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APRIL 2014





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The Power Of Red


6ft and Skinny...Changing the Face of Fashion 48

WOW! We are now on our 6th issue of Million Models Magazine. Again we would just like to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support. The magazine would not be possible without you all. We hope you enjoy this months issue, and will continue to watch the magazine grow. Every share, like, tweet and new reader is very important to us, and we appreciate it very much. Now we shall leave you to read the magazine.

l u a P Ali &

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APRIL 2014


The Million Models April Shoot

• Where: Doddington & March • When: Saturday 5th April • • Who: Photographer - Paul, Assistant - Ali, Hair Stylist - Sarah Pumfrey, Make-up Artist- Kim Ivey, Models - Laura Southall, Alice Hill, Ceri Richards and Katie Rose •

O ModelsFor.

ur April shoot consisted of the lovely Laura Southall and a collaboration with three beautiful models from

The ModelsFor campaign for those that don’t know, is a campaign that helps raise money for the ‘Wipe Your Tears’ children charity by attending various events and photoshoots with their wonderful array of models. More on that further on in the mag. The morning of the shoot was glorious, brilliant sunshine and blue sky, we couldn’t have asked for anything better. My rough idea for the shoot was that I wanted it to feel like Spring, floral, floaty and natural. Our MUA Kim Ivey and hair stylist Sarah Pumfrey turned up bright and


early, and got to work on Laura as she was our first appointment of the day. Sarah had created a very stylish and elegant floral type braid and design along Lauras long blonde locks. Kim had run with a gorgeous purple flick along Lauras eye line and delicate makeup that looked very natural in the light. We went to a local field and park for our shoot with Laura, started out with some urban style shots using the benches and building shutters that were near the entrance.

local wood where we planned to do the shoot, knowing that at this time of year it should be a good place to get some nice shots. Ceri, Katie and Alice were all wearing lovely colourful high heels, and I feared for their poor feet having to walk on the uneven grassy surface in the wood, but they ploughed on with lots of courage without a hint of complaint.

Laura was wearing a jumper from FSL which we reviewed last month, and it fit very nicely, I think she was a little bit in love with it.

We started off with some shots of the girls in their colourful outfits posing against the various trees dotted around the inner entrance area. The shots gave a 60’s movement vibe, the stark colours contrasted against the natural palette of the wood and skin.

Stemming from those urban style shots, we ventured a bit further into the field and wondered through some of the flora to a spot covered in Daffodils and long grass.

The next outfit change put the girls into white dresses, topped with almost angelic floral headdresses that Sarah created prior to the shoot (she’s a fricking genius I swear).

Our poor model was climbing in and out of branches trying to get the best spot, but lucky for us she was a true champ and went above and beyond expectation.

Due to the time of year we had some lovely white blossom on the trees in certain areas, and tried to use it to our advantage with the girls in the foreground.

It’s always nice to work with people that don’t mind getting a bit grubby or going out of their comfort zone to get a great shot.

This gave us an opportunity to do some stunning solo and group shops (including one of my favourites from the whole day of the lovely Katie).

Along the trail we found a nice old wooden gate and snapped a few from there, with Laura climbing over it (in blooming high heels of all things!) to get the right angle, and then back again.

The ModelsFor ladies did an insanely good job on the day, even walking about in those heels on the grass and mud, not a peep out of them. We also found out that a couple of them had hayfever half way through the shoot, but they battled through that too!

Laura had given us a fantastic show of modelling grace and skill, and we were sad to see her go. Lucky for us the lovely lasses from ModelsFor arrived, Ceri, Katie and Alice. Even though we had been shooting for a few hours prior, the energy from the girls brought our energy levels back up, and the banter definitely helps on these shoots.

Cannot recommend them enough, were great to work with and I implore other photographers to keep an eye on them, upcoming stars. Once it was all done and dusted, we headed back, had a review of the pictures then said our goodbyes. It was certainly a fun day of shooting and I would personally like to thank EVERYONE involved, including my loving partner Alice (or as called on the day, Ali 1) who would help with the reflector when needed. Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we had creating them.

