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Oportunidades Nacionales 2013 – I

NST Team Experience Pipeline Management (TMP/TLP) Mass Recruitment final responsible Head Hunting process final responsible Create new opportunities for short term management • Final responsible of AMP (with support of the AMP Manager) • Management and improvement of selection tools according to recruitment type • • • •

NST LEARNING • Track the use of Development Matrix • Induction • Work in synergy with GCDP and GIP members to create the learning plan for IxP • Responsible of each learning circle, training according to the LC’s necessities • Management of the Learning Center • Support with learning partners relation • Responsible of LEAD program at national level and support for who apply in local level • NPS management (data and improvement for experiences) • Responsible of competences and values campaign

LLC Manager • Pipeline Management LLC (Alumni Young, Alumni Junior, Alumni Senior) • Tracking of LC’s • Responsible of doing the Leadership Outgoing Seminar • Create different opportunities for Alumni Young (Board of experts, mentors, etc) • Management of the LLC criteria (validation) • Coordinate with MCVP TM the change of status since the approval of being ALUMNI until the pass to A3PE • Database Management

AMP Manager • Pipeline Management of AMP (synergy with GCDP operations) • Tracking of LC’s • Responsible of doing the preparation of participants (with Learning NST) • Create different opportunities of AMP • Database Management

Proceso de Aplicación • JD Completo: • Aplicación para NST:

Proceso de Aplicaciรณn โ€ข Aplicaciรณn para managers: Informaciรณn Personal

Experiencia Previa

Cuestionario General • Why would you like to be part of the national TM team? How will this experience contribute to your life goals? • How will you work together with your network to fulfill its full potential as leadership and strategic body of the association?

Cuestionario Específico (LLC) • Why is important to have and accomplish our LLC Flow? • Mention your three main strategies in order to achieve the implementation of LLC Flow

Cuestionario Específico (AMP) • Why is important to manage AMP strategies? • Mention your three main strategies in order to assure a good quality and management of AMP national opportunities at local level

Don’t miss the opportunity of being part of the National TM Team! :D

+ YOU! :)

Oportunidades Nacionales TM  
Oportunidades Nacionales TM  

Oportunidades Nacionales en TM para el 2013 - I