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Devotees perform breathtaking rituals to honor legendary goddess Merit-making highlighted at Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew festival

A devotee walks barefoot over a bed of hot embers as he carries an image of Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew during the annual festival to honor the goddess of fire and water. It is believed that the ritual purifies the participants, proves their faith and fulfills their vows and helps ward off evil spirits while praying for luck and good fortune. (Full story on page 3)

2 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


Pattanakarn Road cleared of sludge after heavy rains

VOL. XXVI No. 19

Durian sales brisk despite high prices

Jetsada Homklin

Jetsada Homklin

Nongrue brought out the heavy machinery to clear Pattanakan Road of trafficinducing sand. Sub-district enginnering chief Thongchai Kamlangthai dispatched workers to the Pattanakarn Soi 8 intersection April 30 following complaints about sand blocking traffic. The sand ended up in the street after being washed down by heavy rain and after a 10-wheeled truck

The fruit everyone loves to hate – durian - is hot at Pattaya-area markets despite less-than-appetizing prices. With the hot season here, the rich notoriously aromatic “king of fruits” is moving well at Wat Chaimongkol Market in South Pattaya, even though prices are substantially higher than recent years. Current prices are 80-120 baht per kilogram. In 2015, prices were 70-80 baht per kilo. Last year 80 baht was the top end of the price scale. The smell of durian is “unique”. In many public places, its consumption is forbidden because the smell is so strong. Its texture is like custard and the taste like almond. Durian can help to reduce

Pattankarn Road Soi 8 intersection is now passable after the cleanup operations. spilled a load of soil. The operation took about an

hour allowing traffic to run smoothly again.

Hotel crackdown continues Boonlua Chatree Pattaya-area authorities continued their crackdown on illegal hotels, checking accommodations on Beach, Second and Third Roads. Banglamung District Chief Naris Niramaiwong and Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech and Tourist Police commander Pol. Lt. Col. Piyapong Ensarn led the May 1 inspection squad The majority of hotels, guesthouses and smaller apartments offering daily and monthly rents lacked documents to operate as hotels. Most were foreign-owned and a large number had foreign employees, all of whom were taken to the police station to verify their visas and

cholesterol because it contains polyphenols and fibers to reduce cholesterol. However, intake must be limited to a single dose a day to be useful. Moreover, durian has antioxidants. Hence, eating durian in proper portions will benefit health and prevent

diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others, its advocates claim. Durians may be a very good source of nutrients, but they are also high in calories and carbohydrates. A durian can have anywhere from 885 calories to 1,500 calories depending on its size.

Pattaya boosts staff at Bali Hai to aid tourists Jetsada Homklin

Authorities continued their inspection of hotels, guesthouses and smaller apartments in Pattaya. work permits. All the hotels will be given an opportunity to show the proper documentation or

apply for them if needed. Should they fail to comply, court orders will be sought to close them down.

Pattaya offers free checkups to the public Jetsada Homklin Pattaya public-health workers fanned out across the city this month to offer free checkups and help prevent contagious diseases. Public Health Director Supaporn Cherdchaiyapumi and Pattaya Deputy Mayor Vichien Pongpanit opened the May 2 outreach effort in the Soi Khopai Community where they were welcomed by neighborhood president Wirat Joyjinda. In addition to providing health checks and sending ill people to the hospital for treatment, the health staffers offered tips and advice as

Durians all around! The king of fruits attracts huge crowds around Wat Chaimongkol Market.

Pattaya will deploy more city workers at Bali Hai Pier to assist the growing number of tourists catching boats there. City spokesman Pinit Maneerat said May 3 that the move was aimed at bolstering marine safety and expedite boat traffic. A half-dozen staffers were sent last week to different areas at the large jetty, including the floating speedboat docks, bus depot and traffic circle to keep things moving. The staffing increase also comes after criticism from Chonburi’s governor that Pattaya was slacking off when it came to ensuring

Authorities sent several teams to Bali Hai Pier to assist tourists throughout the busy day. to u r i s t s a r e s a f e w h e n taking boats to Koh Larn,

scuba diving, fishing and other water sports.

Government inspectors check rabies-battle progress Health workers provided checkups on all various health issues free of charge. well as lectures on more-serious diseases. The healthy roadshow

continued May 3 at Pattaya School No. 8 and May 4 at Dongtan Beach.

Government inspectors visited Pattaya to check progress on how the province is combatting its rabies epidemic. Prime Minister’s Office inspector Jirayu Nantharathorn, labor inspector Atchara Kaewkamchaicharoen and

The panel of health and labor inspectors speak about the government campaign to combat rabies. public health inspector Dr. Suthep Petchmak met May 4 with Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai at the provincial hall to discuss both the central government’s anti-rabies campaign and its push to bring government services to local neighborhoods. Chonburi’s Livestock, Public Health, Social Welfare and Controller ’s departments also participated. Jirayu said the government

wants the province to collect and register all stray animals and ensure they are vaccinated against rabies. Rabies education programs for schools also were suggested while bureaucrats were told to report any shortages in rabies vaccine to the PM’s Office. The checkup follows the recent designation of Chonburi as a “red zone” for rabies outbreaks.

VOL. XXVI No. 19


Seafood stars at Amazing Pattaya Beach festival

Seafood ‘Pad Thai’ is a favorite amongst Thais and foreigners.

Jetsada Homklin Whether they ate from food trucks on dined elegantly at a sit-down, beachside gala, tourists and locals alike sampled some of East’s best at the Amazing Seafood Festival.

Chonburi Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai and area government and business leaders opened the May 4-8 festival on Pattaya Beach between Soi 2 and Central Road. About 150 seafood restaurants and vendors participated

Guests occupied hundreds of low dining tables covering the beach as far as the eye could see. in the food fair with professional chefs cooking up meals at an invite-only dining area that seated 2,000 people. The gala dinner was highlighted by appearances from leading food taster ML Pasan Sawadiwat and

Itthipol Kunplome, Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports and Wittaya Kunplome, Chairman of Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization pop open champagne bottles to open the seafood extravaganza.

Devotees perform breathtaking rituals to honor legendary goddess Merit-making highlighted at Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew festival Teerarak Suttathiwong Scholarships and food for the poor were donated at the annual Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew goddess festival. Nongprue Deputy Mayor Anak Pattanangam presided over the April 29 finale of the four-day festival at Chao Mae Lim Kor Niew shrine at its new location just off Highway 7. The Saengtham Sattha Pattaya Foundation organizes the festival every year to make merit and ask for prosperity from the fireand-water goddess. The group was established by Laksamin Wanset to support charity efforts and organizations. It is aimed at believers of the Lim Kor Niew Pattani goddess to help those in trouble and support non-political community activities. Rituals include entranced mediums carrying the Goddess’ image over flaming embers and through deep water. This year the group handed out 29 scholarships to local students and 388 bags of rice for the poor.

Devotees perform the ritual of bearing the image of Mae Lim Kor Niew through deep water. The Lim Kor Niew Goddess traces its origins to the southern Thailand province of Pattani between 400 and 500 years ago. It is believed a woman from the Chinese city of Kokkien came to Thailand to find her brother, Lim To Khiam and bring him home. However, when she found him she discovered he had married the Pattani governor’s daughter and

converted to Islam. She then committed suicide as she had pledged that if she could not bring her brother back, she’d rather die. The brother buried her in the Gruesae Village cemetery outside Pattani City and her soul is said to have supernatural powers. People visited the grave to receive good luck and thus the legend spread.

Thailand Top Chef May Pattanan Tongthong. The festival was broken into five areas that also featured 10 popular food trucks and a stage where Mind, Lula, Atom, Stamp Apiwat, Modern Dog, and Jetsetter provided entertainment. Apart from highlight seafood, the event also contained local foods, OTOP products, and Sriracha pineapple – a local pineapple which is provided for tourists with the purpose to broaden Thai fruits to become popular in the world. Furthermore, it was expected to attract tourists to boost up Pattaya City’s economy and to create a good image of Chonburi and Pattaya City

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 3

4 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


Family alleges monk killed at Huay Yai temple

VOL. XXVI No. 19

Top immigration cop stresses patience, politeness at Pattaya office

Teerarak Suthathiwong The son of a Huay Yai monk claims his father was murdered. Chotechontit Dontree, 33, and his uncle, a monk named Phra Vee, told reporters May 1 that they believe monk Thanphisit Dontree, 57, was killed in his cubicle dwelling at Tungkha Temple early April 29. Huay Yai police chief Pol. Col. Anan Phurahong said authorities initially ruled that the 57-year-old monk died of breathing problems or suffocation, but said the case was still under investigation due to evidence brought up by his relatives. Chotechontit said bruises were apparent on his father’s neck and his fingers and toes were curled up, which is consistent with strangulation.

Pol. Col. Manat Kachareewongsa (center wearing beret) poses with officers on his inspection trip to Chonburi Immigration Jomtien office.

Boonlua Chatree Phra Vee speaks to reporters about the suspicious circumstance surrounding his brother’s death. Phra Vee said he saw a young man enter his brother’s cubicle room around 5 a.m. April 29, but thought nothing of it since he saw Thanphisit was already awake.

However, Thanphisit didn’t join his brothers in collecting alms that morning and, when the group returned, Vee checked on his brother and found him dead in his room.

Passenger killed in Sattahip wreck Patcharapol Panrak One man died and another was critically injured when their speeding pickup crashed in heavy rain in Sattahip. Driver Kollawatch Muayman, 28, and Nattawat Sangworn, 24, were transported to Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center following the April 28 wreck on Sukhumvit Road near the 700 Rai Market, but Nattawat later died. Witnesses said Kollawatch was driving his Izuzu D-Max at high speed in heavy rain and lost control Rescue workers give medical aid to the on a curve and crossed the center occupants of the smashed pick-up. island, hitting the pole.

Khao Chee Chan councilman dies in crash

Pattaya’s trash crisis bursts seams at Wat Chai Boonlua Chatree Pattaya’s garbage crisis burst through the seams again, this time next to the revered Chaimongkol Temple where a mountain of smelly trash was left to rot. Social media excoriated city administrators for failing to resolve its long-running rubbish problems, saying a rotting pile of garbage outside a royally designated temple and a market popular with both locals and tourists was unacceptable. Trash pileups are nothing new at the Wat Chaimongkol Market, but vendors said the city has left them too few garbage bins, forcing them to dump trash in a pile that

A foreign visitor points at the huge pile of garbage in front of Wat Chai Mongkol. soon spilled into the street. Pattaya’s contract with its current trash hauler has expired and will not be renewed as the company refuses to invest in more trucks and

staff. In the interim, trash is being left to pile up around the city with officials saying all the local dumps are full and they are scrambling to find places to dispose of the waste.

Officials ignore irony of telling residents to dispose of trash properly

Patcharapol Panrak A member of the Khao Chee Chan council died when he slammed his car into the back of a garbage truck in Najomtien. Apichart Yartcharoen, 49, died instantly when his Isuzu Dragon crashed into a trash truck during a heavy rainstorm May 1. Rescuers had to cut his body out of the mangled vehicle. Truck driver Sanoh Wonglakorn said he had just left a gas station and was in the right-turn lane to make a Uturn when Apichart, moving at high speed, rear-ended him.

A top regional immigration official inspected the Chonburi Immigration Office, checking on investigation results and the wording officers used with foreigners. Pol. Col. Manat Kachareewongsa, deputy chief for Immigration Division Region 3, visited the Jomtien Beach office May 4 and had officers and staff retake the division’s oath

pledging loyalty to the monarchy, working honestly to help people and follow all orders and regulations. Moreover, Manat told officers they need to be patient, even in the face of rude foreigners; cope with difficulty, shun corruption, be fair, smart and alert. He also reviewed the language used by officers in dealing with the public before getting an update on investigations.

Warapun Jaikusol

Rescue workers use the ‘jaws of life’ to remove the driver’s body. Sanoh was taken in for questioning until police

could determine who was at fault in the deadly crash.

City Hall, which has failed to secure a new trash hauler or dumpsite, apparently didn’t see the irony when it warned residents to dispose of their garbage properly after recent storms paved Pattaya streets with garbage. Plastic bags, foam food boxes, empty bottles, paper and other waste littered the city following floods resulting from four steady days of rain in late April. City officials said the garbage tide is becoming a common thing due to residents’ carelessness. The trash, city hall pointed out, only exacerbates flooding as the waste clogs drains, many of which were packed with waste when city workers

Residents and community volunteers look in disgust at the garbage clogging the streets of Pattaya after every rain storm. lifted street grates May 2. around the city, causing trash Of course, a major reason for to fall into the street. all the trash is city hall’s failure Meanwhile, city officials to pick up the trash regularly. admit they dropped the ball After hiring a bargain-base- on hiring a new contractor ment trash hauler that refuses and all of Pattaya’s dumps to invest in more trucks and are full and no replacement staff, bins are being left full has been found.

VOL. XXVI No. 19


Royal Plowing Ceremony falls on May 14 National holiday - government offices and commercial banks will be closed The annual Royal Plowing Ceremony at Sanam Luang near the Grand Palace in Bangkok is of great significance in Thailand. This year the ceremony takes place on Monday, May 14. D u r i n g t h e c e r e m o n y, appropriate strains of different grains for cultivating crops are selected just prior to the planting season, and rituals are performed to interpret the year’s harvest. Grain selection is an important consideration when planting crops, as the crops rely on soil, ample rainfall and other natural factors. The Royal Plowing Ceremony signals the beginning of the planting season in Thailand. Two well cared for oxen of the same color pull an ancient plow, breaking the ground so that sacred seeds may be planted. Two other oxen wait in reserve. Two Brahman priests sprinkling sacred water along the path lead the

Oxen are guided by royal attendants during the Royal Ploughing ceremony in Bangkok. The ancient ritual is held in Thailand to mark the traditional beginning of the rice growing season. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit) royal procession, with its nine-tiered royal umbrella. Two pairs of female guardians carry grain in one gold and one silver container following behind the plow, seeding the tilled ground. Three circuits tilling the earth around Sanam Luang are completed and at the end the oxen are offered eight

types of food to select from: rice grain, corn, peas, sesame, liqueur, water and grass. Brahman priests then interpret their selection. Following the ceremony, many people collect the seeds from the ground to keep as sacred objects promising a prosperous year, while others sow the ceremonial seeds mixed in with other seeds to sanctify the season’s crop. The day is celebrated as a national holiday, and as such all government offices and commercial banks will close for the day. ATMs and most currency exchange booths, however, will remain open.

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 5

6 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Village Scouts reminded of Chonburi celebrates Labor Day civic duties at annual camp Jetsada Homklin About 250 Pattaya-area Village Scouts learned about unity, helping the government and assisting with traffic and disaster relief at the annual Banglamung Village Scout Camp. Former MP Poramet Ngampiches opened the April 27-31 Dhamma Samakkee Ruamjai camp at Pattaya School No. 6 with Nongprue Deputy Mayor Suwat Wattanakul, the Banglamung Village Scouts inspector, and Kana Nern-URai, Director of Chonburi Village Scouts training centre. Lecturer Chalor Kanseree

Former MP Poramet Ngampiches particpates in the fun activities at the Village Scouts Camp opening ceremony. gave the scouts knowledge on practicing to create group unity,

helping the government’s works, traffic and disaster relief.

Nongprue residents discuss ‘civil society’

Community leaders held educational sessions reminding citizens of their obligations to society.

Warapun Jaikusol Residents from across Nongprue Sub-District joined to study how to create a more civil society. Representatives from the Nongprue communities met May 2 at Nongprue Municipality

Kindergarten School for a seminar, the third in a series, focused on creating self-sufficient neighborhoods built on the philosophy of King Rama IX. Speakers talked about creating a ‘social contract’ tying together the hearts of

Thai people and leaving no one behind in community development. That means taking care of the poor and creating harmony. The workshop also provided knowledge on local administration, democracy and combatting drugs.

Next wave of government officers train in Chonburi Vice Minister to the PM’s Office Minister ML Panadda Diskul opened the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission’s second public service executive development program in Chonburi. The May 4 course at the Heritage Hotel in Muang District aimed to train the next generation of civilservice leaders. All the applicants must pass a

recruitment course and then be appointed as government officers under the commission. Panadda spoke to the recruits on the “inspiration to serve the government as a smart and good government officer”. Working in such jobs, he said, requires people to be visionary thinkers, developers and planners, maintain balance and take the initiative. (CPRD)

ML Panadda Diskul inspires new government officers to be smart and good at their jobs.

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Chonburi celebrated its workers at the annual Labor Day commemoration. Deputy Gov. Chaichan Iamcharoen presided over the May 1 event at the provincial hall that featured a parade, musical performances by labor union bands, booths selling locally made products and a Ministry of Labor exhibition. It also marked the start of the planting season, so prayers were made for a bumper crop. Chaichan said Labor Day is the time to remember and honor workers and make the country stable, wealthy and sustainable. Labor unions became legal in 1932 and Labor Day became

Chonburi Deputy Gov. Chaichan Iamcharoen strikes the huge gong declaring the May Day festivities open. an official holiday in 1956 with workers getting the day

off every year starting in 1957. (CPRD)

More than 6,000 jobs available at Chonburi fair

Hundreds of job seekers gather at the job fair seeking employment. Nearly 150 companies had more than 6,000 jobs on offer at a job fair for manufacturing workers in Chonburi. Labor Vice Minister Amnat Anardngam and Chonburi Gov Pakarathorn Thienchai opened the May 5 expo at the Amata City industrial estate where 141 firms sought applicants for 6,132 positions in the electronic, automotive, food, transport and construction sectors.

The high-tech job fair allowed workers to use their phones to scan barcodes to get lists of jobs available at each company, as well as get training for job interviews and meet company recruiters. The event also featured foot massages, stage performances, a singing contest, sales of agricultural products grown by both big farms and young farmers as well as locally made goods.

Pattaya cleans out illegal dump Jetsada Homklin City workers cleaned out an illegal dumpsite that had appeared in central Pattaya. Sanitation officer Thapida Suikamhai led the crew that fanned out on Soi Arunothai near Niran Condo May 4. They were joined by Chumsai Community President and local volunteers. City workers used heavy equipment and garbage trucks to remove the waste while joining volunteers in tidying up the landscape. City workers also cut back shrubs and trees where people had been dumping trash illegally. Pattaya urged neighbors to keep an eye out for illicit dumpers and immediately call police if they see anyone disposing of waste there. Wrongdoers will face a maximum fine according to the law.

(l-r) Amuay Muangthong, acting chair of Arunothai Community, Thapida Suikamhai, Sanitation Technical Officer, Pattaya City, and Jirawat Plukjai, chair of the Chumsai Community were instrumental in getting Pattaya City authorities to do a big cleanup of their communities.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 7


80% of speedboats move to Bali Hai after botched beach relocation Nopniwat Krailerg About 80 percent of the speedboats using Pattaya Beach have moved to Bali Hai Pier following the city’s failed attempt to move them a week earlier. Both tourists and boat crews manically scurried around the South Pattaya jetty May 8 looking for boats, berths and passengers. As expected, there weren’t enough docks for the boats, which is a major reason why the boat vendors ignored city hall’s May 1 “D-Day” to move off the beach where they have operated since the military mismanaged last year’s botched relocation. Komkrit Polvichit, head of the Special Affairs Division of the city’s municipal police, said about 80 percent of boats and ferries using the beach had moved, but others had to remain on the sand as they had pre-arranged to meet customers there long ago. He admitted that Bali Hai still needs development to handle the full load of boats that ferry people between the mainland and islands each day. Once the pier has adequate facilities, all operators will be forced to move.

Pattaya’s knee-jerk May 1 attempt to move all the speedboat operators to Bali Hai Pier failed miserably, with the city council admitting it had been too hasty. The council on April 24 reacted to criticism by Chonburi Province by announcing that, effective May 1, all tourist boats would again be banned from Pattaya Beach and required to use Bali Hai Pier. Deputy Gov. Chawalit Saeng-Uthai blasted Pattaya administrators for failing to follow through on last year’s plans to move the speedboat operators and claimed their indifference had created a safety problem.

City hall then announced a goal and a vague plan on how to achieve it. As widely predicted, May 1 dawned with 50 speedboats doing business as usual on Pattaya Beach with no one moving to the South Pattaya jetty. Nattapong Manasom, managing director of N.P.E. Tour Co., said he wasn’t even aware an announcement had been made a week earlier and no one in authority had told him to relocate his boats. He said tour groups book far in advance and giving operators such short to notify customers of changes to a departure site was unacceptable. Tourists gather on the pontoon ready to board their speedboats for a day out on the islands.

Komkrit Polvichit, head of the Special Affairs Division told reporters that almost all the boats have moved to Bali Hai pier.

Tourists make their way down from the pier to the pontoon to board a speedboat.


François Lecomte Longtime Rotary Club Pattaya Marina secretary and sergeant at arms François Lecomte died in his sleep in Pattaya on the night of April 21. He was 73. Lecomte was known for his tireless work for the Rotary, his exceptional friendliness and helpful personality, despite being confined to a wheelchair since youth due to polio. Born on Sept. 27, 1944 in Diges, France, Lecomte’s father took the family around the world through his job as a development manager.

But during their stay in Morocco, Lecomte, then 8, contracted polio. He was able to walk for several years, but

eventually his mobility succumbed to the disease. Despite his impairment, he never lost his sense of humor or adventure and and traveled the world during holidays from his job as the international freight manager at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Upon retirement in 2006 he moved to Pattaya, where he had visited regularly since 1975. Lecomte joined the Frenchlanguage Rotary club Pattaya Marina upon his arrival and remained active until the night he died.

Other operators also said they ignored the dictate because they weren’t given enough time to prepare and given no information on where at Bali Hai they were supposed to go. Others pointed out Bali Hai remains incapable of handling 50 additional boats and lacks enough toilets and other facilities to accommodate all the additional tourists. Maj. Gen. Popanan Luengpanuwat, head of the National Council for Peace

and Order in Pattaya, admitted authorities moved to quickly and called another meeting to plan a slower transition with the goal of moving the operators on May 7. It wasn’t the first time the council and military had to back off its relocation plans. In February last year the army barred speedboats and tourist ferries from using Pattaya Beach, forcing them all to utilize pontoons installed at Bali Hai Pier after the military demolished the

pier’s speedboat ramp and kicked operators out of the parking area. The new process quickly proved untenable as it became clear the military didn’t properly calculate how many speedboats needed dock space. Lambasted on social media and shamed by photos of long lines, disabled passengers unable to board boats and people falling on wobbly pontoons, the military relented and sent everyone back to the beach in March 2017.

8 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

What Camera?

