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The Half Moon, after which this newsletter is named, was the ship Henry Hudson used to explore the Hudson River, including what is now known as Albany and the Capital District of New York.

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2 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

VP goes in depth Christian Van Deinse

The BMW Laserlight Headlight Looking Down the Road Has Never Been So Bright When I was a boy incandescent light bulbs populated my world. Although a revolutionary invention of its time they are extremely inefficient at producing light, converting just 2% of its electrical input into visible light. As advancements in science naturally progress, so did bulb technology. Compact fluorescent bulbs became commercially viable in the mid 90s and became widely available at every home improvement store across the country. With greatly improved energy efficiency they were accepted with open arms. They weren’t perfect, unfortunately containing toxic mercury, complicating proper disposal. Fast-forward to our present time and LED bulbs are now the mainstream standard. Based on lumens per watt LED bulbs are 6 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs (84 vs 14). And more impressively an LED’s lifespan can outlive an incandescent bulb by nearly 25 times. As expected, technology continues to advance in this field. Automobile lamps have similarly advanced as well. Several designs were introduced in the automobiles early stages but by the late 1970s halogen bulbs were widely available in the U.S. and quickly became the industry standard. Even today they are still the most common type of headlight bulb on the road. Eventually during the 1990s two unique types of lighting were introduced. First was the high-intensity discharge (HIDs) headlight, known also as xenon headlights. These offered an incredible array of benefits from brightness, energy efficiency, and durability. I recently purchased a 2006 M6 that has xenons equipped and the difference is stunning. Even with top of the line PIAA Extreme White Plus halogen bulbs installed in my 2000 E46 323i, the improvement HID’s have over halogens is drastic. The second type of headlamp introduced was the LED, which offered similar brightness but outstanding efficiency. In regards to technology and quality, xenon and LED headlamps are the premium choice for automobile headlamps. As BMW is a technological innovator they have contributed to the headlamp advancement trend in more ways than one. In 2001 they introduced the halo headlamp on the 5-series, which is now one of their many hallmarks. Seeing these “angel eyes” off in the distance is unmistakable (even with the aftermarket upgrades and copy cats out there). Continuing with their innovation, BMW introduced something very unique on the i8 in 2014 in Europe: Laserlight Headlights. Finally making their way to the U.S. market this year on later-model cars, lets take a closer look at this remarkable technology and see just how innovating this technology is. First of all, Laserlight headlights do not emit lasers directly out of the headlight assembly. Lasers are very precise points of light that are absolutely catastrophic to the retinas in our eyes. With this technology lasers are directed, with the use of mirrors, at a lens that contains yellow phosphorus. When the laser light beams interact with the yellow phosphorus in the lens, the gas is excited and creates an extremely bright white light that is then directed out of the headlight. More specifically BMW’s Laserlight headlights contain three monochromatic blue laser light beams mounted towards the rear of the assembly, with two lasers on each side and one on the bottom. Toward the front of the assembly are three mirrors that direct the laser light to the lens that contains the yellow phosphorus. This lens is situated at the top of the assembly relative to the bottom mirror. The lens with the excited yellow phosphorus then becomes such an immense bright white light. Finally, this light is then aimed at a reflector in the assembly and then reflected and diffused out onto the road. Compared to LED and xenon headlights, the light generated by the phosphorus lens is 10 times brighter. This entire system can easily be contained in BMW’s headlight assembly because all of the components are small and compact. Laserlight headlights are activated only when the high beams are on. Due to the extreme brightness of this technology, the system is only available at speeds greater than 37 mph as it may be a distraction in an urban environment. BMW’s Laserlight headlight is just one major part of the integrated system as a whole. In order to automatically disable the system when oncoming traffic is heading your way, BMW uses an infrared camera system. What I find remarkable is that this camera system has the ability to detect obstacles in the road like a nighttime cyclist, pedestrian, or animal and can focus the light directly on the object up to 300 feet away. What’s truly amazing to me is that this system HALF MOON 4th Quarter 2019   3 

