China has always had policies restricting what citizens can transfer out of the country each year but media reports suggest that it, too, is tightening up on AML and anti-corruption areas.

‘First, the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation have been tightened up, which mean that financial services

‘And thirdly, the Auckland property market, which was traditionally a favourite for Chinese investors, has become much more difficult

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:55 PM

WHO NEED PEOPLE again at the time of the GFC, so it’s not fanciful to expect that, for some voters, this could be the last straw that triggers their decision to leave. ‘The UK and USA results could well, at least in the short-term, sway the immigration statistics particularly regarding entrepreneurs and investors. And, as with Australia, there are no (well, not many!) language issues.’

crossing the tasman

their interest compared with 4,599 during the same period the year before. According to Bill Milnes, a long-established immigration consultant with Laurent Law, ‘We anticipate that there will be an increase in British migrants and job seekers but not to the extent that the reactive data suggests. However, this could be appropriate timing for franchisors in growth industries to be targeting recruitment from the UK. ‘Be aware, though, that unless you are able to offer skilled employment (see below) or a potential franchisee qualifies under the Investor category, he/she will need to apply under the Entrepreneur Work Visa Programme which is, in my opinion, the most difficult and expensive category of immigration to NZ.’

The relative performance of the New Zealand and Australian economies in recent years, and the decline in the mining industry across the Tasman, has encouraged many New Zealanders to come home as work dries up. That’s been further boosted by the withdrawal of some health and welfare benefits previously available to Kiwis in Australia, although in the longer term this may also have the impact of encouraging some New Zealanders residing in Australia to stay put in order to qualify for citizenship. Australians coming to live in New Zealand face no such restrictions and the past couple of years have seen an increasing number of Australians looking to live here. Both returning Kiwis and Aussie immigrants form a valuable source of potential immigrants and employees for franchises, with no language, work permit or visa issues.

the trump factor – political refugees?

However, Bill says that this influx could create problems in other areas. ‘I suspect that it has created fear in the Beehive of a blow-out in social welfare budgets as those arrivals seek assistance until they return to the workforce,’ he suggests. ‘As a result, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) may be under considerable political pressure to minimise the number of work visas granted to migrants. We are seeing increasing numbers of work visa applicants coming to us after being advised by INZ that there are problems with their employment, and this can cause real difficulties for franchises which rely upon a ready pool of part-time staff, such as those in the hospitality industry.

The same applies to this next group. ‘Whichever way the US Presidential Election goes, there seems to be so much antagonism to both nominees that we anticipate a renewal of the flow from the USA of those carrying out “disaster planning”,’ says Bill. ‘That’s what we saw in the early 2000s and

‘It’s worth noting that many of those who run into such problems have received inadequate advice or have chosen to do it themselves, assuming that a work visa application will be straightforward. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not – we have a 40-point checklist of the stages we go

It’s worth remembering, though, that the partners and families of those who are granted residency are also good potential franchisees and employees – they’ll be looking for a fresh start, too.

and much more expensive, too. Bricks and mortar investments have a higher entry level, which means having more equity here.’ sustainable businesses The combination has created some tension for immigrants from China, says Andy. ‘Whereas they used to be able to invest in Auckland property and consider themselves financially secure while living off their offshore assets, now they need to revise their mind-set to become more selfcontained in New Zealand. ‘The restrictions mean they need some sort of income here, so the emphasis is moving from property to business and many are taking a much more analytical approach to find businesses that are or will be profitable. It’s not about meeting visa requirements; it’s about establishing sustainable businesses, and franchises which have a track record of success are of particular

interest – especially if they offer the opportunity for multi-unit expansion further down the track.’ This change of mind-set also means that many immigrants are more open to utilising other resources such as accessing the banks for funding. ‘A lot of people are much more sophisticated about funding now; they do better due diligence and come to the bank much more prepared,’ says Andy. And, as Westpac’s national franchise manager Daniel Cloete points out, this makes both new franchises and resales especially attractive because they are a known quantity.’ We can’t fund unprofitable businesses but we can fund profitable ones, so that side of our business is increasing.’ And it’s not just in Auckland, either – business buyers are increasingly targetting regional centres and places like Hamilton and Rotorua, where lower costs are making expansion – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Immigrants 28.indd 2

more affordable. ‘We have Asian and Indian clients buying two, three and even four outlets in these areas because it is viable for them to do so right now,’ Daniel says. generational shift Andy Chang also suggests that what we are seeing to some extent is a generational change. ‘A lot of the new Chinese business people now have had secondary or tertiary education in New Zealand. They are clear about what they want and their lives are more blended with the local lifestyle. They interact with the mainstream much more and know how to cooperate with others. ‘To some extent, it’s almost a generational thing,’ he suggests. ‘Their grandparents’ generation ran businesses here, whether they were farmers or ran takeaways. That’s what you have to do to be self-contained here, but they are looking to do it at a higher level. Yes, they might

start off with their parents’ support but there’s a strong motivation to become independent rather than relying upon a business in China.’ Daniel agrees with that motivation. He probably knows more about what’s going on within the top name franchises than anyone else in New Zealand, and he notes, ‘A lot of the top operators within many franchises these days are Asian. Just look at the people who have been recognised in the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. They are the young people who are setting the benchmarks for others to follow. They are also the people taking franchising to the next level with the establishment of multi-unit operations with managers under them. ‘Franchisors who have something real to offer to entrepreneurial franchisees like this could find themselves growing very fast indeed.’

29 8/09/16 2:55 PM

franchise trends

through in preparing a successful application, which we’re happy to share with franchisors and franchisees.’

from students to residents? Compounding the employment situation is the number of student enrolments – 125,000 and growing, a figure which created over $1 billion in tuition fee income in 2015. This represents a 17 percent increase over the previous year. The fastest-growing markets were India (up 45 percent), China (up 13 percent) and Philippines (up 83 percent). Students are traditionally a primary source of part-time employees, and Student Visas do enable holders to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) in term time and full-time during scheduled holidays providing they meet certain requirements: for example, study programmes must be for at least two years and lead to a qualification that gains points under the Skilled Migrant Category. In addition, holders must take an English language course that meets conditions approved by INZ. Anyone looking to employ someone here on a Student Visa needs to check that they do actually have permission to work. ‘However, although the increase in student numbers may be making a huge contribution to the Budget, many of those students don’t see themselves as consumers of education – they see a Student Visa as the first step on the road to residence,’ says Bill. ‘What they are not told by government or private education agents is that a course studying English and a one or two year Diploma in Business is unlikely to lead to skilled employment and without that, there is no route to residence. ‘Consequently, we are seeing an increasing number of ex-students stuck on 12-month work visas who are entering into relationships to remain here or simply becoming overstayers. They are young people with mediocre business qualifications desperate to earn some money to pay their fees or to repay loans which they hoped would fund their adventure into a new country and a new life. ‘Although INZ is also concerned at the poor quality of students and outcomes, there is so much money involved for all parties (including the

government) that we do not anticipate any changes in the near future. So employers can keep expecting to have young graduates looking for work but hoping for residence – and this is where franchises are actually disadvantaged.

franchises at a disadvantage ‘As I wrote last year (see Immigration rules explained at www.franchise., INZ have decreed that in most cases, retail managers, restaurant managers and, critically, managers of franchise or group operations will not be considered ‘skilled’ for applications under the Skilled Migrant category. Consequently, we have the ridiculous situation where a baker in a supermarket may meet ‘skilled’ criteria, but the supermarket manager who employed him and to whom he reports is unlikely to qualify. If you have a keen young recruit, then, unless you can lift their role above that of retail or restaurant manager, or the equivalent in your industry, it is unlikely that they will qualify to apply for residence. ‘We have had success in achieving residence for some franchise managers, but in each case, the manager’s position description identified additional skilled tasks, such as group training and multi-branch supervision. ‘Some advisers and lawyers do continue to appeal to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal (IPT) over declined residence applications for retail and restaurant manager positions but, in my opinion, it is rare for INZ to get it wrong and frankly, there are very few declined applicants whose situations could meet the required level of “exceptional circumstances”.’

language matters Another aspect of immigration policy that impacts upon franchisors and franchisees is the potential language skills of new immigrants. Bill says that, ‘For skilled migrants, INZ has identified level 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as proving a suitable level of English for residence. However, current and recent students are seeking employment and further education with English skills which fall short of residence criteria.’


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30 EDIT Immigrants 28.indd 3

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:55 PM

This is important because a study by the Franchise Relationships Institute in 2012, concluded that English literacy levels have a significant impact on the performance of franchisees, particularly in profitability and the delivery of customer service. Given the importance of good communication within a franchise, the report’s authors suggest that franchisors wanting to achieve excellence need to consider how they recruit, train and support English as a Second Language (ESL) franchisees.

r e w s n a u o Can y questions these

The report states, ‘Not surprisingly, franchisors were significantly less likely to want to select ESL franchisees again. Ironically, ESL franchisees were significantly more likely to want to invest in additional franchised units.’

2. What’s the most important profit driver for your network, the single number you should measure?

Bill has some suggestions for anyone employing ESL speakers. ‘In our experience, most migrants welcome positive corrections to their use of NZ English. Although they may have had English tuition, we should not expect them to absorb the variety of expressions we use in our work, in a few months of English training which was focused on assisting them into further study or to pass IELTS. ‘We encourage employers and workmates to encouragingly correct spoken and written English and to explain colloquialisms and industry jargon. For a new employee, being encouraged to understand and use ‘Kiwi-isms’ and in-house jargon gives a sense of belonging, whereas criticisms and put-downs because of their accent or lack of knowledge is alienating and destructive, to the person, to your team and to the business.’

regional encouragement One way in which the government is actively seeking to make a difference is in encouraging immigrants to establish themselves in other regions which are keen to welcome new bodies and new businesses.


1. Who are your most profitable franchisees & what are their most profitable products?

3. Do your most profitable franchisees have similar characteristics in terms of skills & capabilities? 4. How often do you get your top 15 stores together to compare performance data? 5. Would your franchisees like to have access to online & mobile dashboards giving them the ability to check critical numbers at any time? If you want answers, call or email Adrian Turner at Resurg on Mobile: +64 21 568 100 Email:



Statistics suggest that just over half of all new immigrants currently settle in Auckland, and Bill says that the increase in the points values awarded to immigrants for employment and starting businesses outside Auckland seems to be having results. ‘This should provide opportunities for franchisors and franchisees to develop away from the big smoke. Key requirements of the Entrepreneur programme are that a proposed business be of ‘benefit to NZ’ which includes:


• Export potential; • Introduction of new skills, systems, equipment to a region, or to NZ; • Employment of NZ citizens or residents. ‘The Entrepreneur programme is reasonably complex, but if you’d like to email, I’m happy to provide a free summary of the criteria.’

get the families involved One final aspect of immigration which Bill brings up is of particular interest to franchisors. ‘Many companies fail to address the need to encourage the spouse or partner of a new migrant franchisee or employee, to get involved in NZ society. If no attempt is made to assist partners to integrate through employment, voluntary work or other interests, don’t be surprised when homesickness and loneliness become a deal-breaker.’ This is actually an area where franchises can take the lead, encouraging partners to be involved with the business or to learn about a specific aspect of it, even if they don’t work in it on a daily basis. Involving the partner in franchise meetings with other franchisees will help them to build a wider social network and feel welcome and supported.

finally As the recent Westpac Economic Overview noted (see page 16), the recent record levels of net migration have provided a welcome boost to demand and helped to fuel our GDP growth. While this won’t last, the faster that the new immigrants are integrated into New Zealand society and encouraged to invest in business activity, rather than bricks and mortar, the better it will be for the country as a whole. Franchising has a great deal to offer new immigrants: proven brands, proven systems, training, support, ease of finance and many other benefits. The challenge for franchisors is to reach out to the immigrant market and make the most of the opportunities it represents – for everyone involved.

• Operating 1650 Stores over 60 countries worldwide • Established in New Zealand since year 2000 with 40 Stores operating nationwide

about the author Bill Milnes and Andy Chang talked to Simon Lord, who has worked in franchising in New Zealand and the UK for over 30 years. Thanks to Laurent Law and Westpac for their assistance.

• New store areas and resales available • Turn Key operation • Full training & support provided • Excellent Returns For further information please contact: Master Franchisee


EDIT Immigrants 28.indd 4

• The largest Franchise Operation Refilling & Remanufacturing Inkjet and Laser Cartridges in the world


Tel: 03 446 8600 Mob: 0274 339 829 Email: Cartridge World stores are independently owned and operated

Why Pay more to print?

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Domino's is not just Australia and New Zealand's leading pizza brand – it's also one of the world's most advanced digital retailers. So if you're looking for a franchise that delivers on your goals, you can't go past Domino's.

Undisputed leaders in online ordering. Australia and NZ's first and most advanced mobile ordering apps.

State of the art digital store management tools in the hands of every franchisee.

Australia and NZ's only pizza creation app and only real-time pizza tracker.

Ongoing training and support for franchisees and their teams.

Innovative digital marketing with millions of customers assessable via email and social media.

A proven and trusted brand that's passionate about pizza and people.

Call 0508 437 262 or visit:

opportunity: food & beverage

Domino’s offers more new stores throughout New Zealand as growth continues

TOPPING opportunity I

t’s been a big year for Domino’s, and it’s not over yet. That’s the message from Scott Bush, the company’s New Zealand General Manager, who is spearheading Domino’s continuing growth here. ‘We opened our 100th store in New Zealand in July and opened two more in the month since,’ he says. We hope to open a further 10 this year, and plan to double our numbers over the next 5 years with a lot of that growth coming in the regions. That means lots more jobs all over the country, and lots more opportunities for new franchisees, too.’ Scott has one other big piece of news for anyone thinking of buying a Domino’s business. ‘We might have enjoyed three years of double-digit sales growth in New Zealand, but it’s not just come from opening new stores – we have record levels of same store profitability here, too. And as we open more stores so our advertising budget and buying power increase all across the board. It’s a good time to buy a Domino’s!’

growth through innovation So where is all this growth coming from? ‘We never stand still,’ Scott says with a grin. ‘We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products, our customer service, our delivery and, of course, our franchisees’ bottom lines. ‘One year ago, we launched our GPS Driver Tracker, which links the online ordering experience with the store delivery driver so customers know exactly when their pizza order is leaving the store and how long it will take to get to their house. That’s good for the customer, and it also means stores can measure a lot of data they never had before, such as how long it took and the optimum route for future deliveries. It adds a security factor, too, helping to increase driver safety and reassuring customers who can now see a profile and even a photo of the driver. ‘Another technologybased project to come out of our in-house Design & Innovation lab has been to reduce the number of clicks it takes to order your favourite pizza online or through the Domino’s app – who wants to wait when they’re hungry? Our ultimate aim is to reduce the accepted 30-minute timeframe from order to delivery down to just 10 minutes. Can you imagine what that will do for sales? E-bikes, apps and even a robot: all helping Domino’s franchisees deliver a better experience – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Dominoes 33.indd 1

‘And another of our projects has had huge publicity world-wide – our driverless pizza delivery robot, which we announced in March. You won’t see one coming up your drive any time soon, but it’s an indication of how far ahead we’re thinking. In the meantime, we’re introducing e-bikes to improve delivery in urban areas.’

supported to succeed Of course, success in the food business isn’t just about technology: it’s about good products, speedy delivery and good value, too, and these are qualities that Domino’s franchisees are taught to value above all else. ‘That’s why we have a dedicated team of experts who train and support every new franchisee and help them get the most out of their business,’ Scott says. ‘Look, this is not a cheap business to get into (the investment required is around $400,000-$600,000) but if you do it right it can be very profitable. Believe me, as an ex-franchisee myself, I know what I’m talking about. ‘But to do that, you have to have your finger constantly on the pulse – to know what your customers want, what’s going right in your store and what needs improving. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in processes and reporting software – to ensure that franchisees have all the tools required to understand their business inside and out, and the knowledge and support to succeed.’

what’s next? Although Domino’s is famous for its pizza, the company recently removed the word from its brand name to reflect its wider focus. ‘Pizza is our heritage; it’s what people know us for,’ says Scott. ‘But we’re also famous for the best home delivery service in the industry and for leading the market. In the food business, you never know what’s around the corner, which is why you have to communicate with your customers all the time and stay on-trend. We’re better at doing that than anyone else so our franchisees can be certain that if something exciting comes up, we’ll be on to it fast – and we’ll be delivering it faster, fresher and hotter than anyone else. ‘But franchisees can rest assured that we don’t launch any new product or process until it’s been thoroughly tested to ensure that customers and franchisees both benefit. After all, franchisees are in business to make money.’ With new opportunities opening up all around the country – and in the newly-developing suburbs of Auckland – Domino’s is looking for bright, energetic new franchisees. ‘You need good leadership skills, the drive to succeed, the ability to manage your own business and an appetite for constant improvement,’ says Scott. ‘Contact me today to find out more about joining the Domino’s family.’

advertiser info Domino’s Contact Franchising Team P 0508 4 FRANCHISE 0508 4 37262 franchise.recruitment@

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franchise association news

Cartels Bill to be amended Concerns that the Cartels Bill could have badly affected franchising are to be addressed following submissions to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment from the Franchise Association and other concerned parties

materially and adversely affect many franchised businesses. FANZ has now announced that the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister, Mr Paul Goldsmith, has agreed to amend the Cartels Bill to make clear how the Cartels Bill will relate to restraint of trade provisions in franchising agreements.

A new dawn for FANZ as it moves to Takapuna

‘FANZ wishes to express its sincere thanks to MBIE, the Minister and Senior Policy staff for dealing with this matter so promptly and effectively,’ says FANZ chairman Brad Jacobs. ‘The Franchise Association is the peak body representing franchising in New Zealand, and has an increasingly important role in analysing the sometimes unintended impact of new legislation on franchisors and franchisees. It is totally funded by its members and sponsors, so if you are involved in the franchise sector in any way I would encourage you to become a member and support this very important work.’


new board member

Earlier in the year, the Franchise Association (FANZ) wrote to the Ministry (MBIE) to draw the Ministry’s attention to the fact that otherwise legitimate restraints of trade relating to a collaborative activity (ie, a franchise) will be prohibited after the end of that collaborative activity (ie, after the termination of the franchise agreement). FANZ’s Legislation Subcommittee was of the view that these proposed provisions would

New board member Nathan Bonney is general manager of Mariposa Restaurant Holdings which owns the Mexicali Fresh and Burger Wisconsin brands, and was previously with Columbus Coffee for 12 years. He has a keen interest in training and development, having been named Hospitality Training Ambassador of the Year by the Hospitality Standards Institute in 2011.

he Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (the Cartels Bill) is aimed at promoting competition for the greater benefit of the consumer by prohibiting cartels, which come about when competitors agree to fix prices, restrict output or allocate markets. Franchise agreements commonly contain provisions which might well have fallen foul of the legislation and especially have affected restraint of trade clauses.

The vastly-experienced Nathan Bonney has joined the board of the Franchise Association to fill the vacancy left when Vaughan Moss of Para Rubber stepped down at the end of his two year term. Vaughan has been hugely supportive of the Association during this time and instituted the popular series of franchisor-only sessions on particular topics. These will continue.

Before After Huge, never-ending market and repeat business! • • • • •

State of the art 420 seat theatre 18 conference / breakout venues all with natural light 24 hour business centre Professional and friendly staff In-house multimedia technical services


Dedicated conference / banquet team 450 free car parks 147 newly refurbished ensuite accommodation rooms Gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, spas Wellington’s Restaurant and Bar 24 hour room service

Contact Wayne Billings - Conference Business Development Manager Ph 09 526 3024 or email

34 FANZ News 34.indd 1

We have developed a system which provides alloy wheel repairs to a very high standard in a short space of time. This means you have delighted customers and complete lots of jobs in a day.

Enjoy :

• • • • •

Fantastic technical training Great sales training and marketing Devoted franchise support team Low overheads High income potential

Exclusive territories across New Zealand. Price on application (includes equipment, training, promotional materials and standard lawyer’s costs).

Freephone: 0800 537 233 Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:56 PM

FANZ turns 20 The Franchise Association celebrated its first 20 years at a cocktail party at the Northern Club, Auckland, attended by over 110 people. The event brought together some of the earliest pioneers of franchising in New Zealand, such as Rodney Wayne, David Pountney of Uncles ‘Love At First Bite’ fame, Alan Grant of KFC and Lollipops, and David and Laurel McCulloch of Arano Juice, to name but a few. Many of the people who provided legal, financial and banking expertise in the early days also turned out in force, including a number of former board members of the Association. In his welcoming address, current FANZ chairman Brad Jacobs paid tribute to all the people who had helped develop the knowledge and infrastructure that have made franchising such an important part of the New Zealand economy today. Inaugural chairman David McCulloch outlined the development of the Association and the support it had received from Australia, while another past chairman, Stewart Germann, welcomed those present and shared some stories from the past. Find photos of the evening at

LOVE accounting… Looking for the freedom of running your own business and having a great lifestyle, then an SBA franchise is the ideal solution. Franchising since 1999, SBA is a market-leading brand that will provide maximum support and enormous potential to grow. • Well-known brand with 50 branches nationwide & 20,000 clients • Proven business model • Low entry cost and low overheads • Own your own local territory • Xero Platinum Partner • Ongoing training and support Email for a free info pack.


After the success of the Franchise Conference (see page 47), the franchise year reaches its climax with the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards on 12 November. ‘The entries are in, the judging is under way and tickets will go on sale soon for this glittering event,’ says Robyn. ‘Franchisors, take a table and take your whole team to inspire them for next year. Service providers, take your clients and let them see the rewards of applying best practice. Sponsors, put yourself in front of New Zealand’s top franchise talent. Contact me for more information.’


top talent on show

32 franchises available across 26 geographical locations nationwide.


After a period of change and settling down, 2016 has proved to be a year of refocusing on delivering FANZ’s core objectives. Following a review of its structure under CEO Robyn Pickerill, the Association has moved offices to a more central location in Takapuna. This will deliver considerable savings to the Association and enable Robyn to get out and meet members and sponsors more easily. Contact details remain unchanged (see below).

Investment from $19 - 35k secures training, tools, access to website, 0800 number, ongoing support, trademark protection, proven operations system … and much more.


on the move

Exclusive franchise available undertaking pre-purchase building reports for home buyers. 3 NOW SOLD!

Building professionals or designers who can display a good working knowledge of the construction industry. You’ll need to pass a police check, be motivated, efficient (with time management skills) and have integrity with strong ethics.



Your invitation to join the NZHS family is now open! Opportunities are limited to build your business with full franchisor support.

2016 Event Calendar 21 September Auckland After-4 Hamilton After-5 13 October Auckland Breakfast Meeting 19 October 12 November Auckland Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 17 November Tauranga After-5 14 December Auckland Breakfast Meeting For more details of these and other events, visit the Franchise Association website at, email or phone 0-9-274 2901 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

FANZ News 34.indd 2

CALL NOW 06 3535990

or phone/text 027 222 4328 email

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Beachlands Junction

OUTSTANDING location | business | support Beachlands Junction is designed to become one of Auckland’s most spectacular centres. And SIERRA has secured a prime location. Are you going to be the lucky person who takes part in this exciting opportunity?

At SIERRA Coffee, we are always searching for the right people and the best locations. Are you the right person to take up the opportunity in:

• • •

Hamilton, Waikato Takanini, Auckland

• • •

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Browns Bay, Auckland

Grey Lynn, Auckland CBD, Christchurch

This high-growth area is expected to have high disposable household incomes and excellent foot traffic. The SIERRA Café is planned to open in the next few months. Enquire now, and you could be the one to work with our experienced SIERRA franchise team. Take part in developing the style and flavour of a location that can provide you with the opportunity for excellent returns.


Who is SIERRA Coffee?

Surbi B Nation

We are proud to:

• • • • • • •

have produced awesome coffee and service since 1992 be a New Zealand owned and operated company provide top-quality training and business assistance be a group of over 30 enthusiastic like-minded franchisees have a highly experienced and passionate franchise team provide the ability for franchisees to express themselves utilise highly developed operating, financial and analytical systems

Th be

If you experi being

Start on your SIERRA Coffee journey today. Contact Surbi for a no-obligation conversation. We can provide the opportunity you need to develop an exciting, enjoyable and profitable business in some of New Zealand’s best locations. Surbi Bahl 09-302 0450 021 559 305


opportunity: business & commercial

use what you know Sales professionals who connect well can build profitable businesses with Flo2Cash


lo2Cash is on a mission to help businesses get paid faster, and that means opportunities for success-driven sales professionals. ‘They can come from any background, any industry, ‘as long as they are connected with a network of key business decision-makers and have the capability to sell B2B at different levels,’ says Flo2Cash CEO Andy Dharmani.

sector you care to name. If it’s something that involves online payments – and what doesn’t, these days? – then they can use their knowledge to build a business of almost unlimited potential.’

‘The brief is to use their understanding of business or market sectors they have worked in to show new clients how Flo2Cash can achieve better, faster, more secure payment solutions. This is an opportunity to benefit from the technology revolution that is disrupting markets everywhere and build your own business delivering a market-leading service.’

Established in 2003, Flo2Cash has been at the forefront of the financial technology (‘FinTech’) revolution that is changing the way business is done in New Zealand and all over the world. ‘Payment processing requires very clever and complex software to make it easy for customers to pay and companies to process while at all times retaining vital security for all parties,’ says Andy.

These days, all organisations large and small, commercial or not-for-profit, are looking for better, faster and safer ways to get paid. That’s exactly what Auckland-based Flo2Cash provides, and it’s a solution that has been adopted by some of the biggest names in New Zealand including banks, telecommunication companies, charities, education providers, associations and retailers.

‘These days, people expect to pay by credit or debit card over a mobile phone or via a website, or to set up regular payments. At Flo2Cash, we make it straightforward for everyone, helping companies increase sales, improve cashflow and reduce administration. Name me one business or organisation that couldn’t benefit from that!

Flo2Cash currently processes more than 10 million dollars for its clients every month. Now the company has created an opportunity for sales professionals to generate high levels of recurring income and build a business that has no literally no limits to growth potential.

you are the expert in your market Although Flo2Cash clearly has massive technical skills and a great reputation with its clients, there are so many potential clients in so many different sectors that getting the word out to everyone could be a long, slow process. ‘That’s why we made the decision to franchise our distribution channels to sales professionals who have the contacts and skills to reach all sorts of new sectors,’ explains Andy. ‘We worked with Franchize Consultants, the country’s most experienced specialists, to structure a highly professional and ethical system which enables our franchisees to build substantial businesses of their own. For less than $100,000, franchisees – we call them Payment Solutions Partners – will receive everything they need to succeed. This includes intensive training, a full start-up package, the Flo2Cash IT and communications system and access to an extremely high level of on-going support.

helping clients build business

‘Our systems automate credit card and direct debit transactions so there’s no manual data entry, monitoring or reconciliation – that alone can speed up payments to a Flo2Cash client by some 16 hours. In the finance lending industry, we provided an automated system to recover loans through weekly payments. Companies and SMEs who appreciate that many of their clients can’t afford a big one-off payment for services now operate Flo2Cash instalment plans. It all helps attract and retain customers, and that’s a service that any good sales professional should be excited by. ‘If you can sell into any sector and can demonstrate a strong commitment to customer service, we want to talk to you. This is a unique opportunity to use your industry expertise to build your own business with a marketleading company behind you. Call us now!’ Andy Dharmani: ‘Build your own business using a market-leading service’

‘In return, they will receive a very generous share of their customers’ establishment fees, monthly fees and recurring transaction fees, as well as fees for any software development that we undertake in order to match the Flo2Cash solutions to a client’s specific needs.’

build a residual income One important thing to note is that Payment Solutions Partners don’t need to be technical people themselves. ‘This is about selling solutions, not software,’ Andy emphasises. ‘Partners run their own client-facing business while all the back-office systems and processing are managed by Flo2Cash. Once they sign up a customer, they simply hand them over to us to manage the “on-boarding”. Partners benefit from the recurring income generated by ongoing commissions but don’t bear any of the support costs.’ Flo2Cash franchisees aren’t restricted by geographical territories, either. ‘Because we want people who are experts in their own sectors, our Partners won’t be restricted by geographical franchise territories so they can use their contacts to the full,’ Andy explains. ‘They might be experts in retail, distribution, tourism, sport, membership organisations or any – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Flo2Cash 37.indd 1

advertiser info Flo2Cash PO Box 301 199, Albany, Auckland 0752 Contact Abhishek Didwania P 0-9-448 1100 M 022 202 0013

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opportunity: home & building

the sky’s the limit

Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal franchisee recovers investment in months


o money doesn’t grow on trees? Don’t say that to Shaun Austin, marine diesel engineer turned Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal franchisee. Just seven months into his business, Shaun has already recovered the $12,500 +gst franchise fee as well as a $12,000 capital investment in equipment. From day one he employed an on-staff arborist and a ‘groundie’ assistant, ‘and I paid myself a decent wage, too,’ he grins.

