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o we are now on our 5th issue of Million Models Magazine. We would just like to take a moment to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support.

The magazine would not be possible without you all. We hope you enjoy this months issue, and will continue to watch the magazine grow. Every share, like, tweet and new reader is very important to us, and we appreciate it very much. Now we shall leave you to read the magazine.

l u a P Ali &

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MARCH 2014



The Million Models March Shoot

• What: The March shoot • Where: Hunstanton • When: Sunday 16th March 2014 • • Who: Model - Tory, Photographer - Paul, Assistant - Ali •


he sun is shining, Summer is on its’ way, so we headed over to Hunstanton (sunny hunny) for our first location shoot of the year. We arrived at Hunstanton about 11am, filled up on a bacon sarnie and went location hunting. After all the bad weather we had after Christmas, the beach wasn’t looking its best, there was a few too many rocks for a sandy photo shoot. So we decided to try Old Hunstanton. Great decision! The beach was far more even, and has the classic ‘Sandy Beach’ look as opposed to the now rockier alternative at the other side. We met the lovely Tory and her boyfriend then headed off down to the beach. Small pools of water had formed where the tide had recently gone out, and we tried our best not to get our

feet wet...that did not last long. Although the sun was out it was very quiet, we made the trek down to the sea (which as the tide was out, was a lot further than it should be!) and began to shoot. The first shots of the day were using the balloons which Paul and Tory had discussed days before on Facebook. It was quite a job to get them blown up while it was windy (note to self: blow them up BEFORE a shoot in the future). The second set of shots were in the sea. Poor Tory had to get right in and it was absolutely freezing! I went in and I was only in up to my calves. I don’t know how she did it, true professional. This was a bit more challenging for Paul, as the only lens we had with us for the day was a 50mm, so it did not have as much reach as he wanted.

He ended up passing his camera to me to snap a few close ups of the lovely Tory. All in all, I have got to say, considering I am not a Photographer by trade, I did pretty well! After we had finished these shots, Tory jumped up out of the cold water and got back into modelling mode without a breath of complaint. The third set of shooting was on the fallen rocks from the cliffs. The images have a great contrast between Tory and the textured rocks, which again couldn’t have been too comfortable on her poor bum. Overall we had an amazing shoot and a few giggles, would definitely work with Tory again, and hope that everyone enjoys the images as much as we did making them.

Ali - X |5|


• THE BEACH SHOOT • All shots from the beach shoot were taken with the following equipment: Camera – Canon 6D Lens – Canon 50mm f1.8 (Nifty Fifty) SD Card – 16GB Lexar Professional Class 10 (600x)

Sun as key light from left. Torys’ body facing towards the light, giving a strong glamour effect to the shot. Reflect brightening up the face shadows slightly. Camera slightly off center to the model.

Sun streaming in high my right side. Tory laying towards the light. Reflector held by assistant directly to my left, softening the shadows under the chin. Camera slightly high in front of the model.

Sun was coming from my left side. Tory laying facing into the Sun. Camera perpendicular to her.

| 13 |

MARCH 2014


The Million Models Team Go Out and About! • What: The Photography Show • Where: NEC Birmingham • When: 1st - 4th March 2014 • Who: Ali and Paul • Days we attended: Saturday and Sunday •


aturday morning we made the 2-hour drive to the NEC.

Luckily we got there as the main queues had died down, although this didn’t last long. We entered Hall 12 and were hit by the swarms of people packing out the huge hall. With lots of things to see and do, we had an extremely busy weekend ahead of us. From viewing all the second hand cameras, lenses and equipment the Disabled Photographers’ Society had on offer, to the testing of the amazing equipment the camera giants like Canon and Nikon had to offer, it was sure to be a fantastic show. The fact that there were so many influential and inspiration people and companies at this show, means we were set to have a great time, and I can tell you right now, it didn’t disappoint.

| 14 |

• SPONSORS • • Saturday • • Adobe • Bowens •Calumet • • Canon • Ideas • Tap • • Digital Camera • • EIZO • Fujifil • ILEX • • International Garden Photographer of the Year • • Lomography • Loxley colour • • Magnum Photos • Nikon • • Mollie Makes • Panasonic • • PMA • Samsung • USB2U • • UK School of Framing •

