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Mandura Review of Product and Business opportunity

By: Jon R. Patrick

Mandura is a recently-launched Multi-Level Marketing program that's storming the market. It offers a best-in-class health drink and an innovative, powerful Straight Line Forced Matrix, but how does the reality live up to those promises? The Product: Mandura currently offers two product lines – the Mandura Beverage and Mandura Trim, a weight loss product. The Beverage uses their proprietary mix of antioxident fruits to create a unique supplemental health product. Mandura Trim works to lower leptin (the 'switch that tells your body to store fat) levels. “Mandura Trim gives you the tools to work with your body and your metabolism to lose weight and get healthy once and for all.” This, in concert with a smart diet, helps your body to burn the fat your cells are storing. While there are numerous “competitors” in the 'health drink' category, every other one has bet the farm on a single fruit. Remember the old saying about putting all your eggs in one basket? Mandura combines 4 exotic fruits: North American Blueberry, Acai berry, Mangosteen, and the Durian from around the world, to create a powerful healthy mix that isn't available anywhere, from anyone else. While the health benefits of these fruits are well known, some (such as the Mangosteen and Durian) are unknown to most western consumers. This is a large an largely untapped market. A proverbial gold mind for healthy consumers. Best of all? For a revolutionary product, Mandura also manages to be a less-expensive alternative at only $30 a bottle – affordable enough for anyone concerned about their health and longevity. The Business Opportunity: Mandura is also working to revolutionize Network Marketing payplans.

Mandura has a single-line system, so each person who joins the company, whether they're under you directly or not, is working to build your sales volume.

Generally it works like this: 1. You have your own Qualifying Volume (QV) – each member is required to have a minimum of $30 QV a month to stay as an active distributor. This unlocks the first 2 levels of both Group and Team Volume bonuses. More QV – More levels of bonuses are unlocked. 2. You and your personally sponsored group's sales (either personal use or to preferred customers) combine to create your Group Volume (GV). Based on the level 'unlocked' by your QV, you are paid a commission on each level. 3. There are also Team Volume (TV) bonuses - 20% of Total Company Revenues paid in 20 separate 1% Pools! Your TV is based on the total volume of sales generated by your Straight Line team! EVERYONE is working together to build their TV, and as you become more successful, you unlock more and more of the 1% 'Pools'!

(for a more detailed explanation, see: Opinion: Mandura is a revolutionary company, both in the quality, price, and opportunity presented by the product and the opportunity. No one has ever built a straight-line compensation plan that so evenly rewards each and every member. Combine this with an extremely competitively priced products, a low auto-ship requirement (low enough for anyone!), and a comprehensive back office, and you have a winner and the next superstar program. Best of all, there is also an upgraded back office for only $14.95 that adds multiple 'splash' pages for your internet marketing, monthly leads, lead tracking, and much, much more. Mandura is exploding, and you only have to ask yourself if you're serious about making a residual income this year – how SOON are you going to join the Team? Jon Patrick Engineer, Husband, Father, Lover If you'd like to find out more about Mandura, check out my page at or go directly to:

Mandura - Review of the Product and Opportunity  

Mandura - Review of the Product and Opportunity

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