Paul Bryan Editor-in-Chief

Sarah and Kim gave the models some stunning looks, lots of braiding, knots, crimping, pastel colours and pure epicness reigned supreme. Once all of the girly pampering was done, we were ready to head off to a


Laura Southall




APRIL 2014


ModelsFor Campaign


| 15 |

Alice Hill

Ceri Richards

Katie Rose

ModelsFor Campaign Hi, would you please introduce yourself? My name is Victoria and I’m the campaign manager for Models For – a small charity based in Bolton that helps children from all over the UK. Our models travel around the UK raising money by attending events – anything from cage fights to music festivals - as well as doing photo shoots and features in magazines and for websites and radio. The aim is to raise awareness for our campaign and to raise as much money as possible. We covered lots of MMA events, the Price v Thompson fight in Liverpool, the Amir Khan fight in Sheffield, we even supplied the girls for the Enfusion Live fight at the Indigo2 in London. At the fighting events the girls offer their services as ring girls, then during the interval and at the end of each event they then collect any donations for the charity. How was ModelsFor created? ModelsFor was actually my concept. After attending a few charity balls with some of my model friends I really wanted to do something different that hadn’t been done, to raise money for the children’s charities that needed help raising money. I sat down for a few days going over all different ideas and then eventually came up with the ModelsFor Campaign. By February 2013 I had put out a casting call, and we had our first photo shoot. Since then more and more models have been involved with the campaign, but we still have retain many of our original models, which is really nice. It’s like we have our own little family now! Which charities are you raising money for and why? ModelsFor set out to raise money for a few different childrens charities, and so far we have helped around

five. However currently we are solely raising money for ‘Wipe Your Tears’, which is a wonderful charity. This year we have pledged to raise £30,000 and are just about to top the £5,000 mark.

Most of the events are male dominated environments, which means the girls can more easily approach them and possibly makes them more generous.

How many models are involved now? Our current roster houses twenty or so models, but we are always trying to expand to cover the demand.

What do you see happening in the ModelsFor future? I see us taking on more and more models and hopefully organising events.

What sort of reaction have you had? To be honest, the reaction has been amazing. We’ve been blown away by the amount of support we have got, and also the sheer amount of money raised.

We’re planning to arrange charity auctions and other types of events such as fashion shows in the future. If every year we raise more money than the previous then I will be a happy woman!

The figures speak for themselves, since we started we’ve raised almost £20,000, we attend events every weekend and getting lots of repeat bookings!

Favourite moment so far? That would be at Christmas when we did a toy drive for all of the children we’d helped over the previous year. It was fantastic to be able to drop off all the presents we had collected!

The models are not just beautiful, amazing models, but they’re all lovely girls. Do you think that the feminine nature of the charity makes it different? The fact that we are all females definitely makes a difference, it helps with the collections from my experience.

Be sure to follow ModelsFor on Twitter at @models_for or email them at

APRIL 2014



location in the process. Beautiful Roman ruins that are in the direct path of a gorgeous sunset looking out over the sea, definitely made a note of that location. As we all know in this industry, networking is everything, you won’t get anywhere by ignoring those around you. You will meet some fantastic people as well as a few wrong’uns, but for now we will not talk about them!


This last weekend (26th) we met up with some of the people from CSW that we were lucky enough to shoot at the catwalk shows we attended last month.

Hi Million Models Magazine readers!


his month has been an incredible one for us, and hopefully this means it will only be up from here.

Our last issue as it currently stands, has just topped 98,000 readers.

Let me just put that again, that is over 9 8 0 0 0 readers, an incredible feat that we could never have reached without all the support we get through our social media friends. Not forgetting the lovely friends we make at all of the events and shoots we attend, you are all awesome!

We constantly strive to try and improve this magazine, and as always feedback is greatly appreciated (good or bad) as long as it’s constructive. Our first step towards providing a better service to our readership is to make physical copies available for purchase, as it has been much requested.

We are running this currently through HP Magcloud, a very popular and easy to use ordering service. You can find the link on our website at

| 28 |

This month we had an amazing shoot with the lovely Laura Southall, and three gorgeous models from the ModelsFor Campaign, Ceri, Katie and Alice. Due to the beautiful weather we had on the shoot day, we got some fabulous shots and had a grand day. Be sure to take a look on the following pages and let us know what you think. March also brought about some interesting opportunities to review and sample products from some great companies, both British and International.

Saw a lot of familiar faces, and some new ones. Had a lovely meal in Cambridge, then to a local cocktail bar for a drink. Was nice to have a proper chat with people that we never had the opportunity to due to being busy shooting, or not being there on the specific days they were out there. Lots of people we will keep in contact with and you may very well see them in the magazine in the near future. Goes to show the importance of using your ability to network and make new contacts, as you never know where they might lead.

These include, Shaken Udder, Karma Feeling, FSL, and for future issues Illumask, Young Ted Clothing and Triggertrap.

Our May magazine shoot is set to be amazing, we are working with some truly talented people in the form of:

It’s lovely to meet and talk to these great brands, and work with them to bring new content to you guys and girls.