He also told me that he had 13 new ten-thousand-home territories between Pukekohe and Wellsford needing franchisees for customers that were lining up. It didn’t take me long to put my hand up, and after seven months I know he wasn’t exaggerating – in fact, the more work we do, the more enquiries we get.’ Needing to sell a house in the UK to release capital for his new business, Shaun was employed by Brendon for several months which brought home to him that a Jim’s Trees franchisee has plenty of income streams, many of them recurring: tree removals, tree pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding, chipping services and palm tree cleaning. ‘It means some hard graft on the ground but you also spend time prospecting for business, project manage and handle customer relationships. There’s a lot of variety – and a lot of advertiser info business,’ Shaun says happily.

‘Jim’s offers a “Pay-to-Work Guarantee” which pays a new franchisee up to $1500 per week for 8 weeks for time put into customer prospecting, but I never even considered having to call on it. The business has just been pumping from the very start and although I’m continuing to invest in the best staff and best equipment, my business plan shows me staying very much in the black.’

never looked back After 35 years working in confined spaces, Shaun now gets plenty of fresh air plus the bonus of much more family time. ‘I’d been thinking it was time to exit the marine industry and be my own boss, but things only happened when I chanced upon a friend, Brendon Jones, in a shiny new ute emblazoned with “Jim’s Tree & Stump Removal”. He explained how in 2014 he’d left a corporate career in IT to be Jim’s Trees Auckland regional franchisor and hadn’t looked back since.

Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal Contact Brendon Jones P 0800 248 733 M 021 818 926

Brendon wants to hear from anyone with the skills to manage a professional service business in a growing market. ‘If you want to give your job the chop and branch out as your own boss, give me a call today. Customers are waiting!’

‘He told me about the high calibre of training and the proven business systems that Jim’s, the world’s largest home services franchise, provides.

Australia’s No.1

Beauty Salon Franchise is Coming to New Zealand

NZ Master Franchise and Individual Franchises Available! • 15+ years franchising experience

• Proven track record

• Finance available to approved purchasers

• No Beauty Therapy experience required

• 10 year franchise agreement

• Full training and support

Mark McPherson +61 404 102 885

38 Jims_Trees 39.indd 1 Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 2:57 PM

buying a franchise

what should a DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT contain? A good disclosure document is a great help when buying a franchise. What should it tell you?


hen buying a franchise, the best systems provide the prospective purchaser with a document that sets out all the salient facts about the company and what it is selling. This is called the Disclosure Document, and its aim is to ensure that prospective franchisees understand the nature of the franchisor/franchisee relationship prior to purchasing, and that they have all the necessary information on which to base an informed decision.

The following provides a guide to what a disclosure document should contain. There is no legal requirement for such a document in New Zealand but good systems will still provide adequate disclosure. The Franchise Association of New Zealand outlines a minimum standard in its Franchising Code of Practice but that applies to its members only.

disclosure Franchisors should provide a disclosure document to all prospective franchisees at least 14 days prior to signing a franchise agreement. In many cases, owing to the nature of the information provided, prospective franchisees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving the disclosure document. This is perfectly normal. This disclosure document should be updated at least annually and contain at least the following: 1. A company profile with details of the company and its officers. The purpose of this is to enable the potential franchisee to do their own checking of the particulars of the people involved in the franchisor company. 2. An outline of the franchise, including: • History of the system • Trade mark particulars • Details of all payments to be made by the franchisee to the franchisor • Details of any amount refundable if the agreement is terminated after a deposit is paid • A summary of terms and conditions for purchase of goods • A summary of terms and conditions relating to termination, renewal, goodwill and assignment of the franchise • Summary of the main obligations of the franchisor The aim of this section can be summed up as ‘No nasty surprises’. By setting out clearly the terms and conditions upon which the franchise is to be sold and operated well in advance of signing an agreement, the franchisor is ensuring the clearest possible understanding of the nature of the deal for the potential franchisee. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Buyer_3 39.indd 1


The document should disclose details of any payment or commission made by the franchisor to any advisor, broker or consultant in connection with the sale. A potential franchisee has the right to know if the broker who recommends the franchise to him or her will benefit financially by doing so.


There should be a list of components making up the franchise purchase: for example, the franchise fee, stock, fixtures and fittings, working capital and so on, along with costs. It should also include details of any financial requirements by the franchisor (eg. required equity levels) and a viability or solvency certificate signed by the directors of the franchisor company.


The document should contain a list of existing franchisees and company outlets, along with details of any franchises terminated or not renewed in the past year and information on any outstanding litigation. Prospective purchasers are always well-advised to talk to existing franchisees (see 50 Questions to Ask Franchisees at about any system which interests them; this makes the process easier, and also encourages them to check other details.


Where figures are included, they must be clearly qualified as to whether they are examples of actual performance achieved, or if they are projections. If the latter, the basis of any assumptions made must be included. There must also be a clear statement of what is and is not included (for example, wages or the cost of servicing loans) and confirmation that the figures do not represent a guarantee of performance. Purchasers can reasonably expect an outline of what the business they are buying might achieve, but this is an area fraught with danger as, in business, nothing is certain. The purpose here is to qualify the figures by explaining exactly how they are arrived at and why they are relevant to the purchaser’s specific business.


The disclosure document may also contain details of any deposits required, whether they are refundable or non-refundable, and whether there is any ‘cooling off’ period during which a franchisee may change their mind after signing a franchise agreement.


By offering an accurate, up-to-date and detailed disclosure document, a franchisor ensures that prospective franchisees have a clear understanding of the franchise, its obligations and financial requirements. This achieves two important objectives. First, it protects the franchisor against misunderstandings or later allegations of misrepresentation. Secondly, it enables prospective franchisees to carry out a proper pre-purchase inspection (‘due diligence’) on the franchise in question. The moral is: if you’re buying a franchise, ask for the disclosure document, check what it contains and show it to your advisors before you make your decision.

more info See also the article Find the right franchise at

39 8/09/16 2:57 PM


NEW ZEALAND WIDE Opportunity knocking in New Zealand There are over 100,000 swimming pools in the ground across New Zealand, with another 3,000 backyard and commercial pools added every year. With 2,000 spas installed each year as well, there are as many spas as there are pools to look after. The potential within the pool servicing industry in NZ is unquestionable, yet this lucrative business opportunity has flown under the radar for many. Now Poolwerx is looking to make a splash and change perceptions about the industry. With one franchise in Hamilton already well-established, plus one in Auckland, Poolwerx believes the potential for growth here is immense. “We have mapped every pool in the country to determine the size of the market and it is very exciting to offer this business opportunity to more people,” says Kiwi-born Mike Geddes, the company’s Franchise Development Manager. “The potential growth in New Zealand is immense, with 18 new franchises able to support 75 service vehicles and 25 retail stores.” Master Franchise Opportunity – there’s big business in pools and spas in New Zealand and a big opportunity for a Master Franchise Partner to grow a Poolwerx nationally in New Zealand. Please contact Mike Geddes to discuss your opportunity.

Opportunities for sale: New Zealand Northland



Manawatu Wanganui

Auckland Northwest


North Shore / Albany


Auckland City

Nelson / Marlborough

Central Bays


Eastern Bays


Bay of Plenty

West Coast

Eastern Bay of Plenty

Otago / Southland


Price from $95,000 plus GST Greenfield Territories available throughout New Zealand CONTACT: MIKE GEDDES - - 0800 888 031

opportunity: food & beverage

Burger Wisconsin aims to build on 27 years of local history


urger Wisconsin has been famous for gourmet burgers since long before the corporates and their marketing people discovered the phrase. Founded back in 1989, the brand’s freshly-cooked food and quality ingredients made it a firm favourite all round the country. Now, with a refreshing new look, the good old days are set to come back. Bought last year by Mariposa Restaurant Holdings (the company behind the phenomenally successful Mexicali Fresh franchise), Burger Wisconsin has set in motion an innovative programme to restore people’s favourite local burger place to its rightful position while increasing profitability for franchisees. ‘Burger Wisconsin still provides amazing food and has a very loyal following,’ says Conor Kerlin, co-founder of MRH. ‘When we bought it we knew it was a good, solid brand. Our job has been to figure out what Burger Wisconsin does best and re-energise the brand to make it relevant in today’s market, rather than making change for the sake of change. Gourmet burgers are a hot, high-growth category so our goal is to keep the things that make Burger Wisconsin unique and introduce new tools to empower our franchisees to grow.’

the community’s favourite place

making a contribution With this in mind, the company is reaching out and asking local people to contribute to the story of their local Burger Wisconsin and give it a greater sense of belonging. ‘The design is changing, yes, but it’s so our seating areas become more comfortable and attractive, somewhere you want to bring your family,’ Conor says. ‘It’s all about atmosphere and experience – the music, sounds, feeling and environment to attract people to relax and enjoy our premium quality food.’ Ah yes, the food. ‘That’s always been Burger Wisconsin’s greatest drawcard – our point of difference is that we serve beautifully fresh, locally-sourced quality ingredients with amazing flavour every day. Our meat is all 100 percent beef, lamb, fish or chicken sourced from New Zealand suppliers with the highest ethical standards. ‘We believe in looking after the planet as well as our health, so Burger Wisconsin makes every effort to be a sustainable business and become leaders in environmental awareness locally as well as globally. Our mission is to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible, and we are working with the group Conscious Consumers to ensure we use the very best packaging and products.

Conor continues, ‘As we looked at the history of Burger Wisconsin, we realised that its point of difference is its strong degree of localisation. Within the smaller towns and suburbs of New Zealand, Burger Wisconsin has been a staple of the community for ten, maybe twenty years. This is a huge strength. We want outlets which are representative of their local community, rather than outlets imposed as part of a corporate chain. When customers come in, we want them to know the people cooking their burgers and serving them. After all a generation has grown up working in their local Burger Wisconsin, and now their kids are doing the same today.

‘In a fast-changing world, quality matters. Word of mouth is the best advertising – if you try a great product today you tell everyone, and social media is like word of mouth on steroids so getting people talking of their great, local experience is a priority. We have a very effective social media strategy in place for Mexicali Fresh already, and know that creating local fans who rave about Burger Wisconsin too will bring great results for our franchisees.’

‘Our aim is to embrace those things that make Burger Wisconsin unique while adding the best bits of a successful franchise model. Traditionally, burgers have been a take-away “grab and go” concept, but not Burger Wisconsin. We’re more about great food, great place, which is absolutely on trend with the current focus on fast casual dining – the fastest-growing part of the eating out market right now.’

‘Burger Wisconsin is a profitable opportunity and our aim is to make it even more so,’ says Conor. ‘As well as refreshing the 22 existing Burger Wisconsin stores, we’re keen to find people passionate about food to open new ones all around the country. Setting up a new outlet requires funding of between $250,000 and $350,000 +gst but remember, this isn’t about cost – it’s about return on investment, and that can be very good indeed.

people, passion, profits

‘We are looking for those who want to do something different with their lives and use our great system, great model and the Burger Wisconsin opportunity to create their own destiny in the locality of their choice. We don’t necessarily want chefs, or people with hospitality experience, although we welcome them too – above all, we are keen to attract advertiser info high energy people excited at the prospect of starting a business Burger Wisconsin and prepared to put in the elbow PO Box 109 255, grease to make it work. ‘If you are the right fit, we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed– and if you want to open more outlets further down the track, we’ll help you do that, too. Call us and find out more.’ – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Burger Wisconsin 41.indd 1

Auckland 1149 Contact Nathan Bonney P 0-9-973 4559 M 021 758 299

41 8/09/16 2:58 PM




Owning a franchise is an exciting venture, but like everything else it does have challenges. That’s why we have over 600 experienced Business Bankers across New Zealand who are there to provide you with the vital knowledge and support you need to help make your franchise a success.

We’re also an affiliate member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand and have tools and resources to assist you, such as the free ANZ Franchise Guide. You can order yours at or call us on 0800 394 041 to see what our Business Bankers can do for you.

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

ANZ2452 - Franchise_FP v5.indd 1

4/06/15 10:38 am

opportunity: food & beverage

healthy growth Oporto seeks ambitious new franchisees for prime locations


porto – the name of the popular grilled chicken brand may be Portuguese, but the company first opened its doors on Bondi Beach 30 years ago. Today, there are 150 Oporto stores in Australia, and 9 in New Zealand. ‘Now we are modernising Oporto in New Zealand through implementing Operation Streetscape,’ says master franchisee Lawrence Pereira. ‘We’ve re-imaged a third of our stores already, and a fourth is on the way. The spicy makeover has been well received by our customers and the results have emboldened us to plan 50 new stores here in the next 10 years.’ Oporto’s appeal is based upon its “Grilled not fried, fresh not frozen” approach with fresh ingredients. ‘From a franchisee perspective, this results in a higher customer spend per sale than most rivals and more sustainable profitability,’ Lawrence says. ‘In addition, Oporto is part of the Quick Service Restaurant Holdings group, which also comprises Red Rooster and Chicken Treat in Australia. With 610 restaurants over the three brands, the group brings a great deal of talent together – not to mention buying power. ‘This year alone we have launched a new state-of-the-art website which has full analytical capability and complete nutritional information. We have upgraded all our POS systems, which allows much faster processing and product delivery in store. This has resulted in customers not having to wait to pay, and shorter queues – another clear benefit for our franchisees. On the non-technical side, our staff look great in their new uniforms which have imbued them with extra pride in their work. We’ve also introduced centrally-managed engaging digital menu boards in two stores and these will be rolled out nationwide.’

West Auckland needed NOW

Give your customers the best lawn in their street Easy to sell, easy to install

locations and funding available now ‘All these improvements have made New Zealand one of Oporto’s topperforming regions and now we’re looking for motivated and ambitious people to take up some prime opportunities immediately,’ says Lawrence. ‘Six major sites are under consideration in Auckland, including Glenfield Mall, Hunters Plaza and some opportunities with Mobil, together with locations in Palmerston North, Lower Hutt, Rotorua and Hamilton. The investment required is between $300,000 and $450,000 +gst depending on location, and Oporto is so well-proven that qualified applicants have pre-approval from two banks for immediate funding. ‘We expect our franchisees and their staff to take as much pride in our brand as we do – in fact, under our Pathways scheme, there is a clear route available for any employee to become a franchisee of their own Oporto outlet. We also welcome people looking to become multi-unit operators. ‘If you would like Oporto to help you reach your potential, then contact me without delay. It’s your chance to be in at the start of our healthy growth in New Zealand.’

advertiser info Oporto Unit 3, 295 Lincoln Road, Henderson 0610 Contact Lawrence Pereira P 0-9-282 3728 M 0508 OPORTO

A business with heart Freedom Companion Driving provides affordable, highly personlised transport and assistance for seniors and people unable to drive themselves

Demand for our service means we need more caring people to become part of the Freedom Team.

Build a sustainable and enjoyable business • Innovative, lightweight & efficient – Woolgro lawn mat • Carefully developed systems for sales, preparation, laying, aftercare and accounting • Proven results with a unique customer guarantee • Manage your own business and be part of the new revolution in lawn establishment • Full training given – no landscaping experience needed – just a desire to provide excellent results, great customer service and enjoy happy clients Contact Geoff Luke TODAY 021 957 600, 09 570 1985 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Oporto 43.indd 1

Limited number of exclusive franchise only $21,900. areas available now from only $24,900.

43 8/09/16 2:59 PM

Essential for pain free payroll If you’re a franchise with less than 10 employees, MYOB Essentials Payroll lets you take care of payroll online in 3 simple steps – anywhere, anytime. With automated IRD compliance, you never have to worry about PAYE payments or IR filing deadlines again. You’ll also spend 40% less time managing payroll. *

“I wasted hours on paper-based timesheets, calculating holiday pay and statutory holidays. With Essentials Payroll, I do everything online and save so much time!” Jeanine van Kradenburg, Executive Chef & Owner, PartyPerfect Catering

To find out more, it’s essential you give us a call on 0800 60 69 62 or visit * Source: Customer survey via MYOB Client Insights Panel, June 2014

franchise management

staying on top of

PAYROLL Payroll management can be complicated and time-consuming. MYOB offers some helpful tips


tips to stay on top of payroll

So although it might be easy to get into business, once you start employing people then managing payroll can be a time-consuming hassle that gets in the way of what you should really be doing – growing your business.


ew Zealand has one of the most complicated payroll systems in the world. According to one report, we rank tenth internationally for payroll complexity and fifth for the complexity of government reporting (NGA Human Resources Research, Payroll Complexity Index 2014).

why is payroll so hard? Some of the key drivers of payroll complexity in New Zealand are: • The Holidays Act has complex rules for calculating leave which are open to interpretation and can be difficult to apply correctly. • Most New Zealand businesses process pay-runs weekly, which means those running the payroll have only a short window to fix errors when they do get it wrong. • The onus on employers to understand the PAYE system, correctly calculate tax, leave entitlements and deductions, as well as hit their IR payment and reporting deadlines each month to avoid fines. All these factors can place a lot of stress on franchise businesses, especially individually-owned operators who don’t have the luxury of in-house payroll administrators or who can’t afford to outsource the payroll function. And, worst of all, the onus is on you to get it right. The fines for getting it wrong can make mistakes very expensive indeed.

changing the way we think about payroll Payroll is the system that helps you calculate the total amount of money you pay to your employees to meet your obligations under your employment agreements. It’s also all the financial records and data related to your business, for example salaries, wages, overtime, bonuses, deductions and withholdings that the IRD requires you to keep for seven years. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all your employees are being taxed appropriately. It is up to you to ensure new employees complete the tax code declaration to determine how much tax is to be deducted from their wages or salary. You also have an obligation to accurately calculate, deduct and submit payments to the IRD for tax on wages, benefits, bonuses, allowances, KiwiSaver, Student Loan as well as non-IRD deductions like court fines, child support, etc. And while calculating holiday pay and leave entitlements correctly is straightforward when you’ve got the right systems in place, any system is only as good as the data you enter. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

MYOB 45.indd 1

So whether you’re a franchisee or franchisor, here are some payroll tips to help you stay on top of your admin and give you more time to work on your real business. • Permanent employees are entitled to four weeks of annual leave regardless of what their job is or the hours they work. Make sure you’re calculating a leave rate which is the greater of the employee’s ordinary weekly pay or average weekly earnings. A good payroll system can help you with this. • Pay any employee who would normally work on a public holiday. Those who do work on a public holiday must be paid time-and-a half as well as given another paid day of leave to use later. • Leave arrangements, particularly for uneven work patterns, should be agreed between the employer and employee prior to the commencement of employment and documented in the employment agreement. employee management • Legally, you must have a signed employment agreement in place for all employees before they start work. Not only does this help agree the particulars of the role and what’s expected of the employee; it also helps ensure you capture the right information to give Inland Revenue and set up the employee in your payroll correctly. • It is also a legal requirement to keep good records of wages, time, holidays and leave. Set up a file for each employee so that all their documentation, such as their agreement, KiwiSaver forms, and tax declarations – as well as leave and performance records – are all in one place and accessible, and keep personal files up to date.

get a good payroll system in place A good payroll system will take care of all elements of paying your employees and automate the compliance changes for you. Even with the most intelligent of payroll software in place, however, it’s critical that you as an employer understand what PAYE is. In many cases, intelligent online accounting software such as MYOB Essentials or MYOB AccountRight will include a payroll function. Specialist payroll functions can also be tailored to work across an entire franchise system, making it easier for franchisees to access the support they need from their franchisor. When considering payroll software, ensure that what you pay for really will suit your needs. Even if you outsource payroll, you’ll want a software solution that supports payroll processing so that you can see, collaborate and share your payroll data with your service provider. And whatever you do, you’ll want to be able to share critical information with your accountant and your franchisor so that they can give you the best advice they can. Contact MYOB for more information.

advertiser info Visit to find out more and book a demo, or contact: Lauren Taylor Franchise Relations Manager M 027 556 6115

45 8/09/16 3:00 PM


Caci are New Zealand’s skin and appearance experts with 37 clinics nationwide, and over 21 years’ experience. Jane King has worked at Caci for over 14 years, with the past 6 of those as the owner of both Caci Albany and Milford. Jane shares with us what it’s like to be part of the Caci franchise. What do you enjoy most about owning a Caci clinic? I love coming to work each day even after 14 years due to the wonderful people I work with. We all have such a passion for what we do! Caci’s core purpose is to give women the confidence to look and feel their best and I strongly believe that. I love seeing the confidence that our clients have. What are the challenges of owning of more than 1 clinic? What inspired you to own your own Caci clinic, and become a franchisee? Owning my own clinic has been a dream of mine since I first trained as a Beauty Therapist. My husband Jon inspired me to buy Caci Albany; he had the confidence in me, that I could be a successful business owner. Also, I have great support from my mumshe helps care for my children. When Milford was available, Jon and I decided to go for it!

The biggest challenge I have is trying to be in 2, sometimes 3 places at once (2 clinics, plus children!). I am very fortunate to have an amazing team, which has meant that I have been able to delegate a number of daily operations to them so that I can achieve the best balance of work and family life. Having a support network in place is a must!

Training is key, you need to have the knowledge and confidence in what you are doing. I also think it’s really important for the team to experience Caci treatments, we can relate to our clients more and see great results too. I’m also really proud of my staff retention, we have well over 30 years of experience within our team. This allows our confidence to grow very quickly as there’s a strong support network. What’s best about the business being focused on women’s confidence? For me, it’s about seeing a change in women from when they first come in to see us, to the way they look and feel afterwards. It’s really special knowing that we’ve been able to contribute to this, it’s something we get a buzz from - we’re part of something special.

Having a strong team is essential, how do you instill a sense of confidence in them?

½ PRIfrCanEchise

Interested in owning a Caci clinic? Visit or call Hilary Metzger on 021 369 632

Buy a

Hire-A-Hubby franchise area and get the neighbouring area for 0% off.


There are limited areas available so contact us now. This offer is exclusive to readers of Franchise New Zealand magazine and its website.

As a Hire-A-Hubby franchisee, you’ll enjoy financial security plus all the benefits that come with being self employed. And you’ll be backed by ongoing support from an award-winning business. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Mention this listing when you contact us:

0800 692 643

46 Ads 46.indd 1

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:00 PM

franchise association news



Sold-out Franchise Conference delivers real learning, real value


he annual conference is always one of the highlights of the franchise year but this year’s was exceptional. Over 120 people attended the sold-out event in Tauranga to be enlightened, entertained, encouraged and enthused by a line-up of top speakers from some of New Zealand’s top franchises. The theme was Building Your Brand and while there were a lot of wise old heads in the sessions, it was particularly good to see so many young people involved, bringing a fresh perspective and energy to the topic. The future of franchising looks bright; Some particular highlights were: Karla Brennan, who shared some insights from McDonald’s demonstrating how they have moved their staff and consumers to an emotional relationship with the brand. They have educated their employees to be proud of a brand which exports $210 million of New Zealand products offshore each year and developed an internal slogan to get staff to take action if they see a potential problem: Got it – I have seen the problem Up for it – I will seek help to resolve On to it – I am taking positive action to resolve. Jewli Turier of Franchise Relationships Institute returned with her own personal brand of enthusiasm and shared more about the psychological contracts of franchisors with their franchisees.  Jewli introduced the five pieces of the puzzle: listening, engaging, leading with credibility, recruiting and mentoring. Keran McKenzie from MYOB introduced us to APIs. An API is a geeky tool to get two pieces of independent software to talk to each other so that just about any process can be automated. Keran’s presentation was anything but geeky, though, with interactive games and stories updating us on using APIs to save time and money and make daily life more manageable. With implications for everything from health and safety, payroll, staff management and rostering to point of sale and geolocation of people on the road, it’s a very exciting field for franchisors.

Nathan Bonney investigating a hobbit hole - Nathan is the newest board member of the Franchise Association and how a leader can pick up their energy levels and influence productivity in the work place when they understand what is influencing their mood. Mat Wylie of Customer Radar gave us some great stats on how to get effective immediate feedback and what to do with it (did you know that Sunday is the worst day of the week for customer service?) and finally Greg Murphy discussed the challenges of being a top driver and still delivering to the brands he represented.  One of the recurring themes of the conference was the use of social media, which came up in many of the popular workshop sessions. It was also the topic of a fascinating and sometimes scary presentation by Peter Webster of Columbus Coffee which left everyone thinking. Also featuring networking sessions and fun events at Hobbiton and Mills Reef Winery, the 2016 conference was a massive success, and it is to be hoped that even more franchisors will take the opportunity to attend and bring their key people to learn and share in 2017. Next year’s conference dates will be announced shortly by the Franchise Association.

One of the social/networking events at the Green Dragon

The International Achievers panel was a definite highlight with four highly-experienced exporters in Stuart Deeks, Aaron Toresen, Tim Alpe and Bruce Speers. They shared the successes and challenges of international expansion in a very candid fashion, raising laughs and gasps from the audience. As Stuart Deeks said, ‘The only reason [NZ franchises] are not all over the world is that we go, “Oh, it’s too far, it’s too hard” – but it’s not! It’s mind-blowing how easy it is.’ It’s available as a podcast so learn more about the panellists here and listen to the whole session – we’ve divided it into two parts to make it easier to download: www.

Visiting Hobbiton for dinner Lorraine Lord of Franchise New Zealand, Scott Travis of Hayes Knight Chartered Accountants and Robyn Pickerill, CEO of the Franchise Association of New Zealand.

Mitre 10 is one of the biggest names in New Zealand retail, operating as a co-operative which shares many of the same issues as franchises. General manager of retail operations Ben Leduc talked about the depth of commitment to the Mitre 10 brand of its people, the values it operates by and the family environment that the approach has fostered.

