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History of Truckers Strike America Some people recall the feeling of almost one million bikers rocking up in Washington D.C.: a sense of awe and astonishment at the sheer number of glistening, growling vehicles packing the streets of the capital city. There was also a sense of relief at the fact that the 9/11 Memorial Biker’s Ride went by without incident, in spite of the fact that the organizers never got a permit. Well, prepare for another tidal wave of vehicles, because this weekend (11th to the 13th of October), Washington D.C. is yet again set to host another massive demonstration, this time the American trucker’s strike.

The History of the Trucker’s Strike USA The first event, the 2 Million Biker’s “Shut Down America,” which took place on September 12th, has inspired hundreds of thousands of truckers and other patriotic American citizens to hit the streets of D.C. and use their monstrous vehicles to block all paths into and out of the city. The aim of the general strike is to heighten awareness and bring government attention to the growing grievances of those who work in the trucking industry.

What’s the history of the truckers strike in America? This soon-to-be historic event was sparked by the unconstitutional behavior, restrictive regulations and corruption of the Obama administration. Many of the laws that have been passed since President Barack Obama took the reins of the country (and many of those that are in the process of being passed) have served to put a clamp on one of the country’s most important and integral industries. From soaring gas prices and Obamacare compelling trucking companies to restrict the number of hours that employees can work in a week, to the call to install tracking devices in all vehicles, the government is steadily upsetting many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans. The American truckers strike, which could have a temporary, yet catastrophic effect on national commerce aims to give a voice to these Americans. The organizers behind the event encourage everyone to stock up on food and other essentials, since delivery of produce will not be taking place for the duration of the strike and perhaps even longer.

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History of Truckers Strike America