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MLM Offline Marketing in an Online World

By: Jon R. Patrick or

Many people doing Network Marketing today have fallen in to believing that the internet is the Savior or End-All of marketing. There is a common belief that by placing a webpage out there, driving traffic to it through ads or article marketing or videos, or any number of other ways, that leads and new members in your company will come pouring in. While the internet is a critical part of your marketing, and it does live up to it's promises of a hands-off tool to automate your processes, there is something that's been lost with the constant autoresponder messages flowing out – the offline touch. Consider yourself. If you're marketing on the internet – whether it's by using YouTube videos or Traffic Exchanges, you're bombarded with dozens or thousands of ads a day. How many sites have you given your email address to, and received days of automated messages to you? Haven't you become a bit numb to it? Don't you think YOUR prospects have as well? No matter how we slice it, MLM is still a “belly-to-belly” business. The hands on, real contact with a person can make all the difference. And, by combining offline marketing with your online efforts can yield a much higher success percentage for you. Here's a few ideas. 1. Phone – everyone hates it, but it's critical. Those who overcome their fears of the phone can make fortunes! And the only way to become good is to DO IT! You've heard the quote “The fortune is in the followup”? If someone goes to your 'splash' page, gives you their information for followup, ask for their phone number. If someone gives their phone number out, they are many, many levels more serious in looking for a new opportunity than someone who won't. Give them a call. While many people need a script to call a prospect, it's okay to call them and 'wing it'. You're not necessarily trying to sell them, as much as give them a personal touch and ask for

permission to send them an email with additional information they can study. Let them know you'll follow up with them in a day or two, to answer any questions they have. 2. Business cards – I have mixed feelings on these. There is a lot of resistance in most people to email you to ask about your opportunity. Most who are looking for MLM have been burned before, and they simply won't call. Business cards are good to hand out to cashiers, leave with tips, or (I've never had any luck with this) collect those postcards from inside magazines, tape yoru card to it, and send it back. Someone in a cubicle somewhere is gonna get it, and might just be looking for a way to earn some extra money. BUT, if you end up talking with someone - “so, what do you do?”, once you break the ice, let them know you don't have any cards on you, can you get theirs? You now have their email, phone, and let them know you'll send them an email with some information they can review. And, you save yourself $$$ each time. 3. Flyers – I personally like the kind with tear-off tabs with your name, web address, phone number, or some combination thereof. These can be easily created – I highly recommend Excel or OpenOffice (free!) instead of a word processor. It's much easier to get the text turned 90 degrees so it hangs vertical. Place these at apartment complexes, grocery stores, walmarts, laundry mats, etc. Another option is half-sized flyers without the tear tabs. Put these in newspaper boxes around your neighborhood, or some people will go to a Walmart, target, grocery store on weekends and put them on people's cars. Mixed results, but sometimes you strike gold. Let this be a starting point for you. A bit of time with your computer and any half-decent printer, and you can be getting people who are more serious than just 'clickers' to visit your site. Of course, a major disadvantage of these methods over pure internet is you're limited on your reach. How far are you willing to drive to place these. I truly believe this is offset by the fact that people will

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MLM - Offline Marketing in an Online World  

You can achieve more success, and set yourself apart, when you combine offline marketing with your online efforts.