(left) Karen Dovey of Exceed and Sarah Archibald of Speedy Signs video a conference review from David Dovey

Bruce Ross of Ignite Business Leadership was an energiser pill for everyone and had some very practical insights into how the brain works

(right) An amazing evening out among the movie sets – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Conference 47.indd 1

47 8/09/16 3:00 PM

E 89 ST

WINNER - Food & Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014 & 2014-2015


Franchisee of the Year 2012-2013, 2013-2014 & 2014-2015








Ÿ Most awarded cafe franchise in New Zealand, winning

Lynn Mall, Auckland Albany Town Centre, Auckland Glendene Centre, Auckland Te Rapa Service Centre, Hamilton Centre City Shopping Centre, New Plymouth Emerson Street, Napier Esk Street, Invercargill The Palms Shopping Centre, Christchurch Christchurch City, Christchurch


both the food and beverage and Supreme franchise system & franchisee of the year multiple times. 60 cafes & restaurants now in New Zealand. Over 370 stores worldwide. Continued expansion plans. Flexibility and life balance with an established brand. Proven track record with an award winning system. Excellent training and ongoing support. Preferred bank finance arrangements. National marketing benefits. thecoffeeclubnz

To find out more contact Brad on 027 526 3333 or email

opportunity: home & building

DREAM TEAM Dream Doors franchisees turn leads into sales

Richard Prout


obody’s perfect – but a team can be. It’s a message that Dream Doors has taken to heart. The kitchen renovation franchise was brought to New Zealand by Derek Lilly, who co-founded the business in the UK in 1999. Today, there are 10 franchisees here and the franchise is growing fast in Australia, too, as home-owners discover the advantages of renovation rather than replacement: ‘faster, cheaper but still high quality,’ as Derek puts it. Getting that message out to customers has been crucial to the success of Dream Doors’ franchisees, and that’s where another member of the team, Richard Prout, comes in. Richard brings considerable technical knowledge to the company’s lead generation and back-office systems. ‘Derek knows about kitchens, franchising, systems and processes, while my strength is CRM and supply systems,’ Richard explains. ‘Together, our job is to deliver the best possible business package for our other team members – our franchisees – and provide them with the leads they need to make the most of the opportunity in their area.’ Initially, Dream Doors developed a comprehensive approach that enabled customers to design their own kitchens online. ‘It was clever, but people buying kitchens need advice, input and expertise – and for that, they need to talk to our franchisees,’ Richard explains. ‘So we simplified all our marketing to focus on making contacts. Once we did that, the number of leads shot up and sales did likewise.’ With more business coming in, other systems followed: job management, accounting, franchise and supplier management, all aimed at helping – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Dream Doors 49.indd 1

franchisees manage their businesses better. ‘For example, our Franchise Management System (FMS) not only stores customer data but also polls customers and suppliers for satisfaction surveys. That helps franchisees see at a glance how they are doing, and means we can spot when there might be issues and provide help. ‘Our latest development is software that constantly adjusts our online marketing. That’s more than doubled the return we achieve on every dollar, and it’s made our newspaper and TV advertising more effective, too. The mix works really well, and we’ve found that if you turn off any one element, the return on the others goes down, too. We have the figures to prove it and we can show new franchisees exactly what works.’ Dream Doors has territories available in many parts of New Zealand and Australia, with some franchisees creating multimillion dollar businesses advertiser info with high profit margins in Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd their first 24 months. ‘The PO Box 31, Lake Hawea 9345 franchise works – there’s no doubt about that,’ says Derek. ‘The investment Contact Derek Lilly required is just $75,000. P 0-3-443 5133 Contact me and find out P 0800 437 326 how we can provide the M 027 213 5133 help you need to get a real return on your efforts.’

49 8/09/16 3:01 PM


A slice of heaven in Queenstown Franchising can be a simple route to business success. The franchisor gives you a known brand, a clear territory and the complete guide book on how to run your business successfully. But it’s up to you to bring the energy and commitment - something Brett Moore demonstrated when he took over Domino’s Pizza in Queenstown earlier this year.

A Domino’s veteran Brett knows the Domino’s system from the inside out. “I started as a driver in 1992, while I was at uni. I stayed on and worked my way up, until I was managing Domino’s 32 corporate stores in NSW.” By that stage he knew the Domino’s system back to front, so he took the leap and became a franchisee. By 2016 he owned six stores on NSW’s Central Coast, and another nine stores in Tasmania.

Expanding to New Zealand Brett regularly holidayed with his family in Queenstown, and saw that the local Domino’s franchise was underperforming. It became available in May this year, and he took up the challenge to turn it around. The first step was setting up local financing. He turned to the ASB Franchise team for help. “They were great. They know Domino’s, so they knew it was a strong system. The Franchise team introduced me to the local Queenstown Commercial team, and they set us up with everything we needed: bank accounts, EFTPOS, online and mobile banking.

I applied for a loan for part of the franchise purchase, and they approved it in two days. That’s amazing service, especially compared to Australian banks.

Turning the store around Brett knew exactly how to make the Queenstown store perform. “You go back to the system, every time.” He brought over two of his experienced managers, and has spent most of the first few months in Queenstown. They spent time with the staff, and made sure everything in the stores was being done the Domino’s way.

“It was all about building capacity. We reconnected phone lines, trained staff to make sure they were working efficiently, and replaced the old delivery vehicles with brand new ones. The team is now smiling and motivated, the phones are running hot and customers are getting their orders fast.” The agreement with Domino’s called for Brett to open another store in Frankton within 6-12 months. Negotiations are already underway on a potential site, and Brett is confident it will lead to more success. “Once we have Frankton up and running, I want to put another two stores in the region.”

The potential of franchising So what does Brett like about being part of a franchise? “You get a proven system, that you can be confident will work – as long as you work it. You just need to put in the energy and the time. Franchise businesses give everyone opportunities: the employees, the managers and the owners. It’s a great approach to business, especially with good partners like ASB.”

Interested in finding out how ASB could help your franchise business? We have experience working with both franchisees and franchisors, and know what makes a successful franchise tick. Contact one of our Senior Franchise Managers today. Shaun Neville 021 942 178 Craig McKenzie 021 805 425 Email or visit for more information.

Helping New Zealand businesses achieve their ambitions. ASB Bank Limited 56629 16196 0816

56629 16196 0816 Franchise Case study ad DOMINOS.indd 1

1/09/16 11:18 am

opportunity: leisure & education

HEART AND SOUL focus on the positive, I saw this as an opportunity to explore buying a child-related business. ‘For me, sKids stood head and shoulders above all the others I looked at. My accountant signed off commenting that I wouldn’t make millions but it had very real potential to provide a decent living doing what I love most. The franchise also got the thumbs up from my lawyer, as you’d expect from an award-winning business model. Finally, talking with sKids master franchisee in the Otaki district, Sonia South, confirmed for me that I was on the right track.’ So, late last year, Ingrid spent a week training at sKids in Auckland, returning to Wellington where on October 12 she opened sKids at Saints Peter and Paul School in Lower Hutt. Among the sKids kids on the very first day were Ingrid’s own children. Since then, she’s opened a second site and plans to open more next year.

the support you need

sKids franchisees know that successful businesses are about more than money


t sKids we have a rule-of-thumb. If a potential franchisee doesn’t show a genuine passion for working with children during the first interview, there won’t be a second.’ So says Chris Bartels, one of the co-franchisors of sKids – Safe Kids in Daily Supervision. The franchise is New Zealand’s largest before- and after-school supervised care provider with more than 145 sites nationwide, which means that a love for kids is a non-negotiable. As Chris explains, ‘When I go on about love and care of children, if a candidate starts wondering why I am not talking about return on investment then I’m pretty sure they’re not the right person to be joining us. Yes, sKids is a successful and profitable business opportunity, but if money is their main motivation, it’s not for them.’ Chris can have had no such doubts about Ingrid Flanagan, who started working with children while still at secondary school. She then graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood Education and then went on to pursue a career in the field that included six years in the UK and four in Australia. Ingrid also has four children of her own, aged between five and nine.

focus on the positives The popular saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ most definitely describes Ingrid. ‘When my marriage fell apart, my youngest had just turned four and I had to find work,’ explains Ingrid. ‘Determined to

sKids is for everyone – and there are opportunities for new franchisees all over New Zealand – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

sKids 51.indd 1

sKids is committed to providing a safe environment and structure for children across the country, with before- and after-school programmes that include homework time, planned activities and free play, as well as sports, art, cooking and school holiday programmes. All the programmes are MSDapproved so they aren’t just for the wealthy – parents can access Work & Income NZ OSCAR subsidies, and sKids franchisees and their teams help parents get the support they need. To take this much-needed service to every corner of the country, Chris Bartels first finds the right franchisee then identifies potential areas for them. ‘Having already spoken to many schools, we know there are many opportunities in the regions awaiting franchisees, so the response is almost always positive,’ Chris smiles. ‘sKids has all the framework in place, including programmes, staff recruitment and communications, in readiness for a franchisee to launch.’ Ingrid confirms this. ‘It was a big help to have all the systems in place for my first site, and it also created a high level of awareness and expectation among parents and caregivers. The business certainly wasn’t handed to me on a platter, but with all the training and support I had what I needed to make a success of it.’ Ingrid says she’s not naturally an ‘out there’ person but the success of her first site speaks for itself. There are already some 40 sKids kids in the programme with two permanent and four assistant staff. Ingrid is a very hands-on programme manager both there and at her latest sKids site, Pauatahanui School in Porirua. This is in a semi-rural area and opened on the first day of this year’s term three. ‘Never having had after-school care available before, we had great interest from the community and already have 20 children in the programme,’ Ingrid smiles. ‘Things are going so well I think we might even open two more sites in 2017.’

share the passion Chris Bartels hopes Ingrid Flanagan’s path to success inspires others who want to build successful businesses while putting children and their parents and caregivers first. ‘You don’t have to have Ingrid’s level of education or experience, but you do have to have her passion,’ she says. ‘We are looking for strong leaders good at planning and organising and with the ability to advertiser info grow a team of 20-30 staff. Many of our franchisees start with one school and Safe Kids in Daily develop into multi-site operators so Supervision middle management experience and a PO Box 259 262, Botany, sound skill set are vital. ‘We have many opportunities available, including some well-established sites and others waiting for the right person, in areas all round New Zealand. Franchises start from around $45,000 +gst, including full training and ongoing support. It’s about more than money.’

Auckland 2163 Contact Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 P 0800 SKIDSBIZ 0800 754 372

51 8/09/16 3:02 PM

buying a franchise


to a successful business venture Here’s your opportunity to join an established franchise and follow a proven business model without the burden of carrying debtors or inventory. Even better, it’s your chance to take advantage of a fast growing industry – with the full backing of industry experts. MAKE OUR BRAND YOUR BUSINESS With more than 25 years’ experience, 29 offices and thousands of properties nationwide, Quinovic is New Zealand’s largest specialist residential property management group. We’re well known, we have a solid reputation for getting results, and we’ll do everything we can to help you leverage our brand to create a highly successful venture of your own. As an owner of a Quinovic franchise, you’ll have all the support and prestige that comes with belonging to the high-performing Quinovic group. We also have the opportunity for 50% franchise ownership where you’ll have the benefits of owning your own business, but with the added security of earning a salary. With a range of franchise options, and investment opportunities from $50,000 and above, there’s a business model for you. So if you want to open the door to success, call Bernard Wright at Quinovic on 0274 598 500 or email

buy yourself PEACE OF MIND Buying a franchise can be a great way to get into your own business – but there’s still an element of risk involved. That’s why listening to the right people is essential


nyone thinking of buying a business is going to find themselves very popular right now. The quarterly Franchising Confidence Index (page 16) regularly reports that the availability of new franchisees is the biggest challenge facing most franchisors, so they want to hear from people ready to take on the challenge of building a new business within an established brand. But just because a franchise is well-established doesn’t mean that it will suit everyone, and it doesn’t mean that every new outlet will be profitable, either. That’s why, if you’re looking at buying any business, you need to take good professional advice so that you can be sure you’ve made the right decision and enjoy the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your new business. Strangely, many people don’t bother to do that when it comes to franchises. Why not? Well, having talked to many new franchisees, it seems that too many people: 1. Assume that everything will be okay because the franchise has a good reputation; 2. Think that by not using a lawyer or accountant they will save money on professional fees that they need to invest in the business; or 3. They use an inappropriate advisor – the family lawyer, for example – who might be great at conveyancing but have little experience and few contacts in the franchise world. Alas, the people who take these appealing shortcuts often learn an important lesson the hard way.

eyes wide shut In a survey of franchisees in Australia a few years ago, 20 percent of respondents admitted that they had no idea of what they were getting into when they bought a franchise. ‘We know that a lot of people go into franchising with their eyes wide shut,’ commented Professor Lorelle Frazer of Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, which conducted the survey. ‘Sometimes the prospective franchisee only sees what they want to see… While there are people prepared to pay $50,000 or $200,000 for a franchise, they are not always prepared to spend money on due diligence. ‘Another description of “due diligence” might be ‘prepurchase inspection’. No such survey has ever been carried out in New Zealand, but the Commerce Commission has previously stated, ‘It would appear that many people entering into franchising agreements are not seeking independent legal advice, even though they have had little or no previous experience in running a business.’ The result can be disastrous. According to some earlier research by Professor Frazer, the second most common cause of franchisee failure is ‘Poor choice or inadequate research by franchisee’. Number five on her list was ‘Expectations of an easy life’ and number eight was ‘Finding the franchise fee a burden.’ But each of these is avoidable.

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Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

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what advice do i need? The three key people that you need to speak to are a lawyer, an accountant and, if you are going to require finance, a banker. When you buy a franchise, you are getting into a legal arrangement that involves rights and obligations on both the franchisee and the franchisor. It is therefore extremely important that you should have a clear understanding of what those will actually mean to you in practice. How about using an accountant? Well, one of the primary reasons for buying a business is to make money, so you want to ensure that the franchise you are considering is actually a sound proposition and that it can provide the financial returns that you are looking for. An experienced accountant can help you investigate this. Many franchise professionals believe that getting good legal advice is so important to a prospective franchisee that Franchise Association members have to tell purchasers, ‘You are also required to have the Franchise Agreement explained to you by a solicitor experienced in franchising and you should seek financial advice on the franchise proposition from an accountant experienced in franchising.’ As for franchise bankers, the good news about them is that they have a huge amount of expertise and knowledge about different franchise systems but they aren’t actually going to charge you anything for sharing it. It’s therefore a simple matter to talk to them fairly early in your researches to find out what they know and start to build a relationship with them.

how do you choose the right advisor? don’t become a bad statistic The failure rate of franchisees in New Zealand is generally thought to be very low, but it does happen. Whether it’s the fault of the franchisee, the franchisor or something beyond their control like a changing market, you don’t want it to happen to you. It’s vital, then, to check out the differences between franchises to make sure that any opportunity really is as good as it seems to be. Here’s why it’s worth spending a little time and money on advisors, whether you’re buying a lawnmowing franchise or a million dollar restaurant: 1. You’ll save time (and maybe even money). Choose experienced advisors and they’ll probably have come across the franchise system you’re investigating before. Even if it’s new to New Zealand, the chances are they will be able to find out more about it from contacts overseas than you will. And if it’s a brand new system, they will at least know the characteristics to look for in a successful franchise. They might cost more per hour than non-specialist advisors, but they will give you better advice and take less time about it. 2. You’re less likely to make mistakes. You might not know what rents or margins are normal in a certain industry, but your advisors should. You might not know whether a sub-lease arrangement leaves you exposed, but your lawyer will. You might be new to business borrowing, but your banker will know what is and isn’t possible – and the fact that you are buying a franchise may mean special terms are available if you talk to the right people. 3. You’ll know what to expect. One of the most important tasks of your advisors is to ensure that you know exactly what the franchise entails and that you know what will be expected of you as a franchisee. That will not only help you to make the right choice of business but also enable you to settle into your new role faster. 4. You’ll be confident your chosen franchise will meet your needs. Whether your reasons for buying a franchise are short-term growth, long-term security or lifestyle, involving advisors and briefing them honestly about your goals will help ascertain whether the business will really meet your needs. 5. You’ll get impartial advice. If you find a business you love, it’s easy to focus on the positives and miss some of the warning signs. For all sorts of reasons, a good franchise may not actually be the right one for you. Advisors can help you see beyond the dream to the reality, and help you make the right decision. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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So how do you ensure that your chosen advisors are the right ones for you? Here are some tips. 1. Don’t assume that your normal family lawyer or accountant has the skills to analyse a franchise opportunity. Franchising is a specialist field and it pays to use specialists. They know what is and isn’t acceptable, they will have contacts in the field and they may well take less time than someone inexperienced in franchising. 2. Look for advisors who are demonstrably focusing on the world of franchising already. The Directory in the back of this magazine is a good place to start, as it lists those with specialist knowledge in this area. 3. Choose people who are able to demonstrate knowledge and experience of franchise systems in the field in which your chosen business is operating. Don’t be afraid to ask for a summary of their relevant experience. There’s an expanded version of the Directory online at with more details on the top advisors. 4. Check the reputation of each advisor with your other advisors – some may work particularly closely with other specialists and be able to recommend someone. 5. Make sure that you choose people with whom you can build a good rapport. You need to be honest with your advisors and trust that they will respect your confidences and give you good advice. In all likelihood, you will be working with them not just while you are buying your franchise but as your business grows, too. 6. Be prepared to pay reasonable fees for professional advice. It’s not worth saving a few dollars at the outset and getting poor advice. Most advisors charge on an hourly basis, so find out what this is and get a written estimate of the likely number of hours involved. Ask to be kept informed in writing of any extra hours incurred. 7. Finally, accept that the advisor’s job is to advise. The decision whether to proceed or not is just the first of many decisions you will need to make in running your own business, so be prepared to take responsibility for your own future.

finally With the right team of advisors behind you, buying a franchise can be much less stressful – and less risky – than trying to do everything on your own. The trick is to choose the right advisors in the first place, be honest with them and listen carefully to what they have to say. At the end of the day, the decision whether to proceed or not will be yours and yours alone, but if you have listened to the voices of experience then you stand the best possible chance of making the right decision for your future success.

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Xpresso Delights 2, 3 or 4 day a week business offers genuine semi-passive income. How? Let our premium fully automatic coffee machines do the work for you, they make the coffees while you earn the income. Plus you get to choose the days and hours you would like to work.

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At Xpresso Delight, we are in the corporate workplace coffee market. We offer a business opportunity like no other, operating within a market that loves and accepts our unique product and service. Plus you benefit from over 12 years experience with our proven systems, training and support.

Xpresso Delight provides a cafe quality experience right inside the workplace. Our client Locations enjoy all their favourite coffees and even hot chocolate all at the press of a button. Plus they enjoy our 5 Star Concierge Coffee Service that only Xpresso Delight can deliver.

7/02/16 5:50 PM

opportunity: food & beverage

the coffee

CONCIERGE Xpresso Delight lets a mum be a mum while earning a full-time income


anielle Crighton wishes she had bought her Xpresso Delight franchise ten years ago. ‘This is an awesome business,’ she says, ‘I never realised I could make as much money in a day as I did with a full-time job!’ With a long background in sales, marketing and retail, Danielle wanted a business that would give her a proper income while her children were little. ‘I have two girls, aged eight and six, and I wanted to be available after school for them. I’d known about Xpresso Delight for ten years because my parents, Allan and Kay Parker are the New Zealand master agents, but I hadn’t considered it for myself before. Then when one of the existing franchisees decided to retire, they suggested we should buy the business.’ Despite her parents’ experience, Danielle felt it important to do proper due diligence on the opportunity. ‘I’d seen every aspect of the business for many years from their point of view, but I wanted to know how it worked for a normal person taking up a franchise, so I spoke to several franchisees and did a lot of research to check it out. That satisfied me, so we bought the business in September last year. Then another area came on the market, so in January I became a double franchisee. Being able to purchase two franchises that needed refocussing at very good prices helped me immensely. I have to admit, it’s everything the others told me.’

simple but successful Xpresso Delight supplies top-of-the-range Swiss-built coffee machines to companies for the use of staff and customers. Started in 2004, the company now has nearly 200 franchisees across Australia and New Zealand selling well over 6 million coffees per year. ‘It’s a very straightforward but incredibly successful business,’ Allan explains. ‘Franchisees are trained to source their own locations with the assistance of the master agent, who then helps them install the machines which they service and stock on a weekly basis. The client only pays from just 79 cents for a coffee which would cost them four times as much at a café, so it’s a bargain, really. The machines are environmentally and user-friendly, and by being on the spot they keep employee downtime to a minimum, too.’ From a franchisee’s point of view, the machines are simple to service. ‘They are very reliable – Kay and I have a dozen machines ourselves and normally service the lot in less than a day per week. Consistency is one of the keys to the success of the business, and as well as producing fresh, first-class coffee every time, the machines are so robust they will last for at least 100,000 cups.’ Xpresso Delight franchises are available in many parts of the country. ‘An investment from $59,000 +gst will secure you full training and 5 new Jura

Danielle Crighton (left and above with daughters Amelie and Dior): enjoying a proper income while the children are little – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Xpresso_Deight 55.indd 1

Giga coffee systems to get your business started,’ says Allan. ‘But that’s not the limit – you can go on adding more machines to build your business to whatever level you desire, creating a semi-passive income while enjoying enough free time be a full-time mum like Danielle, play lots of golf or follow your dreams.’

making everyone happy Danielle sums up her role as an Xpresso Delight franchisee in a neat phrase: ‘We are the concierges of coffee. We ensure our clients never have to worry about anything other than drinking great coffee by doing everything from supplying beans and hot chocolate to maintaining the machines. If there is a breakdown, we put another machine in place as quickly as possible so work can go on. ‘Looking after customers and finding out what they want is actually the most important part of the business,’ Danielle continues. ‘One client company I inherited was only drinking about 30 cups a week, which hardly covered my parking costs to visit them. So I asked them why they drank so few and it turned out 60 percent of the staff were decaf drinkers. I immediately had the machine adapted and they now average 180 cups a week. Result? Everyone is happy, including me. Often, good customer service is just about asking the questions.’

good advice Danielle has some advice for anyone looking at an Xpresso Delight franchise. ‘The franchise is very supportive but, like any business, you do need to work at it. You have to be prepared to do the legwork and visit people to maximise each site. It’s not a hard service to sell, but you want to choose the right locations. We offer people a seven-day trial for free, which gives you a good gauge of how many coffees you will sell there, then you can set a sensible price based on their requirements!’ Xpresso Delight currently has 16 franchisees in New Zealand, with more opportunities available all around the country for the right people. ‘Of course we are proud of Danielle’s success,’ says Allan ‘She has the right people and sales skills, and now she’s applying them to her own business. If that sounds like you, and you want a business that lets you do the things you really want to do while still producing a good income, call me – and join the Xpresso Delight family.’

advertiser info Xpresso Delight PO Box 23 691, Hunters Corner, Auckland Contact Allan Parker P 0-9-278 1589 M 021 875 431 allan.parker@

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franchise management


FRANCHISE U how to handle

Or your next big business opportunity? We are New Zealand’s largest landscape supply company. Contact us NOW for your confidential information pack.

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Media trainer Pete Burdon offers some tips for franchisors and franchisees who might find themselves in the spotlight when something goes wrong or right


s franchises grow, they are increasingly likely to find themselves making the headlines. Sometimes that’s for all the right reasons, as with Hell’s award for providing training for intellectually-disabled youngsters (see page 16), or for the wrong reasons, as when a KiwiYo employee was asked not to greet customers with ‘Kia ora’.

Earlier this year, Franchise New Zealand presented a session for Franchise Association members which took a look at some local examples. At the recent Franchise Conference, Columbus Coffee also shared their own experience of inaccurate social media claims being picked up by local papers. If such situations aren’t properly handled, the potential for damage to a franchise brand and franchisees’ businesses is enormous. Pete Burdon’s new book contains invaluable advice for anyone wanting to generate positive publicity or manage negative reports. In this extract, he focuses on one of the situations that many people find difficult to handle – what to do when a reporter thrusts a microphone in your face.

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interview landmines to avoid In negative situations, you may be asked by a reporter to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. In some situations, there’s no problem with this but in others, you can get yourself into trouble by giving such a black or white answer. For example, if a worker had been killed in a factory accident, you could be asked, ‘Could another worker suffer a similar fate, yes or no?’ You can’t say ‘no’ because it’s always a possibility, regardless of how unlikely, but if you say ‘yes’, you could be in even more trouble. This is where a media interview is different from any other conversation. You may believe the best answer is, ‘Yes, it’s possible we will have another similar accident but our safety precautions are among the best in the world and the chances of a repeat are almost impossible.’ In any other context, that would be a perfectly reasonable answer. The problem is that you have no idea what part of that answer will make it into an edited story. It’s possible that the headline could read something like, ‘Factory boss admits another fatality could be just around the corner’ with the second part of your answer being totally ignored. What about the alternative? If you said ‘no’, your answer would lack credibility. Your audience would know that’s untrue and you could also be accused of failing to take the issue seriously. The best way to deal with these situations is to create your own answer and say something like, ‘Safety is our top priority and the precautions we take are among the best in the world.’ If that doesn’t satisfy the reporter and he asks you again, you just have to repeat the answer. If you’re asked a third time, you need to say something like, ‘I believe I’ve answered your question.’ Another common question is to be asked for a guarantee. In this same example, the reporter may ask you, ‘Can you guarantee this won’t happen again?’ You clearly can’t guarantee that but in this situation, you can use the word ‘guarantee’ in your answer. You could say, ‘What I can guarantee is that safety is our top priority and our precautions are among the best in the world.’ Bear in mind that most reporters won’t go for this sensationalism, but some will and there are lots of cases where this has happened. You’ll see an example in the chapter on crisis communication. Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:03 PM

E UNDER FIRE dle the media Charity box stolen from…

Teen sacked for sharing lunch

Slug found in burger – again

Third franchisee fails Worker injuries ‘not our problem’ says franchisor

Te Reo banned in fast food outlet Always remember to bridge back to your key points after tough questions like this. It’s easy to forget about them when you’re under the pump but they are the points you want to get across in your interview. It’s also the best tactic to get the interviewer away from a dangerous area and back to safer ground.

never use negative language Many spokespeople, whether in high profile positions or novices, fall into the trap of using negative language. I mentioned earlier how journalists producing news stories need you to answer in complete sentences. There’s one exception to this and it’s an important one. Never repeat negative language – always choose a positive alternative. For example, let’s say you’re the CEO of a company in the middle of a major strike by your workers. A reporter could say to you, ‘You have terrible workplace relations policies, don’t you?’ Your natural reaction would be to start your response with, ‘We don’t have terrible workplace relations policies.’ The problem with that is you’ve just given the reporter an exciting negative quote to base his entire story on. That statement could be used as the headline of the story or as the story’s major quote or sound bite. It’ll then be negative towards you and based on your denial. If you used a positive statement in response, the story could become positive. You could have responded with, ‘The benefits we give our staff are well above industry standards and we’re proud of how we deal with staff.’ You can see how much more positive that sounds, while also answering the question. Instead of a negative denial, you’re saying something positive about your business. There are famous examples from history where experienced leaders used negative language that’s worked against them. Richard Nixon’s ‘I’m not a crook,’ is the best example, closely followed by Bill Clinton’s, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.’ Don’t fall into the same trap.

don’t speculate Reporters will always ask spokespeople to speculate. They’re just doing their job and there will be times when speculation is quite appropriate. For example, the local reporter might ask you what you think the score will be in the World Cup Final. Giving your view is unlikely to harm anyone, unless such an answer could create political implications. However, in more serious circumstances, it’s best not to get drawn into the speculation game. This is particularly so when it’s a negative issue. For example, let’s say you’re a big employer in a small town during an economic recession and you’ve already said redundancies are possible. A reporter asks you, ‘If redundancies do come, who’ll be the first workers to go?’ Until you – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT PR 56.indd 2

know exactly what will happen and exactly who’ll lose their jobs, you’d be asking for trouble by answering that question. Imagine the headlines in the following day’s newspaper. Your answer would be sensationalised. You’d also see reporters visit those workers who you’d mentioned. Your best way to deal with this is to bridge away and go back to a key point. For example, you could say something like, ‘That’d be mere speculation. Our focus is on surviving the economic downturn so we can keep everyone employed.’ Once you’ve decided who’ll be made redundant and you’ve broken the news to those workers, you’re best to inform the media quickly.

face up to loaded questions Loaded questions include an assumption. For example, a reporter may ask, ‘Since your business has an issue with employing women, don’t you think you should change your policy towards gender equality?’ Clearly, the reporter has asked that question on the assumption that it’s common knowledge that your business doesn’t like employing women. If you fail to dispute the first part of that question and only respond to the second, you’ve just agreed with the assumption. Whatever the type of interview, you must challenge incorrect assumptions. You could say, ‘I dispute the premise of the question. We welcome female employees into our business’ and remember not to use negative language. The most obvious answer would be, ‘We don’t have an issue with employing women’ which would be fine in any other context but not a media interview.

if the interviewer goes off topic You’ve prepared your media message, accompanying sound bites and the interview’s going well when suddenly the reporter asks you a question totally unrelated to the topic you agreed to talk about. What do you do? The answer to this depends on whether it’s something that’s just happened and you couldn’t be expected to know more, in which case it’s quite acceptable to say you’ll need to see the details before you can comment. Say that you are happy to get back to the reporter and make sure you do. If the new question is about something commonly known, you should offer a brief comment followed by a bridge back to one of your key points. For example, let’s say you’re the leader of a political party and your interview is about your party’s push for a higher minimum wage. Then the reporter asks you about recent criticism of your party’s support of same sex marriage. For example, ‘Why does your party support same sex marriage?’ You could answer, ‘We believe everyone should be equal before the law but what I’m here to talk to you about is the need for us to support those workers who are still living in poverty.’