• Nikki Rowley as MUA

If you are an individual / brand that would like to send us samples for review/use on future shoots, just email me at Paul@MillionModels. and we will see what we can do.

The theme is ‘Jewels’ and I want it to have a hint of ‘Britain’ thrown in. Very excited about this shoot, so keep your eyes peeled for the next issue for sure.

During the Easter weekend Alice and I were lucky enough to go on a short break and found a lovely shooting

• Sarah Pumfrey as the hair stylist • Faith Watson, Victoria Brittain and Storm Delilah all modelling for us

Thanks for reading all of this if you got this far, then credit to you!

Be sure to LIKE our FB page: FOLLOW our Twitter: http://twitter. com/millionmodelsuk BUY our last issue: BuyMMMag And keep supporting us, as it means A LOT. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the magazine peeps.

Paul Bryan Editor-in-Chief

• MM REVIEW • Triggertrap •


e were lucky enough to be in talks with the lovely people over at Triggertrap through our social media, and they sent us over a couple of samples for us to give a go.

One was for my 6D and the other for a Nikon, both came with Flash kit as well. I will be reviewing this more indepth next month, but so far I’ve had a little play, and it seems to be IMMENSE fun! So many different ways of triggering your camera, from sound, touchscreen, distance and even wifi from another device. Keep your eyes peeled for the review next month, including a giveaway of a Triggertrap bundle (Kit and Flash Kit)! For now check out @Triggertrap on Twitter, and find them at http://

| 29 |

APRIL 2014


• MM REVIEW • Shaken Udder Milkshakes • A bit about Shaken Udder Shaken Udder milkshakes was originally born as a topnotch event based brand, which brought fresh, tasty and healthy milkshakes to festival goers. However in the years since conception it has grown exponentially in its popularity and you can now see it on the shelves of many well-known high street shops. You are never too far away from your next Shaken Udder milkshake fix ;)

Our Sample package It originally started on Twitter with me jokingly messaging them requesting a lifetime supply of yummy milkshake, but they promptly messaged back asking me to contact them. They wanted to send us a sample pack to review and use on our upcoming shoot. A few days later a huge cardboard box arrived, stuffed with awesome milkshakey goodness. We had Vanilla, Banana and Chocolate flavour bottles, as well as some cute chocolate carton drinks. I took it upon myself to give each of them a taste test, and I can honestly say that these are some of the most scrumptious milkshakes I’ve ever had! Creamy but light, a taste you really want to savour. We look forward to getting our models opinions on these on our next shoot, and we will let you all know what they think! So keep your eyes peeled for future shots! For now go follow them on Twitter @ShakenUdder or check out their site at

Paul Bryan Editor-in-Chief

| 30 |

• MM REVIEW • Karma Feeling Bracelet • A bit about Karma Feeling Crystals of various types have been used for thousands of years for their perceived healing properties. Karma Feeling jewellery has been designed to save you having to research every specific aspect, and just simply choose the ailments you require help with. They then tailor make a bracelet just for you.

My Bracelet After a few swift messages and chats on Twitter, I was offered the opportunity to create my own personal bracelet for review. I went to their site, had a look at all the types of bracelets on offer as well as the individual crystals you can choose. I settled on my own personal choice which consisted of Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, and Green Aventurine. Within a few days it arrived, well packaged and in its own branded cardboard presentation box. It fit nicely, not too tight, not too loose (and I have big wrists typically). A very colourful and well-made bracelet, and if it has any health benefits, all the better! I’ll most definitely keep wearing it and enjoying it for the foreseeable future. The entire ordering process was quick and smooth, if you are looking for some statement jewellery with holistic benefits, head to Karma Feeling and order yours! You can follow Karma Feeling on Twitter @KarmaFeelingUK or head to their site at

Paul Bryan Editor-in-Chief

| 31 |

• Model: • • Photographer: Paul Bryan (Million Models) •







APRIL 2014


Photographer - Stu Buckland, Starglider Photography Model: Chilli Alt

Stu Buckland Starglider Photography

• • • • • • | 34 |

Photographer - Stu Buckland, Starglider Photography Model: Chilli Alt

| 35 |

Photographer - Stu Buckland, Starglider Photography Model - Dressa

Photographer - Stu Buckland, Starglider Photography Model - Sakura Star

| 37 |

Photographer - Stu Buckland, Starglider Photography Model - Nicole Hadley

Stu Buckland Starglider Photography • • • • • •

| 39 |

Model: Evgenia Ogorodnikova MUA: Malika Elimbaeva Photo and retouch: Marhiao aka Ambalov Aleksandr

| 40 |



Model: Evgenia Ogorodnikova MUA: Malika Elimbaeva Photo and retouch: Marhiao aka Ambalov Aleksandr