Over the years I have often written about cameras and which one is the best for you. Let me assure you that this is not an easy task. One of the reasons being the fact that all cameras these days can provide excellent images, lenses are interchangeable and electronics are almost foolproof. Four years ago I was contacted by a reader, who after much comparison study had purchased a Lumix FZ 1000. Remembering my advice to

read…no…study, the manual in depth, he found the one for the Lumix was 366 pdf pages long, so no doubt he will be studying for some time. He found out first hand the dangers of just rushing out with shutter finger poised and in such a hurry to “show off” and try out his new camera, before studying the manual, that he took it to a family birthday party the very next day. The camera (set in auto mode) told him, in several instances, to open the (popup) flash and, of course, he didn’t know how to. Not too disastrous, but it was only later that he found that switch! While the manufacturers may believe they are doing the photographer a favor with a CD manual enclosed

in the new camera box, you can’t read a CD version of the manual at the birthday party, can you. I carry a hard copy of my camera’s manual in the camera bag at all times. After the kind note from the reader, I decided I would do a browse around one of the local camera shops (a few in Central Festival) and I was somewhat taken aback. It is quite some time since I actually bought a new camera, and I was well out of date. Top end cameras from the Nikon stables were astronomical in

price. A D series with a kit lens were around B. 90,000. Even the lower end of the Nikon cameras were around B. 30,000. Canon were in the 20-40 K range and Olympus OM cameras were 45-72 K. Even lenses were expensive, with after-market manufacturers like Tamron having lenses around 40K. I could see why the retailers were having to offer six month terms at zero percent interest. And I could also see why camera phones are just so popular.

Dear Hillary, My 23 year old GF wants to go to yoga classes, and wants me to go with her. I wouldn’t mind going once a week, but this is five days a week, and I’m over 60. Of course she has to have the lycra gear to go with it and a couple of changes for different days. I went with her for the first lesson and I was sore the next day. It might be fine for Thai women, but not for me. The GF is putting the weights on me to sign up (and pay for her as well). Ferdy

same. I’m not like that for one. Despite the writer’s pessimism, his 0.01 percent still works out as 1,000 women, even in Australia. I agree that if you want a ‘good time’, the good time girls are there to give it to you. A girl for the good times in life, is not a girl who is good for life times. It should also be understood that a beer bar is not an outside office for a marriage agency. I have said in this column many times that you don’t go into a hardware shop if you are looking for a piece of cheese.

Dear Ferdy, If it makes you feel better, most people who sign up for Yoga classes never go the whole distance. However, I think you should adopt the Empty Wallet position, followed by the Close the Door on Your Way Out pose. Ferdy, you are being taken to the cleaners while in the Lotus.

Dear Hillary, I enjoy your bits each week and the advice is right on. Somebody said you should get a raise from your editor and I reckon so too. You are doing a public service so you should get the top dollar. All the ones in the US like Oprah get big money, so should you. Keep up the good work. Hughie

Dear Hillary, I hear that one of your readers wants to apply the British Standard (BS) Duck Test to all women. “If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” He must have really lost a lot to be so bitter. All women are not the same. Thai women are not the same as western ones and bar girls are a different species altogether. He should stop feeling sorry for himself and get out and enjoy the company of the ladies in the bars. That’s what they’re there for. You don’t have to buy the entire library when you want to read a book. Jim from Oz Dear Jim from Oz, Despite the 50 percent divorce rate in many countries, including Australia, all women are very obviously not the

Dear Hughie, Aren’t you just the nicest man! Comparing poor little Hillary with the mighty Oprah! However there are some differences between us, you know. She’s in America, for one! You worry me though, when you say you “enjoy my bits” each week. What “bits” are we talking about here? Some of my bits are never discussed here in the column. This is a family newspaper Hughie. As far as a raise is concerned, I’ll show your letter to the editor, but he’ll just laugh and say I made it up. Dear Hillary, I’m a bit new to Thailand, so I’m probably not the first to ask this, but why do Thai women sit sideways on motorcycles? When did it start? Have they always done this?

In this column I have concentrated on the techniques in photography, hoping to impart some of the knowledge I gained from working in my own professional studio. For me, the cameras had to earn their keep and I had the full Nikon system, plus 2 ¼ square Hasselblads and Cambo 5x4 rail cameras. Some of these were expensive (then), but I had enough work for them to be able to afford the purchase. But I just wonder if that could be done today?

Pro shooters have a lovehate relationship with the photo libraries. Art directors like them as they want to be able to pick an image without having to hire the photographers and model fees. They also expect their backsides to be licked! All that the photographer can do is try and have his work accepted by a library, knowing that the library takes a good percentage of the fee off the top. (I was lucky to start with and my work was accepted by one of the many photo libraries – but unfortunately it folded, my slides were returned and it was back to square one.) Quite honestly, the majority of the top end cameras are really only for pro use. A savvy amateur can produce very acceptable images with the lower grade (around 3040K) cameras. Working out exposure is a thing of the past and the subsequent images stand or fall with the technique of the photographer. Start with the Rule of Thirds!

You would never see anything like this in England, so it really blows me away every time. Sideways Sam Dear Sideways Sam, You seem to have your eyes open here, but you must have had them closed in the UK. Go to any horsey event and you will see the women riding side-saddle. Even the Queen of England rode sidesaddle for the trooping of the color. However, getting back to your question regarding riding side-saddle here, it is for the sake of decency, young man. How can a woman in a long skirt, or even more in a short skirt, look polite and decorous with the hem hitched up above the hips, and legs hanging down each side of motorcycle (or horse, buffalo or elephant, take your pick)? Thai women have had wrap skirts for years and rode buffaloes side-saddle, long before the motorcycle arrived in the villages. Dear Hillary, I went to my usual barbers the other day to find it was closed. This was something new to me, so I drove around to see the next one, and it was closed as well. I have now been told that all barbers close on Wensdays (sic) and it was a Wensday (sic) that I was looking at. Can you tell me why they all want to shut on that day? I had to spend the rest of the afternoon in the pub instead. Hairy Harry. Dear Hairy Harry, Aren’t you lucky, it was just the Bar-ber that was closed, and not the Bar-beer! We consider it to be bad luck to cut your hair on a Wednesday, so the clever barbers may as well close, rather than spread the bad luck.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 9


Feeling a little ‘liverish’ today? Have you ever stopped to consider that the most important organs you have are all singletons, while with the less important ones you have a back-up duplicate? You have two lungs and you can get by on one, kidneys ditto, eyes ditto, hands ditto. But you only have one brain, one heart, one bladder, one uterus (ladies), one Willy (men) and one liver. Yes, one liver, one of the more important organs you possess. Without it you will die, whereas you can get by without a kidney, or a lung or an eye, for example. Yes, I’d rate my liver above my kidney any day. So what does this liver do? Think of your liver as a filtering and de-toxifying device. Chemicals are taken up by the liver, to be broken down into non-toxic chemicals, all to protect your total system. Clever organ your liver. The most well-known liver toxin is our old friend Ethanol, more usually referred to as grog or booze. That alcohol affects the liver is well known, with the end result being called Cirrhosis, a kind of fibrous hardening of the liver which then becomes unable to carry out its job correctly. Toxins build up. You feel unwell and it’s all downhill from there. But the list does not end there either. Some proprietary or prescription drugs can produce an inflammation of the

liver tissues too. Or worse, produce a breakdown of the liver tissue itself. Amongst these is the headache medication paracetamol (the ubiquitous headache tablets, for example), but before you throw them out of your bathroom cabinet, it requires some heavy and very frequent dosage of paracetamol to do this. Remember Paracelsus: “Dosage alone determines poisoning.” Other prescription items that may produce liver problems include Methyldopa, several penicillins, Simvastatin (the cholesterol lowering drug), Diclofenac (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) and Ketoconazole (anti-fungal). So we all know that prescription drugs (even though you can get most of them over the counter in Thailand) can be dangerous, that’s why they have a PI (patient information) leaflet inside the box, but what about “Health” food preparations? The purveyors of these all cite the fact that the ingredients are “natural” so everyone assumes that this means “safe”. Not quite so fast, I’m afraid. Lead, for example, is a naturally occurring compound, and not much good for young kidneys. However, since we are talking about liver problems, hands up all those of you who have heard of Echinacea? Supposedly fixes everything from falling hair to fallen arches - but is it “safe”? Well, Echinacea, along with Kombucha Tea are two of the commonest compounds

showing a well-documented history of being toxic to the liver. So if you’re sipping Kombucha tea because you’ve drunk too much alcohol, I would suggest that you stop right now! Others for sale in the Health Food shops with known toxic effects on the liver include Evening primrose oil, Valerian, Chaparral, Japanese Daisaiko-to (for dyspepsia), Chinese Jin-bu-huan and several forms of herbal teas such as those from Heliotroprium, Senecio crotalaria and Symphytum. Makes you think that the ‘Health’ shops that sell them may be incorrectly named, doesn’t it! But while the column this week seems to be spreading doom, gloom and disaster, it’s not quite that bad. There are tests we can do to see if the liver is in trouble. Liver enzymes can be measured in the blood and a Fibroscan will show if the liver is getting fibrous, on its way to Cirrhosis. The other good news is the fact that the liver is a very powerful organ and is capable of regenerating itself quite quickly, so in most cases of toxicity following ingestion of chemical compounds, by stopping taking them, the liver recovers and the patient feels well again. So remember that if you are taking anything regularly and you feel unwell, it may be the liver - but tell your doctor everything you have been taking! And no thanks, I’ll give the herbal tea a miss today.

Dutch probe ‘appalling’ euthanasia of dementia patient Maria Cheng In a rare series of moves, Dutch authorities are investigating whether doctors may have committed crimes in five euthanasia cases, including the deaths of two women with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. In one of the Alzheimer’s cases, which prosecutors began probing in September, a physician drugged the patient’s coffee without her knowledge and then had the woman physically restrained while delivering the fatal injection. The ongoing criminal investigation is the first since the Netherlands made it legal for doctors to kill patients at their request in 2002. Dutch prosecutors announced they were examining four other cases last month, including the death of another Alzheimer ’s patient who “lacked the capacity to express her own will,” according to a statement from the prosecutor ’s office. A spokesperson said that specific criminal charges, if any, would be determined only after the investigations are finished. Several legal experts said that if doctors were found to have killed patients without their explicit request, potentially they could be charged with murder. The investigations highlight the difficulties doctors face in handling euthanasia requests for those who later develop dementia. Mental decline can eventually make patients unable to understand the significance of their earlier demand to be killed, and as their brain changes, so can their personality and desires. “If you made a living will when you were competent and asked for euthanasia, do we attach more weight to

a decision you made when you were competent, or to your present situation where you’re no longer yourself and are no longer asking to die?” said Johan Legemaate, a professor of health law at the University of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is one of five countries that allow doctors to kill patients at their request, and one of two, along with Belgium, that grant the procedure for people with mental illness. For those with latestage dementia, euthanasia is still possible if the person made a written demand specifying the conditions under which they want to be killed and if other criteria are met, namely if the doctor agrees the patient is suffering unbearably with no prospect of improvement. Whether Dutch authorities prosecute the doctors in the two Alzheimer’s cases being investigated will likely set a course for how the increasing numbers of people with dementia who seek euthanasia will be handled. Since 2002, more than 55,000 patients have been lawfully killed by a doctor. About 6,500 cases were reported last year, of which 166 involved people with dementia. In the vast majority of these cases, the patients were still in the early stages of the disease and were competent to make a request for euthanasia. The case investigators began scrutinizing in September involved a 74-year-old woman who had renewed her living will about a year before she died, according to a detailed report issued by a Dutch regional euthanasia review committee. She wrote that she wanted to be euthanized “whenever I think the time is right.” Later, the patient said several times in response to being

In this April 10, 2001 file photo, thousands demonstrate outside Dutch government buildings as the Upper House of Parliament debates the legalization of euthanasia at The Hague, Netherlands. In 2018, the Netherlands is one of five countries that allow doctors to kill patients at their request, and one of two, along with Belgium, that grant the procedure for people with mental illness. (AP Photo/ Serge Ligtenberg, File) asked if she wanted to die: doctor should have stopped. “But not just now, it’s not “On the morning of the euso bad yet!” according to thanasia, when her family the report. was present, the patient was The committee wrote that even making plans to go out to when the doctor surrepti- eat with them,” the report said. tiously slipped a sedative The examining judge will into the patient’s coffee, she soon hear witnesses and retook away the patient’s ceive expert reports before dechance to physically protest ciding whether to charge the her death. When the doctor doctor with a crime in the case. began administering barbiAmong the four remaining turates to end the patient’s cases, one other suspicious life, the woman tried to get euthanasia death is also being up and the doctor asked her examined by the prosecutor’s family to hold her down. office in The Hague and three The doctor said she was other cases are being investifulfilling a written request the gated in the northern and patient made for euthanasia eastern parts of the country. years earlier and that since The 2016 case has divided the patient was not competent, opinion even among those nothing the woman said who support assisted dying. during her euthanasia pro“This case is appalling,” cedure was relevant. said Dr. Boudewijn Chabot, “Even if the patient had a euthanasia advocate who said at that moment: ‘I don’t was involved in a historic want to die,’ the physician case at the Supreme Court would have continued,” the that helped set the legal concommittee wrote, citing the ditions for the procedure. He doctor’s testimony. Given said the euthanasia of the the clear signs the patient Alzheimer’s patient “goes was struggling to protest her beyond the law as we underdeath, the committee said the stand it.”

Some physicians said it was problematic to kill people with late-stage dementia because it’s hard to know what their wishes truly are. Dr. Amanda Thompsell, chair of old-age psychiatry at Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists, said it can be risky to assume how much a dementia patient is suffering mainly by observing them. “If the person says they don’t want something, then we have to accept that,” she said. Other experts said that it can be ethical to act without patients’ full understanding, such as when they are covertly given medicine, if it helps the patient or if it is consistent with what the patient wanted. “You respect the patient’s choice, in a situation where nothing else can be done to

help,” said Suzanne van de Vathorst, an associate professor of medical ethics and philosophy at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Ghislaine van Thiel, a medical ethicist at Utrecht University Medical School, said she would be surprised if Dutch prosecutors don’t take the 2016 Alzheimer’s case to trial. “We are definitely crossing a line if we’re overruling the wishes of incompetent patients to live, because a will to live is your basic, fundamental right,” she said. “This is such a big discussion that we need the consideration of the courts to set standards on how the law views the rights of people with dementia and how we should consider their wishes.”


FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


Odds and Ends The Associated Press

50 Shades of Neustadt? Germans’ bondage prompts false alarm Berlin (AP) - German police say they rushed to an apartment in the southwestern town of Neustadt after receiving a call about suspected domestic abuse - only to barge in on a voluntary class on Japanese bondage. Neustadt police said Thursday a concerned neighbor called to report that two men were abusing a half-naked woman in a nearby apartment. When police arrived they instead found the tenant, a teacher of Japanese Shibari, instructing a couple in the basics of erotic bondage. In a statement headlined “Fifty Shades of Neustadt,” police said “the couple was well and in a good mood” when they inquired about their situation Wednesday night. They even offered to have the officers participate in the class, but the police politely declined.

0.5K charity road race in Texas starts and ends with a beer Boerne, Texas (AP) - So many people have registered for a very short road race near San Antonio that no other “underachievers” are allowed to enroll. The first Boerne (BER’-nee) 0.5K took place May 5 in the city of the same name. Organizers say their city permit won’t allow more than 100 “fellow underachievers” on the 546-yard (499meter) course. Race entry costs $25. The event is raising funds for Blessings in a Backpack, which provides foods at the weekend for underprivileged children. There’s also a VIP option: For big shots not wishing to expend any energy, a 1963 Volkswagen bus will transport them the length of the course for an extra $25. A couple of brewpubs are sponsoring the event, and participants will get free beer at the start and finish lines.

Airline passenger fined after keeping free airline apple Denver (AP) - The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has fined a woman $500 for not declaring she was bringing a free apple into the U.S. that she received on her Delta Air Lines flight from Paris. Crystal Tadlock tells KDVR-TV in Denver that flight attendants had passed out the apples and she placed it in her carry-on to save for her flight from Minneapolis to Denver. Her bag was randomly searched by Customs. Tadlock says the agent asked her if her trip to France was expensive and when she said yes he told her it was about to get more expensive after charging her $500. Delta says it recommends all passengers comply with Customs regulations. Customs declaration forms ask passengers if they are bringing any fruits or vegetables into the country.

German cops nab pair with 130 pounds of stolen chocolate Berlin (AP) - Two people are under investigation in Germany after being caught in possession of some 60 kilograms (130 pounds) of stolen chocolate. Braunschweig police said Thursday a 35-year-old woman was nabbed by an alert cashier at a supermarket on Tuesday as she checked out only a few items but had 9 kilograms (about 20 pounds) of purloined chocolate concealed under her floor-length skirt. Upon further investigation, police found another 50 kilograms of chocolate bars, boxes of chocolates and other confectionery stashed in five bags with her 39-year-old accomplice in a car outside. Police say “even for those with a high affinity for chocolate the amount of candy found could not be considered for personal use.” The two are under investigation for commercial shoplifting. Officers have confiscated the sweets.

Crossword No 1293

(Craig Michaud via AP)

sponsored by

Massic Travel

Across 1 Opening ploy in chess (6) 4 Canal boats (6) 8 Wash in clean water (5) 9 Be without hope (7) 10 Charged with an offence (7) 11 Burdened (5) 12 Bargain-priced (4-5) 17 Overhanging roof edges (5) 19 Instigated (7) 21 Make damp (7) 22 Cost (5) 23 A small quake (6) 24 Without payment (6)

Down 1 European language (6) 2 Threatened (7) 3 Notions (5) 5 Exonerate (7) 6 Sentry (5) 7 Dash (6) 9 Inference (9) 13 Italian rice dish (7) 14 Lover of one’s country (7) 15 Protective headgear (6) 16 Vipers (6) 18 Put into words (5) 20 High-spirited escapade (5)

Answer to 1292 Across: 1 Yank, 3 Adorable, 9 Uniform, 10 Worth, 11 Green, 12 Serial, 14 Signet, 16 At once, 19 Crease, 21 Tacit, 24 Reach, 25 Exhaust, 26 Overseas, 27 Fear. Down: 1 Youngest, 2 Noise, 4 Damask, 5 Rower, 6 Bargain, 7 Echo, 8 Lounge, 13 Testator, 15 Garbage, 17 Tetchy, 18 Peseta, 20 Aches, 22 Chute, 23 Trio.

Ten-Minute Sudoku An easy Sudoku puzzle that should not take long to complete. The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Each row must contain one of each digit. So must each column and each 3x3 box. Answer next week.

Last week’s answers:

No. 196

2 men use signs to spread happiness Nashua, N.H. (AP) - Two New Hampshire men are trying to spread some positivity in Nashua with their feel-good signs. NH1 reports Greg Amaral and Wendell Walker have stood in downtown Nashua with signs carrying positive messages each weekend since Easter Sunday. They say their goal is to encourage people to be happy and follow their dreams. Photographer Craig Michaud shared a picture of the pair on Facebook. Michaud tagged Mayor Jim Donchess, who later shared the post on his page. Donchess appreciates Amaral and Walker’s campaign. He says they’re helping Nashua become “a city of kindness.” Amaral says they’ve seen “an outpouring of beautiful people” since they started their mission. The duo welcomes anyone who would like to join them.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

Answers next week.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018



China’s looks to Silicon Valley center for innovation Anne D’innocenzi New York (AP) - Self-driving delivery vehicles that are polite to pedestrians? Faster and more precise robotic arms?, the largest challenger to Alibaba’s e-commerce empire in China, is investing in technology to speed up warehouse operations and delivery to shoppers who want service quickly. In China, it’s testing drone delivery, has opened an

automated warehouse that’s improved on manual sorting, and it’s testing deliveries using unmanned vehicles at universities in Beijing. It also uses these self-driving vehicles that look like rolling ice cream carts to move goods inside its warehouses. Though it does not sell in the United States, the Beijing-based online retailer is also leaning on its 2-year-old research and development lab in Silicon Valley to recruit top talent and get access to

Dr. Hui Cheng, the head of robotics research at JD.’s Silicon Valley Research Center. (Michael Toth via AP)

European Space Agency releases 1st image from Mars orbiter

The European Space Agency has released its first image taken by a probe orbiting Mars, showing the ice-covered edge of a vast crater. (ESA/Roscosmos/ CaSSIS via AP) Berlin (AP) - The European Space Agency has released the first image taken by its Trace Gas Orbiter showing the ice-covered edge of a vast Martian crater. Scientists combined three pictures of the Korolev Crater taken from an altitude of 400 kilometers (249 miles) on April 15. Lead researcher Nicolas Thomas said Thursday the colors in the resulting image were also adjusted to best resemble those visible to the human eye. The camera used is one of four instruments

on board the orbiter, which is designed to look for gases such as methane that could indicate biological or geological activity on Mars. The orbiter begins its mission to look for the trace gases this month. Thomas said the camera will allow scientists to inspect areas where gases are found, monitor Mars for signs of change and help scout the planet for future landing sites. Europe plans to land its own rover on Mars in 2021. A European test lander crashed on the surface of Mars in 2016.

Scientists release most detailed star chart of the Milky Way Berlin (AP) The European Space Agency released the most accurate census yet of stars in the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies Wednesday, providing astronomers with a wealth of new data for further research. The high-precision measurements about the distance, motion, brightness and color of almost 1.7 billion stars were collected by the space agency’s Gaia probe between July 2014 and May 2016. Hundreds of scientists and software engineers took years to process the data and create a catalog of stars from which they were able to generate maps, including of the asteroids in our solar system and even a three-dimensional chart of some nearby stars. Antonella Vallenari, one of the lead scientists involved in the project, said astronomers have gained new insights

This image provided by the European Space Agency ESA, is Gaia’s all-sky view of our Milky Way Galaxy and neighboring galaxies, based on measurements of nearly 1.7 billion stars. (ESA via AP) into the life cycle of stars and how the Milky Way was formed. One theory supported by the observations is that our galaxy was struck by material from another, resulting in ‘ripples’ of stars moving in an unexpected way compared with the otherwise uniform motion of stars in the Milky Way, said Vallenari.

ESA said professional and amateur astronomers alike will be able to access the data and hunt for new discoveries. It’s the second release following the publication two years ago of a smaller batch of measurements covering 2 million stars. Further data releases are planned in the coming years.

This undated image provided by shows an autonomous delivery vehicle. ( via AP) tech startups. The goal: Bring that expertise back to China. Dr. Hui Cheng, the head of robotics research at JD.’s Silicon Valley Research Center, recently spoke with The Associated Press about the priorities of the lab, the “spoiled” Chinese consumer and the prospect of talking robots. Under Cheng, who previously worked on Amazon Go’s cashier-less store project, JD is working on areas like artificial intelligence. Cheng says the center’s main goal is to serve people in China and Southeast Asia. He says he’s not planning to use the center as a foothold to launch in the U.S. and directly challenge Amazon.

The following interview was edited for length and clarity. Q. How is the Chinese consumer different from the American consumer? A. (Chinese consumers) are a bit spoiled. It’s all about free service. Also, they’re expecting highquality products. We can directly deliver to people’s doors, a bit different from the U.S. where they just drop it off. Our delivery employees are in charge of certain geographical areas and are very familiar with the customers in those areas. They know when they’ll be home. They call when they get there. They’re very accommodating.

