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A LETTER FROM THE ALUMNI ADVISOR I became involved with the chapter in July 20 12 not knowing everything that had ta ken place the previous 2-3 semesters. I was told that there had be en a hazing allegation made resulting in a fu investigation from Ka ll ppa Sigma Fraternity . The allegations were unfounded, but after a complete chapter m embership review was concluded 23 membe rs were expelled for va rious reasons. The ch has been on a Trustees apter hip since. Eleven brothers return ed to school in the fa ll 2012 semester. We spent several weeken ds making minor repairs house. Our Challenge and cleaning the chap , from Kappa Sigma Fr ter aternity, for the fall se and initiate 9 new mem mester was to pledge bers or lose the charte r. We met that goal w our first pledge class ith 9 new brothers in and 3 additional brot he rs in our mid-semester beginning to look up Rush. Things were and it seemed that we were heading in the rig fall grades came out. ht direction until the The chapter accumul ative GPA was 1.9 larg ely due to the poor gr members – many of ades of the newest which did not return for the spring semeste once again at 11 brot r. O ur membership was hers. This was Mu-Ta u’s third semester belo As a result the IFC (e w the required 2.50gp nforcing their By-Law a. s) recommended to th Sigma Fraternity that e University and Kapp our chapter be pulled. a There were a number of other factors that lea d to our decision but Master and I decided the District Grand that in the long run it would be best for MuFraternity if we pulle Ta u d the charter. By us m and Kappa Sigma aking this decision an return to APSU will be d not the university ou sooner rather than lat r er. As of now we are pl the fall of 2017. anning our return in I was recently asked “W hat do I need from th e alumni of Mu-Tau” Alumni Chapter. Be pr ? Get involved in the epared to volunteer yo ur time and “yes” - yo chapter and the alum ur money when the ni need you! Please un derstand that a “Chapt alumni … but it will er can exist without its not survive! Use the ne xt four years to get or The return of the Muganized. Tau Chapter will depe nd greatly on the size, of its alumni. “Not fo strength and support r an hour, a day or a co llege term only ... Kapp a Sigma is for Life! AEKDB Tim Hurt ’81 - ThetaTheta Chapter / WKU AA/ Mu-Tau Chapte r

“I was there with you guys in the beginning & my heart weighs heavy for you now. I’m grateful for the many friendships I made in that house & with those chapter members. I truly loved my many ‘big brothers’ (aside from Derrill Moore and Kel Topping) because that’s how I saw many of you. It’s also where I had my first drink of beer. It’s where I was voted Valentines Sweetheart. It’s where I learned many things that, as Trish Beirne said, shouldn’t be replayed on FB. It was how I met my mentor, Douglas Barber who still gives me guidance today. It’s where I met my first boyfriend, Brandt Scott. It was where I met my lifelong buddies, Kevin Hackney, Randy Self, with whom I continue to share my life. The chapter may be gone & the house may be sold. But you guys & the memories will live on for all of us!!! Love you all!!!” — Carroll Wade Bagwell

“ was my 1st Quarter (not Semester) in the Fall of ‘86... the Kappa Sig house was the vortex of the 1st and best ‘Block Party’ at “The Peay”! ...and then, per usual, we all walked to Big Burger!!!..what great memories with great people in and around that house!” — Kenny Alfonso

“So many memories began at this house - spontaneous trips to many cities started there, many lifelong friendships began there, my brother met his lovely wife there, sliding on the baseball tarp in the rain with brothers and friends & memories that shouldn’t be mentioned on FB!!! Extremely sad for all the brothers & friends, but thankful to have these memories!!!” — Trish Beirne

“A.E.K.D.B. forever and always.” — Chris Gray, Theta Prime Chapter at Cumberland University



ell, with the recent developments regarding the Mu-Tau Chapter the mission and objectives of this Alumni Chapter have been changed to focus on preparing our organization’s return to the campus of Austin Peay. I want to start by saying it is an honor to have been asked to help in the organization of the Clarksville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Sigma (CACΚΣ).