• SEMINARS • There were several demonstration and Seminar stages at the show. • The Super Stage • • Live Stage • The Catwalk • • The studio • Photoshop Studio • • Lightroom Studio • IGPOTY • • Garden • Retailer Conference • • Professional Photographers Conference • Mollie Takes • • Student Programme • • DIY Mounting Workshops • • Konstruktor Workshops •


e stood there taking it all in for a few minutes, then we had to fight our way through the endless crowds to get to the live stage. The legendary Damian McGillicuddy was giving the seminar ‘Shoot Perfect Portraits and Breath-taking Beauty Images’, and there was no way on Earth I was going to miss this! We managed to get there relatively early, but still the front of the stage was packed out and we had to settle with being in the middle rows of the constantly growing crowd. Damian was lighting up the stage with his whimsical banter and showing of the building block lighting technique. This technique lets you build up your lighting one light at a time, so you can see the effect they have on the overall image. It gives you a much more complete vision as to what each individual light contributes to the overall scene, and ways in which you can best tweak them. McGillicuddy gave a wonderful seminar, and the thundering applause of the audience brought it to a perfect close. After Damian came off stage, a few people went up to meet him and he obliged by having a little chat. We were some of those people luckily, shook hands and congratulated him on his performance. We spent the rest of the day exploring the venue, finding out roughly where everything was placed so we would have an easier time the following day. Stopped by many stalls, swapping details, cards and making new friends / contacts. The team retired to the hotel and cooled off from the busy day.

Along with several on-stand talks, workshops and demos.

| 15 |

• Sunday •


he following day we woke up bright and early, munched down a quick breakfast and headed off to our final exciting day of the show. The weather wasn’t so nice on this day; having to stand in the rain while people hog the shuttle bus enclosure was not the fondest memory of the weekend. However once we got back to the show, everything that transpired before hand, melted away into a buttery bokeh of awesomeness. We flew into the NEC and went straight to the Live stage, as we were wanting to see the ‘Shooting with Fire’ seminar by Drew Gardner with the lovely Flaming Lynch. The entire presentation centered on playing with your settings, with and without flash to try and achieve different effects while Miss Lynch played with her variety of fiery tools. At times you could feel the heat from the flames across your face, and we were quite a ways back in the crowd. Due to our positioning in the crowd, it meant we had to try and avoid all of the telephoto lenses and

backpacks from people trying to snap some pictures of the amazing fire performance. We did get bonked on the head a couple of times with a cheeky lens or two, weren’t very happy! Once again it was a fantastic effort by all involved in this seminar, particularly the performance from Flaming Lynch, as it was truly breathtaking, a photographers dream to shoot! Following the previous seminar, we sat down for a bite to eat, and had a look about some of the stalls while doing a bit of networking. The turnout for the show was remarkable, some larger well-known companies, as well as a few relative newcomers. There were lots of competitions being held by a few of these, and it would have been rude to not apply! Our next stop was at The Catwalk to see ‘Shooting Fashion’ with guest speaker Lauri Laukkanen. Lauri is a Finnish commercial and advertising photographer who specializes in stunning post processed and manipulated images.

He showed off his techniques of shooting with strobe lighting setups against the various walls and corners of the set that had been constructed on the catwalk. Considering the limited amount of time and preparation that was had on the live setup, the images produced were great and we had an insight into Lauri’s working style. Once again the seminar ended with a loud applause from the audience, and we lined up to meet the man himself. We shook hands, introduced ourselves, swapped cards and left with a new acquaintance. The rest of the day included us playing with a few of the optical delights, checking out the various printers and album makers. Overall our experience of The Photography Show was truly wondrous, and I am sure it is going to a successful show year on year. We will be glad to go back next year and see what that holds for it’s adoring public.

| 16 |

| 17 |

MARCH 2014



photo shoots, review is on page XX including an interview with the owner. Lots more to come in future too, so keep an eye out! As for the website, I have updated it and made it look a bit more sleek, which makes it easier to navigate and use in general. It has been set up for future competitions, and also has a dedicated blogger section where we will feature some of the articles written for your viewing pleasure online.


This also lays out our guidelines for submissions, whether you want to submit an article, be featured as a model / photographer or advertise with us.


ell March has been an extremely busy month for us at Million Models Magazine.

We attended The Photography Show at the NEC, travelled over to Hunstanton for a fantastic sun soaked shoot with the lovely Tory, and then visited the wonderful Cambridge Style Week for a couple of shows.

