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Apriil 15th


Patricia Bautista Pe単a (born July 28th , 1990) in Guadalajara Jalisco. She is an only child and lives with her mother. Mother and daughter enjoy spending time together and they realize a lot of activities together such as shopping, traveling and camping.

Patricia is, at this moment, studying Pedagogy at Universidad Panamericana, because she has a great interest in subjects related to her major and human resources. Patricia is a young lady dedicated on helping others, also cares a lot about her relationships with her friends and family. At school, is a student above the average, she loves reading papers about her major and is responsible with her homework.

For her immediate future, she wants to perform by her skills in an educative institution, working in team to reach objectives and with that, to achieve her goals.

Later, she hopes to own her own company, she has interest in the educational area and would like to own a care center of educational psychology with the goal of helping all kids with problems in the educational area and bring them all kind of services for helping them to incorporate to the school without a problem.


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