Q. What are your main priorities at the Silicon Valley center? A. We’ve been testing indoor and outdoor autonomous deliveries. Robotic arms. We’re developing stateof-the-art technologies in many areas like artificial intelligence and natural-language processing. Q. What about the autonomous cars? A. We are emphasizing social robots. How are they going to be part of the social environment? How are they going to interact with pedestrians? How will they be polite? We don’t want them to be considered threatening or dangerous. Q. Will they be able to talk? A. We are developing a lot of natural-dialogue capabilities so they will know how to speak in the future. Q. Has the Uber pedestrian crash slowed research into autonomous vehicles? A. Our vehicles operate on sidewalks at about five or six miles per hour and they’re much smaller than passenger cars. They’re extremely safe. Q. Are you testing drone work in Silicon Valley? A. There’s some cutting-edge technology (in Silicon Valley), but we are not actively testing or developing software in drones.

EU moves to full ban on pesticides that harm bees Raf Casert Brussels (AP) - The European Union made a key breakthrough on Friday to completely ban pesticides that harm bees and their crop pollination. The 28 member states got a large majority, representing some three-quarters of its population, backing the ban on the three prevalent neonicotinoid pesticides which will take effect at the end of the year. The decision builds on a limited ban which has been in effect since 2013. Antonia Staats of the Avaaz campaign group called it a “beacon of hope for bees. Finally our governments are listening.” Over the past several years, there’s been an alarming drop in bee populations and there were fears it would start to seriously affect crop production since bees are necessary for the spread of pollen and reproduction. The EU says it used a scientific review to identify pesticides as one of the factors causing the decline along with disease and climate change among others. Swiss agribusiness company Syngenta called the decision

The European Union has made a key breakthrough to completely ban pesticides that harm bees and their crop pollination. The 28 member states got a large majority backing the ban on the three prevalent neonicotinoid pesticides which will take effect at the end of the year. (AP Photo/Andy Duback, File) “disappointing” and added that “evidence clearly shows that neonicotinoids pose a minimum threat to bee health compared to a lack of food, diseases and cold weather.” Others disagree. “There is abundant evidence from lab and field studies that neonicotinoids are harmful to bees, and a growing body of evidence linking them to declines of butterflies, aquatic insects and insect-eating birds,” said Dave Goulson, biology

professor at the University of Sussex. “The EU decision is a logical one,” he said. The European Commission is set to adopt the decision in the next few weeks and the ban will kick in by the end of the year. The three pesticides will only be allowed for use in greenhouses where there is no contact with bees. EU nations, environment groups and industry have been bickering over the issue for almost a decade now.

12 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College welcomes students to the new term Derek Franklin Fifty-five new students were welcomed to Pattaya when the newly named Pattaya Redemptorist Technological College for People with Disabilities opened after the summer holidays. Fifty-five students who arrived from all over the Kingdom. They came from the troubled provinces in the south, and from Chiang Rai in the north. Others arrived from Bangkok, and from town and villages running along the border with Myanmar, while others are from the opposite side of the country, bordering Laos and Cambodia. But no matter where they came from, they are all in Pattaya for the same thing, to learn.

Father Michael, Director of the College, welcomed all the new students to Pattaya. First day of a new term is the teaching faculty and the always nervous day for the current students, and yet new students at what used to they did not smile much. be named the Redemptorist They wheeled their chairs Vocational School for people with their eyes down towith Disabilities, or Mahatai wards the ground. They walked on crutches, head to the locals. They were welcomed by bowed towards the ground,

all of them lacking confidence and self-esteem. After being welcomed by Father Michael Picharn Jaiseri, Director of the College, the students were presented with their new uniforms, and helped into them by their new teacher before having white string tied to their wrists to wish them the best of luck. For the next two years they will study hard, it will not be easy. But the college will not only teach the students their chosen subject, it will teach them their rights as a citizen of Thailand and it will teach them how to live in society as a person with a disability. After two years they will have the education, the knowledge, skills and the confidence to join the workforce as equals. They will have self-esteem and self respect and will hold their head up high. How many readers were told that your school days

The ‘sai sin’ or sacred thread was tied onto wrists to provide protection, good health and luck. ‘are the best days of your life’? The next two years will not only be the best two of their young lives, but it will change these new students and their attitude so much that they will be almost unrecognizable. But no matter how nervous they looked on their first day of the new term, they will be

just as nervous when they find out that the annual sports competition will be taking place in July, and every single student is expected to participate in at least one event. No excuses. More information can be found at or email

BHP teaches kids to make get-well cards Warapun Jaikusol

Teachers help the students into their new uniforms.

Father Michael also welcomed the new volunteer English teachers.

100 ASEAN students meet in Pattaya for ‘green’ camp

More than 100 youths from around Southeast Asia formed an alliance to protect the environment at the ASEAN Youth Camp in Jomtien Beach. On April 25, the students More than 100 youths from experiences, discussed the around Southeast Asia formed environment around them, went to Rayong to view foran alliance to protect the their schools, studies and more. estry projects and visit the Thailand’s contingent sug- Sea Turtle Conservation environment at the ASEAN Youth Camp in Jomtien Beach. gested the other countries Center. The following day Chonburi Deputy Gov. pursue environmental con- they headed out to Manai in Phawat Lertmukhda wel- servation by adopting HM Rayong where they learned comed Minister of Natural King Rama IX’s “sufficiency how coral is planted, while Resources and Environment economy” philosophy which also getting in the water to Surasak Karnjanarat to the leaders claimed had helped observe see turtles. On April 27, the group Royal Cliff Grand for the the kingdom improve its made a field trip to the opening of the April 24-30 environment. Thai organizers also pushed Maptaphut industrial zone camp for students from the Association of Southeast back against current high- where they saw how a factory Asian countries and other tech communications methods, produces polycarbonate. And, stressing “standard methods finally, on April 28 the kids East Asian nations. The event was aimed at of teaching” to bring the green ventured to Phanat Nikhom driving environmental con- message to attendees, as District where they were introservation through youth par- well as organizing hands-on duced to conservational activities and projects. (CPRD) ticipation. The kids exchanged activities.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya hosted a “Healthy Family” workshop so kids could make gifts for hospitalized relatives. BHP staffers showed the children how to make “popup” cards that look simple but can be complicated to make. By cutting different corners in different shapes, cards can be both creative and fancy. The kids created cards that can be used as get-well greetings or for birthdays and holidays.

Mothers and their children enjoy making greeting cards at the workshop. The activity was organized a good number of people, to let people create gifts for with the majority being moththeir loved ones. It attracted ers and children.

Scholarships to be won in ‘Chonburi Sightseeing’ painting contest

The organizers and local residents including their children pose for a group photo after the announcements were made.

Warapun Jaikusol The Chonburi Toursit Attraction Association is inviting local youths to compete in its first painting contest to promote local sightseeing. A seminar was held May 1 at the Hotel J Pattaya where Association President Wasan Temsiripong together with Mana Yaprakam, chairman of Independent Artists Group

and Watcharapol Sansorn, deputy director of Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Pattaya office announced details of the contest which runs until Aug. 1. The association wants to give Chonburi children an opportunity to show off their artistic talents and win a 10,000-baht scholarship. The theme of “Chonburi Sightseeing” will highlight

local tourist attractions. The contest is open to Thai children up to age 12. The young artists can submit up to two A3-size paintings to P.O. Box 147, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 before Aug. 1. For more information, email: chonburidrawing@gmail. com or call 089-668-4460. Winners will be announced on Facebook with awards presented Nov. 30.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 13


Kvik Danish Kitchens opens Pattaya showroom Staff reporters

Mr. Iain Flitcroft, master franchise for Kvik Asia and Mr. Jacek Paruch, MD of Kvik jointly declare the business open.

Kvik Kitchen Design at Baan & Beyond is now open for business.

Destination LONDON

Danish home furnishings retailer Kvik opened its first area showroom at South Pattaya’s Baan & Beyond. Asian franchise owner Iain Flitcroft and Managing Director Jacek Paruch presided over the ceremonies and jointly cut the ribbon to officially open the new outlet. Kvik sells Danish-style kitchenettes, bedroom and bathroom furniture that offers a great modern living style. All products are focused on real materials instead of artificial wood and durable facilities for a longer lasting experience. All products on offer are imported from Denmark and are deemed significantly lower cost compared to other similar products, furniture and facilities offered in Asia. The company’s concept is “sociable kitchen”, which brings out a new living style and a kitchen that can facilitate all family members. With the growing population of foreign expats in Pattaya, Kvik is the answer

The pleasant and friendly staff of Kvik is ready to serve you. to all needs in terms of house ware and more. For private retail customers Kvik currently has a fantastic deal on offer for the first 30 customers to buy from the Pattaya store with discounts of 30% on furniture. The Kvik Pattaya store is owned and operated by


18000 37500 17000 13500 14000 11000 25000 11000

++ 3M ++ 3M ++ 12M ++ 12M ++ ++ 1M ++ 21D BY 31 MAY ++ 12M


82000 ++ 82000 28000 29000 68000 102000 73000


++ 12 M ++ 12M ECO PREMIUM ++ ECO PREMIUM ++ 12M ++ 21D BY 31MAY ++ 2M

DUBLIN/GENEVA /FRANKFURT 13000 ++ 12000 ++ 7500 ++

1M 1M 6M

75000 ++ 69000 ++ 65000 ++

12M 12M 2M BY10MAY

1M 12M

94000 ++

6M 12M

++ ++ ++ ++

7D 14D 4M 14D

11000 ++


11000 ++ 6000 ++

14D 12M


and have confidence that their requirements are both understood and translated into their kitchen design.” The Kvik Showroom is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 091-0079275 to make an appointment or visit or its Facebook page.



Jacek Paruch. Jacek speaks English, Polish and Russian and his team speaks English and Thai. Iain added, “Designing and buying a kitchen can be a complicated process and of course, a significant financial commitment, so it is essential that our customers can communicate well with our team

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CHINA VISA ASSISTANCE SERVICE THAI PASSPORT HOLDERS 5 WORKING DAYS 3,600.EUROPEAN PASSPORT HOLDERS 5 WORKING DAYS 6,400.Need: Passport, 2”x2” photos Permanent residence permit/Work Permit/Retirement visa ALSO. Assist with Vietnam. Myanmar,India visas. Application assistance for US, UK, Schengan visa



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14 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Roads less travelled When I was a spotty teenager back in The Old Country and being tutored and otherwise prepared for my eventual arrival at music conservatory, my teacher was constantly frustrated that I would spend precious time listening to what he considered obscure music. I had a passion for romantic violin concertos that no one else seemed to have heard of, and I developed an intense interest in Eastern European classical music. “That’s all very well,” he would complain, “But you must get to know your Beethoven and Brahms instead of all that obscure stuff.” Well, eventually I did

Francisco Lacerda. get to know “my Beethoven and Brahms” but the music by more obscure composers

always remained a fascination. It still does. We tend to forget that there are thousands more obscure composers than well-known ones. Wikipedia for example, lists hundreds of people who were composers during the classical period but few of those names are known today. It is not that they were incompetent, far from it. However, if you were to put on a concert today consisting entirely of music by Ignaz Holzbauer, Antoine Dauvergne and Gottfried Homilius I bet you wouldn’t sell many tickets. Yet these now-forgotten composers were contemporaries of Haydn and Mozart and considered leading musicians in their day. Then there are those composers who are remembered today for a single piece. The German baroque musician Johann Pachelbel is known to most people by a single work, his famous Canon. But he also composed a huge body of sacred and secular music and is considered by historians as being among the most important composers of the middle Baroque.

Francisco de Lacerda (1869-1934): Almourol. ESML Symphonic Orchestra cond. Vasco Azevedo (Duration: 04:25; Video: 480p) Just in case you’re wondering, ESML stands for Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (which hardly requires translation) and this excellent performance was given by the college orchestra. Lacerda was born in the Portuguese islands of the

Azores which you may recall are a cluster of islands in the North Atlantic about 850 miles west of Portugal. He later studied at Lisbon Conservatoire but more importantly in 1895 he headed off to Paris, the magnet for any musician or artist with professional aspirations. He studied at the Paris Conservatoire and made contact with the leading musicians of the day. Lacerda led a busy professional life as an orchestral conductor both in Paris and Lisbon. He had little free time to compose, with the result that his output is relatively modest. He wrote a mere handful of pieces for orchestra and a dozen or so pieces for piano. Almourol dates from 1926 and is considered one of his finest works. It’s a short symphonic poem in an impressionist style, inspired by the legends that surround Almourol Castle in Portugal. The music has a haunting quality with rich harmonic sonorities, strangely Moorish melodies among the woodwind instruments and a dramatic climax at about 03:00 after which the music gradually fades away.

Almourol Castle is still there, standing on an island in the middle of the River Tagus in central Portugal. It was originally part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar and today it’s a popular tourist attraction.

Anatoly Lyadov (1855-1914): The Enchanted Lake, Op. 62. American Youth Philharmonic cond. Daniel Spalding (Duration: 07:10; Video: 720p HD) Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov was a Russian composer, teacher and conductor. I wouldn’t class him as an “unknown” but today his star shines less brightly than those of his Russian contemporaries RimskyKorsakov, Borodin and Tchaikovsky, all of whom Lyadov knew well. He was born in St. Petersburg into a family of eminent musicians and as a teenager entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory to study piano and violin. It seems he had a natural musical talent and during the

1870s became associated with some of the top Russian composers of the day. Unfortunately, Lyadov was famously lazy. He entered the composition classes of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov but was eventually expelled because he rarely showed up. Many of his compositions were never completed. Even so, Igor Stravinsky remarked that Lyadov was as strict with himself as he was with his pupils, writing with great precision and demanding fine attention to detail. The Enchanted Lake is a splendid example of Russian impressionism. The idea for the work came from a fairy tale yet this piece is not a narrative but a reflective musical picture. There’s an overall sense of calm interrupted by sudden flurries and moments of turbulence, perhaps representing a gust of breeze or the arrival of some magical spirit. Fragments of melodies emerge and fade away again and the work ends as wistfully and quietly as it began. The work is mostly in the tricky key of D flat which couldn’t have won the composer many friends among the local string players.

To watch these YouTube videos, either use your Smartphone to read the QR codes or go to this article online, click on the “live” links and go direct to the videos. If you have a laptop, sound quality can be improved significantly by using headphones or external speakers.

‘Miss Subways’ is a quirky novel by David Duchovny Jeff Ayers Though primarily known for his acting roles in TV series such as “The X-Files,” David Duchovny has the writing gene as well. “Miss Subways” is a quirky, wholly original — and at times baffling — novel that tackles an Irish myth and gives it a contemporary spin, mixing it with legends and stories from other worlds. What starts as a simple story of a woman in love turns into a battle with fate. Emer commutes every day on the New York subway to her job, and she daydreams of a better life. Her boyfriend, Con, lives with her and is a struggling writer. One night after a lecture, she waits for him to come home while he hangs out with a mysterious woman named Anansi. In the middle of the night, she gets a knock

at the door expecting Con. But it’s a tiny doorman named Sid who tells her she must make a choice. Con is about to die, but she can save him by giving him up forever with no memory of them knowing each other. If she refuses, his life is over. Her answer and the ramifications of her decision spin the story to an endearing conclusion. Duchovny masters dialogue and various monsters and mythologies to weave this tale that’s probably not for everyone. While rooting for Emer and Con to find happiness, readers will also question fate and reality. “Miss Subways” reads like a hybrid of the TV show “Twin Peaks” and the 1998 film “Sliding Doors” merged with a love letter to New York City. A wild and unpredictable journey from Duchovny’s bold imagination awaits readers. (AP)

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 15


Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ is intoxicatingly creepy

Jocelyn Noveck Los Angeles (AP) - Let’s start with a popcorn warning. If you’re bringing your usual tub of multiplex popcorn into “A Quiet Place,” just be aware that you’ll be hearing every single crunch. That’s because much of John Krasinski’s ingeniously creepy new film, in which he stars alongside his real-life better half, Emily Blunt, takes place in virtual silence. This is a movie about a world where noise gets you killed. In fact, if you ate popcorn IN the movie, you’d quickly be dead. Unless you were standing by a waterfall. More on that in a minute. Krasinski, in his third feature outing as director, has a lot going for him here: An inventive premise (was it dreamed up by some vengeful librarian?), a terrific cast featuring two extremely effective child actors, and the always superb Blunt, who can register fear, joy, love and anxiety in one

scene without needing to utter a word. He takes all this and runs with it, producing a taut, goose-pimply thriller that earns its jump-out-ofyour-seat moments and only occasionally strains its own logic — and then, who really cares? It’s a monster flick! We begin on “Day 89.” But what exactly happened 89 days ago? Our first clue is that there’s nobody in the streets of the desolate town where the Abbott family — Lee, Evelyn and three young kids — makes a precarious shopping trip. The family has ventured on foot from their farmhouse to search an abandoned store for badly needed medicine. The next clue is all the “Missing” posters on the streets. What happened to all these folks? The most obvious clue is that the family cannot speak, or make a sound. They communicate in sign language, and walk barefoot on soft sand and dirt so even their feet won’t give them away. An early, shocking tragedy makes it clear what they’re up against: evil, hungry monsters who consume anyone who catches their attention with sound. Soon, that fateful

This image shows actor-director John Krasinski im a scene from “A Quiet Place,” with Noah Jupe. (Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount Pictures via AP) Day 89 skips ahead to Day 472. The monsters still rule, and now Evelyn (Blunt) is pregnant. As the family goes about its soundless daily routines — cooking meals silently, eschewing the washer-dryer for hand washing, playing board games with soft pieces, dancing to music on headphones — one wonders how they’ll possibly bring a baby into the world without making noise. Krasinski and fellow screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck are cleverly tapping into universal parental angst here. First, childbirth,

already pretty darned painful and stressful, is made even more difficult — you can’t even scream! And how on Earth can you keep a newborn from crying? More broadly, there’s the constant fear for Lee and Evelyn that any daily task can lead to an errant noise, and quickly, death. What’s worse than feeling like you can’t protect your child? “There’s nothing to be scared of,” Lee (Krasinski) tells young son Marcus reassuringly at one point, as they leave the house. “Of course there is,” the boy replies, correctly.

‘Gotti,’ with John Travolta, will premiere at Cannes New York (AP) - The delayed mobster biopic “Gotti,” starring John Travolta, will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Film producers told The Associated Press that “Gotti” will premiere out of competition at Cannes at a special gala screening at the Palais des Festivals on May 15. The Cannes Film Festival began on May 8.

“Gotti” depicts the rise and fall of the notorious Gambino family crime boss John V. Gotti. It’s directed by Kevin Connolly. The movie was supposed to open in December. But just This image shows John Travolta as John Gotti from the mobster biopic “Gotti.” (Vertical Entertainment via AP)

10 days before its release, distributor Lionsgate sold the film back to its production company. Vertical Entertainment stepped in with a wider release plan set for June 15. Ticketing service MoviePass also invested in the film. In a statement, Travolta thanked Cannes Film Festival director Thierry Fremaux for selecting “Gotti.”

Abu Dhabi’s Warner Bros. indoor amusement park opens in July Jon Gambrell Abu Dhabi, UAE (AP) — Abu Dhabi will open a $1 billion indoor Warner Bros. amusement park this July, the latest offering in a crowded market in the United Arab Emirates where one marquee park already faces serious financial problems. The Warner Bros. World park, built by the Abu Dhabi government-owned Miral Asset Management, encompasses 153,290 square meters on Yas Island, a leisure destination for the Emirati capital. Officials say the draw of the Warner Bros. brand, encompassing cartoons and comic books, will help them overcome the challenges faced by other theme parks in the Emirates, including a

Media representatives arrive at the entrance hall of the Warner Bros. World amusement park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday, April 18. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) Dubai park that lost $300 million last year. “This is history, a hundred year’s history, when we talk about Superman, Batman,

Wonder Woman,” said Mohamed Khalifa alMubarak, the chairman of both Miral and Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and

Tourism. “It’s something we grew up with, our parents grew up with and our children will grow up with. In this theme park, you will be part of their world.” The large park looks like a big-box department store from the outside, though its bright yellow paint and massive stencils of Tweety bird and other characters give it away. Inside, the park is separated into Bedrock of “The Flintstones’” fame, Superman’s Metropolis, Batman’s Gotham City, Cartoon Junction and Yosemite Sam’s Dynamite Gulch. Only two of the park’s 29 rides have height restrictions. The park, opening July 25, will sell tickets from 290 dirhams ($79) for adults and 230 dirhams ($63) for children.

Basically the only place where one can talk freely, in this world, is next to the roaring waterfall where Lee takes Marcus (an appealingly sensitive Noah Jupe) one day. Because the waterfall is louder than they are, they can holler with abandon. They’ve left older sister Regan at home to help Mom. Despite her obvious smarts and instincts, Regan is technically at even greater risk from the evil creatures, because she is deaf and can’t hear them even if they’re right behind her. To survive, she will need to be more resourceful than anyone else in the family. (Regan is embodied with warmth and poignancy by young deaf actress Millicent Simmonds). Remember we said this movie earned its jump-outof-your-seat moments? There’s one in particular, involving Blunt, that is applause-worthy,

and you’ll know it when you see it. There’s also a terrifying sequence in a grain silo, reminiscent of the movie “Witness,” and an errant nail sticking out of a wooden plank is used quite (ouch) effectively. “A Quiet Place” may not have the weighty social meaning or piercing comedy of another recent high-profile horror thriller, “Get Out.” But like that movie it is smart, it moves fast, it has a hugely satisfying ending — and it deserves to attract a much broader audience than the usual horror film devotees. But just watch out for that popcorn. Crunch too loud, and you’re a goner. “A Quiet Place,” a Paramount Pictures release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America “for terror and some bloody images.” Running time: 90 minutes. Three stars out of four.

George Michael’s family asks fans to remove memorial shrines London (AP) — George’s Michael’s family is asking fans to remove flowers, photos and other tributes left outside the late singer’s two homes. A grassy square across from Michael’s London house is bedecked in bouquets candles, flags and handwritten messages for the singer, who died in December 2016. Similar offerings have been left outside the house in Goring, 50 miles from London, where Michael died.

In a post on Michael’s website , his father, sisters and friend David Austin said they were touched by the tributes, but felt they couldn’t ask neighbors “to continue to accept as normality, the memorials so personal to you all, to remain as and where they are any longer.” They asked fans to remove the tributes by May 27, “leaving any you wish us to have.”

