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Paul Cohen – Welcome to class 6C, I hope that together we have a happy and productive year. Thank you for your support in providing your child with all the necessary books and equipment to allow the class to run efficiently. 6C is a parallel class of 30 students. During the year we will be working towards competence in Late Stage 3 (Year 6) outcomes.

Class Organisation and General Routines: Literacy Stage 3 students have been graded into 6 ability groups for Literacy lessons. Lessons are held 3 days a week. During this time students will be instructed in reading and writing. Students will be matched to texts for instructional and independent tasks in oral reading and comprehension and will be working towards developing reading fluency, comprehension, spelling strategies and writing skills. Students will be taught grammar (English Skills Book 6), talking and listening skills, spelling and handwriting in their home class. All Stage 3 students are expected to write in cursive style and use biro in their workbooks. Students will be given opportunities to develop speaking skills and each semester will present of at least one formal speech or recitation. Stage 3 students must participate in the ‘Premiers Reading Challenge’. Students need to read 20+ books from the reading list. Books can be borrowed from the library and will be read during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time. For further information go to In addition to homework given in class, work not finished in literacy groups should also be completed for homework.

Mathematics Stage 3 students have been graded into 6 ability groups for maths. Lessons are scheduled for 3 days per week. Students will be taken through the core curriculum and extended or remediated as necessary. Groups will work at a speed suitable to the students’ abilities whilst ensuring the core skills are covered. Students will work through the maths texts - ‘Maths Plus’

Maths Plus Mentals and problem solving skills will be covered by the classteacher. All Stage 3 students should know 2 to 12 times multiplication tables. Students will receive a minimum of 1 set of mentals for class homework. Work not finished in mathematics groups should be completed for homework.

HSIE Term Term Term Term

One : Two : Three : Four :

Global Connections Traditions and Heritage – Focus on goldfields The Living Land – Focus on environmental matters Interconnecting Growth and Change – Focus on the effects of change for the individual, community, state and nation

COGS The students will be undertaking COGSunits of study throughout the year. These units of study are based on related HSIE& Science and Technology topics and also include areas of CAPAand PDHPE. COGSTopics covered during the year will be: Term Term Term Term

One : Two : Three : Four :

Global and Social Issues Traditions and Heritage The Living Land Interconnecting Growth and Change

Science and Technology 6Care very lucky to have Mrs Woodhams for science throughout the year. Term Term Term Term

One: Two: Three: Four:

Our Changing Earth – Soils, landforms and Impacts of Natural Disasters Traditions and Heritage: Machines on the Goldfields The Living Land- Rainforest Environments Interconnecting Growth and Change - Sailing, Sinking, Soaring.

Computer Technology Lessons in the computer lab include word processing, publishing spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations, graphs and skills for using the internet.

Creative and Performing Arts Art and Craft will be linked to KLA (Key Learning Areas) topics. Students will participate in singing, dance and percussion activities during year.


Topics in PDand Health are designed to help students develop social skills and understandings to encourage them to make healthy choices and to deal with situations they may experience, as they grow older. Topics covered during the year are: * Road Safety * Drug Education

* Peer Support * Child Protection

LOTE (Languagesother than English) Stage 3 classesare offered Modern Greek as a LanguageOther than English. These lessons involve talking, listening and writing of Greek as well as an investigation of the culture. Mrs Paloumis takes these classeson Mondays.

6C Timetable Monday Greek: Mrs Paloumis Library - Loans/ returns Tuesday Literacy Groups Maths Groups BTN – Viewing program each fortnight Band 3.00pm Wednesday Literacy Groups Maths Groups Scripture 11.50 - 12.20 pm Science: Mrs Woodhams Computer Lab PEskills Thursday Literacy Groups Maths Groups Assembly 2.10 - 2.45pm CAPAGroups - choir Friday Homework Due Weekly spelling teast PSSASport 12.20pm onwards School Sport 2.00 - 3.25pm

6C Information 2011  
6C Information 2011  

Parent Information Booklet handed out at information night