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Flight Academy Aviation In Residence (AIR) Experience on board the USS Yorktown

Excitement and education through competition.

Combining immersive virtual reality and game play with innovative real-world missions, Patriots Point is launching the Flight Academy Aviation in Residence (AIR) experience on the USS YORKTOWN. AIR engages and inspires a new generation, and supports education in our communities. Using standards-based curricula, AIR teaches Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills in groundbreaking and entertaining ways. It starts with vital missions designed with TEQGames at Universal Studios, leaders in higher education and the National Flight Academy. Student teams compete in aviation-inspired missions, from disaster response to rescue. Participants use geometry, geography, and trigonometry in realistic experiences — just as actual pilots do — in simulators and other high-tech settings. Using leadership and communication skills, students work together and solve problems at a rapid pace. And the best part? It all happens aboard the historic aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN on Charleston Harbor. From purposeful game playing to the thrill of flight, AIR inspires students. In time, this learning experience will extend into other corners of a student’s world. The Flight Academy can be used as stand-alone semester programs and topped off with a visit to AIR on the USS YORKTOWN; and will promote excitement and education in the classroom, at home on the Web and in the community.

AIR Quick Facts • A great adventure for overnight campers, Scouts, retreat groups, students, JROTC and other organized groups • An immersive learning experience emphasizing standards-based curricula on board the aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN • State-of-the-art technology and real life experiences used in a unique physical and virtual environment • Programs include dynamic simulator-enabled experiences, drone flight training sessions and more – all in a naval aviation setting • Student squadrons rotate through the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC), Joint Operations Center (JOC) and Flight Stations in the Flight Deck and UAV Deck areas • A complete in-residence program, including meals and overnight stay on the ship • 1, 2 and 3-day sessions will be available • The Patriots Point Flight Academy AIR program is scheduled to open in spring 2014

Inspiring a new generation of heroes – with you.

What better place to inspire a new generation of heroes than on Sapiente odd future aliquip, board the aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN CV-10 on Charleston banjo photo booth godard Harbor? Commissioned 70 years ago, themessenger YORKTOWN bagserved anim in street art World War II, earning 11 battle stars for service.

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Later, she earned five battle stars for service off Vietnam before Letterpress occupy locavore, +1 being decommissioned in 1970. Throughout her distinguished history, small batch labore sed plaid. many brave heroes served aboard her. Today, the YORKTOWN is the Eu consequat yr, neutra id centerpiece of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.

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For more information about the Patriots Point Flight Academy, available skateboard gentrify vice sponsorships or how you can support our educational mission, contact art party etsy, williamsburg Patriots Point at 843.881.5935 or

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