is built with GPS functionality. This allows the system to anticipate upcoming curves in the road enabling drivers to see these curves better than before. Increasing road visibility through laser technology improves driver safety. This innovative technology brings a whole host of incredible advantages. The light emitted from the system is so close to daylight color that it is very natural to us and reduces fatigue and strain on our eyes. If you’ve ever used a deluxe daylight bulb in your home you could better understand the vastly improved difference. An incredible and drastic advantage with this technology can be seen with the improved field of view. BMW claims the light emitted from the Laserlight headlight can cast a light nearly half a mile down the road, which is about twice the distance of traditional systems. It is interesting to note that the actual blue lasers contained in BMW’s Laserlight headlights are powerful enough to burn objects (they are contained in the headlight assembly and not directly emitted out). During my research for this article I watched a YouTube video in which a demonstrator smoldered a stick of incense showcasing the technology. In regards to preventing an accidental breach of the system in which the lasers could no longer be contained in the unfortunate event of an accident, the Laserlight system is automatically shut down. For quite some time the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) didn’t allow for the use of laser headlights on U.S. public streets. This was mainly due to a 1968 rule prohibiting high beams that can’t be manually shut off. Steadily after years of lobbying by the automobile manufacturers, things have begun to change. In October 2018, the NHTSA issued a notice of proposed rule changes that would allow automakers to install and enable adaptive driving beam headlights. This ruling opened the door for BMW to include laser headlights on some later-model 2019 U.S. cars. On one such car, the M850i, I was able to see first hand at our June BMW CCA meeting of this year at Maple on the Lake. This gorgeous automobile had the Laserlight system equipped. Standing midrange from the car you can see the thin blue strips that run along the headlight housing, a hallmark of the technology. Standing up close you can see the “BMW Laser” writing on the side. The entire headlight assembly is beautiful piece of art, resembling something I would expect on a concept car. As I have stated before in my previous articles, BMW’s innovation has been a large factor in my attraction and commitment to the prestigious auto company. Science and a sustainable business model advance our technologies and innovations towards an always uncertain tomorrow, and passion feeds our desire to explore new and exciting concepts. As this technology is in its infancy, I can only imagine in the years to come how this technology will further benefit our safety and enjoyment of the ultimate driving machine.

4 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

Everettorium Everett A. Mayhew Jr.

What I Did Last Summer By the time you are reading this, summer will be over. There is a picture hanging on the wall of my living room. It’s a picture of my beloved grandmother, along with the three men and one woman she raised, including my father. Beside her stands “Grampa Bob” McBey. Grampa Bob did the work helping to raise those kids, her and supporting the family, after my grandfather Everett Lawrence Mayhew died in 1932 from a bleeding ulcer. Grampa Bob worked in the paper mill in Lincoln, New Hampshire, like most men in that town did. I would guess the “kids” were in their late 30’s when the picture was taken, my grandmother in her late 50’s. Everyone in that picture is gone now. I’ve noticed that the picture itself has faded considerably over time: a physical manifestation of the words written in “Love in the Time of Cholera” (Márquez): “They were people whose lives were slow, who did not see themselves growing old, or falling sick, or dying, but who disappeared little by little in their own time, turning into memories, mists from other days, until they were absorbed into oblivion.” That fading picture is a physical reminder of how we are all marching towards oblivion. And that makes time seem as precious as it is inevitable. The sense that it is also racing by like Ayrton Senna on nitromethane these days is slightly scary. True, there remain strong remnants of the 17-year-old in me, the kid who got his driving license the same year Americans landed on Earth’s moon, and a really good concert took place in Woodstock (all equally important); the guy who considers speed limits “advisory”, and if something is good, more is better. But those shards of times past are encased in an old retired lawyer, and I have many of the ailments and perspectives that comes with three-score and seven years. One is that time seems to go by faster and faster, just when you want it to slow down. So, the summer of ’19 seems to have evaporated in a quick flash of moist heat and distant thunder, just as I was saying “hello”. The positive side of time is that my grandson Chris, who was seemingly born yesterday, is now 12 years old. That allows him to ride shotgun for any autocross under the auspices of the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). I have resumed participation in that amusement again, with Chris in the passenger seat. When my Z3, “Zelda” was young, I was into autocrossing so much I was trailering R-compound tires to the autocross site to use. (Yes, my lowered Z3 has a trailer hitch.) But after being spoiled by the BMW CCA Oktoberfest autocross at the California Speedway in ’04, where you could reach 70 mph on the straight, the smaller and more constricted sites locally didn’t seem as fun anymore. My enthusiasm and my participation faded. I dabbled with two autocrosses after I got the 1M, but that was it. The 1M, even as a relatively light 3,300 lb. coupe, is a bit large for most local autocross courses. There are a few larger cars…Mustangs, Camaros, M3s and regular 3-Series BMWs, and then the odd Cadillac or Mercedes etc. here and there, but when the tiny Miata roadster is king of the roost, even the 1M is big in comparison. These days, the sites SCCA uses, by the Empire State Aerosciences Museum and the defunct Berkshire Mall in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, are both more fun than the old McCarty State Parking lot was. I was a little over-awed with the 1M when I first got it (and how much I paid for it), but I’m not afraid to push the now-8-year-old coupe a little more. Add it up, and we are having fun. So far, Chris and I have matched the autocross total of the past 7 years and should exceed it at the end of this month, when the final autocross of the truncated (due to venue issues) season takes place. Of course, the 1M is 8 years old, and that’s 56 in human years, so some attention has been necessary. HALF MOON 4th Quarter 2019   5 