16 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Thunder: ‘Stage’ Formed from the ashes of Terraplane (a not very successful Eighties band), Thunder emerged in 1989 and quickly became an overnight sensation – they were virtually the same band but with a different approach and attitude. Their debut album “Back Street Symphony” went straight into the British top 30 album charts. Hit singles followed and then the band sealed victory by performing a blistering opening set at the Monsters of Rock festival, treating it as a lap of honor and stealing the show from the headliners. From here on Thunder became something of a UK national treasure. But in

2009 Danny Bowes decided that the band were not getting any bigger and perhaps they were all getting a bit old for this rock & roll thing, so following a final tour and obligatory live album, Thunder were no more. The trouble with retirement however is boredom, and after two years, in 2011, Thunder were enticed back into the game, initially on exclusive one off dates but then things just progressed from there. The line-up has been stable now for nearly thirty years with only the bass player changing a few times, although the low notes have been safely in the hands of Chris Childs since 1996. There have been eleven studio albums from the group (two post retirement) plus countless live albums and compilations. We now reach 2018 and Thunder are bigger and better than ever. No longer a support band playing

moderate theatres, they now sell out huge arenas and headline festivals, including recently at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London. This new live album was taken from one of the biggest concerts Thunder have ever done so far, performed at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff , Wales and played to a rabid full house where the Welsh fans cheered and sang along to every word.

This is not in any way a recording of a greatest hits tour; included in this set are six songs from latest album “Rip It Up” (2016) and four

from “Wonder Days” (2015). The rest of the set is made up of classics stretching back to their debut album but they are not exactly a nostalgia band. The new songs seem to blend in seamlessly with the old. I mean, of course they are Thunder songs so it would be disappointing if they didn’t. Laughably, Danny Bowes in between song banter has not changed in thirty years, but the crowd lap it up so why change it. On the other hand, lead guitarist Luke Morley’s playing just gets better and better and is now in the category of guitar hero. But Thunder are a team and it only all hangs together with all five on stage ‘firing on all six’. Ben Matthews takes on the role of multi-instrumentalist and is also excellent at working the crowd in the live arena. Chris Childs is a worthy bass player while on drums is Harry James, who brings a lot of humor to the band as well as

New song by Chris Cornell on collection of Cash’s writings New York (AP) — It’s inevitable that a new recording by Chris Cornell would take on an added poignancy following his suicide last year. Yet there’s an extra chill that comes in listening to his contribution to a recentlyreleased collection of Johnny Cash’s writings set to music. In taking on a Cash poem called, “You Never Knew My Mind,” Cornell adds “really” after “never” a few times for emphasis. At one point he sings, “you did not see me well enough to recognize the signs.” The former Soundgarden singer may not seem like an obvious choice to participate in the project, but Cash’s son John Carter Cash recalled meeting Cornell with his father backstage at a show in Seattle in the early 1990s. Johnny Cash later interpreted Cornell’s song, “Rusty Cage,” among the series of recordings that ended his career on a creative high note. Cornell eagerly agreed to participate when John Carter Cash reached out to him for

In this combination photo, Johnny Cash (left) performs at a benefit concert in Central Park in New York on May 23, 1993, and Chris Cornell (right) plays guitar during a portrait session at The Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, Calif., on July 29, 2015. (AP Photo/Joe Tabacca, File) the “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” project. “Chris connected deeply with my father’s words, and his finished version of ‘You Never Knew My Mind’ tied his own life experience to my father’s on an honest level,” Cash said. Cash and collaborator Steve Berkowitz worked on a book

of Johnny Cash’s words last year. The country legend left much behind, besides the songs he wrote and recorded prior to his death in 2003. Some were poems, some were song lyrics. Cash and Berkowitz thought there was more than a book; they were curious about how some of the writing would sound if

put to music by some prominent artists, and they set about trying to make matches. Old Cash friend Kris Kristofferson, accompanied by Willie Nelson on guitar, sings one of Cash’s last poems to open the disc. “The songs I sang will still be sung,” Cash predicted, correctly, in the lyrics. John Carter Cash’s half-sisters, Rosanne Cash and Carlene Carter, both offer material. Kacey Musgraves and her husband, Ruston Kelly, sing a love poem that Johnny Cash wrote to his wife June. Elvis Costello, Jewel, John Mellencamp and the Jayhawks are also featured. With “The Captain’s Daughter,” Alison K r a u s s makes her first recording with Union Station in six years. Cash approached the artists with specific writings and, if they wanted to participate, gave them the freedom to interpret the material as they wanted. Participants share co-writing credits with the late legend. “I think he’d be proud of it,” Rosanne Cash said. “I am.”

British rock band Thunder. (Photo/ Harpic Bryant/ Breezeridge Photography) being one of the most in-demand session percussionists on the circuit. Mercifully, the traditional final encore has been cut down to just under ten minutes where previously it would often clock in at over double that and Danny Bowes would spend half of that time playing with the crowd. Here you just get ten minutes of solid Thunder rock. “Stage” is a fine addition to any music collection and in future will be considered one of the classic live albums - an unreserved 5 stars. Thunder: Danny Bowes - lead vocals Luke Morley- guitar Ben Matthews- guitar and keyboards

Chris Childs- bass guitar Harry James – drums Track List: No One Gets Out Alive The Enemy Inside River Of Pain Resurrection Day Right From The Start Backstreet Symphony Higher Ground In Another Life The Thing I Want Don’t Wait For Me Rip It Up Love Walked In I Love You More Than Rock&Roll Wonder Days. She likes Cocaine Dirty Love Note: Written by Mott The Dog whilst sheltering from a storm at Jameson’s The Irish Pub, Soi AR, North Pattaya.

Medical issue forces Bonnie Raitt to cancel tour dates New York (AP) - Bonnie Raitt has pulled out of the first leg of her U.S. tour with James Taylor due to an unspecified “medical situation” that requires surgery. Raitt posted a statement on her Facebook page apologizing to fans and saying the medical issue arose following her annual physical. She says the prognosis is “good” and a

full recovery is expected. The 68-year-old Grammy winner says she expects to rejoin Taylor for his tour’s second leg in June and a European tour in July. Raitt’s hits include “Something To Talk About” and “I’m in the Mood.” She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Raitt asks that she be given privacy and “space to heal.”

VOL. XXVI No. 19


There are many benefits to detoxification Dr. Kamaljit (Kamal) Singh who practices holistic medicine was the guest speaker at the April 29 meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC). Dr. Kamal started his presentation by highlighting some of the hazardous substances we are faced with in the modern world e.g. pesticides, toxins, smoke, smog, debris. He also highlighted how our lifestyle affects our bodies e.g. lack of sleep and rest. Our bodies react with skin markings, body odor, bad breath, liver problems, kidney problems etc. He explained that Detoxification is a process of eliminating poisonous or waste substances (toxins) from the body; or to neutralize their adverse effects. Detoxification is what your body does naturally to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins. It is a primary function, constantly working and interacting with all other functions. It is about improving and optimizing the function of the body’s own detoxification systems i.e. decreasing the number of toxins while at the same time supporting the body’s elimination systems with the nutrients it needs to function properly. He went on to describe toxins and the warning signs when detoxification is needed, Poor lifestyle can stress the body, decrease its ability to detoxify and cause a buildup of toxins. Toxic behavior includes lack of sleep and rest, lack of exercise, stress, poor diet, even not drinking enough water (water is essential for removing toxins from the body). A toxin is any substance that causes harm when it gets into our body. There are toxic substances all around us. Internal toxins are things that effects the internal toxin level such as everyday medication, use of antacid and long-term use of Tylenol. Internally-generated toxins need to be removed by the body’s natural process of detoxification. External toxins are in the environment, including environmental pollution, smoke, smog, debris, etc.; heavy metals such as mercury often found in fish; mold inhaled during exposure

Dr. Kamal Singh describes the symptoms that should alert you to the need for detoxification of your body. to improperly ventilated rooms such as bathrooms or basements. Eventually the body becomes overloaded with toxins, the natural detox mechanisms become sluggish, the immune system and other bodily processes become less effective. This can manifest itself in any number of symptoms from lethargy and skin rash through to chronic illness or death in extreme cases of prolonged intoxication. Dr. Kamal explained that although anybody can benefit from a detox program, your body will start to send out warning signals when

Member Mike Warner conducts the Open Forum where expats asked questions or made comments about Expat Living in Thailand.

you really need to detox. Some of the symptoms are: skin diseases; respiratory problems; colon problems; and blood and circulatory problems. He explained that the liver is our main detoxification organ. As unglamorous as it sounds, the liver acts as our garbage disposal system. It is designed to help our body get rid of anything potentially harmful or toxic. The liver should be able to handle detoxification without any help from us, but with today’s lifestyle, eating habits and environmental pollution, we are exposed to more toxins through more avenues than

Ren Lexander presents Dr. Kamal Singh the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation for his informative talk.

the liver was ever designed to handle. Dr. Kamal pointed out that there are many benefits to detoxification including: slows aging; reduces body odor; reducing bad breath and tooth decay; improves your skin and hair; cleans out the waste in your Digestive Tract; reduces pain; reduces inflammation; boosts your Immune System; cleans your body of heavy metals; cleans your body of toxins; helps combat Chronic Disease; helps you to lose weight; increases energy; boosts your ability to think; detoxifies the Liver. He also mentioned Holistic Detox Solutions. Everything we eat affects the health and well-being of our body. Improving our diet can actually improve our health. The foods we eat can have an alkalizing or acidifying effect on the body after digestion. At the end of the presentation Dr. Kamal answered many questions from the audience. MC Ren Lexander then brought everyone up to date on current events. This was followed by the “Open Forum” portion of the meeting, where questions are asked and answered and comments made about expat living in Thailand. For more information on the Club and their activities, visit

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 17

18 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Pattaya celebrates a festival of sailin Duncan Worthington

Thumbs up after four days of varied and fantastic sailing.

Winning sailors pose on the podium at the conclusion of the 2018 Top of the Gulf Regatta at Ocean Marina in Na Jontien, Pattaya, Tuesday, May 1. The fleets returns to base after another great day’s racing.

All action at the turn.

The Platu fleet race for honours in the Coronation Cup.

The all-Chinese team on Ark 323 performed well in the IRC1 race series.

Ark 323 kicks up a bow wave.

The 2018 Top of the Gulf Regatta Presented by Ocean Marina lived up to its reputation for delivering close and competitive sailing, and this year the weather made the racing even tougher. Over the four days of the regatta, held from April 28 to May 1, sailors experienced everything from moments of becalm to 25 knot squalls, thunder and lightning, and blue skies indicative of sailing in the tropics. And as the competitors gathered for the Ocean Marina Gala Dinner on the final night, it was smiles all around. This year some 200 boats in 15 classes took part, with sailors coming from as far away as the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The Kevin Whitcraft/ Tom Whitcraft THA72, helmed by former Optimist World Champion Noppakao Poonpat, finished the regatta with two wins on the last day of competition and five victories overall to take the IRC 1 title ahead of Ark 323, crewed by an all-Chinese team lead by Li Hongquan that provided close racing throughout. In IRC 2 David Dimmock and crew on the Club Swan 42 Loco (USA) did the early running and despite a third place in Race 4 they won the class with one race to spare, ahead of Gary Baguley’s El Coyote (AUS) in second. A first in the final race for Barry Waugh’s Fujin (AUS) wasn’t enough to outscore Jean Rheault’s Souay1 (CAN) whose results in the second half of the series saw them slide into third place overall. The Cruising Class boats had a little more action than expected this year, with a number of windward/ leeward races replacing their “traditional” long distance series, and the sailors seemed happy with the change. The all-Japanese crew on Team Spray took the win by a single point from Pote Suyasinto’s all-Thai team on Le Vent. Two points further back was Tim McMahon’s Sail Quest Hi Jinks in third. The one-design Platu class saw some exceptionally close racing and no boat was able to dominate. A few slips along the way in the everchanging weather conditions saw seven out of the 11-strong fleet on the podium at least once during the regatta, and despite a sixth place in the final race, Rolf Heemskerk’s Team Viewpoint (MAS) were crowned 2018 Coronation Cup winners, defending their title in the process. Ithinai Yingsiri’s Thai team on PinePacific were in the running throughout but a couple of sixth place finishes when they didn’t read the wind-shifts correctly, and a seventh in the final race hurt their scorecard and they had to settle for second overall, ahead of Chris Way’s Easy Tiger III (AUS) in third. A fast mover in the second half of the regatta was the Royal Thai Navy team lead by Wiwat Poonpat, who surged up the standings to finish fourth Platu overall, one point off the third place finisher and one point ahead of Thai compatriot Totsapon Mahanich on Pim. Wins in the final two races of the series saw Kirati Assakul and his crew on the Crowther 42, Sonic, defend their Ocean Multihulls title from newcomer Dominique Demachy who sailed his KL 28 Edenko well but could only correct out ahead of Sonic twice over the six race series. In the dinghy classes, Thailand’s top Laser sailor and two-time Olympian Keerati Bualong produced a masterful showing in the

VOL. XXVI No. 19


FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 19

ng at 2018 Top of the Gulf Regatta 9a series. Not always leading from start to finish, having to come from behind at times and mastering the mixed bag of conditions, he finished with a clean sheet – six wins from six races. Second and third was a much closer affair with Chusitt Punjamala putting together a string of second places in the last two days to place second overall, three points ahead of Jarunpong Meeyusamsen in third. In Class 9b (Laser 4.7s), Saranrong Poonpat and Sophia Gail Montgomery traded places throughout the series but it was Saranrong who performed better on the final day and secured the win by a single point. Paliga Poonpat held onto third from a late charging Chanokchon Wangsuk. The Double-Handed Monohull Dinghy Class (Class 10) saw a mix of 420s, 470s, 49ers and 49er FXs competing together on handicap. Having led from Race 1, Navee Thamsoontorn/ Nut Butmarasri (470) held on to take the title despite two third places to finish the series. Suthida Poonpat/ Narisa Satta (470) had an excellent final day with a 2,1 scoreline tying them on points with Suthon Yampinid/ Kittipoon Kumjorn (420), however, after count-back the latter paring were awarded second place. Two races were completed for both Optimist fleets on the final day, bringing each series tally to five. A tough final day for Hong Kong hopeful Duncan Gregor in the Gold Fleet saw him finish fifth overall after holding second earlier in the series, and the top international youngster. Having had a slow start to his series, M.L. Weka Bhanubandh put in some solid performances to work his way up the standings to finish second overall and top sailor Under 12, with Patihan Vorrasart in third. The glory and title, however, went to the most consistent sailor on the course over three days, whose 4,1,1,1 scoreline ensured he defended his title, Panwa Boonak – the 2018 Thailand Optimist National Champion. Yoth Srimanchanda comfortably won in the Silver Fleet, with Attasuk Boontawee’s two wins on the final day being enough for him to sneak into second ahead of Krithphet Suwannarai in third. All sailors, young and old, beginner and professional, came together on the evening of May 1 for the Ocean Marina Gala Dinner where prizes were presented by Ittipol Khunpluem, Vice Minister for Tourism and Sports Thailand, and Admiral Thanee Phudpad, Vice President of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand. (Photos courtesy Guy Nowell and TOG Regatta)

Noppakao Poonpat (far left) helmed THA72 to victory in IRC1 Class. Youngster Panwa Boonak raises the trophy after being crowned Thailand Optimist National Champion.

Double-handed monohull dinghies always provide some spectacular action.

The Platus under starter’s orders.

Racing on the edge at the 2018 TOG Regatta.

Sailors and guests enjoy the end of regatta gala dinner at Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

Lasers head for the homeward mark.

The Optimist fleet once again provided some of the closest sailing.

20 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19


Centara Grand Mirage executives make merit during Songkran

Denis Thouvard (centre) GM of the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya together with his management team and staff celebrated Songkran recently by organising a ‘Tak Bat’ merit making ceremony whereby they offered morning alms including food and amenities to Buddhist monks.

Investment secrets revealed at real estate seminar

Kantary Beach Hotel receives prestigious travel award

Rak Chaikulsereewath (6th left) GM of Kantary Beach Hotel, Khao Lak and his staff are thrilled as they receive the Certificate of Top Hotel Partner 2017 Award from Schauinsland Reisen, a leading German travel company. The Award was given to the hotel for their commitment and concerted teamwork along with the devotion and dedication of the staff, associates and management.

Dusit Thani Pattaya receives top award as MICE venue

Chanin Vanijwongse, Chief Executive Officer, Habitat Group Co., Ltd. teamed up with Suda Prakritipong, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of P.R.A Academy to reveal secrets on investing successfully and offered new perspectives on real estate investment. The seminar was held at the Conrad Hotel recently. Other property professionals at the event included Phisit Apivatanapong who provided insights into ‘How to invest in a Condominium in tourist cities to make a profit”. Piyapong Chanpaso, imparted insights into the issue of strategic location – the key to successful real estate investment. Special guest speaker was Komkrit Prasitnarit, advisor to the Committee on Tourism and Culture in Pattaya, who spoke on ‘Real estate opportunities for growth in the eastern region (EEC) and the economic outlook of investment in Pattaya’.

Chinese actor visits Amari Phuket

Pierre-Andre Pelletier (right), Regional Vice-President, Operations - Southern Thailand, Vietnam and the Maldives at ONYX Hospitality Group greets popular Chinese actor and model, Ji Lingchen during his stay at Amari Phuket recently. Ji Lingchen is the celebrity actor and style-maven selected by high-end fashion brands to be their ambassador on international runways.

Neoh Keen Boon, GM of Dusit Thani Pattaya proudly accepts the ‘Thailand MICE Venue Standard’ award on behalf of the hotel from Khun Weerasak Kowsurat, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports during an awarding ceremony hosted by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) recently at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, known as BITEC Bangna, Bangkok. The award recognises and certifies the Dusit’s position in maintaining the quality and standard of MICE venue, not only in Pattaya but in the eastern region as a whole.

Joint Chambers Networking held at Mövenpick Siam Hotel

The German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) organised the Eastern Seaboard Networking, in collaboration with AMCHAM, AustCham, BCCT, BeluThai, CanCham, NTCC, NZTCC, STCC and SATCC at Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya on 27 April 2018. More than 160 executives and guests from the German-Thai community and bilateral chambers of commerce joined the event to get connected with relevant contacts in the various industries on the seaboard. (l-r) Mr. Markus Lorenzini, President of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC), Mr. Dieter Broeckl, Senior Vice President, Digital Factory/Process Industries and Drives, Siemens Ltd., Mr. Brendan Cunningham, Executive Director of AustCham Thailand, Mr. Bjoern Voss, Head of SE Asia Business, P3 Technical and Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Mr. Philip Coates, Executive Director of the Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce (BeLuThai), Ms. Judy Benn, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM), Mr. Allan Riddell, South African-Thai Chamber of Commerce (SATCC), Mr. Simon Matthews, Vice Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BTCC), Mr. Bernd Clauss, Sales Director, Light Style (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Pete Seeda, Manager of Mövenpick Siam Hotel Na Jomtien Pattaya hotel and Dr. Roland Wein, Executive Director of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC).

VOL. XXVI No. 19

Articles For Sale/Rent As/17-21/ Water leak portable detection kit (Model pqwt CL200). Imported from China to trace an underground leak at my home and now surplus to requirements. New but for sale at a discounted price. Call 081 762 4676 for details. As611/01-52/ Pattaya Mail Cartoonist Michael Baird (M.J.B.) has 3 brand new cartoon E-Books out. These and his other 10 cartoon E-Books can be bought from www. or www. You will now be able to see all of Mike’s cartoons in FULL COLOUR. His 3 new Kindle E-Books are “Pattaya Cartoon Memories”, “Ladyboy Book 3” and “Pattaya Unforgettable Memories”. These cartoons are for

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 21


grown-ups and would be unique gifts. You never know You might see yourself in them!

Articles/Services Wanted Aw01/01-52/ Missionary in Rayong sponsoring Little Duck Nursery needs help. Please - Any unwanted items you have would be appreciated. (Eng) Rev Stephen 086 600 5682, (Thai) 0875 381 586

Businesses for Sale or Rent Bop10/01-52/ House in Pratumnak, corner Soi 4, with 5 floors; 320sqm, 9 rooms, 8 bathrooms, entrance room, completely restored 2016, garage; 7,500,000 THB; (Ref. 259) WWW. GOPROPERTYTHAILAND. COM, 093- 161 5995.

Bop04/01-52/ Exclusive Sale! Hotel Resort in Koh Samui with 71 rooms; 10,700sqm of land, perfect investment; one of the best hotels with the most beautiful beach on the island; rare opportunity; Price extremely reduced, owner wants to retire; details: GO PROPERTY THAILAND; 093- 161 5995 Bop03/01-52/ “Paradise for sale” on famous Phuket beach; breathtaking, beautiful resort on 1000-wah (4,000sqm) of land with 7 Thai- teak traditional style houses located directly on the beach; each house is a unique artwork with antique furniture & art; must see; only one of his kind in Thailand; very rare opportunity; details: GO PROPERTY THAILAND; 093- 161 5995 Bop01/01-52/ Hotel with “Hotel license” located 50m from Jomtien Beach, 45 guest rooms, lobby, bar, massage room, maiden rooms; one of the best locations on Jomtien Beach: 75,000,000 THB. Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995;

Notices No01/16-20/ Looking for a game of snooker with a retired ex-professional UK snooker player? Tel. Mike on 089 152 3202

Pets Pets03/01-52/ Homeless puppies available for adoption to warm and caring homes! All puppies are healthy, vaccinated and acclimated to people. If you are looking for a friend for life, just call 088 402 6772 or e-mail to Pets02/01-52/ **Free Cats and Kittens** We are still trying to find loving homes for over 40 cats and kittens. Please check the pictures on our website or ring Sandra. Call 085 287 5004 http:/

Property for Rent Houses, Villas Prb166/14-18/ House for rent: 8,500 Baht. Soi Nernplabwan. Call 096 397 9541

Prb169/17-21/ TOWNHOUSE, Off Soi Khaotalo, Like new, quiet, safe, two bedroom, one bathroom, patio, carport, Thai kitchen, air-conditioned, FULLY FURNUSHED, Guarded Subdivision, Communal Pool, One Year Lease, Bt.9,500. Monthly, Bt.19,000 Security Deposit. English, 087-805-5276 Prb168/16-20/ Beautiful House for Rent: 3 bed, 3 baths, fully furnished, private Pool. Near Jomtien beach. Start from 30,000 baht/month. Phone: 081-782-0206, 084-362-5920,

Prb167/14-39/ HOUSES FOR RENT –Rattana Village and Udomsuk Village: 72-120m2, up to 7,000 Baht. Mr. Udom 082 2091452, Mr. Wirat 089 9354369

Condos, Apartments Prc207/19-38/ Royal Park Luxury Service Apartments and penthouse suite, Jomtien: starting at 15,000 baht/month. 56-70sqm, one bedroom, large living area with balcony and European kitchen, Free internet. Enjoy our rooftop swimming pool. Short walk to the beach.

