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Are a courtesy and should be written when you receive merchandise, material, money, or information. For example, a business document such as a contract, a resume, this letter is nothing but saying a thank you to someone who has helped or supported you.

Maria’s Company 24 North Main Street Blackbuck, Minnesota 56630

March 22, 2012

Ms. Gus Andrea Quality Industries 1876 Magnolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48223 Dear sir Andrea: Thank you for the contract that we received is to service all of Qualities Office Machines for the next three years. This contract will be saved in the Chester Bank Blackbuck, Minnesota. We appreciate this important opportunity that you give to our company. Sincerely

Estefany Pérez Chair Person M. Gómez

Follow-up letters are written for a wide variety of reasons, but they are most often written for one of four main purposes:  Provide further information and show continued interest after an interview.  Recap important points or decisions made at a meeting, seminar, workshop, etc.  Reiterate the benefits of a product or service, or demonstrate continued interest in a client or potential customer by announcing a special offer.

Gus Andrea Quality Industries 1875 Magnolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48223

March 26, 2012

Marias Company 24 North Main Street Blackbuck, Minnesota 56630 Gentlemen or Madam: In relation to the contract that our company signed with you, could you come to our office for revising our machines? Could you call me to tell me when will it start? I hope that you confirm the service is going to start the time and the plan if you make changes, please call me. Sincerely,

Gus Andrea Chair Person E. PĂŠrez

Are routine for such businesses as hotels and travel agencies, but other businesses may also need to send them. Such confirmations are frequently made by telephone, but a form letter o post-card also effectively transmits clear, correct, and complete information, particularly when the type of business requires large numbers of confirmations.

Fulson Contractors, Inc. 4444 Western Avenue Boulder, Colorado 80301

April 12, 2012

Mr. Justin Michaels 622 Garth Street Boulder, Colorado 80321 Dear Gentlemen: This letter will confirm your lunch date that will be on April 7 at 1 p.m. The place for this appointment will be at Trattoria di Marco, at corner of Tenth Street on Western Avenue. Sincerely,

Nancy Carson Architect P. G贸mez

This letter should contain any information regarding your order that is needed for the proper crediting of your account: include your account number, the invoice number, and the amount of the check. DO NOT include extra information that may confuse an accounts receivable clerk. Remarks not directly related to the remittance should be reserved for a separate letter

Quality industries 1876 magnolia Boulevard Detroit, Michigan 48233

April 12, 2012

Maria´s Company 24 North Main Street Blackbuck, Minnesota 56630 Dear Gentlemen: I´m enclosing a check to make the first payment for $600 of the contract to service all of Quality´s office machines for the next three years. Please credit my account No. 179707. Yours truly, Gus Andrea Sales Manager E. Pérez

The initial order from a new customer SHOULD be acknowledged. This acknowledgment welcomes the new customer and encourages further business. Similarly, and unusually large order by a regular customer deserves a note of appreciation. Any order acknowledgment, whatever the circumstances, should contain specific information. It should let the customer know exactly how the order is being handled by: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Mentioning the date of the order. Including the order or invoice number. Explaining the date and method of shipment. Acknowledging the method of payment.

Wallmart 2019 Logan Street Paramus, New Jersey 70622

April 11, 2012

BDRM Bedding Store 529 Eaton Avenue Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18115 Dear Gentlemen: Thank you for your recent order number 617. We are always delighted to serve you and we welcome you as a new client. Your order is: 50 beautyreat Euro Square Pillows, 75 Classic Reversible 3-piece Bedding comforter sets, 30 Timbertand Quit sets , 20 Twin microfiber sheet sets, 26 Queen microfiber sheet sets. The first consigned will be shipped on April 15, and the second one will be shipped when the twin and Queen microfiber sheet sets are in stock approximately on April 30. We will send the merchandise by air express. How will the payment be? Sincerely,

Paula Gomez Chair Person E. PĂŠrez

When a thorough response to an incoming letter must be delayed, receipt of the letter must be acknowledged, the inquiry will not be ignored and that it will be responded to as soon as possible. Informs your customer that you need time to process the request, necessary information or materials. A stopgap letter can also be helpful if your immediate supervisor is out of town. You can assure your reader that his letter will be give to your employer as soon as he returns.

Lowden Linen Company P. O. Box 762, Bloomfield New Jersey 07003

April 20, 2012

Mrs. Marianne Rollins 444 Ross Avenue Coldwell, New Jersey Dear Mrs. Rollins: We are acknowledging your inquiry of April 15 for the set of Floral mist queen-size Sneets and Pillow. Unfortunately, because of a factory strike, all orders have been held up, but we assure you that negotiations are progressing and a settlement is expected soon. Your order will be shipped as soon as the problem solved. Yours truly

Paula Gomez Reservations E. pĂŠrez

All inquiry replies should be answered, even those that, for some reason, cannot be given a complete response. An inquiry indicates interest in your company an inquirer is a potential customer. The inquiry reply should not only increase that interest, but also inspire the inquirer to action. The purpose of an inquiry reply is usually to give information.

The Hampshire School of Etiquette 1528 SE 3rd Avenue/ Portland OR 78821-4432

April 27, 2012

Mrs. Cindy James 1234 NE Hancock Drive Woodinville, WA 98072 Dear Mrs. James: Thank you for your letter of Friday, April 20, about next month’s weekly classes for young girls. We would like to explain that due to an overwhelming response to next months weekly classes seminar called “etiquette for tweens” will be available on Saturday afternoons for the next four weeks. We are sending a brochure of the class description and an enrollment form. This special program will give her confidence and poise in everyday and formal situations. We are looking forward to hearing from you after you have had a chance to look over the materials that I sent you. Yours very truly,

Paula Gomez Managing Director E. Perez

In that case, the correspondent must be directed elsewhere. A letter of referral acknowledges receipt of the inquiry and explains why and to whom it is being referred. Alternately you may find it more efficient to tell the correspondent exactly where and to whom he should write.

Best Wishes 4069 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10077

April 27, 2012

Maxine Sportswear Manufacturing Co., Inc. 842 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10018 Dear sir or Madam: We received your letter in which you requested information on wholesale prices on sportswear. Your request of information can be best answered by one of our dealers, Mr. James Wong. We assure you that he will be in touch with you soon. Sincerely yours,

Paula Gomez Human resources E. PĂŠrez

There are many times when a businessperson must say “no”. When saying “no”, you should never actually use the word “no”. Your letter should be as positive as you can make it. The actual refusal should be stated once and briefly. The rest of the letter should be readeroriented and very friendly. Rarely will you want a refusal to sever all business connections: therefore, you should be careful to keep you letter “open-ended”. Express appreciation for the request even though it is being denied, and if possible suggest an alternative course of action.

Horizon Technologies Inc. 325 Bedford High Wong Nashua, NH 03051

April 37, 2012

Mr. Arthur Adware Pacific Grout Properties L.P 2785 Kimberley Melbourne, Australia Dear Mr. Edward: Thank you for your recent request for the barcode scanning equipment upgrade. We are processing it in all of our stores. You have been negotiating the purchase of this equipment and requested a 25 percent volume discount. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a 25 percent, but we can give you 15 percent. Sincerely yours,

Paula Gomez Sales Manager E. Perez


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