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Introduction ---------------------------------------Welcome to the first Zine by and for the Salt Lake Alternative Press Festival. 2012 marks the 4th Annual occasion of local zinemakers, comic artists, bands, book arts, printmakers, and abundantly diverse content. Alt Press Fest 2012 You Had to Be Here Zine is an anthology of some participants this year. The interested parties either created original artwork or selected a piece to represent their self/group/cause/comic. Through sharing, a greater whole chronicle of The 2012 Salt Lake Alternative Press Festival has been documented. A set intention to reinvigorate our self-publishing community through creative collaboration. The event includes live performances, workshops, and our esteemed guests: Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson. Their coauthored book, Whatcha Mean What’s a Zine is a recommended introduction to varieties of the zine methods & mediums. OR visit Level 2 at The Salt Lake City Public Library 210 E 400 S Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 The Alternative Press Collection is primarily housed on Level 2 amongst Periodicals, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Young Adult, with rotating selections on hand at all 5 of the branches. AND Zines may be checked-out! There’s a blog to: -----------------------------------------A brief history of the SLCPL AP Collection begins in the 90’s. Housed in a windowless basement with periodicals and the first few Internet access computers; this was the old Main Library concrete/granite structure built in 1964, now home to The Leonardo- Salt Lake’s science and art museum. The present SLCPL Main location opened in 2003 with a permanent zine shelf space, budget & programming exclusively for exhibiting and growing the Alternative Press Collection. From Julie Bartel’s* initial efforts, to the present day, organized by Rachel Getts and the Graphic Novels Zines Alternative Press (GNZAP) Committee- awesome community awareness of the potential of any person with passion to express their point of view is being preserved and shared. Immense gratitude to Brooke Young†, Clinton Watson‡, Isabelle Roehrig§ and the incomparable Rachel Getts**! Enjoy the 2012 Alternative Press Festival. Thank you. -Patrick Weeks


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After completing the MLS program at Syracuse University and working in a wide variety of libraries, Julie Bartel worked as a teen librarian and the central selector for teen materials and graphic novels at the City Library in Salt Lake City, UT. She was awarded the MPLA Beginning Professional Award for Excellence in Teen Services before taking her most recent position as the Library Director at Judge Memorial Catholic High School, also in Salt Lake City. Bartel has served on numerous committees for the Young Adult Library Services division (YALSA), including two terms as chair of the Publications Committee, and as a member of the 2008 Michael L. Printz Award committee. She currently chairs the AASL-ALSC-YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School and Public Library Cooperation and is a member of the YALSA Hub Advisory Board, as well as a blogger. As a member of the Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC), Bartel recently finished a term on the Robert F. Sibert Award Committee. In addition to committees and consulting work, she has written a book for librarians on zines and public libraries (From A to Zine: Building A Winning Zine Collection in Your Library, ALA Editions, 2004), Annotated Booklists for Every Teen Reader: the best from the experts at YALSA-BK (Neal-Schuman, 2010), and articles for journals such as Public Libraries, The Journal Endicott Studio Journal of Mythic Arts, School Library Journal. ! "!!Brooke Young, Librarian & present Manager of Level 2, was instrumental from the very start and humbly concedes credit. However, amongst the bounty you may come across one of her reviews or a particular pink cover titled Zine Librarian Zine #2 with her contribution presenting some sentiments from 9 years ago! *

Clinton Watson has moved on to another desert with many bicycle-touring adventures before settling in Arizona. It is he who instigated the first Alternative Press Festival here in 2009. ‡

Isabelle Roehrig is another expatriate of our fine Salt Lake City Public Library System. While here she operated as an Alt Press Collection Selector, cataloging many zines into the collection, organized previous Alt Press Fests and facilite activities alongside Rachel Getts. These two created the GNZAP Committee (Graphic Novels, Zines, Alt Press) in order to carry the torch and blaze new trails with other events including Graphic Novel Club and innovative zine making workshops. §

Although Rachel Getts is indeed a Library Assistant on Level 2, records pertaining Ms. Getts seem to be classified information. Our inquiries have been doggedly met with her laughing as to how any attentions to her story shall be eluded. Such uncanny to the resemblance to the super hero secret identity is her demeanor that we respectfully (and advise you to follow suit) leave well enough alone, lest she decide we know too much and must be neutralized. However, it is duly noted that more than most every aspect pertaining to Alt Press Fest 2012, Graphic Novel Club and GNZAP are thriving today because of Ms. Gett’s indomitable spirit and thankless task mastery. You’ve been warned!!! **

……………………………Contributors…………………………. Ricky Vigil- I like to make comics and listen to records. page 3 Claire Taylor- An adventurer and artist residing in Salt Lake City, UT page 4 Jess Smart Smiley- Jess Smart Smiley is an illustrator and designer living in Utah. The Comics Grab Bag is his first collection of short comics, and his first graphic novel, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, comes out October 2012 from Top Shelf Productions. Jess’ illustrations, designs, and comics have been included in books, magazines and websites all over the world and he is currently at work on an all-new graphic novel. Feel free to get in touch: jess.smiley (at) page 5 Travis Gray- Comic artist, zine maker… page 6 Rory Donahoe- Artist, Zinester, Rory is probably one of the funniest most brilliant artists I know;) He is currently working on his first Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Check out Rory’s YouTube and his short lived web-comic “Monster Comics” featuring the two most underrated monsters in monster history, Mummy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Alt Press Fest 2012 just keeps getting better and better! Page 7