Model: Anna Kanunnikova Photo and retouch: Marhiao aka Ambalov Aleksandr

| 42 |

Model: Anna Kanunnikova Photo and retouch: Marhiao aka Ambalov Aleksandr


| 43 |

APRIL 2014




rom the very first mannequins and print-girls to today’s ‘supermodels’, the 21st century has seen modelling rise to prominence and develop into a thriving industry. Models appear to live in the fast lane, their lives are physically gruelling, often with demanding schedules, the stress of travel and fierce competition.

Take a look in the mirror and what do you see? As a model, you will have to be prepared to undergo major temporary transformations to please a client and if your look is always rather generic or dated, you may have to think again about moving forward with your modelling career. Looks can be subtle or dramatic, androgynous, edgy and raw, but what makes a good model stunning in photographs are elements like bone structure, facial symmetry and posing angles, what makes a girl ‘pretty’ in the real world may not translate to pretty in print or on the runway. If you look in the portfolios of any top model, you will find hints of elegance mixed in with punchy imagery and strong poses, editorial, commercial, designer... High fashion modelling High fashion modelling consists of mainly fashion runway shows. This is when designers hire models to wear their clothes down the runway to present them for the first time to the public.

Glamour modelling Glamour modelling really doesn’t have any requirements. They have guidelines of what different magazines want. Some like a glamour model to have a more oval face because then the model appears to be sexier, but that is the personal preference of the client or photographer. Mostly it is whatever sells. Petite modelling Petite models usually work for small boutiques or stores with petite divisions. Plus size modelling Plus size models usually work for stores with plus size divisions. Designers are starting to do plus size runway shows because it appeals to a large part of the population. Teen modelling In this division of modelling you will most likely be doing commercial print work and catalogue. Mature modelling You will see a lot of mature models in print and commercial advertisements. Body Part Modelling (hand, foot, neck modelling, etc.) Body part modelling is a specialty division. You model your foot, hand, leg, neck, etc. You have to have a perfect body part; that means no

| 44 |

veins showing, perfect nails if hand or foot, no scars, no wrinkles, it needs to be clean, without blemishes. With hand models, agencies usually look for hands with long slender fingers. Character or “Real People” modelling This is also known as commercial modelling. In this part of the industry there are no requirements, just that you fit what the client is looking for. This part of the industry can include commercials, print, just about anything. Catalogue modelling Catalogue modelling is very competitive because it gives models a lot of exposure but because it’s so competitive, it is hard to sustain a fulltime income. Showroom Modelling Showroom modelling can be a runway show in a local boutique introducing a new collection. Fitness Modelling This industry you are competing with a lot of fitness stars who are very particular about their body. You

really have to be in GREAT shape to be in this division.

in front of a camera, and do just the right expressions for every shot.

Promotional (Trade Show) Modelling In promotional modelling you will go to exhibitions and trade shows. You may be working from a client’s stand greeting customers, handing out product samples and talking to them about the products.

Whatever type of modelling you choose, being versatile is the key, always open your mind to new opportunities... but use your common sense and stay safe!

Editorial (Magazine and Newspaper) Modelling Editorial Models are the best of the best, they know exactly how to pose

Corinne Tuddenham-Trett - Photographer – Shane Finn -

e n n i Co-r X -

| 45 |

Red APRIL 2014


The Power Of


ever underestimate the power of red. Red exudes passion and self confidence, whether as an outfit, footwear, hair colour or even lipstick. A bolt of red lipstick can update your look whatever you wear instantly - matt or glossy, retro or modern. Most cosmetic companies have a shade or two of red lip colour - MAC, for example, has 10 red matte lipsticks in a variety of red hues from pillarbox red to red grape. My current favourite red lip colour is the French Connection red lip gloss:

Trends come and go, but there’s no denying that the colour red still pops up in our wardrobes year after year, adding a certain “je ne sais pas” to our outfits, despite the colour of the season, red goes with it, somehow or other! It doesn’t have to be the main colour of an outfit, but a touch of red - be it footwear, a belt, a trim, a necklace,or a handbag - can definitely pack a punch. Back in 1984, the “newspaper print” look was in vogue and black/white prints were injected with flashes of red. As you can see by my picture of me in 1984 resplendent in a black/ white/red newspaper print shirt accompanied by a black leather mini, sheer black tights, red heeled court shoes, red handbag, red necklace and red makeup - yes, I actually owned red eyeshadow, red mascara, red blusher as well as a dark red lipstick too! This season, pastel colours are extremely popular. Designers, such as Jenny Packham, have thrown caution to the wind, and have teamed a red shell top with a pale pink tea-length skirt - a red/pink colour combination that never used to be considered possible. However, red does go with pink! In my photo, I have gone for a brighter pink nail varnish to peep through my favourite red sandals...