That is not even talking about putting the actual magazine together, a little bit overwhelming considering there are just the 2 of us, but we got there in the end and we did it! This months issue is a bit different from the previous issues, as we have had a little bit of an overhaul on both the magazine and on the website (which hopefully you all will like).

The magazine is now covering a broader range of subjects without losing our roots. We cover our typical modelling / photography subjects and news, but we have branched more into the Fashion and Lifestyle areas. That means we will be able to bring you some amazing content from bloggers, industry professionals and also throw in some reviews of the products we have been sent to review.

| 18 |

Million Models Magazine will also be attending some of the countries latest and greatest shows and events, and bringing you our experience and thoughts on the subjects, as well as the typical fantastic photos of course! This month, we had a fabulous pack from Awesome Merchandise sent in (review and photos can be seen opposite). The lovely people down at Filthy Sexy London (FSL) have also sent us a few bits to use in some of our

So it’s all been very exciting! I hope you like the changes, if you do / don’t, be sure to let us know on Twitter @MillionModelsUK we DO listen and we would be very interested to hear what our lovely readers think.

Paul Bryan




his month I was lucky enough to hear about a business that was new on MY radar, by the name of Awesome Merchandise. They were brought to my attention through a few of the Twitter messages popping up on my feed from what seemed to be VERY happy customers. So I did a bit of research, and quickly learnt that they have been around for a while (since 2005 – but known as Awesome Badges), but have diversified over the years to be one of the most popular merchandise and print sources in the UK. They can pretty much customise and create anything your wacky imagination can throw at them, badges, bags, t-shirts, stickers, plectrums and even drum sticks! Soon as I saw that they have sample packs available, I popped on over to Twitter, gave them a quick tweet about them, and little more than a couple of days I had a knock on my door with a delivery. The package was a square cardboard box, that inside housed: • A  wonderful white X-Large (luckily for me!) Awesome Merchandise T-Shirt with some cool graphics printed on it. • A  black curved cardboard holder that in it’s own right looked pretty awesome. Inside the black holder were the following sample items (the attached image is only a small collection of the items): • A  cute slip with their contact details and ‘With Compliments’ written on it • W  hite/Red/Black Awesome Merchandise poster (funky design, I likey) • E  xamples of their regular, folded and tri-fold business cards • S  amples of the recycle materials available

• P  lenty of colourful stickers and bumper stickers • A couple of clothes tag style cards • B  right and bold thank you letter for ordering, which is a lovely personal touch. • A  plethora of different size and shape badges (My personal favourite is the ‘I am Awesome’ keyring badge, which now sits happily in my set of keys). Everything has a nice weight and feel to it, this wasn’t any skimping on the quality of the products, it all looks and feels first rate.

I have nothing but fantastic words to say about Awesome Merchandise, so you should definitely go and check them out at http://www. Follow them on Twitter while you are at it: @AwesomeMerch Just want to say a final thank you to the outstanding team at Awesome Merchandise, it is much appreciated!


My favourite pieces were definitely the coated business cards and the awesome little keyring, but everything was up to my high standards, so cannot fault it. Their customer interaction through their site and social media is second to none, they are a very personable company and will bend over backwards to make sure their customers are happy.

| 19 |

MARCH 2014


The Million Models Team Go Out and About!

• What: Cambridge Style Week • Where: University Arms Hotel • When: 26th - 30th March 2014 • Who: Ali and Paul • Days we attended: Wednesday and Saturday night •


illion Models Magazine was lucky enough to be invited to photograph at Cambridge Style Week (@ CambsStyleWeek), a fashion event set up by the lovely Nicky Shepard (@ NickyShepard). This is set to put Cambridge and Cambridgeshire on the fashion map and blast it off into stratosphere to match the likes of London Fashion Week. The venue was the University Arms Hotel in Cambridge (@UniversityArms1), a beautiful historic hotel that gave a unique air of grace to the shows held within. We were originally only meant to go to the opening night, but we enjoyed it so much we decided to go back for another show a couple of days later!

| 20 |

Celebration of Colour T

he first show we attended was the opening night titled ‘Celebration of Colour’, this was host to some beautifully vibrant collections from: • Pasya Wearable Art (@AsiaPrusinowska) • Clamp Optometrists (@ClampCambridge) • Baska (@Baska_Online) • Ruru London (@RuruLondon)

Met some old and new friends there, Mr Tom Insole that we met at London Fashion Week (@TomInsole), and

area, so we had a lovely view from the end of the catwalk, I wish I had a decent zoom lens on the day like a 24-105 L, but all I was stuck with was a 50mm f1.8 on my 6D. So of course this changed my shooting style from what it might be typically, but I got into it and enjoyed it. Alice was running as my second photographer, had a VIP front row seat, she even got a goody bag, easy for some!