I recently had the walnut blast cleaning of the 1M’s intake valves, a necessity for the N-54 direct-injection engine. The high-tech direct injection increases horsepower, but also leaves a carbon coating in the cylinders over time. Estimates on the mileage when this should be done vary, but at 96,000 miles, I’ve exceeded all of them. While this was being done, a cracked charge pipe was discovered. The charge pipe connects the turbos to the engine. In the N-54 engine it is plastic and is a notorious weak point. Many 1M owners have replaced them preventatively. I waited. The replacement is an aluminum VRSF pipe, and with a proper blow-off valve (TiAl) instead of the two diverter valves BMW uses. Just in time for the last autocross. The quick summer seemed to take the club itself by surprise. I know I had to miss one “drive and dine” event, but there didn’t seem to be as many offered this summer, and the club never did do the Alley Cats baseball event, which Rafi Topalian has been promoting for at least two years, and rightly so! I plead guilty to missing a half-dozen “show and shine” events, some of which I actually intended to attend, even though, as I’ve said before, I have the opposite of the OCD required to present a really pristine vehicle. Time is often corrosive, but it also brings delightful new things along with it. In the end, I think we just have to shrug our shoulders, look to the future, and wait for the new BMWs, new friends, new experiences, and new summers. And maybe a new intercooler and larger turbos for a certain BMW I swore I would never modify. In April of 2002, I took over editorship of the Half Moon from Larry Burwell. I was tempted by the thought that no one would be editing or banning the columns I had been writing since 1998. (“Sex, Lies, and Muffler Tape” has never seen the light of day, for example.) I expanded the newsletter to 20 pages, and had great fun producing the club’s newsletter. My first edition featured an interview with the outgoing editor. Here is an edited (for space) version: As of this issue, Larry Burwell passes the editorship of the Half Moon to Everett Mayhew, although Larry will still manage the club’s web site and e-mail “instant message” system (PEWAS). In his swan song interview he speaks of the club past, the club’s future and cars from the ’57 Chevy to the 2003 Seven series. EVERETT: Well Larry, you’ve decided to leave the editorship of the Half Moon. Can you tell club members why you’ve decided to do that? LARRY: Well, the main reason I decided to do it was that I didn’t feel that I could devote the proper amount of time to the newsletter. National requires us to put out a newsletter every ninety days and my life has just gotten so busy that I don’t have time to do it, with the website, PEWAS, and with a soon-to-be thirteen year old running around the house, I just needed more time, so I wanted somebody to do it that could keep us in compliance. EVERETT: And you’ve made a very good choice! LARRY: I think I have (laughing). EVERETT: So how long have you been editor of the Half Moon? LARRY: I’ve been editor of the Half Moon, off and on, over the lifetime of the club…I was the very first newsletter editor. When we…all we did was take newsletters from other chapters and cut them out, paste them up, xerox them and send them out. So I was editor back in the…going back to the late 70’s, and then I gave it up and then re-assumed the editorship, I would say, probably about four or five years ago, when Verne Frasier, who did a heroic job, got to the point where his health would not allow him to continue. So I took over, and I actually took over by default. Because when Verne decided he couldn’t do it nobody else stepped up to the plate so I said, okay, I’ll do it, and I’ve been here ever since. And that was before we had a web site and with the advent of the web site, it’s just gotten too big for me. EVERETT: So what years was Verne, uh… LARRY: I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I believe Verne was editor for eight years, so you go back four years from now, then add eight years to that, and that will give you about how long it was. (1990-1998 Ed.)