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franchise management

what’s your personal opinion?

Reporters in today’s world love using emotion in their stories. You often see presenters ask reporters at the scene of a disaster how the event has affected them personally. They’ll first ask about the latest information on the disaster, then they often ask about the emotional impact it had on the reporter. This is a major change in journalism. Reporters have traditionally been strictly suppliers of fact and other people’s opinions. Their personal feelings have been irrelevant. This concept of personal opinions and feeling has now shifted to official spokespeople. If you speak for a specific organisation, you’re used to answering media questions based on your professional position but now some reporters have begun a trend in asking about your personal opinion. For example, let’s say you’re a spokesperson for the tobacco industry. A reporter challenges you about your industry’s failure to recognise the safety risk of smoking. As spokesperson, you may reply that the industry has recognised the safety risks and has a number of programmes in place to address these. You may then mention a few examples. But then the reporter may ask if you personally think the industry is doing enough to stop young people taking up the habit. If you don’t, you may be tempted to say that you think more needs to be done. You then say that it’s your personal opinion and doesn’t represent the views of the industry. As I’m sure you’re aware, that won’t work. You’ll have just given the reporter a fantastic story angle. The headline would read something like, ‘Tobacco industry spokesperson at odds with policy.’ You can’t distinguish between your opinion and that of your employer. So how should you respond? You simply say you’re speaking on behalf of your industry and bridge to another key point. If pushed, repeat your answer. If you feel uncomfortable doing this because you have a differing opinion, you need to decide whether the job is suitable for you.

what’s changed in the digital age?

The risk of falling into these traps has grown in the digital age because organisations and individuals have so many communication platforms. While you should avoid using negative language in media interviews, it’s also

58 EDIT PR 56.indd 3

GET THE BOOK Pete Burdon’s book Media Training for Modern Leaders is essential reading for franchisors looking to manage and improve their media profile, be prepared for tricky situations which arise (whether caused by the franchise itself, by a franchisee or a supplier), and improve the presentation of their brand.

Its 14 chapters cover topics from How to handle approaches from the media and Making your message more media-friendly, to Answering questions, When crisis strikes and What if you’re misquoted? Specific sections within chapters on What’s changed in the digital age cover websites and social media, too. Media Training for Modern Leaders is available from Amazon or via for $29.95. In Australia, it’s also available at Dymocks and Angus and Robertson.

sensible to avoid it when posting to social media or on your website. The media have access to all of this information and they are quite entitled to quote you from these sources. The same goes for your personal opinion. Keep any disagreement you have with your employer to yourself or at least off social media otherwise you may find it on the front page of your local newspaper. This final point in this chapter applies even more within the franchisor-franchisee relationship, where not just the brand image but also legal outcomes may be affected by hasty, intemperate or ill-considered postings. While franchise agreements may have clauses requiring franchisees not to speak to the media, it can be difficult for them to avoid it – and even more difficult to manage postings by individuals – not just franchisees but their staff, too, on social media.

Franchise New Zealand

about the author Pete Burdon is an experienced journalist, a highly sought-after media trainer and presenter and an accomplished author. He has trained countless corporate executives and entrepreneurs as well as leaders in local and national government, and is an active member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand.

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:03 PM

opportunity: business & commercial

Building a scalable franchise requires a solid foundation – and that’s exactly what SBA provides Terra Kuwano: ‘People place trust and confidence in the SBA brand name’


or a building to last, it needs to have a strong foundation. ‘The same applies to starting a new business,’ says Craig Gardiner. ‘A new business owner needs the right training and set-up to give them the best possible chance of success. You need a strong base so that everything that gets added on top will be properly supported. That’s exactly what an experienced, proven franchise like SBA provides. We specialise in taking people with the right blend of determination, ambition and bookkeeping or accounting skills and turning them into successful business owners in their own right.’ Craig is general manager of SBA (Small Business Accounting), which has led the way in making accounting more accessible, more helpful and more affordable for New Zealand businesses for over 15 years. Today, there are 50 outlets throughout New Zealand serving over 20,000 clients, as well as 23 outlets in Australia, one in Papua New Guinea and even one testing the market in Los Angeles.

geared up for growth So how have they managed it? Well, SBA commit considerable resources to help franchisees establish their business even before the doors have opened. ‘Our training plan commences well in advance of each new franchisee starting up,’ Craig explains. ‘This combines head office, onsite and workshop sessions with our own training consultants and the account management team at Xero. Further training is then spread over the first 12 months as franchisees learn and experience more in their own businesses.’ The programme covers the proven processes and systems required to deliver SBA’s winning range of services; software training with the Xero team; mentoring with other established SBA franchisees; local marketing activity and prospecting with SBA’s dedicated business development team. ‘This all helps the new owner not just learn to meet their customers’ needs but develop their outreach activity, aligning themselves with local business groups for networking and building their professional referral network,’ says Craig. ‘And from day one they have leads walking through the door. With a team of trusted suppliers we can create local marketing campaigns within a matter of days and get the enquiries pouring in through a mix of telemarketing, local press, and direct mail.’

SBA delivers Terra Kuwano, who along with husband Tatsumi opened her branch in Warkworth in August, says that while there is a lot to learn, SBA certainly delivers. With a background in accounting, Terra saw SBA as an opportunity built around developing strong ongoing relationships with small business owners like herself. Using technology like Xero allows her to provide realtime insights to keep her clients informed and happy, and having the SBA – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

sba 59.indd 1

brand behind her in a small town like Warkworth means the referrals can start even before the doors open. ‘Knowing that a plan was in place and there was a team ready to assist me through this journey really gave me confidence,’ Terra says. ‘I had regular contact with the SBA team who helped me build a plan of attack and suggested business initiatives that I should pursue in order for my business to grow. ‘It was great to have the business marketing already set up, with promotional material available to me right from the start. Having head office customise advertising brochures via a phone call saved a lot of time which I could put back into the business, dealing with new clients and processing their work. People place trust and confidence in the SBA brand name, which is a critical point of difference that helps turn leads into clients.’

more than marketing But the franchise is about much more than marketing, Terra says. ‘I really value the dedicated support from SBA and also appreciate the peer support from the other branch offices. Whereas the head office provides us with structured support and rational advice, the other franchisees share real stories – including what they could have done better. All the branches I contacted before opening the office were very friendly and supportive, and their experiences on how to overcome the initial challenges were also great reference for me. ‘There is still a lot for me to learn,’ Terra admits. ‘That’s why I am excited about the training which will bridge the gaps between what I know technically and what I practically need to do to build my own business and deal with the various types of clients who rely on SBA.’ SBA’s reputation for helping small businesses get faster, more timely advice for less money means ongoing demand for franchisees to open more offices in cities and regional towns throughout New Zealand. Opening your own SBA outlet costs just $42,000 +gst, with an additional $15,000 allowed for shop fit-out and other capital outlay. ‘While a lot of our franchisees do have bookkeeping or accounting experience, we also have many with backgrounds in commercial, advertiser info managerial, business ownership or merchant,’ says franchisor Small Business Accounting PO Box 47 818, Ponsonby, Adam Parore. ‘If, like Terra, you have that sort of experience and want the systems, expertise and value of SBA behind you, contact me now about launching into your own business. We want to hear from you.’

Auckland Contact Adam Parore P 0-9-378 0934 F 0-9-523 0355

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“I’ve seen fantastic growth!” Matt Gillespie, Zones Franchisee

Join Zones and grow a multi-million dollar franchise

You don’t need to be a landscaper, so talk to Matt Steele today: Ph (09) 303 0670,


franchise development

making field visits count

Franchising your business or improving an existing network?

Impactful field visits require strong foundations


ield visits are one of the most important management processes for franchisors. A well-constructed and executed field management programme can have a dramatic and positive impact on both franchisor and franchisee results, because good visits:

Do it once, do it right.

• Demonstrate franchisor commitment to franchisees; • Are the most relevant environment for monitoring performance and identifying improvements; • Help improve franchise relationships; • Are convenient for franchisee and staff training; • Present an ideal location for reviewing franchisee business & marketing plans; and • Help gain franchisee commitment to agreed-upon action plans. Importantly, all field visits should be orientated around helping the franchisee improve their profit objective whilst simultaneously ensuring good brand alignment and franchisor returns.

not a bed of roses

However, as Dr Callum Floyd of Franchize Consultants points out, ‘Despite the best intentions, not all field visits are a bed of roses – in fact, being a field manager is one of the toughest jobs there is in any franchise support office. Field visits often take place in relatively stressed circumstances if objectives aren’t totally aligned and performance is less than satisfactory. Franchisees can exhibit a variety of challenging demeanours and there are often unpopular policies to uphold and changes to implement. ‘Our research shows common field management challenges include: lack of confidence; time management; gaining compliance; obtaining information from franchisees; prioritising recommendations; dealing with difficult franchisees; and motivating franchisees to take active steps to improve their position.

the iceberg model

‘However, it’s not all bad news,’ says Callum. ‘Encouragingly, our consulting work with established chains and training programmes indicate that field visits can be highly productive and profitable for both parties provided the franchisor has the right field visit foundations in place. ‘Our Iceberg Model of Field Visit Effectiveness recognises that there is much more to a great field visit than meets the eye. In order to achieve great results, the field manager needs a strong foundation. Accordingly, when we look to improve field visit outcomes for franchisees and franchisors, many of the opportunities reside in two areas: improving background knowledge and increasing core infrastructure.’ Background Knowledge opportunities include building understanding of the business, product, brand and marketing. They also encompass the role of field management and understanding franchising relationships. ‘Field managers need this information, so they need good initial franchisor induction and good training, as well as ongoing development opportunities.’ Core Infrastructure improvement opportunities include creating a Great Field Manager Toolbox (eg. manuals, training, benchmarking, marketing initiatives), good processes and specific support roles. ‘Like advertiser info a mechanic tuning a car, a field manager Franchize Consultants needs access to good tools. Often, PO Box 9538, Newmarket, unfortunately, they aren’t given what Auckland 1149 they need. ‘Great results require good preparation,’ Callum concludes. ‘But it’s worth it – improve your field visits and watch performance levels climb. Contact us here at Franchize Consultants to find out how we can help.’ Contact Dr Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 M 021 669 519 – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

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Talk first with New Zealand’s longest established, largest and most award winning team. Work with a company engaged on major projects with many of the biggest and best emerging names in the franchise sector.

Brilliant Commercial Cleaners

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An iconic and well-known brand NZ’s most competitive franchise fees in the bedding industry A supportive network of individual owner operators A co-ordinated professional national marketing programme and co-operative advertising opportunities

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opportunity: food & beverage

moving with the


Constant development is part of the Columbus Coffee culture


olumbus Coffee continues to attract budding entrepreneurs into its award-winning franchise network as the power of the brand goes on growing. ‘Franchisees recognise they are getting value and experience with Columbus Coffee, as well as constant development to stay up with the trends. That’s vital in today’s ever-changing market,’ says marketing manager Anna Walker. Back in 1995 when Columbus Coffee opened the doors on its first café in Auckland’s High Street, New Zealand was still predominantly a tea-drinking country. Ever since, Columbus has been a major player in the development of our vibrant café culture, and now has close to 70 outlets nationwide offering not just great coffee but a great range of freshly-made food. ‘21 years on, the market is much more competitive – and consumers much more savvy,’ Anna says. ‘But because we recognised the need to keep innovating, we’ve been able to deliver an attractive and sustainably profitable opportunity to our franchisees. Two decades of hard work and experience have also been recognised with multiple franchise system and franchisee awards.’

the science of success ‘There’s a good reason Columbus Coffee has won so many awards,’ says Jane Merai, who is franchisee for both Glen Eden and the Mitre 10 MEGA Westgate cafés. ‘Not only is it a well-respected New Zealand brand but there is always a big commitment to moving with the times. For us as franchisees, this ongoing commitment by the franchise is extremely important.’ That commitment was demonstrated when the brand underwent a full refresh recently following extensive research among consumers and franchisees. ‘Every aspect of our brand was reviewed to enhance the experience for customers – everything from store environments, uniforms, menus and drinks to marketing and all things between,’ says Anna. ‘That meant some big challenges, and our franchisees embraced the changes with excellent results.’

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Download the app or pick up a card in-store.

In fact, Columbus franchisees were at the heart of the TV and online campaign that won yet another award – the Media Campaign of the Year title at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2015/16. ‘That was the cherry on the top for us, acknowledging the results the campaign had achieved for both franchisees and the brand,’ Anna says. ‘But that campaign was just one component of a comprehensive national marketing programme to The digital Columbus Rewards customer engagement programme has been a massive success – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Columbus_Coffee 63.indd 1

Columbus featured its franchisees in its award-winning media campaign

position the brand top of mind, attract new customers, drive sales and support customer engagement and advocacy. ‘We use a wide range of marketing initiatives including social media, our Christo Kids Club, search marketing, sales promotions, sponsorships, seasonal point of sale, partnership marketing and other activity. ‘The biggest jewel in our crown, though, is undoubtedly the digital Columbus Rewards customer engagement programme that we launched around 18 months ago. Membership growth has far exceeded our expectations and ongoing engagement provides us with insights that we’ve never had before. ‘Apart from driving our sales growth nationwide, it also allows Columbus franchisees to conduct local level digital marketing, from which we’ve had superb results. It means we can engage with our customers both in and out of the store, and that positive, regular engagement helps create loyalty and advocacy.’

proudly local, proudly kiwi Having such professional brand and marketing support behind the scenes is a massive advantage for Columbus franchisees, but, as Anna says, ultimately it’s they themselves who make the difference locally. ‘After all, a good café is at the heart of communities, and Columbus has always encouraged franchisees to create a local atmosphere.’ It’s that local flavour that attracted franchisee Nick Gray. ‘The appeal of Columbus Coffee to me was that it had a distinct New Zealand story to tell,’ says Nick, a former banker. ‘It wasn’t looking to be a “production line” of cafés but was endeavouring to embed itself in the local communities in which each store was set up. That was the essence of what I was looking for in a café. With no background in the hospitality business, I was also looking to leverage a franchise with proven systems, processes, knowledge and expertise. Columbus helped reduce the risks associated with a start-up business and provided an established brand that customers recognised and trusted.’ Five years on, Nick has more than proved the point – he’s been so successful he now owns two Columbus franchises in Palmerston North. In keeping with its local focus, Columbus Coffee remains proudly 100 percent locally owned and is continuing to expand, with new cafés opening around the country all the time. ‘Opportunities in Mitre10 MEGA and high street locations are available from $280,000 to $400,000,’ says Columbus Coffee general manager Peter Webster. ‘It’s a sizeable investment, but as you can see we put a great deal of knowledge into providing our franchisees with everything they need to run successful, sustainable businesses. You don’t need hospitality experience, but you do need to have good people and management skills. If you want to be an essential part of your local community, I want to hear from you.’

advertiser info

Columbus Coffee PO Box 911 030, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142 Contact Peter Webster General Manager P 0-9-520 1044 M 021 883 852

63 8/09/16 3:16 PM

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convert your thinking 64 Ads 64.indd 1

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:06 PM

buying a franchise

why pay

FEES? What do you get for your money when you buy a franchise? Lorraine Lord answers a common question


f there’s one topic guaranteed to create discussion among both franchisees and franchisors, it is franchise fees – both initial and ongoing. How are they calculated? What should they cover? How much should they be? All of these questions and more are sure to arise in any such conversation. In this article, we set out to explain the purpose of franchise fees and the value franchisees should receive from paying them. Franchise fees can broadly be divided into two types: initial and ongoing.

the initial franchise fee The initial (or ‘upfront’) fee is paid by a new franchisee to the franchisor, and this is the one-off payment made to get into the franchise. Accordingly, it is usually called the franchise fee. The fee charged varies from system to system as it reflects the individual circumstances of that particular business. However, it will usually pay for the right to use the franchisor’s trade name, trademarks and operating system for the period of the franchise term; services to help you establish your new business; access to the confidential operating manual; initial training for you, your partner and/or key staff; and on-site assistance and training at your location prior to or during the opening period. In many cases, the initial fee will also include a marketing programme to launch your new business, although sometimes this is accounted for separately. The purpose of this fee is usually to recover the costs incurred by the franchisor in training you and helping you establish your new business, and to repay a proportion of the costs that they have incurred in developing the franchise system in the first place. However, in some cases, the franchise fee is set below cost for marketing purposes, on the basis that attracting good franchisees who will assist the growth of the franchise system long-term is more important than the immediate recovery of costs. Conversely, an established franchise with a good brand may justify a premium and charge accordingly. Where buyers need to be vigilant is if the franchise fee is set at an unreasonably high level in order to provide an immediate return to a franchisor, rather than the franchisor expecting to make money from the ongoing success of the franchisee. If the franchisor has already made his money, he may be less likely to be concerned about the long-term future of the business.

The ongoing fees charged by a franchisor, and the services provided in return, also vary from franchise to franchise. Some systems provide a high level of support to franchisees: for example, computerised point of sale systems which not only offer easy financial and stock management but also order from suppliers. Where such a system is linked to the franchise support function, it enables the franchisor to monitor ongoing trends not just on a system-wide but also an individual basis, and to provide proactive assistance to franchisees when required. Such a service is expensive to establish and maintain, but is extremely valuable to a franchisee and therefore will require (and justify) a higher level of ongoing fees. On the other hand, a franchise business in an industry such as dog washing might require little individual support on an ongoing basis once each franchisee is established although, of course, the franchisor still has a major role to play in such areas as co-ordinated marketing, supplier negotiation, research & development and communication. It might therefore be reasonable to expect that ongoing fees charged will be at a lower rate. The ongoing fee should also include a measure of profit for the franchisor. This should not be begrudged by franchisees: if the franchisor is not making a profit from the business, then there is little incentive for them to support the ongoing development of the system. As long as the franchise is properly structured so that both franchisor and franchisees make a fair return on their investment over a reasonable period, everyone should be happy. In some cases, ongoing fees may be charged separately for different services, such as: • • • • •

Management Fees Training Fees Conference Fees IT Fees Accounting Fees (where additional services are provided)

The most important thing about fees is not what they cost or what level they are set at, but what services they pay for. Any fee charged should be justifiable by the franchisor and shown to provide specific benefits to the franchisee of a value at least equivalent to the cost.

how are ongoing fees calculated? There are a number of different ways that ongoing fees can be calculated, and all of them are perfectly acceptable providing they are fair and clearly understood by both franchisor and franchisees. The following are all commonly in use in New Zealand, with some systems combining one or more of the methods. 1. A straight royalty payment calculated as a percentage of franchisee turnover (not profit). Such a method requires the franchisee to declare their turnover and to pay the ongoing fee on a regular basis (often by direct debit from their account). This has the advantage of fluctuating with a franchisee’s sales, so your business pays more only as it grows. 2. A flat-fee payment on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a very straightforward system and is commonly used in industries such as home services where the calculation of weekly turnover would be a difficult and time-consuming task for all concerned (not to mention open to abuse). In some systems, the level of fee varies within bands according to the size of the business. 3. A mark-up or margin on products provided. This means that franchisees pay only for what they actually buy, so offers many of the same advantages as method 1. If the franchisor is manufacturing or wholesaling product, a mark-up is reasonable providing the product remains competitively (preferably advantageously) priced compared to similar products available on the open market.

ongoing franchise fees

4. A commission paid by suppliers under a similar arrangement to method 3. In some systems, the franchisees pay no fees and the franchisor manufactures no product, but the approved suppliers pay commission to the franchisor on all products supplied to franchisees. This is a perfectly acceptable arrangement providing it is transparent to franchisees, and providing franchisees buy only through the approved suppliers.

Once a franchisee has joined the franchise system and begun trading, they will also be liable to pay ongoing fees. These fees may also be termed royalties, management service fees or ongoing franchise fees, and they are intended to pay for a variety of services.

5. A fee, mark-up or margin on services provided. If the franchisor is providing, say, a central booking facility or debt collection services for the franchisees, these may be charged for separately. As with method 3, such – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Buyer_1 65.indd 1

65 8/09/16 3:32 PM

buying a franchise services need to be charged for at a competitive rate. 6. A margin created by taking the head lease of a property and subleasing it to a franchisee. In some cases, this may be the only way a franchisee can get into a certain property, as some landlords prefer to deal with franchisors. Once again, this is perfectly acceptable providing it is transparent to franchisees.

Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean working by yourself.

marketing fees In addition to the fees which are charged for services, many franchise systems also require franchisees to make a contribution to a marketing fund. This is not a revenue stream for the franchisor and should not be seen as such by either party. The franchisor is accountable to the franchisees for monies gathered and spent for this purpose, and franchisees may well be involved (either through a franchise advisory council or a special marketing committee) in deciding how they should be spent.

If you’re considering a franchise, our specialists are here to help. Find out more

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National marketing contributions are usually required in addition to any funds spent on local marketing by franchisees. Marketing contributions are usually collected via percentages, flat fees or margins. In addition, contributions may be made by third party suppliers, either directly into the fund as negotiated by the franchisor or through the provision of agreed joint promotional material for use by franchisees. It is wise to ensure that any such arrangement is declared to franchisees, as nothing is likely to upset a franchisee more than the ‘discovery’ that the franchisor has an additional source of income which the franchisees believed was coming out of the franchisor’s own pocket.

7087 05/16

what’s the norm? One of the questions that is most often asked by prospective franchisees is, ‘What’s the normal level of franchise fees?’ Indeed, we sometimes hear of new franchise systems where the fees have been set at a certain percentage because the franchisor’s lawyer, in drawing up the agreement, had said ‘That’s what most other franchises charge’. Such an approach is incredibly dangerous, as I hope the above has demonstrated: fees need to

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do not need to have any experience in hairdressing; just a motivation to succeed. With over 20 years of franchise experience, purchasing a Just Cuts franchise can help you to create a business that can grow to any size you wish. Many of our owners now own multiple stores. Contact Scott Wallace on 027 277 7071 or

Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:32 PM

be worked out on the basis of paying for essential services, rather than on the basis of any real or imagined ‘norm’. In fact, the range of ongoing fees calculated on a percentage basis will vary considerably from 0 percent (where one of the other methods of generating revenue is used) to 15 percent or above (where considerable services are provided to the franchisee). While the average level of a turnover-based ongoing fee might be around 6 percent (excluding marketing contributions), this is meaningless without knowing what it pays for. Prospective franchisees need to take advice (and consult existing franchisees) to determine whether the fee structure of any particular franchise represents value for money.

do I have to pay? Because fees mean money, and the money flows from franchisee to franchisor, if there is any problem in the franchise then a disgruntled franchisee may be tempted to withhold paying their fees. This can occur if the franchisee feels they are not getting value for money, or if they are having some financial problems themselves. Whatever the reason, withholding fees is a dangerous course of action because it will almost certainly put the franchisee in breach of their franchise agreement (see page 70). If that happens, the franchisor may be entitled to terminate the agreement, potentially leaving the franchisee with very little. In the event of any dispute or difficulties, therefore, it is far better to communicate with the franchisor and attempt to resolve problems amicably. Disputes may be resolved with the help of a mediator, while financial problems are best worked through with the assistance of the franchisor. They are likely to be able to identify the reasons for the problem and help to find solutions. When fees are calculated on a percentage basis a franchisee can be tempted to under-declare revenue in order to pay lower fees. This is called ‘skimming’, and effectively means cheating the franchisor out of some of the fees due. In addition, some franchisees will try to cheat the IRD as well. The dangers of doing either should be obvious: the first is fraud and the second is tax evasion. A franchisee caught skimming might lose their business, lose their investment, be subjected to a heavy fine or even end up in prison. Is it worth it? Even if not caught, a franchisee who consistently under-declares turnover is going to find that, when the time comes to sell, they are unable to get a fair price for the business because the books do not tell the full story. That means that one of the biggest advantages of building up a successful business – the tax-free capital gain on sale – is going to have been partially squandered.

mutual trust Franchise relationships are based not just upon a legal document but upon mutual trust between franchisor and franchisee. That trust has to be there in the beginning, and it has to be built upon over the years in order for both businesses to flourish. Creating trust in the beginning requires the franchisor to be honest and open about the services they are going to provide to the franchisee and how those services will be funded. As long as that is clear from the start, there will be no nasty surprises – and no grounds for dispute – later on. Maintaining that trust requires clear communication on an ongoing basis. If situations change – more or fewer services are needed, more or fewer sources of revenue become available – then by sharing that information both franchisor and franchisees are involved in the future of the system as a whole. And if everyone is properly involved, the chances of skimming by franchisees is reduced. To summarise, there is no one level or method of collecting franchise fees that is applicable to every system. If you are looking at buying a franchise, don’t compare the level of fees to some notional ‘norm’ – instead, look at what the franchise fees are paying for. What is important is not how much they are, but how much value the services they pay for will bring to your new business. Once you are operating your franchise, accept that the fees are there for a good reason – they are the fuel that enables the franchisor to drive your business, and those of the other franchisees, on to greater heights.

about the author Lorraine Lord has been involved in franchising for over 35 years. She has a background in field support and franchisee training, as well as having run a franchised outlet in the UK. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Buyer_1 65.indd 3

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Financial Evaluation


Franchise specialist advice Comprehensive due diligence reports Industry insights Benchmarking comparative analysis Critical analysis and rigour Indicative valuations Introduction to franchiseexperienced lawyers


f you’re new to buying a business, it can be a daunting process. Is it good value for money? What should you pay for it? How much money can you expect to earn? Will this franchise work for you and your family?

