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Finding Your WHY!

By: Jon R. Patrick or

Network Marketing (MLM) can be the most rewarding, satisfying, and uplifting businesses you can be involved in – both financially and emotionally. However, as anyone who's been in MLM for more than (say) 1 month can attest, it can also be a depressing slog through daily negativity, especially if you're dealing with your 'warm' market: • “Sounds like a pyramid scheme” or • “I can't believed you got involved a scam” or • “I can get (insert your product here) cheaper at the store!” You're laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of, and hit constantly with my favorite of questions: “So, have you made an money at that 'juice' thing yet?” (while they laugh to themselves. Tired of it? Then let's make some money, and get them to shut their mouths! How much better would it be if you could reply with : “Business is going great. Why don't you come up and see me this weekend on the lake. We'll go out in my new boat and talk about it.” Better, right? But one of the keys to getting there from starting off is your “Why”. Why are you doing this? WHY do you spend time at night online working? WHY do you make phone calls to your team members during your lunch hour? WHY do you put up with the idiots who don't see they're rats on a wheel, but feel the need to tear you down because you have a DREAM?

What's your WHY? It's not your Why that matters: Sure, we all want a more comfortable life – better house, car, vacations. But the fact is, materialistic items can only take you so far, and they don't translate well. I may have a dream of a house on the lake, a boat, a vacation home, and a Jaguar in the garage (and an old beetle, motorcycle, jeep, Lotus... you get the idea!) But that's not YOUR dream! That might drive ME – but materialistic dreams fade when faced with disappointment and challenges. • “This isn't working”. • “My upline sucks” • “I can't get any help” It's easy to fall back to your job when the going gets tough, and you're dreaming of a house. It's easy to realize you're, you know, okay, where you are today. A huge part of being a success in MLM is finding people with a drive and a dream, and helping them to unlock it and USE it. Your dream of a new car may not excite a doctor or lawyer. Conversely, your dream of a new house may be too 'big' for someone who never graduated college and is a construction worker. You need to help them discover their dream that can be realized through the miracle of MLM. Finding your Why: Beyond the material items, ask yourself – what do you want?

Network marketing takes time, effort, and just a bit of money. So, WHY are you doing it? WHY are you adding the time, effort, and potential stress to your life? What is it you're looking to change? Are you afraid your job will be eliminated and need to build a 2nd income while you've got the chance? Maybe you're looking for just a bit extra a month you can save for a rainy day and invest for the future? Maybe you've been a successful woman in business, but you now have a child coming (or arrived!) and your priorities have changed. Maybe you're a dad, tired of working 60 hour weeks and being unappreciated, berated, and generally used while having no job security. There's just too much Month at the end of the paycheck. Maybe, with a solid income from MLM, and working part-time, you can start to spend more time with your kids – attending ball games, recitals, plays. Just going to the park and playing. Lunch dates with your wife. Visiting your mom during the day just to see how she's doing. Maybe you're not looking for 6-figures a year. Maybe you just want enough to give you some flexibility. Maybe you want to be a 'big-brother' to a kid. Or spend time at a nursing home, helping those people with no-one know that someone still values them. Whatever your reason, find it, write it down, and look at it each and every day.

That's what will keep you focused on the long-term goals. Me? It's income, sure. But it's time flexibility – the ability to have lunch with my boys at school. Be there for baseball practice. Hug them without the stress of knowing I've got to go back to work after they go to sleep. Spending a Friday with my wife because she's got the day off. It's family. Conclusion: I'm completely sold on the Mandura Beverage and the dramatic changes I've observed in myself since starting to drink it. I believe that shows in how I speak about it, and how I move... and I can't deny it's affected me. I work with individuals of all kinds – looking to get in as cheaply as possible because they want to or have to (and will 'bootstrap') themselves up. Others make the maximum autoship commitment, and they are the one's who consistently go out and work their business. They have that 'spark', that fire in their eyes that they can and must succeed, and that everyone needs to know about this. They're the people who make a difference in other people's lives – both health and wealth. What to you want to be? I can only speak to my own experience, but I can encourage you to try a bottle for yourself and see how much you love it! Send me your testimonial to! Visit Today! I'm building an active, educated, and supported team and I'm looking for 10 achievers to work with to help them reach a six-figure income!

If you're looking for an unlimited opportunity, check out the above page, and act NOW to secure your position in the single-line forced matrix for as little as $30! Email me at with any questions and I'm happy to help. I look forward to working with you today.

MLM - Article Finding Your "Why"  

Want to be a success in Network Marketing? Find your driving 'why' and help others to do the same!

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