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1-15 January 2016

Local Sports Nat has an easy win! by Peter Blackburn Along with golfers from Colin’s Golf Bar we had a healthy number of four groups who were ready to tackle the “Monkey Course”, Bangpra. We had a late tee time of 11:30 am to qualify for the cheaper green fee rate so we departed Phantom Bar at around 9:20 am in hope of perhaps getting an earlier tee time. Arriving after the 42-minute journey we discovered that there had been a bit of a mix-up with the bookings and there was another golf society booked in at the same time. This was quickly sorted out and the somewhat “hysterical” co-organiser of the other golf society calmed down and it was decided that our golfers would tee off the 10th tee at 11:08 am. “Much to do about nothing” as the saying goes and our first group got away at 11:20 am with lovely

weather conditions, although hot with very little wind. The course was in great shape with the greens rather slick, so three putts were the order of the day for many. We proceeded at a fairly good pace on the first nine but that changed somewhat when we arrived at our 10th tee (the first) to find a Thai five ball who were very slow to say the least, therefore it was necessary to point this out to them after a couple of holes and to their credit the pace did pick up a bit. It was a very enjoyable round of golf on one of the oldest golf courses in the area and we finished in four hours and 20 minutes. Nat Rukkid continued her recent good form and her 38 points was easily good enough to give her first place with Torben Lindgaard finishing second with 35 points. There were four golfers on 33 points

so a countback was required which resulted in Marco Beer (21-point back nine) taking third spot from Tore Eliassen (20-point back nine) in fourth place. Craig Simpson (19-point back nine) and your writer, Peter Blackburn (16-point back nine), were the two that, just missed out.

2nd – Torben Lindgaard (28) – 35 points 3rd – Marco Beer (16) – 33 points 4th – Tore Eliassen (21) – 33 points

Results 1st – Nat Rukkid (20) – 38 points

LFPs 9th – Brad Robbins 18th – Colin Davis

NTPs 2nd – Nat Rukkid 12th – Nat Rukkid

PSC Golf from BJ's by Derek Brook

Pattana A & B Nines (Stableford) This promised to be fun, with the biggest turnout, probably, of the new high season. Dick thought it would be fun to run the different flights off different tees, so the A flight were to play off the white tees and the B flight to play off the yellow tees. Of course Dick volunteered to do all the splitting of the flights so who was I to complain. But of course I did. Finally at the course we got underway in nice time and then it was just a great day out. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best clubhouse around, but the course is also a fine course to play and as I was in a buggy and the other two walking I had time to smell the roses. The two walking in my group included my grandson

who was playing his first round in Thailand, and as he had been volunteered to play I even lent him my old golf shoes that had been in my cupboard for a long time. I did not realise till the soles came off and the caddies held them on with elastic bands that old shoes here dry up and the soles fall off. Oh fun! Still the walk around was much enjoyed and all had fun. Till we got back in and a hot shower saw us up in the restaurant where GS2 (grandson 2) and Nigel Perry decided the best way to beat the ++ was to drink jugs of beer. Mind we had plenty of time as the other groups slowly trickled in. All saying what a great day they had had. Somehow on the way back I came down the ‘bouncy bouncy road’ and it just gets worse. Better to miss it if you can. Still with so many

Winners of flights players, and even more signed up already for next week, we were back late and I got into the presentation as soon as I could. In the A flight, 0 to 18, played off the white tees, the winner was Bob Watson with 39 points, as this was shot by a 4 handicap player it was a one over round, great golf. We then had a countback on 38 points that saw Brian Gabe in second and Brian Parish in third. We then had a countback on 37 points that saw Maurice

Plumbs was ripe to be picked Twenty golfers set out from The Swan, the weather looked good and excitement was in the air. Playing off the white tees, the day seemed a little tough looking at the scores. This scribe did not play so not much can be reported from the golf. Roy hit form and for the first time this visit took home the goods, closely followed by Kissy Buchanan, then a countback separated George Wilson, our resident scorer John Anderson and Pierre Cere. Ebrahim was on target with the par 3s (near pins) with Paco putting with form (long first putts). Winners 1st Roy Dayton (21) 36 pts 2nd Keith Buchanan (17) 34 pts 3rd George Wilson (21) 31 pts 4th John Anderson (28) 31 pts 5th Pierre Cere (12) 31 pts

Roberts in fourth and Rob Brown just missing out. In the B flight the winner had the best score of the day. Nigel Perry won with 42 points ahead of Barry Elphick in second with 38 points, Torsten Bischoff in third with 35 points and Dick Warberg in fourth with 32 points. Then time for a cold one. TTFN. Near pin: Bob Watson, Dave Nicholson, John Anderson, AVD Long put: Maurice Roberts

by Peter Grey

NTPs 2 Ebrahim 6 Roy Dayton 13 Frank Riley 17 Ebrahim

Long Putt 9 Frank Waterhouse 18 Frank Waterhouse On return to The Growling Swan, we welcomed back both Terry Linklater and Ian Masterton. We also said goodbye to George Wilson and Colm Mullen, both returning to their respective homes. Wish you both safe travel. Deefa, The Growling Swan charity hound, collected donations and the players are thanked for their continued contributions to assist the needy children of Pattaya.

Winner Roy Dayton with Deefa, our charity dog

Pattaya Today Vol 15 Issue 08 - 1-15 January 2016  
Pattaya Today Vol 15 Issue 08 - 1-15 January 2016