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HealthyWeightLossDiets – Morning Routine for Health

By: Jon R. Patrick

We've all heard it “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. And that's true, as far as it goes. Your actions – your habits – that you take first thing in the morning set the stage for your day. Are you going to spend it listless, hungry, and fighting caffeine and nicotine cravings? Or will you be energetic and vibrant, of a postitive mental attitude to attack the day? Here are the steps I take first thing in the morning to get started right! 1. Water – remember those 8 glasses a day you're supposed to be drinking? Well, you may wake up groggy and thinking you crave coffee, but before you reach for that cup of joe, grab an ice-cold, tall glass of water. After a night of sleep, you wake up slightly dehydrated, but don't yet feel it. Those cravings are frequently for water, but your caffeine addiction hides them. The cold 'wakes up' your metabolism, forcing your body to heat up to warm the water in your stomache. The water is used by the body, and the best side effect is it helps curb both cravings as well as hunger. After a couple of days of forcing yourself, you'll find you want the water first, and frequently want more than one glass. Then, the coffee is an enjoyable part of the morning, no a necessity. 2. Move – I'm not a morning person. No even close. But the second habit is to get moving. (and not just down the stairs to the coffee maker – see #1 above!). The best thing to do is wake up 30 minutes early tomorrow, find a yoga show on TV, and do your best. First thing, don't wait! You will feel awake, relaxed, and ready to go by the end, with the blood pumping and energizing your brain. Can't do it? Making excuses? Then at least do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups. You'll get the heart pumping and probably want to stretch a bit too. Pretty soon, you'll be on to your yoga show. 3. Vitamins – There are dozens of books and hundreds of quality websites on vitamins and their benefits. I take 4 different ones in the morning right now – a C-vitamin is an anti-oxident, good for your brain, and a slew of other benefits; a B-complex vitamin which is good for your immune system, nervous system, and your skin; a multi-vitamin; and fish oil for my Omega 3's for brain health as well as helping keep my soft parts (like cartiledge) built up and healthy. Learn more about vitamins, and pick your daily cocktail! 4. Breakfast – last, but not the least important! Eating a breakfast has benefits all the day, especially helping you feel full and not craving food (which frequently leads to bad snacking). Whole wheat English Muffins or bagels, oatmeal, or (my favorite) Brown and Wild Rice with a sliced avocado and a lot of pepper! Eat in the morning for quality FUEL, but think about it and work to make it delicious so it's something you want to do, not just make yourself do.

Like many things related to Healthy Weight Loss, common sense, moderation, and a little bit of knowledge can help you and your exercise routine maximize your results. Remember, anything you do for 30 days consistently becomes a habit that your body craves! Eat smart and Healthy and see the results sooner!

Morning Routine for Health  

Here are the steps I take first thing in the morning to get started right!