22 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


Pattaya Emergency Numbers

VOL. XXVI No. 19


Pattaya Call Center ................................ 1337 Police Station .......................................... 191 - Pattaya ................................................... 038 424 186 - Banglamung ......................................... 038 221 800-1 Highway Police ....................................... 038 392 001 Fire Brigade ............................................. 199 Pat. Int. Hopsital ..................................... 038 428 374-5 Bkk-Pat Hospital ..................................... 038 259 911 TAT Central Office: Region 3 Pattaya . 038 428 750 Tourist Police ......................................... 038 429 371, 1155 . .................................................................. 038 410 044 (FAX)

Monthly and daily rentals, Contact 086 111 7414 or check on our website www. to see why we are number 1 in Jomtien Prc206/19-23/ Markland Studio 48sqm, beach front balcony, refurbished, furnished, pool, fitness, minimum 12 months @ 15,000B/month by owner ian.thailand@hotmail .com, 087 137 1529 Prc205/19-23/ Prestigious Sky Beach Condo, very nice - must see - High floor – 54sqm - directly at Wongamat Beach/Naklua with wonderful sea views. Rent negotiable - please contact e-mail: Prc204/15-19/ Studio, fully furnished: 10,000 baht per month, Gym & swimming pool. Tel: 089-822-1563 Prc202/14-52/ Seaview Studio, View Talay 1A, high floor, Pattaya side, Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, Flat TV, ceiling fan, clean & nice furnished, air-condition, security door, parking, big pool, located on “10 Baht Taxi route: 9,500 THB/monthly. Tel. 092- 753 9309 (available from 1 May 2018)

Prc199/14-52/ Seaview Studio, Jomtien Beach Road, between Soi 15 – 16: 43sqm, high floor, living-bedroom, kitchen, bath, terrace, office table, clean & nice furnished, air-condition, fitness gym, garage, 25m pool, direct on “10 Baht Taxi route”: 9,800 THB/ monthly. Tel. 092- 753 9309 Prc196/10-19/ Spectacular 300sqm, 4-BR Condo, best area close to Beach Road, fully furnished, fantastic bay views: 55,000 P.M. Tel 089 -248- 4422 Prc191/01-52/ Pratumnak Seaview Studio with private access to the beach; Ref: 2016139; located directly on the beach, 3rd floor, no public streets, no buses, no traffic; totally peaceful, sea views from the terrace; living space 51sqm; fully furnished; direct access to the beach; 1 living/bedroom, 1 bathroom, full kitchen; WiFi; security 7/24h; community pool on beachfront; restaurant on pool side, supermarket, laundry; For Rent at 13,500 THB/ month; Go Property Thailand; 093161 5995;

VOL. XXVI No. 19

Prc201/14-39/ Apartments for rent: 46m2, air-con, hot water, kitchen, in Nongprue area- 4,500 Baht. Tel. Mr. Udom 082 2091452, Mr. Heinz 089 989 0567

Property for Sale Houses, Villas Psb30/15-19/Land - House Condo – Commercial For sale & rent in Bang Saray 092472-5743 - Adam www. Psb29/13-52/ Semi-detached house in Central Park 2 (Sukkhumvit behind McDonald’s), 2 beds, 2 baths, office, living room, nicely furnished, terrace and “sala” (pergola) in the garden, end of cul-de-sac, nice little garden, quiet and and central location, reduced from 4.9 M Baht to only 3.5 M Baht. Heiner 081 861 19 07 Psb26/10-19/ Beautiful 3 beds 3-bath, Private Pool Villa: Short walk to Mabprachan Lake, spacious rooms, parking for two cars, remote gate, Internal 210 m2 External 200 m2 quality furniture close to shops and restaurants, easy access to Central Pattaya 10 minutes via Siam C/Club Road, Great Location: 5.1 M baht. Tel. 083102-9293

Condos, Apartments Psc81/19-23/ Markland Studios, Pattaya Beach Road, finance available: 48sqm,

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 23


beachfront balcony, furnished, refurbished, pool, fitness, foreign ownership, by owner, 3 MIO baht, 20% deposit + 120 months @ 25000. Other bespoke available. ian.thailand, 0871371529 Psc80/17-21/ New Price reduction for my condo in Jomtien Porchland 2: 38m2, 1 bedroom, 8th floor, Foreign name, fully furnished, swimming pool, gym, cable TV, internet, 4 Years old, nice view: 1.39 MLN BHT. Rent 8,500 baht/month. Tel: 087138-3523 Psc81/15-19/ Beachfront Condo at Bangsaray Condominium: 150sqm. 2-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, 300m from beach, only 137units in 20 rai of green landscaped surroundings in an exclusive residence. Excellent decoration, fully furnished, TVLCD 50". Hot Sale 8.9mil. 59,000 baht/sqm. 081-3358102 (owner), for photos: pitipity@, Line: piti.t Psc74/03-52/ Sea-View Condo Tropicana Pratumnak, modern 2 bedroom apartment, 81sqm, Pattaya City South, beautiful sea and island views; 1 living room with dining area, 1 bedroom, 1 office room, 1 bathroom, 1 shower room, fully equipped European kitchen, fully furnished, high Speed WLAN/WiFi connection, Safe Box, air-con, ceiling fans, 2 swimming pools (roof and ground floor), Fitness Gym, Garage; medical Clinic; ZEN Beauty Clinic; located at the “10 Baht-Taxi route; For Sale at THB 4,500,000. Call 092753 9309

Psc59/01-52/ In the heart of Jomtien, 2 bedroom condo, (Ref: 2016- 259) 90sqm, 4th floor, big living room, 2 bathrooms, European kitchen, completely reformed, new furniture, 2 balconies, 3 air-cons, 2 pools, garage, private access to Jomtien Beach; 3,950,000 THB; WWW.GOPROPERTYTHAILAND .COM, 093- 161 5995. Psc24/01-52/ Studio in Pattaya City; Ref: 2016- 136; located close to BIG C EXTRA, Pattaya Central Road; living space 28sqm; fully furnished;1 living/bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchenette; WiFi; 2 community pools; restaurants, bars, supermarket, laundry; 699.000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc20/01-52/ Beachfront Jomtien, Pattaya; Ref: 2016106; located at Jomtien Beach Road with stunning sea views, 26thfloor; living space 45sqm; direct access to the beach; fully furnished;1 living/bedroom; 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen; terrace; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; big community pool; garage; supermarket, laundry; 1,850,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc18/01-52/ Apartment Thappraya Road, Pattaya; Ref: 2016- 213; located on Thappraya Road with very nice sea and city views, 14th floor; living space 64sqm; 400m to the beach; fully furnished; living room with dining area, 1 bedroom/s, 1 bathroom/s, kitchen; terrace; internal blinds; 2 aircons; ceiling fans; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; community pool; 10 Baht Taxi Route into City, free parking; restaurants, bars, 24hrs supermarket, laundry; 2,750,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; jo@ Psc17/01-52/ Studio directly on the beach from Ban Amphur; Ref: 2016-181; new Studio on the 6th floor with stunning sea views; living space 35sqm; 1bathroom; air-condition; infinity pool on roof top; very nice beach location with many small restaurants, windsurfing shops and much more; garage; security 7/24h; to Pattaya City 20 min; 2,998,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; jo@ Psc16/01-52/ Luxury Apartments in Pattaya City; Ref: 2016- 187; 1 or 2 bedrooms in a high rise condominium with 29 floors; living space 26-79sqm; community pools; fitness gym; massage, laundry, children playground; parking; cafe; restaurant; security 7/24h; construction end approx. 4/2018; prices are starting with 3.168,989

THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; jo@ Psc15/01-52/ MARKLAND Studio, Pattaya Beach; Ref: 2016- 199; located on Pattaya Beach Road with very nice sea views, living space 45sqm; fully furnished; direct access to the beach; 1 living/bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchenette; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; community pool; restaurants, bars, supermarket, laundry; 3,495,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc14/01-52/ City Apartment, Central Road close BIG C EXTRA; Ref: 2016- 172; 2nd floor, living space 92,5sqm; fully furnished; city location; 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ensuite, 1 kitchen; terrace; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; community pool; parking; restaurants, bars, supermarket, laundry; 3,500,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc13/01-52/ Condo in Naklua; Ref: 2016- 224; new condo with 2 bedrooms, 3rdfloor; living space 54sqm; fully furnished; living room with dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 European kitchen; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; community pool; garage; parking; restaurants, bars, supermarket “BIG C Extra”, laundry, 10 bath taxi route; 3,890,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc12/01-52/ Luxury Apartments in Pattaya Pratamnak; Ref: 2016- 188; 1 bedroom in a condominium with 5 floors; living space 33-77sqm; pool with jacuzzi; fitness gym; sauna, kids playground; parking; security 7/24h; prices are starting with 4,296,530 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc10/01-52/ Beachfront Apartment Pattaya Beachroad; Ref: 2016- 193; 2 studios converted into a one bedroom apartment; re-division anytime possible (2 titles / chanots); it is located directly on Pattaya Beach Road in the heart of Pattaya Beach; living space 90sqm; 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen; totally refurbished; community pool; fitness gym; garage; security 7/24h; access to the beach; restaurants; coffee shops; 7,500,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc7/01-52/ High floor condo at Jomtien Beach; Ref: 2016223; Sea view apartment with 3 bedrooms, located at Jomtien Beach Road with attached guest studio; breathtaking sea views, 22nd floor; living space 190sqm; short walking to the beach; fully furnished; 2 living rooms with dining areas, 3 bedroom/s, 3 bathrooms, 1 European kitchen; 1 kitchenette; terrace; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; sauna; spa; community pool; storage room; garage; parking; restaurants, bars, supermarket, laundry; located in the “Heart of Jomtien”; 9,950,000 THB;

Go Property Thailand; 093161 5995; jo@goproperty Psc6/01-52/ High floor beachfront Apartment in Naklua; Ref: 2016-192; Sea view apartment in a high rise condominium with 25 floors with direct access to the beach; living space 180sqm; fully furnished; community pool; fitness gym; sauna; laundry; garage; security 7/24h; 13,500,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; jo@goproperty Psc5/01-52/ BANGKOK Luxury high floor apartment; Ref: 2016- 201; Apartment in Bangkok; own mooring for speed boat; SKY TRAIN in front of the condo; breathtaking City views overlooking the royal Grand Palace; living space 350sqm; fully furnished with antique, Asian and European furniture; living room with dining area; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, jacuzzi; 1 European kitchen; laundry; huge terrace; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; sauna; spa; 3 garage parking; 40,860,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995; Psc4/01-52/ Beachfront location, one of the very best luxury apartments in Pattaya in one of the best locations in Pattaya; Ref: 2016- 5995; breathtaking island and ocean views; living space 245sqm; fully furnished; living room with dining area; 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet; full European kitchen; laundry; huge terrace; WiFi; security 7/24h; fitness gym; 2 garage parking; private access to the beach; 49,000,000 THB; Go Property Thailand; 093- 161 5995;

Land for Sale P22/14-52/ Bang Saray, close to GERMAN AUTO BMW, 10 Rai (1 Rai 2.8 mio):; Tel. 093-161 5995 P21/07-52/ Land on public, cozy beach, Pratumnak, with 850 Talang Wah (3,400sqm) at the bottom of Pratumnak Soi 5. The land is owned free and clear by a Thai company. Perfect for an exclusive residential development, serviced apartment or hotel project in the neighborhood of 5-star Centara Grand Pratumnak Hotel: 245,000,000 THB; GO PROPERTY THAILAND; call Khun Jo: 093- 161 5995 P18/01-52/ 6,700sqm Land on Pratumnak Road, Soi 1, in front of UNIX Condominium; can be divided in 3 units; unit A: 815 T-wah 146,700,000 THB; unit B: 860 T-wah 155,010,000 THB; unit C (total): 1,675 T-wah 301,710,000 THB; WWW.GOPROPERTY THAILAND.COM; please call Jo: 093- 161 5995 P16/01-52/ Jomtien Beach, 50 Rai at “km 1”: www. GOPROPERTYTHAILAND .com; Tel. 093-161 5995

Services Provided Sp/19/ PLANS DRAWN: Engineer designed, Tel. 085083-4221

Staff Wanted Sw01/19/ Receptionist wanted: Start 16,000/month. Good English, Chinese speaking, have license, Call for Interview 081 429 1482, 081 865-1011

24 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Marshall in control at Eastern Star PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society Monday, April 30, Eastern Star Stableford 1 st Tommy Marshall (9) 36pts 2nd Stuart Thompson (17) 33pts 3rd Dave Stockman (7) 32pts 4th Terry Drier (15) 31pts The final April fixture for the Pattaya Links Golf Society saw the group leave Soi Buakhao on Monday, in cool, grey and damp conditions to play a stableford competition on the course which had resisted the weekend storms well. Fairways were a little damp and soft but were completely playable, bunkers were well raked and the greens were fair but a little inconsistent. Overhead a heavy curtain of rain clouds threatened but in the event it came to nothing. With only a modicum of run and the humid conditions the course played long off the white tees and scores were average. Terry Dreier beat Brian Talbot for fourth place on countback, 31 points securing the places. In third was local resident Dave Stockman with 32 points, just one behind Stu Thompson’s fine round of 33 points. The winner was Tommy Marshall, and he lived up to his name with a well ordered and controlled round of 36 points.

Tommy Marshall (right) with ‘wig-wearer’ Paul Chesney. Near pins went to Derek Phillips (3), Tommy Marshall (6), Dave Stockman (17) whilst hole 13 surprisingly preserved its integrity. Consolation best nines went to Brian Talbot (front, 17 pts) and Len Jones (back, 16pts).

Friday, May 4, Pattana – Stableford A Flight 1st Peter Bailey (15) 41pts 2nd Nakano (15) 39pts 3rd Lee Rodman (11) 37pts B Flight 1 st Peter Henshaw (30) 37pts 2nd Dave LeHane (18) 33pts 3rd Ken Ishikawa (16) 33pts Many excited golfers gathered at Links Bar early to ready themselves for a long awaited trip to the beautiful Pattana Golf Course.

Smith singing in the rain PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya Tuesday, May 1, King’s Naga - Stableford On Tuesday we went to King’s Naga and arriving at the course the rain was pouring down. Only 5 of us were so brave to take the risk of playing but as soon we started playing the rain stopped and we had a good round of golf. The course was in quite condition despite all the rain. The winner was Stephen Ford with 36 points ahead of Martin Hayes in second with 34. The near pins went to Dave Smith and Willem Lasonder.

Thursday, May 3, Burapha - Stableford Burapha was our venue on Thursday and while the day started with nice sunny weather, at the turn we were hit with a big shower. After a break of 40 minutes we could play again and it was amazing how fast the course recovered after the heavy shower. The man of the day was Dave Smith, who was the winner with 41 points while in second place came Willem Lasonder with 38. Third spot on the podium was occupied by Stephen Ford with 37 points, beating Owen Walkley on the count-back. The near pins went to Willem Lasonder, Stephen Ford, Martin Hayes and Dave Smith.

The green fee price at this course during the High Season was quite prohibitive, but now with Low Season kicking in, it was at last time to get back there. This course is always presented in immaculate condition and today it lived up to that high standard and, as a bonus, the weather was looking fine. But oh! How things can change. We played B and C courses

Peter Bailey (left) and Phil Davies. in that order. Fairways are cut to near perfection, rough still gets hold of the club at times, and the greens are in very good order. Twenty six starters (but only 24 finished) as a wild electrical thunderstorm rolled in, prompting management to sound the warning siren to clear the course, much to the relief of some petrified caddies. Everyone was under shelter, and since we were rained

off from Treasure Hill two days earlier, we were determined to wait this one out. 45 minutes passed and just as we moved towards our carts, the all clear siren sounded We had enough players to pay two flights, and this time it was the “A” flight players with the better scores. Peter Bailey has been building up to it this trip and today beat a strong field to

score an impressive 41 points from his 15 handicap, ignoring the fact that for the second half of his round the course was little soggy. Right in behind Peter was Nakano with 39 points, which, on another day might have been a winning score, and Lee Rodman found that elusive form to take third spot with 37 points. Peter Henshaw, when he visits us, is more often than not finding a place on the podium. Today it was top of the “B” flight with an excellent 37 points. Dave LeHane has just returned and snuck into “B” flight so, with 33 points took second on count-back ahead of newcomer Ken Ishikawa. Near pins went to Nakano (B3), Tommy Marshall (B7), John Coetzee (C2), Paul Smith (C7). The best scores on the front and back nines (for anyone who had not yet won anything) went to Dave Edwards (front, 19pts) and Derek Phillips (back, 17pts).

Hake shines brightest at Pattavia The Jomtien Golf Society Davies and Willy Van Heetvelde. Pete Sumner recorded the only ‘2’ of the day on B8.

Monday, April 30, Pattavia – Stableford Torrential rain here in Jomtien with thunder and lightning starting around 5.30am and it was still quite heavy around 7.30, half an hour before we met up at Frasers and in the next 30 minutes there were eight cancellations today. A call to the golf course confirmed there was no rain at Pattavia so off we went. We still have two divisions out today with the cut set at 13-18 and 20+ and with his best round for a couple of years, the Khao Yai boy Tim Hake recorded the top score of the day to win division 1 with 41 points. Neil Gamble was second on 37 points and Don Head came third with 34. Rick Assi won division 2 with 37 points, Frank Grainger took second with 35 and William Chang beat Alan Bissell on a 18/16 back-nine count-back for third after they both came in with 34 points. The greens here today were the slowest we have ever experienced at this course for some considerable time but the lads acclimatized to it.

Friday, May 4, Eastern Star – Stableford

Don Head (left) and Tim Hake. Near pins went to (Div 1) Neil Gamble (2) and Isrin Varamisra, and (Div 2) William Chang, Don Head and Allan Robartson. Isrin birdied the 13th for the only ‘2’ of the day and was happy with a few rollovers in the division 1 pot.

Wednesday, May 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford We were playing the A and B nines today with two divisions out and the cut at 6-15 and 16+. We were lucky with the weather again, with torrential rain only catching the last

two groups on the final holes. Practising for the upcoming Hua Hin trip, Peter Davies scored 36 points to win division 2, Bob Poole was second on 31 and Alan Bissell, with a 16/15 count-back, beat Frank Grainger after they both came in with 30 points. Pete Sumner with 34 topped division 1, Paul Young was second on 32 and Tim Hake and Yasuo Suzuki both came in with 29 but Tim took third on a 16/14 count-back. Near pins were claimed by (Div 1) Martin Grimoldby, Bob Poole, Pete Sumner and Paul Young, and (Div 2) Peter

An absolutely deserted course today and the first group did not see any others golfers on the front nine. We teed off at 9.00am and the first group came in at 12 o clock on the dot. Steve Harris recorded the best score of the day, winning division 2 with 37 points. Leo Adam was second on 32, Tony Thorne came third with 30 and Geoff Randall placed fourth with 27, beating Geoff Randall on a 15/11 count-back. In the frame again, Pete Sumner won division 1 with 36 points, Frank Kelly was second on 34 and Jerry Sweetnam beat Colin Aspinall 14/13 after they both came in with 32 points. Near pins went to (Div 1) Mikael Andersson, Paul Butler and Pete Sumner (2), and (Div 2) Khalifa Nasser (2). There is only one ‘2’ today, coming from Paul Butler who birdied the 3rd hole.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 25


Prae plays a blinder PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar Monday, April 30, Phoenix – Stableford It had been raining all night and the sky was black over Phoenix. We started out in the morning with 26 golfers at the bar but finished up with only 11 who actually played. It was a little wet in some places underfoot but not one drop of rain fell on us. The course was in grand condition and although carts were on the path only we still finished in 4 hours. We played winter rules and that must have made a difference to how good the scores were. There was a count-back between Ivor Smith and Brad Jordison, both on 40 points, with Ivor being relegated to third spot as Brad took the silver off his 8 handicap. George Barrie hit his straps

today to score 41 points off his 17 handicap to take the win. There were no ‘2’s recorded.

Wednesday, May 2, Green Valley /Treasure Hill - Stableford Capt. Bob gave the opportunity for non-members of Green Valley to play another course which proved to be considerably cheaper, Treasure Hill at 1,250 baht GF, CF and cart. The slow greens were not helpful at Treasure Hill and most putts stopped short of the hole, which perhaps is the reason that Stephen Dodd had the best score with only 30 points. Robert Kreppy came second with 29 points and Archie Archibald edged out Jeff North on 27 with 13 points on the back six. Jeff and Robert had the

only 2s on the day. Over at Green Valley Miss Am had double bogeys on the last three holes to finish with 39 points, losing out to the consistent Miss On, who overcame double bogies on 17 and 18 for third place. Miss Yen had 40 points but Miss Prae, who has played regularly at the Billabong without mention previously, had a day to remember with an outstanding 45 points, which was greeted with wild applause from the all the ladies. We had a reduced field for the men and only two bettered their handicap, with Auke Engelkes having an impressive round of 40 points to win the plaudits followed by Puss Rylance with 38. Sandy Chapo occupied third place on 32 points.

Kob wins first time out PSC Golf from The Bunker Boys Monday, April 30, Eastern Star – Medal 1st Neil Carter (12) net 79 2nd Michael Brett (15) net 83 3rd Geoff Parker (14) net 84 The last game of the month was played at the Eastern Star course in mild pleasant conditions on a course in fine condition. Pattaya awoke to very heavy rain early morning and the prospect of play looked doubtful, however by golf time the rain had cleared and a fine day ensued. With the “Golfer of the Month” already decided there was nothing to play for except pride and as it turned out there was very little pride on display. To say scoring was poor is sugar coating it a bit - quite frankly the scoring was abysmal. First place went to Neil Carter with a net seventy-nine off a twelve handicap, second to Michael Brett with eighty-three, and Geoff Parker took third from Stuart Tinkler on countback with eighty-four. Near pins were claimed by Neil Carter, Geoff Parker, and Stuart Tinkler with two. After four “Golfer of the Month” awards in a row Colin Greig failed to make it five, although he was in the mix again. The trophy stays at the home of golf with another Scott, the man with the hat, the always late Les Cobban taking the honors.

Wednesday, May 2, King’s Naga – Stableford 1st Kob Glover (36) 39pts 2nd Stuart Tinkler (16) 37pts 3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 35pts 4th Michael Brett (15) 34pts The first game of a new month was played at the King’s Naga course where a very strong low season field of fifteen took part. An excellent green fee of six hundred and fifty baht including caddie was enough to lure people out of the woodwork for this game. Some of our longest standing members remarked that the course was in the best condition they can remember, however, the greens were very slow and a visit by a mower would certainly make a huge difference. It is pleasing to report that we now have a new lady member who is also new to the game of golf. Playing off a handicap of thirty-six, Kob Glover took the honors today with a magnificent thirty-nine points. Second place went to Stuart Tinkler who put himself in a great

Prae, On and Yen.

Friday, May 4, Burapha - Stableford Burapha was Friday’s challenge on a hot steamy day out, with rain threatening but not coming until the 17th hole and then only a small shower. The course was in great condition with very receptive greens and lush fairways. As it was carts on the path only, the winter rules applied. With 4 groups playing we had a leisurely 4 hour round and the scoring was very good, with only 3 golfers out

of 16 who didn’t make 30 points or more. Coming in third today was Steve Dodd with 37 points while second place went to Miss Poopay with a fine 38 points. Peter

Seil took the top spot with a superb 41 points off his 6 handicap. There was only one ‘2’ recorded and that was by Capt Bob, but wasn’t paid out.

