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Mandura the Review Xango doesn't want you to see!

By: Jon R. Patrick or

There are a lot of 'healthy drink' companies in the market today, promising unprecedented health and wealth for those who get involved. Of the competition, there's no doubt Xango is among the best – well received product, compensation, and a multi-year history (founded in 2002) of successfully developing quality representatives (over 1 million reported as of 2009) and operating in 12 countries. However, after many years, Xango is showing it's age and being supplanted by what may be the best-of-the-best in the industry – Mandura! What are some of the critical differences? 1. Product – Xango has a long, and frequently unrelated, list of products they sell, from Antioxident juice (the signature product) to skin care. Their Mangosteen Juice lists multiple fruits as being part of their drink, but there is no hiding the major ingredient is the Mangosteen fruit and it's powerful antioxidents. Called “The Queen of Fruits”, there is solid science regarding it's potential health benefits. However, as far as Xango goes, they're still limited. While creating a great drink, Mandura's proprietary blend combines FOUR major antioxidents (individually used by competitors) into one tasty drink – including both Mangosteen and Durian, called “The Royal Family” of fruits! Where there competitors rely on just one key product, Mandura has combined 4 of the most powerful into a tasty drink! 2. Price – When you're dealing with your health, you don't need to base your decision on price – think of standard products versus organically grown or fresh-from-your-garden – but what is the benefit when you can buy a better product, with MORE healthy antioxidents, for a better price?! Wholesale price comparison per bottle? Xango - $37.50. Mandura - $30. 3. Compensation – Xango has a strong compensation plan, with Four ways to earn. However, it is extremely complex, requiring you to understand “commissionable volume”, “compressed levels”, and the fact that a minimum 100 volume is required per distributor per month! Read more about their compensation plan

at: plan_2page.pdf because it's very confusing. 4. With Mandura, there are 2 components – your groups success (which unlocks levels of bonuses), and the Team. When you join, you secure YOUR location in a single-line downline, and your team volume continues to grow effortlessly and endlessly. Bonuses are paid based on your Group (sponsored by you) and the Team's growth. Simple, direct and easy to understand. You can read more about it: Further? You can get started for only $30. Conclusion: Xango is a top-quality leader in the MLM industry, but has been surpassed by Mandura in multiple ways. If you're looking for an unlimited opportunity, check out this page: , and act NOW to secure your position in the single-line forced matrix for as little as $30! I'm building an active, educated, and supported team and I'm looking for 10 achievers to work with to help them reach a six-figure income! Email me at with any questions and I'm happy to help. I look forward to working with you today.

Mandura - the Review Xango doesn't want you to see!  

here are a lot of 'healthy drink' companies in the market today, promising unprecedented health and wealth for those who get involved.

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