The opening night was a huge success, room decked out, huge rounds of applause after every collection, you could feel the excitement in the air.

even got to do a bit of networking before and after the show. I was lucky enough to be in the press

This was good for getting a few different angles and close ups, which comes in handy for those eyewear and jewellery shots.

The opening night was a huge success, room decked out, huge rounds of applause after every collection, you could feel the excitement in the air. After the show we headed out to get something to eat, as we got there slightly too late to grab something before, but a lush pizza filled that void!

All of the designs on the night looked astonishing, from the hand finished luxury woolen fibre creations from Pasya Wearable Art, to the gorgeous elegant eyewear designs from Clamp Optometrists. Baska led with some lovely single colour dresses, while Ruru London had uniquely Bohemian style outfits ending with a glorious blue and gold dress that draped and flowed effortlessly around the model. *(A big shout out to all the models featured in these shows by the way too, all did a fantastic job, and sometimes I think it’s easy to overlook the work they put in, so congrats to them.)*

| 21 |

| 22 |

| 23 |


optometrists | 24 |

| 25 |


| 26 |

| 27 |


| 30 |

Celebration of Performance Celebration of Performance was sponsored by Robinsons Mercedes-Benz The second show we attended was the ‘Celebration of Performance’ which included:

showcased against the black outfit choices for B Jewellery, that really made the items pop.

• Clamp Optometrists (@ClampCambridge)

My personal favourites from the show had to be tied between Clamp and Rosies Vintage, the former because I could see myself wearing a few of those outstanding designs (while perhaps not AS stylishly as the models), and Rosies Vintage due to the range of glorious creations on show.

• Hobbs (@HobbsVIP) • Debenhams Menswear (@Debenhams) • Brooks Clothes Agency • B Jewellery (@BelyndaFaulkner) • Rosies Vintage (@RosiesVintage) This had a huge variety of content, mainly due to the amount of designers, from the elegant outfits of Hobbs, to the stunning jewellery

Once again all the models either effortlessly floated down the catwalk with catlike precision steps, or fiercely strutted their stuff to the music.

Looking around the room, the attendees themselves loved to show off their thirst for life with their outfits, a nice sight to witness from the Cambridge crowd. The show was a great hit, with probably the loudest applause of any of the shows we have attended after each collection. Nicky and the team did an absolutely first rate job to create such a wonderful week of fashion for Cambridge, one of hopefully many many more, and hopefully we will be invited back next time!


optometrists | 32 |

| 33 |

HOBBS | 34 |

| 35 |

| 36 |

Brooks Clothing Agency

| 37 |

| 38 |


| 39 |

| 40 |

| 41 |

| 42 |

Rosie’s Vintage

| 43 |

• Model: • • Photographer: Paul Bryan (Million Models) •

| 44 |







• Photographer: B-Art Bart Kot • • • • Model: Lauren-Christina Blanchete •

| 46 |


OX11 7RW Didcot Contact: https://www.facebook. com/pages/B-ArtPhotography/134535693401246

• Photographer: B-Art Bart Kot • • •

6 Weycroft

• Model: Anca Mihaela Potorac •

• B-Art Bart Kot •

| 47 |

• Photographer: B-Art Bart Kot • • • • Model: Irina Zuban •

• Photographer: B-Art Bart Kot • • • • Model: Irina Zuban •

• Photographer: B-Art Bart Kot • • • • Model: Samantha Ball •

MARCH 2014


Parfum de l’ete

Title: Parfum de l’ete | Model: Greta Trumpickaite | Photographer: Saulius Krusna (Saulius Photo)

• Saulius Krusna •

Title: And there are sounds you cannot hear ... Model: Gintare Sinkeviciute Make up: Inga BulsytÎ (Inga - Make Up Artist) Photographer: Saulius Krusna (Saulius Photo)

| 53 |

Title: Resurrection of Lilith | Model: Raimonda Buinauskiene | Photographer: Saulius Krusna (Saulius Photo)

