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Doing Good and Making Money

WHAT IF THERE WAS A WAY? 1. To EFFECTIVELY help hinder global warming, and

2. To EFFECTIVELY help eradicate poverty and hunger in Africa, and 3. To secure YOUR financial future, YOUR freedom of time, but most importantly the future of your children and of the planet on which they are supposed to live,

Rino Solberg – FOUNDER OF BETTER GLOBE • World-known Norwegian businessman and inventor, with patents in 12 countries. • He built the multi-national company “Unislip”, in 13 years, with subsidiaries in USA, Japan, and Germany, with representatives in more than 20 countries, which he then sold in order to retire early and devote his time in writing, personal development, and charity. • He is very famous in the Scandinavian countries as one of the most dynamic speakers for more than 35 years. • He is the writer of 9 books in the fields of personal development and leadership skills, among them the book “Put Integrity First”, which is taught in elementary schools in Africa and can be downloaded at for free.

• He was a Business Consultant for more than 150 companies in Norway, Uganda and Kenya, helping them get certified with ISO 9000 for the quality of their system of operation. • In 1991 he founded with his wife the charity organization Child Africa, which they still maintain and support until today. The organization runs without any salaries for anybody! • In 2006 he started the project “Better Globe” in an effort to accelerate the humanitarian work of Child Africa, by involving profitable business ventures.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY • Public record shareholding company, registered in Norway since 2006 ( • Major shareholders: Rino Solberg, Einar Formo, JanTore Øvrevik, Einar Steinshaug. • In its first 4 years of operation, Better Globe has offered more help to Child Africa, than Child Africa managed to collect in its first 15 years of operation. • Recently, the company bought 60,000 hectares of land (600Km2) in Sosoma, in order to be able to support global expansion in sales.

• Recently, the company launched a brand new, state of the art, online business system, in order to be able to support global expansion of representatives. • The company is debt-free with a high Credit Rating Attest.

“By 2026 to do more than any other single organization or government to eradicate poverty and hunger in Africa, and to hinder global warming, while at the same time securing the financial present and future of the people that will take part in this initiative.�

I: Owner/Customer and global warming! • Which is the most useful and profitable asset that you can own today for your pocket and the planet? • To own Better Globe trees! Why? • The value of BG trees starts to increase from the time they are planted and continues to increase while they grow. Why? • As they grow they offer harvest and wood. • But, what else could increase the value of a product? • The law of demand and supply!

Massive deforestation =  DRAMATIC DECREASE IN SUPPLY  The total forest areas have diminished by 50% since 1960!  More than 90% of the original forests in West Africa are permanently lost!  In Africa only 1 tree is planted for every 28 trees that are cut!  In the last 20 years more than 300 million hectares of tropical forests have disappeared!  In Central America, 40% of all the rainforests have been cleared or burned down in the last 40 years, mostly for cattle pasture to feed the export market (often for US beef burgers).

Population increase, economic revolution, new applications =  INCREASE IN DEMAND  Population increase as well as the economic revolution that takes place in the developing countries (mostly China and India) leaded to the HUGE increase in demand for timber. – In the developed countries (Europe, USA, Japan, etc) the average consumption of timber per person exceeds 200 kg per year. In the developing countries the average consumption per person is 4 Kg/year!  New applications in industry and medicine – Scientific breakthroughs in forest biotechnic and refinement of forest raw material resulted in an increased field of utilization of trees and thereby a rapidly increasing demand for wood

Tropical Deforestation / Demand for Wood 115



1600 1400











200 0


1985 Tropial deforestation





Millions m3 (Demand for Hard- and Precious Wood)

Million hectares (Tropical Deforestation - source: WWF)


Demand for hard- and precious wood

Trees – The best asset for you! The best asset for the planet!

Better Globe Forestry Ltd • Registered company in Nairobi. • Jean-Paul Deprins – Managing Director • Jan Van den Αbeele – Executive Director. In the top 5 foresters in the whole world Cooperators: University of Ghent, Belgium • KEFRI: Kenya Forestry Research Institute • KFS: Kenya Forestry Service

The combination of Better Globe trees • The Better Globe trees are a combination of: – Acacia Senegal (Gum Arabic) – Mukau (tropical, tall, hardwood tree) • This combination has been carefully selected by scientists because it secures high return from an early age, it is durable, it grows in dry and hot conditions, and it captures a lot of CO2 • 2 Better Globe trees captures 1 tone of CO2 (1 carbon credit), gas which is considered responsible for global warming.

