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Patrizia Lake

Manifesto Projects 4 2016/ 2017


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Casa en never never land The original story and drawings of the house.

Video Extracted images from the video presentation.

Stories of houses Reading of the stories and the criteria for selecting a particular one.

Transformation Collages illustating the concepts of the stories chosen- cocept ot the 20th Century and its transformation into the 21st Century, including the member of the family with a neurodegenerative disorder.

Action Drawing of the action showing the cultural element that made the house contemorary. Each student must demonstrate the contribution to the proposal. Therefor, an individual and a collective drawing must be included.

Technical drawings Technical drawings of the original house- a section of a detail- of an action in the space.

Teamwork The most interesting conversations between team members; how arguments were constructed and reached a consensus about how to move forward in the proposals. Finally, evaluate and reflect on the teamwork/ team effort in your group.

Bibliography Manifesto Personal conclusion of the research project, Re-reading stories of houses.

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