6 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

EVERETT: So you’re one of the founding members of the club, aren’t you? LARRY: Yeah, I believe at this point in time there are only three charter members left that are active in the chapter: myself, Bradley Biggs, and Carl Martin. Bill Kane was also one of the founding members, and he is not active in the club at this point. It’s interesting that you bring it up. I recently spoke to Lance Teneich today, he’s now living in Kinderhook. He was the prime mover for starting the club. He’s no longer a club member, but he is still in the area. In fact, he’s now working with Keeler, because Keeler wants to put on something for the 2002 BMW, and when I spoke to Lance today, we’re trying to get together all the people with 2002’s and have some kind of event up at Keeler Motorcars later on this year. EVERETT: Again, you are one of the founding members of the club. How did the club start way back when? LARRY: I really can’t remember, somehow a bunch of us just got together. I can’t really remember how I was contacted by Lance. But there was probably about eighteen of us initially, and we put in an application for a club charter. It was granted, and we started from there. EVERETT: Where did you used to meet back then? LARRY: We met at different members’ homes. We didn’t have a regular meeting place. That was back in the days before people were really concerned with drinking and driving, so a lot of our events were at people’s houses and we had wine and cheese parties, which naturally would not be condoned today. But those are different times. EVERETT: That was the late ‘70’s? LARRY: That was the late ‘70’s. I usually go back to the fact that I’ve got a ’74 2002. I purchased the 2002 in ’76, and the club started in, I think it was in the fall of ’77 or the spring of ’78 we formed the club. EVERETT: So you’d probably like to see a “1” series? LARRY: Well there never was a “1” series, but I’d like to see them come out with a retro-2002. Almost like they did with the Mini, and with the T-Bird, and I really wish that BMW had done that for the year 2002. EVERETT: Well, I tend to agree. [Seven years later I would buy a 135i, and two years after that trade it in for my current 1M]

After a decade or so the newsletter…which is in fact a small magazine…was feeling like work. “Fun” is something you want to do when you want to do it. “Work” comes at you with the regularity of time itself, whether you want to do it or not. But I thought I was stuck with the tar baby in perpetuity, when lo and behold, in 2012 Tony Verrengia offered to take the mantle! Sanity tends to run in the BMW family, so I had no hope that someone would be crazy enough to accept the editorship, let alone ask for it! But here we were. My response was something along the lines of “you sure can!” In fact, Tony had something to offer. I had my insanity to offer…hoping that it might come off as “humor”; Tony had his background in graphic design. As a result, he has produced the most professional-looking magazine the Patroon Chapter has ever had. Unlike when I was editor, even the page numbers were right! For seven years our chapter has been blessed with a periodical of a quality that compares with the newsletters of chapters many times larger than the Patroon chapter. But time moves on, and this edition will be Tony’s last. While I’m sure he will continue to be active in the club, and especially the vintage car aspect of it, Tony has decided to lighten his load. I can understand better than most. He has left very big shoes to fill. It’s been an honor to be one of his columnists. There have only been four newsletter editors in the life of the club, and as the fourth, Tony has also been the best.

