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INFORMACIONES LOCATION: Your address is: #17 Genaro Sandy, Colonia Santa Cecelia TRANSPORTATON: Local Bus – You can catch the local bus opposite the corner of Genaro Sandy and Benito Juarez (cobble stone street) by the lamp post. The fare is 5 pesos. The bus runs about every 10 minutes daily except Sunday at about every 20 minutes. Taxi – You can hail a taxi on Benito Juarez ( 35 pesos to El Centro) or use a radio taxi . Dona Mary (24/7 365 days) Tel: 152-4579 for 50 pesos to El Centro. INTERNET: WIFI internet is available in your casita: Casitas_EXT Key word: 4af321ad80

ENTER/EXIT: The main entrance to the casa/casitas is an electronic door. To exit the compound no key is required. Simply press the “silver button” and the door will unlock. To enter the compound you must have your key. LAUNDRY: Laundry facilities are provided for your convenience , please provide your own laundry detergent, etc.

MARKETS: For large grocery purchases Mega is preferable (40 pesos fare by taxi). Manuela’s Tienda is about a 5 minute walk (2 ½ blocks) located on Benito Juarez.— Soda, beer, bread, milk and other general food items. Please enjoy your stay and if you require any assistance: Patrick in the upstairs casita can answer most of your concerns or you can contact me at: TEL

Santa Cecelia – items of interest

Manuela’s Tienda

Bus stop

Jorge’s Gym 20 pesos a visit or 230 a month

Park and Basketball court

Pollo Feliz

Fabrica Auora

Bus stop Insurgentes

The bus schedule is about every 10 minutes daily except Sunday it’s about every 20 minutes ----- the ride to El Centro is about 6 to 10 minutes.

Mexico Telephone System How to Dial:

From the US. Dial 011-52-415 then dial the complete number. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from the US, dial: 011-52-415-152-2347. From San Miguel. Omit the number in parentheses and dial the rest. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from San Miguel, dial 152-2347. From elsewhere in Mexico. Dial 01 then dial the complete number, including the number in parentheses. To call the San Miguel US Consulate from Mexico City, dial 01-415-152-2357. To call a San Miguel Cell Phone from San Miguel. Most Cell phones have a special area code, for example 044. Dial 044, then the complete cell number, including the initial number. To call a San Miguel Cell Phone from the US. Omit the special area code and dial 011-52-55, then the complete cell number. To call the US or Canada from San Miguel. Dial 001, then the number, including US area code.

Important Telephone Numbers Emergency 911 Emergency Services 152-0911 Use this number to reach all agencies listed below. English frequently spoken. Or hail any radio-equipped police patrol(on foot, horse or vehicle), or city or utility company vehicle, or taxi. Police Protectiva (Protective) 152-0022 Transito (Traffic) 152-0538 or 154-8420 Judicial 152-2018

State (Highway Patrol) 152-0164 Fire Central de Bomberos 152-2888, 152-3238, or 152-3699

Medical Red Cross, Libramiento 152-4121, 152-4225, 152-1616 Hospital de la Fé 152-2545, 152-2233 Hospital Civíl 120 4799 Seguro Social Hospital, Salida a Dolores 152-0699 or 152-0278

Informatión Turística/Tourist Information (English Spoken) Guanajuato Secretaría de Turismo Jardín 152-0900 United States of America Embassy Regional Consular Agency 9am – 1pm, H. Macías 72, Int. 111 and 112 1522357, 152-1588, or After Hours Emergencies Only Consular Agent EDWARD CLANCY Tel: 0444151139574 US Embassy in Mexico City, Reforma 305 01 (55) 5080-2000

BONANZA: the main local tienda in El Centro. It's on Calle Mesones on the way to the Plaza Civica. They carry just about everything you will need on your visit, from cheeses and canned goods to deli items, sweet yogurt and liquor. MEGA: (with the pelican logo) the huge grocery store you see at the roundabout (glorieta) with the statue in the center as you enter San Miguel coming from the airport. It's at the end of Ancha de San Antonio (which turns into Salida a Celaya on the map). It's owned by the same company that owns the Mexican Costco franchise, so it's a big Safeway-type grocery store with everything from appliances to clothing to liquor and fresh meat and produce. SORIANA: farther out on the edge of town on the road to Queretaro. It's in the big new shopping complex called La Ciernaga that also has a multi-screen movie theatre (shows new movies, by the way, at a fraction of the price of U.S. movie theatres). Soriana is a big Mexican chain of stores, also on the lines of Safeway. BODEGA AURRERA. This big-box cheap store owned by WalMart. It opened in November, 2008, with the purpose of trying to lure the local Mexican population. TUESDAY MARKET (Tianguis Martes): On Tuesdays just outside town on the road to Queretaro. Every taxi driver in town knows where it is, but be sure to ask what he will charge to drive you there. This market is not to be missed! Everything from chickens to clothing to cds and dvds to fresh produce, fresh seafood (yes!) to pizza and tacos can be found there. It is the true Mexican experience whether you decide to purchase anything or not. Allow yourself at least two hours and try to go around 11, when it really gets going.

Pizza Delivery San Miguel de Allende No 1 Only minutes from Casita

Gombos Pizzas y Crepas, Tata Nacho #2 (corner with India). This place is situated in Colonia Guadalupe. They have a sit-down dining room, but also deliver all over town. As an alternative to pizza you may want to try some of their stuffed crepes. Place an order by calling (415) 152-8121. Domino’s Pizza, Ancha de San Antonio #14. Situated right next to Blockbuster, so you can order a pizza and then go rent a movie while you’re waiting. They also have a collection of scooters out front ready to deliver all over the city. Place an order by calling (415) 154-5300. Mama Mia, Umaran #8. This place near the Jardin has various areas inside including many bars, roof top patio, and food served throughout the establishment. The bar on the first floor (to the left when you walk in) is great for watching a game on the big screen and eating a pizza. They do delivery all over San Miguel as well. . Place an order by calling (415) 152-2063. Antigua Trattoria Romana, Zacateros y Codo #9. You may notice the address is a bit odd. That’s because this restaurant is shaped like a trapezoid and juts out into an intersection. The pizza here is very different from any other place in town, drawing from traditional Italian cooking. . Place an order by calling (415) 152-3790.

General map San Miguel

Bus Routes and Stores

Santa Cecelia

Bodega Aurrera

Mega Supermarket

Map El Centro

San Miguel de Allende's weekly bi-lingual newspaper is a great source of information about all aspects of sustainable living in San Miguel. Atenci贸n San Miguel is published by the Biblioteca P煤blica. Sales benefit programs which include school libraries.

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