Franchise lawyer Franchise contract review Other legal matters

different, and every franchisee has different expectations. That’s why, before , you have to get it thoroughly checked out toare make sure it suits your needs. Franchise Accountants specialists in providing advice to franchisors and o do that is by usingcost-effective a specialist withand realpractical experience in evaluating franchises.


franchisees. Having analysed hundreds of franchises

ng and have evaluated hundreds of franchise systems, so we can save you over the years, they bring a vast amount of knowledge ax. The chances are to that we’ve dealt with your chosen brandofbefore, the table, including comparisons what itsoismake and perience. We can help you answer theto hard questions: isn’t reasonable expect from any particular type of

ay for it?


Tax Advice


The flowchart (right) identifies some of the most critical ney can I expect to earn?

steps you need to take on the pathway to business ks I need to think about before I sign up? ownership.

to know about to make an informed decision?

1. financial evaluation

You want to knowwill whether business up as ed Franchise Buyers Service givethe you peacestacks of mind

a financial proposition and whether it suits your own e due diligence reports circumstances. What is it worth, what are the trends, how is itrisk likely performprotection and what should you pay for it? ture plans to minimise and to maximise


Asset Planning

Structure advice Risk management Asset protection Tax efficient

Tax planning Registration of tax types Tax saving strategies Starter pack

business. ‘Basically, as a client said to me just this week, we’re the guys you want on your side,’ says Philip.

Franchise Finance

Cashflow forecasts Sensitivity analysis Financial commentary Banking lending ratios Business plan (if required) Introduction to franchiseexperienced bankers

Franchise Legal Advice


After all, it’s a big decision often involving borrowing money on the family home. ‘But you don’t know what you don’t know,’ says Philip Morrison of Franchise ow what you don’t know –‘That’s so find Accountants. whyout youfast! have to get any business thoroughly checked out to make sure it suits your needs.’

ue for money?


Business Software

Xero accounting software and training Recommendations for payroll software Other software solutions

Accounting Services

Tailored franchise accounting packages Customised to suit your needs and budget Monthly fixed price service plans Business advisory service bundles

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ry-specific financial 2. and business finance advice franchise

chise mentoring andHow ongoing support much will you need to borrow, and is this business likely to be

able to service the debt? Everyone’s circumstances are different – see g systems and service

the article on What can you afford? at You’ll need to put together a business plan showing how you are going to operate your business and including cashflow projections to support your loan application. ‘Knowing your numbers is critical, so use a franchiseexperienced accountant,’ Philip suggests.

experts on your side - contact us now 3. franchise legal advice

Brochure_ƒ.indd 2

Legal matters can be complex, so use a franchise-experienced lawyer to review the franchise agreement. ‘We work with a number of specialists who can assist you with conveyancing and bank loan documents, personal guarantees or lease documents,’ says Philip. ‘Having advisors who communicate with each other saves you time and money.’ 4. asset planning When setting up a business, it’s essential both to protect your assets and to be tax efficient. Do you buy the business in your own name, a trust, a partnership, etc? It’s critical to get this right first time as changing it later is expensive. ‘Getting the right advice could save you thousands; trying to save money by using inexperienced people or doing it yourself could potentially mean you pay more tax than you need,’ Philip warns. 5. tax advice Speaking of tax, knowing what expenses you can claim and what and when your tax obligations are payable, is another critical success factor. Relying on friends and family to guide you on tax advice is a bad idea; tax laws change and can be complex. You don’t need to be a tax lawyer but you do need to know the basics. See 7 tax tips for franchisees at and GST for beginners at – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Franchise_Acc 69.indd 1

6. business software Keeping good records is another CAll essential sotoset up a good accountingon us now disCuss your FrAnChise and payroll system to operate your business from the start – an experienced accountant will help set it up so you can test your performance Main against the 2G franchise benchmarks. Upskill on doing Office: Amera Place, huntington Park,yourself Botany, Auckland your own book keeping. records you make informed North ShoreHaving Office: good Building 3, 100 helps Bush road, Albany, Auckland decisions in operating your business.

0800 555 8020

7. accounting services

Surveys show that 71 percent of business owners see their accountant as a trusted business advisor – not just at the start, but on an ongoing19/08/16 basis.10:50 AM ‘So choose wisely,’ Philip says. ‘Do they know what are the key success drivers in operating your franchise? Do they know tax law as it relates to franchises? What business advice apart from tax return service, do they offer? Do they charge by the minute, or do they offer fixed-price service plans? Ask for references from other franchisees – and take them up.’

choose franchise-experienced advisors Owning a successful franchise business starts with investing in a proper pre-purchase inspection. ‘You wouldn’t buy a house or a used car without getting it checked out, and buying a franchise isn’t a shortterm thing so don’t take risks,’ says Philip. ‘Use a franchise-experienced accountant and get the advice you need to make an informed decision. Contact us when you’re ready to buy – not after!’

advertiser info Franchise Accountants Contact Hayden Cargo or Philip Morrison P 0800 555 80 20 M 021 22 99 657

69 23/09/16 5:20 PM

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We get invited to all the best Parties 70 EDIT Legal 70.indd 1


buying a franchise

things y you be

Scott Goodwin and Nicole Duncan outline the most important factors


aking up a franchised business can be a stressful yet exciting experience. Buying any business, franchised or not, can be risky, and entering into a franchise agreement is a serious undertaking. A franchise agreement is a binding legal contract which sets the basis of your relationship with the franchisor for the next 5, 10 or even 20 years, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. Getting advice from an experienced franchise lawyer is therefore a must. Here’s a list of seven of the most important things your lawyer should tell you – and there are many more!

1 doing due diligence is important ‘Due diligence’ is like the pre-purchase inspection you might do on a house or car. Make sure you undertake thorough due diligence prior to entering into any franchise agreement. Some of this you will need to do yourself, but much should also be done by professional advisors who have specialist knowledge and have been here before. Apart from your lawyer, your research should include talking to an accountant experienced in franchising. This will help ensure the business is financially and operationally sustainable and viable; validate assumptions applicable to costs and forecasts provided by the franchisor; and compare debt-to-equity ratios. Also, don’t be scared to talk to other franchisees to evaluate their experiences with the franchisor and the system, and ask the franchisor questions about (among other things) the franchise system and the franchisor’s background and experience. There’s a list of Over 250 Questions to Ask on the Franchise New Zealand website at www.franchise. and specialist lawyers such as Goodwin Turner provide clients with a checklist of items to discuss with the franchisor. These include, for example, whether a franchisee has ever failed, the expected cost of fit-out, the level of ongoing support to be provided by the franchisor, and so on.

2 review the manual The manual, (or often a set of manuals), lays out the systems and tools which enable franchisees to operate their business on a day-to-day basis. Ask the franchisor for a copy of the manual which you can see and read before you sign the franchise agreement. Expect them to require you to sign a confidentiality agreement before they do so – after all, the manual contains their ‘trade secrets’. It is important that you are sure that you can comply with the manual from day one (as well as at all times during the operation of the business). Most franchise agreements will note that the terms of the manual are incorporated into (and form part of) the franchise agreement, and that a breach of the manual is deemed to be a breach of the franchise agreement. In other words, if you don’t comply with the manual then you will likely be in breach of your franchise agreement. This is never a good thing as it could expose you to risk of the franchise agreement being terminated.

3 ensure you can comply with the system Many people buy franchises with a dream of ‘being their own boss’. While owning and operating a franchised business does allow this to a certain degree, you need to be prepared to follow the franchisor’s systems and rules strictly. Franchisors rarely tolerate any departure from their system and their rules because ‘rogue’ franchisees who deviate from the correct Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:08 PM

gs your lawyer should tell before you buy a franchise standards risk exposing the franchisor and other franchisees to significant loss and damage. Prior to buying any franchised business, then, you’ll need to ask yourself whether your long-term goals align with the franchisor’s. Are you prepared to work within the system, and are you certain that you are the right fit for this particular franchise?

4 don’t be scared to ask for amendments or clarifications to the franchise agreement

It is fairly common for a franchisor to tell prospective franchisees that they won’t agree to any amendments to the franchise agreement and to effectively ‘take it or leave it’. However, while most franchisors are unwilling to make substantial/material changes to the franchise agreement, they often may agree to record clarifications or special conditions to the franchise agreement so long as those clarifications or variations are reasonable and don’t conflict with the operation of the system and the fundamental rights/ obligations of the parties. We have seen this recently with service-related franchise systems. An experienced franchise lawyer will know what to look for and what is or isn’t reasonable.

5 know what you’re buying Consider all of the things that may expose your business to a loss of profits or put you at risk of losing your investment altogether. For example, is there a franchise territory? If so, is it exclusive (ie. limited to you only) or nonexclusive (ie. can/does it include other operators of the same system)? Can the franchisor operate any business within your franchise territory or online? Would you have first right of refusal on a new outlet in a neighbouring area? What restrictions and safeguards do you have?

no longer willing or able to operate the business. This is no different in franchising; however, most franchise agreements prevent franchisees from being able to terminate the franchise agreement after any initial coolingoff period and prior to the end of the franchise period/term (ie. due to a change of circumstance, change of mind or change of ability or willingness to work). That doesn’t mean you can’t sell the business – in fact, many people choose to buy a franchise precisely because the brand makes it a more valuable asset when the time comes to sell. However, simply ceasing to operate the franchised business would be likely to expose a franchisee to (among other things) a risk of the franchisor taking legal action against the franchisee, especially the case if the franchisor expected to receive royalties for the duration of the franchise period/terms. Prior to buying any franchised business, then, prospective franchisees should take advice on their potential exit strategy: that is, how they might be contractually entitled to exit the franchise prior to the end of the franchise period/term without causing the franchisee to be in breach of the franchise agreement. For example, does the franchise agreement allow the franchisee to terminate the arrangement at any time before the end of the franchise period/term? Does the franchise agreement allow the franchisee to sell the business during the franchise term? If so, what is the process and the likely cost involved? Are there any fees associated with selling the business? Does the franchisor have a first right to purchase the business? Does the franchisor have to approve the purchaser? (this is a common requirement). What happens to the business and the franchisee’s rights under the franchise agreement if you become seriously ill (or die)?

Are there any events that might trigger the termination of your franchise agreement by the franchisor? Common clauses might include not being upto-date with ongoing franchise fees (royalties), not making payments to third parties (eg. suppliers) on time or not meeting minimum performance criteria such as hygiene, brand standards or sales volumes.

If the proposed exit strategy is achieving a sale of the franchised business, then the franchisee should be realistic about the sale price that the business could achieve. Franchisees often make their money while they are operating the business rather than upon sale, although this varies according to industry and brand. The sale price may also vary depending upon how near the sale is to the end of the franchise period/ term (although some franchisors will grant a new term to an incoming purchaser).

In addition to the franchise agreement, there are a number of other important documents that you should carefully review and seek legal advice on. For example, documents that deal with the occupation of premises from which the franchised business is or will be operated, and documents outlining the terms and conditions of supply/trade, etc.

don’t make assumptions

6 don’t focus your inquiry solely on the franchise agreement

Leases generally are relational contracts (like franchise agreements). Entering into any lease often requires you to make a long-term commitment to relatively onerous obligations and usually requires personal guarantees to be provided to the landlord. Your lawyer should review all relevant occupation documents and provide you with advice on them. If you require a lease or sublease of premises from which to operate the business, then it is wise to ensure that the lease period(s) marry up with the franchise period(s)/term(s). This is because you will want to avoid the risk of having a franchised business with no premises to operate from, or the danger of having to pay rent after the franchise term is at an end.

7 have an exit strategy As with any business venture, it is important to consider at the outset what your exit strategy might be if your circumstances change and/or you become – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

EDIT Legal 70.indd 2

Whatever type of franchise you are buying, it pays to get proper advice from an experienced franchise lawyer before you sign anything. Franchising can be a great way of getting into business, but there are no guarantees – you need to take care and take advice to protect yourself and your investment. It’s dangerous to assume that a business will succeed because it has a good name, or because it seems to be everywhere, or because your brother/cousin/friend/person you met at a party is doing OK. Every franchise is different, every location is different and markets change over time. The seven areas above are just some of the many things you need to get checked out by specialist advisors. It makes sense to get the experts to do some of the work for you before you make your final decision.

about the authors Scott Goodwin is Director and Principal, and Nicole Duncan an Associate, of Goodwin Turner, specialist franchise lawyers. Based on the North Shore, they service clients all over New Zealand.

71 8/09/16 3:08 PM

Westpac Directo Over 275 different franchises

what’s available?

what do they do?

what does it cost?

how many are there?

who do I contact?

0800 Sunshade



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

A-B franchise and business opportunities get more information

Home & Building


0800 Sunshade are designers, manufacturers and installers of outdoor weather protection products.

7 7

P 0-6-876 9675

Auto Services


The NZAA has helped Kiwi motorists for more than 110 years and now there’s an opportunity to become part of this iconic Kiwi brand. Join the AA Auto Centre network and become a premier provider in the vehicle service and repair market.

31 31

Greg Penney P 0-9-966 8704 M 021 668 197 E W

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections

Home & Building


A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections are the largest home inspection franchise in Canada and are rapidly expanding in USA, South America, Europe and New Zealand. This is your chance to start your new career with your own home-based business.

13 200

John Goodrum P 0800 863 636 M 021 945 140 E W


Home & Building


As leading specialists within the hire industry, the Accessman Group has a fleet of 600+ machines throughout the South Island. With over 20 years in the business, the Accessman brand represents quality, service and reliability.

6 6

Lena Harrington P 0-3-341 6333 M 021 361 622 E W


Health & Fitness


North Island-wide chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, offering multi-disciplinary services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pilates and exercise rehabilitation, ACC rehabilitation contracts, health and wellness services. Operating since 1990. Previous health services experience preferred.

22 22

Gill Webb P 0800 224 486 M 021 735 037 E W




Iconic French fashion jewellery that fuses the fashionable with the affordable.

11 340

P 0800 242 842


Home Services


Join Airify in a new industry with a massive market and massive opportunities.

3 3

P 0-9-377 7735

All Kitchens

Home & Building


A brand that has revolutionised kitchen renovation. Developed by the franchisor, a qualified cabinet maker & carpenter with 30+ years of experience and knowledge who is at the forefront of the brand and devoted to sharing his knowledge and providing support to every franchise owner.

4 4

Charles Denis M 021 0230 7694 E W


Home & Building


Mobile aluminium joinery repainting business. Great profit margins, huge potential for growth.

1 1

P 0508 737 937

Food & Beverage


Market leader in the sales and distribution of milk products and beverages throughout New Zealand including Anchor, Primo, Zing, Mammoth Supply Co, Fresh N Fruity, De Winkel, Country Goodness, Mainland, Kapiti, CalciYum and Eon. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories.

65 65

Shannon Davidson P 0-9-573 7050 E W

Fitness, Health & Beauty


Anytime Fitness was voted the world’s number 1 top global franchise in 2015/16. Anytime Fitness is a convenient 24-hour fitness club franchise. Each member receives reciprocity rights to over 3,500 clubs around the world. Please come and talk to us.

35 1300+

Nathan McAnnalley P 0-7-974 4589 M 021 875 364 E W

Business & Commercial


Appliance Tagging Services are Australia’s leading electrical testing and tagging franchise and are now franchising in New Zealand. Join our award-winning franchise business and enjoy the support of our proven system. We are seeking safety-minded well-organised people with a passion for success.

New 40

Steve Wren P 0061 3 8520 9750 M 0061 401 655 655 E W

Armstrong Smarter Security

Business & Commercial


Armstrong for smarter security. Retail and mobile locksmith and alarm specialists.

18 18

P 0-9-415 0585

At Your Request Franchise Group

Home & Commercial


NZ’s premium home, commercial and lawn service franchise system.

200+ 200+

P 0800 297 297



Specialising in rental and sales of baby and toddler car seats and other products.

17 17

Food & Beverage


With over 30 years of experience, Bakers Delight is a successful franchise business with a 36 growing network of over 700 bakeries spanning across four countries. Bakers Delight has a proven 700+ business formula which provides comprehensive training and on-going support.

P 0800 225 388 E W



New Zealand’s premium specialist bedding and bedroom furniture retailer with a focus on superior customer service, top brands and expert advice. Looking for motivated owner operators passionate about selling and providing a high level of customer service.

16 16

Graeme Doak P 0-9-278 1010 M 021 665 923 E W



Join New Zealand’s largest independent bedding group. Franchise opportunities available with full training and support. Very competitive fee structure, co-ordinated national advertising programme and great supplier partnerships. Looking for motivated and skilled operators with passion and drive.

50 50

Cindy Lui M 027 525 1424 E W

Bin Inn Retail Group Co-operative



Co-operative of nationwide wholefoods and speciality grocery stores. No previous experience required.

36 36

P 0-7-575 6939




Specialists in supplying all textbooks nationally to schools and other educational institutions. Our strength is in our ability to provide value for money. Franchisees work in a stable market, with minimal overheads and enjoy flexible hours which operate around the school year.

18 18

Michael Win P 0-3-377 9555 E W



Books & Gifts Direct is Australia and New Zealand’s largest direct seller of books and gifts. Our product is sold directly from lunchrooms and receptions in more than 1,400 workplaces across New Zealand every month.

45 200

Jeff Weston P 0-9-9477 0012 E W

Food & Beverage


Proven franchise model providing Kiwi fare at affordable prices.

7 7

P 0-6-834 0537

AA Auto Centre

Anchor Franchise



Anytime Fitness

Appliance Tagging Services


Baby On The Move Bakers Delight



Beds R Us

Books & Gifts Direct

Breakers Café & Bar

72 EDIT DIR 72.indd 1



P 0-9-422 2285

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM

ctory of Franchising 72 franchise and business opportunities

82 national master licence opportunities

82 specialist advisors

looking for a business opportunity but don’t know where to start? choose by industry

We have divided all the opportunities into ten main industries. Just look down the third column to select the type of business you are interested in. You can also search the Directory by industry online at

choose by investment

The ‘Investment’ figures quoted in the fourth column are for guidance only and may not include GST, equipment, working capital or other items unless specifically included. You should confirm such items direct with the franchise concerned.


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Listing information is supplied by that particular entity. The symbol in the FANZ column denotes a member of the Franchise Association. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept liability for any omissions or errors.

The description contains a brief description of the franchise and may include information on the type of people the opportunity is best suited to. More information can be found online at



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities B-C get more information

Brucies Lawnmowing & Garden Care

Home Services


Brucies Lawnmowing and Garden Care has grown dramatically since launching. We have a strong 12 presence in Auckland and are looking to establish master franchises throughout New Zealand. We 12 can help you build a strong business. No experience required, but professionalism and integrity are a necessity.

Bruce Rea P 0-9-267 7244 M 027 273 4992 E W

Brumby’s Bakeries

Food & Beverage


Brumby’s has been a part of the New Zealand bakery market for over 15 years and is a refreshing offer from your standard independent or the local supermarket. Thanks to extensive market research our new model is a vast improvement with fresher branding.

8 200+

David Bernard P 0-9-973 4821 E david W

Budding Ideas

Business & Commercial


100% NZ owned, specialising in the hire of artificial flower displays. Our displays look real and fresh. Rental charges are very reasonable. Suitable for a business minded person. No special skills required as training provided. Home based lifestyle business with minimum capital outlay required.

6 6

Manish Kemkar P 0-9-837 1219 M 027 205 3158 E W


Food & Beverage


BurgerFuel is a leader in the gourmet burger market, dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food. Combined with fun and irreverent marketing campaigns BurgerFuel creates the perfect environment for franchisees to grow and enjoy their business.

30 41

Craig Notman P 0-9-376 6007 E W

Food & Beverage


At Burger Wisconsin, it’s always been about the food. Now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway. It’s a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste.

22 22

Nathan Bonney P 0-9-973 4559 M 021 758 299 E W

Financial Services


Calling all CA’s and CPA’s - we want you. Business Buddys are chartered accountants & Xero experts, gold partners in fact. We specialise in working with trades.

1 1

Kirsten Hawke P 0800 283 399 E W

Health & Beauty


Caci is a highly sought-after, well-recognised household name. Our clinics are a profitable business in a growing industry. Successful Caci franchisees come from all walks of life – from nursing through to corporate executives and beauty therapists wanting to go to the next level.

34 34

Hilary Metzger P 0-9-320 2610 M 021 369 632 E W

Café Botannix

Food & Beverage


Contemporary deli cafés serving organic coffee and organic food options in Palmers garden centres.

4 4

Murray Belcher P 0-9-444 4369 E


Food & Beverage


Follow your dream of business ownership with the support of the world’s largest mobile coffee van franchise in the fast growth coffee industry. Cafe2U provides opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to deliver great coffee and food to businesses, events and functions.

11 230+

Adrian Brown M 027 937 0894 E W

CAL Systems

Financial Services


Turn-key operation. Set up and run a finance company from home.

30 30

P 0-4-293 6899

Carl’s Jr.

Food & Beverage

$1,000,000 We are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join the Carl’s Jr. team and grow the business together with Restaurant Brand’s support. You need to be hands-on and goal focused. Operational training is provided.

18 1300+

Alan Brooks M 021 276 9769 E W

Burger Wisconsin


Business Buddy



Cartridge World




The largest, most experienced cartridge refilling company worldwide. Franchisees operate from retail premises, refilling cartridges, retailing new cartridges and other printer consumables. Operating worldwide. Easily learned, full training provided. Includes stock, plant, training and licence fee.

36 1650

Geoff Smith P 0-3-446 8600 M 0274 339 829 E W

Cash Converters




Looking for an exceptional return on your investment? We’re New Zealand’s favourite place to buy and sell, the world’s largest second-hand dealer and market leader in short term credit services. With more than 700 stores internationally you’ll be buying a tried and tested, well respected brand.

27 700+

Colin Mahoney P 0-9-281 7334 E W

Central Landscape & Garden Supplies


Home & Building


Landscape and garden supply yards providing bulk and bagged products. Pick-up and deliveries. Will suit hands-on owner operators with a passion for excellent customer service who take pride in customer satisfaction.

9 9

Mike Armour P 0-9-273 5352 M 0274 506 639 E W


Home & Commercial


Cleancorp offers home cleaning and commercial cleaning franchises. Seeking committed people to deliver great service. We source and acquire commercial cleaning contracts for our franchisees who are provided with full training, ensuring the same professional standards are offered to all customers.

105 105

Rose Dunn P 0-9-304 0599 M 021 507 293 E W

Clean Planet

Business & Commercial


Clean Planet, environmentally better for you and your customers. No selling, no invoicing, we do it for you. Well-established and growing strongly throughout regional New Zealand. Now looking for master licensees and franchisees. Work for yourself with the support of our proven processes and systems.

130 130

Tony Pattison P 0-9-622 0828 M 021 244 1709 E W

Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning

Business & Commercial


An established, award-winning franchise with over 300 franchisees operating around the country. 280 This mobile cleaning service franchise offers high quality cleaning at cost effective prices. 1000 Franchisees utilize the brand, marketing systems, support and technical expertise. Comprehensive training, equipment, uniform, business cards and manuals provided.

Kevin Richardson P 0800 800 055 E W

Cobb & Co

Food & Beverage


The iconic kiwi family restaurant operating successfully throughout New Zealand since 1970.

8 8

M 0204 1007 007

Coffee Culture

Food & Beverage


Our unique business model of roasting coffee in full view of our guests and then serving the highest quality espresso with flair and a total commitment to outstanding service has seen Coffee Culture grow to become Canterbury’s leading chain of boutique coffee houses.

14 17

Mike King P 0-3-377 2605 E W

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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73 8/09/16 3:09 PM




number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

C-E franchise and business opportunities get more information



At Colourplus, we’ve got your style. Your local store offers all the inspiration, expertise and advice you need to turn your decorating dreams into reality. With 30 stores nationwide, offering a range of top quality paint, wallpaper, curtains, blinds, giftware and decorating accessories.

29 29

P 0-9-818 9215 E W

Food & Beverage


NZ’s premium café franchise. A highly recognised and trusted brand offering customers exceptional coffee and chef-prepared food. Awarded both Supreme Franchisee of the year and Food and Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2015/16. Suit owners with passion for coffee, food and the value of customer relationships.

58 58

Peter Webster P 0-9-520 1044 M 021 883 852 E W

Complete First Aid Supplies

Business & Commercial


Did you know that it is a legal requirement that every workplace and work vehicle must be fitted 2 with a first aid kit? Our franchisees benefit from the growing demand as businesses become aware 2 of their health & safety responsibilities and compliance with these requirements.

Shelly Meredith P 0-9-827 7726 E W

Computer Troubleshooters



Do you have what it takes to be a Computer Troubleshooter? We are looking for entrepreneurs to join our well established franchise network. Computer Troubleshooters is a global ICT support franchise, first established in 1997 and operating in 300 locations across 15 countries.

15 300+

Dennis Jones P 0800 728 768 M 0274 922 911 E W


Health & Fitness


The health and fitness centre exclusively for women, is the place to be.

10 10

P 0-9-577 4223

Cookie Time

Food & Beverage


Distribution of snack products to retailers & other on-sellers.

43 43

P 0-3-349 6161

Food & Beverage


Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised.

31 31

Annette Arnold P 0800 804 104 E W


Home & Building


Air conditioning installation company. Preferred installer for NZ’s leading electrical retailer.

7 7

Darren Hennessy P 0-7-854 1518 M 0275 973 737 E W

Corporate Cabs

Business & Commercial


Founded more than 25 years ago, Corporate Cabs is New Zealand’s premier national cab operator, with a 400 strong fleet in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin. The strength of our respected brand is in the professionalism and dedication of our owner operators.

400 400

Jeff Coyle P 0-9-632 0602 M 0274 570 986 E W

Business & Commercial


Full service franchise, all contracts provided. Guaranteed income paid twice monthly. CrestClean prepares GST returns, accounts and tax returns. NZQA training programme provides career pathway. Operating since 1996. Franchises operating nationwide. Master franchises are also available.

540 541

Chris Barker P 0800 273 780 E W


Home Services

$8,800+ equip

Crewcut is a commercial and domestic cleaning and garden maintenance franchise. Franchisees of this business earn at least $1000 and will become a part of Crewcuts successful three-fold proven success strategy; a well-known brand, effective marketing and thorough training and support.

260 260

David Serville P 0-9-481 0004 M 021 444 200 E W

Crust Gourmet Pizza

Food & Beverage


Crust Gourmet Pizza is seeking business-minded people with financial management experience.

2 134

P 0061 7 5591 3242


Home & Building


Cutshop provides contract cutting services to the DIY market, cabinet-makers, and commercial out-fitters. With increased demand we are seeking motivated individuals prepared to employ and manage a production and programming team to achieve above average return on investment.

3 3

André Hofer P 0-9-666 0632 M 021 879 413 E W

Columbus Coffee

Cookright Kitchen Services





Deck & Fence Pro


Home Services


Professional home service franchise offering specialised restoration services to homeowners for decks, fences, garden furniture, garage doors and more. Oil, stain and paint restoration specialists. Franchises available nationwide. Full training and equipment included. Download a free info pack at

28 28

Duane Moul P 0-4-904 3366 M 022 477 6477 E W


32, 33

Food & Beverage


Specialist quick service pizza franchise opportunity. You must have passion, commitment and a drive to succeed. Strong leadership skills, good people and administration skills, plus an entrepreneurial flair required. Have fun and work in a young, energetic and vibrant organisation.

100 2000+

P 0508 437 262 E W

Food & Beverage


Donut King is a speciality donut and coffee chain now available in NZ.