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The Classic Corner Frank Greppo

Vintage at Saratoga 2019 This year’s edition of Vintage at Saratoga is in the books and will go down as the best to date. The car count was up, spectator attendance increased and great BMWs covered the lawn. About the only thing that remained constant was the distinction of the owners of these fantastic cars. 2019 attracted all manner of classic bimmers. Everything from 7 series to Isettas from daily drivers to cars that traveled with their own handlers. The event drew close to 200 automobiles that gathered on the lawn of the Saratoga Automobile Museum. As always all profits will go to support the BMW Foundation and the Street Survival program. That also set a new record with a donation of $5300.00. I am always amazed by the varied collection of BMWs that show up each year. There are no trophies or awards to draw a crowd. Many attendees found it difficult to secure lodging in the area this year but they came anyway. The past two shows were plagued by rain yet they returned. We are certainly not the largest event dedicated to the marque but we grow each year. I would like to thank everyone that made the trip to Saratoga this year to make the day the success that it was. I would also like to thank Dirk de Groen and the BMW Classic Car Club of America for joining us. They undoubtedly added to the collection of fine BMWs that came together and it appears that they had a great time driving the scenic roads of upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains and enjoyed their stay in Lake Placid. This is the second time the classic group has been a part of Vintage at Saratoga. The first was in 2013 and we hope they will be back sometime in the near future. I would encourage anyone with an older BMW to join the Classic Club and take part in the fantastic events the club organizes each year. As I have said often we look forward to spending time with friends old and new in Saratoga. It was encouraging to see them return after last year’s hiatus. 2020 will again bring a change in our schedule. The obstacles presented by the Saratoga Racetrack opening earlier in July are difficult to deal with. We therefore have decided to move the event to the weekend of October 9th through the 11th. Autumn in Saratoga can be spectacular as the seasons change and trees display colorful foliage. We hope to see you all there.

8 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON


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Club/Board Meeting Minutes, Third Quarter, 2019 Mr. Secretary July Monthly Meeting For the second time this year, the club chose “Maple on the Lake” for its July meeting. This is the former Scholz-Zwickelbaur Hofbrau, set in the Helderbergs, just past Thacher Park: a little bit of Bavaria in southern Albany County. It is less German and more generic than when the club went there two decades ago, as an alternative to the regular meeting place in Guilderland, the Bavarian Chalet. But some of the décor and a couple of menu items still harken to its origins, and the new owners are doing something right, because the “Maple” always seems to be busy. We think the proprietor of the old Hofbrau approves, as he was spotted in the bar area while the club was there. Seventeen club members attended. The official start was 6:30, but members were still filtering in by 7:00 p.m. In truth, it feels more like an outing than a meeting when we go to the Maple. Mr. Secretary continues to be puzzled by the light attendance, considering the lovely venue on Warner’s Lake and the made-for-BMW roads on the way there. We speculate that some people can’t break away from work soon enough to attend, but it’s just a guess. As is often the case these days, the “meeting” part of the gathering was conducted by Treasurer Shaina Bass. Shaina listed current funds in the treasury…currently around $12,000 in the general operations fund and $30,000 in the driver’s school fund…and upcoming events. Mr. Secretary’s Dodge Hellcat was driven to the site by special request, and before we ordered dinner four members came out to examine the car. We admit that the 4500 pound sedan is not as adept at handling the kinks and rises on Beaver Dam Road as our BMW 1M, but it’s good for what it is: an over-the-top expression of ultimate power, all sturm und drang, with an explosive exhaust note accompanied by the whine of the supercharger. We all like power!