• Acacia Senegal

4 kg Χ €5 = € 20 per year

– Is widely used in vital industries such as food, drink, printing, pharmaceutical, cosmetology and more. – Natural emulsifier in soft drinks and juices, natural stabilizer in dairy products and foam of beer, and more. – Necessary ingredient in many tin products and other precooked and frozen food. – Necessary ingredient for the elastic wrap of capsules. – Grows in hot and dry areas – Lifespan: 25-30 years – From the 5th year onwards it produces 4 kg of gum per year. In 2004 the price of its gum was $1.50-$2/kg. In 2006 it jumped to $3-$4/κιλό (that’s a 100% increase!). Today (2010) it’s around $7- $8/kg

• Mukau – Timber of choice for furniture, parquet, doors, window frames, wooden houses, and more. – Grows in hot and dry areas – 15-20 years commercial life. – Grows fast and reaches 20 metres height! – A 20-year old Mukau tree gives us ½ m3 (cubic metre) of timber, which today (2010) pays us at least €250! – Last year the price of hardwood timber rose by 25%! – 1 Mukau tree captures ½ tone of CO2. CO2 is the main gas that causes global warming. – How old do you think is the tree on the left? (Mukau tree from Better Globe’s plantations)

MONEY GROWS ON BETTER GLOBE TREES  The price of a Better Globe tree is €15.  With this money you are not just buying the tree, but you also buy the services of planting and taking care of it, for 20 years from Better Globe Forestry Ltd!  Better Globe Forestry Ltd owns 3 plantations. All trees are growing in a controlled environment that is near water, and is securely guarded.  Even though the average loss of trees in plantations in Africa, from fires, diseases, natural disasters, etc, is only 1%, Better Globe for every tree sold is planting a backup tree in one of its other 2 plantations.  In statistical terms, this is equal to 10,000% guarantee and security!

Better Globe Forestry Ltd: Offices, Plantations, Test/Training Centre

Better Globe Forestry Ltd: Offices, Plantations, Test/Training Centre

Your Profit • Your MINIMUM (guaranteed with a contract) profit from 1 Better Globe Tree is €169! (just from the fact that the tree is growing!) € 15* x 15 % annually x 15 years


+ **€ 15 x 10 (on the 20th year)


- € 15 (today’s retail price) = Total NET profit

€ €

-15 169

** NET increase in timber price will be added to your profit! *Retail price at 2010 = € 15 per tree

Where does the money come from? 1 Better Globe Tree: €15.00 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Year 14 Year 15 Year 16 Year 17 Year 18 Year 19 Year 20

€ 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 € 2.25 €150.00

= €184 Minus the retail price @ - €15

Your MINIMUM NET PROFIT is = €169!

Minimum contract obligation 15 % x €15.00= €2.25 per year x 15 years.

Gum Production Per Tree: 4 kg Χ €5= €20/year! Minimum contract obligation 10 Χ €15= €150

Current price for a 20-year old Mukau tree: €250! How much do you think it will sell in 2030?

Better Globe Trees – The best asset in the world! David Bach (Famous financial planning expert and author of the best-seller “The Automatic Millionaire”)

“If at the beginning of each month you AUTOMATICALLY pay 1/8 of your income in a savings and investment account, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to fail with your finances. You will end-up, AUTOMATICALLY, and without realizing it, an “Automatic millionaire!”

Why should I do it? • Early retirement. • Comfortable retirement. • Studies of my children. • Legacy for my children. • Freedom of time. • Financial freedom. • Medical expenses. What is your latte-factor?

You are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME! Now you are asked to do something that most people don’t, when they are in front of big opportunities!


FOR YOU: • • • • • •

The socio-economic structure of the whole world is facing an unprecedented crisis. Companies react by firing people and cutting salaries. Governments react by imposing more taxations and cutting social benefits. This leaves most people WEAK, EXPOSED, and HELPLESS! How satisfied are you with your own savings and investments until today? What have you secured for you and your children until now?

FOR THE PLANET: • Global warming threatens with complete melting of the ice on the North Pole! • Extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more extreme! • The climate in many countries becomes warmer and warmer every year and the dry seasons bigger and bigger!

BETTER GLOBE – The Perfect Solution!  For a better future for this planet!  For a better future for us and our families!  For a better future for our friends and relatives!  For a better future for people in much more need than us!

Plug-in and become part of the solution! All companies are useful on this planet, but only one is NECESSARY for its survival:

Better Globe! That’s why it will become the biggest!

Welcome to Better Globe! The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now .....~Chinese Proverb~

Better Globe  

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