| 46 |

This summer, the nautical look is set to return to our shores. There is nothing better to go with the navy/white breton style tee and white cropped jeans than a pair of comfortable red canvas plimsolls or espadrilles, such as these gorgeous flats from NEXT. Add a splash of red to a rock chick outfit by unleashing red’s passionate qualities - just take a black leather biker jacket, band tee, black skinny jeans and mix in a pair of bright red heeled zipped ankle boots ... Festival chicks could create a stir in denim cut off shorts with black fishnets (ripped or left alone) and a pair of red Dr Marten boots... Every wardrobe should have a Little Red Dress - an instant confidence booster that oozes sex appeal in a way the Little Black Dress doesn’t. You could wear a slinky red bodycon midi dress with sky high heels and a black leather jacket draped over your shoulders; you could make your red low cut dress “pop” by wearing black lacy peek-a-boo lingerie underneath, as seen on the Alexander McQueen catwalk shows; and, obviously, you could go the whole hog and be head-to-toe in red not a look for the shrinking violet though!

Talking of peek-a-boo, red tartan or plain bright red tights under ripped jeans are a fun casual look ... yet still injects that little bit of self confidence... My favourite “red” buys this season include a fabulous red trenchcoat, a midi length red/ black/white zebra print bodycon dress and a big zebra print tote bag ...


Have a sizzling red hot summer and watch your confidence grow!

All photographs were taken by Linda Hobden.

| 47 |

APRIL 2014


6ft and Skinny... Changing the Face of Fashion


ngel Sinclair has made it her business to challenge every political and social justice issue in fashion. From the very foundation of Models of Diversity, where the support agency staged a protest against using super-skinny models outside of London Fashion Week, with Girls Aloud’s very own Nicola Roberts in attendance, Angel has always been pushing the boundaries of fashion. Models of Diversity was founded in 2008 following Angel’s appearance on Miss Naked Beauty with Gok Wan. Angel made it through a casting of

7000 women to appear on the show which was all about stripping back the smoke and mirrors of the fashion industry and celebrating real beauty, no matter what size, shape or colour. “I was so inspired by the multitude of women out there, all beautiful in their own way, that I felt like I had to do something to make the fashion industry sit up and listen. I made it my passion to campaign for change...” From a very young age Angel struggled with her own body image and after losing her father when she was 7 years old, Angel became very isolated and turned to food to fill the void.

“My family fell apart and I was very lonely at school. The two emotions that ruled my life were sadness and anger.” By the age of 14 Angel had reached a size 18...this was when she learned the tricks of bulimia. “I went into rehab with one problem and came out with another. I now knew how to eat and get rid of it all straight away...laxatives were my drug of choice and I was taking around 100 a day. After a while I couldn’t find a pharmacy that would sell them to me.” Finally in 1984 Angel beat her fight with food and made peace with her body and 8 years later found success on Gok Wan’s Miss Naked Beauty which opened her eyes to the potential impact she could have on challenging the face of beauty and fashion. Since that first protest outside of London Fashion Week against models being too thin, Models of Diversity has gone from strength to strength. “It’s been very stressful at times but what makes it all worthwhile is to see results in the industry that have come from our campaigns. We were the first to show a plus-size fashion

| 48 |

show and now we have the plus-size weekend at LFW.” “Debenhams have also led the way now using disabled models in their campaign for 2013.” When I asked Angel about her vision for MOD, she replied, “We are the people’s campaign and we represent what they want. We are not a modelling agency, we are a support agency. We represent real people in fashion, whether that is through ethnicity, size or disability. We are launching contracts in the US right now and I want this to be global. As long as the people want us we will be here.” With support from Supermodels Christie Brinkley, Iman and The British Fashion Council the movement is expanding rapidly and as one of “the people” that Models of Diversity represents I can wholeheartedly say, “Yes Angel! We want you!”.

For more information on Models of Diversity please visit: www.

Phoenix Rain is a leading female fitness coach, writer, part-time model and full-time supermum. for more articles, videos and tips on model fitness and help with disordered eating visit her at www.

Rain x i n e Pho

X -

| 49 |

APRIL 2014


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