Evans and Parish tops at Pattavia PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group Wednesday, May 2, Khao Kheow – Stableford Kob Glover. position to score forty points only to falter on the last two holes with only a one point return. Third went to the irrepressible Jimmy Carr with thirty-five points and Michael Brett rounded out the winners’ list with thirty-four points. Near pins went to Takeshi Hakozaki, Geoff Parker, Dave Ashman, and Michael Brett.

Friday, May 4, Mt. Shadow – Stableford 1st Michael Brett (15) 35pts 2nd Steve Durey (21) 35pts 3rd Les Hall (25) 34pts The term “Lucks a fortune” could very well be applied to today’s game. All day long we were surrounded by intense thunder and lightning storms yet somehow they managed to stay away and we completed the round dry and in good time. The course was its usual fine condition except for a few greens where the local dogs did a bit of gardening, curious how they always choose greens, not rough or fairways on which to dig holes. A good low season number of thirteen took part, even the superstitious amongst us were please to stay dry. First place today went to Michael Brett on thirtyfive points, beating Steve Durey on count-back into second place. For most of the round it looked like Steve would take the honors but a couple of late blobs cost him. Third place went to Les Hall one stroke back on thirty-four. Near pins went to Neil Carter as usual, Les Hall, Les Humphries, and Michael Brett.

This morning we lived in hope of a rain-free day as it was nice and bright as we met at BJ’s. We were playing Wednesday this week as the day before was wet and a holiday and we were not surprised when we were told carts were only allowed on the paths. We were straight away and the course was wet so ‘lift, clean and place’ was in operation and well needed as the ball was full of mud after every shot. The greens were slow and as we played we could hear the mowers in operation. It was so bright and hot that I put my sun glasses straight on. When we hit the back nine it all changed as the rain came remained with us until the end but we just kept going. A hot shower in the clubhouse did wonders for us and then a bite to eat and back to BJ’s. The winner on the day was Jim Ferris with a fine 38 points, scored on a miserable day and on a tough course. In second with 35 points was Gordon Clegg and we then had a 3-way a count-back on 34 points that saw John Davies in third, Dave Cooper fourth and Tom Herrington taking fifth.

Daryl Evans (left) and Brian Parish. Kenny Chung won the best consolation front nine with 18 points, and Dick Warberg the back nine with 16.

Friday, May 4, Pattavia – Stableford On Friday eleven golfers met to try their luck at Pattavia. This course could be listed in good to very good condition and it seems management has heard complaints from golfers and caddies. The greens, while still difficult, are more manageable than in years past. A “problem” could be that many, by now used to the super slick greens, constantly leaving putts short. No pleasing some folks, but overall it’s an improvement.

Searching for criticism, the bunkers had low levels of extremely course sand, but hey, we nitpick. The course is exceptional value. The rain did come today, and at the most incredible time. The first group had finished, the second group didn’t all bother to finish the last hole, and the third group was far enough back to wait out the short delay. Scores, as usual at Pattavia, were good. The returning Daryl Evans (c/h 27) had an excellent 39 points, followed by Brian Parish (12) a stroke shy with 38, and John Davis (14) with 37. Mick Coghlan and Mashi Kaneta had best non-winning 9-hole scores.

26 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

Pat Carty on a roll The Tara Court Golf Society Sunday, April 29, Green Valley Stableford After a few days of rain we were lucky today to have great weather for the whole round. We decided that ‘lift, clean & place’ on the fairways was the order of the day as buggies were on the path only. The course in general was surprisingly dry and not too many mud balls happened. The rain had washed all the sand into the greens and they were very bumpy as the core holes were now empty of sand. One player stood out today, leaving the other 11 in his

wake. Pat Carty (h/cap 23) had an excellent 38 points to be a clear winner. Trailing far behind in second was Kevin Blake (8) on 33 points and it was a three-way count-back for the remaining two places with Russell Gilroy (17) getting the nod with 16pts on the back nine over fourth placed Craig Hitchens (15 on B9) and Declan Kelly (13 on B9). Once again we did not have any ‘2’s today.

Tuesday, May 1, Crystal Bay Stableford Being a holiday and most courses asking for weekend

from the 8 players today with Pat Carty (h/cap 23) taking his second win on the trot with 34 points. Playing his last game this trip, Declan Kelly (12) secured second place with 33 points and third spot was decided on countback with Craig Hitchens (14) keeping Russell Gilroy (17) off the podium, both on 31 points each.

Pat Carty.

Russell Gilroy.

rates, Crystal Bay was our venue today as they only charged the regular weekday amount. The course was busy and we were away about 5 minutes late. It was slow going and a 10

minute rain delay on the 10th hole meant it was a 4-1/2 hour round. The C nine is getting worn out and needs a lot of attention so the sooner they reopen the A nine the better. Not very good scoring

Thursday, May 3, Burapha Stableford A wet day today here at Burapha with torrential rain and wind for nearly an hour and a half and the course resembled a lake. However, when we eventually got started again the water

disappeared quickly and although it was still very wet it was playable. The wet course certainly didn’t affect some of our golfers as under the circumstances we got in some very good scores. Both Russell Gilroy and Kevin Blake scored thirty nine points with Russell winning the count-back to come out on top and Kevin having to settle for second. Pete Seil hasn’t played with us for a long time but he made a good start with us as he posted thirty six points for third. Donal McGuigan and Ken Hole both had thirty five points and here Donal won the count-back to come fourth.

Kempton wins on count-back PSC Golf from The Growling Swan Monday, April 30, Pattavia - Stableford

Thatchers Cider Monday Pool League Results & Standings April 30 (week 16) Team P W D L +/Pts. Moonies Kitchen 16 13 0 3 64 39 Thirsty Beaver 16 13 0 3 54 39 Diva Sports Bar 16 11 0 5 46 33 Honeypot 16 11 0 5 19 33 Khao Noi Sports 16 10 0 6 28 30 Diva Devils 16 9 0 7 18 27 Black Moonies 16 8 0 8 34 24 Pride 16 7 0 9 -24 21 Full Moon 16 5 0 11 -32 15 Honeybees 16 5 0 11 -39 15 Leks Bar 16 4 0 12 -24 12 GB Bar/Bye 16 0 0 16 -144 0 Results: Diva Sports Bar 7 - 8 Full Moon, Honeypot 8 7 Black Moonies, Khao Noi Sports 13 - 2 Honeybees, Leks Bar 6 - 9 Diva Devils, Moonies Kitchen 12 - 3 GB Bar/Bye, Pride 5 - 10 Thirsty Beaver

1st Martin Kempton (13) 37pts 2nd Gary Williams (28) 37pts Near Pins: 4th Tony Cook, 7th Alex Field, 13th Alex Field, 17th Gary Williams. Long Putt: 9th Denis Steele, 18th Gary Williams The rain hit Pattaya early in the morning and unfortunately it caused some panic, the result being that we had 4 pullouts. Anyway, we still had a field of 12 set out to Pattavia and it was great to see that there was no rain about and if they had had any it did not affect the course as such. Carts were allowed on course which excited our group. Martin Kempton took the chocolates today, beating an improved Gary Williams via the count back system.

Colin Stielow (left) and Keith Buchanan. Both golfers returned 37 points with Martin having the better back 9.

Thursday, May 3, Greenwood Stableford 1st Colin Stielow (26) 35pts 2nd Keith Buchanan (15) 34pts

3rd Peter Bricknell (13) 33pts Near Pins: C6 Gary Williams, A2 Andre Van Dyke, A6 John Mugavin. Long Putt: C9 Colin Stielow, A9 Colin Stielow. Fourteen enthusiastic golfers departed The Swan for the trip up to Greenwood.

The course was in great nick with little or no sign that they had any rain. We played courses C & A and with enough run on the fairways we played from the white tees. The greens also played true as the weather stayed on our side. Colin Stielow showed the way, taking out today’s event with a very tidy 35 points. Second past the post was his mate and playing partner “Kissy” Keith Buchanan, with Peter Bricknell notching up a placing prior to departure. An honorable mention goes out to John Mugavin who unfortunately missed out on a podium place by 2 unlucky points, accusing Steve Younger of talking whilst he was putting and that it cost him at the very least 4 points on the greens. The complaint form is in the post John.

Jason Day holds on to win Wells Fargo Championship Charlotte, N.C. (AP) — Jason Day birdied two of his final three holes last Sunday for a 2-under 69 and a twoshot victory over Aaron Wise and Nick Watney in the Wells Fargo Championship, his second victory this year. After squandering a threeshot lead on the back nine, Day rolled in a 20-foot birdie putt on the 16th hole and then effectively won the tournament when his tee shot on the 230-yard 17th hole crashed into the flagstick and settled 3 feet away. He was the only player to make birdie on No. 17 at Quail Hollow in the final round, and it staked him to a two-shot lead. Wise, a PGA Tour rookie, saved par on his last two holes for a 68. Watney made

Jason Day poses with the trophy after winning the Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, May 6. (AP Photo/Jason E. Miczek) a 59-foot birdie putt on the last hole for a 69 and his best finish in three years.

Day finished at 12-under 272 and returns to the top 10 in the world.

Tiger Woods was never a factor. He failed to make birdie in the final round of a PGA Tour event for only the second time in his career, and the first since the Cadillac Championship at Doral in 2014. Woods closed with a 74 and finished 14 shots behind. Even with a two-shot lead going into the final round, it was a struggle for Day. He missed for straight fairways on the back nine, two of them with an iron, one of them hooking into the water on No. 14 that led to bogey. He called it “one of the best wins I have ever had.” “I felt like I went 10 rounds out there just fighting against myself,” Day said. He won for the 12th time in his career.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 27


Duncan gets the gong PSC Golf from The Golf Club T2nd Mutzie Metzigan 34pts There has been quite a bit of rain about lately, but we always seem to dodge the bulk of it. Mimi Fujimoto is getting a lot of press lately, and it is all good. Today Mimi bagged another win with a steady 36 and took all those ‘Handsome

Steve Ellison

Monday, April 30, Green Valley (white tees) – Monthly Medal 1st Joe Duncan net 70 2nd Mimi Fujimoto net 72 3rd Phil Smedley net 73 First off, the shot of the day was by Phil Smedley on the 8th hole as he recorded his second lifetime ace, to the squeals of the caddies. This was our monthly medal for April and the new Antigua TGC shirt to be won. The course has been cored and sanded and is getting better, but it is a slow healing process. Greens were still

Mimi Fujimoto, Koichi Takimoto, Joe Duncan and Nori Hatakema at Eastern Star.

Phil got his second ace.

bumpy but fairways were all pretty good. Visiting us from Dundee, it was Scotsman Joe Duncan who found his form today. A solid 70 won the medal trophy for Joe and he deserved it after missing out to pal Terry Dyer up in Khao Yai. Right behind was Mimi Fujimoto who has shown great consistency these last few weeks. Phil Smedley not only got that hole-in-one but scored well enough for third place today, with Jeff Acheson getting our Caddy Smile near pin.


FRI 11

Apple’s Irish


Bunker Boys

The Emerald

SAT 12

Wednesday, May 2, Eastern Star (white tees) – Stableford 1st Koichi Takimoto 34pts T2nd Mimi Fujimoto 32pts T2nd Nori Hatakema 32pts T2nd Joe Duncan 32pts This is a Robert Trent Jones, Jr. design and he weaves the fairways through the towering palms like a symphony. I had forgotten how picturesque this relatively flat course is, but with the right eye for design, even benign terrain can turn

SUN 13

Man’ vouchers down to Soi LK Metro for a night on the town! Fresh off the plane from Florida, Mr. Metzigan found his mojo today to tie with Shinichi and Zed for second. Gabriel Enright not only got the near pin, but made a costly (for me) birdie putt as well.

out spectacular. The proof of which are the several signature holes out on these lovely links. Koichi Takimoto has been playing with us for over a year now and he finally broke the losing streak today and was “in the money.

Friday, May 4, Khao Kheow A & B (white tees) – Stableford 1st Mimi Fujimoto 36pts T2nd Zed Beloglavec 34pts T2 nd Shinichi Katimoto 34pts

MON 14

TUE 15

WED 16

THU 17

Khao Kheow

FRI 18 Pattana



Crystal Bay



Mt. Shadow

Cafe Kronborg Colin’s Golf

Treasure Hill

Green Valley

Growling Swan Billabong Golf

Pleasant Valley




Pleasant Valley

Crystal Bay

The Links

Khao Kheow



Outback Golf Bar

Green Valley





Le Katai

Green Valley Eastern Star


Burapha Plutaluang

Pleasant Valley


Retox Game On

Khao Kheow

Crystal Bay

Siam Country


The Emerald Laem Chabang

St. Andrews Treasure Hill

Eastern Star

Sugar Shack Soi Diana Sports The Golf Club

Soi Dao

The Players Lounge

Green Valley


Mt. Shadow

Green Valley

Green Valley

Green Valley

Tropical Golf


Valley View Hackers

Green Valley

Sunrise Lagoon Green Valley

Treasure Hill

The Bunker Boys meet at the M-Club off Pattaya 3rd Road for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Bjarne, tel. 038 423203, 038 423809). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri ( The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday ( Lewiinski’s departs from Soi Pattayaland One (Soi Pattaya 13/3) at 9:00 a.m. on its scheduled days. of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit The Outback Golf Bar is situated 6km from Sukhumvit Rd. along Siam Country Club Road. Telephone Andre on 092617-4951 or visit The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778. Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629

28 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 18

New F1 rules approved to improve overtaking and racing Jerome Pugmire Paris (AP) — Motorsport’s governing body has approved rule changes designed to increase overtaking and promote closer racing in Formula One as part of an ongoing initiative to win back fans. From next year, F1 aerodynamics will be simplified. Cars will have a front wing with a larger span, simplified brake ducts, and a wider rear wing. FIA said the changes approved at its World Motor Sport Council meeting last week followed “an intense period of research” which led to a majority electronic vote from the F1 teams. The front wings will also have a low outwash potential. This means less air from the front wing will be generated around the outside of the tires, which in turn will less hinder the downforce and grip of the car behind trying to overtake.

Finish driver Valtteri Bottas (bottom) steers his Mercedes followed by Red Bull drivers Daniel Ricciardo, of Australia, and Max Verstappen, of the Netherlands, during the Azerbaijan Formula One Grand Prix, at the city circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sunday, April 29. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) The proposals also have the backing of F1 owner Liberty Media and have been ratified for 2019, the FIA said in a statement. The approved changes are separate to the ongoing

work being undertaken in regard to defining F1 regulations for 2021 and beyond, when the current set of rules, known as the Concorde Agreement, expire. The biggest change in 2021

Mark Williams wins 3rd world snooker title at 43 Sheffield, England (AP) — Mark Williams won the world snooker championship for the third time, 15 years after his last, after beating John Higgins 18-16 in one of the great finals at the Crucible Theatre on Monday. At 43, Williams became the oldest winner of the sport’s biggest prize since 1978 when fellow Welshman Roy Reardon won his sixth and final world title. Williams was talked out of retirement last year by his wife following a slump in form that was so profound that he didn’t even qualify for the Crucible. “I watched it in a caravan with a beer,” Williams said, typically deadpan. Twelve months later, he was lifting the trophy surrounded by his wife Joanne and kids, and pocketing a first prize of 425,000 pounds following the closest final in 13 years. One of the more laid-back players on the circuit, Williams started the two-day final jaded after a late finish to his semifinal against Barry Hawkins on Saturday. He was eating in a kebab house at 2:15 a.m. local time on Sunday and was seen snacking on crisps and chocolates — offered by a spectator sitting behind him — during the first session against Higgins. Still, Williams built a 14-7 lead, only for Higgins to pull himself back to 15-15 with stunning counterattacking potting to set up a dramatic finale between two players who graduated from the same “Class of ’92,” along with snooker’s box-office star Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Mark Williams poses with the trophy after winning the 2018 Snooker World Championship at The Crucible, Sheffield, England, Monday, May 7. (Richard Sellers/PA via AP) Williams went 17-15 up, before missing an easy pink that would have clinched him the title. Higgins responded by compiling a breathtaking break of 62 to win the frame by two points for 17-16. Williams’ run of 69, started by improbably cutting a red into the middle pocket, finally saw him home. “To play John in a final is an experience in itself,” Williams said. “You’ve got to expect a comeback because when you’re 50 or 60 in front, he’s the best I’ve ever seen at clearing up and that includes Ronnie O’Sullivan. “I was thinking, ‘I’m not going to get over the line here.’ I knew if I didn’t get enough he

was going to clear up again, but I’m over the moon.” Higgins also lost last year’s final to Mark Selby and remains on four world titles, behind Stephen Hendry (7), Steve Davis, Reardon (both 6), and O’Sullivan (5) in the modern era. “I was 14-7 behind and I was worried if I would (not) take it to the fourth session,” Higgins said. “I didn’t want to lose with a session to spare.” Williams, the world champion in 2000 and 2003, said at the start of the tournament that he would go naked to his press conference if he won the title, and he stuck to his word — well, almost. He turned up with just a towel around his waist.

will center on engines, budget caps and wealth distribution, in order to create a more level playing field. In the future, F1 wants cheaper, louder, more powerful engines — but also wants them more reliable to reduce the amount of grid penalties. The new engines,

or power units, must also be accessible to any new teams — such as Aston Martin — planning to enter the series. But F1 has been fast-tracking some changes that did not need to wait until 2021. Recently, measures were approved for an increase in race fuel allowance in order to allow drivers to race at full power for longer, and the separation of driver weight from car weight to end the disadvantage of heavier drivers. Under Liberty’s stewardship, teams are working more closely than before. Ross Brawn, F1’s managing director of motorsports, says the changes for 2019 reflect “a good spirit, a good way of working together for a better and more spectacular Formula One” for racing fans. Previous seasons, with the exception of a few races in 2016 and 2017, saw precious little overtaking and this gave a huge advantage to the driver securing pole position. Many races were

won from start to finish by the ultra-dominant Mercedes, although the balance started to shift somewhat last year with the resurgence of Ferrari. This season that promise has been delivered with a thrilling start. There have been three different race winners in four exciting races: The first two for Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel and one each for Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) and defending champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). But Vettel has been impacted by the wild driving of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the last two races, allowing Hamilton to regain the overall lead. The most recent dramapacked Azerbaijan Grand Prix had it all. The race through the narrow and winding, castle-walled city streets of Baku was a throwback to F1 classics and had fans — not to mention anxious team principals — on the edge of their seats.

Winners lauded at Thailand Windsurfing Championships Seven men and women won cash and trophies at the Thailand Windsurfing Championships & Pattaya International Windsurfing Cup. Thailand Windsurfing Association President Itthiphol Kunplome presented the awards at the close of the April 27-29 competition. The winners were: Junior Sorawit Kaocha-on, Techno 293 Under-17 (Men’s) - Hasel Davanda, Techno 293 Under19 (Men’s) - Tiwa Wongyanghang, Techno 293 Under-19 (Women’s) - Arisa Homraruen, RS One (Men’s) - Nawin Singsarot, RS X (Men’s) Nattapong Phonoparath and RS X (Women’s) arocha Pumprai During the championships the Windsurfing Association of Thailand also recapped its achievements and laid out goals for the next year at its annual general meeting.

Ittipol Khunplume (2nd right), the assistant Minister of Tourism and Sports and president of the Thailand Windsurfing Association, presents trophies and other prizes to the winners of the Thailand Windsurfing Championships & Pattaya International Windsurfing Cup 2018 during the closing ceremony, April 29. Association president Kunplome detailed operational results and reviewed activities in 2017. He said windsurfers achieved excellent scores and achievements in efforts supported by the Sports Authority of Thailand and

National Sports Development Fund. The association’s budget was balanced and transparent, he added. He said the association focuses on athletic development by supporting new generations from the area.

Pattaya Softball revived After several years’ absence from the local sports scene and a couple months of planning, sourcing equipment, and locating a field, it all came together for an “Opening Day” of PSC softball on Sunday, May 6. With a threat of rain, 18 eager players split into two teams and the game was on. This was a great turnout and the field location and condition made for an excellent venue. Underway it was obvious the team dubbed the “DarkSide Taco House Bandidos” were fired up and ready to get after it, may be due to the long wait since the last

softball game in Pattaya. Over the first few innings they rack up runs against the PSC side and were leading 7 -1 after 3 innings. At that point PSC pulled their defense together and the Bandidos were putting down donuts instead of tacos. By the bottom of the 7th and final inning, PSC had pulled back to within 2 when newcomers from Houston, Robert and Kira reached base and another newcomer, Gregg from Cleveland, drove the runs home to tie it up at 7! Then the new and improved Dirk, all 6’-6" and reportedly

down to 300 lbs of him, lined the ball to center field, driving in the winning run to send the Bandidos back across the border until next week. Congrats to all participants for a well-played game! For complete information regarding the PSC recreational softball program; contacts, schedule, location, etc., please visit the “Softball” page on the PSC website at All are welcome! If you can swing a golf club, a cricket bat or a hockey stick, for sure you can handle a bat and play softball.