Title: Morning message Model: Migle Dudaviciute Photographer: Saulius Krusna (Saulius Photo)

AUTUMN Title: Autumn | Model: Austina Kvedaraviciute | Make up: Makia˛as Jonavoje | Photographer: Saulius Krusna (Saulius Photo)

| 55 |

MARCH 2014


• Photographer – Vasilisa Jarlier • Model – Moa Bergstrom •

MOA • Vasilisa Jarlier •

Name: Vasilisa Jarlier Country of Residence: England

from early years by my father who used to be a film director and teacher of photography. I went through many experiments, including Lomo with his authentic old film cameras.

challenge to bring the symbolism and spirit of his musical heritage onto a picture.

Q: What influences do you have?

A: I would love to become a happy owner of Hensel Porty lighting system to use on locations, for more dramatic portraiture. And super fast fixed lenses are a must. That is enough for some serious results.

Main Camera: Canon 5D mkIII Style of Photography: portrait, conceptual. Q: How many years have you been in the photography business? A: I have been working as a photographer for 3 years. I shoot a lot of events and gigs, musicians are my main focus. Q: How did you get started with photography? A: I was introduced into photography

| 56 |

A: I love surrealism of the photographer David Lachapelle and artist Ron English. I search for inspiration in dark fashion photography. Q: If you could photograph one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? A: The first person who I can think of is Jack White of The White Stripes. He has such a strong mystical energy around him. It would be a great

Q: What is your dream photographic gear setup?

• Photographer – Vasilisa Jarlier • Model – Martijn Vandesande •

| 57 |

• Photographer – Vasilisa Jarlier • Model – Richy Jones •

• Photographer – Vasilisa Jarlier • Model – Richy Jones •

• Photographer – Vasilisa Jarlier • Model – Model – Phil Gibbs • MUA – Gemma Louise Evans •


MARCH 2014




o you’ve been asked to walk in a catwalk show and you think it’s one of the simplest tasks.

Experienced runway models can make it look easy, just like walking down the high street, strutting and gliding, faultless. But to strut your stuff in 4-inch heels requires excellent posture, balance and confidence, calling upon all your strengths as a model. The only way you can make the transition is practice, practice and more practice.

Runway modelling is a completely different genre to editorial and commercial modelling, everything takes place in real-time, apart from the 3-second pause for the photographers at the end of the catwalk, the rest of the time you’re on the move and there’s no room for error. If you’re tackling runway modelling for the first time, these are my top ten tips. Supermodel stance, shoulders back, stand up straight and thrust your hips forward. Slip-proof shoes are a must if you’re asked to provide your own. Always keep your shoes in pristine condition, normally black or nude are standard, and if they’re a little shiny on the sole, criss-cross score them with scissors to create a grip, or a covering of masking tape. Sometimes you’ll be faced with a slippery or shiny catwalk surface. The normal ‘trick of the trade’ is to wipe the surface with coke... attracts the wasps on an outside catwalk but at least you won’t slip over! Ball not heel first! Now this may sound and feel a bit odd but clattering noisily down the catwalk is not cool, so practice walking with the ball of your foot touching

| 62 |

first and then the heel. Watch how a ballerina walks, but a catwalk stance is less exaggerated. One foot across the other so that if you look at footprints of your feet facing forwards, you’d see a zig-zag line, this creates the characteristic ‘swing’. Keep your hands and fingers relaxed, swing your arms naturally, because when you’re nervous, your fingers fold to form a fist and that’s a really ugly look on the catwalk! Cut out any low self-esteem and create confidence! There’s nothing more beautiful or engaging than seeing a model who can walk in a confident manner. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve witnessed is when a model rushes their walk, missing vital photo opportunities and disappearing off the catwalk within seconds. Don’t milk it, but don’t hurry, timing is vital! Focus and smile with your eyes, remembering the style of the clothing you’re wearing, look up and ahead, not directly into the eyes of your audience (unless it’s a small boutique catwalk where interaction is encouraged). The last thing to turn away from the audience at the end of a catwalk is your face.

