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Editor’s Corner As a product of the Business Courses, we will produce a monthly newsletter about different technology/resources that we have utilized or come across. These are resources that can be used for educational or recreational purposes. We want YOUR help in publishing this newsletter. If you come across something fun or interesting, please let us know so we can share with everyone. Thanks, Business Ed. Department

Kaplan SAT Quiz U – A game that lets you practice your SAT knowledge

Quizlet : An app that can be used for finding flash cards pertaining to the topic you are studying.

 An App/Website that is a virtual “corkboard” utilized for sharing Business & Educational information.  Completely FREE!

 An APP that Teachers’ can use to create their own Textbooks!  You can insert video, pictures, hyperlinks, etc.

SoundHound: An app that allows you to play, hum, or sing any song. In as little as 4 seconds it names the song. This App extremely helpful for when you have a song on the tip of your tongue, and you can’t name it.

 An APP/Website that can be used to present Power Points over the internet.

 QR Scavenger Hunt:

Retail-Me-Not: An app that uses your location to pull up local sales and discounts and stores around you.

Dots: An app where you try to connect as many dots as possible in 60 seconds. When you connect dots; it removes the dots you connected from the game. You earn the most points by connecting the dots into squares.

OpenStudy: An app that offers 24 hour assistance from real people to help answer any homework questions you have. This app is helpful for you if you don’t understand your homework.

Trion Tech News Keynote

Stick Pick

Keynote is a new app for teacher’s created by Apple. This new app is great for presentations. It’s even been called “the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device”. You can display any presentation on any external display, navigate slides, view presenters notes, and use a laser pointer while presenting from your apple device. This new $9.99 app is worth the money!

This app is a new and easy way to pick kids in your class to answer questions and go up to the board. To find a random name; you simply shake your device. To pick a stick, you swipe upward on your screen, tap, or shake the device. For mischievous teachers, you can “peek” to pick a certain student. This app is only $2.99 , and is well worth the price.

WordPerfect: Create folders and documents, store files, keeps business moving, and you can even read email attachments and downloaded files! All with a simple tap! Teachers can create and save documents and images using this. Classroom Ideas to Go! : This app has great idea for every teacher out there. Teachers can find great ideas for hand-on activities and minilessons for every subject and season. MyHomework Student Planner: This Application’s clean interface and design make it essential for any college, high, or middle school students. It helps keep track of class assignments, so you won’t turn them in late! Did I mention it greatly reduces anxiety in students?

Trion Tech Newsletter Aug. Edition  

Newsletter created and shared by students about apps and websites that can be used in the classroom or for fun!

Trion Tech Newsletter Aug. Edition  

Newsletter created and shared by students about apps and websites that can be used in the classroom or for fun!