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  Media  Alert   Thursday,  Oct.  27,  9  a.m.  

WHO:  Erin  Shay,  Vice  President  of  Global  Citizenship  at  the  pharmaceutical  and   healthcare  company  Abbott,  in  addition  to  Harold  Melton,  president  of  the  David  S.   Fullerton  foundation:  a  leading  source  of  funding  for  medical  research.    Harold   Melton  will  be  accompanied  by  the  Foundation’s  board  of  directors.     WHAT:  The  board  of  directors  at  the  Fullerton  Foundation  will  announce  that  Erin   Shay  has  been  selected  as  the  non-­‐profit’s  new  president.     WHERE:  The  announcement  will  take  place  in  The  Astoria  Room  at  the  Hilton   Chicago,  720  South  Michigan  Avenue       WHEN:  Thursday,  Oct.  27  at  9  a.m.  The  announcement  will  take  place  in  conjunction   with  the  Society  of  Corporate  Philanthropy’s  Annual  Corporate  Conference.    A   continental  breakfast  will  be  served.         WHY:  In  1998,  Harold  Melton  assumed  the  presidency  at  the  David  S.  Fullerton   Foundation,  and  after  13  years  of  leadership,  Harold  Melton  plans  to  retire.    While   the  Fullerton  Foundation  has  an  endowment  of  over  $1  billion  and  donates  more   than  $100  million  each  year  to  the  Mayo  clinic  and  other  universities  conducting   medical  research,  Erin  Shay  plans  to  continue  supporting  local  Chicago  charities.     The  Foundation’s  board  of  directors  admires  her  commitment  to  smaller   organizations,  and  it  is  possible  that  several  Chicago-­‐land  non-­‐profits  could  benefit   from  Erin  Shay’s  more  local  approach.     Contact:     Paul  McCormack,  PR  Manager   Phone:  219-­‐456-­‐8282   Evening:  718-­‐576-­‐0873   Email:      

Media Alert  

This Media Alert, written as a class excersize, provides essential information about how The Fullerton Foundation has selected a new preside...