VOL. XXVI No. 18

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 29


Golovkin makes short work of Martirosyan with 2nd round KO Dan Greenspan Carson, Calif. (AP) — Gennady Golovkin said his second-round knockout of Vanes Martirosyan wasn’t intended to send a message to Canelo Alvarez. Instead, it was the last-minute replacement for Alvarez who verbally tagged the Mexican superstar on Cinco de Mayo. “I see why he’s eating that kind of meat. I see why he’s trying to get that extra edge,” said Martirosyan, referencing Alvarez’s failed drug test in March. Golovkin won his 20th consecutive middleweight title defense by sending Martirosyan down at 1:53 of the second round last Saturday night. Showing he has not lost any of his devastating power after his previous two fights ended in decisions, Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) tied Bernard Hopkins’ record for middleweight title defenses with staggering fury. After being tagged with a strong three-punch combination from Martirosyan

(36-4-1) late in the first round, Golovkin responded with a devastating charge in the second. He started the eight-punch onslaught with a short left and pounced on the damaged Martirosyan, finally dropping him with two powerful lefts. Martirosyan compared the sequence to being hit by a truck immediately after the fight, then likened Golovkin’s punches to being hit by a train in the press conference. “Every punch was the same power and that surprised me,” Martirosyan said. “Thirty-six years old, and he’s still fighting like that. He is the real deal.” The fight came together in hectic fashion after Golovkin’s rematch with Alavarez fell apart. Golovkin and Alvarez fought to a draw last September and were set to meet again in Las Vegas on the Mexican holiday before Alvarez was suspended for six months by the Nevada Athletic Commission in April after testing positive for clenbuterol. Alvarez has blamed the

Gennady Golovkin (left) hits Vanes Martirosyan during their middleweight title boxing match Saturday, May 5, in Carson, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) positive test on tainted Mexican beef, which led to Martirosyan’s quip. With the lucrative fight against Alvarez scuttled until this fall at the earliest, Golovkin was eventually able to put together a replacement bout in Southern California, where he built up a strong following with a series of title defenses at StubHub Center and the Forum. Despite short notice and a modest card, Golovkin

Bellew stops Haye in 5th round in all-British grudge rematch London (AP) — Tony Bellew might have sent David Haye into retirement after stopping the former world heavyweight champion in the fifth round in a rematch in London last Saturday. Bellew, a cruiserweight, knocked down Haye three times before the referee brought a stop to the fight, with Haye leaning on the ropes and apparently injured with an ankle problem. “It didn’t feel that great in there tonight,” said the 37year-old Haye, who insisted before the all-British fight he would retire if he didn’t beat Bellew comfortably. “I’ll have to review the tapes and see what went wrong.” Bellew beat Haye in an 11th-round knockout in March 2017, but the victory came with an asterisk as Haye was clearly hampered by an Achilles injury sustained in the sixth round that night. This time, Haye appeared to be struggling with a right ankle injury that flared up at the end of the third round, during which he was sent to the canvas twice by Bellew. “David Haye is an amazing fighter,” Bellew said of his opponent, who was the WBA heavyweight champion in 2009 having previously been world champion at cruiserweight. “I was hurt in the fight. He is a crazy fighter ... with his style, age is a factor. “He’s a better fighter, a legend of the sport. I’m just happy I won against the odds.”

drew a crowd of 7,837 and the biggest gate receipts for boxing at StubHub Center. Golovkin made it worth their while, making an extended entrance by parading around the converted tennis court to the riff from the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” The card also featured the first women’s fight on HBO in the cable network’s 45year history of broadcasting boxing, as undisputed welterweight champion Cecilia Braekhus (33-0) remained

undefeated with a unanimous decision over Kali Reis (13-7-1). Braekhus won 97-92, 96-93 and 96-93 on the three scorecards despite being knocked down to one knee by a hard right from Reis in the seventh round. Reis nearly dropped Braekhus again in the eighth with another hard right, and the crowd booed when the result was announced after Reis’ late charge. UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg was in attendance and confirmed her interest in boxing against Braekhus, adding to a night where it was hard not to focus on the specter of fights that could have been and could still happen. Focus on a rematch with Alvarez returned to the forefront immediately after Golovkin leveled Martirosyan. Golovkin said after the

fight he would take on all comers, including Alvarez. His attitude did not change in the subsequent press conference. “Everybody want second fight, second step. Of course, I want to,” Golovkin said. “It’s very important for me and boxing people, for everything. Just I’m ready. Let’s do it. September.” Besides his joke, Martirosyan had a prediction for how a second GolovkinAlvarez fight might play out, especially if Alvarez feels the pressure to meet the demanding standards of Mexican boxing fans and go toe-to-toe with Golovkin after being responsible for the fight being scuttled in May. “I think if Canelo stayed in front of Gennady, he would get knocked out cold,” Martirosyan said.

Justify wins sloppy Kentucky Derby, Baffert gets 5th title Beth Harris

Britain’s Tony Bellew celebrates his heavyweight rematch victory over his countryman David Haye at the O2 Arena in London, Saturday, May 5. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) Bellew was in tears after the fight and said he dedicated the win to his late brotherin-law, who died last year. “I seriously came to the ring and was willing to be finished,” Bellew said. “I’ve cried every night in my hotel room this week.” Haye had slightly the better of the first two rounds. He connected with a sweet right in round two, only for Bellew to react by standing upright with his arms outstretched. It began to unravel for Haye in the third round, when he was floored with a straight left and then a right — only to be saved by the bell. He clearly fought injured after that — even though he denied it in his post-fight interview — but held on for another two rounds with Bellew still wary of a counterattack.

“Tony was the better man,” Haye said after his fourth loss in 32 professional fights. “I couldn’t quite make it happen. Everything happens for a reason. “I enjoyed the battle. Tony Bellew is definitely my nemesis.” The 35-year-old Bellew said he didn’t know what was next for him in a turbulent boxing career that has included playing the role of world champion “Pretty” Ricky Conlan in “Creed,” the seventh installment in the “Rocky” series that was released in 2015. He used to be a doorman at a nightclub in his home city of Liverpool and worked in a pillow factory to supplement his income early in his career. This was his 30th win in 33 fights. There won’t be another one against Haye.

Louisville, Ky. (AP) — White-haired trainer Bob Baffert smashed a jinx that stood for 136 years when Justify splashed through the slop to win the Kentucky Derby by 2½ lengths last Saturday. Not since Apollo in 1882 had a colt won the roses without racing as a 2-year-old. Now, Baffert is in position to make another run at the Triple Crown. Three years ago, he trained American Pharoah to the sport’s first sweep of the Derby, Preakness and Belmont in 37 years and just the 12th ever. Records and streaks are made to be a broken and Baffert is certainly on a tear. The Derby record for most wins by a trainer is within Baffert’s grasp, too. With his fifth victory, the 65-year-old snapped a tie for second and trails only Ben Jones with six. Justify is just as impressive. The imposing chestnut colt with the blaze running from his eyes to the tip of his nose improved to 4-0 — winning his races by a combined 21½ lengths. The favorite won for the sixth year in a row, the longest such run since the 1970s. Mike Smith earned his second Derby victory, becoming at 52 the secondoldest winning jockey. Bill Shoemaker was 54 when he won with Ferdinand in 1986.

Mike Smith celebrates after riding Justify to victory during the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 5, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Smith crossed the finish line at Churchill Downs with only a few specks of mud on his white and green silks in the rainiest Derby in the race’s 144-year history. Nearly 3 inches fell on the crowd of 157,813 throughout the day. “Amazing horse,” Smith said. “He’s got that ‘it’ factor.” Smith gunned Justify out of the No. 7 spot in the starting gate and they set a blistering

pace through the muck, going a half-mile in 45.77 seconds. “It was an unbelievable performance by the winner, on this track, going that fast,” Derby trainer Dale Romans said. “He never stopped. He may be a super horse.” Entering the final turn, Justify took the lead and kept on going to the finish under Smith’s left-handed whip.

30 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 18

Tony Bellew (left) and David Haye are shown in action during their heavyweight boxing bout at the O2 Arena in London, Saturday, May 5. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Mike Smith rides Justify to victory during the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 5, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin rides during the opening time trial at the start of 2018 Giro d’Italia Tour of Italy cycling race in Jerusalem, Israel, Friday, May 4. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

Germany’s Alexander Zverev watches the ball as he returns to Philipp Kohlschreiber of Germany during the final at the Munich Open ATP tennis tournament in Munich, Germany, Sunday, May 6. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Sung Hyun Park, of South Korea, smiles behind the trophy after winning the LPGA tour Volunteers of America Texas Shootout golf tournament in The Colony, Texas, Sunday, May 6. (Jae S. Lee/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (top) goes to the basket against New Orleans Pelicans forward E’Twaun Moore (bottom) in Game 4 of a second-round NBA basketball playoff series in New Orleans, Sunday, May 6. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Chennai Super Kings’ Mahendra Singh Dhoni plays a shot during the VIVO IPL cricket T20 match against Kolkata Knight Riders in Kolkata, India, Thursday, May 3. (AP Photo/Bikas Das)

VOL. XXVI No. 18

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Ford manufactures orphans

What did we learn from Azerbaijan? Well, we learned that today’s F1 drivers are a bunch of clowns, with only a few notable exceptions. Seven retirements with seven crashes plus other scrapes but managed to continue with new noses, wheels and tyres. And these are the best drivers in the world? This sentiment is not just mine from the front of the TV screens, but is echoed by some F1 drivers themselves. Fernando Alonso saying, “Today’s race was very complicated – right from the very first lap,” Fernando said. “The first lap in the midfield is the same old story; people preferring to crash into other cars rather than lifting off.” Quite frankly, this is the standard of driving I see in the mid-fielders in local club racing and not what I expect from our F1 multi-million dollar drivers. Top of the heap in the crashing department was Red Bull, with Mad Max (Verstappen) solidly blocking his team mate Daniel Ricciardo until he finally got shafted from behind. And what did the FIA do to temper Mad Max? Nothing, told the two drivers not to do it again. Pathetic, 40 slaps on the wrist with a wet tram ticket. Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko, who has encountered problems with team-mates before when Vettel was partnered there with Mark Webber, pulled no punches as he assessed the catastrophic accident. “I don’t care who is to blame,” he growled. “Both drivers should have enough brain to avoid such an accident. We will take measures to guarantee it won’t happen again.” The final few laps were just mayhem, with leader Bottas (Mercedes) suffering a puncture with two laps to go and being classified as a non-finisher, Vettel (Ferrari) who was 2 nd outbraking himself and ending up 4th, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) keeping his nose clean (auto and personal) and inheriting

Charles Leclerc F1 Rookie. 1 and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) 2nd and the midget Mexican Perez (FIndia) squeezing onto the podium in 3rd. Driver of the day was Rookie Charles LeClerc in the Sauber who brought his Sauber home in 6th and in one piece. A great effort on a difficult track. Result PHOTO: 1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:46.842 51 2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 2.460s 51 3 Sergio Perez Force India 4.024s 51 4 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 5.329s 51 5 Carlos Sainz Renault 7.515s 51 6 Charles Leclerc Sauber 9.158s 51 7 Fernando Alonso McLaren 10.931s 51 8 Lance Stroll Williams 12.546s 51 9 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 14.152s 51 10 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso 18.030s 51 11 Marcus Ericsson Sauber 18.512s 51 12 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso 24.720s 51 13 Kevin Magnussen Haas 30.663s 51 Did not finish Valtteri Bottas Mercedes puncture Romain Grosjean Haas crash Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull crash Max Verstappen Red Bull crash Nico Hulkenberg Renault crash Esteban Ocon Force India crash Sergey Sirotkin Williams crash st

Natter Nosh and Noggin The Pattaya car club meets at Jameson’s Irish Pub on Soi AR next to Nova Park. The next meeting is on Monday May 14 at Jameson’s at 7 p.m. A totally informal meeting of like-minded souls

to discuss their pet motoring (and motorcycling) loves and hates (plus lies and outright exaggerations). Come along and meet the guys who have a common interest in cars and bikes, and enjoy

the Jameson’s specials, washed down with a few beers. Always a fun night. The Car Club nights are only on the second Monday of the month (not every second Monday)!

rider, and while a ruthless competitor, he was a very intelligent and nice chap. I stood in for him as on-site medico for some of his speedway events in Brisbane, Australia. So to this week. Known for

keeping vehicles on the straight and narrow, or even just around the bend. His principle was patented by his manager, but is still used today, more than 200 years later. Who was he? For the free beer at the next car Club meeting, be the first correct answer to email or Good luck!

Autotrivia Quiz Last week I drew attention to a man who won nine world championships, a feat not equaled since. His record is just outstanding, look him up. He died in April this year. I asked, who was he? It was Ivan Mauger, the speedway

Tired of tyres? The tyres for F1 have reached the height of stupidity. Pirelli supply three compounds, which come in linear degrees of softness. The softer they are, the better the grip, but the quicker they wear out. Years ago we called them ‘gumballs’ and they would only last about four laps. These were then used for qualifying and the normal tyres for the race. Does the spectator really care which tyre compound is being used? Not in the slightest, let me assure the FIA. Let’s get on with RACING and forget about tyre strategies. The public would like to be able to ‘see’ the drivers at work and ‘see’ the drivers working their way around problems and not ask the pit wall how things are with his car.

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Ford America has announced that it plans to drop its passenger sedans and hatchback lines from the North American range in the next few years. In the United States, the only passenger models to be retained will be the Mustang and a crossover version of the all-new Focus, called Active, due next year. Gone will be the Taurus large sedan – once America’s top-selling car – plus the mid-sized Fusion, Fiesta light hatchback and most of the Focus small-car range will be given the chop, along with some slow-selling models from Ford’s premium Lincoln range. Guess what is happening to the resale value of those vehicles, now effectively orphans. The new Focus/Active will be built in China so it will only be Mustang being built in the US, as other plants in the US, Canada and Mexico will be turning out SUVs, trucks and vans. It is thought that Ford is also planning to put most of its marketing effort into popular vehicles such as the Ranger pick-up, SUVs – Everest, Escape, EcoSport and upcoming Endura – plus the Mustang and Transit commercial van. In a statement released from Ford Motor Company’s global headquarters in Dearborn, Ford president and CEO Jim Hackett said his company was committed to

Ford Mustang. taking appropriate actions to drive profitable growth and maximize the returns of the business over the long term. “Where we can raise the returns of underperforming parts of our business by making them more fit, we will,” he said. “If appropriate returns are not on the horizon, we will shift that capital to where we can play and win.” Ford said that by 2020, almost 90 percent of the Ford portfolio in North America would be trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles. “Given declining consumer demand and product profitability, the company will not invest in next generations of traditional Ford sedans for North America,” the company statement proclaims. “Over the next few years, the Ford car portfolio in North America will transition to two vehicles – the bestselling Mustang and the allnew Focus Active crossover coming out next year.

“The company is also exploring new ‘white space’ vehicle silhouettes that combine the best attributes of cars and utilities (SUVs), such as higher ride height, space and versatility.” Ford has also re-committed to electrifying its range, adding hybrid powertrains to high-volume vehicles such as the F-150 pick-up, Mustang, Explorer large SUV, Escape and Bronco. “The company’s battery electric vehicle rollout starts in 2020 with a performance utility (SUV), and it will bring 16 battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022,” the statement says. This is a fairly brave mission for Ford, as if the SUV bubble bursts, then the company is left with very little to attract the buying public, and will end up like GM a few years ago, offering cash-back to attempt to gain market share again, while at the same time endangering profit margins.

New Mazda - BT-50 Mazda has updated its locally built BT-50 with a new front-end that was designed by Mazda Australia and will be rolled out exclusively for the local market. The Japanese car-maker’s design team opted for a more squared-off front bumper, eschewing the more rounded, upswept look of the outgoing model that was updated back in September 2015. Mazda’s design update project began in mid-2016, and has resulted in a boxier look, and redesigned frontal aspect. A new grille has been introduced across the range, with horizontal stripes finished in chrome on XTR and GT and black on the XT. Dual-cab variants are tipped to make up nearly 60 percent of sales, with the 4x4 driveline to be the more popular option with nearly two-thirds of sales. Unlike some of its competitors, which are selling more top-spec variants than base grades, Mazda is expecting the entry-level XT grade to make up 60 percent of sales, with only eight percent coming from the range-topping GT. The carry-over engines include the 110 kW/375 Nm 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel with consumption between 8.0 and 8.6 liters per 100 km and the 147 kW/470 Nm 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbo-diesel that uses 8.9-10 L/100 km. The BT-50 is the first Mazda model in Australia to be offered with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is standard across the range following Mazda’s decision to fit a

New Mazda BT-50. 7.0-inch Alpine touchscreen system on the base XT grade. Standard equipment on the XT includes halogen headlights, power windows and mirrors, black cloth upholstery, 16-inch wheels (alloy on some variants), air-conditioning, cruise control, six-speaker sound system, steering wheel-mounted controls, six airbags and a locking rear differential on 4x4 versions. Moving up to the XTR adds a chrome grille, grey bumper insert, 17-inch alloys, chrome door handles, rear step bumper and power mirrors, front foglights, automatic headlights, tubular side steps, locking tailgate, auto-sensing wipers, dual-zone climate control, carpet floor covering, auto-dimming rearview mirror, sat-nav, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter and 8.0-inch Alpine multimedia system. Standard safety equipment includes six airbags, ABS brakes, dynamic stability control, emergency stop signal, hill launch assist, roll stability control, traction control and trailer sway control.

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VOL. XXVI No. 19

Chinese influx transforming Myanmar’s quintessential city by Denis D. Gray (AP) Mandalay, Myanmar Myanmar’s last royal capital harbored the most learned Buddhist monks and exquisite artists, citizens speaking the most refined Burmese and cooks who prepared the best curries in the land. Mandalay was rhapsodized as the nation’s cultural core. Today, along the grand moat of the former royal palace, Chinese music rings out as people perform tai chi exercises, a sign of an uneasy transformation taking place in Myanmar’s second-largest city. This once quintessential Burmese metropolis, residents say, is losing its traditions as a massive influx of Chinese migrants reshapes it in their own likeness.

enterprises to expand abroad as well as official Chinese government investment in its neighbors’ infrastructure, the influx has sparked a measure of prosperity in some impoverished Southeast Asian regions. But along with it has come local resentment, sometimes anger, at perceived Chinese aggressiveness, cultural insensitivity and environmental damage. Chinese have been drawn to Southeast Asia for centuries, with waves of migrants fleeing war, revolution and starvation in the first half of the 20th century. While most of them came with little more than the shirts on their backs, many of the latest migrants are arriving with cash and savvy. “Out of the 10 top entrepreneurs in Mandalay, seven are Chinese,” says Win Htay, vice

A potential customer examines some jade samples in Mandalay’s famous jade market. The jade trade is dominated by the Chinese with large quantities sent to China where jade is highly valued. As China’s shadow grows in Southeast Asia, residents of Myanmar’s former royal capital are lamenting an influx of Chinese migrants. (AP Photo/Denis D. Gray) “I feel that I am no longer a resident of Mandalay,” says Nyi Nyi Zaw, a 30-year-old journalist, adding that problems between Burmese and Chinese caused by the changing dynamics have become a staple of his reporting. “They (Chinese people) look like the residents. They have money, so they have the power.” This makeover of Mandalay - located about 300 kilometers (185 miles) from China’s Yunnan province and at the crossroads of trade, transport and smuggling routes - reflects a Chinese footprint across Southeast Asia that has grown alongside Beijing’s economic and military clout. And it is one that is expected to widen as China pushes forward with its One Belt, One Road initiative to link Eurasian nations via land and sea routes. Propelled by Beijing’s policy of encouraging Chinese

president of the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He says Chinese in the city own everything from small noodle shops to expensive commercial buildings. He estimates some 60 percent of Mandalay’s economy, including the key industries, is now in Chinese hands. Next to Laos’ capital, Vientiane, Chinese are building a virtually new city on more than 300 hectares (741 acres) of government-provided land that is expected to cater to an influx of migrants coming to work on Chinese-backed infrastructure projects reshaping the once sleepy town on the banks of the Mekong River. Residents of Sihanoukville are calling Cambodia’s only seaport “China Town” as more Chinese corner real estate and settle in a country that has turned from the West toward Beijing, now its key political and economic supporter.

A traditional Burmese religious ceremony takes place in the Mahamuni Monastery in Mandalay. (AP Photo/Denis D. Gray)

Spearheaded by a surge of Chinese tourists, condominiums and second homes marketed to mainlanders are sprouting in the northern Thailand hub of Chiang Mai, along with both legal and illegal businesses catering to their needs. A tourist with no knowledge of Thai or English can now hire an unlicensed Chinese taxi driver or even a bodyguard. Chinese investment has increased sharply in Malaysia, sparking concerns over sovereignty. In addition to mega ventures including a $100 billion property development project, Chinese state-linked firms have also bought assets linked to the indebted 1MDB state fund, which was set up by Prime Minister Najib Razak and is being investigated by the U.S and other countries for embezzlement and money laundering. Opposition leaders have used the influx of Chinese money as an issue in the May 9 general election, warning that the government is selling off the country - a claim dismissed by Najib. In Mandalay, anti-Chinese jibes have become a staple of workaday conversation. Cartoons, comedy routines and literature label the country the “Chinese Republic of the Union of Myanmar” and the city as “Mandalay, Yunnan.” A popular song - “The Death of Mandalay” - laments what Mandalay has become: “The city where I was born is no longer there/Who are these people in the city?”

A Chinese temple in the heart of Mandalay, one of many in the city. (AP Photo/Denis D. Gray) move to the city’s outskirts. “If we can’t enact laws and take effective action on immigration, we will see a continuation of the Chinese influx because this area is good for them,” says Win Htay, who also heads a large sugar company. The ease with which Chinese are able to illegally obtain citizenship contrasts with the plight of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority group at the heart of an ongoing refugee crisis who despite having lived in Myanmar for generations are denied citizenship. Some take a balanced view of the Chinese presence in Mandalay, frequently reported as high as 50 percent of the

overreaction from a poor country.” In response to questions about illegal immigration, the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan in China said it “always urged those going overseas to abide by local laws and customs.” While some of the regional migration is driven by Chinese government-backed policies, other migrants are aided by the age-old “guanxi,” the informal networks through which Chinese from a particular locality or clan have moved abroad. These networks aid and ease the entry of those following them into a foreign environment. Some simply come on their own, seeking a better, freer life outside China. Dai Qing, a prominent author and environmental activist who now calls Chiang Mai home, says she enjoys the absence of an internet firewall in Thailand, clean food and water, and being among “nice, peaceful

people,” some of whom she helps through charities. Living in a rural area outside the city, Dai says she has not yet encountered Thais averse to her countrymen. “But when I travel here and there, I do see the impolite, following-no-rules, arrogant Chinese and I feel ashamed for that,” she says. “We have a long way to go before China’s true modernization is complete.” Now that China has urged its citizens to go out into the world, it’s only natural that many will choose to “follow their dreams,” says Aranya Siriphon, an anthropologist at Chiang Mai University. “That’s what we humans do,” she says. “But we have to be able to manage the negative aspects of these dreams.” Associated Press researcher Yu Bing in Beijing and reporters Sopheng Cheang in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Eileen Ng in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, contributed to this report.