Horse trot extensions, think about the distance between your normal steps and make them a little longer and higher, like a horse going through dressage movements, elegant and controlled. Listen to catwalk tracks and pace the walk through your head. You can’t walk ‘to the beat’ with every track but visualise how you would tackle slow and fast beats without walking too fast or too slow. Create your own unique style on the catwalk which will stand you in good stead for being noticed when castings are held or models are recalled for future work. Along the



• 5 April - 27 July 2014• • The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 - 2014 • • Where: Victoria & Albert Museum • • About: This will be a comprehensive look at Italian Fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present day. The story will be explored through the key individuals and organisations that have contributed to Italy’s reputation for quality and style.•


• 9 April - 25 August 2014 • The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk • • Where: The Barbican Art Gallery • • About: This is the first major exhibition devoted to the celebrated French couturier, explore Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion world. With his avant-garde fashion creations and cutting-edge designs, Gaultier has shaped the look of fashion over the last 40 years. His reputation for witty and daring designs and a ceaseless interest in society, identity and a beauty borne of difference has earned him a place in fashion history. •


way you will receive criticism... treat it constructively. Remember, you cannot see your walk unless you’re walking towards a mirror so every comment counts, listen and learn! A lot to take in, but remember practice makes perfect!

e n n i Co-rX -

• 24 April 2014 • Fashion Revolution Day • About: Fashion is already a force to be reckoned with. It inspires, provokes, leads and enthralls. And, from April 24th 2014, it’s going to do even more, Fashion Revolution Day is turning fashion into a force for good. On April 24th last year, 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many more were injured. Today, people are still suffering as a direct result of our fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough. On April 24th, people around the world – from designers and icons, to high street shops and high couture, from cotton farmers and factory workers, to campaigners, academics, the media and any individual who cares about what they wear – will come together to say the same. Facebook: Twitter: @Fash_Rev

Corinne Tuddenham-Trett - Photographer – Shane Finn - | 63 |

MARCH 2014


• FILTHY SEXY LONDON • Q: What makes FSL Clothing unique? A: FSL Clothing jumpers are made

from luxurious fabric that feels so soft people often don’t want to take it off! They also all have our signature FSL ‘Bling Stamp’ that is completely exclusive to our brand. Our T-shirts all have colour stitching and clever panelling that flatters the figure and signature FSL crystals on the back of the neck. Also all of our designs each mean something completely unique and were designed from the heart.

London specific such as “Slumming It On The King’s Road” and “Meet Me At The Ritz” and we are constantly being inspired by the people, fashion, atmosphere of London itself. Q: What is your hottest trend tip for


A: We are always doing style cards

Q: Who has been your favourite Celeb

with on trend ways to wear our garments; you can find them on our blog FSL World (http://fsl-clothing. We’re loving graphics with florals this year, which is a huge influence in our upcoming collection!

A: We loved having Jasmin Walia from

Q: If you could have one celebrity

that has worn your designs?

TOWIE and Ashley James (former star of Made In Chelsea) in our designs. Also, Jade Thompson from Britain’s Next Top Model looked amazing in our Royalty jumper!

Q: Do you have any design


A: So many things influence and

inspire us. Being a British, London based brand many of our slogans are

tweet about your clothing, who would it be and why?

A: Cara Delevingne! She’s fierce,

fearless and a British fashion icon. We love her.

Q: Why did you decide to turn to

fashion design?

A: We have both always loved fashion

and we are very creative people. We saw a gap in the market for luxe loungewear and statement T-shirts that were both amazing quality and versatile and decided to design our dream line!

Q: Do you have any tips for people

that would like to get into the industry?

A: Firstly, never assume it will be easy!

We’re writing a book about starting up a business, as we wanted to share our journey with others. Secondly, believe in your products and love what you do. You have to live and breathe it to make it a success. Nothing beats the feeling of designing something, putting your heart and soul into it and then seeing it materialise and seeing people wearing it.

| 64 |

Q: Is there anything you have learnt

on your journey, that you wish you knew at the start?

A: We started the business entirely

ourselves so we’ve learned a lot so far, we are always learning, and every day we learn something new. We would have loved if someone had told us it wouldn’t be as easy as we thought it would be, but we love a challenge and we always overcome any difficulties.

Q: Name 3 models / celebrities that

you think have great fashion sense, and what it is that you like about them?

A: Cara Delevingne - we love how

she can look casual and tomboy one minute and red carpet glamorous the next. She always keeps her edginess about her, too.