Birdbrain Press is comprised of Max Kelly and Laura Decker. They are recent graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, but fled the east coast for friendlier climates. They now live in Salt Lake City, UT, and can usually be found at this web address,, and various art festivals. page 12 Evan Jed Memmot- Likes making stuff and showing it to his friends. at gmail dot com . Drawing/painting. Printmaking. Photography. page 13 Nick and Erin Potter Potter’s Press- Married artists with keen ability and although they’ve relocated outside of SLC, there presence is preserved through many Kilby Court gigposters. and at page 14 Bonnie Kaye Varga Cooper- Library Assistant, Zine-DIY crafting at GNZAP workshops and Higher Ground Learning Team Stink Bug zine. In her own words: Casper's Ice Cream Shop is my favorite place in this whole world. My favorite number is 17. My favorite number to draw is 4. My favorite letters to write are A, K, and Y...I think. That may be prone to change. I really like to sew. I also really like school...most of the time. page 15 John Andrews-Artist, Copper Palate Press page 16~17

Sarah A. Custen- Library Assistant and a gardening musician, zine writer, traveler, baker and blogger. page 8

Korey Martin- page Musician, artist, Library Aide and keen in cynical yet lighthearted caring. page 18

Robin Banks- Art, comics, zines, music and anarchy- page 9

MiNX is Fun. Experimental. Unapologetic. A Two-Piece. A Live Singer. A Live Guitarist. Multi-Instrument Project. Plays with Backing Tracks. MiNX is Like a Mix-Tape… page 19

Red Bennies- Their contribution says it all… Red Bennies had to cancel for APF. They are being replaced by David Payne and Mark Dago. They do a really cool hip hop/electronic thing set to nintendo sounds. So it should go over well. They should be advertised as "Mark Dago performs KILLSCREEN” page 10 Lucia Volker- Artist, printmaker… page 11

SLUG Magazine- Contributed page designed by artist Sean Hennefer. page 20

SLUG once upon a time was a zine that has evolved to being an integral contributor to SLC underground action. Covering shows, music reviews, local culture, and the Utah skate and snow scene. These fine folks make it so: Angela Brown: Editor; Jeanette Moses: Managing Editor; Ricky Vigil: Contributing Editor; Esther Meroño: Editorial Assistant; Alex Ortega: Junior Editor; Gavin Sheehan: Office Coordinator; Joshua Joye: Graphic Designer; Eric Granato: Distribution Manager; Karamea Puriri: Marketing Coordinator; Mike Brown:

Writer/Sales; Jemie Sprankle: Sales; John Ford: Writer Sales. Check out: & their podcast: Soundwaves From The Underground. Patrick Weeks is an artist in Salt Lake City interested in drawing, writing, bicycling photography (stop motion, film & still) painting, typography, cooking and dancing. page 21 A longtime contributor to Swinj, this is his 1st occurrence as editor and publisher. More to come…

*All bio/contact info was gleaned online from various query results and some info may be outdated and/or incongruous with the people’s self-image themselves. So it goes…

Be sure to check out the blog for ongoing comic reviews, zine showcases & GNZAP workshops in & around the Salt Lake City Public Library System: Colophon ----------------------------Stenciled cover designed and painted while a all songs shuffle played, consisting of: Richard Hawley- Tonight The Streets Are Ours Gillian Welch- Elvis Presley Blues Bright Eyes- Soul Singer In A Session Band Kavinsky Feat. Lovefoxxx- Night Call PJ Harvey- White Chalk Spoon- The Underdog Jarvis Cocker- In Your Eyes Wild Flag- Romance Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong Stereolab- Rainbo Conversation Talking Heads- Found A Job Quasi- Death Culture Blues Glenn Gould- Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Stevie Wonder- Boogie On Reggae Woman Bill Callahan- Riding For The Feeling The font typeface used throughout is Book Antiqua All was assembled with loving-kindness toward providing some documentation. Hopefully emboldening the spirit toward realization of how anyone can make anything they want to share! So, make it real and be here when you are. *Listed contributors do not total every participant at the Alt Press Fest 2012 and we respectfully acknowledge with understanding how we’re all busy in this life together & look forward to other chances soon…

…Acknowledgements… None of the inspiration, execution & sustained aspiration would’ve come to fruition (going for as many “tions” as possible here, it seems!) without many. Most of whom aren’t mentioned, but certainly the following friendly folks Rachel Getts

Scott Whittaker

Darrah Rogers

Megan Evans

Hattie MacLeod

Kirsten Nelson

Bernard Rodriguez

Bikram Yoga SLC

Brooke Young

Katherine Allred

Justin Strange

Steven Larson

Donnae Tidwell

Rebecca McIntosh

Trent Call

Nicole Sorte Turville

Trishelle Jeffry

Cecille Osborne

Bonnie Kaye Varga Cooper

Andrew Weeks (big brother)

Esther Meroño

Stephanie Goodliffe

Julie Bartel

Cameron Bentley

Claire Taylor

Maggie Willis

Jessica Glade

Jonathan Hyland

Joe Guile

Elisabeth Gondolo

Angela Brown

Jordan Badger

Etta Crowley

Bobbie Annette Robinson

Robin Banks

Nathan Lamar Larsen

Ricky Vigil

Debbie Larsen

Lynn Weeks (mom)

Emily Tipps

Matt Crane Chuck Landvatter

Chris Ginzton

Maxwell Kelly Leia Bell Sarah A. Custen James Miska Annie Christiansen Stephanie Espinoza John Walton Shane Smith Emily Moroz Andrew Shaw Michael Faust & Especially the all who enjoy/contribute to the Salt Lake City Public Library Alternative Press Collection Thank you.

Alan Weeks (dad) Gabe Weeks (little brother) Ryan Jensen Kelsey Perkins Laura Decker

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Alt Press Fest Anthology  

A yearbook like collection of variousl participants of Alt Press 2012.