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Comparison between Formostar Body Wrap and sudatonic body wrap

Drawback of Body Wrap bag System 

If you review the body wrap bag systems, you’ll notice that Sudatonic is almost identical to the I-FIT body wrap. Both of the body wrap bags are manufactured in China, extremely inexpensive to build and readily available for anyone with an internet connection.

Main Drawback of body wrap bag system is fail down within 6 to 8 months so that people have to replace entire body wrap bag system.

ď‚ž Another

big issue to these body wrap bag system is difficulty to cleaning inside it.

ď‚ž Body

wrap bags system can not to reach the necessary temperatures to increase the body core heat essential for fat break down, pain management and detox.

Formostar Body Wrap System ď‚ž Formostar

Body Wrap is the highest quality far infrared system on the market today which is made by our manufacture unit in the Las Vegas, U.S.

ď‚ž Whereas

our competitors like SUDATONIC are basically sales people for a Chinese manufacturer.

 The

Formostar uses infrared energy to increase the body’s molecular vibration. By vibrating the cell structures, the connections between the fatty deposits break down as the body absorbs the heat. This continuous vibration can then stimulate the blood circulation and increases the metabolism of the cells and tissues to encourage weight loss.


very popular salon chain was given several of the bags to their locations where we already had Formostar’s installed. They were placed side by side and used as a comparison for a certain period of time. In every application at every salon, the store managers returned the body wrap bags early, stating there was no comparison to Formostar.

Contact Formostar Physical Address 5040 Cecile Ave. Las Vegas, NV

Virtual Contact Phone:(800) 550-4056 Patryk's cell:(818) 486-1865 Tim's cell:(818) 519-4417 Fax:(702) 644-2473 Tim Luff

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Comparison between formostar body wrap and sudatonic :- Formostar Body Wrap is the highest quality far infrared system on the market today which i...

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