Rihanna - we love how she isn’t afraid to take risks in music, fashion and life. She’s truly inspirational. Kate Moss - she’s just amazing! She’s

so versatile and her fashion sense is incredible.

Photos by Akbar


• MM REVIEW • FSL • We at Million Models Magazine were lucky enough to be in contact with the lovely owners of FSL Clothing, who sent us over a few tops for our future shoots. Thought it was only right that we give them a proper look and review them for you lovely people at home. First thing that hit me was the fact that these items just ooze quality! Everything from the fabric, to the cut, to the prints and embellishments, it was top notch. We were given 4 designs in total, 2 luxury jumpers and 2 T-Shirts. The jumpers were both a lovely colour grey, one having a fantastic

polaroid-esque ‘FSL’ across the chest with ‘Take me away’ underneath, and the other having a large monotone design saying ‘FSL Pillow Talk’. The fabric was soft and feels lush against your skin, and I could tell they would be a very cosy, comfy outfit while keeping that stylish luxurious look. Not forgetting of course the unique FSL stamp on one of the cuffs, which adds that extra fine detail. The T-Shirts were both an arctic white with prints across the front, one which was a (...excuse the pun) cheeky ‘Spank This’ with a derriere in denim shorts.

female form with the head of what seems to be a lioness, suitably fierce! Design is most definitely a huge strength of FSL, and I can’t wait to see what else they can come up with in the future. Thanks once again for the tops, we love them and can’t wait to use them on our future shoots. We will most definitely keep an eye out for this incredible brand, and we hope you will too. Be sure to check them out on Twitter @FilthySexyFSL and keep updated.

The other had a ‘Go big or Go home’ motif which houses an attractive

| 65 |

MARCH 2014




“I booked a model, I got her less attractive fatter sister”

saw this discussion posted on an industry board recently. Apart from the fact that there is an obvious lack of respect shown here, I do understand the point that was raised. It is a basic requirement for professional models to keep themselves in shape all year round. Even more important when the model is on tour.

But herein lies the problem. How do you stay on a diet every day of your life? Even one week of partying, holidaying and eating like a “normal” person can pile on water weight, so what are we saying here? Models are not allowed to have a life? Even in the fitness industry we have an off-season for competition. It is impossible to stay in “show-shape” all year round. Not to mention extremely unhealthy!

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Models don’t have the luxury of an off-season, however, and it becomes very apparent why a lot of professional models struggle with eating disorders, drug and alcohol use to stay thin. Whilst champagne and coke seem like a fun option for permanent weight control, personally I’d rather not send my life down the plughole along with all my hard earned cash. I have many more important things to do before I die. Like eating New York cheesecake for breakfast, having mind-blowing orgasms in the Maldives and screaming with exhilaration as I ride my first swell into the beach...(not all at once of course). My preferred method of staying in fantastic shape all year round without the mental illness and drug addiction is to get out of the diet mentality. The word diet brings with it every kind of restriction imaginable and makes eating healthy feel like a chore. A treat suddenly becomes so much more than a piece of cheesecake. It becomes I agree with her. Diets are boring. Living is guilt, shame, much more fun. Diets can do one...I vote disappointment and disgust. It for cheesecake, sex and surfing. becomes a demon that begs you just for one more piece before you stop. Diet means not being able to fully enjoy social occasions or nights in with your family.

Letting go of the diet mentality and embracing acceptance is a very powerful tool for staying in fantastic shape all year round. Allowing yourself to eat whatever you want gives you the freedom of choice. Weirdly enough when you have choice back in your life all those crappy food cravings and negative back-chat go away real fast. You know what I’m talking about:

That anxiety in your stomach that pins you to the sofa and stops you from working out. The voice in your head that shouts, “YOU’VE RUINED IT ANYWAY YOU MAY AS WELL EAT FOR ENGLAND” The repetitive thoughts of “what if” and “if only I hadn’t” Isabel Foxen-Duke once said, “If you keep falling off the wagon - get rid of the wagon”. I agree with her. Diets are boring. Living is much more fun. Diets can do one...I vote for cheesecake, sex and surfing.

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Phoenix Rain is a leading female fitness coach, part-time model and full-time supermum. for more articles, videos and tips on model fitness and help with disordered eating visit her at

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