3 350

P 0061 7 5591 3242

Home & Building


Design, manufacture and supply of made-to-measure kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for retail and trade customers. Seeking hard-working, sales-driven, computer literate go-getters who are willing to follow a proven dynamic international business model.

10 75

Derek Lilly P 0-3-443 5133 M 027 213 5133 E W

Driving Miss Daisy New Zealand

Home Services


Driving Miss Daisy is NZ’s no.1 companion driving service available throughout most of New Zealand. Currently we have 58 territories in operation. If you are interested in becoming the next Daisy in this growth industry, call us today.

58 65

Paula Lee-Smyth P 0800 948 432 E W

Eco Insulation

Home & Building


New Zealand’s premium installer of eco-friendly insulation and clean heat products.

9 9

Nick Hall P 0800 400 326 E W

Donut King Dream Doors




Home & Commercial


A product sales-based business selling automatic insect control, odour control and fragrancing 18 systems. Selling to both commercial and residential customers. Suitable for husband/wife teams or 30 individuals with sales or business experience. A franchise opportunity with room for independent thinking.

Craig Cameron M 0275 656 418 E W



Business & Commercial


The world’s largest embroidery, screen printing and promotional products franchise. EmbroidMe focuses on the business to business market providing high quality branded apparel and promotional products. Customised apparel with promotional merchandise and advertising speciality items. No prior experience required.

10 350

Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W

enableMe New Zealand

Financial Services


Want to help New Zealanders realise their financial goals and achieve financial freedom faster? Here’s your chance - enableMe NZ is a business of highly trained professionals offering financial personal training through impartial advice that helps Kiwis gain more control over their financial future.

8 8

Hamish Cowan P 0800 897 898 E W


Food & Beverage


Esquires has differentiated itself from other café franchises with a bold new look, an expanded 42 menu to increase value in every sale and a whole new level of support for our franchisees. We can 100+ help you bring your café dream to life.

David Bernard P 0-9-973 4821 E W

Health & Beauty


Seeking franchisees to join the Essential Beauty team throughout NZ. No beauty therapist experience required. We provide weeks of intensive training on recruitment, products, suppliers, customer service, financial reporting and marketing. Ongoing training and support.

Mark McPherson P 0061 8 8359 6622 M 0061 404 102 885 E W

Exceed Franchising

Home & Building


Award winning Exceed Maintenance specialising in fixing windows and doors, enhancing and 21 extending the life of joinery. We are an innovative national franchise of 26 years with well-designed 21 systems to help support your journey with us.

David Dovey P 0800 25 27 36 M 027 443 6100 E W

Expense Reduction Analysts

Business & Commercial


World leading cost management group represented in 32 countries. We help clients reduce overhead expenses. Contingency based - no savings - no fees - no risk. Seeking experienced business people who want to capitalise on their experience. Earn what you’re worth, not what someone else wants to pay you.

26 700+

Denis Stevens P 0-4-566 6615 M 0274 487 089 E W

Expert Maths Tuition

Leisure & Education


Expert Maths Tuition has provided outstanding maths tuition to thousands of students since 2002 while establishing centres nationally. We use techniques tailored to each individual’s mathematical ability while encouraging the use of minds, pens and paper, no computers at all.

6 6

EMT P 0800 628 463 E W

Express Business Group

Home Services


Join one of the fastest growing businesses in New Zealand.

15+ 2500

P 0800 397 737

Essential Beauty


New 70

Essential online accounting and payroll for every franchise 74 EDIT DIR 72.indd 3

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM

Fastway Couriers


number in NZ, globally


get more information

Business & Commercial


Fastway Couriers is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier services at competitive prices and a simple prepaid system. One of New Zealand’s most successful franchisors with 1,600+ franchisees across 5 countries and 40+ franchise and industry awards.

275 1600

P 0-6-833 6333 E W

Fifo Capital

Financial Services


Fifo Capital franchisees provide working capital funding for small businesses. An excellent return on funds invested. We have a number of options for entry into the Fifo Capital business for franchisees, all with excellent income earning opportunities.

12 16

Colin Chisholm P 0-9-447 1999 E W

Fix It Building Services

Home & Building


This franchise takes care of everything from building repairs to renovation and additions.

11 11

P 0-9-566 0297

Flip Out New Zealand

Leisure & Education


Flip Out is one of the world’s largest and most successful trampoline arenas. The thriving international business is now heading to New Zealand. We are seeking active individuals to join the hugely successful franchise and enjoy the benefits of a proven and effective business model.

New 30

Adam Hetherington M 0417 422 897 E W

Financial Services


Unique opportunity for outstanding salespeople to become a part of the technology revolution, and be handsomely rewarded by building a residual and recurring monthly cash flow income. We only benefit when you are successful. We provide comprehensive initial training and practical ongoing support.

New New

Andy Dharmani P 0800 356 222 M 022 111 0002 E W

Home & Building


Flooring Design residential and commercial stores are a ‘one stop’ flooring shop. Committed to providing you with service & excellence you can trust.

10 10

Alan Jackson M 027 559 2281 E W

Home Services


Freedom Companion Driving Services provide a highly personalised companion driving service for those unable to drive themselves. Based on award-winning systems with great ongoing support. Seeking caring individuals wanting a great lifestyle business helping people in their community.

12 12

Andrew Nichols E W

Fritz’s Wieners

Food & Beverage


Exclusive bratwurst sausages, roller grilled and served in a fresh baguette bun with sauerkraut, onions and condiments. Excellent return on investment.

20 21

Angie Stenning P 0-3-789 5078 M 027 530 5889 E W

Generation Homes

Home & Building


We build houses for clients all over New Zealand for a fixed price and on a time guarantee.

14 14

M 0274 908 399


Business & Commercial


Giggle boasts over 1,000 locations with over 1,000,000 people past our screens every week. Running a successful territory is not about your marketing or business skills. It’s about communication, motivation and being open to learning. It also doesn’t hurt to be a bit eccentric!

13 13

Jazz Kiihfuss P 0-6-355 3480 M 027 603 9991 E W

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Food & Beverage


Gourmet speciality coffee franchise. Seeking people passionate about coffee.

25 925

P 0061 7 5591 3242

550 550

Mitchell Cooper P 0800 692 643 E W




investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities F-H


Flooring Design

Freedom Companion Driving Services


Green Acres Franchise Group


Home Services


Green Acres, the largest and most successful home services group in New Zealand, started in 1991 and is still growing. Franchises available: home cleaning, commercial cleaning, lawn and garden care, car valet, pool valet or home maintenance services with Hire a Hubby, our sister company.

Grime Off Now


Home Services

$40,000 $50,000

Grime Off now provide residential and commercial washing and insect control This unique 2 opportunity will enable you to start a business with minimal overheads and quickly grow to build an 2 established business. Easy to use software and support. One of the best value NZ franchises.

Ryan Hamilton M 027 278 8813 E W



Home & Building


GroutPro are a multi award-winning franchise. Earn $2,000+ per week in one of the hottest sectors 42 in the home improvement industry today. This is your chance to join an established, and very 75 successful, industry-leading franchise group.

Duane Moul P 0-4-904 3366 M 022 477 6477 E W

Guthrie Bowron



The number one home decorating franchise in New Zealand, specialising in paint, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and blinds, flooring and decorating tools. Franchisees benefit from an established name, a strong support system, central purchasing negotiation and active national advertising campaigns.

44 44

Alan Heatlie P 0-9-306 1040 M 021 275 4309 E W

Habitual Fix

Food & Beverage


New Zealand’s freshest food fix – salads, sandwiches, wraps and smoothies.

15 15

P 0-9-378 4158

Hardy’s Health Stores

Health & Beauty


New Zealand’s leading natural health franchise, retailing a huge range of homoeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition and aromatherapy products. A natural health professional is in every store to give advice to Hardy’s established client base. Franchisees will be provided with ongoing support from this well-known franchise group.

31 31

Margaret Hardy P 0-7-838 3274 M 0274 903 497 E W

Harrisons Carpet

Home & Building


New Zealand’s number one mobile carpet franchise. They offer a range of quality floor coverings, and as the largest carpet retailer in the world, they are able to negotiate the best prices. Unique opportunities for motivated individuals to purchase one of NZ’s best franchise systems.

50 1800

P 0800 421 001 E W

Harrisons Curtains & Blinds

Home & Building


Own your own interior design business. Fully supported franchise opportunity available from Harrisons Curtains & Blinds. We are now looking for individuals with a natural sense of flair and style who are considering owning their own business, backed by an iconic Kiwi owned brand.

3 3

Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 E W

Harrisons Energy Solutions

Home & Building


Due to significant market growth and demand, Harrisons Energy Solutions are looking for the best of the best sales professionals. People who are considering owning and managing their own business in order to earn greater returns and rewards. Kiwi-owned business and proud of it.

Health Smart Heat Pumps

Home Services


Specialist heat pump cleaning and sanitising system.

2 2

P 0-3-377 5441


Food & Beverage


A brand with attitude that cannot be missed. Our damned fine gourmet menu, coupled with sophisticated systems and support, make this a wicked opportunity. Hell is looking for new franchisees with a passion for our brand and a willingness to learn. Opportunities available nationwide.

64 70

Ben Cumming M 027 364 2431 E W




High profile award-winning retail travel agency. Formerly Harvey World Travel.

54 350+

P 0-9-307 1860

Phil Harrison P 0-9-488 4700 E W

Highmark Homes


Home & Building


Highmark Homes was established in the 1960’s and continues to offer quality, yet affordable homes. Building on this success, we are now looking for experienced candidates nationwide. Joining our brand gives you access to proven systems, central office support and our team of designers and quantity surveyors.

6 6

Ryan Hunt P 0-7-574 1956 E W



Home & Building


New Zealand’s first choice for professional home maintenance, building and renovation services. Hire-A-Hubby has the distinct advantage of being the only franchise that offers a complete home maintenance and building service that’s professional and totally customer focused.

60 60

Mitchell Cooper P 0-9-845 2640 E E

Hog’s Breath Café

Food & Beverage


Australia’s leading casual dining family-friendly restaurant. From day one, Hoggies set out to be unlike any other restaurant. In a nutshell, it is about providing quality food and beverages in a casual environment with an over-riding friendly, party atmosphere.

2 82

Ross Worth P 0800 464 7837 E W

Hollywood Bakery Espresso

Food & Beverage


With more than 40 outlets throughout the Auckland region, Hollywood Bakery Espresso is by far the largest and still the fastest growing cafe chain. For more than 16 years, Hollywood Bakery has been providing great service, great food, great coffee and great prices.

HomeTech Solatube

Home & Building


Earn $$$ from the start. Become a HomeTech licensee and join a nationwide network of accredited installers marketing, selling and installing the market-leading SolaTube Daylighting System and other exclusive home improvement products. Free leads, proven sales systems and head office support.

Matthew Brown M 021 471 776 E W 19 19

Lance Spalding P 0800 466 383 M 021 813 500 E W

If you’re just starting in franchising, talk to someone who isn’t. Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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number in NZ, globally


investment from


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H-L franchise and business opportunities get more information

Horizon Homes

Home & Building


Horizon Homes have been building homes for over 40 years. We offer large, exclusive territories nationwide with considerable scope for growth. Ideal applicants will have a proven track record of success in the building industry and be passionate about running their own building company.

Hotondo Homes NZ

Home & Building


Hotondo Homes NZ provides building and construction franchises opportunities across New Zealand and Australia. Hotondo Homes offer more than 90 home designs which can be customised to suit any lifestyle and budget.

HRV Ventilation

Home & Building


Become part of the change at HRV. Certified HRV ventilation franchise opportunities available.

20 23

P 0800 478 123


Business & Commercial


Simple, effective panels to reduce commercial chilling costs and improve performance.

12 12

P 0800 486 434


Business & Commercial


Global courier and freight sales consulting franchise.

200 2

P 0-3-322 5634

Jamaica Blue

Food & Beverage


Grow from strength to strength with your very own Jamaica Blue franchise. Proven systems, our world class training facility and commitment to field support will guide you every step of the way. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand.

6 134

Garry Croft P 0-9-377 1901 M 021 330 329 E W


Business & Commercial


World’s number one commercial cleaning franchise company providing full operational sales administration support for franchisees.

360 13K+

Kenneth MacKenzie P 0-9-441 9996 M 021 770 585 E W

Jellybeans Music

Leisure & Education


A fantastic lifestyle franchise opportunity for those passionate about music education and want a satisfying work/life balance. We have a growing number of franchisees enjoying the opportunity to run their own business around the family/home life whilst teaching high quality music in primary schools.

New 30+

Dawn Engelbrecht P 0800 754 372 M 021 974 221 E W

Jesters Pies

Food & Beverage


Jesters New Zealand is set to follow on from the success in Australia. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting growth area in the New Zealand market with a well proven system.

18 50+

Grant Rawlinson P 0-9-442 4680 M 021 274 4050 E W

Jet Cleaning Services

Business & Commercial


Jet Cleaning Services is one of New Zealand’s leading cleaning companies with specialist commercial cleaning crews throughout the country. Jet Cleaning is looking for highly motivated franchise teams to operate at some of our prestigious customers’ sites across greater Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Queenstown.

27 27

Danielle Scott P 0-9-302 1536 M 021 026 73450 E W

Jim’s Dog Wash

Home Services


Dogs all around New Zealand need your love and care. Every week we get calls asking for help to wash and pamper beautiful dogs for loving families - but we don’t have enough franchisees to help them. Call us today to find out more.

2 10

P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Mowing

Home Services


Want more flexibility to achieve a better work life balance? We are constantly looking for selfmotivated people who wish to succeed in running their own business. We provide help and assistance every step of the way to help them build successful businesses.

282 2015

Phil Maunder P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Test & Tag

Business & Commercial

$75,000+ vehicle

The leading provider of electrical testing and tagging services. Are you ready to be a part of this highly successful brand and create a new future for yourself? Jim’s Test & Tag gives you the training, support and systems you need to succeed.

20+ 120+

P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal

Home Services


Progressive and professional services – pruning, removal and climbing. Highest standards of training.

3 40

P 0-6-843 2848

Home Services


Becoming your own boss is easier than you might think. For a short time we’re offering the chance to become part of the nationally recognised Jim’s brand for only $12,500 +gst plus equipment costs. 13 Auckland territories available. Includes full business and systems training.

2 2

Brendon Jones P 0800 248 733 M 021 818 926 E W

Jumping Beans International

Leisure & Education

$40,000 $45,000

Leading edge, fun physical skills programme for children 0 to 6.

6 7

P 0-9-475 9204

Just Cabins

Home & Building


Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent which are just perfect as sleepouts, extra room, portable office, or as storage at your home or business. Long-term cabin rentals provide a passive income, excellent growth and are easily run by one person part-time.

46 46

Fenton Peterken M 021 716 776 E W

Jim’s Trees & Stump Removal – Auckland


2 2

Eugene Lowrie P 0-9-426 1544 E W Michael Renwick P 0061 3 9559 5000 E W

Just Cuts


Health & Beauty


Just Cuts offers over 20 years in franchise ownership support, so they are not the “new kids on the 24 block”. They offer a genuine business system that allows owners who have little or no experience 174 in hairdressing, the chance to become successful business owners.

Scott Wallace M 027 277 7071 E W

Kelly Sports


Leisure & Education


Giving kids a sporting chance. In-school curriculum, after school academy programmes, school sports days. Education outside of the classroom. Before and after-school care holiday programmes. We are looking for people who have a passion for kids and sport.

33 65

Paul Jamieson P 0-9-427 9377 M 021 409 241 E W

Kinetic Electrical

Home & Building


Professionally planned franchise system, fully documented to help you work smarter not harder to reach full potential of your company’s experience and expertise. Kinetic Electrical is a franchise for owners of existing electrical contracting companies with a passion to grow their business.

9 9

Vicki Bambry M 0274 852 010 E W

Kitchen Studio

Home & Building


New Zealand’s kitchen design specialists. Designing and installing custom-made kitchens throughout New Zealand since 1984. Enquire now for details of what location may suit. Join a motivated, professional, well established franchise network.

16 16

Simon Harkness P 0-9-815 3000 E W




New Zealand’s crane amusement machine franchise. These stand-alone machines contain softtoys, chocolate and jewellery. Franchisees enjoy part-time, flexible work and operate machines in an exclusive territory. The KiwiKrane franchise also provides advice on how best to locate and operate machines successfully.

51 163

Cliff Hopkins M 021 410 009 E W


Food & Beverage


Self-serve frozen yoghurt business. Fastest-growing international hospitality sector.

3 5

M 021 339 644

Kowhai Roof Coatings

Home & Building


The Kowhai guys have been restoring and recoating roofs in most regions of NZ since the 1980’s. 19 We have a proven and exclusive Kowhai coating system. Experience in roofing or coating systems 19 required. Limited number of areas available now for suitable candidates.

P 0-9-636 1357 E W

La Porchetta

Food & Beverage


Join the largest Italian restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand. You will love taking part in serving our guests quality Italian food, to order, using fresh ingredients. We are looking for passionate food lovers with a strong work ethic and drive to join our family.

8 70

Brendan Flanagan P 0061 3 9460 6700 E W

Landmark Homes

Home & Building


Landmark Homes design and build homes are committed to working with you to build your perfect home. They provide a range of house and land packages across NZ to suit any family and needs. Systemised processes and competitive prices.

14 14

Paul Clarke P 0-7-578 2295 M 0274 751 311 E W

Laser Electrical

Home & Building


Our multi-award winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

56 131

Scott Carr P 0-9-820 3800 E W

Laser Plumbing

Home & Building


Our multi-award winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

36 69

Scott Carr P 0-9-820 3800 E W

Latitude Homes

Home & Building


A business opportunity that puts you in control of your future with proven financial rewards.

7 7

P 0-9-238 7661

Essential to business success 86% of businesses new to accounting software say MYOB saves time | * Source: customer survey via MYOB Client Insights Panel, September 2013

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Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM



number in NZ, globally


investment from


page number

franchise and business opportunities L-N get more information

Leadership Management

Business & Commercial


LMA licensees deliver a process that provides skill and competency development.

6 44+

P 0800 333 270

Life Maid Easy

Home Services


Are you looking to secure a guaranteed income and grow with a vibrant company? This is your opportunity to run your own business and be part of one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing residential cleaning companies. Visit our website for more information.

2 2

Steven Ngov P 0-9-909 6560 M 021 102 2150 E W




Specialist retailer of liquor and associated products. A member of Fly Buys nationally.

85 85

P 0-9-621 0357

LJS Seafood Restaurants

Food & Beverage


The largest NZ fast-food chain of fish and chips and associated seafood stores.

13 13

Ben Frewin P 0-9-530 8090 M 027 263 3226 E W

Lone Star

Food & Beverage


Lone Star is New Zealand’s largest restaurant & bar concept.

26 26

P 0-3-374 3208

Mad Butcher

Food & Beverage


One of New Zealand’s best-known home grown franchises, trading since 1971.

36 38

P 0-9-531 5910

Majestic Tea Bar Espresso & Chocolate

Food & Beverage


A unique brand locally owned and operated with premium opportunities to open in A-grade locations. No direct competition, high margin products, full training provided, no experience required. Majestic Tea Bar is a total food and beverage concept. Call us today for more information.

2 2

Chris Cox P 0-3-423 9760 M 021 521 669 W


Leisure & Education


Quality maths tutoring programme following NZ maths curriculum. Suits people with teaching background.

10 10

Kathy Redwood P 0-7-823 3463 M 027 245 9155 E W


Food & Beverage


The world’s market leader in the quick service restaurant industry.

165 31000

P 0-9-539 4300

Meticulous Home Services

Home Services


Provides a full range of internal and external cleaning services including, builders and special occasion cleans, carpets, upholstery, fences, driveways, decks and more. Franchisees are given their own exclusive territory to work within, marketing, products and equipment, database management software and ongoing support.

35 35

Barry Henderson P 0-9-442 2004 E W

Food & Beverage


Mexicali Fresh has led the Mexican evolution in NZ since 2005. With giant American-style burritos and Mexican beer in a colourful, casual atmosphere. We are recruiting energetic, enthusiastic franchisees with a passion for great food and excellent customer service for our turnkey restaurants.

16 16

Nathan Bonney P 0-9-973 4559 M 021 758 299 E W

Midas Car Care

Auto Services


New Zealand’s premier specialist automotive servicing franchise.

26 3000

P 0-9-415 0234

Mike Pero Mortgages

Financial Services


Our franchisees work in partnership with the franchisor to build a rewarding business. Strengthening the Mike Pero brand and driving leads is a primary focus of marketing initiatives. With a highly supportive head office invested in your success, we guide you every step of the way.

42 42

Toni Angus P 0800 500 123 E W

Mike Pero Real Estate

Real Estate


Mike Pero Real Estate is a home-grown New Zealand company that takes great pride in delivering the highest level of customer service possible to its clients. 20 years’ experience helping homebuyers with their home loans. We now provide full real estate services with lower fees.

Mini Tankers

Business & Commercial

$75,000 $150,000

The only on site refuelling franchise in New Zealand, delivering diesel fuel to running tanks on a work/construction site. This mobile petroleum supplier also retails a comprehensive range of oils, greases and lubricants. Franchisees can become part of this unique and profitable franchise opportunity.

19 124

Chris Jarvis P 0-9-622 2671 E W

Mobile Car Valet

Auto Services


Mobile car valet at your place or ours covering all your valet needs. Very high potential income, very low overheads perfectly suited for two people working together. Enjoy a great lifestyle with financial freedom and flexible hours.

2 2

Pete Jordan M 0274 973 955 E W

Mobile Hand Car & Marine Grooming

Auto Services

$10,000 $39,000

Mobile grooming and detailing service providing professional, environmentally friendly valet services.

17 17

P 0800 803 737

Mr Green Auckland

Home Services


Commercial Cleaning has new franchise opportunities in the Auckland area.

22 22

Mr Minit



Mr Minit is a shoe repair, key cutting and engraving business franchise that also specialises in corporate giftware solutions. Franchising with Mr Minit is currently open to existing Mr Minit team members who are fully trained in the business. Franchise opportunities will however be available in the future for outside recruitment.

Mr Plumber

Home & Building


Franchise system designed to deliver quality plumbing, roofing, drainlaying and gasfitting services.

10 10

P 0800 677 586

Mr Rental

Home & Building


Franchisees benefit from a highly profitable and stable cash flow business model and the support of a proven training and support program that has seen the success of over 65 franchisees. Make the sale once and get paid over and over again.

17 89

Rachel Lum-On P 0-9-950 4145 E W

Mr Sandless NZ

Home & Building


World’s number one floor re-finisher, offering full training, fixed royalties and great margins.

2 300+

P 0800 744 693

Mr Whippy

Food & Beverage


One of New Zealand’s oldest and established franchises is seeking new franchisees.

50 50

P 021 333 333

Mr Woo Sushi

Food & Beverage


New Zealand’s first mobile sushi franchise.

2 2

M 021 781 250

Muffin Break

Food & Beverage


Muffin Break is a unique specialty bakery/café retail system that operates throughout Australasia and is growing rapidly in the UK. Muffin Break has developed numerous product recipes since its introduction and continues to innovate with products.

39 284

Garry Croft P 0-9-377 1901 M 021 330 329 E W

Navigation Homes

Home & Building

$75,000 $175,000

Navigation Homes are offering an opportunity to own and drive a profitable house building franchise.

12 12

P 0-9-298 5972

Business & Commercial


Want to be your own boss in the ever-increasing market of online communications and the web? Nettl is an international brand from the UK. We are a fun and funky web studio franchise. With 4 studios already established, we’re now looking for new franchisees.

4 4

Maree Hansen M 021 820 474 E W

New York Deli

Food & Beverage


New York Deli proudly serves Hero sandwiches made from the highest quality, natural, wholesome 2 ingredients. Our sandwiches are huge and are recognised as outstanding value. We treat 2 customers like old friends and people love our food, service and brand.

Ian Coker P 021 707 758 E W

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Food & Beverage


New Zealand Natural Ice Cream is a global franchise network based out of Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as the franchisor of the New Zealand Natural ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours. Level of investment depending on store location and turnover history.

13 500+

David Foremean P 0-9-274 6168 E W

Night ’n Day Foodstores



The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, NZ’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed.

49 49

Matthew Lane P 0-3-477 2340 M 027 667 7991 E W


Auto Services


Auto glass opportunity offers a proven business model with a nationally recognised brand.

58 2100

P 0-3-366 0870

Mexicali Fresh




Mike Pero P 0-3-365 9007 E W

P 0-9-414 6949 Bianca De Nangle P 0061 2 9521 9119 E W

Why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from our nationwide franchise banking specialists? Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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77 8/09/16 3:09 PM

Financial Services


We are looking for accountants, CAs, CPAs, Bookkeepers to become part of our Number Nurses team. We offer Xero and Xero add-on set up, training & management, along with a range of bookkeeping services.

NumberWorks’n Words



Are you passionate about teaching but have had enough of the long hours and extra paperwork? A 27 proven after-school tuition provider delivering exceptional results, is looking for education experts 70 to join our expanding franchise network.

Sarah Simons P 0-9-522 0800 E W

NZ Floor Sanding Co

Home & Building


Specialists in sanding and coating of timber floors. Supply and lay new timber floors.

7 7

P 0800 272 888

Home & Building


Reputable and trusted house inspection business providing quality pre-purchase surveys including multiple income streams from other revenue sources such as drug testing and safe and sanitary reports. Strong branding with nationwide opportunities. Best suited to building industry applicants including designers and carpenters.

2 2

Jeff Twigge P 0-6-353 5990 M 027 222 4328 E W

Office Products Depot

Business & Commercial


NZ’s leading independent business-to-business supplier of stationery supplies since 1989.

39 74

P 0-9-915 4544

Oil Changers

Auto Services


Oil Changers provide the convenience of drive-through vehicle servicing. No previous experience required.

11 29

P 0-3-343 6080

Food & Beverage


Oporto chicken and burgers are big on taste and even bigger on value. With 20+ years in Australia and close to 15 years in New Zealand we have a proven franchise model. Seeking committed, energetic, entrepreneurs wanting to establish a long-term business with a strong brand.

11 160

Lawrence Pereira P 0508 676 786 E W



You don’t need to be an optometrist to enjoy the amazing financial and professional rewards of running your own optical business, you just need strong business acumen and the ability to motivate and manage a sales team.



Pack & Send move and handle freight through a network of retail stores with a professional custom packaging service. A one-stop shop for customers. We are looking to grant franchises to those who are prepared to embrace our ‘no limits’ culture.

13 120

Matthew Everest P 0-3-982 7252 M 021 799 783 E W

Paleo Café

Food & Beverage


Paleo Café is a revolutionary health food café and store. High energy, a love for people and a sense of fun are all essential to running a successful business. Contact us about this exciting new business opportunity. Check out our Facebook page and website.

1 12

Gary Mellsop M 027 634 7500 E W paleo-café




New Zealand’s largest garden centre chain established in 1958. Offering both metropolitan and provincial opportunities. Serious business opportunity for motivated and capable business person/s. Growth market.

18 18

Murray Belcher P 0-9-451 9102 M 021 483 500 E W

Palmers Planet



Like the truly successful garden centres of Europe, Palmers Planet is as much a destination as a retail store. This is an amazing opportunity for a business person looking for a new challenge.

3 3

Murray Belcher P 0-9-451 9102 M 021 483 500 E W

Paper Plus



The largest stationery and books franchise system in Australasia. Committed to remaining a vibrant and integral part of the New Zealand retail scene. Grown to over 175 member stores nationwide with a combined sales turnover approaching $200 million a year and it’s still growing.

