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Personalized Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change Why Coaching? Imagine you are a person who is ready to change your life. You have expended, over the years, great energy to change and to grow. You have succeeded in some areas but other areas remain unchanged. Others have tried to help. You’ve reached out to get information and treatment that kept you going. Despite their efforts and yours you still feel alone and essentially bogged down to make the changes in your life you desire. Now imagine that you begin talking with someone who helps you in an entirely different way. They listen to you – truly listen – so you feel they hear and understand you. They stand beside you and with you as an ally. Their agenda is your agenda. They will ask questions not so much to gain information, as to require you to seek answers from within yourself, to benefit yourself. They bring the tools and acknowledge that – with your permission – you are ready to make those changes. When you make a commitment for action, they help you to hold yourself accountable so that you will accomplish your goals. They will help you find within yourself the motivation needed to initiate, sustain and maintain change. They are here to celebrate your success with you. They are your coach.

Lifestyle Change Over half of what affects your health is your choice of lifestyle. The way you live your life largely determines the level of health with which you get to experience your life. Often un-aware, realization about health and wellness comes quickly when you receive a diagnosis or in some way encountered a health challenge. Most of us had the experience of being diagnosed and treated or have been asked by a health or fitness professional to change our lifestyle behavior – often magnifying our problems and sense of failure(s). “If you could have done it by yourself, you would have done it by now”. Wellness is a very individual and personal issue. People come to realize they need an ally to work with to achieve their health needs and goals. Spending a day or week at the Spa or even working out regularly at the nearby fitness gym does not necessarily effect a lasting change in lifestyle habits.

Coaching, Taking Wellness One-on-One Coaches help people become architects of healthy, rewarding lives. Wellness Coaching holds you to be a whole individual, responsible for your own choices. Applied in hospitals, clinical practices, company wellness programs, spas/gyms and with individual clients it uses sophisticated wellness assessments and one-on-one skills to help you create a wellness plan for lasting lifestyle change.

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Why coaching?  
Why coaching?  

Why wellness coaching helps and guides you towards a healthier lifestyle