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Yesterday, upon his return from a conference in London, the president has given an interview for the Malawian Radio. The president sounded confident and reassuring. He stated that the situation in Malawi is far from critical. In fact, it can be understood from his words that nothing out of the ordinary has happened: “I grew up in the village myself, where people often died of other things, such as tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, or diarrhea, but never from lack of food.” “Nobody has died of hunger,” – he added. Meanwhile other sources report that Malawi is experiencing a very serious famine due to abnormal weather conditions and its grain reserves being sold to pay foreign debt. The hunger is getting worse day by day, as maize prices go up and people run out of money. The political and economic situation is dangerously out of balance as well, with people withdrawing their savings from the national bank.

With such varying information on the situation, what is happening in Malawi remains, to a large extent, unknown to the outside world.

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