The things we have been able to accomplish so far have only been possible with the help of many of our Mu-Tau alumni brothers and long time friends. The objectives of the CACΚΣ are to encourage Kappa Sigma fellowship among members, to support and encourage the return of the Mu-Tau Chapter to APSU as soon as possible, to stay involved and connected with APSU and to advance the general welfare of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. The CACΚΣ is open to Mu-Tau Chapter members and Kappa Sigma alumni from other chapters in the Greater Clarksville area. We are encouraging all Mu-Tau Chapter alumni to join our Alumni Chapter. To facilitate the successful implementation, accomplish our objectives, improve communications, and support the return of our chapter it is necessary for us to implement annual alumni chapter membership dues. The dues are very reasonable and are assigned based on three levels of alumnus status. The membership application online details this information. Brothers on limited incomes and still what to participate, you may contact me directly to discuss. We need as many brothers that can too participation in the CACΚΣ, and your dues and any other donations are appreciated to help grow the CACΚΣ and support our continued involvement in activities at APSU while we plan the return of the Mu-Tau Chapter. Alumni Chapter dues are based on the calendar year, January-December, and with great things already happening this year we ask you to join right now and help us grow. You can complete your membership application and pay your dues online at If you would like to mail your completed application and check, send to CACKΣ at P.O. Box 31715 Clarksville, TN 37040 (unless your application and dues were submitted online). A strong foundation of Mu-Tau Kappa Sigs will be imperative when we are able to return to campus. While all initiated Kappa Sigma members are welcome at our events, only those who pay annual dues are members of the Alumni Chapter. Kappa Sigma alumni from other chapters are also encouraged to join our alumni group to socialize and network with local alumni. Alumni dues and any other donations are the only source of revenue for the alumni chapter. Alumni dues will be used to help us grow the organization, fund alumni events (such as Homecoming) increase/improve communications (website, newsletters and mailings), continue to be involved and support alumni activities at APSU and other activities to build a strong foundation to prepare for our return to APSU as soon as possible. Whether you are a new alumnus or it has been many years, remember all the memories and fellowship the Mu-Tau Chapter gave you during your undergraduate years. There are still many ways to stay involved and help ensure we are prepared for our return to the APSU campus so others for generations to come can experience the opportunities offered by being a part of the Mu-Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma at APSU! Semper, Steve Topping #91 (423) 802-3506

“Not for an hour, a day, or a college term only, but for life.”

Also, it is not too early to pencil in Homecoming for this fall. Homecoming 2012 was great with a large increase in alumni participation. We are really making a push to boost the alumni attendance in 2013. The dates are Oct. 25-27. There will be more information to come in upcoming newsletters and be sure to join our Facebook Group page as we will post info there as soon as it becomes available.



A P i n P m u l KA Tau A Mu-

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City: Las n i S n i s i ar ve this ye wild side and is a l c n o C he Grand lives on t , but it’s also an y t i C n i S ion Vegas. . If rstimulat e v o lot of fun ike r a o f d n n e a v y a l ud ah ultural st ity, there’s no time s, c g n i t s e r inte to Vega ed the c t d i a s i e v h r d e v n you’ve ne o pack your bag a nt t the prese gas, baby! ens in Ve p p a h t a h ue that w t credit card debt r t t o n s i t ise, tha you the While i e m v o i r g p s I e ( o s ega ty d stays in V ventually), this ci ings that you’ve ce e erience th p will surfa x e d n a to do about. d e freedom m a e r only d h probably e sun wit ub h t n i k a r so all night, t high-end stores, e c n a d n pa You ca e on fine l day, sho l n i a d s k d n n i a r ine frothy d brities, w night and t le a e c p i h r t t i S ys elbows w a limo down the you alwa n o s r e e p d i cuisine, r e the wild and fun might even walk ob cky, you lu e feel free t r ’ u o y be. If wanted to naire. illio away a m





2 5-

SCAN the QRcode or visit http://otheruniversity.juscollege. com/kappa-sigmaalumni-private-group to reserve your room.

As low as

$649/ per person (airfare not included)

Venetian Bella Suite Quad Occupancy for 3 nights (tax included)

• • • •

• •

Private Concierge VIP Club Entrance No Club Cover Charges OTHER OPTIONS INCLUDE: Thursday Night TAO $709 for Triple Occupancy NIGHTCLUB with $839 for Double Occupancy bottle service/reserved $1,229 for Single Occupancy VIP Table Friday Night HYDE NIGHTCLUB or TAO BEACH PARTY during the day (group vote) and Saturday Night Lavo NIGHTCLUB with bottle service/reserved VIP Table Each night limo/party bus service to Sapphire Club, free entry, one free drink And other indemnities and surprises as the trip materializes.

We now have a website! Please visit to see more information about the Las Vegas Trip, see photos from Homecoming 2012 and the past, register for membership, and pay dues or donate. Clarksville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Sigma P.O. Box 31715, Clarksville, TN 37040

Kappa Sigma Mu-Tau Housing Corporation P.O. Box 292485, Nashville, TN 37229

President: Steve Topping — VP/Clarksville: Matt “Pringle” Carroll — (work) VP/Nashville: Roger Grove — (work) GS: Patrick Armstrong — GT: Open (if interested, contact Steve Topping)

President: Brandt Scott — (work) Doug Barber — (work) W. Bailey Allen — Billy Duvall — (work) Roger Grove — (work)

February Newsletter 2013  

This newsletter contains information regarding the closing of the undergraduate chapter, Las Vegas trip and our website.

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