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From the day I started my practice, I have always said, and stuck to the idea that if I can't create a natural result, the surgery probably shouldn't be done. And I think one of the reasons patients have anxieties about pursuing plastic surgery is they don't want to look stretched or tight, and I completely understand that. And, if surgeries are planned correctly and done technically well, there's no reason to have that appearance; I don't think it benefits the patient. So, I really do prefer a natural result. I design my surgeries so that the results do look natural, and I think my patients are very happy about that. Well, currently, the people that pursue plastic surgery are 89% female. And that's changing a little bit over time, but, for the most part, still the majority of my patients are women. And I think women do think differently about pursuing plastic surgery, compared to my male patients. And, I think that I understand the way they think really well, because I am female, and I have to deal with my own aging issues and how I'm going to approach those from a plastic surgery care standpoint. So, I understand there they're coming from about just wanting to look youthful, not necessarily look 20 years younger than you are, but look as vigorous as you feel. And so, I think I connect with them on a lot of issues about aging and appearance, whereas with my male patients, I certainly relate to them very well, and I enjoy taking care of them, but I think the level of understanding is pretty good between me and my female patients. And, I think that some of my male colleagues, extremely technically adept, good at what they do, but from a communication standpoint, I think, maybe, I have a little bit of an advantage. Patti Flint MD PC 7301 East 2nd St Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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