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Andrew Hardwick’s Plan to Move our Village Forward “Our residents and businesses deserve an open, honest and transparent government, a good infrastructure, a safe environment and improved value for our tax dollars.” On the very first day that I am sworn in as your mayor, I will begin an aggressive effort to achieve the following: TRANSPARENCY & INTEGRITY After years of inaction and questionable behavior public confidence in the integrity of Freeport village administration has deteriorated. The failure to utilize the State’s assistance to streamline our budget and prevent unnecessary debt since 1993, has furthered destroyed the Public’s trust. The early adoption of the budget each year without the villagers’ involvement in the process has further solidified the lack of public confidence. The Hardwick administration therefore pledges to maintain transparency in the administration and execution of their duties to the village. Village trustees will be true partners in accomplishing new goals for the Village’s financial health and plans for future prosperity. As trusted stewards of your hard –earned dollars, my administration will move forward responsibly and openly so that you can clearly see how your money is being spent. As Mayor I will: Depoliticize the Mayor’s Office and guarantee direct communication between the Mayor and trustees and the residents. Allow village residents to review and comment on the Budget before adoption. Establish a community advisory budget council Appoint an Independent Auditor to conduct a value-for- money audit of all village expenditures. Promote diversity in the workforce and on the advisory councils. Provide residents with improved open communication through compliment/complaint forms online. Revise bidding procedures and encourage new bidders to enter the bidding competitions. Reduce patronage and find savings. Form an Employee Review Committee with a mandate to find waste and simplify government and implement an incentive program to reward employees for identifying cost-saving ideas. LOWER TAXES



PLATFORM LOWER TAXES Over the past 12 years under the Glacken administration, we have realized a 48% property tax increase. This is coupled with the practice of deficit spending and the over projection of revenues in the budget. In the face of declining property values, under the current Glacken 2009 projected budget, we will realize an additional 3% property tax increase if you allow the Glacken administration to remain in office beyond March 18, 2009. As Mayor I will: Continue to work to reduce taxes by delivering services more efficiently and effectively.

Reduce spending. Review and justify all existing village programs for cost, necessity and efficiency. Economic Development Over the last 12 years over 30% of businesses have closed and relocated outside our village. As a result we have lost jobs; revenue from local economic activity and revenue generated from the Village’s property tax. The numbers of abandoned commercial properties have increased to over 30 buildings, creating an unsafe environment for our children and villagers. I have a plan that will stimulate our economy via economic development initiatives which will create new jobs and housing. Incentive programs to attract investors. Developing a hotel and conference center Revitalization of the downtown area (Sunrise Highway) Developing a partnership with the community’s not-for profit organizations and developers. Work with local business leaders to identify growth opportunities in existing industries. Review everything the village owns to maximize Village benefit by selling or developing. Review and revise the economic department staff, policies and procedures. Streamline bureaucracy at Village Hall and eliminate red tape that hinders growth within our business district. Crime and Public Safety Safe streets and safe schools are the bedrock of a community. We can agree that everyone has the right to be safe from crime. Over the last 12 years there have been increases in gang violence, theft and burglaries and other violent crimes. Although many of our police officers are doing a great job in keeping our village safe, there is more that can be done to make it safer. As Mayor I will work to: Establish a zero tolerance policy on crime. Residency requirement for all new police officers. Seek assistance from state, federal and other government agencies to develop an anti– gang plan that is sustainable by the village. Increase the number of officers on the village police force. Increase enforcement of quality of life crimes. Secure a strategy to attract residents to the police department. Revive our focus to keep drugs, guns and any weapons off of our streets.




Maintain our PAL efforts and establish a youth council to identify youth priorities and promote youth activities. Ensure that proper community-based initiatives (regarding education, prevention and addiction treatment) exist.Deploy more police officers to specialize units that involve the crimes of burglary, home invasion, robbery, gang violence and domestic violence. Improve the quality of Life Over the last 12 years, the condition of the streets has deteriorated. Noise, litter, graffiti and vandalism have increased and our water supply has been compromised. As Mayor I will: Develop a long-term plan to reduce toxins in our water to improve our water supply. Upgrade the generating plant which is now sub-standard. Restore flowers and greenery to our downtown area. Increase access to recreational programs for youth and create a community mentorship program. Publicize and enforce property standards on residential, commercial and village owned property. Work with waterfront residents and business owners to create opportunities that respect the waterfront residents while appealing to the surrounding community as a year-round destination. Intergovernmental Assistance It is important to work with President Obama’s new economic stimulus package and other government agencies in order to seek assistance and utilize resources for the betterment of the village.As Mayor I will: Seek assistance from county, state and federal government agencies for funding and additional assistance when warranted. Build a relationship with the federal government to make sure Freeport receives its fair share of all Federal and State aid. Participate in government and private investment incentive program. Enhance the Village and School District relationship. On March 18th we have the opportunity to make serious changes, I urge you to believe not only on my ability to lead this village but on your belief that together we can make a change for a better future for our children and grand children in Freeport. So join the Hardwick team on March 18, 2009, and elect Andrew Harwick as Mayor, Carmen Pineyro as Village Trustee, Robert Kennedy as, Village Trustee and Stephen Drummond as Village Justice.

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