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U S C C January 18-29, 2010

Want to become one of the new faces of CSU? The Marketing Department is looking for students to model for our new engaged learning campaign and other marketing programs.

top model CSU

MAIN CLASSROOM, ROOM 103 11:30-1:00 P.M.


Spring 2010 • Week 2

: t s i l o d o t CSU

Thursday, Jan. 21 University Convocation Waetjen Auditorium Noon Join President Berkman at the Convocation Ceremony followed by a reception, photo exhibition and musical tribute that celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Friday, Jan. 22 Comedian Howard Moore Main Classroom Auditorium 6pm You won’t be chilly when you laugh yourself silly at this comedy show. The first 100 people get a FREE giveaway. We’re not joking about that. Sunday, Jan. 24 Men’s Basketball vs. Milwaukee Wolstein Center 2pm Women vs. Youngstown State 4:30pm Warm up inside the Wolstein Center and cheer the Viking men and women on to two victories at this special doubleheader of hoops action. As always – admission for all students is absolutely, completely and 100% FREE!

engage. An occasional look inside life @ CSU

CSU Grad Assistant Remember the moment you stepped into your first college class? You may have been Now imagine your surprise if, when entering that classroom for the first time, you found a 22 year-old graduate student as your teacher. Unlike a lot of other universities,

Monday, Jan. 25 Faculty Friends Reception Main Classroom room 103 2pm Billed as “fun, fondue, faculty and friends,” we see it as a chance to form that special warm and fuzzy bond with one of your favorite professors. Besides, getting to know them may just earn you a few extra brownie points on that next test. Wednesday, Jan. 27 Student Organization Fair Main Classroom Atrium 10am – 3pm Don’t waste time! Get involved! Do it now! You’re crazy if you don’t! Act now! Go today! Okay don’t go today but do head over to the MC on the 27th to learn about CSU’s more than 160 student organizations. . Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves Quicken Loans Arena 7pm Check out the Guys Nite Out at the Cavs game. It includes a ticket to the game, an all-you-can-eat pre-game buffet with Cavalier Legends, a Cavaliers t-shirt and a 20 minute Q&A with one of the Cavaliers “beat writers.”

Thursday, Jan. 28 City is Our Campus Marketplace Main Classroom Atrium 10am – 2pm Have you heard the City is Our Campus? Do you know what that means? See how you can use your Viking Card to get CHEAP and sometimes FREE access to a variety of fun venues and events in and around Cleveland. Wednesday, Feb. 10 Lake Erie Monsters vs. Milwaukee Quicken Loans Arena 7pm It’s hockey night in Cleveland and it’s the Monsters College ID Night! What does that mean? We don’t know but we’re guessing it involves discounted tickets and/or some free stuff?!?

Spring 2010 • Week 2

True Life - I’m a excited, even a bit nervous.




JAN. 28

An occasional look inside life @ CSU

hill Fes


talking about being a CSU student. A resident of Parma, Kathy works as a grad assistant three days a week and her duties consist of everything from event planning and logistics to working at the front desk to answer calls and questions from prospective students to any other duty that may need to get accomplished on any given day. When she’s not at work and not in class, she is usually hanging out with her fiancé and friends, working out at CSU’s Rec Center,

CSU doesn’t ask its graduate assistants

babysitting her nephews, catching a quick flick

to teach. Rather grad assistants on

or hitting the malls to fulfill her self-proclaimed

campus work side-by-side with faculty

shopping addiction.

and staff to fill vital roles in the opera-

Kathy was recently chosen over 5 other

tions of the university and the colleges

candidates from universities across the country

within. In return, CSU pays for some of

to work in the accounting division at Cleve-

their tuition and rewards them with a

land’s own KeyBank – one of the largest banks

monetary stipend.

in the country. The job offer came as a result

Kathy Ungvarsky loves every minute

of posting her resume on the CSU’s Career

of her grad assistantship in CSU’s

Services website, an on-campus interview and

Office of Admissions. Although she’s

several more interviews. She’ll start her sweet

chasing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in

new gig in June after graduation. Her days in class and working on campus

Accounting), she enjoys learning about how a

will soon be over but the fun she’s had and the

university recruits and markets itself to potential

memories she’s gained as a CSU undergrad

students. Plus - she likes working in Admissions

honors student and grad student, and the life

because it’s fun, she enjoys the staff and other

and work skills she’s acquiring as a GA, will

students that she works with and REALLY likes

surely last a long, long time.

developed by university Marketing

Rob A. Spademan Assistant V.P. of marketing Ben Sabol, ’05 Editor/Chief Writer Patsy d. Kline GRAPHIC Design William Rieter, ’88 Photography Have an idea for the next issue of Engage.? Want to comment on this one? Interested in becoming a contributor/writer? Shoot an email to CSU is an AA/EO institution / ©2010 University Marketing 10-00105

Fun Kathy Facts

1 Kathy just got engaged last fall 2 She does NOT own an MP3 player. WOW! 3 Her wheels? A 2007 Mazda 3 4 Her last meal would include a Bud Light 5 Taylor Swift lives in Kathy’s CD player 6 She hearts the Cheesecake Factory… but doesn’t eat cheesecake



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Euclid Avenue — chances are it’s her.


