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Wake up. Shower. Breakfast. Work. Come home. Wake up. Shower. Breakfast. Work. Come home. Wake up. Shower. Coffee in your Plaid Cupcake Coffee Sleeve. Smile, skip and dance in the breeze of a lovely day. Fits 10-20 oz sized cups and made with a thin layer of insulation on the inside (for maximum finger protection) and modern, bright prints on the outside (for maximum fashion distribution). Toss in a backpack, glove compartment, or purse to always have on-hand. Reduce your carbon footprint AND turn your cup into a piece of art.

Just as your redeye has come to an end, you stand at baggage claim convinced the airline really did lose your luggage. Then, a glimmer of light: your Plaid Cupcake Luggage Tag attached to your suitcase. Or as you now see it: Your ticket out of traveler’s purgatory. All luggage tags include a plastic loop to attach to your luggage securely and is built with Peltex—a sturdy, firm material that holds up to anything the TSA can dish out. Plus, they’re covered in vinyl to keep any outside forces from destroying what’s inside. Can also be used to hold your ID, transit pass and more: * Perfect for gift cards * Tag birthday packages * Great wedding gift * Makes a stylish business card holder

“Hold on, I’ve got it right here. No, wait, it’s in the this pocket. Dangit, it’s so hard to see things in this purse. These coffees are on me you guys, now just give me a second to find my wallet. Nutso! Where is that thing?!?” Keep track of your valuables (and your sanity) with a Plaid Cupcake Card Wallet. Three separate pockets keep your credit cards, business cards, ID and train pass neat and organized. The back pocket has room to store your earbuds nice and neatly without getting snarled as well as your IPod Nano. With a quick snap, your Plaid Cupcake Card Wallet is shut tight.

Suitcase? Check. IPhone? Double Check. Passport? Ummm‌it’s here somewhere?! Dress up your passport and make it really stand out as you head through customs with a Plaid Cupcake sleeve. Forget mixing up your travel documents with the rest of your traveling clan as you breeze through security. Sleeves are easy to slip on and off as necessary. Guaranteed to get at least a few "oohs" and "ahs" from TSA agents, it may just make packing that much easier! Passport Sleeves double as adorable notebook covers!

Morning alarm set? Check. Feet tucked in under the comforter? Check. Favorite Plaid Cupcake Pillowcase beneath your little’s one’s head? Check. That’s everything then. They’re ready for dream-land.

Finish each day with decorative Plaid Cupcake Pillowcases that Mr. Sandman once described as “A dream.” Each case features a line of decorative stitching added between the two fabrics to give sleepy heads an extra special touch. Say “Goodnight Moon” and “Hello!” to Plaid Cupcake Pillowcases.

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The Plaid Cupcake Catalog  

Presenting the Plaid Cupcake Wholesale Catalog: Handmade accessories to sweeten your life.

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