August Monthly Meeting Fifty members and family members attended the annual ice cream fest at Guptill’s Ice Cream in Latham. No business was conducted. The draw of Guptill’s amazing menu of ice cream treats gave the club one of the best parking lot displays of the year, including Tony and Gwen Verrengia’s BMW 1987 325is, which has been restored to a condition it last saw on the showroom floor, if not better. Past Vice President Frank Greppo’s M Z3 was there, as well as Mr. Secretary’s 1 Series M Coupe. Tony presented yours truly with a set of Weathertech mats for my 1M, which came from the 1 Series he had parted with. That’s one of the best gifts from a nonrelative Mr. Secretary has ever received! It is a testament to the kind of person Mr. Verrengia is. It will be a sad day when the editor retires at the end of this year, after several years of producing the finest Half Moon ever, but judging by the gleaming maroon 325is, he will continue to be a valued member of the club for many years more. Ice cream (paid by the club, for members) seems to draw out club members rarely seen otherwise, including current Jaguar Club President Andy Mair, and current Mohud SCCA President Russ Burkhardt. This was the first time in a couple of years Mr. Secretary has been able to be personally present for this event. He chose the “regular” sized hot fudge sundae for his ice cream over “large” and was glad he did, since the “regular” size was about the size of a child’s head. He noted that while some people headed immediately to the ice cream, the majority lingered in the parking lot, admiring and discussing cars. Naturally. 10 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

September Monthly Meeting The September club meeting was at “The Works Auto Center” in Colonie. Mr. Secretary wasn’t able to attend, as he was the piper for the Blue Star Mothers’ September 11th event at the memorial at Colonie Central High School. But national anthem singer Rafi Topalian thought we might be able to catch the end of the meeting and so we headed to “The Works” immediately after the ceremony. Unfortunately, there were only a couple of clumps of members in the parking lot, still talking cars, and the meeting venue was closed. Mr. Secretary had happened to choose the Hellcat to go to the ceremony…we forget why…and so showed up in that. One wag commented: “How do you explain that: a piper in Scottish regalia driving an American car to a German Car Club meeting?” Mr. Secretary noted that he has been hard to explain for many years, and played “Scotland the Brave” on the pipes. That’s all we can report.

September 18 Board Meeting The Board met at the cleverly named “Brick House” in Latham, which is neither brick nor a house, at 6:30. This was so we could all enjoy the joys of rush-hour traffic on the Northway. Or, at least that was Mr. Secretary’s experience. President Dave Izzo noted that he had rushed down from Glens Falls. These things are slow to materialize. By 7:30, the members of the Board had just started eating, which precedes any actual business. Mr. Secretary was spartan, with a Fat Tire and the house cheeseburger. The conversation was of cars, car salesman, and car mechanics. The take-away was, if you sell cars or car services to a member of the BMW Club, be very, very honest…and competent. Because we will talk about you! The club subsidized up to $20 for the meal for Board Members, drinks not included. Most entrees at the Brick House are less than that, though. At 8:00 President Dave Izzo started the meeting. Dave said he was told by our regional director that the Roundel is down to $600,000 in ad revenue from $1.9 million. Also, national membership is down. So, the national club is hurting for money, and dues will be going up in 2020. Also, after January 2020, there will be no requirement to print newsletters, even for chapter members requesting them. The “circulation rebate” from national to the chapters will remain the same. This will free up a lot of money for individual chapters, but Mr. Secretary thinks it is part of a trend: lower ad revenue, declining membership, and internet-only chapter newsletters. The national club will also substitute two issues of Roundel each year with Bimmer Life. It will be more of a “lifestyle” magazine, involving articles on hotels, golfing, and other things Bimmerheads are presumed to do, or like to do. It is anticipated that will bring in more advertising. Chapters will contribute articles on a regional basis. There were rave reviews for the Saratoga Vintage event. For Vintage 2020 the board unanimously voted for pre-approval for proposed expenses and itemized accounting. November 20th will be the next board meeting, as there are conflicts on the previously-scheduled 27th. The October general membership meeting will be at Bavarian Rocket Science. The club is still looking for a venue for the November and December meetings. Dave will put out an email for the Holiday party…sometime in October. Treasurer Shaina Bass said we should use social media to advertise upcoming elections. The club will try to give notice in November. The Board was emphatic that the club should definitely do the Valley Cats outing proposed by Rafi Topalian for next year. The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. HALF MOON 4th Quarter 2019  