A Chinese worker in a temple fashions a coffin. Chinese funerals, weddings and other ceremonies are held in the extensive temple compound. They say Mandalay, once regarded as the nation’s cultural core, is losing its traditions and character. (AP Photo/Denis D. Gray) While a Chinese community has long existed in Mandalay, a new wave flocked to snap up swaths of cheap vacant land following massive fires that tore through the city’s core in the 1980s. As isolationist Myanmar opened up in the 1990s, Chinese entrepreneurs also took advantage of low interest rates at home and high ones in Myanmar to invest in real estate. Others are involved in shadier areas such as the jade trade and narcotics trafficking. Since foreigners are not allowed to own land or enjoy other privileges, a large but unknown number of Chinese have obtained Burmese citizenship through bribes to Myanmar immigration officials or outright forgery of documents, Burmese businessmen and local journalists say. The result has been soaring real estate values that have forced many locals to

city’s 1.2 million inhabitants, although estimates are unreliable given the undocumented status of many and depending on how assimilated ethnic Chinese are counted. “As a native I am not so concerned about Mandalay changing because of the Chinese. The world is becoming a global village,” said Tin Maung, managing director of the Royal Tun Thitsar Company. “Races mix all the time, but it is important that all are loyal to the country.” The Chinese presence in Mandalay and Myanmar is simply a natural outcome of intensified and positive relations with Southeast Asia, said Zhu Xianghui, associate professor at the Institute of Myanmar Studies of Yunnan University. He said concerns by Burmese nationalists that their country is under threat of Chinese expansionism is “an

A woman performs her morning exercises and pays reverence along the moat which surrounds the former royal palace in Mandalay. Many Chinese come to the moat each early morning to do their traditional Chinese exercises accompanied by Chinese music. (AP Photo/Denis D. Gray)

VOL. XXVI No. 19

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Events The next meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) will be held on Sunday, May 13. Jim Soutar will talk about the bemused and rarely sober 39-year wanderings of an Irishman through Thailand’s Looking Glass. The program starts at 10:30 a.m. with a buffet breakfast available from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on the 4th floor of the Holiday Inn’s Executive Tower, located behind the Holiday Inn’s Bay Tower on Beach Road. A Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard networking evening will be held at the Movenpick Siam Hotel in Pattaya on Friday, May 18 from 6.00 p.m. – 9 p.m. (last drinks at 8.30 p.m.). Entrance cost is THB 500 on the door for members and THB 1000 for non-members. Admission includes freeflow drinks and finger food. For more information send email to The spectacular 2018 Pattaya International Fireworks Festival will be held from June 8-9 at Central Pattaya Beach. Starting at 6 p.m. each evening, competing countries will put on short individual displays on the first day while longer 45 minute performances will take place on the second day. Vendors along the Beach Road will provide a multitude of food and refreshments for onlookers. The Pattaya Bikini Beach Race 2018 will take place on Saturday, May 19 at Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Race

distances are 3km and 9km and admission fees are 700 & 800 baht. For more information, go to Facebook page: CentralfestivalBikiniBeachRace or call 082-563-1291 The Pattaya International Ladies Club invites you to a Black & White Party at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya on June 23 beginning at 19.00 hrs. Enjoy a bubbly reception, buffet, disco, raffle prizes and a free flow of wine, beer and soft drinks: Price 1500 baht per person. Dress code Black & White. Email: specialeventspilc YWCA Pattaya Center will hold the 6th Charity WalkRun on Pattaya Beach on Saturday, June 16 with runners competing for Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee’s Cups. The races cover distances of 1.5km, 3km, 6km and 10km and admission cost is 400 baht. Proceeds from the event will go towards charitable projects chosen by the YWCA. To register, visit website: https:/ / A Farmers’ Market takes place every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Holiday Inn hotel on Pattaya Beach Road from 10.30 am - 3.30 p.m. Products range from wellness items, jewelry, freshly prepared food, organic vegetables and fruits. The next market will be held May 12. A stamp market is held every Sunday from 10.00 a.m. till 3.00

Fax: 038-427596

Rahnpintang Moe Kata Restaurant, Panji Place, on Soi Ponphraphanimit 7 (200m from the Bangkok Highway underpass). Here can you exchange stamps from the whole world. Call 089 091 3418 for more information and directions.

Dining Benihana Terrace Bar offers a ‘Shushi High Tea’ with fresh sushi and nigiri, California rolls and Temaki, all served with beautiful sea views. High tea served daily from 2pm – 5pm. Price: THB 750++ per set (for two). Benihana is located at the AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa. Call 038 412 120. Hard Rock’s Pattaya’s World Burger Tour is back and ready to take guests’ taste buds on an international flavor experience. In May, enjoy a choice of Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger, English Breakfast Burger, Tango Salsa Burger and Jambalaya Burger. Hard Rock will also showcase the brand’s worldfamous beverage menu made up of refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic options. For more information on World Burger Tour and to contact Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya for menu details, call 038 426 635 or visit cafes/pattaya. Royal Cliff Beach Hotel invites you to a deVine Club Wine Dinner on Friday, 18 May. Experience a 5-course menu featuring extraordinary cuisine prepared by Royal Cliff’s Executive Chef and his talented culinary team, along with premium wines from Vanichwathana Co., Ltd. The evening will commence at the Bar of the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel at 6:30 pm. Dinner will be served at 7.15 pm at the Royal Grill Room and Wine Cellar. Price: THB 2,500++ for deVine Wine Club members and THB 2,750++ for non-members. For more information and reservations, call 038 250 421 ext. 2782 or email Every Wednesday during the month of May you can enjoy a delicious seafood buffet dinner from 18.0021.00 pm at the Persimmon restaurant, Pattana Golf Club & Resort, priced at just 399 baht net per person. For further information or reservations, call 038 318 999 Ext 11230 or Email: restaurant Tuesdays are Asian Seafood BBQ days at Coast Beach Club and Grill, located at the Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya. Enjoy a wide offering of delicious local seafood cuisine for just THB 1099++ per person.

Seafood BBQ served every Tuesday from 6.30pm – 10.45pm. For more information or reservations, call 038 714 981. In May and June, Hilton Pattaya invites you to experience a variety of special menus featuring free range chicken. ‘Flare’ Restaurant presents slow cooked free range chicken with Thai herbs at THB 650 net; ‘Drift’ Lobby Lounge & Bar introduces appetizers including deep fried free range chicken with Thai seasoning and herbs at THB 350 net and chicken in massaman curry served with French fries at THB 350 net. ‘Horizon’ Rooftop Restaurant and Bar recommends roasted free range chicken with truffle oil served with riceberry and quinoa pilaf, baby carrots, Shimeji mushrooms, and asparagus at THB 850 net. For more information or reservations, call 038-253-000 or or

call 038 930 600 or email to The Thai Garden Terrace Restaurant offers nightly dining presentations with different themed “all you can eat” buffets at the resort poolside: Monday – Italian buffet; Tuesday – BBQ buffet; Wednesday – multi-cuisine buffet; Thursday – German buffet with roasted pig; Friday – Thai buffet; Saturday – international buffet; Sunday – steak & skewers buffet. The buffet starts from 6 p.m., runs until 9 p.m. All this for just 399 baht net per adult. What you see is what you pay, no additional service charges or VAT. For reservations call 038 370 614 or make your booking at www. under “buffet reservation”. Thai Garden Resort is located on North

Delicious free-range chicken dishes at Hilton Pattaya. The Bay Grill & Buffet at Dusit Thani Pattaya: Dine with a sea view and enjoy seafood and meat barbecue accompanied by Thai and international items from soup, appetizers and main courses to dessert for only THB 1200++ per person. Free flowing beverage for additional THB 599++ per person. The Bay is open daily from 18:30 - 22:00. Call 038 425 6117 ext. 2149 0r 2150 for more information and reservations. Big Fish restaurant at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya enhances its seafood buffet with a Thai marketplace theme: live stations offer traditional Thai cuisine in a unique atmosphere and include Thai salad, papaya salad, lemongrass & shrimp salad, Thai noodle served with beef/chicken and meat ball, pad Thai, fishcake served with chili-pickled cucumber and Thai dessert of mango with sticky rice, luk chub, woon bai toey, tup tim krob and more. All you can eat only at THB 400 net per person and enjoy a special welcome drink from the antique jar. Promotion daily from 12pm – 2.30pm. For more information and reservations

The happy BBQ chef at Thai Garden.

Pattaya Road, 200 meters from the Dolphin roundabout and 200 meters before Tesco Lotus. Yupin’s Restaurant in Jomtien Complex offers some fabulous culinary options including slow roast soft pork stuffed with garlic and coriander, and served with an onion and red wine sauce, vegetables and a choice of potato at only 395 baht or

Delicious menu options at Yupin’s Restaurant. delicious fresh from the sea, jumbo tiger prawns served with a cream, parmesan and Malibu sauce, and vegetables or a choice of potato at only 495 baht. Special promotions include two set menus plus a bottle of wine for only 1,295 baht or order a two course meal between 6-7 PM and get a free glass of red or white or rosé wine or 250 baht off a house bottle of wine at 545 baht. For more information or reservations, call 038 250394 or visit website: Continued on page 35

34 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

96 Timeless Coffee and Bistro Miss Terry Diner Photos by Marisa Corness With the turnover of restaurants in Pattaya, the Dining Out Team will frequently find a new restaurant and make a note to visit to see if it would be suitable for a review at a later date. This week’s restaurant is just around the corner from our home, but not only did we find this restaurant, but we watched it being built, wondering what this very large building was going to be.

Look for the sign, you have arrived.

After some months, signs appeared with “96 Timeless”, which did not give us many clues, but then a sign with photos of food was erected leading us to presume that 96 Timeless was a very large restaurant. We were only half right, as 96 Timeless turns out to be half of the building featuring a very high ceiling, with the other half being a two storey living area for the owner K. Pichai and his wife, the chef. The interesting name 96 Timeless comes from the fact that the house number is 96 and K. Pichai wants the restaurant to carry on forever – ‘timeless’. The interior décor is quirky with plants, soft toys and mixed sizes of tables. Tables and seating tend to be designed for foursomes, and more and large. The kitchen area is off to the rear behind a refrigerated cabinet with high calorie goodies. The crockery and cutlery are of a high standard, much better than one would imagine in a suburban Thai restaurant.

Sharing the corner with soft toys.

The British favorite Fish and Chips. The menu is mainly in Thai, though some pages have translation into English. Otherwise take a Thai with you! The menu starts with Beverages (B. 40-85) and has teas (such as a very piquant mulberry) as well as coffees. K. Pichai said no alcohol at this stage. Next up are Breakfasts B. 70-99 then single dishes with stir fries and pork, chicken, shrimp and chilli. Next up are some curries (B. 100-180) including the ubiquitous tom yum goong. The next section is entitled “recommended” and was mainly European with spring rolls (B. 89), chicken nuggets (B. 70), and fish and chips (B. 180). After them, there are some more ‘one dish’ items (B. 70180), chicken with ginger and rice with sausage. Some meat dishes, and Euro style again are beef

A good sized pork steak.

steaks (B. 259), chicken (B. 149), pork (B. 189) and dory fish (B. 159). These dishes all come with salad and French Fries. Desserts are B. 45-50 and are Thai style. We were very pleasantly surprised by the dishes. The panang pork curry was very Thai and spicy for Thai palates and our Thai members of the reviewing team gave it top marks. The apple and cheese toasted sandwich

did have a wonderful ooze of cheddar and was very filling. Fish and chips was cooked correctly and not dripping in oil, as we have seen too many times. The fish was dry panfried rather than deep fried and came with a small boat with tartar sauce. We finished with a cappuccino and discussed the meal. High marks were unanimous. 96 Timeless has its own ‘rustic’ charm, and is unlike

A spicy Panang Curry.

the run of the mill eating houses. The menu is not extensive, but neither is it expensive. The toasted sandwich, which we have eaten before is almost a meal in itself, but be careful as it can dribble molten cheese in your lap! The cuisine is mainly Thai, but we do live in Thailand, do we not? Definitely worth the detour off the main road. 96 Timeless Coffee and Bistro, Soi 19 Pornprapanimit AKA Siam Country Club Road (Hot Pan on the left at the corner and before Planet Football), follow Soi 19 around and 96 Timeless is on your right after 500 meters. Spacious grounds for parking, telephone 081 982 9383, open 7 Days, Hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Molten cheddar sandwich with apple.

VOL. XXVI No. 19

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 35


E-mail: From page 33 Linda’s Restaurant is large with seating for 200 people, with a covered al fresco verandah outside for those who wish to smoke. Inside, in air-conditioned comfort, there are comfortable chairs and decent sized tables, with white starched napery. The menu is large and covers northern European items, Scandinavian dishes and several pages covering Thai cuisine. Linda’s Restaurant, 315/177-180 Moo 12, opposite the Jomtien Complex. Thappraya Road, Jomtien. Open seven days from 7.30 a.m. until late. Tel: Reservations: 038 252 726, www., streetside parking. Email linda@ . GPS 12.901655 N 100.869.

Great menu options at Jameson’s. around for more than 35 years and the soi was named after its oldest tenant. Just look for the Japanese characters on the blinds outside. You cannot miss it. The menu is pictorial, which is a must when trying a different cuisine/language. This is a restaurant to take a few people with you. The prices are certainly not over the top, and the quality is superb. Yamato Japanese restaurant, 219/51 Soi Yamato (13/1), close to Beach Road end, telephone 038 429 685 or 038 421 618. Open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner. On street parking (or do some shopping in the Avenue or Royal Garden Plaza).

Fax: 038-427596 is probably the largest in Pattaya, with 374 individual items. Each dish is in Thai with an English explanation underneath. Rather than be swamped by choices, let Somsakdi guide you. After all, who knows his dishes better than he? Somsakdi Restaurant, Pattaya Soi 1, tel. 038 428 987, 038 423 284, 038 429 869, limited parking plus on-street parking in the soi. Hours 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days.

ginia Sorensen and her team will be on hand to guide you on the floor. For more information and reservations call Linda at: Tel: 038 252 726, Mobile: 0878 130 115. Enjoy great music from Thomas Reimer, one of the most famous European Jazz guitarists, playing live every evening (except Tuesday) from 6.00 p.m. - 10 p.m. at the Sugar Hut restaurant on Thappraya Road, call 038 364 186 for details.

Spa & Hotel Promotions

Community Services

The new Sawasdee ritual at Spa Cenvaree in Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya uses traditional Siamese massage with modern aromatherapy techniques and the uplifting properties of lime, lemongrass and plai for a completely refreshing all-in-one spa session. Priced at THB 2,800++ per person, the package includes a THB 300 retail voucher and is available throughout May and June. For reservations and more spa packages, call 038 301 234 ext 4333.

The North Star Library on Sukhumvit Road, north Pattaya holds regular Thai language classes Mon - Fri from 10.30 a.m. till 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. till 2.30 p.m. Cost of admission is 100 baht per session for library members and 200 baht for non-members. Private lessons are also available for 200 baht per hour. In addition, the library also holds Yoga training every Tuesday from 1 - 2 p.m. at the Father Ray Foundation. Cost is 1200 baht for 6 sessions (first session free). For more information, call 081 575 4854 or email

Entertainment BBQ Pork Spare Ribs & Jasmine Rice for only 195 baht Jameson’s Irish Pub offers daily food specials from Mon-Sat as well as fabulous Sunday roast dinners with all the trimmings, priced from 340 baht – 400 baht. Jameson’s Irish Pub is located on Soi Sukrudee (Soi A.R.) in Central Pattaya. Call 038 361 874 for more information or visit website: Yamato Restaurant located on Soi Yamato has been

Yamato’s mixed sashimi plate which had octopus, salmon, tuna, crab sticks, sea bass, squid and mackerel. The legendary Somsakdi Restaurant has been in operation in Pattaya for almost 40 years. Proprietor and Chef Somsakdi is still cooking and running his amazing restaurant at 78 years of age. The menu

Thai pepper eggs Thailand claims this recipe as a national dish, but in actual fact, it is not. This is an interesting derivation from what are generally known as Hungarian eggs, but the derivation is left-overs and is something that can be made from items found in most family fridges. These types of home cooking recipes always reflect not just the tastes of the region, but also the most abundant and cheapest ingredients.

Ingredients Serves 4-6 Vegetable oil 3 tbspns Onion, minced 1 medium Green bell pepper, cut into ¾-inch dice 1 Tomatoes, cored and cut into ¾-inch dice 2 medium Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Hot Hungarian paprika, add to taste Eggs, lightly beaten 2 large

Cooking method 1. In a large skillet over medium heat, heat oil and add onion and bell pepper. Sauté until beginning to soften, 2 to 3 minutes. Cover and then simmer very slowly for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Add tomatoes and continue to simmer, covered, for 15 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and hot paprika to taste. Add eggs, mixing well. Simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

An evening of Grand Opera will take place at 6pm on Saturday, May 19 in the Jakatheppimarn Room, Diana Garden Resort, North Pattaya. The evening will feature singers from Grand Opera Thailand: Tae Miyata, Soprano; Bussayapat Aunchittikul, Mezzo Soprano; Stefan Sanchez, Baritone; and Pitchaya Kemansinjki, Bass, singing works from Opera and Broadway. Tickets cost 500 baht and 300 baht for students and are available from the Pattaya Orphanage or by emailing Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya is calling for the most talented guitarists to compete in this year’s Guitar Battle 2018 at Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya on Saturday, May 26. If you are a guitarist, this is your chance to enter the most rockin’ guitar competition in Thailand. To apply, simply go to this link and complete the application form. Applications are open until May 12. Linda’s restaurant on Thappraya Road now holds Latin night every Saturday. Bring your dancing shoes and friends and enjoy dinner and dancing. Don’t worry if you are new to salsa, Vir-

Groups & Associations Post 12146 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America (Ban Chang – U-Tapao, Thailand) meets the second Saturday of each month at 13:00 on the second floor of the Camel Pub in Ban Chang. If you are interested, please contact Membership Chairman Dan Morgan at banchang vfw12146membership@gmail .com or visit website: www. The Royal British Legion Thailand meets the last Saturday of every month from 2 p.m. at the Tropical Bar on Soi Khao Noi (Watboonsampan near the Temple entrance) in East Pattaya. You do not need to have served in the Armed Forces to become a member and can join in the many social events arranged throughout the year. The Legion’s primary aim is the care and welfare of those who have served and/or their dependents. For general enquiries send email to, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Pattaya Group meets Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 5

p.m., Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are closed (alcoholics only) and are held at Soi Skaw Beach (off Pattaya 2nd Rd). Contact Carl 08-45631-671. The Good Morning Pattaya Group meets 9 a.m. every morning. All meetings are ‘open’: contact 084 564 8479. The Jomtien Group meets every day at noon at Jomtien Long Stay Hotel: Contact, Andrew 086 107 6631. The Scandinavian Group meets on Tuesdays and Fridays 6 p.m. at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, Thappraya Road Soi 7: contact Hans 085 135 7755 or Rune (Rayong) 089 754 9515. 10.30 a.m. meetings every day at Satree Pattana Centre on Soi Skaw Beach off Second Road. Call 084 564 8479. The Samaritans of Thailand English Help Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support to the expatriate

community. English-speaking staff, trained in crisis intervention will provide active, nonjudgmental and empathetic listening services on the phone. All calls will be handled on an anonymous basis and are free of charge. (02) 713-6791. Overeaters Anonymous The ‘Up to You’ group meets Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the housing area just behind Pan Pan Restaurant in Jomtien on Thappraya Road. Call Steve at 038-364-207(h) or 089-250-1359 (cell) for directions or more information. Narcotics Anonymous Hotline: 082 811 2686. 3 English speaking meetings in Pattaya near Central Festival and 2 in Jomtien each week. Also regular Thai speaking meetings at 12 noon every Sunday, and Persian Farsi speaking meetings at 5.30 pm on Thursdays. Please call the Hotline for details.

36 FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 19

United back on track with big win over Sukhothai Pattaya United cast aside the club’s recent run of poor results with a resounding 3-0 victory over Sukhothai FC at the Nongprue Stadium last weekend. The Saturday, May 5, League One fixture saw United come out of the blocks strongly and display little of the jittery defending that has been a feature of their recent performances. Sukhothai, sitting in the upper half of the league table, gradually found their rhythm and began to press United onto the back foot but they fell behind on the half hour mark when Dolphins’ midfielder Phumin Kaewta was first to react to a smart cross from Lukian and he turned the ball

into the visitors’ net from close range. Sukhothai had a chance to draw level soon after conceding but Madagascan forward Rakotoharimalala volleyed the ball over the Pattaya bar when well placed. The miss was almost immediately costly as United’s Chayawat Srinawong headed the ball against the visitors’ crossbar with goalkeeper Eiam-mak well beaten. Coming out after the break with a 1-0 lead, United began to slowly exert their dominance on the game and came close on several occasions to doubling their advantage. Kaewta headed the ball against the Sukhothai woodwork with the goal at his mercy and then United’s

Brazilian playmaker Rafinha sent his compatriot Lukian through on goal, only for the latter to see his fierce shot crash off the crossbar and out to safety. The hosts finally achieved some breathing space in the 64th minute when Korean fullback Lee Won-Young came up for a corner kick and after finding space at the edge of the Sukhothai area he connected sweetly with a rightfoot volley that flew past Eiam-mak into the goal. United’s club captain was also heavily involved in his side’s third goal 12 minutes later when Eiam-mak rushed off his line to claim the ball from a Dolphins’ free kick only to find himself in no-man’s

Marquez wins Spanish GP, takes lead after rivals collide Jerez, Spain (AP) — Marc Marquez won the Spanish MotoGP to take the overall points lead after several of his rivals crashed out of the race last Sunday. Pole sitter Cal Crutchlow wiped out before a threerider crash involving previous points leader Andrea Dovizioso, his Ducati teammate Jorge Lorenzo, and Dani Pedrosa. That left Marquez, who had maneuvered into the lead from a fifth-place start, free to increase the gap and never be challenged as the four-time MotoGP champion cruised to his 37th career victory in the top category. “Dani (Pedrosa) was the fastest, but a race is not only

Pattaya United’s Rafinha (right) lifts the ball past Sukhothai FC goalkeeper Eiam-mak during the first half of their sides’ Thai League One fixture at the Nongprue Stadium in Pattaya, Saturday, May 5. (Photo courtesy Pattaya United FC) land a n d Wo n - Yo u n g , lurking at the far post, had the simple task of heading the ball into an empty goal to double his own personal tally. The visitors had a brief

period of late pressure but they were unable to pierce the resolute United defence, which for once was able to record a clean sheet. Pattaya United have now moved up to twelfth place in

the league standings on 20 points from 14 games played. The Dolphins’ next fixture comes on Saturday, May 12 with an away match at Ratchaburi FC. Kick-off is scheduled for 6pm.

Wanheng matches Mayweather’s record, improves to 50-0

Marc Marquez of Spain. (AP Photo/Eric Gay) about being the fastest,” Marquez said. “You have to overtake, be aggressive in certain moments. I hope they are okay, but I won’t lie, (it means) more points for me.”

Pattaya celebrates a festival of sailing at 2018 Top of the Gulf Regatta Turn to pages 18 & 19.

Marquez steered his Honda across the finish line in 41 minutes, 39.678 seconds, more than five seconds before Johann Zarco, who finished second. Andrea Iannone completed the podium. Marquez leads the competition with 70 points after four races. Zarco is second with 58, followed by Maverick Vinales with 50.

Nakhon Ratchasima (AP) - Wanheng Menayothin improved to 50-0 last week, equaling the record of Floyd Mayweather Jr. by knocking out Panamanian opponent Leroy Estrada in a mandatory WBC miniflyweight fight. The 32-year-old Wanheng, a Thai fighter who is known as the “Giant Dwarf,” has 18 knockouts among his 50 wins. “I thought it would be tougher,” said Wanheng, who defended his belt for the ninth time. “He is young and fast. But he lost guard early and I took the opportunity. It was easy from then on.” Wanheng sent Estrada to the floor twice in the second round and again in the fourth. “I was never confident that I was winning as it was a 12-round fight,” Wanheng said. “Now I’m happy that I have matched Mayweather’s record.” Wanheng said he wasn’t thinking about

Wanheng Menayothin. (Photo courtesy Bangkok Post) winning 51 straight fights, but said he would keep training hard for the next one. “He is 32 but still very strong and fit,” said Suparb Boonrod, Wanheng’s coach. “He is very disciplined and is a hard-working man, so winning his 51st consecutive match is possible.”

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Pattaya Mail - FRIDAY MAY 11 - MAY 17, 2018 (Vol. XXVI No. 19)  

Pattaya Mail E-Paper Weekly English-language newspaper that provides unbiased news, politics, business, local sports, restaurant reviews, an...

Pattaya Mail - FRIDAY MAY 11 - MAY 17, 2018 (Vol. XXVI No. 19)  

Pattaya Mail E-Paper Weekly English-language newspaper that provides unbiased news, politics, business, local sports, restaurant reviews, an...