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Ro J oe I really want my band to be a success but if not I’ll head to grad school to get a master’s degree with the hopes that I can work in a library someday. I just really like being around books.

, er to date Marilyn Monroe ous New York Yankee play fam t mos the was he t – tha ineering Honor Society In addition to wishing Beta Pi – The National Eng Tau of r pte cha ’s CSU ent of Joe serves as the presid campus. Grounds Department on the for ks and also wor

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Architect speak: On the third level are located a large, flexible conference center; prefunction spaces; and the student life administration and student office suite that includes interconnected lounge and conference rooms. There is also an outdoor terrace fronting Euclid Avenue. Translation: There’s a big conference room on the third floor, a lounge and other places to hang out, and the Student Life office will also be here. Plus – there’s a balcony where you can down some grub and take in some downtown scenery out on Euclid Ave.

o r w g u p I . n . . e … h

Senior Creative Writing Major Sheffield Village, OH

a game been able asn’t lost ly haven’t l team h nsequent al co d tb o an e fo The played on adium. e haven’t rowns St Fact. W veland B le C in games us. play its st ridiculo CSU could , that’s ju on e om C . ld like to n io t Fic t they wou e. ther or no g. ic he vo w a pp on e ha enin ring l hav this will be ents wil line this sp ing when voting on The stud rd be ga re ill s w w udents open for ne Fact. St your ears am. Keep have a te

Architect speak: Level one provides street level access to the atrium floor, bookstore, pub, and cyber lounge as well as to ramp circula-tion that leads to a redesigned outdoor plaza. Translation: You can walk from the street right into the atrium, bookstore, bar and computer lounge, and to a ramp that leads to a new outdoor area where you can chill on warmer days. Architect speak: The second level contains the primary dining and food court areas as well as a conve-nience store and student senate office suite. It also provides direct access to the campus-wide interior walkway system. Translation: Most of the food options will be on the second floor and the SGA offices will be there too. The Inner Link will also run through the second floor.

Joe Piedmonte

a about there t ed r u o u mor e fig h t of ru ll team so w o it l w a s mor tba There’s SU foo ome ru . C s l p ia u t ar ion poten lp cle or fict uld he f fact o n we wo io n vers e. 64. to lose on since 19 our ow

be running into a pole and falling flat on my face in the Main Classroom while giving a campus tour.

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campus tours from working in Orientation and I thought joining Vike Crew would be a good way to meet some new friends. J: I like to have fun and talk so I figured I might as well join the team and get paid to do what I do best!

Most embarrassing moment?

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big hit.

M: I had experience giving


and junior marketing major from Columbus,

out to Mushaboom while cruising down

M: Rec Center hands down. J: Fenn Tower is always a

Why did you join Vike Crew?

t’s di n sa ar e y

is a CSU Street Teamer

drum. If you see someone singing their heart

What sites on campus do prospective students seem to like most?


without his trusty book ba

CSU’s new Student Center looks awesome from the outside but we were curious about what the inside will be like once it’s complete. So we found some info on the architect’s website Unfortunately it is written in difficult to understand architect speak so we’ve taken the liberty of translating it.

students and their parents and also conduct campus tours. We threw a few questions at them.

se it’s just plain epic.

a have y e h T illett’s y. da edg voice. It’s strong and kin

OH who marches to the beat of her own

giving a CSU campus tour. This unique skill qualified them to become members of the Vike Crew, a group of CSU students who give presentations to prospective

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The New Student Center for Dummies

swallow fire, keep it from snowing on campus in the spring or play a guitar with their teeth – but they can walk backwards and talk while

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Mike Bodak, a senior urban planning major from Mentor,

and Joe Robinson, a junior occupational therapy major from Brookpark, have a unique talent. They can’t


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dan Whitt • F Bren res hm a

Stephanie Juhasz Senior Communication Major Lorain, OH

I’d like to work in health communication. I like the hospital environment and the feeling that I can make a difference in people’s lives.


CSU mascot Undecided Major Cleveland, OH I like what I’m doing now and can’t really see myself doing anything else. People always ask whether I aspire to go pro - perhaps to work for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. Not a chance.

ENGAGE Jan 2010  

Cleveland Sate Universtiy Student Newspaper

ENGAGE Jan 2010  

Cleveland Sate Universtiy Student Newspaper