InconsequentialRamblings Tony Verrengia - Editor/Graphics

Thanks to all! When I graduated High School in 1966 I chose to go to The Phoenix School of Design in NYC instead of attending a traditional 4 year college. My father was a commercial artist as well as a fine artist. So I guess art was in my blood. After graduation I worked in the graphic art field from 1969 until 1991 when Gwen and I moved from NJ to upstate NY. I then started my second career in the insurance industry until I retired in 2011. I missed graphic design so I approached the former editor of the Half Moon, Everette Mayhew Jr. to see if I could take over the Half Moon. He was ready to turn over the riens so I started as editor in 2012. It was great getting back in graphic design but as Everette said in his article it went from fun to being more like work for me. So, I hope my fellow Patroonies like what I have done. Gwen and I will remain members of the Patroon Chapter and you will see us at some of the meeting and drive and dines. Our stable of BMW’s has shrunk from four to just our two classics, the 1973 2002 and the 1987 325is. Our everyday vehicle is now a 2019 Honday Passport. I would like to thank all who have submitted articles, Scott Stowell for providing upcoing events and current and passed membership lists, the high performance driving school for providing their schedules and anyone else who has contributed over the years. I will be available to whomever takes over the Half Moon to help with their transition.

12 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

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Upcoming Events Scott Stowell, Senior Seer

518-952-6643(Home) 838-200-3865 (Mobile)

Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th

Patroonie Portsmouth Pilgrimage

Yeah, we didn’t get the memo that Show and Shine was over. We have made so many memories and have had so much fun over the past 20 years that we will still be making the trip out to enjoy all that Portsmouth and southern Maine have to offer. We can be found at the Portsmouth Fairfield if you would like to join us.

Wednesday October 9th Membership Meeting @ Bavarian Rocket Science

The great folks from Bavarian Rocket Science has once again graciously opened the doors and the shop floor to the Patroon Chapter. A light meal will be served, and the gathering begins at 6:30PM under the loving gaze of Nipper.

Saturday October 12th to Sunday October 13th

Das Laufwerk Eurocar Rally

Oktoberfest is well underway at Hunter Mountain with the Das Laufwerk Eurocar Rally. All European model car owners are welcome to bring their vehicles to showcase for the crowds. Please go to their web site to learn more about this event.

Sunday October 20th Tire Rack Street Survival @ The Saratoga Auto Museum

If you have a young adult who is a newer driver, sign them up for this. You may save their life. For those with some free time, please come out and assist the MOHUD chapter of the SCCA run this very worthwhile event. Things start off at 8:00 and run through the afternoon.

Sunday November 10th Beardslee Castle Drive and Dine

My gut tells me this will be the best Beardslee Drive and Dine ever, and there have been some pretty good ones in the past! We will leave the Jumping Jacks parking lot at 3:00 for a nice country drive west through the Mohawk Valley. We really do need to provide a count for dinner, so please RSVP with me before 5:00 Friday night (11/08) so I can let them know how many to set for.

Wednesday November 13th Membership Meeting Location to be determined

Wednesday December 11th Membership Meeting Location to be determined

Wednesday January 8th Membership Meeting Location to be determined

Friday October 9th to Sunday October 11th 2020 Vintage @ Saratoga

Yep, we are not competing with all the other Saratoga summer related events and moving to the fall. We will still be at the Auto Museum with many more details to follow. Save the date!

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BMW CCA, Patroon Chapter PO Box 3918 Albany, NY 12203

4th Quarter 2019

IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE as Editor of this fine publication

To join the BMW CCA or to renew your current membership, you may: Use your Visa or MasterCard with our Secure On-line Service at or call (800) 878-9292 with your Visa or MasterCard number (answered 24 hours per day), or e-mail: (BMW CCA National Office). BMW CCA Phone (864) 250-0022, Fax (864) 250-0038. BMW CCA, 640 South Main St., Greenville, SC 29601

16 4th Quarter 2019 HALF MOON

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4th Qtr 2019 Patroon Half Moon  

Patroon Chapter BMW CCA Quarterly Newsletter

4th Qtr 2019 Patroon Half Moon  

Patroon Chapter BMW CCA Quarterly Newsletter