175 175

Kenny Leong P 0-9-261 0871 E W

Para Rubber



Iconic New Zealand retailer dominating the market in sales of foam, foam mattresses, rubber, including mats, and the iconic Para pools. Looking for energetic people serious about customer service and looking to build a successful business through determination.

9 9

Vaughan Moss P 0-9-532 8794 M 021 921 976 E W

Business & Commercial


General commercial cleaning plus specialised franchises: car park scrubbing, carpet cleaning, decontamination, office equipment sanitising, pest control, window cleaning. Established in 1979, Paramount Services has 140 franchisees servicing 1,240 clients including 320 bank branches, retailers, shopping centres, ports, cinemas, rest-homes, student hostels and schools.

140+ 140+

Paul Brown / Bill Wu P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 543 0233 E W

Pegasus Rental Cars

Leisure Transport


Pegasus Rental Cars offers the best value for money car hire in New Zealand.

24 24

P 0-9-378 7940

Pit Stop

Auto Services


The largest automotive service franchise in New Zealand. Pit Stop is an automotive service and 50 repair franchise which specialises in vehicle servicing, brakes, exhausts, suspension, WOF checks 50 and general auto repair.

Les Seiler P 0-9-634 3666 E W

Pita Pit

Food & Beverage


If you thought you missed the sub-sandwich boat, the international challenger is now here.

75 534

M 021 669 290

Pizza Hut

Food & Beverage


Established pizza chain with occasional resale opportunities available.

84 1000+

P 0-9-525 8700


Home & Building


A specialist retail franchise selling high quality new products as well as seconds, end of lines, clearance product from leading suppliers. Franchisees benefit from an established name, full training, and operations manual.

6 6

Walter Goldstein P 0-9-448 0280 E W

NZ House Surveys

Oporto New Zealand




Pack & Send New Zealand

Paramount Services




New New


Number Nurses


number in NZ, globally


investment from

page number

N-P franchise and business opportunities get more information Kirsten Hawke P 0800 937 668 E W

Rachna Singh E W

Podium Podiatry & Footwear




Podium Podiatry & Footwear is recognised and respected as New Zealand’s leading provider of podiatry and footwear solutions. Bringing the two industries of podiatry and footwear together has proven a successful model with 3 additional locations established in the past 12 months. Enquire now.

4 4

Matt Fraser M 021 530 830 E W

Poolwerx Corporation


Home Services


Award winning opportunity. Well known for its creation of the world’s first structured career path in franchising enabling franchisees the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or develop a million dollar business with multiple vehicles, retail stores and marketing areas.

2 250+

P 0800 888 031 E W



One of NZ’s largest retail networks. We offer our communities a wide range of postal and financial services for personal and business needs.


P 0-9-336 8284 E W

Home & Building


Prep and Paint Pro is a division of The Pro Group, New Zealand’s preferred specialist home service franchise group. We are looking for motivated customer-focused people to join our rapidly expanding team. Download your free info pack at Franchises available nationwide.

5 5

Duane Moul P 0-4-904 3366 M 022 477 6477 E W

Prestige Home Groomers

Business & Commercial


Prestige Home Groomers is a New Zealand-owned company. We are a cleaning business with a difference. We predominately clean only new premises cutting out the dirty work. The worst mess you will have to deal with is sawdust shavings and dusty windows.

8 8

Kim Buttery P 0-7-543 2090 M 0274 901 831 E W

Business & Commercial


At we don’t just print. We make marketing collateral for our customers to make them successful. We build websites that take our client relationships well above our competitors. We take pride in placing our partners at the forefront of change in our industry.

40 300

Maree Hansen P 0-4-232-7653 M 021 820 474 E W

Property InDepth

Home & Building


Residential valuation franchise, customised technology, fantastic business systems, awesome team, nationwide aspirations.

10 10

M 021 477 673

Property Service Franchise Systems

Home & Building


Commercial cleaning business. Property Services Unlimited. Waikato based business with opportunities in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Te Kuiti and Te Awamutu. Basic package starts at $16,500 +gst. Enquiries welcome.

19 19

Michael Parton P 0-7-847 2737 M 021 272 3439 E W

Propertyscouts Property Management

Business & Commercial


Propertyscouts provide great returns in a growing industry and unparalleled business support.

5 5

P 0-3-477 9228

Provender NZ

Food & Beverage


Provides snacks and drinks directly to the workplace. Earn a great hourly rate.

80+ 80+

P 0800 661 663

PostShop Kiwibank

Prep & Paint Pro


Essential to business success 10 hours saved on data entry per month | 78 EDIT DIR 72.indd 7

* Source: customer survey via MYOB Client Insights Panel, September 2013

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

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Provista Balustrade Systems

Home & Building


Provista Balustrade Systems are New Zealand’s leading independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist.

18 18

M 0275 961 264

Pukeko Rental Managers

Business & Commercial


Specialist residential property management. Lucrative business model with coaching and training. Be the best property manager in your region with significant points of difference. Be a part of the award-winning Pukeko team.

10 10

David Pearse M 0274 809 534 E W

Quest Serviced Apartments

Business & Commercial


Quest Serviced Apartments is the leading market franchise in accommodation for primarily corporate extended stay travellers. Franchisees benefit from a high level of brand awareness, full training, and ongoing support. The Quest franchise also provide franchisees with computer systems and manuals which cover business plans.

33 150

Stephen Mansfield P 0-9-366 9680 E W

Business & Commercial

$140,000 + NZ’s preferred national residential property management service since 1988.

27 27

Jess Moore P 0-4-801 7880 E W

Rack n Roll Ribs

Food & Beverage


Easy operating systems, a proven menu and great future prospects. Exciting opportunity.

1 1

P 0-9-555 1492

Rainaway Spouting on the Spot

Home & Building


A re-spouting service franchise for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Spouting on 10 the Spot is the perfect franchise opportunity for franchisees who want to keep their hands on the 10 tools. Become a Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee today.

P 0-9-265 2147 E W

Rapid Lawn

Home & Building


Hydroseeding erosion control roll-out turf. Niche industry. Self-motivated, interested in working outdoors? Great opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Full training. Ongoing support given.

5 5

Peter Harvey M 021 365 296 E W

Realsure The House Inspectors

Home & Building


Respected, strongly branded business providing trusted property reports for buyers and sellers.

5 5

P 0508 732 578

realtyRETURNS The Property Improvers

Home & Building


Renovation agency specialising in arranging and managing residential renovation projects.

5 5

P 0-9-213 7993

Business & Commercial


Refresh is New Zealand’s leading renovation business. Refresh is primarily a sales and marketing oriented franchise. We’re looking for business oriented people to join Refresh as franchisees, not builders. If you’re thinking about your next career move or business opportunity, you should consider Refresh.

30 37

Jon Bridge P 0-9-303 0670 M 021 454 502 E W

RE/MAX New Zealand



Global real estate network.

20 6500

P 0-9-309 8478

Rent a Dent

Auto Services


Rent a Dent are one of the largest rental vehicle networks in New Zealand.

24 25

P 0-7-574 1490

Business & Commercial


‘Any time, any place, 100% property management’ systemised property management licensed model.

7 7

P 0800 562 3733

Resin Weld

Auto Services


Offering a range of services in auto glazing which include windscreen repair and replacement.

4 4

P 0800 858 888

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters

Food & Beverage

$150,000 min equity

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters is New Zealand’s best-known and largest chain of retail café franchises.

45 45

P 0800 426 333

Health & Beauty


Rodney Wayne is the largest hairdressing franchise in New Zealand. You do not have to be a hairdresser but strong people skills combined with an excellent customer focus and management expertise are all critical elements that make a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee.

51+ 51+

Julie Evans P 0-9-358 4644 E W

Rugbytots NZ

Leisure & Education


Seeking active and passionate people to run their own Rugbytots franchise, NZ’s first rugbyspecific play programme for 2 – 7 year olds. Following the success in Auckland there is high demand for Rugbytots classes in areas across New Zealand. A fun and rewarding business opportunity.

1 50+

Annalie Marks M 021 878 335 E W

Saddlery Warehouse



New Zealand’s leading equestrian retailer. Supplying all the items needed for horse and rider.

7 7

P 0-9-970 1058


Business & Commercial


Custom-fitted safety supplies retail outlet on wheels.

New New

P 0-9-525 2767

Seal A Fridge

Home Services

$30,000 $50,000

The market leader in the replacement of commercial and domestic refrigeration seals.

4 31

Select Home Services

Home Services


Select Home Services (cleaning, lawn mowing and valet) offers you the opportunity to be your own 160+ boss but with the security of being part of this highly successful system. Full training and support. 290+ Initial customers provided so you have a group of customers you work with regularly. Awardwinning system.

Mark Gilbert P 0-9-278 4930 E W

Sentinel Homes

Home & Building


Sentinel Homes is an innovative, home building company designing premium mid-end homes. A consistent winner at New Zealand’s House of the Year awards. Sentinel Homes credits its success to its outstanding customer service and dedication to quality workmanship.

7 7

Stuart Shutt P 0-9-846 5777 E W

Sew Know How

Leisure & Education


Sewing school offering quality teaching of all aspects of home sewing to people aged 8 years to adults. Operate from your own home. Must be a confident sewer.

2 2

Jane Gilder M 0275 346 163 E W

Shaky Isles Coffee Co

Food & Beverage


Shaky Isles Coffee Co. is a versatile café brand seeking savvy multi-site licensees.

4 4

P 0-9-529 9177

Shed Boss

Home & Building


ShedBoss are suppliers of high quality steel frame buildings.

12 37

P 0-7-579 1525

Shingle Inn Café

Food & Beverage

$290,000 $450,000

Shingle Inn Café is a world-class café franchise now available in New Zealand.

New 40

P 0061 7 3399 3000



Shoe Clinic is NZ’s leading sports footwear retail store. Proven system.

12 12

P 0-4-499 4495

Food & Beverage


Network of premium cafes specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food. Sierra still roasts every coffee bean with care, in their Albany roastery.

32 32

Surbi Bahl P 0-9-302 0450 M 021 559 305 E W

Signature Homes

Home & Building


Signature Homes is an award winning custom house building franchise, with over 40 designs in their award winning collection. Franchisees benefit from an influential national advertising and marketing campaign, their own business territory and ongoing support from reputable construction franchise.

19 19

Paul Bull P 0-9-415 2468 E W

Simply Squeezed

Food & Beverage


Simply Squeezed is proud to boast a portfolio second to none in non-alcoholic beverages. Selling our award winning products is fun and rewarding. Product aside, our real secret to success is driven owner operators selling and servicing over 3000 customers throughout New Zealand weekly.

40+ 40+

Andy Furmenger P 0-6-836 7066 M 021 747 643 E W

Leisure & Education


Out of school care. Established 1996. Now in 100+ schools. Before school, after school and holiday programmes for primary school children. Would suit people who are looking for a change in lifestyle who enjoy the company of children.

100 100+

Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 M 021 974 221 E W

Home Services

P.O.A offers a complete range of vegetation management services for government, local council, corporate or individual requirements. has been successfully operating its business in New Zealand for four years and has developed its franchise offering based on this success.

1 1

Xaver Fruehschuetz P 0-3-744 3114 M 021 066 2648 E W

Quinovic Property Management

Refresh Renovations

Rodney Wayne




Shoe Clinic Sierra Boutique Café




P 0061 4 0847 1950

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Small Business Accounting

35, 59



number in NZ, globally


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S-T franchise and business opportunities get more information

Business & Commercial


A monthly accounting service specifically designed to provide regular support for the self48 employed and small business operators. Retail locations accelerate client base growth. Accounting 48 qualifications not necessarily an advantage. Would suit someone with business experience and / or with sound bookkeeping knowledge, and good communication skills.

Adam Parore P 0-9-378 0934 P 0800 114 722 E W

Smith’s Sports Shoes



Smith’s Sports Shoes’ biggest strength is the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers. What you can expect from the Smith’s team includes integrity, fun, and profitability. We focus on team building and provide support and training. Seeking people with vision, great attitude and communication skills.

15 15

Chris Smith M 021 733 981 E W

Snap-on Tools

Auto Services


A unique opportunity to own your own business, built on a sound foundation of almost 90 years of experience. Snap-on franchisees are independent business people, controlling all aspects of their franchise and working flexible hours as needed to accomplish their personal goals.

14 5000

Stephen Jones P 0800 762 766 E W

Snap Printing

Business & Commercial


Award winning business services franchise offering cutting-edge digital reproduction technology, graphic design consultancy and a range of stationery products for the business to business market. Comprehensive training for franchise owners and their staff and advertising and marketing is taken care of.

5 180

Brian Sutton P 0-9-379 0822 E W

Spagalimis Italian Pizzeria

Food & Beverage


Pizza, pasta, salad and dessert in a contemporary dining environment. Comprehensive training.

5 5

P 0800 113 113




Specsavers New Zealand are leading optometrists and eye-care specialists.

52 1700+

Brendan Thompson P 0-9-475 0250 E W

Speedy Signs


Business & Commercial


The largest signs and graphics company using the latest technology and highest quality products. We have spent time developing sound business practices and values for our organisation as we believe this is what sets us apart from other signage companies. No prior signage experience required.

20+ 850

Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W


Food & Beverage


We get invited to all the best parties and due to huge demand – you’re invited too!; New Zealand’s iconic catering business is looking for franchisees to join our growing group, with existing franchisees already located in Christchurch, Dunedin, Mid Canterbury, and Auckland.

4 4

Jason Olliver M 027 442 4140 E W

Stihl Shop




Stihl Shop is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every Stihl Shop is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.

64 64

Francis Scordino P 0800 864 264 M 021 543 582 E W

Stirling Sports




We play to win by delivering world-class retail experiences, inspired by sport, executed with style. Stirling Sports will provide all the training and support to build and sustain your business. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

44 44

Geoff Young M 022 417 3127 E W



The preferred storage specialists in New Zealand, providing storage solutions to customers.

20 20

P 0-9-271 1025

Food & Beverage


Every day thousands of coffee lovers buy a Streetwise coffee. Our designer coffee outlets have become symbols of coffee perfection. We’re seeking people nationwide who love the thought of selling fantastic coffees to appreciative customers. Site selection assistance, training and support is given.

18 18

Donna Ferrall M 027 552 2055 E W


Food & Beverage


The world’s largest quick service submarine sandwich and salad franchise. Opportunities for new and existing restaurants available.

266 46K+



Food & Beverage


The healthy fast food alternative. Join Australia’s fastest growing franchise.

2 80+

P 0061 4 0105 5437

Sunbright Lamp Distributors

Home & Building


Sunbright provides a mobile lighting maintenance and installation service.

13 13

P 0-9-478 9824

Super Liquor



New Zealand’s largest liquor retail group offering convenience, value and exceptional service. This is an expanding franchise that generates high returns for its individual owners. Would suit someone in the industry or who has previous business experience.

120 120

P 0-9-523 4064 E W

Super Shuttle

Business & Commercial


Super Shuttle is New Zealand’s No. 1 nationwide airport passenger transport system.

120 120

P 0-9-522 5710


Home & Building


Superbuild is one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of construction and coating systems.

9 9

P 0800 4647 8737

Swimart Pool & Spa Services



Australasia’s largest chain of pool & spa stores. Swimart commenced business in Sydney during 1983 and since that time has grown through the provision of expert friendly advice and superior customer service to be the market leader in the pool and spa service sector.

4 63

Chris Fitzmaurice P 0800 928 373 E W


Business & Commercial


Tungsten coating specialists. Supplier of hard facing services to a range of industries.

5 13

P 0061 3 8727 5000

Take Note



Over 60 stores throughout New Zealand, all of which are locally owned and operated.

20+ 20+

P 0-9-261 0871

Tall Poppy Real Estate

Business & Commercial


Selling residential real estate. Strong customer focus and ability to think innovatively essential.

11 11

M 027 4432 897

Tasman Insulation

Home & Building


Licensees work with merchant partners to provide a total insulation service to new home builders and retrofit insulation to existing homes. Licensees generally operate this business from home, employing their own staff, and operating their own vehicles. This enhances potential returns to licensees.

19 19

Jennifer Etheridge P 0-9-525 9563 E W

The 2n’5 Franchise



A proven retail concept that has successfully run since 1994.

17 17

P 0-6-757 2702

The Alternative Board

Business & Commercial


The Alternative Board, a leading international franchise organisation, seeks franchisees to facilitate 7 peer board meetings and offer executive coaching to local business owners. With a background 150+ as an executive, coach, consultant or business owner, you will help businesses achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfilment.

Stephen James P 0-9-446 0963 M 021 606 934 E W

The Athlete’s Foot



World’s leading sports footwear retailer. Exclusive fitprint technology and proven training.

9 600+

P 0-6-875 1479

Food & Beverage


The Cheesecake Shop was established in 1991 and has developed into a network of 200 cake shops operating across Australia, New Zealand, Poland and the United Kingdom. With The Cheesecake Shop franchise, you don’t need to be a baker. Our excellent training course teaches you how to make our wonderful desserts in just 4 weeks.

17 200

David Reid P 0-9-475 9634 M 021 625 555 E W



Providing high quality, luxurious Christmas decorations. A profitable seasonable business.

11 11

P 0-7-839 6209

Food & Beverage


One of NZ’s largest café and restaurant franchises, The Coffee Club have a comprehensive menu and offer relaxed dining experience. Take advantage of a proven track record, great training and ongoing support. Ideal if you are passionate about people and building customer loyalty.

60 370+

Alby Aniyan P 0-9-304 0008 M 021 821 440 E W

Food & Beverage


The Coffee Guy is New Zealand’s largest mobile coffee franchise. One of the secrets of our success is ensuring our franchisees have the support that they need to operate a successful franchise. We have new and existing franchise territories available nationwide. Join our team today.

48 48

Ruby Gibson P 0-9-973 4819 E W

Storage Box Streetwise Coffee

The Cheesecake Shop



The Christmas Heirloom Company The Coffee Club

The Coffee Guy


The essential offer for taking care of your franchise MYOB Essentials free for 3 months | visit 80 EDIT DIR 72.indd 9

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM



number in NZ, globally


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franchise and business opportunities T-Z get more information

The Interface Financial Group

Financial Services


The Interface Financial Group is a world-class franchising operation which provides a debtor financing service to the SME business market. Interface has been operating worldwide for over 40 years and in NZ for 10 years. Full training and support provided. $100,000 minimum working capital.

9 150+

Gary Wong P 0-9-302 7704 M 021 801 710 E W

The Moving Box Guys

Home Services


An affordable eco-friendly service for customers and excellent returns for franchisees.

4 4

P 0800 210 210

The NZ Manuka Egg Company

Food & Beverage


A taste sensation - manuka smoked bacon and egg franchise business opportunity.

3 3

P 0-3-485 9660

Auto Services


Mobile alloy wheel repair service providing an affordable and convenient solution to the problem of repairing kerb-damaged wheels. No previous experience required. The power franchising has is in gaining a competitive edge through the sharing of knowledge and resources. We have that edge.

8 8

Alan Thomas P 0-4-477 0284 M 021 537 311 E W

Theobroma Cafés, Lounges and Bars

Food & Beverage


A total food and beverage concept, operating in more than 5 countries.

7 30

P 0061 3 9480 1030

Thexton Armstrong

Business & Commercial


This is a long-term extremely profitable opportunity where you are fully trained and supported.

30 80

M 027 509 3385

Think Water



Think Water is Australasia’s leading water solutions network with over 40 member businesses.

14 14

Chris Delphin P 0800 184 465 E W

The Wheel Magician


Total Tools




Total Tools is Australia’s leading trade and industrial tool retailer established 25+ years ago. Following its success in Australia it is now expanding its network of stores in NZ and has exclusive ‘Tier 1’ territories available. Training included, strong marketing, operations, IT and merchandising support.

New 50+

Anthony Cavanagh P 0061 9 261 1941 M 0061 4 8100 6715 E W

Touch Up Guys


Auto Services


New Zealand’s premier mobile paint and bumper repair franchise. High quality car paint restoration services to commercial and private customers. Professional, reliable, cost effective and convenient. No industry experience required. Comprehensive training and full ongoing support provided. Great opportunities are available throughout New Zealand.

26 200

Martin Smith P 0800 759 363 M 021 721 430 E W




Toyhire rents baby equipment, slides, climbers, playhouses, bouncy castles and birthday party gear.

3 3

P 0-9-573 6124




Join New Zealand’s largest independent toy retailing group.

29 180

M 021 390 954


Auto Services


U-Sell (Park & Sell Yard) is a unique, proven business model, helping customers to display and sell their cars in a traditional car yard environment at U-Sell yards. Minimal investment, minimal staff, great returns and lots of fun. Visit for available locations throughout NZ.

6 6

Graeme McPheat P 0-9-391 1339 M 021 736 733 E W




An innovative mobile franchise whose core business is confirming the pregnancy of farm animals 19 using real-time ultra-sonic equipment. Becoming a part of this franchise network enables the 19 franchisee to run a low-cost, high return business in an exclusive territory, using a proven business system.

P 0508 858 727 E W

Valentines Restaurants

Food & Beverage


Value-for-money buffet restaurants, great for the special occasion or groups. Established in 1989. Proven model. Suitable for metropolitan location. Solid business opportunity for person/s with energy and preferably hospitality background. Full training and ongoing support provided.

11 11

Murray Belcher P 0-9-451 9102 M 021 483 500 E W


Home & Building


A unique opportunity to be part of an iconic New Zealand company and build a real business of value.

16 16

P 0-9-913 4185

Versatile Homes and Buildings


Home & Building


Versatile Homes and Buildings provides you with all the benefits of owning your own business, with the full support and resources of a nationwide organisation. We are looking for high calibre franchise owners that are capable of significant future growth as the business expands.

35 35

Robin Howison P 0800 837 728 M 021 519 569 E W

V.I.P. Home Services

22, 23

Home Services


Professional home services franchise providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses. Work either indoors or outdoors. Exclusive territories with established customers. Providing a lifestyle choice for over 30 years. Actively seeking area master franchisees for both lawnmowing and cleaning throughout NZ. Comprehensive training and support provided.

120+ 1200

John & Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W

Warmup New Zealand

Home & Building


Warmup has become the heating product of choice for the majority of property and construction professionals.

15 30

P 0-9-820.3850


Home & Building


Waterproofing with 30 plus years of proven dependability. With a profitable work from home opportunity, all you need is a suitable vehicle. Franchisees are fully trained and receive regular ongoing training and full support from our operations, technical, sales, marketing and IT departments.

6 58

P 0800 436 000 E W

What’s Up House Inspections

Home & Building


New Zealand’s leading pre-purchase home inspection company providing reports you can rely 6 on. Work from home with the latest systems and full support. Excellent opportunities available 6 throughout New Zealand. This is an amazing opportunity for builders wanting a new challenge with excellent returns.

Karl Papa M 021 952 397 E W

Wholly Bagels & Pizza

Food & Beverage


Turn-key opportunities available nationwide with this iconic bagel and pizza franchise.

6 6

Sam Rama M 021 272 2422 E W

Window Cleaning Plus

Home Services


Built on more than 60 years of company history and perfected over the past 10 years.

New New

P 0800 000 309

Window Dressings

Home & Building


We offer quality window treatments in the comfort of the client’s home.

1 1

M 021 345 109

Window Treatments

Home & Building


Window Treatments manufacture and supply blinds, awnings, shutters, insect screens as well as provide onsite blind cleaning and repair services to some regions. Franchises available on the West Coast of the South Island, New Plymouth, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.

21 21

Graeme Rose P 0-3-343 1876 M 021 338 031 E W



Home & Building

$25,000 $50,000

Woolgro is a unique and proven system to establish premium lawns using our innovative preseeded lawn mats. You don’t have to have a landscaping background - just be customer-focused and enjoy working outside building a business based on excellent service.

3 3

Geoff Luke P 0-9-570 1985 M 021 957 600 E W

Xpresso Delight

54, 55

Food & Beverage


We transplant the café experience into the workplace using state-of-the-art commercial grade automatic bean-to-cup espresso machines providing quality coffee. We provide a semi-passive income based on one day of work but equivalent to a week’s salary with lifestyle benefits.

17 183

Allan Parker M 021 875 431 E W

Yard Art & Moulds International

Home & Building

$6,000 $40,000

Established garden ornament manufacturers and distributors of quality moulds for concrete.

15+ 20+

P 0-9-431 3176

Z Energy



Z has over 200 retail service stations offering customers fantastic service, world class fuels and great convenience stores. Our self-employed retailers operate clusters of 7-16 Z service stations. We are now looking for new retailers to join our network.

213 213

Julie Fitzgerald P 0800 474 355 E W

Zexx NZ

Food & Beverage

$25,000 $50,000

Zexx NZ offers a range of better-for-you fruit juice slushy and smoothie products.

12 16

P 0800 556 022

Home & Building


Zones is New Zealand’s only franchise specialising in design and build landscaping services. Landscaping experience is not necessary. We are looking for people with experience in managing people, processes and sales.

3 3

Matt Steele P 0-9-303 0670 M 021 118 5810 E W

Zones Landscaping Specialists


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Essential Beauty See page 38

Mark McPherson P 0061 8 8359 6622 M 0061 404 102 885 E W

Health & Beauty

Essential Beauty was established in 1990 and has become one of the most recognised and respected brands in the Australasian beauty industry. Now you have the opportunity to share in that success by owning the NZ master franchise which includes the establishment of the first salon to kick-start your expansion into this exciting new market.

The Source Bulk Foods

Jurgen Kernbach P 0061 411 422 228 E jurgen@thesourcebulkfoods.


Providing an old-fashioned personal service in a fun, no waste, shopping experience. Huge range of bulk whole 22+ foods and health foods. Seeking a national franchisor for New Zealand who is passionate about customer experience, The Source brand and principles. You should be a great communicator with well-developed management and leadership skills, energy, focus and persistent commitment to hard work.


investment required P.O.A

NZ$ 800,000





page number

specialist advisors get more information


BDO is the largest growing Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory firm in New Zealand. We have significant experience in franchising offering due diligence; structure reviews; appraisals; agreements, strategic planning; full accounting, audit, tax advisory and support services; raising capital and finance. Smart New Zealand business, backed by BDO.


Taxation specialists. Accounting and taxation services, business advisory, business and strategic planning, cashflows, budgeting, loan application support, due diligence, feasibility studies, coaching, structuring advice, company formations, trust administration, rentals and property development advice, Xero Platinum Partners. Partner with us to ensure your business success.


Blackler Smith & Co

Blackler Smith & Co are relationship-based chartered accountants. For years, Ben Blackler has assisted franchisors and franchisees with advice, business purchases and all tax services. Ben can help you buy a business, set it up correctly and run it effectively. Award-winner – Professional Services.

Greater Wellington

Crowe Horwath

Crowe Horwath (previously WHK) provides specialist accounting and business advisory services to the New Zealand franchise industry. Your one-stop franchise shop.


Ecovis KGA

Ecovis KGA can help set up your business and raise finance. We can provide franchisees with all the business services needed to begin business and ongoing support and financial services needed to succeed. We offer accounting, computer software, taxation, administration and business planning services.


Save time, money and tax by benefiting from our specialist franchise advice and proven accounting solutions. Your success is our business. Ring now 0800 555 8020. Specialist franchise accounting solutions including due diligence, benchmarking, budgeting, valuations, business mentoring, tax planning, cashflow management and reporting software systems.


