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DV3600 - Anumation 13/8/2013.

Paul Camilleri. u0950499

Creative Development The long and short of the creative development process was nothing more that wished to create a short animation which allowed me to attempt to re-create a sense or ambience such as that found in a number of my favourite short films in that subject. To this effect, I drew my inspiration from short films by the Quay brothers in particular. This reason for this was simply that I liked the general feel of the films they created. However, I did want to steer clear of any whacky stuff - and substitute my own. So what could I add to what is nothing more than a stop motion animation mixed with some real footage. Well, I liked the idea of the meeting of two surreal worlds. A good example is what I feel I have implemented: 1. Stop motion 2. Talking skeletons. I will investigate this much further in the near future because I feel this route has a lot of potential. Critical Review The main thrust of this section is to critically examine (with hindsight...) what and where any pitfalls may have lurked. In addition, this section of the document serves to shed some light onto positive aspects of the creative process if any. First, the physical aspects of building modelling armatures were not as great as I have imagined. Attention t detail ultimately aided in the fabrication of armatures (2) whose functionality was both predictable and reliable. The only thing I would have done differently was to use aluminium wire for the fingers as opposed to copper purely because aluminium has less spring back. However, this in and of itself did not prove to be a problem in any way. Camera, lighting and general photographic was undertaken in an awkward circumstance due to the size of the small workshop. The somewhat cramped working conditions proved somewhat taxing in as far as attention to health and safety issues was paramount. With regard to the creative process itself,. after having digested the feedback from the university, it seemed to me that any number of narratives could be created with the aid of a large pool of stock footage that was developed of the last few years and of which, due to being experimental, would not have seen the light of day otherwise.

Dv3600 creative development  
Dv3600 creative development