BDS Chartered Accountants


Franchise Accountants

68, 69, 83

Hayes Knight North

Inspired Accountants

Hayes Knight is an innovative chartered accountancy practice that works beyond the numbers to keep our clients’ businesses future National fit. 85

We are chartered accountants who specialise in franchising. Having a look under the bonnet (due diligence) is key when buying a business. We do this and set up robust reporting systems so you know how the business is performing. Inspired Accountants – Inspiring You.


Staples Rodway Christchurch

Assistance with franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and I.T. support in the franchise area. Over 15 years’ experience in franchising in the SME market, acting for both franchisors and franchisees.

South Island

Young Read Woudberg

Specialists in all business areas, with substantial experience in franchising. Our services include appraisals, structure review and planning, monitored business performance, mentoring and technology. We are committed to easily accessible, personal service focusing on client needs, building individual relationships and providing added value solutions.

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty



ANZ is dedicated to providing financial services to the New Zealand franchise sector. We deliver this through local business bankers in all major towns and centres throughout New Zealand. As part of our commitment to franchising in New Zealand, ANZ is an affiliate member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand.




ASB provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for both franchisees and franchisors including finance, insurance, savings and investment options, everday banking and more. So if you are thinking of starting or buying a franchise, talk to our franchise specialists on 0800 272 476.




Talk to us about our wide range of specialist services that we can tailor to meet your needs as a franchisor or franchisee. We’ll use our 145 years’ experience in business banking, giving your business the support it needs to grow and succeed.


Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years. Preserve your working capital with Silver Chef, and fuel your growth through our various franchise funding solutions.


Westpac is New Zealand’s most experienced bank in franchising and the only bank offering dedicated franchise only specialist managers throughout the country. Westpac has a high level of expertise in the franchise industry; this has been built up over the past two decades by working closely with franchisors, franchisees and industry specialists. The resulting depth of experience enables us to provide you with informed specialist advice regarding franchise funding and franchise specific transactional solutions. Specialists in franchise financing: Auckland/Northland - Dean Madsen, Riaan Wilson, Sujam Ratnayake Waikato – Emily Zhang Lower North Island – Mick Robinson Christchurch/South Island – Andy Higginson Otago/Southland - Graeme Wyllie


Silver Chef

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Westpac New Zealand Ltd

24, 88

REACH THE BUYERS Only Franchise New Zealand combines print, digital and on-line media to reach potential franchisees throughout New Zealand – and beyond. Contact us now to promote your opportunity or service.

NZ’s best-read franchise media 0-9-424 8236

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Due diligence Benchmarking Structuring advice Loan applications Trust administration


Budgets and cashflow Coaching and mentoring Accounting & taxation Company formations Monthly reporting & GST

BDS Chartered Accountants Limited Call (09) 366 1822 | 021 882 430 | Level 12, 17 Albert St, Auckland Central 1141 63 Apollo Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632

Turning Vision into Value

Paul Manning P 0-7-571 6280 M 021 190 4597 E W Peter Taylor P 0-9-366 1822 M 021 882 430 E W Ben Blackler P 0-4-555 9090 E W Liz Le Prou P 0-4-569 9069 M 021 529 759 E W Keith Goodall P 0-9-921 4630 E W Hayden Cargo Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020 E W Scott Travis P 0-9-414 5444 E W Craig Weston P 0-9-309 2561 M 021 309 309 E W Jon Robertson/Dave McCone P 0-3-343 0599 E W Eric Woudberg/Natalie Milne Steve Read/Raimarie Pointon P 0-7-578 0069 M 027 570 1172 E W Karpal Singh P 0800 39 40 41 M 021 815 605 E W Craig McKenzie P 0800 272 476 M 021 805 425 E W Warren Sare P 0800 ASK BNZ M 029 222 0430 E W Trent Parkinson P 0800 443 334 E W Daniel Cloete P 0800 177 007 E W

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buying a franchise franchising a business improving systems importing or exporting your franchise system

More than 22 years’ industry experience. Franchisee and Franchise Management; I’ve worked both sides. 027 433 4513

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM





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specialist advisors get more information



New franchise system set-up, franchise agreements, disclosure documents, brand name, trademarks, IP, master licensing, import/ export, leasing sale and purchase structure compliance, disputes. Highly experienced team. Wide experience in all aspects of franchising. Extensive network of franchising contacts NZ and internationally.

National & Worldwide

Miles Agmen-Smith P 0-9-308 8070 M 0274 779 960 E W


A patent attorney firm and associated law firm offering intellectual property services including patents, trade marks, copyright and National registered designs. We help our clients achieve and maintain a commercial advantage in the marketplace by protecting, developing, commercialising and enforcing their intellectual property assets.

Rachel McDonald P 0-9-359 7738 M 027 645 3198 E W

Bannister & von Dadelszen

Alan Pierce is an experienced commercial lawyer who specialises in franchising. Alan has assisted many franchisees and franchisors, both large and small, in setting up franchises, entering/buying a franchise, writing and reviewing franchise documentation and expanding franchises.

Alan Pierce P 0-6-870 7820 E W

Botherway Legal

Commercial law firm specialising in franchising and related law. We work with you to give you the best possible legal support in your National franchised or licensed business. Justina Knox is our specialist franchise lawyer and also has experience dealing with disputes and the successful negotiation of franchise exits.

Justina Knox P 0-7-839 1122 E W

Botting Legal

Franchise and commercial law specialists. We provide practical legal advice in plain English for both franchisees and franchisors at very competitive rates. Preparation and review of franchise documentation, advice on structuring and IP protection, franchise operation and dispute resolution.


Bradley Botting P 0-9-950 3880 E

Brookfields Lawyers

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee or thinking about becoming one, the Brookfields Lawyers franchise law team has the expertise to provide you with the assistance you require. Brookfields Lawyers have fixed price packages.


Lizandra Bailey P 0-9-979 2109 E W

Carson Fox Bradley

Carson Fox Bradley is a compact Auckland law firm. All 3 directors have significant experience in franchising. Chris Bradley is author of the ADLS standard franchise agreement. Matt Carson has completed an MBA thesis in franchising. We act for many national franchise systems.


Chris Bradley/Matt Carson/Linda Fox M 021 899 609 E W

Deirdre Watson Barrister

25 years’ experience in litigation, disputes, court cases and mediation. Franchise dispute specialist.


Deirdre Watson P 0-9-309 6988 M 021 791 740 E W

Gaze Burt

Lawyers providing full legal services for franchisors and franchisees including advice and documents relating to franchise development, franchise evaluation, risk management, transactional management and dispute resolution. Our experience is extensive over many years and we understand the important and significant fundamentals required for quality franchising.


Michael Bright P 0-9-414 9800 E W

Hawke’s Bay

Gibson Sheat Lawyers


We provide comprehensive advice on the legal aspects of franchising to both franchisors and franchisees. For details see our website. We can quickly establish the issues each party is likely to encounter and address these at the outset before they become problems.

Greater Wellington

Claire Byrne/Dave Robinson P 0-4-916 7483 M 029 916 7483 E W

Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers


Goodwin Turner advise on all aspects of franchising including developing franchise systems, preparing franchise documents, reviewing franchise arrangements and advising on disputes and intellectual property protection. Team of leading law experts that are well-known in the franchise industry and who focus on making it possible.

National & Worldwide

Scott Goodwin P 0-9-973 7350 M 027 700 7396 E W

Govett Quilliam

New franchise creation, franchise makeovers, problem solving for franchisees and franchisors, IP law and protections, advice on how to make money from IP via licensing, succession advice for franchise exits, advisor to intended immigrants seeking franchise businesses Specialist in franchise networks and collaboration.

Taranaki Region & Wider

Ross Fanthorpe P 0-6-768 3729 M 021 757 6229 E W

Harmans Lawyers

Comprehensive legal service for both franchisors and franchisees including franchise and disclosure documentation, employment, leases, terms of trade, dispute resolution and business structures. Full service legal firm that prides itself on being solution driven. Franchise specialists with a proven track record.

South Island and National

Mark Sherry P 0-3-352 2293 M 021 524 890 E W

All aspects of franchising and business advice including disputes resolution. Advisors to franchisees and franchisors locally and nationally. Experienced in advising the franchise industry. Franchisor and franchisee advice. Full commercial advice.

Bay of Plenty and National

David Foster/Oliver Moorcroft P 0-7-578 0059 E W

Izard Weston

Wellington and lower North Island experts in the specialised field of franchising and licensing. We are practical, personable and professional. We can help both franchisor and franchisee clients with all their legal requirements.

Wellington and National

Hamish Walker P 0-4-499 7809 M 027 288 2339 E W

Jackson Russell Lawyers

Your business needs specialist franchising advice and an experienced legal team that covers all areas of business law. Jackson Russell is a full service law firm that will get to know your business, tailor advice to your business objectives and guide you through the process.


Darryl King P 0-9-300 6935 E W

Kensington Swan

Commercial legal advice for franchising and purchase. We also assist with IP and dispute resolution.

Auckland & Wellington

Hayley Miller P 0-9-379 4196 E W

Lane Neave

Lane Neave is a full service law firm with offices Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We have a dedicated franchising team experienced in advising both franchisors and franchisees on all their legal requirements. Our clients include large nationwide franchisor chains through to individuals.


Andrew Logie P 0-3-379 3720 E W

Harris Tate



Expert franchise lawyers who specialise in fixed price packages for legal services. A specialist firm based in Parnell offering sound, practical and timely advice, we can assist with all business legal requirements.

National & Overseas

Rory MacDonald/Tim Lewis P 0-9-307 3324 E W

Sarah Pilcher The Franchise Lawyer


Over 15 years’ experience in franchising providing focused, cost-effective legal advice, plain English documents and commercially relevant solutions. Start-ups and existing businesses. Fixed price documents and legal advice for franchisees and franchisors. Converting franchise documents for use in other countries.

Auckland & National

Sarah Pilcher P 0-9-579 3526 M 027 564 9942 E W

7 Reasons to Call Us First You get pre-purchase inspection reports - we leave no stone unturned You minimise risk & protect your assets with the best structures for your business You save time, money & tax with our proven accounting solutions & systems

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You benefit from specialist advice – we listen, we understand You work with award-winning service provider 2015/16 - Westpac Franchise Awards You get specialist franchise monitoring and ongoing support You’re using specialist franchise accountants with the tick of approval – accredited members of FANZ & NZICA

Call Now 0800 555 80 20

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MacDonald Lewis Law

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specialist advisors get more information

Simpson Grierson

Specialists in franchise systems including structuring, documentation, human resources, property, taxation and transactions.


Earl Gray P 0-9-358 2222 E W

Stace Hammond

Stace Hammond is a business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Auckland.

Auckland & Hamilton

Patrick Learmonth P 0-9-307 7909 E W

Over 35 years’ franchising and licensing experience. Expert legal advice to franchisors and franchisees nationwide. Stewart Germann is a Past Chairman of FANZ and is passionate about franchising and small to medium businesses. Selected as Best Lawyers in New Zealand – Franchise for 2014-2015. Winner of Global 100 – Law Firm of the Year – Franchise – New Zealand 2014.

National & Worldwide

Stewart Germann/Harshad Shiba P 0-9-308 9925 M 021 276 9898 E W

A full service firm who can help you with all your legal needs. If you are a franchisor looking to develop a franchise system or a new franchisee looking to purchase a franchise business we can develop fixed price packages to suit your exact needs.


Arran Hunt P 0-9-486 9575 E W

Stewart Germann Law Office, Lawyers and Notary Public


Turner Hopkins



1Place web based software is designed specifically for the franchising industry. 1Place can provide a customised solution to best meet a franchises business.


Martin Bing P 0-9-520 0612 E W

ABC Business Brokers

Franchise Consultants

Specialist business sales company selling franchises for 20 years with branches nationwide. At all times, we place the greatest value on confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. Your business is our business.


Steve Smith P 0-9- 630 3004 E W

Barley Insurances


Barley Insurances is a boutique insurance broking firm specialising in insurances for franchise business systems. John Barley has 15+ years’ experience providing specialised insurance advice to the franchise industry and can offer the full spectrum of insurance products.


John Barley P 0-9-827 7266 M 025 289 3162 E W

Breathe Life


Breathe Life operates as an insurance company specialising in life insurance, trauma and critical illness National cover, health insurance and key person cover. Impartial advice for business owners.

Mark Atherley P 0-9-476 2406 E W


Digital Video Agency

Camistry is an Auckland based full-service digital video agency. We deliver real and measurable results through video marketing and video training, with a range of options to suit any business. We work hard to deliver the best business outcomes for our clients.


Cameron Houston M 021 617 722 E W

CGB Publishing


CGB Publishing is the highly-successful company behind Business Franchise Australia. As an established publisher of business and leisure magazines for more than 30 years across the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, CGB has proven to be a leader in its field.


Vikki Bradbury P 0061 3 9787 8077 E W

Crombie Lockwood is NZ’s largest insurance broker. We guide master franchisors on the complex insurance and risk management programmes necessary for successful franchises and deliver faceto-face advice to individual members. Our SmartPAK solution provides: better business interruption protection; lower excesses; higher automatic cover limits.


David Rayner P 0-4-802 0166 M 027 622 6160 E W Jason Roberts P 0-9-377 8885 M 021 222 7624 E W Neel Singh/Jon Bradley P 0-9-303 0716 M 021 280 8222 E W

Crombie Lockwood


Email Branding

Franchisors and franchisees send hundreds of emails every day, and every single one reflects the franchise brand. Every email also has the potential to generate more sales, up-sell, cross-sell or increase web traffic for your business.

Australia & New Zealand


Business Advice

Working with you, we’ll deliver the financial knowledge, tax-savvy, strategic advice and connections, to help your business deliver outstanding performance in competitive markets. So, if you’re looking for a smarter solution, talk to the Deloitte Private team because we’re willing to do things differently.


Design for Marketers

Design Resources

Engage Design for Marketers to obtain design resources for you to market your franchise brand effectively and consistently. Planning, creation and supply of resources for branding, advertising, promotional, recruitment, point of sale etc. Over 20 years’ experience with leading franchise brands. Be seen, be bought, be recommended.


Easy Fleet

Vehicle Suppliers

EasyFleet was established to source new and low kilometer, late model company cars and commercial vehicles on behalf of clients. Let the experts find you the best commercial vehicle for your business.


Paul Donovan M 021 64 45 45 E W Nicki Richards P 0-9-950 5922 E W


Franchise Consultants

Offering services tailored to franchisors and franchisees. Guidance for franchise buyers. Support for people establishing and running franchised businesses. Areas of expertise include system development, recruitment, franchise sales processes, documentation assistance etc. Network of contacts in WFC member countries to help with international queries.


Ian Robertson M 0274 334 513 E W

Franchise Accountants

68, 69, 83

Franchise Consultants & Accountants

Specialist advice on franchise system development, feasibility studies, recruitment, documentation, manuals, ongoing mentoring, strategic planning and partnering to grow your business.


Franchise Association of New Zealand

28, 34

Franchise Association

The peak body representing the franchise community. Franchise members are required to submit their agreement and disclosure documents to ensure compliance with our codes of ethics and practice before being accepted into membership and biennially thereafter. Affiliate members are suppliers to the franchise sector.


Hayden Cargo Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020 E W Robyn Pickerill P 0-9-274 2901 E W

Franchise Coach


Franchise Consultants & Recruitment

Comprehensive advice on franchise system development. Feasibility studies, manuals, documentation, legal briefs, franchisee recruitment, exporting and importing, mediation and ongoing mentoring to grow your business. The Franchise Coach has been a major contributor to the success of franchising in New Zealand since 1983. Consultants, trainers and speakers.

National & Worldwide

Franchise Infinity


Software Management Tool

Franchise Infinity is a cloud-based software that combines a range of effective management tools which International enables you to manage all aspects of your franchise from one centralised operating system. These efficiencies are driven through a focus on communication, compliance and performance.

Find more info

Franchise 101

For Franchise Advice in the Wellington region

Have a chat with our legal experts:

Claire Byrne Dave Robinson

04 916 7483 04 916 6307

84 EDIT DIR 72.indd 13


David McCulloch P 0800 4FRANCHISE M 021 943 776 E W Shane Boulle P 0800 555 8020 M 021 836 6253 E W

As the Bay of Plenty’s leading franchise lawyers, you can count on us for tailored and practical advice that adds value to your business. With more than 20 years of experience in franchising, we know what works best. Our track record in providing comprehensive sound advice speaks for itself. Just ask.

Contact: David Foster | Tel. 07 578 0059 | 29 Brown Street, Tauranga |

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Spring 2016 Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:09 PM

company Franchise Relationships Institute




Franchise Research & Development

Franchisee selection systems, satisfaction surveys, recruitment and training for franchise management. Assistance with organisational change and restructuring, conference presentations on managing the franchise relationship. “The Franchise Coach” has been awarded the agency for the Franchise Relationship Institute’s products, including Greg Nathan’s popular books.

Australia & New Zealand

Specialists in franchise development, strategic planning, legal briefs, systems and manuals, recruitment National & processes and documentation, ongoing mentoring and sound advice on franchising and licensing. Worldwide Recognised as New Zealand’s leading management consultancy specialising in franchise development. Experience with many of NZ’s top franchised companies.

Franchize Consultants (NZ)


Franchise Consultants

Holiday Inn Rotorua


Conference Facilities Holiday Inn Rotorua offers flexible and varied spaces to hold meetings and conferences for between 2 – 600 people. It is the ideal choice for an energising conference/event. Enjoy peace and quiet right in the heart of the thermal wonderland. We can arrange themed events.



page number

specialist advisors get more information David McCulloch P 0800 4FRANCHISE M 021 943 776 E W Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 E W Julie Carcaterra P 0-7-349 9710 M 0274 740 619 E W

Inspired Learning Systems

Sales Training

Inspired Learning Systems customises learning experiences for sales teams experiencing some bumps National in the road or those people who have to do sales but don’t want to. We help you find the business, open the door and connect for the sale all within your comfort zone.

Bill James P 0-9-441 2164 E W

JLL Commercial Real Estate

Retail Real Estate

We specialise in finding suitable retail premises for franchisors and franchisees in New Zealand. We also manage a number of shopping centres throughout New Zealand.


Chris Beasleigh P 0-9-363 0286 M 021 597 856 E W

Franchisee Resales & Recruitment

LINK are the authority on selling businesses in New Zealand & the Southern Hemisphere and are franchised specialists in business sales, franchise re-sales and recruitment and sales of franchise opportunities. We provide professional, practical franchise advice to our clients. LINK has more brokers than any other brokerage.


Nick Stevens/Laurel McCulloch P 0-9-579 9226 E W


MediaWorks’ is New Zealand’s largest independent broadcaster, reaching 96% of Kiwis through our extensive portfolio of premium brands across radio, television, digital and live platforms. Our crossplatform capability offers our audiences integrated opportunities that are unique and designed to deliver.


Leah McCann P 0-9-928 9018 E W

Accounting & Payroll Software

Online accounting, POS and payroll software.


Lauren Taylor P 0800 606 962 M 027 556 6115 E W


Media Company

APN NZ, TRN and GrabOne unify radio, digital, e-commerce and print brands under one banner, NZME. - New Zealand Media and Entertainment. Every week, our brands reach over 2.9 million Kiwis. Whether reading, listening or watching, they get the content they want from us.


Emily Travers P 0-9-367 4646 E W

Online Results

Online Marketing

Your website should be feeding your business. Got franchisees spitting the dummy? Need to feed them more leads, appointments and sales? Our online marketing solution has been created with your exact needs in mind.


Dean Payn P 0800 333 510 E W

Commercial Property When it comes to securing premises, Parallel Directions is a franchise’s secret weapon. Working Consultants exclusively for tenants, never landlords, we offer independent commercial property advice including search, lease negotiation, design and build, and relocation. Our job is to get the right premises with the right deal.


Peter Scott P 0-9-550 8500 M 021 896 649 E W

PMA Global

Brand Management

PMA Global offers a full print and brand management service, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, corporate gifts and studio design services for medium to large size companies throughout New Zealand.


Kevin McRae P 0-9-526 0391 E W

POD Consulting


POD offers NZ franchisors and franchisees expertise in HR consultancy, business planning, coaching, workshops and recruitment. We are the ultimate one stop shop aimed at helping NZ businesses grow sustainably and establish a winning culture amongst their people.

Auckland and Wellington

Rebecca Moxon P 0-9-948 2105 M 021 874 292 E W

Reach Media

Online Marketing

Reach Media provide media communication services that include digital media (digital catalogues, National locators and ads) and point of sale analysis, freight services, unaddressed mail delivery and distribution auditing.

Greg Radford P 0-9-574 4436 E W

Data Management

Resurg helps multi-location businesses improve their performance using one of three key solutions: Resurg Benchmarking, Resurg Performance Groups, Resurg Dashboards. Utilising these individually will bring results, but implemented together gives visibility over the performance of a single location or the group as a whole.


Adrian Turner M 021 568 100 E W

LINK Business Brokers




44, 45

Parallel Directions

Resurg Group



Franchisee Selection We identify ‘best-fit’ franchisees using psychometric testing and analysis to strengthen selection decision-making. We work with small through to very large private and public sector organisations. We also provide full consultation and interpretation services to clients and individual candidates.


Grant Amos P 0-9-379 5270 E W

The Mediator


Mediating all types of disputes between franchisors and franchisees or between franchisees.


Trish Blyth P 0800 026 334 E W


Hotel accommodation with fully integrated conference centre suitable for small meetings through to Greater international conventions. Full food, beverage and leisure facilities complete the offering. “World famous Auckland in New Zealand”, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is an icon in the mid-range meetings and Area leisure market.

Wayne Billings P 0-9-526 3024 M 0274 992 413 E W

Marketing Solutions

Your franchise requires the right mix of local and national marketing to reach customers effectively. National Yellow’s marketing solutions connect businesses with Kiwi consumers. From print and digital directories to our network of digital marketing solutions, Yellow Network delivers over 15.2 million look-ups each month.

P 0800 803 803 E W

Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre




We specialise in Franchising and love to help Franchisors and Franchisees with: • Due Diligence (should I buy this business?) • Budgets and Cashflow projections • Financial accounting and reporting systems • Benchmarking reports • Liaising with other advisors (banks, lawyers, consultants) • Tax Advice • Best structure for the business (company/trust etc) Call us for a no obligation chat on 09 969 7450 | 021 309 309 |

Inspiring You!

We have the expertise and the experience to find cost effective legal solutions for your franchising needs Let us help you make the right decision • Over 25 years of experience • Fixed fee packages Contact: Rory MacDonald (09) 307 3324 92 Parnell Road, Auckland 027 564 9942

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at

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opportunity: health & beauty

it’s a



You don’t need to be a hairdresser to succeed with Rodney Wayne


s a self-confessed ‘people person’, Stuart Macmillan reckons he’s in the ideal business. The owner of multiple Rodney Wayne hairdressing salons over the past 16 years, Stuart says, ‘I love what I do and this franchise has enabled my wife Julie and me to bring up a wonderful family and enjoy a very good income.’ People are often surprised to learn that Stuart isn’t a hairdresser by training – in fact, he was in the commercial laundry business before he bought his first Rodney Wayne outlet. But combining his people skills and business experience with the Rodney Wayne brand and systems proved to be an ideal recipe for success. Stuart and Julie didn’t exactly luck into the business. ‘We took our time,’ Stuart recalls. ‘Research shows that most small businesses that fall over early do so due to lack of capital, so we decided not to start our own business till we’d achieved a certain financial target. Then we set out a number of criteria for our perfect business. It had to be internet proof, which ruled out my dream of a bookshop; it had to be on the North Shore, because I was sick of being parked on the Auckland Harbour Bridge; it had to be a service industry, because we both love people; and it had to be a cash business because I was sick of chasing bad debts – part of my role in my previous jobs.’

hitting the mark Although the Macmillans considered various opportunities, it wasn’t until they found out that the Rodney Wayne salon in Browns Bay was for sale that anything really hit the mark. ‘I was a regular client of the Dominion Road salon, so I knew the brand well, and had always been very impressed by them,’ Stuart says. ‘So I phoned them up and had a long chat with Rodney Wayne in person. ‘I found him to be totally honest. He was quite clear about how the business works, what I needed to be aware of, and what the potential pitfalls could be. There was no hard sell, and he gave me several vital things to think about carefully before I went away. The end result was that Julie and I took over the Browns Bay outlet on the 1st January 2000. ‘That was Y2K – the day all the computer systems were supposed to crash and aircraft fall out of the sky. I found myself standing at the counter thinking, “What the hell have I done? I’m not a hairdresser!” Well, the computers didn’t crash and I’m still not a hairdresser, but we have never looked back.

Stuart Macmillan: ‘Your background doesn’t matter’

86 Rodney Wayne 86.indd 1

‘99.9 percent of the time, people thank you as they leave’

‘Around five years after we bought Browns Bay, we took on the Glenfield franchise, then the development at Albany Mall began and as Rodney Wayne offers adjoining franchisees first refusal, we opened that one, too. Over our time as franchisees we’ve bought three stores and sold two, which has allowed us to make capital gains and pay off a lot of debt. Today we still own Albany and have taken an interest in the salon in Tauranga: one of my former managers, Ashley Sterrenburg, was keen on the outlet and we get on very well so we agreed to go halves, which is working very well.’ Stuart is obviously as modest as he is successful, failing to mention that the Albany salon was named Rodney Wayne Business of the Year earlier this year.

exceeding expectations According to Stuart, ‘What makes this industry different from many others is that you’re not selling tangibles, such as books – it’s very much a “feel good” business. You are making people look better, therefore they feel better and 99.9 percent of the time they thank you as they leave. That means your team has to do a good job every time, and it’s up to you to run the business well, love people, and manage your staff. ‘If you can do that, then your background doesn’t matter. Fashion is constantly changing and working with younger people has kept me young. We have had many apprentices working in our salons over the years, and it is a great thrill when they qualify, as I love helping people to succeed. We have great support both from the franchise and from other franchisees, and we’ve visited parts of the world on our annual conferences we’d never normally have done, like Fiji, Singapore, and Hawaii. From the start, the Rodney Wayne franchise exceeded my expectations and that’s still true 16 years on.’ There are currently over 50 Rodney Wayne salons and specialist retail outlets in New Zealand, with more opportunities opening up all around the country. ‘We can offer proven and perfected operating systems, comprehensive training, huge buying power, unique advertiser info performance incentives for staff and a culture of ongoing support from Rodney Wayne everyone in the group,’ says Julie PO Box 825, Shortland Evans, the company’s CEO. ‘So if Street, Auckland you are interested in creating a new business in a prime location, or taking Contact over an established salon with instant Stephanie Alexander cash flow, do get in touch. As Stuart P 0-9-358 4644 ext 0 and Julie have shown, you don’t need to be a hairdresser!’ Franchise New Zealand

Spring 2016

Year 25 Issue 03

8/09/16 3:08 PM

Up to 100% finance available for your new vehicle or machinery. Talk to us today.


0800 177 007

Up to 100% funding available on the GST exclusive price of the asset. All applications for finance are subject to Westpacâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current lending criteria. An establishment fee may apply. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. For details, please visit or call 0800 177 188. Westpac New Zealand Limited.

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Profile for Franchise New Zealand

Franchise New Zealand - Year 25 Issue 03 - Spring 2016  

Thinking about making the jump out of employment and into your own business? Buying a franchise can make all the difference between hitting...

Franchise New Zealand - Year 25 Issue 03 - Spring 2016  

Thinking about making the jump out of employment and into your own business? Buying a franchise can make all the difference between hitting...

Profile for paul52

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